Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, November 10, 1881, Image 2

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    The Herald.
jJmo. . yXCMuRPHT, JIditor.
Our tiab List.
Here we are with our Club List. To every
subscriber who pays for the coming year in ad
vance we will give a copy of Kendall's "Horse
and His Diseases" free. As will be noticed by
looking over th u list carefully, several prem
ium are offered by other papers and inaa
zinei, o our readers can. if they wish, obtain
tw premiums :n well as two papers at low
rates :
the PRier.
Herald and Inter-Ocean. -.weekly) S3 75
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Burlington Hawkeye
" " IxmUvlIle Courier-Journal.. .
" " Leslie's Ills. Newspaper
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Sun. (weekly)
" Toleao Blade
Iowa Farmer, (and Garfield
" Scientific American
' " Nebraska Farmer
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Omaha Bee (am! prem.)
" " Aineiican Aciic. Iturist
" Prairie Farmer
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" Phrenological Journal
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Good Compauy
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4 CO
2 10
New Yokk goes Democratic, pro
bably; and Pennsylvania Republi
can. The mud in Omaha is awful,
Plattsmoutli is Heavenly compared
with the mudopolis of Neb.
We call attention to an article on
Temperance matters from the Omaha
Republican on the outside of this pa
per. The Catholic church has joined with
the English government in killing out
the Parnell "no rent" party in Ireland.
Lincoln Globe.
The brick kiln have shut off the
fires for the season. -Neb, City News.
Can't be doing as much building
down there as we are here in PUtts
mouth. All our brick kilns are still at
full blast, and then can't supply the
A coups of Missouri Pacific bridge
builders have arrived at Falls City,
this state, to bridge the Nemaha river.
Track-laying progresses at the rate
of three-lourths ot a mile per day at
present. The construction frce will
be doubled as soon as men and teams
can be had, and the coutractors ex
lect to reach the Nemaha by the time
llie bridge is completed. Work on
the northern end is progressing rap
idly. Two new towns have already
been laid out on the line Springfield
in Sarpy county and Sleridan in Ne
laaha county. Ex.
The tra-ric death of CoL .Smith at
Omaha has no paral-ell in the previ
ous history of the stale.
Even in the early days, when we
were considered rough, on the bor
der ami beyond the pale of civiliza
tion, no such dastardly deed disgrac
ed the record, and the state -owes it
to herself that the cause of the deed,
be ascertained and swift punishment
cneted to the assassin.
That he died a martyr to his sense
of the duty he owed society in trying
to have an obnozious law enforce
there seems no doubt. No man in
this state stood higher, had more
friends than Watson B. Smith, and
iie is the last one whose death
should -oome in this way. The Edi
tor of this paper has known him for
years, has experienced many kind
oesses At his hands and mourns hu
.untimely death as a personal loss.
Through the kindness of a friend
w e have the llilford Dispatch, with
the funeral services over the graves p
Senator VanWyck's two children, and
3ol. Juo. II. liroadhead, the father of
Mrs. VanWyck.
The funeral services af both took
place at the same time. The ecrmoj)
was preached by Rev. Mr. Jamesop, of
the M. E. Church at Mil ford, J?, on
Octobei 24th, 1881, In the Pi xsbyre-rian
Church of the same place.
The texts were;
"Thou ghalt be missed, because thy
seat will be etupty." -1 Sam.. 20 chap..
18 verse.
"Lovely and pleasant in their lives,
in their death they were not divided."
11 Sam , 1 chap., 23 verse.
CoL Brodhead was 79 years. 9 mo's,
and 1 days of age, and had been J&fty
years in the service of .the public in
some capacity.
In 1833 he was Protbonotary Cierk
In that County, and in 1843 was ap
pointed Judge of the County, and serv
d ten years. Was then elected Treas
urer, and when tiie cGice became elect
ive was again elected Judge, and serv
ed lve years, making fifteen in ail.
He went to Washington in 1860; in
1867 was one of the commissioners to
settle war claims in Virginia, and in
1868 on the same commission for claims
in Indiana. In 1869 he was appointed
to a position in the Treasury Depart
ment at Washington, which he held at
tfae time of his death. He was a de.
voted member of the M. E. Church.
Of the children we know here: Me
ta, 1 year and 1 month old, and Marie
Louisa, S yrs, 6 mo's and 19 days, ware
swept almost in a day from their lov
ing parents' sight. They all sleep be
neath the sod in the old home State,
near the banks of the blue Delaware.
TuElate Lincoln Tribune, ex-Western
Wrld, the organ of the Good Tem
plars, having died for want of support,
the Beatrice Expi ess says that one of
the main teasons foi repeated failures
in the temperance work is that its sup
porters do not back the movement
with the money that is actually neces
sary. Even the local newspapers that
give the movement a hearty support
have little encouragement, the only re
ward being the consciousness of hav
ing pursued a commendable course.
Omaha Republican.
Our Election.
tYc Laii-jh, We Crow, He Told You
So. It Ueat OMictiou Donowoo.
Like the ld man that losl the tur
nips out of the ' behind" part u( his
wagon the boys stole the
end gate we can't do the subject
justice; uot exactly a the old man
afujesaid,by cussin, for we're not on
that train this time, but time and
space choke otf iuuch of the rejoic
ing we would indulge in. Qer this
great victory.
Cass County Republican from top
to bottom; endways, sideways and
cat a cornered even. No wonder
the boys thiii their hats and
the roosters crow, jit ; early to
predict all the good resuU that inay
tlow from this campaign, and we do
not want to make oi.r democratic
brethren feci any '-worscr ner they
do" Jut now, so hoping and wishing
each and every fcer elected will
feel and ac t as if the hoiw nd in
tegrity of the party were in bis hands
and its future success depending on
a faithlul performance of duty, we
leave the future to reap the benefit
of llil victon
City 1st Waud: Urp.. Maxwell
55; FiGeld, 63: Powers, 62; Newell
47; Jennings, 64; livers, 63; Laverty,
52; Alt or, 34; Richardson, 55; Class,
03; Fairfield, 53.
Dem. Miigfi,G4; Bear, CD ; Brass,
CO; Simpson. 68; Kobinp.n. 52; Val
lery, 53; Wilcockson, 63; Mutz,
Stauder, 62; Richmond, 62; Gil more,
CiTw ?d. Wakik Rep. Maxwell,
79;FifieJd,72;Powcr3, Tl; Newell, 67;
Jennings, 69; Ilyers, 66; Laverty, J
Alton, 72; Richardson, 69; Gass, 71
Fairfield, 71.
Dem, Munger, 33; Bear. 54; Brass, 34
Simpson, 56; Robinson, 53; Vallery t
58; WiJeocUson, 53; Mutz, 51; Stan
der, 50; Ricbmond, S3; Gil wore, 53.
Citt--3. Ward; Maxwell, 123;
Fifield, 121; Powers, 121; Newell, Jl?;
Jennings, 1L3; Hyers, 119; Laverty,
120; Alton 116; Richardson. 114; Gass,
116; Fairiifld, 1J3,
Dem. Munger, 87; Bear, ti'j; Iras$
89; Robinson, .94; Simpson, 93; Val
iery, 87; Wilcockswn, 90; Mutz, 93;
gtander, 95; Richmond, 90; Gil more,
City 4tii. Waud;-Maxwell, b'J;
Fifield, 69; Powers, 69; Newell", 60;
Jennings, 76: Ilyers, 79; Laverty, 70;
Al'toi, f,U', filrhardson, 67; Gass, 66;
Fairfield, 70.
Dem. Munger, 93; Bear. 94; Brass,
94; Simpson, 103; Robinson, 87; Yal.
)ery, 82; Wilcockson, 92; Mutz, 92;
btadri ?R; Richmond, 92: Gilmore,
Eight Mile Grove Precinct:
Rep. Maxwell .84; Fifield 86; Pow
ers 85; Newell 9S; Jennings 81 ; Ilyers
S3 Layerty 88; Alton 79; Richardson
35; Gass 83; Fairljeld 77,
Dem. Munger, 75; Bear. 74; Bras,
73; Simpson, 61; Robinson, 78; Val
lery, 76; Wilcockson, 70; .Mutz, 72;
Jitandar, JP3; Richmond, 76; Gilmore,
Wkeping Water Precinct:
Rep, Maxwell. 164; Fifield, 164; Pow
ers, 164; Newell, 165; Jennings, 133;
Ilyers, 170; Laverty, 164; Alton, 154;
Richardson, US Qa33, J 54; Fairfield.
Dein. Mnuger, 42; Bear, 42; Brass,
42; Simpson, 42; Robinson, 74; VJ
lery, 37; Wilcockson, 41; Mutz, 49;
Stander. 49; Richmond, 43; Qilmore,
Libeuty Precinct:- Rep. Max
well, 119; Newell, 133i Jennings, J33;
Ilyers, 120; Laverty, 121 jf Alton, 111;
Richardson, 114; Gass, 121; Fairfield,
De, Munger, 56; Simpson, 59;
Itoblnssn, 49; VaJJerT, 57; Wilcock
son, 53: Mutz, 54; Stander, SO; Rich
mond, 54; Gilmore 55.
Stvk Creek Precinct: Rep.
Maxwell, 94; Newell, 90; Jennings, 84;
Ilyers, 91 ; Laverty, 78; Alton, 70;
Richaulson.Sj; Q ass, 83.
Dem. Munger. 27; Simpson, 27;
Robinson. 32; Wilcockson, 37; Mutz,
89; Stauder, 32; Richmond, 28.
Avoca Precinct: Rep. Maxwell,
60; Newell, 58; Jennings, 60; Hyers,
59; Lavertv, 60; Alton, 50; Richard
son, 67; Gass, 59; Fairfield, 69.
Dem Munger, 21; Simpson, 21;
Robinson, 19; Vallery, 22; Wilcock
son, 21; Mutz, 20; Stander, 14; Rich
mond, 22; Gilmore, 22.
South Bxxd Precinct: Rep. Max
well, GO; Newell, GO; Jennings, 41;
Hyers, 63; Laverty, 60: Alton, 54;
Richardson, 43; Gass, 58; Fairfield,
Dem. Munger, 33; Simpson, 2'J;
Robinson, 54; Vallery, 27; Wilcock
sou, 28; Mutz, 34; Stander, 52; Rich
mond. 33; Gilmore, 33.
Salt CitKEk I'iucinct: Maxwell
73;Newell, 70; Jennings, 70;IIyert 43
Laverty, 70; Alton, 0'J; Richardson,
62; Gass, 17; Fairfield. GS.
Dem. Munger, 52; Simpson, 3'J;
Rcbinson. 35; Vallery, 27; Wilcock
son, 42; Mutz, 40; Stander, 41; Rich
mond, 68; Gilmore, 3S.
Centue Pkcixct; Newell, 80;
Jennings, SI; Ilyers, 97; Laverty, 93;
Alton, 85; Richardson, 80; Gass, 91;
Fairfield, 81.
Dem. Simpson, 57; Robinson, 65;
Vallery, 15; Wilcockson, 53; Mutz;
58; Stander, CS; Richmond, 54; Gil
more, 6j.
Elmwood Precinct: Newell, GO;
Jennings, 32; Hyers, 63; Laverty,
60; Alton, 45; Richardson, 58; Gas,
59: Fairfield, 59.
Dem. Simpson, 18; Robinson, 32;
Vallerv, IS, Wilcockson. 18; Mutz,
23; Stander, 20; Ric hmond, 18; Gil
more, 18.
The majorities of the Candidates are
about as follows. Will give'eorrecttd
table next week:
Newell, 590: Ilyers, 593; Jennings,
400; Laverty, 460; Alton, 890; Rich
ardson, 275; Gas , 530; Fairfield, 550.
Col. Watson B,. Smita, Clsrt of the
U. S, District Court,
Cireat Excitement.
From the Telegram.
Col. Watson B. Smith, clerk of the
United States district court, was
murdsred at his affice door Friday
night, at some unknown hour, the
dead body being found at about
2:40 o'clock. No clue to the assassin
has vet been found.
Col. Smith returned Friday after
noon from David City, where he had
keen with his family visiting friends
of Mrs.' Smith, leaving his wife and
children "to complete their visit.
That evening, as-' is frequently his
habit, he came down to his oitice to
attend to some business, leaving his
house at about 7 o'clock! His mother,
the only member of the family who
was in the city, became awakened
at about 11 o'clock, and seeing that
ilr, sjrjith luid not returned, arose and
dressed, and js.ent into the residence
of a neighbor. They persuaded her
that there had been some
unusual detention
at the Colonel's office a;d partially
quieted her fears. She returned to
bd. but as the time wore on and he
dia not come, she again arose and tel
pppned to the central office, asking
that a b(oy b,e pent to Col. Smith's
.office, the operator repuea tnaf, l.p
was alone and had no one to 'send.' She
then stepped into the residence of Dr,
Moore, a neighbor, asked the Dr. if he
would not do something toward hud
ing Mr. Smith. This was about two
o'plpcfc. The doctor telephoned t
Ku'h'ns drug &tor at the corner of
Fifteenth and Douglas streets, 'and
Mr. Kuhn immediately dressed and
stepped up to the 'Colonel's i office to
see if he ras there. There was a light
jn the post-office in the first floor, but
the lipper rooms and hall wero appar
entlv dark and deserted. A3 Mr. li'uhn
gioped his way toward the door of the
Colonel's oSic, he stumbled over
some object on the floor and stoopipg
down graspea
evidently that of a uuip.90. Mr
at once concluded that tho body vyas
that of Col. Smith, rushed down stairs,
and tanning at the window of the
ladies' delivery, requested Mr. Kennis-
ton, the clerk in charge, to come up
stairs with him. tellijig him the situa
tion." Mr. ii'ennistoji replied thut U3
'! I" " 1 ! ' '' 1 At A- ?
oince worK nas ueniuu uuu mat n
would be impossible for him to leave
at that time, but advised Mr. Kuhn t
go out and find a policeman. Mr.
Jvuhn ran down Douglas street td
PQiiitcenih. r.:;d down Fourteenth to
Karnam', jft-here h fo'ttpdofiicer D'Don
ohoe, who returned with him, stop
ping on the way to telephone Dr.
pr. Moore that Col. Smith was dead.
a dreapeul sight
On arrivjng at php' dooi of Cul.
bmitus office tue officer ngnteu me
gas in the hall, and the nature of the
terrible tragedy was discovered. Col
Smith lay upon his back upon the
Ptone floor, with his head toward
Dodgj street ;ud bis fept in front af
1. : A .1 iTr.-'.-i...'-' .. !.(:.
1113 tiiuce uuui. iifs nup nuuut
his neck and his overcoat unbuttoned,
indicating that ha had thrown it on
hurriedly in order to take the last
street car for his home. His hat lay
beneath his Ijead as hp had fallen, and
was Jn a large pool qt clotted blood,
which extended over several square
feet of the floor. A postal card, and
two business letters and a bundle of
newspapers lay a short distance frm
pis teet, a lie had dropped theci jn
fading.' The 'butt' end of 'a . '"
with one barrel discharged, wa3 dis
covred protruding from the left pan
taloon's leg, apparently having been
placed Jhere by f.ip asgassip, arter the
body had fallen. The keys were in
the door which stood ajar. Looking
more closely at the bead an ugly hole
was diseov6iea on the lift tide, appar
ly made by a blow. Subsequently,
however, it was found to have been
made by a bullet, which passed
through the head, made an indentation
on the north wall, and fell to the floor,
whera jt r(i3 SMhsenupntJy djscpyered.
The revolver from which It was fired,
was a self cocker, of the bull dog pat
tern, with curved wooden handle and
stiver plated trimmings.
.from the legation fir" tho wound,
th key3, etc., it would appear that the
Colonel had placed the keys in the
door before turning out the gas, had
then extinguished his light, and was
shot as he emerged frm the door.
The rqrderer evidently stood facing
the windpw and at the Colonl'a left
as he emergpd 'from the doer. The
meon was shining brightly outside,
and facing the window the aE&a&ln
probably had sufficient light to distin
guish the outline of the Colonel's form
when he came out, and then fired the
fatal shot. The murderer must have
been of the most desperate character
to have attempted such a deed in that
spot, with post office officials at work
on the first floor, and with a signal
service officer on the floor abwva.
was soon summoned and made a brief
examination of the body, deciding to
leave it there till daylight, and leaving
Officer O'Donohoe to watch it,
tiik vebdict.
The jury after consultation found
the following verdict:
That the deceased came to his death
at the door of his office in the U. S.
court house and post office in the city
of Omaha, Nebraska, aftor ten o'clock
and fifteen minutes, on the night of
November 4, 18S1, by a gun shot
wound through the head, inflicted by
some persons to the jurors unknown,
and we do further find that Uih kill
ing was a premeditated and malicious
John B. Fuuay.
James Stephenson,
F. J. McShane,
A. Atkinson,
A. W. Phelps,
D. L. SnAXE,
An immense meeting was held in
the Academy of Music on Saturday
evening , and on motion of Mr. Touz
nlin, a subacription of 10,000 was
started, to aid in prosecuting the mur
derers. Over 5.000 were raised at
once, and $5,000 offered as a reward
for the capture of the assassin, and
tho rest to be devoted to legal and
other expenses, und.-r the supervision
of Mayor Boyd.
The Bar Association of Omaha and
Lincoln met and passed resilutions
of condolence, and denunciation of
the deed.
The Governor o.Ters 309, reward
for the capture and punishment ot the
The Merchants Association of Oma
ha offer $500, for the same purpose
Likewise the Good Templars offer
20 to aj in the punishment 0 the
covrar.dly brute.
Col. smith had been active in tha
enforcement of the new liquor law
and had received threatening cards
and letters in consequence, and there
Lj sparely t doubt that bis murder
grew .out of the feeljng created for or
again 3 1 the liquor question, and as a
supposed punishment for his endeavor
to have the present law enforced.
Omaha was stirred as it seldom has
been moved, y.nd tho excitement has
scarcely subsided at this writing.
Comuiisj.ioners Preediiifts.
Nov. Sth. 188 1.
Boa id met pursuant to adjourn
nient; Present. Sara'l Richardson
Isaac Wiles and James Crawford.
Coins , J. W. Jenning. Deputy Clerk.
Minute? of last meeting read and ap
proved; when Board aiourned to Q
o'clock Wednesday morning.
Nov. 2d. 1881.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment; Present. Sam' Richardson
apd James Crawford. Coins; and J.
W. Jennings, Ieputy Clerkv
. When the following was done to
wit ;
Order allowed .G. II. Swarts, Sup'r
road dist. No. 29 on J. W. Quacken
bush, of Gree-nwood, for the following
lumber J
16 plank 3 in. 14 ft. long; 14 plank in,
8 ft. long; 2 plank 8x8 in. 6 ft. long;
and 448 feet of lumber for bridge, also
order on Ilohan Bios, for 50 lbs.
TQrder aljowed J. II. Strickland,
Sup'r. dfst-. J'o. 31 on 1). Dean, outh
Bend, for 1,000 feet of "lumber for u'so
Order a lowed Thad. Adams, Supr.
Djst, fo, 22, on County Treasurer, for
all money jn Treasury brjopgjpg f.o
said Dist.
' Contract between Cass County ancl
Jno. Sharp for rent of Poor House and
Bond approved with Burton Fuller
fetid V. I X 1 1 1 Ho l(lflip3.
When the following accounts were
allowed on General Fund;
J. D. Tutt certificates of offi
8 25
J, . D. Tq'.t Salary, expense
count &e.
J. D. Tutt Making Tax list for
1881.. ".;
E. II. Wo ley, salary as Super
intendent Oct , ,
IS. II. Wooley, JJxtra work In
pounty 1
Clerk's office
W. C. Showalter, Commence
ment fees in County Tax cases
i. W. Hyers, fcierylce of sum
mons in County Tax cases.. . . .
W. II. Baker & Co., Board for
58 13
548 20
19 00
57 00
12 5Q
3 20
X. Jean, extra work on appro-
i 1 1
6 00
1 50
Jl W. Sagel extra work oii ap-
pro riation
W. C. Johnson & Co.,repairs on
pumps at Poor Farm S GO
ltobt. lonnelly, trork for Iload
Dist's .'. 12 35
M. McEl wain, glazing 1 75
M. L. White, wood for Jail 5 00
Satp Jouj jiaJ Co.. Boks, &e... . ?3 30
Pfder a ajloweq John It. Vallery, on
II. A. Waterman & Son, for 500 feet of
lumber for use of Dist. Xo. 14, also
order on J.S. Duke, for 23 lbs. of S;lje g
for us pf Bijiue llistrlqt.
ine amount or ?y 78 was allowed
It. B. Windhau, us taxes erroneously
taxed on lot 5, block 40, lot 5. bjoc $4,
and lot 6, bioek 4a In Plattsmouth, be
longing to Cass County.
When following claims were allowed
on General Fund :
Smith & Strode, salary as Jl$-
tya., Juiy t to uct. 13, lb3l. . . 50 00
R. W. Hyers, Jailors Fees Oct.
1881 46 50
J. R. Polin, boarding prisoners
Oct. 1881......... ........... SO 15
R. W. Ilyers, sundry services. . 33 75
II. M. Bushnell publishing Reg
istration list &c., 71 00
John Wayman, repairing trap
for Jail 1 00
John Wpjm.arp,, bujldir.g cul.
vert, less 820, drawn to County
Treasurer 452 00
Peter Raueii, far wdik on Rjad
scrapers 8 75
Allowed on Bridge Fund:
D. Dean, lumber for Road Dis
tricts 152 C5
II. A. Waterman & Son. lumber
for Road Districts 75 35
Order allowed W. J. White, for
$1,000 on contract for building bridge
Order allowed Levi Churchill, Supr
Road Dist. No. 38. for all money in
County Treasuiy, due said Dijt.
Order allowed Win. Gilmore for
$35.00 on Dist. No. ll.
Claim of Sam'l Richardson, services
as County Commissioner for Oct. and
Nov. 1881 6 35 00
Claim of Isaac Wiles, .services
as County Commissioner, for
Oct. and Nov. 1881 18 15
Claim of James Crawford, ser
vices as County Commissioner,
for Oct. and Nov. 1881 20 00
Order allowed that an order be
drawn on the County Treasurer, in fa
vor of Miss Jane Porter, for the sum
of S400, in payment of dam
ages by reason of said Porter granting
ground for County Road, 80 feet wide,
running from Chicago Avenue, in a
Southerly direction, through the N. E.
quarter of N. E. quarter of section 24.
town 12, range 13, till it intersects the
i section line. Also agreeing to make
no further objections Uj the road loca
ted across N. E. quarter of N. E. quar
ter gectjon 34, town 12, range 13. East
from Chicago Avein and thence E.tstr
erly across N. W. quarter of N. W.
quarter, section Id, town 12, range 14.
It is further ordered that an additional
100.00 be allowed Jane Porter in case
the County road fiom Lincoln Ave
nue, in Plattsmoutli City, by new
Stock yards, and thence through Smith
estate, be finally located and estab
lished. When board adjourned to meet Mon
day. December "th. 1881.
Attest: S. RiciJAKD-Sox,
Isaac; Wilis. . " y
J. W.Jennings, Dep. Co. Cleik.
I f. .1,1 vo
q. a.
Ow ing to its being Election night
and for other reasons the regular
meeting of the Grand Army Post of
this place was not held on Tuesday
last, but there will be a apectal meet
ing next Ttiifrsd-jy evening, Nov. t5th.
for the purpose of collecting dues, set
tling the Post Business for the year
and such other business as may seem
necessary to the welfare of tho Post'
other than the mustering in of re
cruits. In this connection I will call atten
tion to the faqt that there is no other
regular meeting before the meeting on
Tuesday, the 13th. of December, the
first meeting in December, at which
Officers are to be elected for the ensu
ing year . All the officers of the Pott,
find, especially the old charter members
are particularly requested to be pres
ent at this meeting as matters of par
ticular import to the future welfare
and continuance of the Post are likely
to come up and the entire Post should
turnout. Our dues to the ttat.e De
partment and the business of thjj year
should be settled, before the election
of new officers, and in many respects
it is highly impoitant that all the old
members and" especially the charter
members of the Post should be pres
ent. Remember the date.
.'IMO. A. MacMcu-h?. . Comr.
'' Mil' l'
Nearly two million dollars nro re
tained at the Nerr York Po3t Office,
money which has accumulated from
mis UrecU'd and unclaimed money
The Assessor elected in Stove
Creek precinct was John Hart, elect
ed by 21 majority. Pretty good
Two doses of Dr. Marshall's Lung
Syrup completely cured my child of a
gevere case of croup. I have used a
great many different cough medipineg,
tnif- have never found ny so fficient
3s XiV- Marshall's.
,J. W. Spellman. Elkhart. Jnd.
Catarrhal Poison.
Catarrh poisons the mucous meuit
br;ne poisons tha blood and vital flu
Ids, poisons the lungs, liver and kid
neys. From a simple cold to tho rot
ting, sloughing and death, of the senses
of mell, taste and heaii'ng, Sanford's
Radical Cure for Catarrh is supreme.
Complete treatment $L
Oeaxii to rats and vermin, Parsons'
Appetite. Flesh, Color, Strength
and Vigor if you covet these, take
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, which vftfl confer
them upon you In rapid succession.
lmost Young Again.
"My -mother was afflicted a long
time with Neuralgia and a dull.heayy,
inactive. ond:t:qr. 'cf'iLe vyhole sys
fen, h!ad,ache. ier'yoiis prostration ami
A'aa Ulmost helpless. Jo physicians
or medicines did her any goo.i. Three
months ago she began to use Hop ljit
ters, with sucli good eept that she.
eeern;'ar.'4 young again, although
oye ! years od,. ' M'e think there is
no other medicine fit to u'je in the
family." A lady in Providence, R. .
The prppeifcy wbieh was scattered
about' by the hoodlums in their frolic
on "Hallowe'en" has not been recover
ed yet, and the prospect is that several
of them will get i to sfi ious tiQu'uie
in consequence. fl inr.oln Journal.
IIov ti Secure Health.
It seems strange that any one will
suffer from derangements brought on
bv impure blood, wh?;i SCOVILL'S
UP will restore health to the physical
oiganizatinn. It has been proven to
ever discovered, curing icrofula,
Syphilitic dcrJc-fS, Weakness of the
riiJueys, Erysipelas, Malaria, Nervous,
disorders, Debility, bilious complaints
and all Diseases of the Blood, lvt
Kidney's Stomach, Skin, etc. X single
bottle will prove a h&aHh ren.e'wer, for
it At;T$ LJI,h A'CUAUM, specially
wli'bi'i tlio vompbtint is of an exhaus
tive nature.
pain in Man and Beast. Use et&i
nally and internally. -
MENT cure3 Burns, Cuts, Wounds,
Sores, Sprains, Chilblains, etc., soothes
Inflammation, and relieves pain in the
side, clfesf, sli'duTders, eW. S
- The Daily "Journal ' the new
Democratic paper made its appear
ance Saturday. It is an exceedingly
neat, five eo'umn piper, patent inside,
well primed, and welledited. Itcomes
I out snu:ir ": Democracy, as thv un
derstand i". and we like that. While
we have our own opinion about a
daily piper in Piuttsmouih, Messrs.
Sherman and Howard are welcome to
try it a speil "The eternal princi
ples" of 11 party. Brother ' Sher
man talks uiiout, will wait till some
otl.ei time, when we haven't so many
'lec.ion figi'res on hand.
The W.C. T. U. will meet at the
residence of Mrs. B. Spin lock on
Thursd:; afu rnoon, Nov. 1 7th, at
three o'cN-ck. The ladies of Platts
moutli iuteiested in the temperance
work are cordially invited to attend.
Cartel's Liver Bitters for the cure
of dyspepsia, liver complaint, and all
diseases caused by malaria, are made
by the makers o.' Carter's Little Liver
Pills, which guarantees their goodnes.
Foi sale by Smith Black & Co.
Lemon-.! i,eino:!!
A lot of fresh, Lemon 1 just received
at J.D. .Simpson's. 1
Dr, Leslie, of Lincoln, died at Sus
quehanna. Paon the 7th inst. Dr. Les
lie, it will be remembered, with Dr.
Davis, wfiit South during the Yellow
Fever cpiii;pjc, and gaye the ir serv
ices to the ciiizens of Hickman, Ky,
He has been in 11 health for some
years, and had gone to Pennsylvania
for a change.
A stout l id to take care of a team
and do chores. Apply to
3itf Dr. R, It, Livinuston.
Otir druggist? are selling large
quantities of I)r. Marshall's Lung Syr
up for cough's, colds and pulmonary
complaints generally. It takes the
lead of all cough remedies. Try it.
Ordy twentv-five and fifty cents a bo!
tie. - - - -
5i;isuJi i Iliiiqlin Organs.
The inot popular, acknowledged
the best. In personally taking the
field again, I would invite the atten
tion of my Friends and the lovers of
c&od music to tin the words of the
world's greatest master.Tranz Liszt)
instruments. Over 100 beautiful
Styles from $22 to $140 and upwards.
A beautiful live octave organ for ten
quarterly payments of ten dollars
each. If persons wishing to supply
themselves or their friends will drop a
postal card to my address, they will
receive prompt personal attention.
Beautiful new style for the Holi
days at bottom prices, and on the easi
est terms. JAMES PETTEE,
II. Harrington, State Ag't.
Ass't. Traveling Sa'.esman.
Handsome Portrait of onr la1? Pres.
iiient. James A. trlar(leld9 Opee "
for Etery Household. ' '
The lva Farmer Co. of Cedar Rap
ids, Iowa, wh'o are the publishers of
one of the very best farm and stock
journals in the li;."p, villi com-
Ujendabio energy, decided to present
an elegant portrait, 10x24. of the late
Gen. Jasies A. Garfield, to each and
every one of their readers free of
charge. The price of the Farhek is
but one dollar a year and well worth
twicrt that amount. The picture is a
beautiful one, the original of which
was proncurccd ty paiueld himself
tho fc?s, he ' V'ef saw ; and pictures in
ferior In every way are bf-ing sold at
75 cts. to dl.OO each. A copy of this
one and the Iowa Farmer is s nt a
whole year by sending only one dol
lar to the Co., at Cedar Rapids I-wa.
-iy ?" eiaraaptfrllla. lie wise in
time; All "baneful' infections are
promptly removed by thi3 unequalled
alterative. It is the most potent blood
purifier; and a fountain of tl ad
Horse .'Mi irf.
On Saturday evt-uiug last a pair of
horses belonging la Thomas WUes
were stolen from his bavn, together
witb the harness and wagon, by a
scamp calling himself M.lton Brown,
and whom Mr. Wiies had employed
husking corn for about ten days.
Mr. Wiles having been telegraphed
to. attend the death ci" bis father, Luke
Wiles, in Iowa, was away from borne
at the time. Brown told Bosworth,
the other hand at the farm, that he
was coming dow,n to the ther that
uigub aim vvL'i',1 iu.v v.e ooujc. au me
nean while he put the horses to the
wagon, drove out on t he North road
to town, solJ the corn to Jos. Buttery,
got his money and drove So uth c-i pi
town. Lo?w!i'i UiaJ the cattle
awl, at sight of the wagon of corn
from which they were generally fed)
and got up to see what was wron??
found the gate o; e(i, the bprsi gonj
, &c, and afte suriug the cattle g?.va
yuo alarm.
Sheriff ljers yis on the road after
the thief that night, and was las
heard from. Gear Syracuse, Otoe Co. on,
tLe trail hot. We expect he will bilng
the rascal Pi dea.4 or aliye beforp tif4
paper goes to press,
- --?V--
I r ia . t he Tin:e?.v
Editor of the Times: The- vsteiln.
ary ile-un tn.'ent in your v;lvile paper
is .ihvajs it cd by inj vrith great uittr
st and I va.i.',; tbe information re
ceive Uu3 it a humtred fold more
than the smalt amount Paid for the
paper. One year ag; yo.u published u
letter from Dr. JuUn Btes, reUUny
the wonderful success he badiid'.,,
curing spavins and splints Vi'iiV Jen
dill's Spavin Cure and his, llusi ju to
using it in hi practietj f-r 3 Viral La
man aiimenti on avount oi tlio suc
cess he has al a:JS had TitU it. The
above 6t;f,fcuteuts froi so prominent
a pjjjtioiau gave n--, giet, uith in it5
eoicacy, and a- "l had. teen afflicted for
years with .seum.atism and hicj-joint
lameness sy ,d that 1 could hardly
walk tinges, I procured a bottle and
a has cured ian 1 wish to nroelaim
it tft all ju tV.s most wonderful cure ev
er made for the benefit of afflicted lut-n j
as well Hi for the poor hQrek for j
Miiicu ii. tti:s nrst useu. Aitfcis rem
edy must bo of incalculable value to
e world, 1 write this letter to ex
press m.y lUuk ulness to you for ever
mentioning it in yourcolumns and
to ask another favor in behalf of my
fellow men who are afflicted in body,
that you continue to make know& ta
the world the great value of Kendall's
Spavin Cure for both inau aa well as"
beast. Respectfully, youra," -
Arnold 1'AiiKEK.
R.lrest N;. Y;, &pt. Isf, 1881.
11 CtQ
Scrofulons. Itching and Scaly 1 1 11 mors
of the Skin, Scalp ami Blood Cured.
I will iK-w t:t'e tliat I nmi'e n miraculous
cure or cue ol t!i worst casts of ekin iti-e:t.
known, xi 1 e 5..1: ieru U :t ni;wi forty year vltl ;
liit.l suiTt-rrd fUu-.v,, war Hi '. scalp arid
nearly Inn vt fu l." ho.? p'- Mi a li l,:hllul :tp
!':!. ' Hxn Ivtil l!n :ti-nhin tt tvn-'.
dim i-fiii i'.ysi.-iutn. wlio pi ci-ci iLird I he l'est
rcriirihe n Known 1,, si,e inol. sii.ii. .-cli as io
diile poiy-ium. ;ii..,i roiTf.Mvc sulilhu-nc.
s.n;i.ini!a. i tc. !,,.! i,.,i.i .vo for medical
rrc;i!;lil .vilii li t ii,!V relief. 1 i-it-valicd
Ul'Oil l.iul to ll l!lf ( u IIkmiLVKXI
ir.toiu;i!'y. v.mi tln i'i ri ri:. tnl C'cticcka
SlIAC ( H'.' IIHliV. Jl,' Hi. I p,) al, w:l(i CIIIH-
l-ii-i'f.'i f :tYf. TLfekin on liad, lace and
many oti cr pare 1.1 In, wUicli i.i.riit.'d
a nnt l,.ai i,miiik- :!-l-:iiaiiiv. Is nmv nsMlt
nd smo' tli - ail !!ili!:n"s, Willi 110 scar r
trace of Hi.- (iisca-e left l.ehind. He liax now
been fuu'd Iv.t-ive li'oullis.
ltcpurtcd by
r. ii. iwx, i'.fj.; ivuuwcii, s. i
Kpv. Dr. . i;i d.iai'ii-? cxperifntr
willi Hi.- f.'iir.n llr.MKinKs. t-al.t tiiat
tlii'iiL.':i Divine i'fniili'iiii' one i li pari-li-ionfr
cki.'.I of a m i..ri,io:.N M.rc, uhi. Ii
was fiowiy a.vav i: i. li'c. 1-v flic CiT
iCi'KV Kkk.m. .t iuu-r:i:'!i. aui'i'i riU KA
nml Soap externally. I lie iv ioii had
fed-tlte ilifcasf w.ic-.iinj'lciHv oiiveii i i-.i.
Sixteen 111 :itic siaco a.i eruption
lirokc out (ii my l-s and I10M1 feel, wliich
turned out t: lie "eczema, and caused me cret
pani an I anncya:i'-e 1 n i.-il vaiioiu reinedie."
w it!) u K"od rc-i:!ts. m,til I uneil t fCn i
nitA 1; ff o,.vi-x v i:itriiail atit (itk t;i
NlAI" e-:tei:::i!iy. k.iie!l elitiiv!y cured 1I1C SO
Unit my sUi is iir mnoili and natural a eer.
I. EX. M. HI '.Il.i-.Y.f.l oiilli s!.. naliiiimie.
The Cut ieiira treat ineiit. for the. cure of skiu.
Sealp jnul I loo.t diseases mnMiMtf In the inter
na! U"e d C I. I li'l. K Kksoi.vk.nt, the new
t!'od puriii.M- aiij tile externalise ofCL'Tl-ci'H.-v
So At. I a rout ..kin cures. I'rice of
( L I'K'I'IIA, Mlil.ili i-e.. Ml e-ntr. ; larue lioxe.
tA. ('t'TK i'KA i:i:soi.v, 81 o per bottle.
I'tTicrKA, '.'O -rnt ; inn iii.v s.hav-
I0 SoAl", i." cents.
Depot. WEEKS .t I'OITKU. r.ofton, Mhsk.
minn i tirr wrrrr tt i
Sanford's Radical Cure,
Complote Treatment
For !i,J.CO.
OLT.ST and iuifu'OVi'd l.4. i;iaI.KH. W li'VPed
:u one pa't:L;e. i!h llie fu:i direeuf'HH,
nid sold 1-v all lriit;i;Nt for one t'.ollar.
As:t for SaiifoiiiV ii.niical ( nie.
1'roin a simple cold cr ii.tluei:za to iho
rottiiiV. siouKliiu. idid leat h of Ilia sences
of niell. ta-leand hesirim:. t It's ureat icm-
edy is nipn'ine. l'..isonoi;s mucous accum
ulations jire viiiiiovi'd, the entire inemnniiie
clejiiM-d, disinfected. Hoot lied and healed,
head and voice clo.iri'd. smell, taste and
ihearii: restored, and constitutional lav-
aye checked. Thin, externally and inter
nally, does I ids treat economical remedy
i Work, instantly relieving and permanently
f curing t he most aggravated and danijerouH
!f,.in.. . .f ....... - l s
(jeiujal Aei'it4.-AVEi:ivS A rOTTKK,
hoston, jMast.
HA'M, .1114
yrtl A Roadie. Water Husf,
k 'S I"u 1,lu unu i.ia.'K
3. Ants cid ravciiouslv
-A- l'.K(N hXIEK
sTf" JMINAXOlt ami .lie
No fear of had smells.
Hal liH. craiiaries and
tloiwelioliH often cleared In asinine night.
and cheapt vtimiii hilhr in t no world. No
failure in ::i years. Every hox nairanted. Sold
by all grocer and liui;isls, ;ut
SON'S. Mailed tor "." cm i i.j
V( EUtvM - I (J'lTEK, UojUmi. J!ar.
Those persons who do not i
Iron, but who are troubled with Nerv
ousness and Dyspepsia, will find' in
Carter's Little XiinvK Pilla a most de
sirable art'ej-j. They "are mostly used
in fcoiuoination with Carter's Little
Liver Pills, and in this way often exert
a nio.-.t magical effect. Take jnst one
piil of each kind immediately after
eating and you will be fre from Indi
gestion ami Dyspepsia. In vials at 25
cents. Sold by all Druggist;. '
B r o n c h i t i A i h in a.
W t.'iir T'tfL f,. r. . ......
........... c- n K If n i m I H3 iCHS
in all other I'memes, Hn heiu flt wliicl it Im
tloiiljteilly viehl. o 1'otiiiiiiptioii f other
rtiseai-eK cr tlu;itory Oi-ho'. would via
lieattf Ii,. l;uni to t tie alfeiiiiou fif everv me'I
ie;il u'-netiMouer. From the '.catistloi of Eml'
hoid an.l Aineilea it in a. fair e.stimute thtt
one-teiitli of the eiMire. (..stl.s l t-ttm-cd bv
Consiimptioii alone. If the ".;(. I wetl ncr
seveniiiy it th ietuleney to 'm
suii)itioii auu in many onCrmed e:es as in
that of the inveutot. It lias erterteil a cure
Imi!S' -IU lii hitbltuill (.'ostiveiieKs aliiios-t
alwayn aiito iroiu weakties- f Uie nerven ami
liitlKcied of tito -toiiiai-ii and bowels. In such
c.-istis, f t-II oh is' 4'ontiOi:nU Myrur of
lyi0Jioihit ltiu prove.l itneif of tbe
Kieaiel sen ire. llie cvacuacioiiH fooii Le
come copious anil liealtny.
Shis .Sjtiijj will cute I't'iMdx ,v. tvxsi Mf
Tio.v in the i:ist sta-e. ana jnve treat re
lief ami pidloni; fif. mi ,i.. kceond hnd tUird It
wil cure Asr hv,., hUo.vcuiTrs. Laryngitis
and Cor. H w 111 cure all dij-cai-es oriL'inat '
joit Koiu want of Muscular Actiuu and t ervous
iiblic Speakers and Slaar
Will find this S'iup of inevtiriciVU value A
lose should be taken bef-uv -.Kiu r iii
ir.g. ' iIioni-4, .r .);', of voii-e. is u.-imMv cured
by a few . u Uavi ki;o n eai-i-n where a
a iiiwl.1 it.,-..' bef-u elfectual.
. Jacou. 1. ., st..Ioi!ii. .N. j;., f-sil
,l hail oi ca-.i.n lo us.- vour SvinniM
s it s-
Apiiotiia wlii h would not vie!d tv ',i;;.i lr' ,
nient ; if proved to be ;.!! t'h; ,u ,-t:uw . r',r
""C jj
.elved b.Y V-uieilfeH rrr.8
ho Ctl'V nieraratioii Is a sub.
a Mu:',;i. hmmk
tiliite for tl
line tor this. i-:,rr anv (iret;;.,iucr.s.
or Salo ail drt.-j.'tf'i.s.
(3 !
k-" My? t t- miri'n
J. -i (-3
A T ninn 1 o I i
.a. a? i
a tw A nwit Jl'xii. l Work.
, itiilwrwr-'.'.Ia In mn.r
lr.n, -nULie'1 't h Rri-nc ot
Jj:-. rn lint k'mn-h
lr PACa.;"ntainHiAaatiiuliitl
THYSELF. . u.4Uuiii&'
CUTICURA Permifirrilly Cured Humon of th
Sralo tnil lcn.
Cut ieura reinrdies are for sal.-1. all iln 'Ki'll
Trice of ( r u. riiA. a M t. u :t.: . .d l!v. Mi'all
Itoxe. :'.. ;n;:e Nixes. M. 4 i i :(. ka'(mh,.
VKNT, tlie pew I;'. 'Oil 'i. i ifirr. j.i ,.r boltl
iTi.t i! Mi inciNAi. 'U.iikr miap -.-a r'
( l lii I I.A .MH.( I.VAI. Ml.U I.NH M,t,l, ftc.
ill bars fur li tll'Cis and !;ire coiimm. im'h j.c'
l'riiieip;.! I:-:-.:t, WKKKS .V Toi l t K.
I'ostoi,, N.aS.
J?A11 in.di' il free on recent f l ii c.
;iiiSr, IJrcfui, IXnuilrnl.e. amj many
of the bet me lii'ines known air l.ere mimim
rd Into n iiii-'1ltiii" of such va.ied pe r- as to
make it t lie i -rralest I'loml I'm itier and llie
Host Health ami Strengili flestorir iHfil.
Cures conip'.i'ii'ts of ivoinen and diseases of Ibc
'Slontai h. bo acN. I.ur.s, i.iel, :inl lviuoi j",
and i entirtly l itUu iit fiom l.iitois. I.tnt'rr
l"eiiri s am! -.tln-i Toidex. as it never lli-l-ei.tes.
r.!ie nnil 1 Kti-s. I..U Mivilifc- l.uii'
1 i.e. II1H 4X A ( ii. L:M . .
'11 e lnaimfac liners have
Won the .Highest Medals
and b very n here.
No Iiemedy more 1 idclj oi l-'ntyuinlilf
Known. It Is rnpl:! la reljevii:jft icU lit
trill ing, l'or I niiie i;.iU. i: U 4' muil In m,
Kldnry -i fr Iin.H. atut nclcn. nn'i? i.nlus
KCi'i'ially. it is the unrivalled reaicdy.
prf.ll.KKS IN .
ami all kinds of uood.s usually kept In n
Also, a very coinpl"t.e dock i(f
Funeral GooJs, CoSus, Caskets, Rotes,
Special til triit Ion given to Hi" proper care of
the tlead. niirlit or tlay. A lird-c!a-.s bear-e and
carnages, iili personal attend. ui-e uhencver
desired, l.'H K.i.s ai.wavs ukason aiii.e.
Smith Suit; Isnrrr 3iii Stru t,
L'U13 1'LA.TlSMOt ril, NK1J.
"t'afc 4
Carriages always on HaVd
. -
I want all ol oiy accounts jellied t' tIAif.
aii'l 1 sliall do r..i .nine civil',, buMacss. Ail old
accounts must be s.-ttbv. ..m. and no new onts
r.'lil be made. I" n'., ..i li accounts are M'ttievl
Slinrtly tll"v v. ol lit died.
I m ioli to ilo a strictly cvsli business fut ur
rial'Miinitlh. N'eh.
Geo. Wootls ? C.a hakes n Onaiis.
1 I'ai.i'rp,
Cui 1 lor t i n e r v. Ti 1 taci-o
anil Cigars,
Main St. oi'jiosite 2s- v iv
J k JL J -
ri.A rrsMdL'Tii
Suoft1wr to .S iii.i;;ki. N lKMAX.'
Manufacturers of
-J-l-N Ci ' j I.
And dealers in
SMOKKltS' FAM .. ii l.V.H. RMOKI543
iTO II A c c; o .
3lecial HRANIS and .f ( KiAHS mad t
order, and satisfaction guaranteed. Cipar
' e ifiplnt'sfcM for smukiirf 'ibacco. .
WfUa Str.?et. one door nest, of s. Iu'". VsTon.
Ojtjftiifte il'imt tj rr,,
rLATTSMOVTII. Xti. . , lm8:
iUlU Mod M
etc., &c
Constantly on Hand.
Evp.Vything irst-class,
at Lowest Rales.
Main St.'lx t .vccii rh :.iki .'.:'! .
I iave now ;i -v i;rl.-k -Maker fr.);n llie? fs
rirst-c "liiss VTorkiiinn.
130,000 No. 1 Brick
Jiow llea-iv a: d for sale. 4 i me and Examine
tl.em !or Vu!-eHe. If Ibcy
fi.ll on a i. s:i n .!T trocs
bif bead.
V7i:i ret to Csieitoia Icr i Ccantlty si l:tt
I ain also realy t" (.'niitra t fT
all kitids of buililir.'s ;inI t l")
ti;i any kind of voik in
Jirick iv.m!4l.
Alloy place on IVaidiinutoii Avi-iiuif or at K.
S. White". S. ' i on Muin Mjcct, I'lattsnioutli,
Nebraska. -L'lm.'l
Ila l ?nioved from Main Street to llie bouse of'
tear "cfeph W. Johnson's House, where
We -w Always be Found
:ls . V'fnre. ready for ail k mds of
Now Is llie tl; i to tive us a call, b.-ttcr rcx'in),- :
lar-er plat e. v ant mire v. or,': and can do
YOU .ILL Jl'STICi-;. '
Keineniber the vhnt:3 and don't forjiet thi
AllverfNcmeiit. Wit. V. Kl)W,
f f irf
w A r!)friii(: u prav-nptiont.
Jrironljr 41 Ji.HEt Ij mrul:
-'-r '!S llUTjlri .irr.U. C . (vnj
.."'-'.- :rr ,.,n.,l.,.iu u Yi
00 81 AS S
" ' 'in -i r- .'slJiiS''
Jroy laundrY!