Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, July 14, 1881, Image 3

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1'he Herald.
1 H.'A I . A ! ' T li ! T I S KM K NTS.
". : ;. iKf-. i: '.ruliir ailvt-nw-
I-'-! ! ill. No al W! LHflUUIlt IIUCI t-
i ' .a .(- r.Ur.
. . .. t-ers .if the law will br neld
. .1 notices they hand In,
, . -. .. ,i.i:iIiiii; a proof of puhlica-
1 1 - 1 1 - - will be tu-ld for the oublica-
'i i. -h notice.
, .Hi"? i limited, all ettnii-.uiil;ioss
i hii I to tii-i lint. Willi no wast
.. i t is .iponsoie for the correctness
. i" copy of paid matter and paid L-
; A:
111 i.
IT vr.ri win, takes the paper reztilarlj
i.t'i.-e, whether to ins
ii.i.iw. i'i -i ' i i-r lie is a nuoserioer or nor. is
-i.-iimi!ii.- lor the :av.
V" 2. It :t;iy person orders his paper discontin
ued, he must n.-iv all arre:ii:i!?es. or the imblish-
at hiiiy rouniiiit' to send It until payment la
Oiadc.'aud collect the whole amount, whether
ihe paper Is t ilc;-n from the office or not.
X 1 lie . i ts have decided that refusing to
talte newsnap. is and periodicals from the post
olhce. or lemovin and having them uncalled
for, is prima facie evidence of iNiKNTiOMAL
Hotter ! !
-Ilo'.test ! ! !
Suiulay afternoon.
Nainsook Underw ear at Wescott's.
Kfc;ul tlie. Commissioners' Proceed
ings Geo. S. Smith was in Omaha Mon-ilnv.
The County Commissioners' are in
S session.
V Mr. U. V. Mathew'a house is slowly
"fl ...
iotnnii.;4 iij.
lienmlt & Lewis pay cash for
Butter ami liggs. 1
Mr. (leorge Ballance is putting up
a new houso on Elm Street.
A full supply of vegetables ami
fruits every day at Bennett &
Lewis'. 1
... . , , -
mere win ue services in uie uap-
II tist church next Sunday, morning and
jpJ One more small-pox patient like
mlh;t at South Bend would bankrupt
yy a poor county.
7 Work has been staited
Stadelmaiiii house, on the lot
on the
next to
' the IIkkald office
The residence of C. Russell near
Weeping Water was struck by light
ning on the Oth inst.
I" fieo. Fairfield and men left Sun
fs day for the western part of Nebraska,
1 nn t en r v v i n it tnn
Rev. J. W. Reed will preach in the
Baptist church next Sunday, July, 17,
1881. All are invited to attend.
Mis. and Miss Simpson will close
their music room for two or three
weeks during the warm weather.
Mr. F. Stadelmann has commenc
ed the erection of the second of his
houses on Vine street, next door to the
Herald office.
The Secretary of the Sportsmen's
Club, Mr.
'a report of
McLennan, kindly sends us
f the 1 ate glass ball matches
on those
ours (?)
Mr. I'
patent Fair Grounds of
B. Murphy has been suffer
ing with a severe catarrh in his head,
which caused him to perambulate
perpetually night and day. It is bet
ter now.
i Mr. :uu Mrs. l'hilliDti passed
p through Plaltsmouth last Thursday
Jon a special train, with the remains of
J their infant child, for iuteriueut atMt.
Vleasmt, Iowa.
. j1 A boy of twelve or fourteen
V named Wolfe was killed by lightning
I in Avoca precinct last Saturday. He
was oil a loan ui iiij ui bi.uu niicii
struck, .wi.ica was en'iit-iy consumeu.
biuir! Carmicliael and wife of
Weeping Water celebrated their gold-
if Kll i i: 11.1 1 1 ' fo uiiiii i cicai j iiidu a
II ? we see by the Recorder. The IIekald
Vvishes them many more years of hap
ilpiness, together.
C ... 1 . 1 ; .. . it t'ufii o rr 1-iQt Vniljr
The City Council have located a
road from the coiner of 3d and Mar-
i ble streets along the line of the B. &
. grounds to the city limits where it
J will connect with a road located by
jr the county commissioners west.
A man named Carroll who has
been around town for the past six
months, skipped out last Sunday, leav
ing his wife sck of a loathsome dis-
4 ease ud tntirelv destitute. She is
fV The Fourth is
over and Coup's
great show has gone and the latest ex-
4. . ....
citeiuent now
is on account of Solo-
-nion x damans gieat leuucnou in
We intend to make Business
Boom for the next two months by
giving unprecedented bargains. Call
17 uid secure them
YX Mr. C. B. V
em. 17tf S.
arker arrived in town
yesterday on his way to Chicago tu
W v
erect a monument sold and made in
Lincoln and to be erected near Chicago
KTer the grave of the wife of L. K.
Iolmes. architect and contractor at
Lincoln. This speaks well for Mr.
Parker's skill and business a' ilities.
The Elocution class conducted .by
"r.. f (n. iv.iKprlin nf T.nun ii. is train-
i v i t.i . . rr
i . & 1 . 1.
iiij iu numbers ana sireiigui faun
evening, everyone wno nas not uau
4i ..... i-iif ,-f . m if nil
j!g elocution, shonld attend, the price
is within the reach of all and no one
) could spend their money in a more
profitable way, than in educating their
voices so that they can read well.
1 S - The Co. Commissioners, of
i L Co. have sent a bill of Si3 to the
tuissioners or our Co. for care
1 medical attendance of a pauper na
Ed. "eed. The facts are the
y r Weed never was a resident of
Weed never was a resident oi tins
V", county save for a few months last
l 5ear when he cume up from .Neb. City
I J to harvest for a farmer in the south-
1 ern part of the county; where he was
I tlirough with his work ho went back
VJ to his home in eU. city wnen ue nau
i ) resided for the past three or four
Myears. The bill is one of tho cheekiest
J on record. The Commissioners refus-
ed to allow the bill
I)r, Ilobbs. Elmwood, called yester
day. Postmaster Droste was tip the
other day.
Clint Billings, son of S. S. Billings,
is in town on a visit.
Mr. II. J. Streight and family took
in the circus Saturday
S. Beardsley thought the Herald
needed some money circus day.
Mr. J.W. Barnes returned Tuesday
night from his Xew Mexico trip.
Miss Cushman, of Omaha, is visit
ing her sister, Mrs. Love, of this city.
Yankee Robinson, the great show
man was here as agent for Mr. Coup.
Mrs. Wm. Baker, of Glenwood, is
visiting friends and relatives in the
E. M. Yates, cashier of the Bank of
Cass County, celebrated the 4th in St.
W. D. Iladsell of Elmwood, a
large farmer who has moved in lately,
was here last week.
Miss Lou Shryock spent the 4th in
town and returned Tuesday, to her
school at Greenwood.
Miss Pepperberg, a sister of
Mr. Julius JPepperberg, arrived from
the old country last Sunday morning.
Mr. Baker, the father of Wm.
Baker has been visiting us for some
days and helping the boys keep store.
Miss Lillie Pollock has been engag
ed to teach one of the grades of the
Weeping Water High School, the com
ing year.
Mrs. French and Miss Jessie left on
the morning train Tuesday, for Chica
go, where Mrs. French will visit dur
ing the summer, and will leave Miss
Jessie to attend school.
Henry Eikenbary is building him a
fine new house on his farm south of
town. Those who have seen the plans
say it will be a very convenient and
elegant farm house.
Mrs. It. W. Ilyers, Mrs. M. B. Mur
phy, Mrs. T. B. Clark, and Mrs. W. D.
Jones made Mrs. Clark's father and
mother-in-law a short visit at Weep
ing Water, last week.
Henry Drain, Johny White, Peter
Knee, Mac Fairfield, and Mart Phae
lan, and several other town bays start
ed with Fairfield's surveying party,
Sunday, to be gone till cold weather.
Judge Maxwell was down here the
other day looking as well or better
than we have seen him in many years.
Guess he's good for a term or two yet
as one of the supreme judges of this
Miss Hattie Fulmer left Platts
mouth last Wednesday afternoon,
for her home in Milford, Pa. During
her residence here f nearly two years
she has made many friends, all of
whom will regret her departure and
hope that she will soon visit us again.
Our very busy County Engineer,
Comrade G. W. Fairfield, started on
his summer watering tour last Mon
day. Before leaving, George dropped
in to sed the Herald, and have our
blessing on his stakes and corners
this summer.
Our esteemed friend Mr. Ed. Wiley
was terril ly scared the other day. His
brother-? n-law ran out to the field and
told him there was a big accident at
the house, and when he got there he
found Dr. Schildknecht and two boys
whose mother said they wanted a
home there and Ed. had to cave.
We had the pleasure of meeting Mr.
C. P. Ruple, from Troy, Xew York,
last Sunday, who is at present engaged
iu river engineering, as assistant to
W. II. McKnew, assistant U. S. En
gineer in local charge; and also Mr. A.
R. Ginn, from Ohio, who is also at
work on the river improvement at
this place.
Great Reduction in Summer wear
at Wescott's. 17i2
Extra Rubbers for fruit jars at
J.M.Roberts'. 16t2
Major O'Rourke and family have
been somewhat under the weather the
past week or two.
Just received, a new invoice of
Fans at F. Herrmann's. 16t2
Remember the M. E. Social at the
residence of E. Davis. Turn out
and have a goo-J tine.
Fruit Jars and extra Rubbers for
sale, at J. M. Roberts'. 16t2
The Co. Commissioners bought a
house, to be used as a pest house, last
Tuesday. It is situated in Happy
Celluloid Collars and Cuffs at
Wescott's. 1712
The Commissioners of Cass Co.
sent a bill of S600.00 to tho Commis
sioners of Saunders Co. for taking cars
of a small pox patient which was sent
promiscuously over Cass Co. last spring.
Great clearance sale at Wescott's
Boss Clothing Store, all thin goods go
ing at the thiunest kind of prices. 17t2
The social of the M. E. Church
will be held at the residence of Mr. E.
Davis to-morrow evening, July loth.
All are invited to attend.
Have you tried the Labrador
Herring put up in Tartar Sauce. The
nicest thing out. Bennett & Lewis
keep them. 1
Finest line of White and Colored
Shirts in the city at Wescott's. 17t2
"We buy our groceries of Bennett
& Lewis." says the prudent house
wife, "their prices are low, and their
goods frosh and nice." 1
Pick-pockets and house-breakers
made a rich haul show day.
Drugs -the largest stock at J. M
Roberts. 3tf
T. W. Shryock returned from his
Virginia trip Tuesday evening, feeling
much benefitted by the trip.
For mixed paints go to Roberts
Drug Store. 51tf
The Lawu Social at the residence
of Mr. Thos. Pollock, Tuesday evening,
was one of the most enjoyable ones
of the season. Mr. Pollock has one
of the finest yards in the city and
everyone who attended, enjoyed it
. Silrer Wedding.
The twenty-fifth wedding anniver
sary of Mr. and Mrs. C. Schlater was
celebrated on Saturday, the 9th inst.
at their home, near Louisville, this
county. A large concourse of friends
nnd relatives assembled during the
day wishing the happy couple many
blessings for years to come. It is un
necessary to state that all present
were handsomely entertained.
The presents bestowed upon the
coupla were elegant and costly and
highly cherished by the beneficiaries,
among which we mention the follow
ing: Silver Water I'itelier-Mr. & Mrs. J. V. Glover.
Set Silver Kniveu and Forks Mr. Jos. Schlater.
Butter Dish Mr. and Mrs. II. LehuhofT.
Tickle Cantor and Fork Misses Carrie Schlater
and Hollenbeck.
Set Table and Tea Spoons Mr. Howard Zink.
Cream Pitcher Mr. and Mrs. H. Schulhof .
Flower Vase Mr. aud Mrs, 15. W. liriggs.
Butter Krnfo and Pickle Fork-Mr. and Mrs. T.
Sugar Spoon Miss Flora Davw.
Syrup Pitcher Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Lewis.
Set Table Sroons Mr. LctI Calkins.
Napkin King and Boiuet Holder Mist Carrie
Pair Vases Mr. Jos. Tighe.
Pair Napkin Kings Mrs. and Miss Carper.
Set Table Spoons Mr. B. Ward.
Set Knives and Forks Mr. C. Bringman.
Set Tea Spoons Mr. Geo. Dellcseine.
Set Knives and Forks Mr. Clias. Burk.
Butter Knife Miss Bell Fickler.
Sugar Bowl Mr. and Mrs. Geo, Sayles.
Napkin King aud Boquet Holder Miss Mamie
Dinner Castor Mr. and Mrs. T. Hall.
Silver Thimble Mis. Cooley.
In the evening the young folks of
the neighborhood assembled and
danced the happy hours away, loth to
leave when the Sabbath day broke in
upon them. Although the weather
was inauspicious during the latter
part of the day, the gathering was
very large, and all enjoyed themselves
to their hearts' content.
The Herald sends greeting to Mr.
and Mrs. S. wishing them life long
happiness and another such occasion
twenty-five years hence. Many thanks
for the excellent cake, of which our
compositors partook heartily, hoping
that they might also live to celebrate
a silver wedding in the dim future.
Golden Wedding.
On Saturday next, the ICth of July,
Mr. and Mrs. William Wheeler, of
Glenwood, Iowa, father and mother of
D. II. Wheeler, of our city, celelrate
their fiftieth wedding day. Extensive
preparations have been made for this
event, and children, grandchildren and
great-grand-children will be present
from Michigan, Xew York, Minnesota,
Indiana, Illinois, Xebraska and Iowa.
Rye Flour at Hansen & Chassot's.
The Drowned Bodies Seen.
The bodies of the three men who
were drowned the 4th of July night
were seen on tho 10th inst. floating by
Rock Bluffs; one of them, Leman Scott
Bates, was discovered by Messrs. By
ers, Bates, Case and Rainey and re
covered. The other two were seen by
Dr. Rainey and other parties, who had
no boat and were consequently unable
to recover them.
The Coroner wa3 notified and a jury
impanelled who rendered a verdict that
the said Leman Scott Bates came to
his death by drowning in the Missouri
River on the evening of July 4th, 1881.
Signed by the jury as follows:
Jesse Hendricks, Thos Ellington,
Wyett Hutchison, A. J. Graves,
Robt. Karnes, Sam'l E. Case.
Attest: P. P. Gass, Coroner.
The circus has been here, and left
its marks, it seems. Yet all the peo
ple (.nearly) will turn out nesct time to
see one just the same. The perform
ance was excellent, the tent immense,
all it represented, and we must say as
far as what people call the show goes,
Mr. Coup has performed all he promis
ed. It is a wonder and marvel if a
show only too large for profit in this
Following in the wake of the cir
cus, or hanging round here waiting for
an opportunity like yesterday, a num
ber f thieves got in their work for
greater or less amounts. At Walter
White's they broke a window in the
afternoon and took: A new suit ox
clothes, two gold chains, a revolver
and some loose change.
They also went through Joe Con
ner's house and took more or less.
Weckbach's house was broken into
and a dozen fine shirts disappeared;
and at the grounds five pocketbooks
changed hands and a number of uls
ters and wraps were gone from wag
ons and carriages.
Settlement Notice.
All persons owing the late firm of
Jones & Agnew, are requested to call
and settle with G. A. Magney, with
whom we have left our accounts.
17t2 Jones & Agnkw.
The W. C. T. U. will meet during
the heated term at 7 p. m. instead of
4 p. m. Xext regular meeting at the
Presbyterian church, Thursday even
ing, July 21st.
"Frpsli liread. cakes and uies. everv
day, at the Union Bakery, corner Main
and Third. 10tf
at the GREAT RED STORE. lGtf
A new lot of Vermicelli, Point
Russe, Torchon and other Laces just
received at F. Herrmann's. 16t2
A few more Linen and Cambric
Suits left at F. Herrmann's. 16t2
Previous to our removal to the
we shall continue to offer
Every person who ever traded at
will know what we mean by
lower than ever! ICtf
I sell the best and cheapest boots
and shoes. I defy competition.
4tf Peter Merges.
No Hospital Needed.
Xo palatial hospital nteded for Hop
Bitters patients, nor large salaried
talented puffers to tell what Hop Bit
ters will do or cure, as they tell their
own story by their certain and abso
lute cures at home.
The Concert,
Th concert given by the pupils of
Mrs. and Miss Lillie Simpson last
Thursday evening passed off very
pleasantly; all of the pupils doing
their best to render it a success.
It was given in the dining room of
the new hotel building which made a
very god room for the purpose.
We can not give space to notice in
dividual excellencies, but must make
mention of one fact which wa3 notice
able throughout, that from the prettily
remarkably played selection of little
Lulu Simpson, aged six, to the mag
nificent quartette, by Miss Annie Liv
ingston and Masters Eddie Cummins
and Miron and Frank Wheeler, the
selections were from the very best of
classical music by the most noted com
posers. Mrs. and Mis3 Simpson have always
endeavored to inculcate a love of real
ly good and classical music, and some
time in the future Plattsmouth will
reap the reward in musicians who will
take high rank in the state.
Another evidence of the progress of
the pupils not given in the selections
rendered was shown us by Mrs. Simp
son and consisted of work done by Miss
Lida Smith in Thorough Bass and
Harmony, transposition into rhe vari
ous chords &c, which showed persist
ent and exhaustive work. We may
also mention that in the rendition of
her selections Miss Smith showed the
excellent result of this study.
The music was interspersed with
several recitations from Prof. Cham
berlain, which were an unexpected
and agreeable variation of . the exer
cises. Prof. Chamberlain recited a
medley containing extracts from Maud
Muller, The Vagabonds, and many
other well known poems which well
displayed his varied elocutionary abil
ities; he afterwards gave a humorous
and a pathetic selection. At the close
of the regular exercises a call was
made for Miss Lillie by the audience,
and she complied by giving
Webers Concert-Stueck and by her
brilliancy f execution held her listen
ers breathless. Right here we may
state, apropos of the subject, that Miss
Lillie has but recently returned from
Chicago where she pursued her mu
sical studies under Mr. II. Clarence
Eddy, the well known instructor of
Ilershey Hall.
The increased number of the audi
ence over that of previous concerts
testified to the success of these "Pupils
Soirees" which we hope to see contin
ued in the future.
Farmers Attention.
In order to gratify the wi3he3 of
hundreds of our customers who have
repeatedly expressed a desire that we
would exchange merchandise in our
line such as Dry Goods, Millinery,
Clothing and Gent's Furnishing
Goods, Boots and Shoes. Hats, Caps,
Trunks, Valises and Jewelry for
Country Produce. We are now
pleased to advise you that we have
perfected arrangements whereby we
will be able to accommodate all. So
bring oa your produce and avail your
selves of our great advertised price
list. We will pay the highest market
price for produce aid you in return
will receive anything in our line at
the lowest cash figures. Don't forget
the place next door to Court House.
I7tf , Solomon & Xathan.
at the
Sportsmen's Club.
The Plattsmouth Sportsmen's Club,
which has. for a long time, been idle,
is again coming to the front. Several
practicing shots have been had the
present summer, and, we understand,
they ate to be continued. A silver
badge has lately been presented to the
Club by two of its members, to be con
tested for at each practice. The badge
is unique in design, bearing the in
scription, "Presented to the Best Shot
by the Plattsmouth Sportsmen's ulub."
On last Friday evening the first con
test for the badge took place, with the
following score:
Ten single balls, five double rises.
Jones 1010111111 11 10 00 10 0113
Smith 1111110111 10 11 10 01 1015
O'Rourke-001 101 1100-00 00 00 10 007
Chapman-1100011100-10 10 01 01 11-11
Livingston 0011111011 10 10 1000 11
Bushnell 0000101000-00 00 10 10 00-4
Agnew 1011110111 10 11 10 00 00-12
Ilyers 110111101109 11 1 01 0012
White 0000001100-00 00 00 00 002
McLennan-0111110lli-00 10 10 10 00
11. Smith took the badge.
On Saturday evening Smith again
won the badge in match of 15 single
glass balls, and 5 double rises, break
ing 18 balls. Chapman followed with
a score of 17.
After this a match was made up
5 single balls, entrance 31 with the
following score:
Smith -11111 Chapman 01010
Jones 11111 Agnew 10100
McLennen 11111 Livingston 10111
Livingston took 2d money.
the American Life Insurance Compaav, N. Y. ;
Gerinania Fire Iumiranee Comuany, Freeport.
lil. ; Milwaukee Mechanics Mutual Fire In
surance Company. Milwaukee, Wis.; Western
Horse and Cattle I u mi ranee Conipanv. Omaha,
Xeb. ; Hamburg American Packet Steamship
t'oiupjiuy. Steamships between New York and
Hamburg : North German Lloyd, Steamships
between New York aud Bremen.
Gen. Weaver.
The Distinguished Greenback
Slatesman. will arrive in Lin
coln on the 19th, next Tuesday,
at 11 :45 a. m. He will take an excur
sion train to Wahoo, where he will
speak at 2 p. m. returning to Lincoln
at 7 p. m. where he will speak at S
o'clock p. m. Excursion tickets from
Lincoln to Wahoo and return 75 cents.
The Greenback State Central Com
mittee will also meet at Lincoln the
same day, July, 19th. Excursion rates
will be given from Plattsmouth to
Lincoln. L. C. Pace,
Chairman State Central Com.
F. S. White is now delivering Ice daily
to customers at remarkably low prices.
Call or leave orders at his store, on
Main St. iotf
Dr. Marshall's Bromoline makes
the liver and stomach active, promotes
health secretion and removes the bile
and slime from the disordered state of
these organs. Druggists sell it.
Buckingham's Dve for the- whis
kers is an elegant, safe and reliable
article, and convenient for use; will
not rub off. Try it.
For the best staple and fancy
groceries in Plattsmouth go to J. V.
Weckbach's. lOtf
Women with pale colorless faces
who feel weak and discouraged, will
receive both mental and bodily vigor
by using Carter's Iron Pills, which are
made for the blood, nerves and com
plexion. Sold by Smith Black & Co.
-The best and cheapest,
The finest and neatest
Shoes and Slippers
For little trippers
at Merges'.
Visitors returning from abioad,
as well as recent immigrants, will nnd
Ayer s Sarsapanlla helpful in avoid
ing the hardships of Facclimation, and
in removing the boils, pimples and
eruptions consequent upon sea diet,
Its blood-cleansing qualities remedy
such troubles promptly.
Crites and Ramsey, attorneys and
Xotary Public, second door east of
Court House, Plattsmouth, ?seb. atom
Mrs. Chas. Smith of Jimes, Ohio,
writes: I have used every remedy fr
sick headache I could hear of for the
past fifteen years, but Carter's Little
Liver Pills did me more good than all
the rest. Sold by Smith, Black & Co
Alderney Stock.
Mr. J. F. Beaumeister now owns
Xo. 19(17, dropped January 4th, 1878,
Sire, Kentucky, 2d, 758; grandsire,
Kentucky 628. From imported Tran
sit, bred by II. S. Durand, Wis., which
it will be remembered Chaplain
Wright brought here last year. This
bull is a thorough-bred Alderney, or
Jersey bull and will be kept for servi
ces this summer at Mr. Beaurueister's
place nerth of town, on the Platte
Valley road. All who desire the use
of such an animal should call and see
the undersighed,
J. F. Beaumeister.
Stock from a distance,. pastured free
of charge after the first of May. 52tf
before spending any more money. 16tf
Prompt relief in sick headache,
dizziness, nausea, constipation, pain in
the side, etc., guaranteed to those us
ing Carter's Little Liver Pills. One
pill a dose. 25 cents. Sold by Smith,
Black & Co.
I)r. Black's
Rheumatic Cure, an internal medi
cine warranted a safe, certain and
speedy cuns for Rheumatism, Xeural
gia. Lame Backs, Pains in the side,
Stomach, Kidneys, &c, &c. Smith,
Black & Cw. have sirld over one hun
dred bottles in the last two months
Cigar Clippings, 35 cts. per
lb., at Schlegel & Niemann's,
opposite P. 0. 7tt
Make from S&3 to 5 per week selling
goods for E. U. HIDEOUT & CO.. 10 Barclay
Street, New York. 2.'yl
Send for their CatuloKiie end terms.
Dr. Black's Rheumatic Cure is an
internal remedy and is pronounced by
hundreds who have used it to contain
more true medical virtue than any
other kind thrown upon the market in
the shape of oils and liniments. It is
warranted. Smith, Black & Co., pro
prietors. Sold by P. S. Barnes and A.
D. Marshall, Weeping Water, Xeb. 8tf
If you want to buy or sell city proper
ty of any kind
If you want to buy or sell a farm of
any kind
Ifyou want money with farm lands
to secure it call on
Will S. Wise,
46m5 Fitzgerald Block.
It Must Be So.
For all who use Brown's Pepsin
Touic say it is a sine cure for Dys
pepsia and sick Headache. Try it.
For sale by all Druggists in Platts
mouth and East Plattsmouth.
Pepsin. Khnbarb, Mandrake & Gentian
Are the active ingredients of
Brown's Pepsin Tonic. Give this
wonderfnl Dyspepsia remedy a trial
and be cured. For sale by all drug
gists in Xeb.
Brown's Vegetable Lirer Pills
Are a sure cure for Liver Complaint,
Constipation and Biliousness. For
sale by all Druggists in the West.
Brown's Blackberrynd Ginger
Should be in every house during the
heated season. It never fails to cure
Diarrhoea, Dysentery and Cholera
Morbus. For sale by J. II. Buttery,
Smith, Black & Co., O. F. Johnson and
J. M. Robert , Plattsmouth, "J. V.
Painter, East Plattsmouth.
Money to Loan.
Money to loan on real estate secur
ity. Inquire of D. D. Martindale,
Louisville, Xeb. 13tf
Come and See
The large stock of Spring Shoes and
Slippers, good and nice at Merges. 4tf
Notice to Teachers.
Examination f persons wishing to
teach in Cass county, will be at the
following times and places:
At Plattsmouth, 1st Friday and Sat
urday in January, February, May, Au
gust, October and Xovember. At
Weeping Water, 1st Friday and Satur
day in March, June and September. At
Louisville 1st Friday and Saturday in
April, July and December. Xotice of
other examinations will be given.
At Elmwood the last Friday and
Saturdap of March. At Greenwood
the last Friday and Saturday in Feb
ruary. E. II. Wooley,
42tf Superintendent.
TO A WEEK. $12 a day at home easily made
I tWf'Ofitlv outfit fr AAdrpsN. Titkk A Co..
All n Iff.
JNO. BONS & SON, ProD'rs,
Near B. & M. Pa-sfenger Depot.
Newly re tit ted and furniehed throughout. Af
fording an excellent view of the K. It Kridjre,
It is conveniently located, especially for the
traveling public.
The tables always supplied with the best of
the season.
n connection with the houi-e. Lunch baskets
filled at all hours. Terms reasonable. 8tf
will move into the new
ICtf on or about the twentieth inst.
A lady in Chicago was troubled
with liver complaint, and after taking
three bottles of the Big Bromoline
was entirely cured. 50 cents a bottle.
A Difficult Problem Solved.
AmLition, competition and over-exertion
use up the vital powers of men
and women, so that a desire for fctimj
ulants seems to be a natural human
passion, and drunkenness prevails on
account of this necessity for bodily
and mental invigoration. Parker's
Ginger Tonic fairly solves the difficult
problem, and has brought health aud
happiness into many desolate homes
It does not tear down an already de
beliated system, but builds it up with
out intoxicating. Enquirer. See oth
er column. 16t5
A few more bargains in my clos
ing out stock; don't delay if you want
a number one instrument at a very
low figure. James Pettee, ag't.
at the
we are just slaughtering away to keep
from moving them to the
whirti we are about to occupy. ICtf
For Sale.
A house ami lot situated on the
N. E. corner of Granite and Seventh
sts. The house is 1 story; contains
five rooms and a pantry, is almost
new and in good condition. Price
$1000; $G00 cash and balance in one
j'ear. For farther information en
quire of D. II. Wheeler & Co. Agt.
OrThc First National Dank at IMatts
mouth, in the State of Nebraska,
at the Close of Business
June 30th, 1SS1.
Loan and discounts ftl3 483 04
Overdraft 6 478 01
U. 8. Bond to secure circulation ... 50 000 00
Other stocks, boi.ds and mortgagee. 17 301 46
Due front approved reserve agents.. 72 1 58
Due from other National Banks 12 ft; 03
Real estate, furniture and fixtures.. 2 tfciS 00
Current expence and taxes paid a 129 w
Bills of other banks 5 108 00
Fractional paper euircney, nickels
and pennies 81 13
Specie 10 o 00
Legal tender r.otef 8 Too 00
Redemption fund with V. S. Treas
urer per cent of circulation 2 250 00
Due f riu C S. Treasurer, other than
5 percent, redemption fund 2 500 00
Total $ 29$ 777 M
Capital tdoek paid iu
Surplus fund
Undivided profits
National Bank notes outstanding.
Individual deposits subject
Demand certificates of deposit
Time certificates 01 deposit
Due to other National Banks
Due to State Banks aud bankers..
I 60 000 00
10 000 00
6 275 89
45 000 O0
105 024 37
62 401 81
28 010 47
2 S79 26
1 179 71
S 29S 777 51
State ok Nebraska, i
County of Cass. 1 D3
I, A. W. McLauohi.iv, Cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of my knowledge
and belief. A. V. McLAUUHLIX.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 11th
day of Julv, 1S1.
.. Thos. roLi.orK,
1 J Notary Public.
Correct Attest :
C. H. P.VIiMKI.K, )
J. M. Patterson, --Directors.
A. W. McLaighlis.
License Notice.
To all whom it mty Concern:
Notice is hereby given, that I have filed iu
the office of the County Clerk of Cass County,
Nebraska, an application to the Board of Com
missioners of said county for a p rmit to sell
li.mii.., ut rt jlit.ridt at f Yin i V il 1 M ilt
county, for mediciual, 'mechanical and chem
ical purposes. 1. J. llASF.Mr.IKK
l-omsviiie, (jass county, jeo., jniy ij., issi.
Legal Notice.
Public notice is hereby given that the under
signed purchased at public tax sale, on the 20th
day of Nov., 1S7, and at th County Treasurer's
oflice in the city of Plattsmouth, County of Ca-s
and Sta-e of Nebraska, lot eighteen (l) in the
south ast quarter (se1) of the south west
quarter (sw1 of se lion twelve (12) township
twelve 1 12) range eleven (II), in Cass County.
Nebraska, and east of the 6U1 principal Merid
ian, containing thirteen (13) acres for the tax of
1S7H. and taxed as non-resident. I am still the
hoitter ot the certificate t f sale of
the above described land and unless
redemption therefrom is made within two years
from tho date of the above said sale at the ex
piration of which two years the time of re
demption will expire, application w ill be made
to the Tasurer of the above taid County of
Cass for a tax deed thereon.
17t3 S. X. Merhj AM.
July 14th, 1SS1.
Road Notice.
T all whom It may concern :
The commissioner appointed te locate a road
commencing at a point fifteen and seveiuy-oue
hundredths (15 70-100) chains west of the quart
er section corner on north side of section nine
teen (19), town twelve (12), range fourteen (14) ;
thence running south C' W. ten (10) chains;
running thence south 'J6' W, Dine and fifty-one
hundredths (9 50-100) chains: thence south 47
10' W. fifteen and eighty-one hundredths (15 80
100) chains; thence aourh 30' W. eleven ill
chains : thence south 21 W. forty eight and
fifty three-one hundredth in 53-100 chains to
the center of County road, bearing north and
south, aud at a point one and ninety six-one
hundredths 1 96-100 chains south of the eighth
section corner on the north side of north east
quarter ne) of section twenty five asj. towu
twelve 1121. range thirteen 13, east 8th I. M..
aud terminating at said point, has reported in
favor of the locatiou thereof, and all objections
thereto, or claims for damages, must be filed in
the County Clerk's office on or before noon on
the 20th day of September, A. D. 1U1. or such
road will be opened without reference thereto.
17t5 J. D. Tltt, County Clerk.
To Whom it may Concern.
All persons holding warrants drawn on the
General Fund of Cass County, Nebraska, and
endorsed. "Presented and not paid for want of
funds." or in words of similar iwport, are here
by uotlfie that there is cash in the treasury of
said County for the payment of the same ; and.
further, that interest will cease on all such
warrants on aud after the first day of Septem
ber next.
By order of the Commissioners of said County
J. M. Patterson. Treasurer.
riatUmouth. Neb., June 2:1. ldxi. I5t5
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an Order of Sale issued by V. C.
Show-alter. Clerk of the District Court within
and for Cass County, Nebraska, and to me di
rected. 1 will, 011 the Uli day of August. A. D.
lbtl. at 11 o'clock a. 111. of said day. at the south
door of the Court House, iu said County, sell
at Public Auction the following Keal Estate, to
wit : l'he West halt (WiJ of the North West
quarter Inw' of section twelve 12, iu town
ten I lo I. north of range nine 19!. East, contain
ing eighty ho acres, including all of the ap
purtenance. I tie same being levied upon and
taken as the property of Jc hn Kindt, defend
ant, to satisfy a Judgment of said Court recov
ered by Zachariah F. Gause and James W.
Aioouv, piaiuiins.
PlaUsinouth. Neb.. June 29th. A. D. 181.
1513 K. W. HVER.H. Sheriff Cass Co.. Neb.
Road Notice.
To aU whom it may Concent:
The commissioner apioiuted to survey and
liH'ate a county road commencing at th qnar
ter (li) section comer on tho south side of sec
tion twenty-three (23). in township twelve! 12)
north 01 rane liurtvcu (U east sixtii princi
pal meridian running thence north 011 the
iiuarter ) section line one aud three quarter
(!?) miles to the south east corner of the north
past quarter Ct) or me norm west quarter ()
of section fourteen (14), same towu aud range
as above. To vacate all that portion of road
number one hundred aud sixty-three (lt3) on
the line dividing the east half Ci) of the west
half Ci) of the north west quarter () of the
east half (',) of the wet half (ii) of the south
west quarter () of section fourteen (14), tn
towu twelve (12). range thirteen (1!) has re
ported in favor of the location ami vacation
thereof, and all objections thereto or claims
for damages, must be filed in the County
Clerk's office, ou or before ioon on the 1st day
of September A. V. iil, or such road will be
vacated and located without reference there to.
J. D. TtTT,
1515 County Clcik.
Bridge Notice.
Notice Is hereby given that bids will be re
ceived for the construction of live (5) or more
pile bridges, ranging from twenty (20) to sixty
(00) feet 111 length (the same to be of the same
general character as the bridges built during
the pat year) up to noon of the 4th day of
August, iftxl. The Commissioners reserve the
right to reject any or all bids.
By order of County Commissioners,
10t5 J. D. Tltt, County Clerk.
Road Notice.
To all whom it may concern :
The section line road petitioned for by
Charles Philpet et al. commencing at the south
west corner of sectioc twenty-three 231. town
ship eleven. (11), range twelve 12, running east between section twenty-three Tnl
and twenty-six (2fi, ami twenty-four 24
aud twenty-five. 25 same town and range and
terminating at the south east corner of sec
tion twenty-four 24, township eleven, II,
road twelve 12), and all objections thereto or
claims for damages, must be filed in the
County Clerk's office, on or before noon on the.
25th day of August, A. D. lssi or such road
will be opened without reference thereto.
J. D. Terr,
14t5 County Clerk.
Legal Notice.
rublie notice is hereby given that the under
signed purchased at public tax sale on the 21th
day of November, 1S79, and at the County
Treasurer's office in the City of Plattsmouth.
County of Cass, and state of Nebraska, and
separately in tracts of forty acres. the
following described lauds for the taxes of 1878
to-wit :
The south half (s') of section thirty (sec 30',
township ten (lo). range twelve (12), taxed as
All in Cass County, Nebraska, aud east of the
Cth Principal Meridian. I am still the holder
of the Cert ilieat-sof sale of the above described
lands, and unless redemption therefrom is
made within two years Iroui the date- of the
above said sale, at the expiration of which said
two vears, the time of redemption will expire,
application will be made to the Treasurer 01 the
above said County of Cass for a tux owed there
on, H. N. Merriam.
June 30, 1881. K.I3
Road Notice.
To all whom it may Concern:
The section line road petitioned for by W. K.
Murray et al commencing at the north west
corner of section thirty-five (35), town twelve
(12). rauge thirteen (13 thence north on section
line one half mile where it terminates said
load will be opened. All objections thereto or
claims for damages, mast be tiled iu the County
Clerk's office. 011 or before noon on the 1st day
of Sept. A. D. IciSl or such road w ill be opened
without rtfereuc-e thereto.
J. D. Tt TT.
I3t5 County Clerk.
Road Notice-
To all wliom it may Concern:
The section line road pelltltioned for
by George Meisiuger et al. com
mencing at the north west cor
ner ol the south west quarter M) of the south
west quarter 0) of section nine (9) township
twelve (12) range twelve (12), running thence
south a quarter (Si) of a mile to corner of sec
tion eight is) and nine () and sixteen (1) and
seventeen (17), iu said town and range and ter
minating at said corner will be ordered opened.
All objections thereto or claims for damages,
must be filed in the County Clerk's ollice. on or
before noon on the 1st day of September, A. D.
lssl or such road will be opened w ithout refer
ence thereto. J. D. Tutt,
15t5 County Clerk.
Road Notice.
Toull whom it may concern:
The section line road petitioned for by Allen
Coleuiau, et al. commencing at the southeast
corner of section seventeen 17, township
eleven 11 range twelve 12, running thence
north on section line, to the north east eurner
f section five. 5 towuship twelve 12, rauge
twelve (12) and terminating at township line,
and all objections thereto, or claims for dam
age, must be filed iu the County Clerk's olhce,
011 or before uuou on the 25lh day of August,
A. D. 181, or such road will be opened without
reference thereto. J. D. Tutt,
14t5 Couuty Clerk.
Itoutl Notice.
To all whom it may Concern:
The section line roadcoiiimeiicing at the north
east corner of the north west quarter uw4)
of the north west ?of section nuinlier nineteen.
(19), town twelve (12) range ten (10). running
thence west to the town line between South
Bend and Salt Creek precinct, and terminat
ing at north west corner ot tlie noria west
quarter (nw1) nl the north west quarter (n w4)
of said section is ordered opened tty the counly
commissioners. All claims for dumages must
be filed in the County Clerk's ollice, on or be
fore noon on the 10th day of August A. I). 181,
or such road will be opened without reference
thereto. J. D. TtTT
13t. Count y Clerk.
Probate Notice.
In the matter of the estate of David Pittman
deceased. 1 11 the Couuty Court of Cass Coun
ty, Nebraska.
I pon reading and filing the duly verified pe
tition of Eli. J. W. Pittman praying that ad
ministration of the estate of David Pittman
deceased, be granted Andrew Pittman. Or
dered that notice of the pendency of said cause
be published in the Nebraska Hekai.i, a
weekly newspaper, printed, published and iu
general circulation 111 said Couuty, for three
consecutive weeks, and that the hearing of
said cause be set for the luth day of July A. I).,
l.-si. at l o'clock a. 111., at the office of the
County Judge, at Plattsmouth, at w hich time
and place, all persons interested may appear
and show cause, if any they have, why admin
istration of said estate should not be granted
to the said Andrew Pittman, according to the
prayer of said ictitioii. A. N. Kcllivax.
Couuty Judge.
PlaUsinouth, June 27th. 1881. 15t3
Probate Notice.
In the matter of the estate of James McXurlin,
Notice Is hereby given, to all persons having
claims against the estate of James Mc.Nin liu
deceased, to file the same on or Ic lore the 30th
Hay of December A. D. 1881, iu the Office of the
County Jude, at Plattsmouth. Cass Co., Ne
braska. A. N. Sii.i.iva.v,
Counly Judge.
Plattsmouth, June 27th. 1881. ljt.i
To the owner and occupant or claimants of
lot 9, block 34, and let 5. block 1K4 in the Cit - f
Plattsmouth. Cass County. Neb You aic
hereby notified that said lots were assessed for
theyearof 1874. Lot 4, block 34 as belonging to au
unknown owner, and lot 5, block ltsl as belong
ing to D. Keinick. That the said lots were 011
the 23d day of Sept., Is75, sold for the delin
quent taxes of said year to the undersigned ;
that the time of retlemotion of said property
from said sale wil expire on the 25th day of
October, 18? 1, at which time the undersigned
will demand a Treasurer's deed therefor, unless
the same is soonei- redeemed.
Uii3 D. Be mice.
riattsmouth. Neb., July Cth, 1881.
Road Notice.
To all whom it may concern :
The section line roads petitioned for by W.
J. Carter et al. commencing at the southwest
corner of section thirty-three (3J), township
eleven (11), rauge twelve (12), and mu
sing west to the north west corner of
set-lion thirty (30). township twelve (12), range
twelve 12. and also one commencing at the
south west corner of section thirty-three 33).
township eleven pi, range twelve 12, and
turning north to the northwest corner of sec.
twenty-one town eleven range twelve: aud all
objections thereto or claims for damages,
must be filed iu the County Clerk's Office, on
before noon 011 the 25th day of August, A. D.
18yl, or such road wiil be opened without refer
euco thereto. J. D. Tutt,
1415 Counly Clerk.
Tax Notice.
To the unknown or non-resident owner or oc
cupant of lot No. ten llo, in block No. one
hundred and eleven 111 . iu the City of Platts
inoutli. Cas County, Nebraska : You are here
by notified that the abi-ve describe-! lot was as
sessed for the years 1872 and ls73 as belonging
lo an unknown or non-resident owner; that
said lot was sold for the delinquent County aud
State taxes of said years, on the 9th day of
September, 174, to Cass County, in Nebraska,
there being no other bidders therefor ; that the
certificates of sale for the said taxes weri as
signed to Edward Oliver, ou the 18th day of
June. 1881, and that unless redemption lrom
said sale be made before the loth dav of Octo
ber. 1881, a Treasurer's tax deed will be Issued
to said assignee.
icti3 Edward Oliver, Assignee.
Road Notice.
To all whom it may concent :
The commissioner appointed to vacate a
County road, petitioned for by Turner Zink. et
ill.. ;oiiiiih;uui ii lilt- t.i:in-i ill prvi lou I II 1 1 l
r .- I 4 ..... I . ... ... ;.i t.:,.7.
ning t
kj. ou ot'uiii siutr ui Afini an 11011 tun -
wimt Xnrtli nil, situl m.hulf I i-i l mil.
nrnl terminating at the road runiiiuc East and
West, said road to be vacated being known as
Boad 107, has rejxrted iu favor of the vacation
thereof, and all objections thereto, or claims
for damages, must be filed in the County
Clerk's otlice on or before noon on the 7th day
of September, A. D. 1881, or such road will be
vacated without reference thereto,
iota J. D. TtTT, County Clerk.
Probate Notice.
In the District Court of Cass CountyJXebraKka,
in the matter of the estate of Hiram llogan,
Notice Is hereby given that I have made a
plicationaccording to law.fora license to selland
convey all the right. title and interests of Ili
i am liogan deceased, in and to the following
desciilR-d real estate lu-wit : The north half
(n'.lof the southwest quarter (swi) of sec.
thirty-two (32) town ten (lo) range ten (In) east
of the Ul li P. M., Cass County, Nebraska, !::
aud that the hearing of said cajse is set for the
19th day of August, A. D.. 181. at one o'clock
p. in. on said day, at the office of the Clerk of
the District Court in the city of Lincoln. Iin
caster County. Nebraska, before the Hon. S. B.
Pound. Judge of said Court, at w hich time and
place all pers-ons interested may ape:ir and
show cause if any there be w by legal authority
should uot be given lor the sale of said land.
Itit4 llARVRV IIooam, Adiniu'r,
Iu the rear of the llonnor StaUles
First-Class B v i c k ,
Will do Contract Work and Guaranteo
15m3 riattsmouth, Xeb.
Ghe&per Gozds
than anywhere west of the Mississippi Biver
Main, betw. Third and Fourth Streets.
East of Court House,
the best and latest improved patterns.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
kuow what I keep, and my Spring ami Su inner
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Give Gorder a cali.
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In addition, 1 have added ail kinds of
Buggies Wagons
rams wtBE.
O Hi
a week In your nn tow n. Terms and
oullitfrec Address. II. llAl.l.KTT & Co.
Portland, Maine. -Ijly
E. G. Dovey &Son,
Still find themselves at home to Cass County
Fanners and all their old customers.
We have this Winter on r us
ual full and larger line of
goods than, pertaps, ever be
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purchasing elsewhere.
Dried Fruits of all kinds, fresh ami sweet.
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CANNED GOODS from all quarters. Very One
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In all these branches we shall en
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as Is posslple to do a hound bumi
KKstt. We invite attention and will
show all that call our goods. Don't
be afraid to ask for what you want,
and call often and early.
37ui3 K. O. DOVEY & SON. riattsmouth Neb.
tii i uti: i: v 3i n
Is now fully prepared to furnish music for any
and all occasions.
A Thorough Organization
with a complete and well selected repertoire of
Orders respectfully solicited. Terms reasonable
Apply to J. P. VOUXO, P. O. Book Store, or
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Manufacturers of
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Special BRANDS and sizes of CIGARS made to
order, and satisfaction guaranteed. Cigar
clippings sold for smokirr obacco.
Mai.: Street, one door west of J. S. Duke's store
Oj;wwt7e Pot Offlcc,
dealer in
Lare stock of
Notions, Queensware,
and In fact everything you c call for In
the line of
General Merchahdise.
All kinds of country tooduce taker In ex
change for'goods.