Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, June 23, 1881, Image 3

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    The Herald,
Rememlier the M. E. Social at the
residence of J. XV. K.n nes, fo-iorrow
evening. All ;ue invited.
Roberts sella wall paper. 5Uf
The picnic will be in Smith's
Grove the Fourth.
Mr. Wash Smith and family have
gone east for a visit. "
Organs cleaned
James l'ettee.
and repaired
Get your 4th of July out-fit of S.
& C. fayer.
It rem tier's cho ice Crackers at Ben
nett & Lewis'. Ht4
Coup' Circus the 13th of July.
Read notice elsewhere.
The riattsmuth Silver Iltlicoa
Band are hired for the Fourth.
Fred Ilerrmsn went up to Omaha
lastFiiday and returned SaUrday.
For Mini Cages go to the l U.
News Dt-pot, and you will be suited in
price and style. 1
The Board f Trade is called to
meet to-night on important business.
Bi t '.liner's choice Crackers at W
II. B:K. i fc Co's. 1U4
Lo k at the program of W. C. T.
U. anniversary exercises iriven else
Bfi.nett& Lewis still sell Brem
ner's tine Crackers and Cakes. 1114
-G. XV. Thomas starts a big sheep
farm in S ward county this summer.
Lawns and Buntings cheap at W.
II. Baker & Co's. 1
-J. E. Morrison is the grand wor
thy chief templar uf the state lodge
Temple of Honor.
Fresh bread, cakes and pies, every
dav, at tha Union Bakery, corner Main
and Third. 10tf
Capt. Bennett is putting an addi
tion .o his house and otherwise mak
ing improvements therein.
I sell the best and cheapest bcots
arid shoe. I defy competition.
4tf Petek Merges.
The boys are borrowing all the
mules in the City and country around
Piattsnvtuth for their ragamuffin brig
ade. Try ihe Famous Roller Mills
Flour for sale only at W. II. Baker &
Co's. 1
MacDoniigh tells the story about
as straight as usual. Never mind,
Mae, we'll get you fast, yet, some
where. The City, Directory is in the
hands of the binders now, and will
probably be distributed to-morrow or
next day.
The Juvenile Hook and Ladder
Company are having their trucks and
ladders repaired and painted for the
ChaB. A. II. Pieper, once an editor
of the Dutch Wacht was in town
Monday. He looks well and is doing
well he says.
Ed. Oliver first time, never do so
again &c, &c. Girl, goodlooking. like
Ed., born just in time to get in the
paper this week.
Genuine Mason Fruit Jars at W.
II. Bakr & Co's. 1
Two young ladies on horseback.
Saturday; one got left on Main street,
the other stuck. Look out, what,
when and where you ride.
Ask your grocer for Breinner's
Crackers, and if he says lie not
keep them, tell him he is a fraud and
change your place of trading at onee.
' Saturday was a great day for hogs
in IMattsmouth. About 800 head were
shinned, inostlv bv Samuel Barker, and
140 wagons were in town loaded with
Trv a box of cream Oatmeal boap
three cakes for ten cents at XV. II
Baker & Co's. 1
The Hook and Ladder juveniles
are holding a great, many business
meetings these times preparing to
take art in the Fourth of July pro
For the best staple sim! fancy
rrrfu-4-ries ill Plattsmouth go to J. V .
U'eckbach's. ltf
A mission of the Jesuit fathers
will open in the Catholic Church on
Sunday, June 2th. All desiring to
hear their instructions are invited to
A nice line of Linen Torchon
Laces Jusi received at W. II. Baker
& C"s. 1
TLe Herald lwid ten persons
busy at work on Monday and Tues
day ."getting out the Directory, the pa
per and trying to fill our numerous
jobs on time.
Largest stock of Fans and Para
sols in the city at Y .
II. Baker & Co's.
A Mrs. Bishop lesiding i.ear
Rock Bluffs sent post haste for'a doc
tor to mend a broken leg last Sunday.
Dr. Hall responded to the call but
found it only a bad case of sprain.
A few more Croquet Sets left at
the I. O. News Depot to be
Lightning Rods No humbug.
If you want your houses or barns
rodded. and put up in goM shape, no
fraud, no humbug, go to J. XV. Clark
Weeping Water. 7tf
We are pleased to lean that the
hotel is rented to imc of the best men
in Nebraska, for a hotel keeper. Mr.
O'Pelt.of Lincoln, has rented the "Per
kins House" and it will be opened
before long.
And don't You forget it, Phil
Young sells Soda Water. Birch, and
Ottwaa Beer. 1
Don't forget! that the under
signed are "runjiiug off" their remain
ing, stock of cheap Boy's and Chil
dren's Clothing cheajer than ever.
Come and tret some of the Bargains of
S. & C. Mayer, next to Carruth's.
XV. II. Baker & Co. Sell Bremner's
fine Crackers and Cakes. Ilt4
rose by any other name would
srafcij the same, but any Crackers but
JJ reamer's will i-.ot t:inte so sweet and
delicious, not by a jug-full and don't
you forget it. Ht
Mrs. John Shannon'lias been" quite
sick lately.
Mrs. W. II. Schildknecht has gone
for a visit to Kentucky.
A nephew of Mrs. Walter White
was drowned at Per last week.
And now it is'J. D. Tutt's turn to
rejoice. A girl, and everybody happy.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. A.
Savage was buried last week Thurs
day. Miss Marquett, Miss Clark and Miss
Roberts of Lincoln are guests at Dr.
Mr. Lloyd, purchasing agent for the
Omaha Bus Co. is down here looking
for big horses.
Mrs. Searles, the Mother of lirs.E.
B. Lewi is visiting her daughter who
ha been very ill.
Mr. and Mrs. McLaughlin returned
home last week ; one from the east the
other from the west.
Miss 2uattie Cooper returned to
spend her summer vacation in Platts
mouth last Thursday.
John W. Barnes left for a long
trip west on Tuesday. John is get
ting to be a great trareler.
Ed. Duke has returned from a long
trip to New Orleans where he saw the
Mardi Gras and lots of other funny
Mrs. Theo. Bodiuo and Miss Emma
Hereld called on the Herald
people, yesterday. Mrs. Bodine says
the Republican Valley never looked so
pretty as this year.
T. W. Shryock left Saturday for
Baltimore and his old heme in W. Va
He will be gone three or four weeks,
and when he returns he may give the
Herald an item to record.
Capt. John Waybright and wife, of,
Highland County, Va., the father and
mother of our old townsman .Morgan
Waybright, arrived here last Thursday
and will spend the summer, and per
haps make this their future home.
Another delegat ion of Plattsmouth
students abroad returned home for the
summer vacation, Horatio Dovey, Al
Dorrington, and Ed Donelan from Ne
braska College.
Mr. J. II. Culver of Millford, spent
a day in Plattsmouth last Saturday,
Mr. Culver i3 introducing the flour
from his mills which he claims is of a
superior quality, and prepared by a
process which is employed in the west
by his mill alone.
Miss Cora Clark and Miss Marie
Tallmann of Blair made Plattsmouth
a short call last week. Uiey were
looking up the prospect for schools
here; Miss Clark is one of the staff of
Omaha Herald correspondents, and
though youwg professes great love for
journalism, and a desire to succeed in
M. E. Sociable at the residence of
J. W. Barnes next Fiiday night.
Drills -the largest stock at J. M
Roberts. 3tf
For mixed paints
Drug Store.
co - to Roberts
Gilmore the little son of Capt. and
Mrs. O'Rourke met with an accident
almost fatal to his life, on Sat
urday last. A mouse trap been
set with same poisoned bread which
the little fellow got hold or in some
way, and ate. Speedy applications of
emetics however soon relieved his
stomach of the "p'srious stuff and
put him out of danger, but for a while
his dangerous situation caused great
anxiety to his friends and suffering to
himsel f.
Remember that Phil Young has
the Largest Stock of Fire Works,
Flags. Fire Crackers, Lanterns, and
otner 4th of Julycoods, in the city. 1
The Ladies' Sewing Society of the
M. E. Church will meet at the resi
dence of J. XV. Barnes, to-morrow af
ternoon. In the evening, the regular
monthly social of the young folks will
be held at the same place. All are in
vited to atten i. A good time guaran
The body of the man found last
Friday was pretty surely identitied
as being one of the men drowned at
the smelting works at Omaha, last
spring during the flood: if so, his
name was Nichols Keenan, a switch
man on the II. P.
Bodies are being found along or
in the Missouri every day: at Kansas
City four were found in one day!
There is either dark work going on
tomewhere, or tho bodies of those
killed in the ice gorge last winter are
yr t coming down.
As will be seen uy program
in another column, the Women's
Christian Temperance Union of this
city, will hold an Anniversary meet
ing commencing Saturday evening of
this week, at which the exercises will
be of a most interesting character.
This is the Anniversary of their
work and a retrospect of work done in
this immediate vicinity together with
an outlook upon what is being accom
plished elsewhere, will encourage
them to future exertions, and form a
pleasaut feature of their wsik.
Ein mceblirtes Zimnier, mit Frueh-
stueck. Nieheres bei
14t3 Ebinger & Lutz.
The blood at times become loaded
with impurities and moves thick and
sluggishly in the veins. This condi
tion of the vital fluid cannot last long
without serious results. An altera
tive i needed to purify the blod and
impart energy to tfce system, and there
is none better than Ayer's Sarsapar
ilU. Firemen's Grand
The liremeu have concluded
to have
a Ball the evening of the 4th, and it is
hoped the citizens will all help them.
The following are the committees:
General cmmittee A. Ashley, F.
Guthman, C. Koehnke. C. Pettee.
Committee on Music aud Floor Mau
nagers J. P. Young, C. Pettee, and
A . Ashley.
Door Keepers P. B. Murphy and C.
Manager f Ticket Ofliee C. Koehn
ke. Committee on Printing J.Yr. Week
bach. Everybody is invited to attend, be 1
suro and come aud help the boys.
Wait for the Best W. C. Coop's Mon.
8ter United Shows, Circus, Ma
. -seam, Menagerie, and Only
Heal Paris Hippodrome.
The Cincinnati Daily Enquirer says:
"Enormous crowds daily attend. We
repeat, it is the largest greatest show
in America, if not in the world."
The Gazette says: "Best show ever
given in this city."
The Commercial says : "Biggest and
best show under canvas."
Who is this man Ccup?
Coup is the man who has originated
most of the large shows of the world,
including the large show of 1571. and
for which another received credit.
Coup is the man who in 1872 origin
ated the first railroad show, built the
Grst sleeping passenger box and pal
ace stock cars ever owned by any show
in the world.
Coup is the man who in 1874 aston
ished the country with his immense
traveling Hippodrome,
Coup is the man w Trt in 1876 erected
the famous New York aquarium.
Coup is the man wh organized the
renowned Equescurriculum in 1878.
Coup is the man who in 1879 added
. circus.menagerie musoum and aquar
um to his already monstrous show.
Coup is the man who paid for im
porting the vrerld-famed Paris Hippo
drome, the first ever actually im
ported. Coup is the man who has made the
fame, fortune and reputation of most
of the showmen of the present day.
Coup's monster united show is th
only show on earth that introduces
two and four Roman " chariot races,
jockey, steeple, hurdle, elephant and
camel races.
Coup is the only man that has and
erects daily the largest canvasses ever
Coup is the only man that for the
performance of the Roman chariot
races has a race track nearly halt a
mile in circumferranco and forty feet
in width. No other show has it.
Coup is the only man that has four
separate rings used coutinually and
daily within the massive pavilliou of
his united shows. No other show has
so many.
Coup's united show is the only show
that each day in the grandest process
ion ever witnessed has nine different
kinds of music. No ether show has
so many.
Coup is the only man that performs
all and more than he advertises, and
that only that is elevating, instruc
tive, amusing, unparalelled, unpreced
ented in the annal3 of show business.
Coup is the only man who is now
traveling through the country, herald
ed by press and public as having the
largest, best, most complete, perfect,
worthy the patronage of the vast mul
titudes who daily crowd , his monster
canvasses the largest snow in me
Coup is the only man who advertises
that his united Monster Show will
positively net exhib't in Platts. until
Wednesday, July 18; fer one day only.
See further advertisements.
D. P.
The Driving Park is now open and
if the weeds are to be
wants driving on at once. No racing
nor fast driving allowed wnue the
track is used for pleasure driving.
The Way They Make it Now.
Ages ago, some ingenious fellow
invented the mill stones and out of
respect for him and his descendents
or for the lack of appreciation for any
thing better, no great improvement
has been made on the method of grind
ing wheat until recently.
The last seven years has been an
era of improvement in every depart
ment of milling. The most interest
ing feature of the new improvements
is in the method of grinding. Rollers
are substituted for l unar and the new
process is called the Hungarian or
gradual reduction system.
The wheat after being thoroughly
scoured, cleaned and brushed, passes
to a set of corrugated chilled iron
rollers. From this set it is clinched
between two other
sets. After leav-
iug these it passes
to the bolts and
purifiers and the
disentegrated or
larger particles are
returied to an-
other set of rollers, and so on the
chaff passes through five sets. By the
time the chaff reaches the last set
which are smooth and highly polished,
there is but little left, but tho bran,
and germ or chit of the wheat; the
germ being a waxy substance, is detri
mental to the flour, and is flattened
and separated by the purifiers, and
runs into the waste, leaving the most
nutritious part of the grain in the
nour. we oeiieve mere is only one
roller mill west of the Missouri. The
Quenchaqua" at Millford on the I31uo.
that manufacture the "SI1020" aud
"AtUnd the Lawn Sociable,"
Friday evening at the res. of J. XV.
Barnes, a hearty invitation is extend
ed to nil.
lij Request.
Mr. Editor: The charp-es
me, in an insulting manner by "Quill,'
in your issue of the 16th inst. are false
and instigated no doubt in .the interest
of the "whisky ring" and one or two
enemies of mine. I will reply at
length, next week.
J. C. Newberry.
The Louisville Attorney
-The well known strengthening
properties or iron, combined with
oiner inics ana a most perlect ner
vine, are foand in Carter's Iron Pills,
which strengthen the nerves and body.
and improve the bleod and complex
ion. 1 r sale by bmith. Buck & Co.
Ayer's Pills are a geueral favorite.
because of their powerful yet gentle
operation, ieuical men prefer them
for nervous or delicate constitutions.
Carter's Little Liver Pills will pos
itively cure sick headache and prevent
its return. This is not talk, but truth.
One pill a dose. See advertisement.
I or sale by Smith, Black & Co.
Constipation is positively cured
by Carter's Little Liver Pill3. Not by
purging and weakening the bowels,
but by regulating and strenetheninir
them. This is done by improving the
digestion and stimulating the liver to
the proper secretion of bile, when the
bowels will perform their customary
functions in an e;isy and natural man
ner. Purgative pills must be avoided.
Ask for Carter's Little Liver Pill.
Price 25 cents.
Sold by Smith, Black
& Co.
At Cedar Creek.
There will be a Fourth of July ctle
bration at Cedar Creek as follows:
Tho exercises will open at 10 A. M.
by an oration. Then games of various
kinds such as foot-racing, climbing
greased pole, egg race, sack race, blind
wheelbarrow race &c &c, for which
prizes will be awarded to the proper
winners. A game of base ball and a
dance will complete tho Afternoon's
In the evening Fire Works and re
freshments. Cedar Creek is bound to celebrate
this year as well as her neighbors.
Carter' Little Liver Pills must
not be confounded with common Cath
artic or Purgative Pills, as they are
eulirelT unlike them in every resoect.
One trial will provo their superiority.
Sold by Ernitb, Black & Co.
Apply to J no. C. Eisele
Turkey Creek,
two miles south east of Cedar Cretk.
Another body was found in the
Missouri river, on Wednesday morn
ing about oppi site the brewery. Sher
iff Ilyers and Coroner Gass were soon
in attendance, and the cerpoe was de
cently interred, after such examina
tion as could be made. The body was
naked, and had been in the water
about six weeks. There were o
marks of identification, the body being
much swollen, and the face unrecog
nizable. Conductor Fleming -first
saw it, we believe.
rlie verdict in the above case was
as follows:
State of Nebraska,
Cass County.
At an inquest holden at Platts
mouth, in Cass county on the 22d day
of June, A. D. 1881, before me, P. I
Gass, coroner of said county, upon the
body of an unknown man lying dead,
by the jurors whose names are hereto
subscribed, the said jurors upon their
oath do say: that the person here ly
ing dead, came to his denlh by being
drowned. In testimony whereof tho
said jurors have hereunto set their
hands, the day and year aforesaid.
Wm. B. Brown
Charles Vandaventer
M. M. Curran
R. I). Morgan
W. N. Fleming
Jesse Pat ridge
Attest P. P. Gass Coroner.
Three witnesses, Brown, Fleming
and Miller were sworn.
Brown saw no peculiar marks, one
tooth out in the upper jaw (incisor)
I leming saw body about 8:30 tloatin
near brewery; no marks; mouth eaten
away; in water three to live weeks;
measure in box five feet, seven and a
half to eight inches: weight. 140 to
150 lbs; age twenty-eight to thirty
Miller saw body about nine o clock;
n marks ot violence; about thirty
years or age; light complexion ana
same description as Fleming.
Mrs. M. A. Btiler
of long
experience in eastern
states. Nursing sick
lying in ladies a specialty. You
do well to secure her services. Call on
or address P. O. Box 475, Plattsmouth
or at the Battery Place, north end of
7th street. 14t4
From the undersigned on Sunday,
June 12, 1S81, the following descriled
check :
Given to Isaac Wiles for $30.15,
signed by Joseph A. Conner, payable
to bearer, at lirst National iiank,
Plattsmouth. nunibeied "A C9" and
dated June 11, 1881.
All parties are warned not to nego
tiate for same, as payment on said
check has been stopped.
14t2 Isaac Wilf.s, Jr.
To Lot to Lodjjt-rs.
Rooms on Oak st. opposite tho Cath
olic church. Newly and neatlv furn
ished. Inuuh-e of Mrs. C. O. Newton
at the above residence. 13t3
J. N. Wise.
Negotiator of mortgage loans, on
improved farm property. Terms rea
sonable. . Stf
F. S. White is now delivering Ice daily
to customers at remarkably low prices.
Call or leave orders at his store, on
Maiu St.
The best and cheapest,
The finest and neatest
Shoes and Slippers
For little trippers
al Mkkoks.
Crites and Iiamsey, attorneys and
Notary Public, second door east of
Court House, Piattsmotith, Neb. otCm
Alderney Stock.
t. Beaumtister uow owns
No. 1907, dropped January 4th, 1878,
Sire, Kentucky, 2d, 758; grandsire,
Kentucky 628. t rom imported I ran
sit, bred by II. S. Durand, Wis., which
it will be remembered Chaplain
Wright brought here last year. This
bull is a thorough-bred Alderney, or
Jersev bull and will be kept for servi
ces this summer at Mr. Beaurueister s
place north of town, on the Platte
Valley road. All who desire the use
of such an animal should call and see
the undersighed.
J. F. Beaumeister.
Stock from a distance, pastured free
of charge after the first of May. 52tf
The people of the west owe a debt
of gratitude to JJr. Ayer for the pro
duction ot Ayers Ague Cure. Its
timely use will save much suffering
and much discouragement, and we
recommend it with the greatest con-
tiuence in its ability to do all that is
promised for it.
Prejudice Kills.
"Eleven years ur daughter suffered
on a bed of misery under the care of
several of the best (and some of the
worst) physicians, who gave her dis
ease various names but no relief, and
now she is restored to us in irood
health by as simple a remedy as Hop
Bitters, that we had poohed at for two
years, before using it. We earnestly
hope and pray that no one else will let
their sick suffer as we did, on account
of prejudice against so good a ined-
icine as Hop Bitters." The Parents.
Purifiy the blood and regulate the
bowels, if you would have health.
There is no remedy equal to the Prick
ly Ash Bitters for this purpose. Thev
act directly on the organs concerned.
going to the seat of disease and driv
ir.g it from the system. Nor do they
stop here, but strengthen the sstem.
giving it tone and action, rendering it
much more capable of resisting all
future attacks. 1 1 15
Dr. Black's
Rheumatic Cure, an internal medi
cine warranted a safe, certain and
speedy cur3 for Rheumatism, Neural
gia, Lame Backs, Pains in the side,
Stomach, Kidneys, &c, &c. Smith,
Black & Co. have SiAd over one hun
dred bottles in the last two months
Cigar Clippings, 35 cts. per
ID., at scnlegel & Niemann s,
opposite sr. U. 7tf
Make from 925 to . per week selling
goods for E. . HIDEOUT & CO.. 10 Barclay
Send for their Catalogue and terms.
ur. JiiacK s nneumaiic ture is an
internal remedy and is pronounced by-
hundreds who have used it to contain
more true medical virtue than any
other kind thrown upon the market in
the shape of oils and liniments. It is
warranted. Smith, Black & Co., pro
prietors, bold by P. S. Barnes and A
D.Marshall, Weeping Water, Neb. 8tf
For Sale or
A house and two lots in Louisville
House has live rooms and basement;
good well on premises. Will take a
team as part payment; will sell at a
bargain. Reason for selling, I wish to
move on my farm. Inquire of
Samuel IIellwig,
Louisville, Neb. 10t4
Dr. Schildknecht
has moved to his new office on coiner
of Main and Seventh sts.;and will be
found there, after this during office
The Doctor lias a cozy place con
venient to the business portion of the
town readily accessible lo all patients.
If you want to buy or sell city proper
ty of anv kind
If you want to buv or sell a farm of
any kind
If you want monev with farm lands
to secure it call on
Will S. Wise,
4Cm5 Fitzgerald Block.
It 31 list Be So.
For all who use Brown's .Pepsin
Tonic s;iy it is a sure cure for Dys
pepsia and sick Headache. Try it.
For sale by all Druggists ' in Platts
mouth and East Plattsmouth.
Pepsin. Khnharh, 3Iandrake& Gentian
Are the active ingredients of
Brown's Pepsin Tonic. Give thisW
wonderful Dyspepsia remedy a trial
and be cured. For sale by all drug
gists in Neb.
Brown's Yogetablc Liver Pills
Are a sure cure for Liver Complaint,
Constipation and Biliousness. For
sale by all Druggists in the West.
Brown's Blackberry and Ginger
Should be in every house during the
heated season. It never fails to cure
Diarrhoea, Dysentery and Cholera
Morbus. For sale by J. II. Butterv.
Smith, Black & Co., O. F. Johnson and
J. M. Robert-, Plattsmouth. "J.
Painter, East Plattsmouth.
4.SCO. .
. 3I tJF.V.
and Collection
Co's. store, l'lattsu
;ent. Office over liaker &
iou:h, Nebraska. Uly
Carter's Liltle Liver Pills have no
equal as a prompt and positive cure
foK !sick Headache, liiliousness, Con
stipation, Pain in the bide, and al
Liver Troubles. Try them. For sale
by SmiUi Dlack & Co.
Han ted
day boarders
A few more
bage s. on 4th
st. between Y
Main sts.
ror constipation, costiveness, or
biliousness, use Dr. Marshall's Ii i
Jiromoline. Big bottles for 50 crnts
Ask your druggist for it.
Money to Loan.
Money to loan on real estate secur
ity. Inquire of D. D. Martindale,
Louisville, Neb.
liiliousness or constipation 13 a sign
of disordered liver. Cure theui both
with a bottle of Dr. Marshall's Brom
oline, the Big Blood Medicine, 50 cents
i bottle.
Come and See
The large stock of Spring Shoes and
Slippers, good and nice at Merges'. 4tf
Notice to Teachers.
Examination of persons wishing to
teach in Cass county, will be at the
following times and places:
At Plattsmouth, 1st Friday and Sat
urday in January, February, May, Au
gust, October and November. At
Weeping ater, 1st 1 riday and Satur
day in March, June and September. At
Louisville 1st t riday and Saturday m
April, July and December. Notice of
other examinations will be given.
At Elmwood the last Friday and
Saturdap of March. At Greenwood
the last Friday and Saturday in Feb
42tf Superintendent.
How to Save.
All men and women who work hard
with mind or body are subject to peri
odical attacks of biliousness, which
may end in disordered kidneys or liver
and dangerous illness. A 50 cent or
81.00 bottle of Parker's Ginger Tonic
will keep these organs active, and by
preventing the attack save you much
sickness, loss of time and great ex
pense. Many families are kept in
perfect health by using the Tonic
when Spring or Fall sickness threat
ens, ueiay at sucn times meaii j dan
ger. Detroit Press. See other column.
Collection Notice.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to me by note or open account
are requested te call and settle the
same Aitliin thirty days from date as
I must close my books, and snail
change my business somewhat after
this date. Please be prompt.
J. XV. Thomas, 31. d.
Weeping Water, June Cth, 1881. 12.
Lost !
Gold-bowed spectacles, between the
Christian Church and house on Sun
day evening. The finder will please
return to Dr. bchildknecht or to the
orwner, Airs. beay.
To the Citizen's of the County aud State. I
T 1. . . i .. m i . -t rvA nAfi 1
x umc uuw leuuy lui uitti&ei iwu,wto
White and Fire brick, which we will
sell at reasonable prices;., -ties wish
ing to build a lire-proof k. e, before
the comet coine3 n J. T. A.
Hoover, Louisville, Nebw .fca. 14tf
Money te Loan.
Money to loan on Real Estate, at 9
per cent interest, tf D. II. Whekleii.J
..Honey to Loan.
On good f irm property on long time.
Apply to J. XV. Jennings.
ltf Plattsmouth.
Employment for Ladies. The
Queen City Suspender Company, of
Cincinnati, are now manufacturing
and introducing their new Stocking
Supporters for Ladies and Children,
and their unequaled Skirt Suspenders
for Ladies. None should be without
them; our leading physicians recom
mend them, and are loud in ther praise.
These goods are manufactured by la
dies who have made the wants of la
dies and children a study, and they ask
us to refer them to some reliable and
energetic lady to introduce them in
this county, and we certainly think
that an earnest solicitation in every
household would meet with a ready
response, and that a determined wo
man could make a handsome salary
and have the exclusive agency fortius
county. We advise some lady who is
in need of employment to send to the
Company her name and address, and
mention this paper. Address Queen
City Suspender Company, Nos. 147 &
149 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati,
Ohio. 8t9
Road Notice.
To all u-hom it may concern :
The section line roads petitioueM for by W.
J. Curler et al. com mencing -at the south west
corner of section thirty-three (3i)t. township
eleven (ID. rniiKe twelve ivi). and run-
ni west to the north west corner of
ection thirty (30). township twelve (13). rantce
twelve VI. autl also one commencing at the
south west corner of section thirty-three 33,
township eleven ill, rana twelve L12J. and
turning north to the northwest corner of sec.
twenty-one town clev u range twelve : and all
objections thereto or claims for damages,
must be filed In the County Clerk's Ofliee, on
before noon on the 2Mli day of Auirust, A. D.
ISfcl, or such road will be opeued without refer
ence thereto. J. L). Tutt,
1115 County Clerk.
Road Notice.
To all u hom it may cuneern :
The section line road petitioned
for by
Charles l'hilpt et al, commencing at the so
west corner ol section tw enty-tnree liaj. town
ship eleven. (11), range twelve 12, running east between section twenty-three 1231
and twenty-six as, and twenty-four 24
aud twoiity-Cvi. 2: same town and range and
terminating .it the south east corner of sec
tion twenty-four 1241, township eleveu, fill.
rnad twelve 12J, and all objections thereto or
claims for damages, must be liled in the
County Clerk's ofllce, on or before noon on the
25 th day of August, A. I. lrl or such road
will be opened without reference thereto.
J. D. 1 UTT,
14t5 County Clerk.
Legal Notice.
Public notice is hereby given that the under
signed purchased at puldic tax sale on the stth
day of November, 170, and at the County
1 reastirer s o'lice m me city ot i latisinoutn.
Count v of Cass, and State of Nebraska, and
seperately in tracts of forty acres or less, the
following uescnoeu lanud lor me taxes ot in. 8
to-wit :
The south half (s'i) of section thirty (sec 30)
township ten (10). raugu twelve (1), assessed as
All in C.ust Count v. Nebraska, and east of the
Gih I'lineiiial Meridian. 1 am still the holder
of theCertilicat'-sof sale of the above described
lauds, and unless redemption thcrcirom is
made within two yeara from the date of the
above said sale, at the expiration of which said
two vears. the time of redemption will exnire.
application will be made to the Treasurerjof the
aoove saiu county ei cass ior a tax ie more
June 23d, 1881. ' 14U
Legal Notice.
I'ubllc notice i hereby given that the under
siirucd purchased at public tax sale n the l'Jth
day of Nov.. l7!i, ai.d at the County '1 reasurers'
office, in the City f rlattxinouth. County of
Cass, and State 01 Nebiarkii. anu eperately in
tracts of forty crcs or less. The foliowine
described lands for the taxes of 187. to-wit :
Lot live (5) in the south east quarter (se1-) of
the north west quarter (uwKt) of sestiou 32
township 12, range 9. 2 acres, taxed to . W
J,ot sixteen (10 m tho south west quarter
(sw) of tne nortll east quarter (ne'4) 01 section
fifteen 1 1 .- J in township 1. range 10. containing
acres, taxeu 10 i. r uner.
The north east quarter (iifl) of the couth
east quarter (sef-4) of section uo, tn-.vnslup 12,
range 9.
Ihe nortii hair (nvi) 01 tne north west quar
ter inwl-ii of section G ; lot 2 in tne north west
quarter tnwi) of the north wet quarter (nw)
aud tho north east quarter (neU) of the south
west quarler(sw) of section 9 aud lot 15 in the
soutn west quarter swi or ine norm e:;
quarter (ne1) of section 15 all in township 12
anu ranc iu, laxoa as non-resiaeni.
1 he north east quarter die!-) of section 8, the
nortli east quarter (nc'it of section 9 and the
soutli cast quarter (se) of section 21, all in
township 10 range 11, and taxed as non-rerf-ident.
'1 he south west quarter (swV4) of the north
east quarter (nev) of section 31 and the south
west quarter (swfi) of section 34, both in town
nt.iii 11. ranne 11. and taxed as nau-resident.
All in Cass County. Nebraska. nd east of the
Gth Principal Meridian. I am still the holder of
the Certificate of sale of the above described
lands and unless redeinptioni therefrom U
mud" within two years from the date of the
above said salo, at the expiration of which said
two years, the time of redemption will expire,
application will be made to the Treasurer of the
above .-aid Couuty of Cass, for a tax deed there
on. fc. N. Mekriam.
June 23d, 1881. 14t3
Legal Notice.
l'ublic notice Is hereby given -hat the under
signed purchafld at public tax sale on the 2uth
day of November, 1S79. and at the County
Treasurer's office, in the 'eitv of l'lattf mouth.
Couuty of Cass and State of Nebraska and sep
arately in tracts of forty acres or less, the fol
lowing described lands for tne taxes of 1878,
to-wit :
lAt 15 in the south east quarter (se) of the
swuthwept quarter (sw1) of itection twelve (12),
taxed to J. Crabtree : aud lots 16 and 17 in the
south eaft quarter (sei of the south west
quarter IswJ of section twelve 12, taxed as
non-resident : all in township twelve 121, range
eleven 11.
Lot 2 in the north east quarter r,e'4l of the
north west quaiter uw!J of section Ave ,
taxed to K. 11. Kalon : and the south east
quarter se1 of the north west quarter nwH
of section live 5, the east half eVi of th
south west quarter sw?4 of section five 5, the
south east quarter se1 of the north west
quarter nw of section eight 81, tui seuth
west quarter I sw1 of section fifteen, the port h
west quarter nwVI of section twenty. nine 1291.
taxed as non-resident; and all in township
ten 10, and range twelve 12.
1 lie 1101 tn east quarter ine 01 tne soutn
aast quarter IseVi) of section fourteen UJ, the
east half eUl ot the south east quarter se1,
of eeetion twenty-three -J3j, the north half
n! of the north east quarter lie1 of eeetion
twenty-five 125), the south west quarter Iswl
of section twenty-nine 2. : all taxed as nou-
resident : and lot live ."1 In the couth west
quarter swV of the north east quarter ne'J
of section thirty-two 32. taxed to Wm. Stad
dieman. the north cant quarter fneVl of the
south eat qtiar'er se! of section thirty-two
32. taxed to Solomon Foltz 5 all in township
eleven 11 . ramre twelve 12.
The west half w4j of the couth west quarter
rswl and the couth east quarter fsevl of the
outh west qiyirter sw?iof .section three 31,
iaxei 10 1 .Meizner ; auu ine norm nan
nii of the south wtst quarter swij of sec-
tiou four 4, taxed as non-resident : all in
township twelve 12. range twelve 12.
The sonth west quarter swVl of the north
east quarter ne'ii and the north west quarter
luw-i 1 or tne soul 11 e;ust quarter isescj 01 sec
tion thirty-one 31, and the wect half w of
the south west quarter cw of section thirty
two, all in township ten 101. thirteen 113.
all taxed us non-resident.
Lot three 131 111 the north east quarter neV
of the nortli east quarter ne1 of section six
CJ. taxed to Samuel ciiambers : tne soutn
west quarter it of the south east quarter
se1 ef section thirty-two 32, taxed to John
Katon : the west half fw,il and the soutli east
quarter sw-4 of the south west quarter sw W
and the north eaxt quarter ne1 of the south
east quarter se1, of section five 5. the north
east quarter ueUl of section eight 8, the
west half wi of the south east quarter seU
of section eight 8, and the south west quarter
swi 01 tne norm weci quarter inwj 01 sec
ion twentv-cicht 121. taxed as non-resident.
and all iu township ten llo, ramre fourteen !.
1 nc norm nan nv I 01 ine swum west quar
er iSw1 1 of section iliirtv two 321. township
eleven 111, range thli teen 13, taxed as non
resident. Tne north west quarter nw4 of the frouth
eat quarter se1! ot section thirty-one 131,
towiistiip twelve 1 12;, range iourteen ,mi. an in
Cass County. Nebracka, aud eat of the 6th
I'riucipal Meridian.
I am Mil! the holder of the certificates of sale
of the above described lands, and uuless re
demption therefrom is made within to years
from !!ie t:;:l ot tne aoove cam sa:e. at xue ex-
r .tioii of hicii ai.l two years, the time of
redemption vi;l expire. Application w 1.1 be
nntfie to the Treasurer of the above said Coun
ty of Cass lor a tax deed tliercon.
June 28d, l&il, Utt
Road Notice.
To all whom it may concern:
The nectlou line road petitioned for by Allen
Coleman, et l. commenting ut the south ea.t
corner of section .oeventecn 17, townthip
eleven Illl range, twelve (12). running theuce
north on section line, to the north east corner
f section five, 5 towm-hip twelve 112), rang
twelve (12) and terminating at township Hue,
anu all uoiecnonn tliereto. or claims lor uaui-
8Ke, must be hied In the Couuty Clerk's ofliee,
on or before noon on the 2M!i day of Augut,
a. i. imi, r sucn roaa win ue oneneu wuuoui
reference thereto. J. 1. 1 Utt.
15 County Clerk.
Koiid .Notice.
Toallictutm it mau concern:
The section line roadcommeiiclng at the north
eat corner of the north west quarter vuwi)
of the north weft Kof section number nineteen,
(ID), town twelve (V) rant'e ten (in), running
thence went to the town tine between South
Bend and halt Creek nreciuct. and terminat
ing at north west corner of the north weet
quarter tnwi4) of the north west quarter (nwJO
of taid section la ordered opeued by the county
comitiissinni'rs. All claims lor damages must
be filed in the County Clerk's ollice, on or be
fore noon on the lCth day of August A. L. lusl,
or such road will be opened without reference
thereto. J. D. Ti tt
i:r County Clerk.
Bridge Notice.
Notice is hereby given that bids far the con
struction cf a bridge across the Weeping
Water Creek on quarter () section line
running north and soutu through section thir-
... ..i . .m 1AI vitifr.k thirtuan I'M
will be received hp to noon of the 12th day of
July. Wl. Said bridge i sixty (00) feet long
with two approaches twenty I "Jul feet each.
Substructure of said bridge will be double
row of piling : single row under bents ; super
structure to be iron or wool or combination.
Said bids must be accompanied by specifica
tions. The commissioners reserve the right to
reject any or all bids, ay order of couuty
coii'inissiouers. j.u. ictt,
13t4 County Clrk.
Legal Notice.
In the matter of the estate of Sarah B. States,
I.eceased. In County Court of Cass County,
Notice is hereby given that upon reading and
tiling the duly verified petition of Sarah E.
I.vtle and Marv A. Carter praving fwr final set
tlement of the accounts of the executors of the
last w ill and testament of the said Sarah H.
States, deceased, aud distribution, it is ordered
that said cause be set for heanug on me 28tn
dav of June. A. I). H81, at 10 o'clock a. in., on
said day at the office of the Couuty Judge in
said County, at which time and place all persous
interested mav appear and show cause, if any
there be, why final settlement and distribution
of said estate should not be made according to
the prayer of said petition.
A. N. SiLMVAjr.
12t3 County Judge.
Road Notice.
To Whom it may Concern:
The Commissioner appointed to locate and
vacate a county road petitioned lor by Henry
Inhelder et al. to locate a road, commencing
at the center of section 7 iu tow nship 12 range
12, east of 6th 1. M., running thence east 20
chains, thence north on j section line across
sec 7 thence north on 'u section line to a point
within 50 feet of the. H. & M. It. K., thence
easterly along the right of way to the K, It.
section In the town ot Cedar Creek, and to va
cate road No. 7: or so much tf said road as is
now located across section 6 and the north half
of section 7 in township 12, range 12 east, has
reported in favor of the location and vacation
thereof, and all objections thereto or claims for
damages, must ne nieu in me county i ierK s
ofllce. on or before noon on the Pith day of
August A. 1). l&ril. or such road w ill be located
autl vacated without reference thereto.
nt5 J. V. Tutt, County Clerk.
License Notice.
Notice is hereby given that 1 have filed with
the County Clerk of Cass County, Nebraska,
application for license lo sell spirituous, malt.
or vinous liquor, in the town ot ixmisville,
Cass County, Nebraska, in accordance with
the law of lssi. llt2 JoilK Ossk.vkoi'.
Es tray Notice.
Taken up by the subscriber, near South
Bend, a red heifer calf, w ith the left ear slit.
iind the right ear crapped. Star In forehead
The owner can have the same by proving prop
peity ana paying cnarges as provided ty law,
Alonzo Heath,
12B South Kend, Neb
Is now fully prepared to furnish music for any
and all occasions.
A Thorough Organization
with a complete and well selected repertoire of
Orders respectfully solicited. Terms reasonable
Apply to J. P. YOUNO, 1 O. Book Store, or
that the Chfapkst and Bkst Flack to buy
Stasis aM Fancy Groceries
First-Class Dry Goods,
Cor. Main and Third St's, I'lattsniouth.
I:gr"Stoek alwaos fresh and new, and prices
always ar tne bottom, call aim convince your
selves, lot I
W Usan Cured, Not Merely Believed
JLnd, Can Prove What v Claim.
TTif m.TT m f-llwrg and nadluib
HolslMf U. tC yu stro IrgnMfd Willi
UHiDK UK yoawui r-mMlly mmH
Sjinlrstiy rMiyd, mm hssdifdi tusve tii
lrr4y. sJkall be plwsrrt t 1
lU 1
wt or tetlnssill to mnjr lslrwlll
Also cure all forms of Biliousness, prevent Consti
pation and Dyspepsia, promote Digestion, relieve
distress from too heart v eating, correct Disorder!
of the Stomach, Stlmulatetho Liver, and Regulate
the Bowsls. They do all this by taking Just one
little pill at a dose. They aro pnrely vegetable, do
not crtpe or purge, and aro as nearly perfect as 1:
Is possible for a pill to to. Price 25 cents, 5 for f 1
Bold ty druggists everywhere or sent by mail.
Successors to W. I). Jones.
Again takes charge of the Old
Brick Livery Stable.
The old I'.onner Stables, in I'lattsmoiith. are
now leased by Jones & Ajrnew and they have
on hand New and handsome accommodations,
iu the shape of
We are now prepared to keep HOUSES
And will
Train and Break Colts
On Reasonable Terms.
That with plenty of room (that every one
know we have j in our stable, we can set Farm
er' stock and wagons, loads of hay, Kc., under
cover, wlieie they wiil keep dry.
Thai.Kiritj all the old patrons for their liberali
ty, we solicit their trade for the future, satisfied
that we can accommodate them better aud do
better by them than ever before.
501y JOXES & AG NEW.
Contractors and Builders.
Having enlarged our shop and purchased a
Steam I'oweT Circle Saw, wo are prepared to do
an unlimited amouut of work in our line in a
and those who contemplate buildinir will find it
to their interest to pet estimates from us before
irlvinj; their w;r!v to other parties. Estimates
made cn all kind of work Fukk ok Cuarui.
Witrhcs. M tin f n.lert f 1 '..1. WMt aiMal HontlDrA
aiilAttua cold tL bol Id cold 112. CHepe.l ad be
ywurowD um or .parulfttivd urfoBra. V.luablec
m mm B Br
u mm
El. A. G. OLDIh,
A regular graduate of medicine, longer locate
in Chicago than any oilier specialist. Over 'JO
years successful practice. Syphilis, Gonorrhea,
(ileet. Stricture, Orchitis, lhipture. Hint nil
I'rlnarv IMxeases, (KMneys or liladder,) Mypli
llitic or Mercurial A Ileet limn of the Throat.
Skin or
Honer, Cured SSafely, 1'rlva.telr.
ptprrmaiorrura, Hfiitl ifebiiity. r
suiting f
ireitiiity, r-
suiting irom Hfir-Abone. Sexual l.jet ex's or
over brain work
producing nervousness, ernl
bilitv. dimness of sight, defea-
tlve memory, physical deeay.conf usioa of Idea
and Iiupotfnry, rendering marriage Iinpr0
are permanently cured. Constitution at
ofllce or by mail Krre. ulde to llealtlu
2 damps. Medicine" sent by mall or exres.
Cm es guaranteed. Incurable cases not under
taken. Hprelal attention to Diseases of
Women. Jteliable Female PlUn, $la Dox.
m i it n i a ; l: guidr,
275 pages, a hundred pen pictures. Who
should marry ; Who not ; Iteasons why ; I'hys
Ical life of man and woman ; How to be happv
in the married relation. The married ana
those contemplating marriage, should read and
preserve it for reference. 1'riee, 50 cts. in posC
age Stamps or Currency.
A.O.OUS, M. D..
71y S01 South Clark St., Chicago.
GJieupex: Goods
than anywhere west of the Mississippi Klver
Main, betw. Third and Fourth Streets,
East of Court House,
tho best and latest Improved patterns.
Satisfaction Guaranteed,
know what I keep, and my Spring and Summer
stock is now ready.
Give Gorder a call.
Anything needed on a Farm can be fcund hero.
In addition, I have added all kinds of
Buggies "Wagons
fia week in your on town. Terms and
SUUo,uut free Address, II. Hai.i.ktt & Co.
Portland, Maine.
E- G- V7 &sa
Still find themselves at home to Cass Count r
17. ...... ...... I ..11 .1.... I I
1 di nicia anu mk iiieir uiu customers.
We have this Winter our US'
ual full and larger lines of
goods than, perhaps, ever he
fore. As the growth of the
country has demanded larger
stocks, and of a better class, wAt
have endeavored to meet that
demand. In
Hats, Caps, Gloves i Mittem
for winter wear, toe hare a
large and varied assortment at
reduced rates.
of all kinds. Dress Trimmings
of the latest styles. Duttons in
endless variety, our line of
is exceedingly large, anil wo
think, well selected.
to suit all persons and all purses
A very full line of
which you must see to select from.
Sugars of standard grades,
T6aS ctitlle fl"e8t qualities, selected by our-
fnffPPP ' lnar,y brands, especially our owii
uUllbuo brand of koai.tkij currKit
called the "MEIIIQLE." Try It and see, Leforj
purchasing elsewhere.
riel Fruits of all kinds, fresh and sweet.
Fresh Crackers a Specialty.
CANNED GOODS from all quartern. Very flno
caiuornia Kooat.
by the barrel or bushel.
In all thesf; branches we shall en
deavor to sell an Vw a any one,, and
as Is possiple to do a sound BL'sr--fjs.
We invito attention aud will
show all that call our foods. Don't
be afraid to ask for what you want,
and call often and early.
37m3 E. G. DOVEY & SON. Flaitsinouth Neb.
Cj'O-1 WEEK. 12 a day at home easily luado
r "Coctly outfit free. Address, Tukk Si Co..
Augusta. Maine.
411 y
Successor to Schleokl & Nikman,
Manufacturers of
Alia dealers I a
Special BRANDS and sizes of CIGARS made to
order, and satisfaction jjnaranteed. Clgm
clipplugs sold for smokier1 obacco.
MaK Street, one door west of J. S. Duke's storo
Ofjltc IPont OJlce,
Plattsmouth, Neb. Im3
1 I J f.1 A ff '"eluding Shootinc Outfit.
dealer in
Lar;e stock of
to be
Notions, Queensware,
and in fact everything you cau call for In
the line of
General Merchandise.
All kinds of country oioducc taker in ox
change foroods.
: j