Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, April 21, 1881, Image 3

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    The- Herald.
Far the. best Siaple iiid fancy gro
ceries in Plattsjnouth. go to J. V.
WVckbaeh. 43tf
Mrs. Jarley's Wax Works!
-Drab Wire Cloth at Duke's. 1
Huberts sella wall paper. 51tf
G5 to the young ladies' -Hop" to
Car load of potatoes just received
at Wockb ich's. 1
For mixed paints go to Roberts
Drug Store. 51tf
Jut see "tliom" Fried Potatoes at
Ue'muett & Lewis. '
New Fringes at Mrs. Tohnson Sc
Sweeney's. 313
Square dealing guaranteed at. the
Great Red Store 41 if
Unlaundried sbiris for 50 ets. at
S. & C. Mayer's. 1
Smith. Black & Co. are head quar
ters for wail paper.
Men's Arciics 1.50 at the Great
Red SUre, 41 tf
Smith, Black & Co's. wall paper is
going fast:
Full slock of Hoots 82.23 ;t the
Great, Ked Store. 41 tf
Lots of new and pretty things at
Mrs. Swarts. Don't fail to see them. 1
Speci tl bargains at the Great Med
Store tor ' days. 41tf
Organs cleaned and repaired by
James l'e;tee. tf
Twent) yards best print for 31.00
at the Great Ued Store. 41tf
J no. Duke has Wire Cloth - Drab
and Green. 1
Good suit of clothes for S3.00 at
S. & C. Mayor's. 1
Come ami se the inducements we
are offering, Great lied .Siore. 41tf
--Ready for all kinds of business
now John Duke. 1
See how cheap they sell furniture
at tne Urcit Red Store. 41lf
Every kind of goods in the Hard
ware line al John Duke's 1
If you ned furniture call ou the
Great lied store and get low prices.41tf
Mrs. Jarley and her Wax Works
Friday night will be immense!
You can get bird seed in bulk or
in boxes at the 1 O. News Depot. 1
One hole car-load of the finest
kind of Potatoes at Weckbach's. 1
Garden Implements of all kinds
at John Duke's. . " 1
New Tuscan straws and braids
and other fancy styles at Mrs. Swarts.
All the novelties in Straw Hats at
S. & C. Mayer's, next to Can uth's. 1
Don't fail to examine Smith, Ulack
& Co's. wall paper before bumg else
where. Clothing almost given away at Ihe
Great Red Store, save money by seeing
us first. 4 1 tf
The young ladies of St. Luke's
Guild have their hop tu-niyht, remem
ber. New tlowers and trimmings latest
styles at Mrs Swarts'. Go and look at
them. 1
Go to Miss OKdefe's and see the
loAely fans and parasols next Satur
day. Another large invSiee of choice
and fresh candies at the P. O. News
A new invoice of Silk and Cash
mere Dolmans to arrive in a few days
at Fred Herrmann's. 1
Mrs. Swarts has some very hand
some pattern hats and bonnets. Don't
fail to drop in and see Ihtm. 1
Look out for the goat in the Odd
Fellows street parade next Tuesday
A tine liue of fancy Hosiery for
ladies and children open Sat unlay at
Miss O'Keefe's. 1
The Davis Sewing Machine Ver
tical Feed beats the world. Frank
Carruth has one for sale.
Call and see the beautiful Fans
and Parasols to be opened next Satur
day at Miss O'Keefe's. 1
Ui derwear for men and boys in
gause, nansook. linen and meiiuo at
S. &. C. Mayer's. 1
Embroideries and insertions, a
splendid lot, just received at J. V.
Weckbach's. 52tf
Social hop at Fitzgerald Hall this
evening by the young ladies of St.
Luke's Guild. Come one and all.
Crites and Ramsey, attorneys and
Notary Public, second door east of
Court House. Plattsmouth. Neb. 5tCrc
I sell the best and cheapest boots
and shoes. 1 defy competition.
'4tf I'etek Merges.
Finest line of dress buttons ever
brought to town, and mo mistake, at
J. V. Weckbach's. 52tf
Children's clothing in tweeds,
eassimeres, flannels, etc., at S. & C.
Mayer's, next to Carruth's. 1
An elegant assortment of linens,
toweling, tablecloths, etc., now in stock
at J. V. Weckbach's. 52tf
The prices of goods wili be given
next week at Solomon & Nathan's
new store. Don't buy until you see
Don't forget Swarts hIivii
yen are thinking of a new spiing hat.
Site is constantly gelling new and
pretty thing.
The Davis Machine sews every
thing; sew a woman's mouth sliutor a
man's j.M:ket tight at Ihe top best in
the market See Frank Carruth.
In justice to yourself and family
you should save money. Therefore
price at the Great Red Store before
buying else here. 41tf
The young ladies of St. Luke's
Guild always make their pat ties a suc
cess, and the one this evening will be
U to the. m uk.
New goods now, coming every
day at Solomon & Nathan's drop in
and look at them before puichaslng
elsewhere. ,
- The larges assortment of Laces
Iace Ties, Lace Collars and all Lace
Novelties in the city at Fred Herr
mann's. I
Saturday, the lCth of April 1881,
was the first day this year when we
could leave the doois open and be
comfortable. Spiing stuns at last to
have really put in an appearance and
every Ihe tiling ntfoiefca.
- Personal.
E. S. Gilbert of W. W. waa'in town
..Toe Lloyd, Farmer Lloyd, came to
town Tuesday.
Geo. Mattison of South liend was in
town Tuesday.
Win. Morrow, our soldier friend,
dropped in last week.
"Bij ih," sheriff Hyers W. W. assist
ant came to see us Tuesday
Harry Hollister has been off duty
fer the first time in a 3 ear sick
John F. Ruck, Esq- one of the right
sort, called on the Herald Saturday
Alex. Schlegel came down to see
how the children looked &c, Saturday.
M. O. Weed, Esq. has been in town
this week. lie goes to Greenwood to
A. B. Smith's boy had to have his
leg broken over again by Dr. Mercer,
of Omaha.
Joe Moore thawed out and jome to
tell us how much this winter was
like that of '57.
Ami loud has been getting a new
farm lately, at least he had McE'wain
out there appraising a piece for t.-iui.
Uncle Thos. Mitchell has got on his
pins again, to the great joy of his
friends, after a three week's illness.
Chas, W. Brown, an old Plattsmouth
bov, now from Wyoming, is back on a
visit. We hear the young man is do
ing very well.
Mike Cavey was in fown Saturday
Mike says he is getting more notoriety
than he likes and is fiuding out too,
that notoriety simply is not always
fame. He thinks the Herald used
him rough, and says waillill we hear
the farmers' slogan from out round
McCaig's. We wait
the onslaught
A clear conscience fears no ev'l
The Texas Tribune says: "The
late 'atmospherical freshness has
brought on many cases of coughs and
colds, and Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup is
in greater demand than ever." .Price
2 cents.
Why, of course I am going to the
Masquerade Ball next Tuesday even
ing. It will be the event of the sea-
Received by express to-day a fine
assortment of Ladies' Havelocks, Silk
Sacjues, Dolmans and Ulsterettes ex
tremely low.
Gen. Geo. Smith sent us some of
"Bush's" mud-hens we mean the 6n
est Mallards last week, ilanv thanks,
Report says Mike Schnelbacker
made a speech Monday night. Our
"short horn" reporter failed to "catch
on" however.
Remember if you want to smoke
a good cigar eithei 5c or 10c goods,
you will always find standard goods
at Ihe P. O. News Depot. 1
-Frank Cabbutii has the Davis
Sewing Machine which was exhibited
at S3 fi-irs last fall and captured 1st
piemiums at thirty of them.
Take-it-Easy and Lve-Long are
brothers, and are related to Avar's
Sarsaparilla, which has lengthened
many a life.
"Standing on the platform, wait
ing for the cars," one wintry night,
was how he caught a severe cold. One
bottle of Dr. Marshall's Lung Syrup
cured him.
Mr. Nathan has just got back
from New York and car-loads of
goods are following him from every
direction, to Solomon & Nathan's new
Miss O'Keefe will receive a line
of Hosiery, Fans and Parasols
which she will have open for inspec
tion Saturday of this week. Call and
see them. 1
The Davis Vertical Machine
received the highest award at Sidney,
Australia in 1880 and in Melbourne,
this year. Sold by Frank Carruth.
Remember that J. W.Clark Weep
ing Water is selling Lighning Rods
in Cass County. Buy of him, talk to
him see if he isn't a fair man to deal
with. 3t
They do say that as "Bush" stood"
up to his neck and blazed at a mud
hen he would shout: "See,"there goes
another mallard, that's ten I shot this
If you want any inks you will
find the largest assortment in all col
ors and sizes of bottles in fact the
largest assortment in the city at the
P. O. News JJepot. 1
The best and cheapest.
The finest and neatest
Shoes and Slippers
For little trippers
at Merges. 4tf
Ginghams, Dress Goods, White
Goods, Lawns and in fact everything
belonging to a Dry Goods and Notion
House to be found at Fred Herr
mann's. 1
Ayer's Pills contain no croton oil,
calomel or mineral. They are com
pounded of pure vegetable extracts,
which have positive virtues and al
ways cure, where cures are possible.
G. A. R. again next Tuesday night
don't you forget it. The Post is doing
splendidly and all we need is for.the
ld members to attend and we'd have
one of the best Posts in Ihe State.
Lacks. Spanish, Languedoc, Bret
on, Valencienes, in ties, in collars,
in ruches, in neckerchiefs, in bows,
of every vai iety and novelty at Mrs.
Johnson & Sweeny's. 3t3
From a little note accompanying
a subscription we learn that Arthur
White has put up a new Elevator,
10.000 bushels, at Dewitt, Saline Co.,
Neb., and that the town is rapidly im
proving and filling up.
The Mush and Milk Social was
not as gieat a success financially as
the other entertainments given by the
Go d Templars, but all who were
present hail a very pleasant time. The
net results were $3 00
Senator VanWyck sends us Ma
hone's speech in full, all about Riddle
berger and now Billy Shryock is so
mad he won't read it, says Riddleber
ger never asked his advice or he would
not be in such a scrape.
Derangement of the liver, with
constipation, injure the complexion,
induce pimples, shallow skin, etc. Re
move the cause by using Carter's Lit
lle Liver PU!s. One a dose -For sale
by Smith, Black & Co.
Drugs -the largest stock at J. M
Roberts. , 3tf
Large bottles, good medicine, is
the reputation of Dr. Marshall's Lung
Syrup. It cuies coughs and colds
quickly. TJie price is only twenty
rive and fifty cents a bottle.
It is known, we believe that au
thoritative opinions have been re
ceived on the License question and the
State law which goes into effect June
first is paramount to any ordinance or
previous law of City or State and
must be obeyed accordingly.
Hosiery Hosiery Hosiery Our
line in Ladies, Misses, Children and
Gent's Hose in , Balbriggan, Lisle
Thread and American Brands', larger
than ver before, call and examine at
Fred Herrmann's one door east of
First National Bank. 1
They say the destruction of ihe
Platte River bridge at South Bend,
and grain operations have seriously
crippled Charley Pinkham in a busi
ness way. He had bought out the
major part of the bridge stock and it
was making money before the flood.
Cait r's Little Liver Pills are free
from all crude and iiriiating matter.
Concentrated medicine only; very
small; very easy to take; no pain; no
griping; no purging. For sale by
Smith, Black & Co.
If you are suffering from indiges
tion or any complaint of the Stomach
or Bowels, you will obtain great relief
by using the Prickly Asii Bitters,
as they have the property of gently
telieving these organs and placing
th m in a good, sound healthy condi
tion. 2t5.
If you want to buy or sell city proper
ty of any kind
If vou want to buv r sell a farm of
anv kind
If vou want money with farm lands
to secure it call on
Will S. Wise.
46m5 Fitzgerald Block
Everybody should go and see the
plav of "Home" by the Plattsmouth
Dramatic Club at Fitzgerald HaH to
morrow, evening. You will be well
repaid for going, besides assisting the
sufferers who have been rendered
homeless by the floods" in the northern
part of the state.
The Democratic element felt good
after election, we know they felt good.
we've been there, but, somehow they
don't, get along as well as they,
might. Now if Vivian sticks and
Bro. Hancock Hartigau doesn't get
"appointed" it won't be so much of a
victory jifter all.
Decoration Day. the day set apart
for paying respects to the brave sol
diers now dead by suitably decorating
their graves, is close at hand, the thir
tieth day ol May and we hope we will
have pleasanter weather than last
year. -
So great is the faith reposed in
Ayer's Pills by those who have given
them a trial, that the consumption of
them almost passes belief, far exceed
ing any precedent. They cleanse the
blood, improve the appetite, promote
digestion, restore health and action,
and regulate every function. They
are pleasant to take, gentle in their
operation, yet thorough, searching, and
powerful in subduing disease.
We learn with regret that Rev.
Storms will leave" us in a short time
for other tields. He preaches his fare
well sermon next Sunday. During
his stay he has made many friends
and his departure is a loss to his
Church and the community.
Relief from sick headaches, drows
iness, nausea, dizziness, pain in the
side, &c. , guaranteed to those using
Carter's Little Liver Pills. These
complaints are nearly always caused
by torpid liver and constipated bowels.
Restore these organs to their proper
functions and the trouble cea3es. One
pill is a dose. Forty in a vial. Price
25 cents. For sale by Smith, Black &
Police Judge Vivian claims to
have been elected last year to serve
two years, and will therefore hold
over, o i'oiice Judge was elected in
Lincoln and other cities, and it was an
oversight rf the Council 111 calling
election for the same herd. We do
not know whether Dr. Wintersteen in
tends to contest or not.
Those persons who do not need
iron, but who are troubled with nerv
ousness and dyspepsia, will tind in
Carter's Litle Nerve Pills a most de
sirable article. They are mostly used
in combination with Carter's Little
Liver Pills, and in this way often ex
ert a most magical effect. Take just
one pill of each kind immediately af
ter eating aud you will be free from
indigestion and dyspepsia. In vials
at 23 cents. For sale by Smith, Black
& Co.
An exchange says :
Snellbacker's Variety Combination,
with specialties and burlesque, will
begin an engagement at the Olympic
this evening. Nautch dancers will be
a special feature.
Can this be our Mike, Councilman
Schnellbacker, gone into the variety
business. We thought Mike had
something on his mind for several
A fellow by the name of Scott has
been canvassing in Liberty precinct
and about, for Gaskell's Compendium.
fter delivering a lot he professed
that his sample book had got soiled
and would borrow of those he had sold
some of h's books to, and then sell
these books over, thus selling one
book three times. If the farmers thus
swindled don't make an example of
this chap they ought to, and the firm
should pay them back at once.
STENRERG -JIOXSEX V.y Judee Sullivan,
Saturday. April tctti. lwi, Mr. Alkkkt
Siesbkko to Miss Nellie Monson. all of
Cass County.
The Park Association
was called to meet at the Judge's
Office Saturday night and as they were
about to open the meeting the happy
couple appeared, when the Urbane
Judge called "time" and requested the
gentlemen present to wait for more
important business. When the Judge
with great dignity had made the man
and woman one, the members of the
D. P. A. were introduced to them in
form, after which President Mathews
called the next "heat" and Driving
Tark ceremonies began.
Pattern Bonnets.
Every lady in Plattsmouth should
0 and see the fine Imported Pattern
Hats bt-SoloTnoh Si Nathan's.
a drama rendered bylattsmoutti tal
ent Friday night for the homeh ss suf
ferers by the flood.
Easter Sunday. '
Last Sunday being Easter Sunday
the ending of Lent, special services
were held in the Catholic and Episco
pal Churches. St. Luke's Church was
beautifully decorated with flowers; an
exquisite cross of callas and other
blossoms was suspended from the arch
and the mottoes "Christ is Risen" and
"Praise the Lord at the sides of the
arch; the font held some lovely bo
quets and was wreathed with smiiax,
which also festooned the altar; a large
collection of geraniums and other
plants in bloom stood at the north
side ol the chaucel, and an oleander
loaded with blossoms on the south
side. The singing was appropriate to
the season, and the services the usual
ones commemorative of Easter.
Our Senatorial Deadlock.
Official Deadlocks, in high places
seem to be the order of the day. Our
U. S. Senate sit standing on their dig
nity over Mahone and Riddieberger,
and the right Honorable, the Mayor
and common Council have come to the
same high end.
. That is to "say. President Mayor
O'Rourke appoints Mahone Riddle
berger Hartigan City Attorney, David
Conkling Miller and Tom Piatt Gorder
et al object and no executive session
can be held until the entiente cordiale
be established once more between
these high official parties.
Our good looking bachelor friend
W. R. Chittenden went over to Iowa
last weel: and got married, he did, to
Miss Francis, of ''Liberty Centre"
The deed was done April 12th, 1881,
and a happier boy than lie's been ever
since we never saw. Cigars are free,
everything goes, and all is coleur de
D. V. A.
At the called meeting of the D. P.
A. Saturday evening President Math
ews and other oflicers with nine stock
holders present.
Jno. Waterman, F. S. White and
John W. Barnes were added to the
committee to collect old subscriptions
and sell new shares to meet the pay
ment of the last note to Capt. Wiles
now due on the ground.
The Committee is Mathews, Mc
Laughlin. White, Waterman and
Barnes. A list of stockholders is
given the chairman and action must
be taken at oner. The meeting
adjourned until Monday evening May
2d at 7-30 at Judge's oflice or Court
House and all owning si aies must be
there then. Tl is committee should
meet, thoroughly organize and divide
their labors and secure the stock at
once and straighten up affairs.
"By order of Directors.
a. a. n.
The members of Post 45 G. A. R.
will meet on Tuesday, April 2Gth, at
7:30 at G. T. Hall, to initiate new
members, and transact important bus
iness. A lull turnout is necessary.
By order of Committee.
The Baptist Church
On next Sabbath the pastor Rev. J
II. Storms will r old his closing services
with the Baptist Church in this city
His subject tor t lie morning service
will be "The Struggle for Life." Sub
ject for the evening, "Signs of the
Times. A cordinl invitation is ex
tended to all.
To the Readers of Chicago Dailies.
I hereby wish to inform all the read
ers of the Chicago Daily Times, that
owing to the size and weight the Sat
urday awl Sunday Issue only of the
Daily Times, will, from and after this
date be sold for 10c per copy and all
other issues at 5c, also the Dailv Ti il-
une and Inter Ocean will be sold at 5c
per copy as heretofore. I am
5t2 .J. P. Young.
April 18th. 1881.
.Masquerade Costumes.
Parties desirous of attending the
Grand Masquerade Ball, to be
given by Platte Lodge, No. 7, 1. O. O.
F., on Tuesday, April 20th, 1S31, can
procure costumes on Monday and
Tuesday, April 25th and 23th, of Mrs.
Rosa Schmidt, of St. Joseph, who
be here with a fine selection of
tumes for ladies and gentlemen.
Charges reasonable. Costumes can be
seen any hour on the days above men
tioned, at Guthman's Hall. Tickets
for the ball can be procured of J. M.
Schnellbacker, Ed. Schicketanz and
Rasgorshek Bros.
Potatoes Potatoes at
bach's. Now's your time.
1 For Sale.
A good Farm Horse for sale. En
quire of Chittenden, Bros.,
5tf Plattsmouth ,Neb.
at missokeefe's
New Hosiery,
New Fans,
New Parasols.
Housekeepers Attention.
Full line of carpetings, oil cloths,
and mattings, new, new, new, at Solo
mon & Nathan's.
The Greatest Blessing.
A simple, pure, harmless remedy,
that cures every time, and prevents
disease by keeping the blood pure,
stomach regular, kidneys and liver
active, is the greatest blessing ever
conferred upon man. Hop Bitters is
that remedy, and its nronrietors are
being blessed by thousands who have
beer, saved and cured by it. Will you
try it? See another colum.11.
A Card.
Miss Lelia Simpson who is now
studying the art of teaching music, as
well as perfecting herself in the art of
playing under the best mastersin Chi
cago, will return in June when she
will givher Cth musicale. Mrs. Simp
son wholias charge of the class during
her absence is preparing classes for
the conceit and will receive a few
Respect full v,
Farm Machinery.
Now is your time to buy
A big stock of Drills, Corn Planters.
Listers, Ncc that must be sold at once
Reapers, Harvesters,
and Fall Goods.
Come now, Farmers, if you want to
buy at bottom prices.
of all kinds will be sold as the lowest
cash rates for 20 days. ' F. Gorder.
How "She Saved Money.
"For nearly six years my daughter
was most of the time on a sick-bed
from kidney and other disorders pe
culiar to women. We. had used up
our savings on doctors and prescrip
tions without any benefit. Our domi
nie advised us to try Parker's Ginger
Tonic, and four bottles effected a mar
velous cure. As it has been our only
medicine since, and a dollar's worth
has kept our family well over a year,
we have been able to lay by a little
monev again for a rain? day." A
Poor Man's Wife 3t4
New Goods Arriving Every Day.
Tuscan and English straw bonnets
will be worn more than chips. Eh
rich's Fashion Quarterly.
Mrs. Johnson & Sweeny have them;
go and see them.
Lisle thread gloves wiil be as fash
ionable this year as last. Ehrich.
You can find them at Mrs. Johnson
& Sweeny's.
Gold and silver lace and braids dec
orate many lovely dress bonnets. Jet
bead trimmings will be made still
more decorative lliis season with mix
tures of steel, silver and other beads.
Go and see the pattern hats and
trimmings of this kind at Mrs. John
son & Sweeny's. 3t3
Horse Items.
The well known horses "Clyde and
Bony" will stand the ensuing season
on the same terms as hist year.
Those hoists all have been here now
long enough to adveitise themselves.
It is no use to tell farmers particular
ly of their merits.
They will be found at the farm of
A. M. Holmes, l1 miles west of Rock
Bluffs the first three days of the week,
at C. M. Holmes stable in Plattsmouth
Thursday, Friday and Saturday of
each week, during the season. Re
member the days and places and give
us a call, fanners.
'dl'd A. M. & C. M. Holmes.
Arousing its Readers.
An alarm of fire at midnight is a
startling thing, but not half so start
ling to inai: who hear it its would be
the sudden knowledge of iheir own
dangerous physical condition. Thous
ands of thousands 'are hurrying to
their graves because tiiey ate careless
ly indifferent to the insidious inroads
of disease ami the means of cure. It
is the mission of II. II. Warner & Co.,
with their Safe Kidney and Liver
Cure, to arouse men to a sense of their
danger tnd cure them Memphis Ai
peal. 47113
Comprising the Following Articles and
Many More.
White mull hemstitched necker
chiefs; Navy Blue Polka dotted neck
erchiefs; Mull and Gauze tinted and
hemstitched ties; Balbr ggan clocked
hose; Silk Clocked hoe? embroidered
in colors; Thread woven neckerchiefs;
Embroidered and stamped handker
chiefs; Black and white laces and
ruchings, at Mrs. S. Swarts. Call and
examine them. 3tf
(tuck aud Sure.
Many miserable people drag them
selves wearily about from day to day
not knowing what ails them, but with
failing strength and spirits, feeling all
the time that they are steadily si.ikii-g
into their graves. If these sufferers
would only use Parker's fliuger Tonic
they would find a cure commencing
from the first dose, and vitality,
strength and cheerfulness qiuckly and
surely coming back to them, with re
storation to perfect health. See ad
vertising column. Tribune.
Take notice the undersigned has
lost a certain note dated Jan vary 11th
1881, for the sum of S263, ma le pay
able to Bearer and signed John Fitz
pntrick. All persons are cautioned
against bjying said note as it will
not be paid by the maker.
Thomas Gaffney.
Weeping Water, Neb., Apr. 4,1831.
For sale.
Jno. Bons & Son will sell their en
tire stock of Groceries and Confection
ery also a Bakery connected with the
business. Will sell or lease the prop
erty in and upon which the business
is conducted. Reason for selling, go
ing into the Brick Business. Jit3
Card to the Public.
The undersigned wishes to inform
the public that she has again returned
to Plattsmouth and is ready to give
instruction in Piano, Guitar and Zith
er, l'atronage is respectfully solicited.
3i3 Miss Ida M. Wiedemann.
Lightning Rods.
Estimates of cost of protecting
buildings furnished on receipt of
length, length of rafters and number
of gables and chimney?.
J. W . Clark,
Weeping Water.
Dress Making.
In the latest styles bv Mesdames
Dexter and Swarts. 3tf
Wanted !
Apprentice girl to learn dress
3tf ing. Call at Mrs. Swarts .
Of all kinds done by Mrs. A. Knee:
leave orders for the same at Mrs S.
Swarts' millinery Store. 43tf
Money te Loan.
Money to loan on Real Estate, at
per cent interest, tf D. II. Wjiefxer.
For Sale.
ha i , w sp ."ir ill in ... i 1. l.n..A..
vsut: pan vi uiuira null liai llfaa. ;
ply to James Pettee.
come and See
Thre large stock of Spring Shoes and
Slipp'eTS, gutfd ana nice at Merge'. 4tf
For Sale.
House and lot opposite Prof. V. W.
Wise's residence, known as the Roxby
property. Enquire of E. G. Dovey &
. Plattsmouth Mar. 11, '81. 52-2m
Money to Loan.
On good farm property on longtime.
Apply to J. W. Jennings.
ltf Plattsmouth.
Notice lo Teachers.
Examination of persons wishing to
teach in Cass county, will be at the
following times and places:
At Plattsmouth, 1st Friday and Sat
urday in January, February, May, Au
gust, October and November. At
Weeping Water, 1st Friday and Satur
day in March, June and September. At
Louisville 1st Friday and Saturday in
April, July and December. Notice of
other examinations will be given.
At Elm wood the last Friday and
Saturdap of March. At Greenwood
the last Friday and Saturday in Feb
ruary. E. II. Wooley, -42tf
Alderney Stock.
F. Beaumeister
uow owns
No. 1007, dropped January 4th, 1878,
Sire, Kentucky, 2d, 758; grandsire,
Kmtucky (123. From imported Tran
sit, bred by II. S. Durand, Wis., which
it will lie , remembered Chaplain
Wright brought here last year. This
bull is a thorough-bred Alderney, or
Jersey bull and will be kept for servi
ces this sumtne; at Mr. Beaumeister's
place nerth of town, on the Platte
Valley road. All who desire the use
of such an animal shjuld call and see
the undersighed,
J. F. Beaumeister.
Stock from a distance, pastured free
of charge after the first of May. 52tf
Dr. C. C. Gilleland, Gallatin, Mo.,
writes: "I never used or sold a reme
dy for the Blood and Liver that gave
as good satisfaction as Ext. Sarsa
tarilla, Dandelion and Iodide of
Potassium, Manufactured by the
Brown Medicine Company., Leaven
worth, Kjis."
Dr. J. 11. Wat, Hillsdale, Iowa,
writes: "I h ve used Ext. Sarsapa
rilla, Dandelion and Iodide of
Potassium in my practice, and con
sider it the best remedy ever made for
the Blood and Liver, and for Scrofu
lous and Skin diseases."
Dr.Siiackkl, Columbus, Ks, writes:
"Your. Ext. ok Sarsaparilla and
Dandelion is the best medicine of
the kind in use."
M. L. Vinton, Oakland, Kas., says:
My son, 10 years of age, was cured of
a scorfulous rising in the head, which
has troubled him from infancy, by
using six bottles of Sarsaparilla
and Dandelion."
For sale bv J. II. Buttery, Smith,
Black ti Co." J. M. Roberts, and O. F
Johnson, Plattsmouth, and John Paint
er, Eist Piattsmouth.
Brown's Pepsi v Tonic Cures Indi
gestion, and .ick-h-adaches- by furnish-i-g
the Stomach with the natural
principles of digestion. For sale by
all druggists.
To the Citizen's or the County and State.
I have now ready for market 100,000
White and Fire brick, which we will
sell at reasonable prices; parties wish
ing to build a fire-proof house, before
the comet conies down, call on J. T. A.
Hoover. Louisville. Nebraska. 14tf
Dr. Black's
Rheumatic Cure, an internal medi
cine warranted a safe, certain and
speedy cur. for Rheumatism, Neural
gia, Lame Backs, Pains in the side,
.Stomach, Kidneys, &c, &c. Smith,
Black & Co. have sold over one bun
dled bottles in the last two month
Prof. Itice's Lightning Thorough Bass
By use of this chart any one who
can sing a song can learn to accom
pany themselves oil Organ or Piano at
once. The lest thing yet offered. Call
at Leonard's "Music and Art Gallery"
'satisfy yourself, buy one, and learn to
jiay your own accompaniments.
James Pettee,
Solf agt. for uass Co.
Cigar Clippings,35 cts. per
lb., at Schlegel & Niemann's,
opposite P.O. 7tf
Oil, What A Cough!
Will you heed the warning. The
signal perhaps of the sure approach of
that more terrible disease Consump
tion. Ask yourselves if you can
afford for the sake of saving 50 cents
to run the risk and do nothing for it.
We know now from experience- that
Shiloh's Cure will Cure your Cough.
It neverfails. This explains why
more than a Million Bottles were sold
the past year. It relieves Croup and
Whooping Cough, at once. Mothers
do not be without it. For Lame
Back, Side or Chest uee Shiloh's Pcr
ous Plaster. Sold by Smith, Black
&Co. Ceowlf
Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint.
Is it not worth the small price of 73
cents to free yourself of every symp
tom of these distressing complaints.
If you think so call at our store and
get a bottle ef Shiloh's Vitalizer, every
bottle has a printed guarantee en it;
use accordingly, and if it does you no
good it will cost you nothing. Sold
by Smith Black & Co. Geowtf
We have a speedy and positive Cure
for Catarrh, Diphtheria, Canker month
and J lead Ache, in SHILOH'S
jector free with each bottle. Use it if
you desire health and swett breath.
Price 50 cents. Sold by Smith, Black
& Co. Geowtf
home markets,
grain and produce.
Wednesday, April 1.1, 18M.
.... 45
4 0OC-C4 2".
4 .Xf!i4
heat. No.2..
Com, ear. ...
Biirley, No. 3..
Native CattSo.
York, April 13.
1 24
Monev $1 r.5
Rye .... ...
;1 l.
Chicago. April U. 1K8I
Wbeut.. '.."....
Rai ley
Hoy. sliljmiug.
Sheep..: '-
. $ 4 fto
1 01 !i
1 03
..$5 4X:r.55
.. 4 4
. Sheriff's Sale.
Rv virtue of an order of sale is ueil ly W. C
Slmwalter. Clerk of the District t'oflrt. Within
ami for I'ass.County. Nebraska, and to me di
rected, 1 ill on .Saturday the 'Jist clav of May
A. 1. 1881. nt !( o'clock a. in., of said ilav. at the
South door of the Court House, in the city of
1'lattNinoiitli. in said County, sell atpumip auc
tion the following Real Estate to-wit : The
South half (s'iHf the South half ('t of the
Southeast quai ter l"e') of Section No. four (4),
and the northeast quarter (ueUJof kccIioh No.
11 meet) all in Tow nship No twelve (12) North of
Range No. thirteen (1.1) Est oi the lh I. M. all
in Casst'ounly,;Ncluaf ka ; together with the
I'rivilejjesand appurtenances;! hereto belonging.
Hi same lein levied upon and taken as the
property of Henry 11. 1'cttit andlEIiza l'ettit.De
leiulaul s ; lo satisfy a judgment of aid Court
lecovered by Robert H. Doom. 1'laintilT, and
assigned to Thomas R. (iordon; and also a
judgment recovered by John Fitzgerald, De
fendant. R. W. II Y ERS. Sheriff, Cass Co., Neb.
Ry "1. Mclti.wAix. Deputy,
riattsinouth. Neb., April 191U A. 1). 1SSI. M5
Road Notice.
To all tt-JioMi it may concern:
The Commissioner appointed to vacate and
locate a road commencing at a point on the
east line of Section 19. 'J ow nship 11, Ran;;ejl2,
aud nmniiijr Southwest to the South line, of
same section, at a point about 1.1 roils West of
the Souiheai-t comer of South went l4 t'f s.une
section. Said road being known as No. J3 and
lit. We desire said road to be continued due
South on the East liue of Section l-i to South
line of section and thence West to the South
west corner of Section lit. Township 11 Range 12
ami teiiniuatiiig at said corner, has rep'.-i ted in
favor of the vacation and location thereof, and
all objections thereto or claims for damage?,
must be liled in t lie County Clerk's olliee. on or
before noon ou the 14th day of June, A. D. lssi,
or such road will be vacated and located with
out reference thereto.
4t.- J. I). Terr, County Clerk.
Probate Notice.
in tlu matter of the estate of Jonathan Kerns
Notiee Is lieiehy given, to all persons li.iving
claims against the estate of Jonathan Kerns,
deceased, to tile the anitMn or before the 20th
day of October, A. D. lstl, in the otliee of the
County Judye, at riatiMiioiith, Cass Co., Neb.
A. N. Scli.IVAN, Co. Judjie.
Plattstiiouth, April ;th. issi. 3t3
Logal Notice.
In the District Court of Cass Couuty, Nebras
ka, May term lssi.
Florence Timbrel, Plaintiff, vs. I'uiali Timbrel,
Service by publication.
Isaiah Timbrel, defendant, vvi'.l takf notice
that on the 2tli dav of .March. A. D. lsul, fior
euce TinibieW plaimiil, tiled her petition in the
District Court of Cass County, Nebr.iska,
against said defendant, the object and prayer
of which is. that the plaintiff. Florence Tim
brel, has liled her petition against you, the
aid defendant, prawns; that she may be di
vorced and be sillowed alimony, and have such
other relict as equity may require. You are
required to answer said petition on or before
the ;:d dav of Mav. A. D. lssi.
FLOKKNCK TIMItKKi., Plaintiff.
Ry H. C. Rkowx. Attorney.
March 2-;. lsM. 2t3
Stop 5 Set Gold
en Torque reedt
imlu ICS AUlit
Daniel V. Reatly,
Washington, N. J.
A new A prat Mnairal orka
warrant "i tho bt and cheap
est, iiidisrHnnnb!e to every
tnnn, entitlpti th Rrinr or
J ji." bour.d in finfit Frenrh
p&geH.contaitiH baiit il ul ntwl
enirravinfts, 125 prescriptions,
price only 'l 25Dt ty mail:
. iilutratd Bamptf, 6 c. : wna
" now. Address Ppabod? Medi
cal IntitutoorIr.W.H Par.
JUE0l THYSELF. 'o.4liuUmchsUlkwU.
tiivn hocome the f aor-
ita rf the ue - combin.
ik conxjorl ana tu-aun
wit h nlfF&nce ol lorm to
remarkable degree, and
are highly rrulursea By
physicians. Thaj received
i the HiKlieet Award at the
(xmtonmal .xpoeition.
Price $1.00 and upwards.
r.iwW Canvassers Wanted
everywhere. These corsets are not sola n meTcnanis.
Exclusive territory (riven. Ajrents make th is a Perma
nent and Proritablo business. Send for terms to Mme.
Griswold A Co.. 923 Broadway. N. Y.,orto Oeneral
Western Aeon's. J. B. A Co.. Frcdonia, W.Y.,
i.B. Putnam, hio State Street, Chicago, 111.
TIT r r r-r 1 J" TTVT r 1
Where diieet connections are made with
Through Sleeping Car Lines
- - TO
H7ie S7io7 't JLf L7xe
Via PEORIA for
XATI, and all iiiit"'.in the
tiii: Itr.NT MXK FOR
Wliere Iiirect Connections are made in t lie
EN ION lEl'OT with Thi-iii;!i Sleeping far
Lines for all .oints NOl'TII,
The nneiiale(i inducement olTered ly thin
line to 'travelers ami Tourists are as follo'ws :
The celebrated l'tiUman lj-Wheel 1'alaee
.Sleepier Car, run only on this line.
('.. B. it O. I'alace Drawing-Boom Cars,
Wit it Ho: :oii"s rx-imiiijr Chairs, x No Kxtra
Chnifie .it Si-jit in lit rliniiit; ChailM.
The f,tuio!is C, H. & Q. J'alace Uinintf.Cars.
Gorenu Sir.oXinjj Cars, fitted with elegant
liili-o.ieked Kattiin Bevoivinir Chair.", for
the exclusive use of first-class passi-ners.
East Time, Steel Ball Track and Snpcrii r
Eii'iiniiient coniliiiie-i with their droit Thruw.ili
Cr A r-(( Df.Ht. makes t li ir. above all others,
the favorite Boute to the
TBY IT, and on will find TBAVEI.I NG a Lux
ury instead of a Discomfort.
Through Ticket vi;i this celebrated line fur
sale at all olliecs ia the L'nited State" and
11! information jihout Bates o? Fare, Sleep
ing Car Accommodations, and Time Table,
will be ciii filully given by applying to
James It. Wood,
General Basseiier Ag't, Chicago.
r. j. iotti:k,
General Manager, Chicago.
Wisconsin LArfbYi
500,000 Acres
Wisconsin Central R. R'd.
Eor full parliculars. which will be i-ent fri.e,
Addres. 'IIAItlK!S L.. 'OI,ItV.
Land Cotiinii.scioner. -lillwauj j' Wis. 1U
Hfif!a wp',c ,n your on town.
Terms and
voiiiui iree
AW'lebe- Stemv-'ilftent-LSO. Whltotaetal ITuntin
V J ',- ImiUktluo eJl6. y lyui.lli cmutX uu iKi
mimmy: -
JvS w "r"
k - 'j.LMt.-jut i,: laid. UHt'a-t, Mu. I 3i.-.
Cheaper Goods
than anywhere west of the Missiiippl Biver
Main. betw. Third and Fourth Streets,
East of Court House,
the best and latest improved patterns.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
know w hat I keep, and my Spring uud Summer
.stock is uow ready.
Give Gorder a call.
Anything needed on a Farm can he ft mid here.
In addition, I have added Hit kinds of
Buggies Wagons
vzmz WIRE.
E. ff. Dovey &Son,
Still find thcmi-elvc at lnmc to Cas County
Farmers and all their old customer.
We hate this Winter onrun
ual full ami larger hnet of
goods than, perhaps, eret
fore. As the growth of the
country has demanded larger
stocks, aiul of a better class, jm
hate tndtarored to meet that
demand. In
Hats, Caps, Gloves I-Mittens
for Winter wear, ire hatt a
large and varied assortment at
reduced rates.
of till kinds. Dress Trimmings
of the latest styles. Buttons in
endltss variety, oar line of
, is exc tdingly large, and we
think, well s-heted.
to suit all p?rsjus an 1 all jtnrses
A verv lu!l line of
;mmsv iiti: ai NToxr.w iti:,
which vmi must iii-e to select from.
Sugars o
f standard grades.
T'CSS V'-0 fil"'Mt' 1ll:"l,t", selected by our-
PnfTflPP "ftnany brands, especially our own
uUilOuii brand of kkksii i).i.i i:i corrKK
called the ".MEKKil'K." Try it and wee, before
purchasing elsewhere.
Dried Fruits of all kinds, fresli and sweet.
Fresh Crackers a Specialty.
CANNED OO0DS from all piarters. Very line
California goods.
by thCbarrel or buMiel.
In all thrse branches we t-hali en
deavor to nell (ix low M.s finy nut:, and
a is po-stpIe to tin a sni'.MU iu:mi
n ksh. We iuviie attention and will
r-how all that call our uooils. Don't
be afraid t.) ask for what you want,
and call often and early.
sriu.'J E. U. DOV'EV & SON. I'lattsmoiilh Neb.
70A WEEK. 12 ;t day at home easily made
J i Aoixtly outfit free. Address, TbltK & Co.,
Augusta. Maine.
SuccesHor to Si iilk;k.l & Nikma.v.
M itiufacturers of
And dealers In
T 0 15 A C C 0 .
Special BBANDS and sizes of CIC.ABS madis to
order, and satisfaction guaranteed, cigar
clippings pold for smoking tobacco.
MaJi Street, one door west of J. S. Duke's store
Ojimte I'""' Office ,
Plattsmovth. Xeb. Im3
Successor to Sauk Bkuthkhm.
Dealer In
At the old Stand opposite the new Hotel.
Making & Repairing Done.
K 4- ;9f iper day at home. Samnle wort b
O LU PwU.-, frt.e. Addiei, Kti.nkon & Co..
Portland, Maine. 4vely
I fll if not ftld in roar town, yoa
f U- can get them l-y m L Irop
A J A n. 4 l'oitat Curd for Cata.
lifro and Frees. TheOl'teMaitU mutt txteutivt Sent
VAVUt iulDiii.XU Sc. SONS, Plum Pa.
Manufacturer of and Dealer in
Done with Neatness! Dispatch.
ire oniv place in town where "lnriey s
it self adjustable horse tollarsare old.''
"s pat
AtiWSTH for the Best and Kast
ct Seliins Pictorial Hooks and Bibles. Prices
reduced : per cent.
National l tmnsuini; . o.,
St. Louis, Mo.
Iscm.ducted by an expert accountant and
succes-iul teacher. Instruction thor null and
pracilc;.l. Tuition lower thau elsewhere. Full
pai i iculars to auy address. ...