Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, November 04, 1880, Image 3

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Transient, 23 cents a Hue. Rturulnr advenls
!?V 0 . ent!,le'' line. Ko advci tiseniant insai t-
J lor less than 23 cents.
Legal notipos at Statute rates.
Alioriip.T ami officers of the law will be nrid
f sponsihie for ail leiral notieei t-hey hanil in.
Hid ail pintles demaiiitiiie a proof of puhlic;.
Aon of any notiee will he otilti fur the ptihlica
jn fee oi sucU notice.
As our spare is limited, sill rommtMilra'ons
niist he brief and to the paint, with no vva-sie
of worUa.
Tlie paper is responsible for the eon-pet urns
i Wfonlui to copy of paid mailer and paid Le
a!s. only.
. Any (wrson who takes the paper re-ii!nry
frfcw pos" -otV;ep, "Aheiher il.n ; d to lH
airaf . r wac'.v.r-r lie la a .siilwjrltjer or not is i
f(Juiiih!f for the wy.
2. i ! Any person nii'i'is bis p'vn-r dix-nnt In- '.
ttCil. lie ma' pny all ,i;re:n-:.Kfs, or the pnhhsli- I
t r..y ci:t.-u to , i.d ii! payment is i
b:i..r. ami iii.:"-! the vtliilr iMnnniit. Viiie'.iiet
the is I ik ju from tiie or.. e or not.
3. Site e.--ii.-u have .cfl..l that refusing to
islKe m-. -!!;. rs an.! j-erii. -;:- .is p. i.m the n;:
r i-m. uvirg me". I- r.viai tle-tn t:iiel!e:
(, is j'l' tt- e:ileme of 1 N IKN I A L
F.X Vli.
Weseott sells th;
best buckskin
At Fitzgerald Hall.
Monday and Tuesday night.
It rained Wednesday night.
-Nine column paper this week,
do and trip the light fantastic.
Dan and Josie Morris Sullivan.
Smith, Iil.u k & Co. sells drugs. 2
Duck hunting is all the go now.
Will. S. Wise sell Ileal Estate, tf
A wedding is lepotted for the
Smith. Black & Co. keeps cigars. 2
Fresh Figs ai the V. O. News De
pot. 1
Frank Cai ruth's building is coin
pKtt d.
Express wagons at
V Co's.
Smith, Black
The boys bad lots of fun IIolloW-e-'.i.
tiiovesand Mittens at S. & C.
The ratilicaliiin last evenin
i in nieuse.
M. A. McKinnoii retuiin tl Mon
-- tla t ight.
t---y. Beau Phil Young's ad in another
-Xew Side walks
are a'.l the no
A:iv ,
ni:..; w-days.
- " Fresh cvc .anuts at the P.O.Xews
Depot. 1
Go to Smith, Black' Co. lor your
stationai y. .V'.vi
Eventhing in
utiiii'i w t at aim
g'.oVt S at eoco'.t
M. i. Polk called Satuuiay.
again Milum.
Flesh chest nu
at the P. Xews
Bead our adverliseiuent i
other column.-
Go to the ;he.itre Monday
Tue.sdav nights.
Fred Leii.ioff's new
just looming up.
Tiuse caps at S. & (
simply immense.
There was a tight in
Salojns Saturday.
bMi'idiiig is
Mavei's are !
one et the
The binirest line
gloves at W-escott's.
There was a dance at Louisville
last Friday night.
.-Manufucturning and Bepairing at
M-.rges' Shoe Store. 22tf
Bead Bennett & Lewis' new Ad
in another column.
Mrs. Swartz lnuse on Gospel Hill
is nearly completed.
Money to 1 an on Country Heal
Estate by'w S. Wise. tf
They do say Browne is immense
on political speeches.
The G. & A. Guards made a good
show ing Monday night.
A. G. Hatt has had a new coat of
paint put on his house.
Leach's Home made .Candies for
at the P. O. XettS Depot.
-S'.apie aud Fancy Groceries, a full
lin?, ;it Chittenden Bros. 32-tf.
Tin-President has appointed Xov.
23th as 'Thanksgiving day.
l.,- I'.lo-U's Itheutnalic cuie-
-for s;t!' by smith, i;a.-K v. o. .
, .
Fresh oxs'eis ami ce.eij ' lLl ' 4
daily by Bennett - Lewis. 1
ix hundred ami seven';
y-one votes
cast in Pialtsmouth Tuesday.
lMattsmoiuh w-a.5 ('.'.led with torch
i,r..ct's.iii):i.i .ion
it. IV l.lglll.
t.i-. ' I 'd
Louisville en;;.
' up almost
m is
to the raliy L
oo lav ui.
i :
Buv a hanging bi!
"1 snutli
Black Co., toe :at.-.. itni-toV-m
(in v
.11 ,t a
"i.urn". wl:ih
at Exerer ! :-t wee it.
rite Plattsiu
tise in L'-on.trds
i i-. ('! Club pra -Photograph
Galb ry
by the quart at
("MITT NiiKN llKt
A v
1 at
.ili! of llleli
e ( ; -e:tl
i .
-tj-i.te a iniaii t f o
voiin- folks went down
I i'.attsinotit.i
!il It'icU l'lo-iVs
llf:d-l .
o:ei W ill
; .;.!! a' i to th-i: a
Chit'e.i leu Bros.
v a.
J is..,. Streight, of Sou.h
Bend, was in tovvr the . first
of the
Eleven Greeiibaekers voted straight
Gteei.bick tickets in Puittstnod lb.
, I.
I here ns c insitirra'eie uiptunei nt
i.t town, be careful and not catch cold
Loicezi's Face Powder and all
others first class brands at Smith,
ft ...l-.t- i ."s v2 12
... ...fx...
The best made ami, best tilting
clothing aL will
not ne
The new hotel is getting along
fat. and is gt -dug to be a line building
when cotiip'eted.
l he finest ibting and best m. d
Clothing m tiie city
Prices guaranteed.
1 .
About six hundred dollars bet in-.
"tic0f one hour, in small bets, at Plat'.e
r . fi-W JrT.W Pleasant Honr Cloh wiisi
Mrs.'.Je.ining has returned from
Miss Xe'.lit; Murtin, of 'Factory ville,
is in town.
Mr. J. Ii. strode returned "from 111
noi.s lust .Sunday.
dipt, and Mis. 1 aine spent :i lew
dajs in the city this v. celt.
Mr. and ilrn. -"Height were in town
Monday night to attend the rally.
Mr. Will .Short, and bisters, MiiS
Xtilie .Short and Miss Doll it- Conk
Were in town Tiiesatay.
Mr. (.'. W. Lyman and family -.pent
a day in Piallsiiioulli last week on
their way from Chicago to Lincoln.
!...( .. .
.i...i.un.i was ill uie CUV las
w e;, k.
e uiidrisiand lie uoes. a
vi...i: v!;t .i i ;......! i ..i ... . .
.... ..... ... ...,,., ..nao.uei.poilKS
io itasuiagton lor the winter
Mr. and .Mis.
Saul ileardsly and
daughter, Miss Vbbie, were in town : not quite so' near finis!pd. The speech
Saturday. Mr. i'.eardsicy brousiht in ! .s were one and ail a:Uiotiia.e and
a load of cheese, of his own nake.
-Mr. .1. . (jiiackeiibush of Green-j
wood the democratic nominee for the j
legislature called upon the IIek.M.L. :
one day last week in company with;
Mr. llartigtu. That wm before the
election If you'll call again friend (J. j
we'll condole with you. i
All over the woi Id Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup is making its way. and
every place it reaches consumptive
people are more seldom met. It is
truely a blessing to luiuanity, and
costs only 29 cents.
Ed Wescott will make prices tu
suit you on ch. thing and f urnishin j l",w il1 1 ow 3 '"
gauds. Xoold goods. Xo bUeXpen-h'"'1 evenings next and .Sat
ses. Looktovour interests and call ' "r,1:l-v Ma.mee. lhef inpany is one
at the y;,.v .in.l tret a souaredeal. 1
.M,i.. u-u,i n t t
.. ....
day night for the big crowd that was
around town.
Correct von- habit of crooked
wa'kiug by using Lyon's l'atent Me
tallic l'eel StirT"ii' is'. :i2;4
A very pleasant party celebrated
Mr. and Mrs. L"ou ird's ninth anniver
sary Monday evening.
L-ulies desiring a fragrant and
lasting I'ert nine should buv Ixia-Lis
of Smith. Black & Co. :!2t2
Tl! e Democrats; got out a paper
Mondav, which v-js-ilie- stratv
that broke th-ahiel's back.
-John Boo?! will move into his
new quarter hi the cellar of Frank
I Cai ruth's ii. w Jiiilding i his week.
j - Buck v. liea",tUur, cranberries, and
apples bv the t)rlel at Jno. Bons &
Sun's, cheaii-r ttinn the cheapest. 33t2
.Judge Xev-ell voted and then
weu. down l.i Reck Bluffs and helped
"1' H'e Republican vote there.
j W'.NTKii i strong, cajiahle girl
j to do general 'tot Vwork. Inquire on
Sixth s'rect, oMrv. IL It. Livingston.
I'.!!-; ies wanting choice Michioan
; apples can h a t n- dilT.'ret;t varieties
' by 1a inn their oflers in time, at F.
S. White s. ', iitllli
Born to the In use of II twksworth j
--a b ov and "a big o:ij too. Both I
mother and V y a e doing well. He i
is for Garrteiil. too. !. j
A new in voice in hilts and caps i
just received at W?tcott's. including;
S et tin's lines! goods and latest j
siiapcs. !.;. l.. tesc.ti inn tsoss ciorn
er. t. 1
Farineis don't forget to-go to Jno.
Bons & Son's with your butter, egjs.
and all country produce, as they give
' Mm lii ft ..ct iirteea In iiAIi for tliA 4:1 inp
. ."v" 1 .
I Don't forget to call on them.
-Two funerals Sunday : one was a
child of Mr. Coleman'?, and the other
a child of Mr. Wells, jioth of which
died o: diphtheria.
Fresh otsters leceived daily from
Baltimore, and for sale 'Wholesale and
retail, at F. S. White's SOtf
Select oysters. 30 cents a can; Stand
ard 40 cents.
See premiums awarded at our
County Fair in this week's paper. We
have been so crowded lor room and
time thai we have not been able to
give them before. )
From Garfield dowi as far as
heard from the only democrats elected
in tin County are the Assessor of
Rock Blurt's and the Judges and Clerks
of eh c ion in Pi 't Isnioiitl t
. -
lilttXI l.Al t
nu r uitASULX!
Xew diie.l enri an's, raspberries,
blaekberri s, and pi line., just't received,
be r..nni tt - Lewis. t 1
... , . . ' .,
Plattsinouth has at last got aside-
walk boon!, new sidewalks, all over!
! Main street, and the sidewali up I he i
i School It'll is nearlyj, finished
! which is q
i e :in improvement on the
i ltl.,M. ,.
i ' ,.-,. o fipp
llill'..l I Hie' ...v'..
run BAKtiAiNs in ai.o.lim:s. atorv about getting the grounds in or
Youcan positively do you rK some movi llB llllih,illt(Sl at
: i from the old grounds, and had it not
...-u muwi ijx(tiii. irinnv
is .f b'Cii! uritters thif week
and have a lit tie
tiat iepc Wih thei
1 .
i ... 11,,'j m. .. ti e 1 i.-mocra lie nar-
j ty. i lit.!.
upsiile dou n. ,5'ist l ow.
. o!;n-. - r
'";,v aie selling ' la best clothing
! at the Great Red Si ore. at such; very
i low prices, end you have cvcr'Hiinir
! u'uarait'ei d as liq-resented or money
j rcfuodol. l'h.'t is why y.m Miouhl
' go tle re for all you need. Sltf
! Ei ae.k Cai i tn h's in w bui'diuAViis
brihi-f'tly livrU: I with ts. and look -
ii 1 like a Xew York palace last night,
When this ci i l war is over" ind we
e time we're going through F'ink
(we mean his house) to write him up.
- -Overcoats .
O (ll
. 'Jfp V,n
Ov.-r-.oats .
Cheap I ister . . .
Chin. Overcoat .
.'.3 o() ;
. .a.OOi
U Beaver Oveieodts
I t Xew One Price Clothi.jS House ,of
A"- C. Ma ver.
Our railroad facilities are growing .
1 greater with rapidity late.y. Only
wtek or two ag.. two extra pass-ng.-c
! trains a day were put u n e ..
! t .. 1: thev commenced run nine r
..i. - ...
Pullman to this point, so mat now t
cm take a sleeper from here at any
time, and mi the fust of November the
lncrd to four rents
! mill, of five as heretofi
Monday night, the last nigh no
fore elec'ioit was duly Celebr.i.ed. by a.
verv It' ""'-s nie torch light procession.
iminen.f. -xyi'lieiice in Fitzgcrabl
HrilJ tit ir Mr. Tarquefte and was
iltioC''i.:t llr ii i.' and suitable clos-
I t.; o a. b. sL .".upteiighs ever
ni oh- i:i i';.s- At !r. Marquette, j And because v.-e intended to pr.b
lr s-iode fenoUe happily for a few I lish just as soon :u v.e couhl possibly
moments: also E. L-Keed of Weeping
Watr aiid very effectually. -
-! . "vii a-l-' and
lue liat titration
j L:ist ni;h, Wii3 ;l gIiti.d outpouring,
It w as glorious. The Guam- patatieu
and Cant. Jennings was in his glory .The
houses of all prominent citizens were
illuminated: out -men I'.uid gave us
J music, und cl.eer after cheer rent the
air, while il:e eld c.mnon boomed her
I j.y t. thick t In- campaign was over t
J List," and ended happily for li.e
cause oi" I'leed'iin. right and justice.
In the II ill lion. I) II. W.jieeler pre
sided, and shoil ien-lninute speeches
were made oj MfAys. Deesou, IJiown,
Capt. .shannon of Io a, Sin'!e, .Sulli
van, Chapman, Morrison, Uturye ii.
.Smith, MacMurpliv an liusituell, in
terspersed with witty remarks from !
the chairman, music ly the Hand, ami I
! spirited songs hy the UleeCiun. Ke-i
' - i ,i -
grets were mingled with rejoicing
w.en ,avs ,ou. d " al U)e tM
! bar'l and the torches f 'r the last time
i ti,(.v a!., osl wished tlie canmaivrn wn
; forcible; and tliis our list meeting in i
the gi t at political caupaign ot
will long be remember.d by the young
the old, and all who U-k part therein, j
TL'1DY, Xu)V. s & it. .
" r :
me original liun ana jos e .uoi i is, .
of McEvoy's Hil.eri.ico.,. i
We clip the following from he Cruud Kapids
Sullivan's Mirror ef Ireland audi
i trisii m; -) , t uimn;
...... ... i. i...; - '
ot tlie nest n.u nas et i aiipeaieu u.
! "l?lty; .. . ':."rt. a
. i,:ll( 111 M.UtlltllI O.H-l3. .w
i. .... : . ii... t. ci
.I111S13 Ul llllll. .111. l-'.ii .'iti.-i
livan is a host in hi itself ; he keeps
the audience in a rnr of laughter
whenever he appears upon the siae.
.MlssJoSle .Mollis suilivan is one ;
the brightest and most sparkling la-J
dies. She is a second L.-tta. and our
music loving people should not tail to
see her. Let there lea full house,
and see 1 he grar-d pies m es of I relaiid.
IH SHit B .'lit 1.1 1 Ii. ... rL rnui I'.t'iiii' ...
!.... I 1...... ...,.
l:es..rve.l seats sold ;.L the Post Of4
rvv ... . ii ui.i ii ii. ii... Li...
1 lice New s-Jtu'-"
j Gil. Hmbbs went down to Elfn-
woutl and brought up the returns freni
j th;l! l"i'ter.
Bargains! Bargains!!
clothing, Hats, Caps, &c, at S. & C
Mavei's. next door to sage Bros.
J. S. Duke's
Hardware store is the place to find the
"Sp.endid" haid coal burner, also find
Ranges and cooking stoves tinware,
toilet ware &c. He has a line line of
1 lilies'. Gents' aud bos' skates which
he proposes to sell at cost ju ices. He
is now prepaid to manufacture ail
kinds of stove pipe and hits on hand a
large variety of fancy zinc boards,
coal hods aud ellxiws of every disci i
tion; will not be undersold, give him
a call. 33t2
Nebraska State B:tr Association.
The adjourned July meeting of the
Association will take place at U. S.
Court room, Omaha. Wednesday veil
ing, Xovembei 10 1SS0. There will be
an election of an Orator for 1SS1, bal
loting for new members' reports of
Committees, and other business of im
portance transacted.
Chaules F. Mankeu-sox, Pres.
D. G. Hull, Seet'y.
More (iooilsat Dovey's.
We beg to inform our friends that
our Fall stock of dry goods and no
tions si now about complete, and so
licit an inspection of the same.
Our stock consists in part of a fine
line of gentlemen's, ladies', aud misses
knit goods, underwear, nubia3, hosiery,
comforts. &c. Ladies misses', and
children's knit hoods, shaw ls, tied com
forts, and blankets.
.Jeans. tlnnis. linseys, balnnUiils,
and felt shirts, yarns ir. all colors,
cotton battings, cashmeres, alpaca,
and American dress goods in great va
rieties. Gents and ladies fleece lined
kid gloves, ladies and misses' hosiery,
supporters, buttons, laces, ties, ribbons,
belts and every thing else in the no
tion line.
Our stock of ladies, misses and chil
dren's shoes, men's and Ikijs' winter
boots, arctics and snow excluders,
men's and boys' hats and w inter caps.
&c, is full, all of which we off r at I he
lowest prices for first ?lass goods. We
have also received a nb'e line of glass
! and bronze lamps, class sets and ileco-
rated ware. iVc, iVc. tiive, us a can.
g0t4 E ( I)OVKY Sox.
The County Fair.
) Eleclion being now over, it is time
j to say something' about the Comity
i Fair more particularly than we pos-
sibly could at the lime, lhe tacts ;ue
that the County Society were vi-ry di'-
' : been for-the officers of the Driving
' P.irif .u-oif inn. we oncss the build-
. '",,. ' i , ,i ii
t.i.r ,l...iil ll-ll' I'.- 1 1111 I I .Mil lit I he o' I
I nlace until to tl iv. and the icucii-u on
! , . - .. i.i i . ..,
me new giouuns iohici o- r.n.
Be t!i;it ;ts it may, ;iller so long a
time, and just so much fussing, the
buil-.Iinu-.s w ere gotten i-vcr. and the
day et for the Fair approached. Xu;
a sign of work on behalf of the Fair
seemed to le doing; and when the
! time oiigimtlly set for tividing the
! Fair cattte l-ouiid, it was found that it
j was impassible to attempt it, both on
account of the weather, ttie tolal lack
! of preparation, and the absence of Mr.
j Wheeler the President of the Associ-
... ... ; 1 1. f 1 1 . ,ii -il .tT.o ta
4l'1UI,t llliOlt OO JSId i i,
' it was felt no fair could be held. A
pos.ponment was made until Oct. Cth.
A c:in no suitable iuterest was taken
in the matter bv our citizens, or farm-
! ers in llie vicinity, anu oniy aiew uajs
i before the time set and on the arrival
oetore ine
f Mr w
'heeler from Omaha were
' lIiertJ ;l!iy SelioUs preparations for a
; CounU.r.lir.
Ulidee fiiicl, cii'ctliiistuii ij-S.uiiferAttM
nj jotii'lt'T n ai ior inere
really' a better exl.ii it than usual aril
had then been I iref buildings, many
ui.i:e (Tispl iys w il l !iave been made,
it h f ; : :." - 'Cit-l'ing atten-
. . . t ... :-. eii--- there is
s ,a. : ' grounds an-J
i.pii lings i i.i.s T.i'i linii w e itotiue to
these tiiatteis "i ov. ia heving that the
j people after t'te exc teineht of the
fall may have a little leisure tn do
1 somethiug for iheir material interests
at home. -
t get the time and apace, a review of
j the premiums awarded.jand such oth-
ms awarded.jjind such o
lis m.feht 1 liu teres; iu'
tri(!' rise anf n.o exlii'
er matters as infcht 1 I ititeres-inr Lm
' " . i ' " , -
to get ieidy,iu time r.xl je.u and
make the Cass County F.iii lau tue ot the occasion UemaiiUa.-
ihe premiuuis a.wardeU at this iaif
arc as lo.iows:
I'llKMIL'M LlsT.
II. Livingston, JJaoies, twins, over
9 unuVi 24 moiiitis oiu, Uahy Car
riage.. J. Vaileiy, I aoj ovct y mouihs and
1 uner 24 months, haby carriage.
! .1. II. l-'an iiahy under i months
old, necklace.
t. Austin. Uoar 1 year and
ver $6 00
A. O. A.sidey Sc Co., Sign paint
ing ornamental ou glaas
Doors, walnut graining
Lizzie Adams, Iady ques-
2 00
tvian, over 14 .
J. L. IJiow n, Co.t 2 years and
Hull any age or breed
J. it. Buttery pair golden
10 00
10 00
1 Ot)
D. E. IJabbingion, Fuiup for
Well or cistern
j5(lX fo: keeping bath bi ick for
cleaning knives and forks
m,s. j. f. Jj uck. Cotton socks
Can Tied grapis
(;lul,(, marmalade
Tr;l,lSC,.mient crab jel'y
IVacIi preserves.
llhnh.iro jell
Henry Btck, patent hammock
Mrs. Henry Hester, Kgg Plant
r oo
10 oo
J. C. Cummins. Mare tears
, ani, OV(.r
Mate any age or bred..
Family cairiage Team..
Mj i tie Craig, loaf of
4 o
i ' "y Uirl under 13 yrs
oi age
j J. W. DickGon, Fair ot brown
j Eeg Hoi n fowls
j jty,. cia3s 7
1 1,0
4 00
Single horse
waniei iiiiuan, ciasa v,
years old and over
M is. . I. F. Doud, oil painting.,
Ka wauls & Pil,e liuU 0 ye rs
old and over
1 .
XTotv 3 yrars'old a.iti oer. . .
Cow 3 "
Bull calf Grant.
i i
4 (10
2 OO :
4 OU :
Heifer calf Gracie. ' ,
Stallion, class 7, Xig-'. i
Jack over 2 years old
Suthe F.tiilleitl, J-)ly take
Sieciinen of Bible civer
" crochet f jIT.s
Mrs. G. W. Fairfield Hya or
w ax philit I '.
Mrs. J. II. Faiiflelilg siM-cimen
log cabin quilt ii
Mrs. X. M. Fiench, v ater cl
or jiainting
Eva Fi-dd. loaf wheat bread.
Cairuth's special p'eniiuiii.
gohl ring. ,
. A. Gram'ich, cow 3 J.-ars old
an t over
2 .'0 j
1 00 i
Oil ;
, i
1 Cm)
1 00
2 00
to oo ;
Heifer one year ld J
calf '.A
Cow, class 4, 3 years old '.....
Heifer, 2 " "
2 ; t
i ' '
Fat cow, steer or heifer. . . .
Herd of cattle of any a,re or
breed, not less ihan 3 iisati..
Five lbs. honey iiicumb,'. . .! .
J C Gil more, family buggy eani
matched .'..
Barley, 1 bushel ; . . , .
Rye, " " , 1 .:
Fred. Gorder, harrow, cult va
tor.Moline Stalk cutter.Portnble
fence, corn planter, 2 horse farm
wagon, spring wagon, prairie
breaking plow, sulky plow, 1 14
inch wood beam plow i. ..
Cultivator, stalk cutler, ct it
planter,. S-horse Gilpin's sully,
plow A
5 00
2 00
2 00
3 00
2 00
1 OO
3 oO
2 oo
.-, o i
10 00
8 00
1 00
1 Oil
C M Ilo'mes. Black Bess,spoi d 15 00
i. .. .. jj oo
Colt undur 1 year old
A. M. Holmes, stallion, aity
age or breed, showing 5 colts. ,
Stallion, of any age or bretil
Clyde '. i
Stallion aay iige or breed,
3 00
10 00
8 00
10 oo
. 5
C B Hadiey, pr. of mules o
any age
Three water melons
Hoover & Ward. Seymour
2 00
;5 )
Col n-sheller, hand-power . . .
Two horse wagon
1st Dip.'
.211. dip
..2tl.diii. '
Harry Howland, spring wag.
made in the state 7 00 Dip
Open biiggv made in state.. ..7 0J Dip
.irs. v . .) . itestser. .jar. ivasp- t
bt-1 l ies 5
Tomato catsup A 1-5
i ....I.. . I r.
Mrs. W.J. Hesser. Jar. Rasp
Annie t.reseives ? 50
V J Hesser. Collection of green
house plant? and Mowers in pots
2) varieties
oiler! ion of
Beets, 1 d z-i;
Mrd. M;ny ilialoii, pillow
s nuns made by lady SI rs. age.
. Pearl Holmes, specimens . of
worsted work .'
Birdie Iiish, cotton quilt
Specimen patchwork'. ..'-......
Jones & Agnew, family car
riage team, matched ,
Pair of marts owned by one per
Continued next week.
A Word to the 1 earners.
Organization, as a means of mutual
improvement and help, is of lecoginz
ed value in ail triples and professions.
I'n none should it lie of more ilinitil-
- - r
tance than to the teacher. As the set-
tied portions of our state become more
stable and improved, it will each year
be, m less exensi.ble for the
to neglect this matter. He wishes to
see his profession lifted higher in tliS
ponuior estimation; more earnest, and
steady and less desultory and tempo-
.t.o. i.;a -n,
mil l Ol 1 oil ine jei i. o i ilia icuun
workers. Teacher-Should h be'Tri'
in qu linll tUIi,.'!!' tl i in 'in I Iii
wf.-rTiganizai ion win am in in s,
rr. I .. . ..... . i .. . c . -. r . . .
inn. ifitiit'ii-.tii.nMn e,,,, voiiiilv
make tlietTAssociation as successful as
it can retCionablv become. Our- ()n a
firm footiflg it will in a measure take
f:irp of itself
T.. ifo. riti,n'M .rtl...l'....nlrn..-l Kt-it..:
I have now ready for market 100.0!t(
White aral Fire brick, which we will'
sell at reasonable prices; parties wish
ing lo build a fire-proof house, before
the comet comes down, call on J. T. A.
Hoovku. Louisville, Nebraska. 14tf
l.erttinu 'tarrli Curt?.
Cures Cat art h; Try it
For Sale Cheap.
- A good young pair of mares
will weigh about v-ten hun-
-fdred, und good travelers; also a grtod
ior. 8 '-!e ami , huggvr
" - .- - -. , .. X r"-' '
Euq aires
Article of Incorporation of the IMatts
mouth l)i iving Park AssiKdatiou.
The undersigned, tr the purpose of
organizing a Corporation, - under the
general corporation laws of the State
of XebrasKa, do hereby associate our
selves together, and adopt the follow
ing ai tides of incorporation.
Auticle 1. The name , of this corpora-ion
shall lie 'The I'iattsinouth
. . ,
iml.S ta.K aauw. !
AliTK LK 2. Tiie principal place
; Tl,.. .iii.rin;:l olaee of ;
transacting business cf thisassi-ciation ;
shall be the City of I'iat tsmout h, in the ;
County of Cass and State ot Xeliraska.
Auticle il
The business to be i
transacted hy this Association, is the
puich sin
holding and improvement i
of certain grounds in the county of
4 00 ("ass and the erection and inaintain
ance ol suitahb' lui!dings therein, fo.r
the purpose of afTording the facilities
necessary to a driving park, pleasure
ground, or for the usual County Fair
Aktk le 4. The amount of capital
stock of this corporation shall be
twenty-rive hundred dollars t6,-i00)
to be divided into shales of. live (3
dollars each, the one-half (Jj' of each
at leas:, "shall be immediately paid in.
Aiitici.k 5. Ti e tiin of the coiu
nienct ment of this coipoiation. shall
be the 2th day of Jiinmiiy issa; ;t,id
the time of its limitations shall be the
28th day ot January l'JOI ; r.i twenty
one (21) years, unless sooner dissolved
by the consent of iwo-thirds ( ) of
the members thereof, or as provided by
Article 14, of these articles.
Auticle 0. The amount of indebt
edness nf tins Corporation shall never
exceed the hua-lred (S5D0.O0) dollars.
j after the present indebtedness on land
I is paid.
Auticle 7. Tin- general affairs of
; this Corporation shall be conducted by
a Board of Din-clots
Vive i.". meniliel'S. who shall ehoos
"' j rrom among their number a chairman.
j ami the Association shall annually
5 00 j elect a President, a Vice-President.
2 0 . seciviaiy ami Treiiu et, whose duties
; snail bas hei eiii.iftrrset forth.
0(,! Akticli: Xo deb.s shall W co:;
10 00 ( ii'iictel or liabilities incurred b. this
1:0 i assiisiatioit tin. ess previously aiifhoriz-
eii by a urn joi i; v.neof;nl the stocK
subsci i' etl. at a le. ular im-tMiig of
the boanl, or a special meeting trir tlutt.
nose of which due notice has been
niteii to each slock bolder.
Auticle U. Each share of stock
shall entitle the bolder, either in per-
I ou or bv nroxv. to one Vole.
Auticle 10. There shall be an an
nual meeting of the slock holders on
the first '1st I Tuesday in December of
each ear for the purpose of electing
oilieers and Dii eiiois.-md transact-
! ingsiich other business as is necessary
I Auticle 11. A receipt shall
I uiveii by the'e.aiy f'U' each share
! of stock sub.-ciib'd and as soon as
I pt ac . icaiite cert lue.iti s ot sloCK Sll.iK
I be issued to each stock holder of this
I co: porti: ion . which ccititieate shall be
trausiei able only o.i the books of the
I associat ion .
i AuTtci.i. 12. Xo oiliei r of this as siia.i ret i i ve any c.mij ensa-
lion, o.xeep' rite I I e.i'.ii er w uosi- coin-
.e.isai i-!ii : iia'.i not exceed one t?d I
!oi'::l p-r .iiuiiiiii, and toe Secr taiy
, w hose conipeiisalion sinill not exceed
inly ;??.t.oo. iiobi!is prr. annum.
Am K Li: 13. 'these articles may be
amended at li.e annual meeting by a
in e of 'Wo-lhirds (.,'' of the stock
holders of this corporation, and a ma
jority of the stock must be represent
ed at such meetiiig.
Auticlk 14. The property, both,
real and pirsonal owned or hereafter
purchased may be sold and disposed of
by a two-thirds (-3) vote of all the
stock I ciders of the corporation, ami
ail proxies must be iii writing.
AltTICLK 13. Xo assess nents shad
evci be made again.,, tl - m. ck-l.oid-ei
s of this associa: ion, aud the stoch
subscribed and paid for by any stock
holder, shall never be forfeited.
Auticlk 11$. X'otice of this organi
zation shall be given and these Aiti-cb-s
shad be liletl alld lecol tled in the
manner provided by law.
JoIIN FlT.lii:UALIi,
J. A. MacMi spiiv. ihesiilent.
secret. ir . .
l :;.tJ!i:s,
;iv ir tt. ....
J. A. .MacMui phy, j
A W. McLaughlin, !
J.X Wise,
G. W. Fairii-hl.
J. Hues ("race.
J. W. Dickson, !
'.V. j. ii. o'.v ii, '
" 11
1. I.. tV ise,
ir. V. Mathews,
II E. Palmer.
Fred. Gor ier.
Waterman iN; Son.
Isaac Wiles.
A. X". ui. i Vim,
John O'Rourke, .
E. K. Parmele,
, F. R. Guliiman.
J. V. Weckbach,
J. P. Young,
C. M. Holmes.
Auticlk 1. President and Vice- j
President: The President shall pre-I
side at all meetings of the stock hold- j
ers and directors if requested; he shall 1
have general supervision of the alfaiis ,
jnf the corpui ation ami shall at the an- '
iunil meetings of the stock holders;
Make ;itid submit a Wl it ten lepoit of
the Condi: ion of tie association. In I
the absence ol tin Piesnh nt. the Vice- !
! i Pi evident, iii ord-r, shail perform his
dunes, ami in tno absence of both;
I'l' sideut and Vice-President, thu .
Ctairm.ui of the Board of Directors j
max in: as rcisiileiii. or the assoeia-
Mqii may provide pro tempore. j
Ai:ricLi:2. Seen '.arv : The s'ecre-
tary .sitai! attend ail mei'iinj,
i of the ;
iiloard of Diiectors and Stock Hohlcis. i
' ttui keep an accurate record of their
I fc.o&.edings; shall safeiv keel, all
: c , ,
, 9 records, reports and doctiuieuts
6 lol.ging to tl.e in-social ion, except
si. eh' as pertain to the Tieusuitr and
si upon request furnish a copy of
! . : J , ,
i t me.
lie shad collect all mon-
i '
fr'"i' whatever source, keep an
I mi-it n account theieof, paying the
same to the Treasurer and taking his;
! receipt there'or; He shall register i
1(JV11, .',.,.,,,.. t, ri.
! me names ot ine hohieis, me
I number of shares held by each, and re-
.....l.l.t. r , it-. i....t
j I ui ti t ui. ti iiii.iii i v'i nun i
He shall
1 lvl' t-Uielv u ilice of ail meetings, pe I'
form such other duties as he mav
directed, and shall turn over to his
,, , , , ,
successor, all books, records aud P
pets oeiongmg to ine Associatiojj.
Auticlk 3. Treasarer: All mon
eys of the associa'ion shall be paid to
the Treasurer, and he shall safely
keep the same and account therefor,
and pay the same out, only on the tr
der f the President, countersigned by
the Secretary and at least one Director.
,He shall keatp an aecui ate account tf
trll receipts and disbursements anl
"shall at, leas once a year-settle . with
Treasurer shall give a lond in the sum
of one tliousand dollars (J.miO.W).) At ;
the expiration of his lei m he s.ha:l tit -
liver to his successor in olliee, ail i
me.itys, hoolis aud papers t.elonging to ,
tiiv assicia:ion.
A r.TK'LE 4. An executive coiumit-
tec of three 3) shall he
inied to ;
a.-lwitii thi directors in examining !
ho..ks and vouchers and shall ltcoive j
ilii.iirpiiii on .in Ui''i'3iu"i.j, hji in.-j
and lepoi t n all iuopositions, lor mi-!
..,...,.;. .,1,.,,;.,., ,.P ,l,c.,vi..r f t !,
1 ' " c" ' '
Akticli: 3. A majority
if the
Board of Directors and oilieers. with
I've 3) memiets may constitute a
' ' !
i.-i.ii .nil t'.t- II... '.rij wT . . I u 1 1 1 ' ! . !
v..'. v ......-.'. ... " t
i I .nti f 1. i wmit . lirv is.. mis! i- i
' ' ' ,.
tutionally provided for by a majoii.y
or two tliirds ( .,') vote iind the DirT-c- !
tors and otlicers, r.s above, i::a compel
the attendance of absent members, u:
del such pcuulths us May be iiicscrib-
The absence of any ollk'er r direc -
tor, from four (i) conscuti v.. regular-
ly Cit'led meetings, shall vacate his po-
sit ion unless caused by sickness or
consent : In case of vacancy in ot'iee,
.. r,f tl... .win....... ...,.i 1 1." r, ,o
can li'i vacancy until next regular
leecting in Decembe..
Auticlk G. Special meetings may
he called by the President and Se"ic
tary on business of importance, and
due notice shail
meet ihg.
iveu of such
Auticlk 7. These By-Laws
be altered or amended bv a m
. : .... ..
. . .
vote at any reguitir meeting. .oiie:-
of such change i;mt however be given
to the Secretary and Diicctots
i'.ji)) dny a previous.
Daniel II. Wheel, r
P. L. Wise,
I. V. Ma. thews,
II. E. Palmer.
.1. A. M.ic.Murphv.
V W t:.!,,.n,!i.,
J. X. ise.
G. W. Fairfield.
Jam 's (Jrtice.
J. W. D.csson.
in. Ii. Biovi ii,
' Fred ("order.
Waterman iV. Son,
Is.iai; Wiles,
J. M.Schiiellbacker.F. U. G tul.mann,
A. X". Sul! i v;m,
.John O'Roiirke,
E. I-:. I'armelo,
J. Y. Week bach,
J. P. Young,
C. M. Holmes.
cc m '. i ; i :s vox d e x ck
I'l iiiu ( etlar Crei i;.
Mlt. lu-l'ioi;: On iaiii:g ilu- Ii
ALU ul llie 2lsi ot Oct., 1 uottiiti a !.''
ier headed lloul llengi tno, i.iei.-.i
and other points, i, as ati - l.iih.o
woiiiau feel 11 m dutj io . ounne'e. ;i
liltle on the ilulaii nes ol s e.i o tltl,
ttiial is) it' ton wili aiion me a
s..tee in yt'lll esllliniblc paper "oi" I
teel C'i;iiiced thai any s.i.iiili i n . d-1
lug the said letter win without a
douni conclutle tlnil Lieii;ooi. I ie. ;
lieautiiul se;i porlcity I Know it l" be.
must be the Vilest illld most di.slepm-:
a'.iiC place on the lace of lli glooe,
bul 1 am glad lo say r. is n i o. i lie ',
police authorities wnico n ii .idn r '
souiew iiel iliMtlt 1300 lliee Will h"l
allow vice an ! iai aioi .o n .o I uu l.ou- i
1 panl, it is kei. th.w o ;is mucn as poo
siolc, tlivie is no s w iii i ng or lo'ii lau
: gUilgi; allowed ill the sil. - ls, and
! drunken people if annoying or caus
1 ing any distui nance in the s.iet-: ill"
! locked up. lresidtd i:i Li'. t r, i.)
: v ears p! i i my cortiing t- Am'Tict
.andean sav 1 never i'm t wit !i a better
c;.:ss ot neon " in every s( i;sa oi he gone "through Li v. - r -
; ,ou Ul ; ;;t. a.iv i I ttie i.e -Voill i ti.i'.e
: seen a ei y dil'iVreiii class oi "i ' '.
if he woubl go through some ol tne
large cities in America at the s ame
bonis of the night I have i o do. lot he
would st e similar sigots. He n.h.
have seen some tew d i an ..en women
in Liverpool i am soi rv to s;i , sotu.
of which are not worthy of the name
woman, ami there are some of them
. .... .. .i...
w ho deserve our deepest s n .
but w here there is one English woman
i:i such a crowd t here are ion-igv-ers,
he sas he saw more .Irutikeu'irss
in hi- 4 hours jiroineiiiidti t hioi be usd
here in 8l2' years, that is another piot-f
tlutt he has not seen much of city life.
f . .,4i-;.,t, l.ii.i t. I. 'i.ii. :l liiotlT
niissioiiai v in Liveriiod so that h
A .1 'I.I II llll.l-T- I.I... v-'-...' . ,
cotiiil C-hiistianize anil Civili.e such
eharacters. by so doing li" wamiil ier-
tiiinlv msrit the thanks of many w ho
have' been led astraV bv i he Use of in-
toxicating liquors, it is to be heped
that he was not so f.-i'iUfindiiig when
he arrives at his parents resilience.
II: Yoi'No.
How Easy It Ii fo Keep House .Nowa
days. A conplo mty set up foi tie ni-f Ive-t
with verv lew trciisil-s. scarcely any
r-ovision-5. and HCX t to HO klloWiO.IgO
l.r !-.-..... A ,.il clove i-iLe-i
the place of a costly and cuinbrou-
cooking range. (Jo: lee is not only
parched but ground. Spices and pep
per come all preptifeJ f ifusi;. Every
kind .if itiv.i I, c i i-te a el p is; ry cm bo
pinch i-ed ai a -li ht itdvanc" on tho
i o-i o i '. niit'ei i ll t'l cult l"u. If
is;ie-: i'i " s-;i . ( "I m. C. IK liietn.
t-el .-r .5 i.a : il t!i ni I'.' !) n i at
e roeei v. Fro tu' a 1 !i i Is. al r
i'o." t I.e t I ue, can b . rell i- 1 't
as che : . i ;i , : iei . .v i n i ; i . i ! . o: -1
1 1! i' l. Xot . .ly lot-s'.'-r- and - h-"l i 11 . ,
iml saimoii may he o :i 'it coo..-; i '' -I
le.dv to be vncl at a priee iitu-
hut e w !i
coo c 1 c
.! I ...111
:",t .carticr s'm-i :
et', toa rU' ld;t's I-'";!.
b. e.i ou t :e !.i l i." .
e tu a tl soil ; is. l'i i : out
. . 1 i ;e i ; in .ii t" m i i, :ii
on . !i l we n p.e era . ; i.i 1
. d i'o vis of all dt-veip-.l
o -er-i l.ce,) inns i ;.re
i . ir. i o on b i i.t; I ea is,
i . ;.i ve ei I a gi'C 1 1 ru i
t'-'.v ;. eii's. Uiiiiis.i
i ; i s i ! -o n p- iii t ie hi : ; i "t.
. , ,i i:e- c I i ie i e it ol
es a- an l'i cle ul itinii-
re ilv K
r..!-is n
( -tfed 1
. '
.1 :" i:
' !l ii
I. e i p
in ';' ''.
in a.
il'. 1,
. i i i 1 il I .l ei' ilii.l
a- . ; ,i e ;' it; .i i oil 111 -1I--1 a." t O.
ov i'v co: iice ui'oc ji v. li is no .loiigei
iicee-s try to ii .ve a coo.;, or to 0." :l
cook, in oi'J.'a- i. keep hou-e. It re-
eate any coding utensils to
pi' .viile a warm meal. A can opener,
a iV;. iut; i u ami a cidi" c pot are ilu
p:. nc. pa. icq ui. si tcs. Even the hist is
not tibs iif.'.ciy ncccss .ry, sin-jo a mix-
tu.'eof prep. red cotl'ee.sugarand cream re., lily be I. It is c-yeii
yraci cat ,,, ,oi uu mvii, io v ia-
pe..:-e wail a cook book, as the lalul
on every can tells Low to treat tuo
Xt.o. i.ii Jui k .Saephei'd
Hone.-1 y h ;i H to oe oicl w ith in
il .in. Co. A..loii l p.-O.C lilCil ij
an iViive: . o.'oi' .--lo.l J .i.i I t.i;J' i ii;u
raijn iittcr ..i.ig to liinr liextciilv m
i I 'V . .-i- . . I . IV . . I'.. 1 1 L l .-in .'' i a
lZ.a ... Z, Lon..oi. our.iars i,nr. la- '.c..ou i ioeir inii.ieiii t: im-h.
i. ev aic o. i...- ...i it ui ... n. ..i,
j l"C u',v 4i"1LVa0 W"
"- ''v.. . ..." i-. .......- ,
ami Woo arc -cncl'ilii'
worm pinii
In.ii'iis iiiey
- j i.U'lll.. L.lsJ IlloUUC .
be .
: is .1 tx
. . is
I. li
ul a n oil il Ji'sCiit jU IO
C-Ceots oil llilsllSileCt-
'i:""" : -" i.c-c.o- o.. i...,,.
illil 1.
j in , tiu-tin. inev .vi.l uiSiiiu.itit, iiini,
- J,w ..ruc i low-c.tsto Hindoos,
tU'ip to ih." -Kin, Soap tociii-H! ve all
over :iu I s ip wiliiiii iu t live 1110 tor
toe i. o s wi.i nut oai'ix al a nauCd
ui in. "'iiicy giiiic upon tiie 1
like Snakes, coverc.t w nit grass, with
si l-iw, w iin ca ve-, orcssc I in tucep-
suius, ui.sguiso i as oe.ars, as tiia.i-
lUen, :is stiinls, as soid icrs.. Tncy will
risK iiicir lives ior a c.-ieken, ani go
ten nines lor a no.y. Tncy wnr
even ul' a ba of moue.rui uiiacr
luc i.ctt'l of .a -'steepiiy mtti.'7 . Tuey;
d it ll'iiris'liiiig bii-hte-s, a.iti" thrive
' ' - - - f'- -
j"'vSP EC I ,v I i N ( ) t'i .' h.
,r. . . .
Sat 1-t-V
net !
t k uf li.K-is .v e.i s!
at Merges, Yi.;c:; il
jiiSt ai isvcd
f'111 clieaiC .
,'t t
lVpi'erbi rg's cigars are the most
r. li iMe for purify and fineness in qlal-
jty. and are far superior tt any other
make. Ask your dealers lor them. 25tf
tt'l'TS W l
ili.k'.. . ,:, ,,. : ... r k m Iiiiii: u.mmIs ior
oils :
. N
!:.;. IMKMifT -t.. 10 Uawiay Slrct. New
Voi k. Sfiid for eal.iliiaue und terms. 2vMy
Buy only 1 he si 1 f-threadinjr (ai toji
land shuttle)" Xe .v American Sewing
Machine, w Inch tor simplieM y in c.n-
..... . . . , ; : . . . I t . . 1 . . i
Sililtll'lll, I It;!!! I II It II I U.. IIIl H'l
liilit v -:mi.if 1 u e v eel led . r or Sale liV
IbtsJorslick Bros.. Merchant Tailors,
I'lattsm.iuth, Nel. 23m3
j B
-s, e ti e
Tin: .k: at kko stoke.
;ts anything you ever saw f .ir
A Word to .Mothers.
Mothers should remember "that a
.-;t itnpoi taut duty at this season is
to lo.iit alter the health of their f;uu
ilies ;in.l cleaiiM the mtd.u i a and ine
ptii it ies from their st stems. I hen is
nothing that wili tone up the stomatrii
: and liver, regulatv the bme:s and pur
i ify the blood so perfectly as Parkel's
Ginger Tonic, advertised in our col
. limns. The wonderful cures of long
I standing cases of rheumatism, neurul
niav Pi; :l"d tjuhirial disorders is the iva-
! son why this pure and excellent famil v
,,,,.,,." .,,....11..
i.k nil mi- I s r(.. i;ru(iiiio t .-.ii-eiiii ii.
Tciic h e rs , Attention.
i Th" County Teachers Association
i w in -,s Wwn legular meeting at
' Eight Mile Grove on Satuuiay, -Nov
: 13th at 10 a. io. and 2 p.m.
lhe fol-
lowin" essavs will te reau: last.
l'nseiit and Future of the Public
! Schoiils, bv Prof. Love; Composition
Writing, by O. F. orton; Grade for
! Country Schools, M. searle; Responsi
1 1 iiity of the Teacher. J. H. Herge.
j Essavs by several .others may be ex
i pec cd. A full attendance is desired
S an l a profitable time will result.
;;ot4 O F. Mouton, Pies.
j Notice to Teachers,
j ExituiiiuC.ioii oi' peisons wishing l'(
te;ieh in 'a:.s County, will he at. ti e
i following limes and !b-"-,":
At I -bit-., n- . :. ; '.':: ' "
. n ii i i : . t a t: : . ? ' v
,r::.:,u; -.t.i
ot her ( N;'t'.lt!:it
A i, tnir i"'l
(!. ) '
i ' :! s fr".'U
W ! I
lit i in !
:'.'.' r ' '
V.. il
CC, i. .j
i ini -!
- Come ill
mine' I to se
Hon e G 1 1
I of. er
i; i .-
t!i tu
t: re
V,:y 1
II ail :
s nM-i
IV lib
.' io
ew ;:in
ver ii.Cs
Xe'.'. bl
a :
j-'l '
II ! I h- col ( i ,ie ! t .1
ii incur:;". ('."
vaiietits oi ;i
bain's, ;i r il pltte:
l'l!:-':es. V '!m
j. t.C'l t
pi ( 'ii;
Set ii'S.
lit braids
!"';'! ",
Wo--! f-'!. cane
eu boitn ts in ; I
Velvi-t caps, trim
Tut-i;i-'i e-i! s ;
At Mrs. .Johi!
St .i-s.
itnmed :
f '.;.. V.
:!( ".
am! '!"'.
(1 exauni e i hem
B( () r
AND -si
p ii:s
7i A i
AN!) ii'.i'
.1 '." 1
I A .- ,
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2." f
Better ! line.
ill.- !'-,M..e;:il. .
I'( I l!'V JtlnoiiK shell :
lli-i-j'.-is (! I af J. ilia
.(' l ;e::l!-. L:l . -l. s : " S iit --
h:: e t.ei'li 1 1 uiiiaeit iillh
ys ;l.!ii i.M". itil- heel, per-
c'ltie iU r.-niici ieii atiiehi
Kidney .Hi t Liver etire. l it hi llel Ml;'
.! ' ill iici
- n Very Droil t I liink of.
j it n..r ai.ou l-eins i:.'.i."i!t a ;.;u. u- ioi
,ins"s i:ie.lric -(,.:p rest day. fsei
! without any H!t h-.ii'. i i..- inhhliu Inv.iul. :ttu
- hlfei. ar'y (leti ney
liitel. -. i! M'l-'t'.s von
oide.Ii two l-olll"-' i
m it ti in. ilea. ::hd In
0 tllhlk of tl ((lliet.
iit iv. r;i
en : I - I 1 1 it V.
II. I'll I'l I
w aslilii ' I hi.iliL: ii I he hdlise. i'lstea.l el a lei
ilav's hai il a K : lull huiidii-os el t'lcn- e es
ol'v.eliicl! lldlil Ni.Va rn-eiia in ' hiivc
ie(i il far I he lit -ei i-s tiial liii- I- lieiK v n--ili'
I Idhhin- s Klecl'. le Soap. Kuli'l hil il,
lllini'l er, il loo set iuyi irwjls ! Il-e It ae
ii.iillii;; to direi'l i.ncv thai lire as i-iii: jiie a- In
i-ci'iii iilinor! ridii'iili.iis aiid -ii ca-y 1 1 : T a n i
ot t v. five yeiir-. fan do a Mite v. ash u u tioie ' -e-ini;
lireil. Il pi sdiveiv v. illi el injiire i In- lim -I
fid l ie. Ii :s lieeii l-et. re I I.e public for l.neen
: ears. and us sale iloi.l.le.s every year. II your
i-wet'i r liiis no! i.i.l it. he ii i l ii' l it. ii-ill! ii
I sale rect i's I. cell It.
I I.. i:ois. i I o.. riiiia-ieiia
liK.m IlKoS.. Sele Auelil.s.
3-eoly Weeping Wa'.ii ..ei
i ish Lterjb'Miy ! kpa'.v.
Rev. Geol fi II. T!l c es . i:n Id
iii n of this v.-i.M K': v. :. i - i . . ' .
one as n m.-s-. ; ! , ::.-!
Cl.i--" . : : - ' - et .' e. .
to ;.v: "I - il . ..." i- 't. '.a ' .
thai 1 e.-'us: ., f. . '
w i i e o ' oi: i I e s ' . "v , 1 Li -' i ' -
sumpLioii Cure." Ill- havio' t 'ie-i
moii'loits sab over our imti.'t'i.s and i i
giviiiif perftct s:!tisf;".C'iot in all ca.-a s
of Lung Diseases, such as iitthinu els,
has done.
Bourbt'ii, Iml., May 13, '7s. Drs. Ma'eh
ett. .Se France, sold by Smith iV Black.
Ntt Bectpiion I'seil.
It is stiiing' so many people will
continue to suffer day afier day with
Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Constipa
tion, Sour Sttrtnitch, Geneia! Debibly
when thev can jiii.cure at our store
Shiloli's Vitalizfi', (ui of cost if it
does not cure or lelieve l l.elu. Price
7.3 cents, sold by s-mith Black kV Co.
siiilom's Catai:i:m Ri jiluv. A
intu v, elotis Cute fur Catai rh.uipii. hi I ia,
Cankei nioii'.h. and Head Ache. With
each hot tic tiu-re is an ingenious instil
Injector for tUe more success! ul treat
nient of the complain!, w ithout extra
charge. Price ."JO ceti's.
ii owl f.
1 Verdlrt. "
Gf M who have t.,k(.,, i;I:(lUN'4
. ,.I:J!1N T(,nic. is that it n-vel fails to
cure .
Ask jocr druggist foi it. tf
To Whom it may Coiiterii.
X'otice is hereby given tbat we will
tiot be responsiiile for any deb s oi
men employed in our ivmk in con
structing ;ip;iro;ich to the I "iai tsu'ioiit li
bridge or pay any bibs created by
them unless orders are pievioiilt
given by us.
Jlt4 S. Dw KiHT E itox.
October 14th, 1SS0.
li'or fi"l Sifaditfltf
L'se Brown's Vegetab'e Liver t'il!s;
For sab" by till ili ulcis iu uiedieine in
Piaitsni' iith ami East Pla tsmouth. tf
Tltf IViiitfr of Yinif l)lrotitf it
Is made Glorious Summr, by taking
Buow n's Pf.p.sIX TtiNic; Try it. F u
side by all druggists. 32t f
'Tltf I.iTiVfM fur tttf IleatinK."
Of the native of Siberia, are 'he
leaves tf tho - Arnica plant. to
be found in a!! their hea'ing p wer in
IIwiwn's AunicasAlvi;. F-r s tl
fvetvwhere. 31tf
Money tn Lean.
lUht-i-efaiid. - "y
- nun
A-'.. l Ji - J- s
i.. ;. : -a
; riMui'i
Wi'i!lie.l:!.t . rt.'t.
, l .SJ(
;i ...-.".. ;
('.ill!, eitr
S.ifllH.I., . .
u l") . No. i
N-itive Cattle..
lb iv-
Ii liter
.3 fit" 3 ?
..I7'r.i. -
m:v voniv m auketm.
Nkw V.lKK. Oct. 'JT
1 IK
Money S! 02l' ft ('
Chicaoo. Oft. -T. lxso.
4 ,V( UfS
1 00
I iirs. fliipnliiii.
1.1V ft SHII'K.
. .1 l.ViC 4 "
Fresh Lime.
Fresh Lime by the peck, bushel, or
wagon load can be had at. the Kiln,
near west end of the bridge. Lime ul
w;ivs on hand and ol ' inpei ior (jiialii N.
Inquire of Mil KFIJVAlf & SllAUT.
7tl ' on premises.
Cigar, 35 cts. pei
ib.. at Sohiegel & Niemann's,
opposite P. 0. 7t f
A Ioiul or Oat Mimv
in good '"oiidition wanted ;tt the IlF.K
ALl Ollicc.
vrll. Apeutuw-iiiiit-ti. llnsl
iwss lrpltlnrnte. Parilculiinfn
41tuJ.WOKTHCU .Bt Luia. U.
fr.t,, ' H OB Id MtU" ' '" ' "
LE(tAL notices.
Esirdy jNotice.
I -.!..... ir. iiv Hi.- siili-ri it" r. af his K i.ii'iie
ill '..i.('..IM il-i cinct. Sepi -'slh. ISsn, llvee.llVes.
...ii- i.'.is:m.l one I. filer. I he owner fan lhe rami' hy pii.wuj; prolfiiy unit pay In
eiiiiiiii s as reiitiaeii hy l.i w.
yAZ John H ot no
hstray JNotice.
iii,.f..ti i hi He' snIiM-nliei . one-half mile
n win oi e- ,ii,u W :iiel, ell liu- o day "'I
l.i.n-i , is n. u..e ;.e.a i..,.ii i .ii an
i.eil. r. i L'
i i i.t . i .- ( -. i ..ii.
in- l.iio
I. i ' i
II, li.e I osll II I I
iii-oici. v n:.:
In n..- in.iii. i ..
..l'..;.i 1. 1 1
i.i : h. ......
i (Mill.
. .il' s.ll 1 .i.i'
e ... it.;-. 'O
. o e . 'ii
:i 1 1 i te . .a. 1 1 I i;cs I. is , . . i . a...
nil me -lie- l e s . a ii(l-e e! ..
.; '!. i.-.i'.r.
1 i'l i :
i,n 1 'i i .-. - . i.iL.y .
. .-I..-.- e. -ei. . i.i
ltVti.o.v.. i.iIU i -
. , i in i.-l ... .. in -
e -e-.i I :a e-i .'.''. l"-v 1 : .-. Ii ii ail. i lu.-il .eu
i : mi int. mi -.: ul'tioi'tio asi ipiaro i i .- .!
1 ;e.i l . cut v eiv lii i J",i 1. 1 1 1 1 I he si.... in .-.. pi;a
; .'. el III.' in I I . 1 vv i ' - . ',11.11 It 1 el s-'i -I 11.11 i f. ( II.
i .( (.'Si. l.i 1 v .. -1 i 1 1 1 ll-i lion.
, .. i.e iiili I eel. 1 1 J i'.i-i ol 1 nt oi ! P He. la ..
i-ii'iiuV. N ..' t.i ii-',... nil' tie th.a H '...iii-I,..-
1 1 l' I lie lie - I I i.i I 1 . a ... lie 1 1, h. I'l M . . i I. tie
s.i:.! .'.liliele AH...".
.o..i 1 ee jinii..' i I liu t in.rt hi i 1 1 i luhy :m s
in in l ie- pi e Is. . it I- lit leey ol'.e.e.l lll.i
.li.eii.. It. -v .- 1 . il' iuy w i.Mi. i . . t hrisin
S.. ."Aoliie tn'oi.e l. 1 in r I'. .iiei.v, inc. a.iei , i.i: I ..ii :!.:. ill"i (U..IH' A'i aa'l ati ot ei i' p "i "th.s i.'o if-ied in sin,
I'siiit'-, i." :); ' .a I.i ..'le ine el i.ij eiL.tatu is in
I in? i e . ul i ..i I i ' " in ". i .. - i.,i . ai li.e ii. -hi
e .-I t :i i :ei'.. I ! i.e i 1 1 1 'i (. ei.: i. "ii i ...
i. il .' : i .... .-. io i- i ".'i . e 1 ' iv. ii t e ( I -t .
... ..- . ....... .
A.oliCo tu ruiciiaseis oi
s-oiiooi LanUs.
liilo I. o! UM...I -.-I.e. I II ui i
I I 111. I, I.A.OS iMi Itl i I. I'l NOS
I.IM'OI.N. Ni l'. ,('i l .'.'. . II. 1SS'. 1
W ;l' l'.'..s l''i' 1 1 ti'. n. 1 1 : !' li'llil.'d e I -(His. v. I a e i
piiiei . ei ri si.lelire an To I i:e slllit-l'iiliel' 111!
Kll.oitl ilitV' si Veiaill I. iii, tell I he ocia I
et 1 1 1 I'l I' 11 sii.-el ive r.iei .-, iiilll Ilii'Sliil
Nehi i:Ua. rela: nu; I i : lie p!ii"ha''e h lli"iii...
i tie 1 1 aels er iiaveel-. ol hi-Ii.i-.I lands, siHi.,1....
j iii l'.l- C' .N.'lil'..i,:i, lei ili-l I'la
- ' I il . illld W hicti ' -h "'.II' eppe ' " hi ll' 1 e-peei i
I I I'iilaes. said Vlol'iitlnln cues.,! IIV III lln
' ! ei Si.i.i It.irlies le pay llit' i-'sl haiaey 1'. til
Siiiteel .N' t.l'.ek". i'l.ii t;-.'- i li' -aid
I luiiliatt-i II "" Oil" d'l ': '("''. tin li'lele, n.
I iii -liii a'e ul Hit' n line, iii i n.-'i e i-.--. inane
! ( '' I I""' ".. , n
! is In'l i (fivell Ihill llll-
.'-- ll'l (l';IIKllH'll('V I- I ell!" "Veil .',11 I ill an I
d.iv- ll'.lll llie ii .e her, . I. hv Ce tl I ' Il I ! . . a-i 1 ..
tie' i-.e. mints of i. ea.' rae! s, i in n -.anl I.e. !
.-I I'll: I "'. II t to, II 1 I II" I .lie lll.-reof ! II''. -'a
, in ti e State . N. hi.t-Kii :
i -i -
'r ' J- '
l. - l - J - l T
v- r r. t '
7 - I t r. j
-. :.. i
t'.v fill er Of tie I! i l'ii i f !"i!iii ii1io :ai Liiiiil'i
ami l ie its. '. !. loVls.
I'l l- luissioner I'i.l'lie Latel- ai 'I i!:i'!(lii:i's.
J T1 PATTFAISO v I '... Irei'.'r Ai OiO. ,'i'itt
V'C. i'li U..JV,'C.
C'n;T, ltrr'ei. i'iincrzH. Hi!l'nri' and
rr 3.--. '. i.? 1 ..-'.a ; t I 'e.a. i:e s 1 nee c-f 1 1
iei.I.:. i a: a' '.in'l in 1 a. .fee. a l.::.n' a i cxicl
n'j I it. .'-a it- l pre-l'e st t iciUli irtnil
t 11:3 tr.l l.viilih sral s.'reD'ta l.mtorer '
Itir I ."!.
rsrfffS life torr iv iriun cf rr.Kin'e
sjisOi-H Tu'.'IC S.;t I.O .. -a-'! fl.ll lt li(; tilit'
where it M u !. if y 'Hi liivt Dj orpsia, t oad
ach. Fi.'iairntittm, f-ojwn-io.n. tovnel, K.dncy.
or Liver Duordjr, or if vuu"j.el a lu '.A fain
ulini, or tpKlizr, tiif Tt i r: is o4 the mcd
ieiua f t va t, iiit it It highly iirtivo u.a-1 ia ,
viz'trfc'.in? b it n ver ifibaivtainj.
If vou t-.n Biol' ui'KtJifr cv.-fy T.ith Con-'
iiunipti.iiicrf.nv Ba t-uu-sH. if y.ih ve e P-a.lull
CouiS or a i't Coal, l itiaits ti"r.:..j Iumc
will sertlv h.'p you. li. f ivirt u.v l.'n rtiA
rip-ir to I'lO f. el-4 t.r. rr"l. tifi'l h n ri-nisii,
ui-e for Ciiotcra lr.r. i-a-a. .
It lit bo tol i;utnlrr' cf I-irtt It Bj
Salt li.tiri.
1 If y.-iu nm fpellr.c; te.iw rsmta rlort f clt imtli
roa do"-Tt H.i-K, i.e.. uft iz..t ii.m; t.siy
X.j nvxtJttr u:-tyuur eortyt-iiunisiutiy
lw it. w.ll riv.. ei-omi
.1 r"i'
KememiieT 1 l iKl.1 s ictriic tt not
l rum drinlc btit the b!. trei.l t -nt Family
M idirina erer mtwli. eornpoiun!. .1 l.y a now
prorewt, and fnnrelr ti.iTi.rerit f(s,ra Ei.fe's.
in(rer pnpara"ion awl ail ut aer Todk-k. Try
a. Sue bottfe. Your ti.xKfe'ist can supply yo x.
r-r '
Tlie Beit and CrcnuJttlctl K-ii- liicar,
esquiiae!) pofuracd and pcrft-'y ha.mi'iS
trui iiwrt cmw Crr r-" n icct
11 SI 'ps. 4,U j:. els, i
ITA.No.s, flSi up. I'itpi i
Allan ss I'iiii'I I . Ileiitiy,
'J." liiKfon, New Jersey. .
New a.vo vruv An u trTtvn Stvlks at
kow kicaov. .
11 1 ilfK Bl'Sl' CAIUNET OR vat
JlAoUA li.oii OlttiANS i.ithvc"
4 wilihcrt ot liicliest 1st: i
iUB tion iit r.vrthv woj:i " s -
hi hi i lo.v roa i trie i "
II A JI Ii 1 A ;M SIP'., to s.MKI:
t 1vikai:m. 11 ires, y.o.
' For ensy piivtirTiiiri,
i Vt !(iiatn-r and upwiinl
llC.wJ- il
Treiiiotit St., ItOSToV,. or - '
S.pmie. NEW YOU - S
O I !. i. T - . '. ,
I', - ' J
a path; dsS
11 !Mi". 1.1
4.s.. i .-. i i-rr
S. t4kf-tftl 4if i A f (J w .
. imn ,i -c: j-.
It lt. oi'il " V i i.C si
.4it t x r , i . v3 r
war, X V.
r tuf imfw foOD :
I I I L. 111." .w- v
It -
; licren ie, .... , ' '" ,1 1
li sii.l.ih a.- I'i'i'K ip'e in the ""i1'' "j '
inedieliiv i linn MALI 1:1 I I LKs- d,
Ciii'i"(io( Mult. !..; oid " i t
feeil Ihf hoilv aHil llie hiain. i'-' .3 .ei.
s.ilUil, the hones, hanie" Hie f , ... I
ih imisele.. xuiet the nerve."., t'l i w
lH!iff-t ilitiesiioii. it-'iilute thei i y.
hum i-Is. cle. in-e Id"" liit'l anu 'f". ) K .
inli Willi NKW 1.11 K tvi ry Mi. i" t"
ilennltfol iinltilll.ii.s s II 1 1 li. Iv tn . .... i
i in- i a i' v n 's sii V.j. V -kV
.Mis ptitiult on li.e ! I" I ." i ptinrr "T
evel VK lieie. M I.I l.i I I l'-..-( llef.,,t -
J '
rA.liTT TD A(I ye..
r..l r.i-lesl neilhej h"""I, .,,, ,
The H0U;,EH0JJVu
This heini; the only -i ieii 1 1 li ;
elope. tilt pin It I. e l ie' t.
ii'ftils auaiii-.l nil ei well;, nnrpe-i h .
lira", till' s 'li.e -.; , r:s. .': l'"'n
piitchiis,' tlii h ..I...' P:;;.'j,i,,..' t- r. :-.
I'lllliUI. Alillli-- i. ;:i.; ei-: t
.'tt.. .si. Liuil-. .i. ' !. ;
...i f,
II ai . ,.......'
!V 1
.1 1
.'i ia iii; .
sori l ilFXD, XI-, or'
;' as .
A7('.'JA.y, Of ft"'
in e. ru ral. V j'
111- I i
.. l.i. I '
","i t
5 --4' .
f C s
Mtn. ...
I'l. V i ir ni
..-; il'lld'tl rl
t ..n I'aViii!
l !
;,iih11j '
. f7.r- .
., .
- , , j r.,s ,
o il'v'.
'.I , ItK ". '
i.'.'.'.l AV -s OVCIUAKS.-;.
y i v .s. tf-c. ". t
t ' .
Ite.ill'iil ei- .i: Vll't't" flllti i'lMt ;
,-, J.vm'-:s Gracf-
tti. ii-I
M '.V. '-'A I
V'i V",
j .i ii t
li'vV a V.
I el (I l'i .1.1 k'll'!. t
; ; 'vv.ii.
; t'.i.i,!,. S.l'i'c7t
l 1 . a '
Wjij iit, Ji ir:!;, Mai him zitt f'b,,.
pun tn:, anil '.nu laljulliny
I ni l hum pi epiii i it In iln alt k ' nils nf rur,"
nt he in 1'inl oi tn r iiia.'Sisaery, : tnvw
I" a iei'i.l iaih' in tn y stjnp. i
n rr.n nAijzy,
oiu Rc-liable
tie. t '.-!' el. ,!', of t lie w ik;!.",!, fc
- ( !! ' r i, a
.. i'
. . ' i . , i A ". I I I I
.. ' I. ....-lie -'-.liilil ,
in- f'.ei .l :;t t tie ottl
Blacksmith G.
J. .A.
Howl ai ul
( . iiiui.I V!ui' .iml MMli itl reel-
- o i.u t it .
itl Mini, of
.';.' 1,1 V-
i x ;
.1 .
j ','...
,.- t. '...
I '!;, .-7.1
."-'oo- '.,' y "
tt" ...1 -I 1 .
Xl ..ii
. f''if i
s. ! 1 .''
t - -.'.:
t- liMiiM
.'-jKjJ l
' Ti
i SVaif. ' . ,
Uio causes oft
-a1 t:
19 mm-
i 1 ': H !
' .ft
..r'if, i
I p o ....
..." .,
- s
"V r r-Q pi -