Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, December 05, 1878, Image 3

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B. & M. R. R. Time Table.
Corrected Friday, OituUr 1$,
leaves 7 :00 :l. in. Arrives 8 . in.
" Z r. m. " 3 u'M p. "I.
Leuvos :.") u. in. A rrives 11 :"0 a. in.
C :txi p. in. ' ' lK Ul-
FOIi Tin: west.
Leaves I'laitHiuoiifli 10 :i-" Arrive Lin
coln, 1 .'.' ji. in. ; Arrives Kearney, a: 05 J. in.
Freight leaves 9 :oo a. in. Ar. Unjoin 2 :00 p.m.
leaves Kearney. 6 :22 a. in. Leaves Lincoln,
12 :15 l. i- Arrives rinttsniout li. 3 :() p. in
ITeijrlit leaves Lincoln U : a. m. Arrives
iMaltMii'JUtli, 5 :0t p. in.
Fpres. 6 :1 j a. in.
l'assener, (train each clay) 3 :r0 p. in., except
SatunUy. Every tliinl .Saturday a train con
nect at the usual time.
li. V. K. K. Time Tabic.
TuMna Effect Monday, Aoc 4, 1878.
"1 Avr S :2l p. in.
Hastings, 7 5 p. in.
lue Hi!!, . . H ::,H p. in.
f 'owlf s, 9 -.47 p. III.
J l:el Cloud. 10 p. in.
Cov.itu 4 51 H. in.
liiue Hl!l,....r a. in.
A vr fi :. a. in.
lied Clou J, 4 :00 a. in
J llasiuiirs 7 : a. in.
Arrivf at - D :".( a. in.
Depart at - 5 :20 a. in.
- 3 :O0 p. in.
Arrive at 10 :.o a. m. I Hepart at - 2 :13 p. in.
Anrire at - 3 :15 i. ! Hepart at - 10 :00 a. m.
n KiiSi; vva rut.
Aslve at 12 :n in. 1 ep;irt at - 1:00 p.m.
i:. k r.i.t r ri . inmn' sui.i.ti.
Autvei.l 1:! :ii in. I p.'.it at - 1 :"0 p. in.
n n : a l a i v 1 1 : r i s i : m i: N ts.
Trn'isi. rit. tents a line. Keular adven'.s
n. Ii r.jnts per line. No advertisement iyseK
ol fur less tlian 2i ivlils.
l-eirnl notion t Stntvte r:U-.
AlHlint -y ami nll.eers the liw will be Held
rei.f! lor all lejral lu.tiees Iliey hand in,
nu't All paitles demandiu;' .:i proof of pnhliea
tmn i( ;.!iv noliee will he held toi t'uC tul)iica
Uun fto vl such notiee.
A our "pa'-e is limited, all eorninuniea'ions
jiust be brief and to the (x. int. with no rvaslu
f words.
Th paper is repiis!:!e for the corrrefiievs
Kciniliiif In copy id paid matter and pnid l.e
f als, oi.'.y.
1. Anv person v. lu t:kes the puper if;ul:irly
from tin? piii.'-nn'i ''. ulietluT'-Ved to his
urine, or w IK-Iiiei-h i !s a subi-: ioer or not-i.s
I espuiisii-'.e for til'-
1. li any person unleis his p:i;T i!i-.-onti!i-tie
J. he mutt pav a!i ai if.unes. nr the puldish
"ernav eor.Mii'ie to mini :t rm.i pa.ii.ent is
maoe. ami e'lii-el I ile liol- ami'iint. wiletller
tlie is fi'.-n Uoiii the ohlfe or out.
3. i lie e.mrls have ilei-ldi'd that K-fiis!ii to
IaKo iiewsiiMpers and iieiiu.P.eals ln!si tile po-t
.fTe. or removing and Itavlmi tliem iinea.led
lor, is priini u ic evlvU'iiee of lMKN J IoNAl.
.So "WYrkl :iehs Vtt!(?:aent notice
on ul! old istofc j'.ccounts.
Nov.- si lewnlks are to be built on
J'p:co;;il hiil. wc umlei stninJ. Ilurrnh !
('wo. Hiililrry, of Vac V. S-z M.
sjiraiiicil hU ankle while uut hunting
Just week.
T. 1). Williams u the A front for
IM.lparu'ii 1 1 i-sU-n y of tin? I'tiili-il -State.-'.
;i work hiT lv l tC'.lilileliueil, nlsu a
I'.i.'Ie .
Y. V. Morrison intently having
boat .1 nc by Satunhiy or Sunday
at least ami all tiiose v. isbinfr to take
a li'Iu up the liver mnst be on hand.
The winds rimse on Tuesday and
Mowed tlifi dust on Main Street all
down in tl;o river. Maybe that'j what
inakra t!;e water so muddy.
Presbyterian eako and coffeo So
cial at Mrs. J. X. Wise's. Thursday
evening, Peeeiaber l'2ih, an invitation
is txtended to all. 3Tt2
-Wo are sorry to learn that Mis. Geo.
.Shu'ei's little K'rl fell front a trei on
Tuesday morning last aa I injiired her
self so severely that fears are enter
tained of her recovery.
Harry Hon land our enlerprisinfr
waou and carriage niakt r several
handsome new wagons and buggies on
the stocks. Howiaud is a No. 1 work
man when he goes at it.
Mr. Chirk Newton his bought a
lot opposite th3 Catholic church and is
building a neat little hoiue, and not so
very littlo cither. (loo.l idea, Clark.
A home of own is a fust rate
thing to have.
There will be a Temperance re-union
at Fitzgerald Hall to-morrow night
where there will be some music, more
tlk and promenading, and all the cof
fee, cake &c, that everybody can eat.
Mr. Morrison's boat has a handsome
cabin and Pilot house on h?r now and
they expect to move her out in the
Stream o.s soon as Wayman sets the
nerv boiler in. Where they may go is
uncertain, but the lys are bound to
have a ride in the new boat somewhere.
Remember New Year's day, young
men, and old men, and celebrate by
calling oil all your lady friends. The
Heuald will soon have somo new
card "Script" and J. P. Young will
havo numerous samples of cards for
you to choose from. He will take
your orders for the same, and have
them ready on time, in the latest styles
at reasonable rates.
-The P. &. M. folks have another En
gine almost doue and have refitted and
repaired coach No. G till she looks like
a Director's Car. Wo feel almost
afraid to sit on the handsome, puffed
up, new cushions as we journey to the
Junction and back.
We hate to tell it but they knocked
her hind sights off Monday night, since
we wrote the above.
The Regular communication of
Plattsmouth Lodge No. 6. A. F. and
A. M. will be held at their Hall on
Monday evening December ICth, 1S78,
at which time the annual Election of
officers will take place, a full attend
ance of the members is requested.
Transient brethren are fraternally in
vited to visit the Lodge.
Ty order of the W. M.
J5, IT. Vwir; r.' ir. Secretary.
E. B. Lewi3 has been spending
Thanksgiving week in Plattsmouth.
Charley Pinkham's Ball at South
Bend turned out a success. Forty
tickets were sold.
Eddie Cagney, of the State National
Bank at Lincoln, visited our city and
his friends last weeu.
Judge O'Donahue sees the TIi:kali
and goes one six months better on us,
and the Judge has lots of business too,
these days.
Miss Martin, of Bellevue, who came
down to spend Thanksgiving with her
friends in Plattsmouth, returned home
on Monday last.
Hon Moses Stocking was in town
last week, ho wanU us to come up
and get a wagon load of (Ireenbacks in
Saunders County.
Doctor M. M. Butler, of Weeping
Water called at the Heuald oilk-e
Friday last, trimmed up so nice Ave
hardly knew him.
T. D. Dudley, miller, at Weeping Wa
ter, was in town Tuesday, looking as
floury not (llowery) as any other man
ufacturer of the staff of life.
Misses Dakin. Bennett and Dur.dy,
from Brownell Hall, returned on Sat
urday afternoon, accompanied by sev
eral friends as far as the Junction.
Ceo. Smith couldn't get a Turkey for
Thanksgiving and so ruined a butcher
shop down town on chickens alle
same he ought to be thankful for
Isaac Tolland of Greenwood and Mr.
Thornton of the same place were in
town Friday and Saturday of last
week. Both gentlemen are looking
well and feeling happy we opino.
Mr. John Edmonds, of Three Groves,
returned yesterday morning from
Schoolcraft, Michigan, where has been
settling up the estate and accounts left
by the sudden death of his Father.
He reports business a. rather dull in
Daniel Wheeler, Jr., Cadet and Cor
poral (so says the Itepublican) came
home to spend Thanksgiving we were
going to hay with the old folks, but
from what the IIkkald saw with one
eye, we will change that and say the
younj L no people.
Col. Messmore, a brcther-in-Iaw of
Mr. Vivian, and Editor of the Daily
Democrat, at Grand Kapids, Michigan,
has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Vivian,
this wee!.'. The Col. thinks he has one
of the best papers in Michigan and
makes it red hot for all that oppose
him. Personally ho is a fine looking
gentleman of the old school and al
though he crossed the Missouri on a
raft forty years ago, he can dis
count the boys at hard work, fun or
business to this dav.
And as Young a Ever.
i:itn:t:A v tahty.
The Heualm was tin pleased recip
ient of a hug" s'ics of birthday cke
from the hands of Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Parmele on Tuesday. It sjonu that
Monday was the 50th birth lay of Mr.
C. II. Parnuda on which he had the
pleasure of seeing ail his family, ex
cept his daughter Myrtle. g-iLhered
about his board. Such reunions must i e
very pleasant and when a m:i looking
as young as brother Parmele can say
I have just celebrated my fiftieth birth
day and say it with the laugh anil spar
kle and vigor of thirty it is still more
encouraging, fr his friends may well
hopa that ho will see the other half of
the century, or if not, como so near it
that I he rest of us who are younger
but not so good looking may well des
pair of catching up witli a man like
that even in fifty years more.
A span of horses btdonging to
somo farmer became frightened about
I o'clock Monday, and started some
where on Gil Street, ran around Shan
non's house and across 4th Street
bridge, then up Main Street. Will Viv
ian, on seeing the team coming, turned
his mules down into Waterman's lum
ber yard, to get out of the way. The
" runners" turned also, and catching up
with the mules, sin ashed the rear end
of Will's wagon box with the tongue.
No other damage was done. The
horses were caught by Doc. Jones and
driven out on Main Street where the
owner once more took possession.
a fine White Setter Dog with brown
spots, about one third brown. Knows
his name Fido any information
that will lead to recovery of said Dog
w ill be suitably rewarded.
at Tewksbury mill, Weeping Water.
37t3 '
Marshal Murphy captured four
professional thieves at Bock Point on
Sunday last. They borrowed a Gov
ernment boat at Omaha and when tak
en seemed to be well fixed for a long
voyage. On searching them a full set
of burglar's tools were found and each
one of them had a long knife. the only
arms in their possession.
Deputy Sheriff Grebe came down
from Omaha Monday and took 'em
home. As they rode up handcuffed,
two and two, they were objects of
great curiosity to all the women and
children, besides several grown men,
who supposed they weie desperadoes
from Afghan.
First find time take Notice.
It is now nearly aix months since I
went out of the Store- and general mer
chandise business. Many of those ac
counts me not paid yet. 1 must have
these accounts Settled and the books
of that concern closed by th 1st of
January next. Friends please come up
and settle this month; for all old ac
counts unpaid on January 1st, 1S79
will sorely be placed in Collector's
hand-i :nd collected at th debtor's ex
pense. .;:t3 V, Wr.fKnACii.
Huiple, Cheap and Effective.
Every man with a two story or more
house can afford to secure his family
from being caught tip stairs with the
stairway oh fire. Can be put in oper
ation in live minutes aud on emptying
one room can be changed to another
side of the house in five minutes or
less. Teritory for sale on liberal
terms. Apply to James Pettee,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
The above Fire Escape has been ex
amined by many of our business men
and pronounced in every way perfect,
and adapted to the saving of life in
case of sudden fires. It should meet
with ready sale aud in fact no large
buildings should be without one of
these lire escapes.
Prof. Cooic's Entertainment.
Prof. Cooke, the world renowned ex
poser of all Spiritualistic Shams, gave
an entertainment at Fitzgerald Hall
on Friday and Saturday evenings last.
The IIehald attended on Saturday
and was much interested in the exhi
bition. Prof. C. uses no clap-trap,
makes no elaborate motions, neither
sighs nor groans, but tells what ho is
about to do in a straight forward man
ner that wius respect. Of course we
have all seen the exposa of untying
the ropes, and the cabinet tricks are so
old that no one believes now that spir
its ever had anything to do with the
manifestations, yet it is always inter
esting to the younger ones and to all
who have never seen them explained
or who do not remember the furore of
spiritualism that swept over the coun
try twelve or fifteen years ago when
the Davenports were in their glory.
Aside from this however Prof. Cooko
has with him a Yery wonderful person,
Miss Crawford, a Clairvoyant of great
power. A dozen to twenty questions
were written on paper and shown to
no one but kept in the writer's pocket
and she answered every one correctly.
A Lady asked if she should remain in
Plattsmouth and was answered: "No
she would leave permanently." A man
asked" If his job would last all win
ter" and was answered, " yes."
This Editor wrote the following
question: " What will you taka for the
House? Mr. Young, the only person
who saw it beside ourself, suggested
that it was a rough question, (owing
to the Ball Thanksgiving and two other
performances the same n eck, the Ik. use
was not a good as it should h tve been.)
We crossed this quetioi. out and wrote
this "Where do you play to morrow ?"
without ever thinking of "to-m irrow's"
being Sunday. Miss Crawford answer
ed both questions, the ilrsi. which you
may say we did not intend to ask, by
saying they would " take expoine. for
the house," which they well might; and
the second by saying: " 1 ee ourselves."
" What are we doiug'r" said tin Pro
fef soi1. " Nothing, w e do'.t play on
Sunday go to chi rcV Sunday evei rig."
How she does this Mr. Cook does not
tell in and we can all guess a3 wo
please, call it Psychology, Mesmerism,
uxtremu sensibility, what you like, it
is very wonderful and well worth go
ing to see.
Eve::y once in a while it clouds up
in the afternoon and every body says:
'Well, it's going to snow to-morrow,
our nice weather is at an end at last."
But to-morrow looms up a3 bright and
cheerful ;is ever,. Just think of such
a Thanksgiving elay, and here we are
the 5ih of Dec. 1S7S, and no frost, sun
shining, overcoats at a discount, and
the chickens all thinking it i3 spring
and they must begin to lay.
Some wag started the story that dur
ing the planetary disturbances of the
past year the earth was 'thrown 300
miles farther south," (?) (if any one can
tell where south is after we leave this
little ball) and that accounts for our
warm weather, aud that we are not
going to have any more hard winters.
Lots of folks believe this. The Heu
ald is skeptical, however. We will
have plenty of snow before spring, so
get your sleighs ready.
In Chicago and on the lakes, we seo
the inspectors and light-house keepers
have declared " navigation closed" two
or three timc3, but she won't stay
closed, and cargoes of grain and other
stuff are being shipped daily, much to
their disgust, as they want to lay up
for the winter. They used to try and
make us believe when wo were young
that almost everything that was nice
was naughty, in fact they got up a
proverb, "It's naughty but it's nice."
Now, such weather as this is just nice
not "splendid" but nice, and. the
sourest old bigot can't say there is any
thing naughty about it, for it is not
even " lingering in the lap of ispiing,"
but stands erect on its own merits and
shakes its chubby fist at old winter,
daring the old Intidcl to come on Mac
duff. The email boy who bade good-by to
Sunday school just after the picnic is
now making a desperate effort to re
gain standing in time for the com
ing Christmas tree.-New Haven lleg
ister. Old Santa Clam has made his
pearance and established his headquar
ters at Chapman & Smith's, and went
on his way rejoicing, to return again
and appear on the streets on Christmas
day for C. & S. Come one, come all
and see what he has left atC.&S. The
largest and finest line of Holiday pres
ents for old and young. 3Ct4tf
Those wishing Oysters can obtain
them by the can or disli. of the best
brands, cheap, at Henry Thierolfs.two
doors cast of the P. O. 34tf
will tturlns the TToi-ioAyg dUpnst of loo
PIAMOS ! OKilANS. at Kxtraonlinary low pri
ces for r:th. SPLENDID OUT! A N3 2 3-5 set t of
ree.l $&. 3 sett with Kuti Bass and Coupler
Sw. t pts H. s fifct 50. 1 set $3.'. T Octavo all
UOSEWOOP riANO$S130. 71-.tio $U0. war
ranted tor six years. AUKNTS WANTED. II
Icstrate'l Oafnloeno Mailed. Music at half
vric. UORACK WATEKS & RS. Man frs. &
1 balers, lv i- I ith., M.. N. V, 3714
Importers and retailers of
031 All A, NEB.
Offer the most attractive Fall and Win
ter stock ever shown in Nebraska.
Guiuets Black Silks of our ow n impor
tation, 1.00 to $:J.OO. Silk and Wool
Dress Goods. Black and colored Cash
meres 50c to 1.50.
We have largely increased this de
partment and will duplicate eastern
prices. Beaver Cloaks from $2.30 to
40.00. Matelasse Cloaks from 5.00
to $50.00. Cloaks or Circulars will be
sent on approval to responsible parties.
Ladies in tlit habit of send inj East for
Goods are jmrticularly requested
to yice tis a trial.
83tf. A. Ckuicksiiank & Co.
For Sale or Trade. A Bargain.
Eighty acres of choice farming laud,
partly under cultivation. Inquire at
this office A rare chance. oGt3
For Sale.
A part Clay mare, 5 years old. Is
kind every way. For sale cheap or to
trade for smaller horse to mate
another. Inquire at IIehald office.
To Kent.
Forty acres of Land within three
miles of town, and a pair of horses to
sell with the same -on time if desired.
Inquire at the Heuald otlice. 3tit4
Our new Dentist, Dr. Clutter, is
meeting with well merited success.
Having a thorough knowledge of his
profession, backed by an active expe
rience of over ten years, lie can guar
antee perfect satisfaction in all opera
tions. Those wishing dental work
should call on him. SGt2
The undersigned respectfully an
nounces to the people of Plattsmouth
and Cass County that he is now receiv
ing the finest and best selected stock
of goods for the Holidays that ever has
been displayed in this city, consisting
of gold and silver watches, fine jewelry,
clocks, silverware, spectacles, pocket
knives and razors, fancy goods, music
al instruments and toys; wliieli will be
sold ery cheap. Thanking my friends
and customers for past favors, I Hatter
myself that the old standby will not
be forgotten. Come one, come nil, no
trouble to shoiv goods. Respectfully,
oCtl Jos. SciiLATLK, Jeweler.
Apples for Sale.
flood apples can be had at the Lx
press Oiiii-c for S- 2 per barrel, apply
at to Capt. L. D. 15i-:xxETT.33t2
Cheaper than the Cheapest,
Ntc?r Undersold
in Hoots and Siioes at Mkuges. 31tf
Horse for Sale.
One bav mare four years old for sale.
Time will bo triven. Apply to Mal
daucr & Herrmann. 3Uf
Uemembcr that for boots and shoes
Rockwell cannot be beat in price. He
has a large assortment. 2tf.
See E. O. Dovey Jfc Son s assortment
of Lady's cloaks before purchasing
a ...
F.S.White is looking for another
car load of those fine. Michigan apple's.
Don't fail to be on hand. 34tf
Beljioxt. Cass Co. Neb- Nov. 18, "78.
Ed. Heuald: Dear Sir I hereby
notify the public against purchasing
any paper or papers against me held
by the Iowa Central Iron fence Co., of
Marshalltow n, Iowa, or any person or
persons claiming to represent said com
pany ; said paper or paperjj bear date
Nov. 13th, 1ST8.
C5U O. W. Swaktz.
A nice assortment
Cs.shmcres, American
of RepeU?-nts
Dress (loods,
Ties. 11 nebing, Silk Handkerchiefs,
Scarfs. Ladies and Children's Hosiery,
Feit Skirts, &c, &c, at
E. G. Dovey & Sox's
K.3 5'l I'.KI KEl! ST..X. Y
Mannfift ur m of strict -
lr first-class i'i;inns. sell direct to lainilios
from our own Factory at lowest w holesale pi I
cf. Ht':iiit if ul new 7l3 Octave. Koecwomt Pi
ano. Sent on trial. Thousand" in ii"e. Heavy
discount t' c.ih liuvers. DON'T buy until you
read our Catalogue. It will iuUreat you Mad
ed free. 3-V.8
Rockwell has a full lino of Grocer
ies. 2Stf.
A fine
assortment of Blankets at
E. G. Dovey & Sox's.
Rockwell, of Louisville, has just fin
ished his new store, 23x3.1, which he
has full of new goods. Re sure and
give him a call we know you will
buy if vou do, for he sells very cheap.
Fort Sale. A wire plant stand
with trellis, at a bargain. Inquire at
the Herald cflice.
Boots and Siioes Cheap,
call and examine prices at
31tf Mekgcs'.
Ladies, Gents and Children's Under
wear, Cotton Flannels, Red Flannels,
Linsey and Jeans, at
E. G. Dovey & Son's.
by buying
Sltf at Merges'.
Rockwell keeps hardware and
queensware. and by Jove he keeps ma
chine oils too.; and I declare, he. keeps
patent medicines also, so there is no
use of staying sick. 28tf.
Good second-hand ohoaxs and melo
deoxs for sale or rent low. Leave ad
dress at Mr.O. F. Johnson's Drugstore
cor Cth and Main Sts.
James Pettee,
9tf. Dealer in Musical Instruments.
Rockwell has just received nine
chests of clioice teas, which he sells at
from 25cts to SI per pound. The best
bargain in teas you ever saw. 23tf.
We see that Merges got the premium
again at the .State Fair on his own
work for beauty and durability. He
really does make fine and good work.
Yon mast Cure that Congh.
With Shiloh's Consumption Cure, you
can cure yourself. It has established
the fact that Consumption can be
cured, while for Coughs, Eronchitis,
Whooping Cough, Asthma, and all dis
eases of Throat and Lungs, it is abso
lutely without an equal, Two doses
will relieve your child of Croup, it is
pleasant to take and perfectly harmless
to the youngest child, and no mother
can afford to be without it. You can
use two thirds of a bottle and if what
we say is not true we will refund the
price paid. J rice 10 cis. i; c;s, ana
$1,00 per bottle. If your Lungs are
sore or chest or back laine use Shiloh's
Porous Plaster. Sold by Chapman &
mith, Druggists.
Have you Dyspepsia, are you Consti
pated, have vou a Yellow skin, Loss
of Apptite, Ilead Ache, if so don't fail
ZER. It is guaranteed to relieve you,
and will you continue to suffer when
you can be cured on such terms as
these. Price 10 cts. aud 75 cts. Sold by
Chapman fc Smith. Druggists.
Well's Persian Pert time "11 ACKME-
TACK" is rich and fragrant, try it.
Sold by Chapman & Smith, Druggists,
Plattsmouth Neb. '31yeow
Caution to Smokers.
From and after the 1st day of May,
1878 all boxes containing cigars of my
manufacture will have my name bold
ly printed on the inside of the lid. This
is to prevent counterleiting my brand
of cigars, with an inferior quality of
cigars, resorted to by some unprinci
pled manufacturers. ona are genu
ine unless plainly labeled:
J ULIl S PE PEE 1 : 15 U KG,
Plattsmouth. - - - Nebraska.
A Remarkable Kestilt.
Tf. makes no difference how manv
Physicians, or how much medicine you
have tried, it is now an estauiisneu
fact that German Syrup is the only
remedy which has given complete sat
isfaction in severe cases of Lung Di
seases. It is true there are yet inous
ands of persons who are predisposed
to Throat and Lung Affections, ton-
sumption. Hemorrhages, Asthma, Se
vere Colds settled on the breast, rneu
monia, Whooping Cough, &c, who have
no personal knowledge of lioschee?
ernian Svrtin. To such we would say
that 50,000 dozen were sold last year
without one complaint. Consumptives
trvjust one bottle. Regular size 75
cents. Sold by all Druggists in Amer
ica. 2'Jlyeow
Rockwell has the neatest assortment
of ladv's dress Roods ever brought to
town. 13e sure and see them before
the assortment is broke. They are go
ing off fast. 28tf.
T'lli-ty or the 1!st or.r:m mailers or tl;n
World arc co.'inicl iioid :;t the Paris I :x;o.-,itiou.
a cable dispatch to tin; Ass iciuled Press s:iys
two highest t'old mcitals h.ivc been awarded to
the Aiiieiicaii makers, .Mason & Hamlin.
The Atlanta fja., Constitution,
Recently published a long account, of
the destructiveness of the "bherman
Rat" which is ? to -1 times as large as
the Northern Rat. On the 17th of
Sep. ember. 1877. the Manager of this
celebrated paper having tried Centen
nial Rat Exterminator says: Gentle
men your "Pien Stuff'! knocks "Sher
man Rats, stilt and cold.
OsAdE, Io wa, Dec. 20, 1377.
Star Manufacturing Company, Fort
Madison, Iowa; Gentlemen: The Cen
tennial rat poison, received last Mon
day. We have given three doses. On
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
nights, and we verily believe there is
not a rat or mouse left. The saw mill,
feed, custom and merchant's mills were
full of thrni. as were also our houses,
cooper shops, barns and hog pens.
Sir.ce giving them the poison they have
been running round as "crazy as loons"
and the river bank is line with dead
rats, in fact it has created a terrible
commotion among them and they have
all left, thanks to the '-Centennial Rat
Exterminator." each box of which is
worth a twenty dollar bill. We will
see our druggists and have them send
for it. Thanks, thanks. Very respect
fully. E. M. Rkitts, & Co.
This great economizer for property
holders, farmers, et cl., is for sale by
druggists and general dealers every
where. Price 25 cents, large cans $1,00
Pension Papers.
Those wanting pension papers ac
knowledged will please remember that
J. R. Toman, Notary Public, Louisville,
ha3 a certificate of the county Clerk
filed with the IT. S. pension Agent and
can attend to all such business. 52tf
Jnst Received
At Rockwell's, a very lull line of Mil
linery goods of the very latest styles,
such as llowers, ribbons, plumes and
tips, silks, velvets, lady's ties, bonnets
and hats, and many other little novel
ties that cannot be had at any other
place in town. 28tf.
"German Syrup."
No other medicine in the world has
ever given such a test of its curative
qualities as Eoschee's German Syrup.
In tw o years three million four hundred
thousand small bottles of this medicine
were distributed free of charye by
Druggists in this country to theise af
flicted with Consumption, Asthma,
Croup, severe Coughs, Pneumonia, and
other disease of the Throat and Lungs,
giving the American people undeniable
proof that German Syrup will cure
them. The result lias been that Drug
gists in every town and village in tho
United States are recommending it to
their customers. Go to your Druggist,
and ask what thev know about it. Sam
ple bottles 10 cents. Regular size 75
cents. Three doses will relieve any
case. 38tf-alt
rJ 1 ferS. P"j l're;rii "" Free i
P ttlE7 i fci W. w i wno will ,g.rd to pa;
1 1. w1i.ii ft new rrowuiul ilslr.WMsker or lualftcbea
rtuHT priMncd.
r ,.iflor-oa a Co., 3 CT 171 too. Flaoo, Hew York.
From Dark to Dawn.
In this new volume the pouular Author of
Siuht S k.vfs in the P.n.i.K jiorlrayn with
vivid and thrilling force the events of Sacred
Truth, and add troll testimony to the beauty,
pathos and sublimity of the Stories of the Ilible.
Agents will lind this Hook with Its spnrklin
thought, beautiful engraving-, and rich blud-iny"-,
the l.Bt In tho market.
ncuiniifndd by leading thinker and writer
SclUutSioht. Mukes:i inaguiticent Holiday
I'resont. Steady work and ood inr lor
Atientc teacher. Student. Minister., ioun
Men or Women, For Circulars, terms, &e., ad
dress. .1. C.Mo(TKIV A CO.. Inlliliers.
Piiihulelphia j Cincinnati. O. ; Chicja, lib ; St,
Iaiuis, Mo. 35U
Q nOfk fi fi worth of Faum Prodivk
l5).UUO,tn "alone can be saved by using
Centennial Hat Erterini&uui. 2it
Rockwell keeps clothing and gent's
underwear. 2stf.
Wanted: "Work in a printing of
fice in this State. Have yorked two
years at the trade. Address E. May
field, Plattsmouth, Neb. 31U
" The New Party."
Just arrived from the East and the
"old settler" in the west, find that the
old Eastern medicines do not relieve
the diseases incident to this new West
ern climate. The verdict of every
family using Ilrown'n Vegetable
Liver INIls, is that they have no
equal fur relieving constipation, sick
headache aud biliousness, aud that
Ciireka .iRue- IMMs nicer fail lo
cure the chills when taken as directed.
IlrownN Catigli Jialsnm, for
coughs, colds, and lung affections, con
tains no stupefying opiates, but re
lieves by soothing the irritated parts,
and producing easy, gentle expectora
tion. Hi-own's Tar Troc hes, arc val
uable to public speakers and singers,
and all adlicted with sore throat and
I S row 11 N A rill en. Salve stands
without a rival for removing iullama
t ion and l ealing old sores, ulcers and
Saisaparllla. Ea miction and
Iodine of'Eo.assf the kingof
reme'dies for blooil, liver, and skin dis
eases. For sale by Dr. W. E. Donelan,
Chapman & Smith, J. II. Euttery and
15tf Piattsmouth, Neb.
Sheriff's Sale.
. P.v virtue of a det ive roi.dcred at the St'idem
hcr adjonrncil n-nii of the PNtiiet 1 01 lit within
and fri'.is bounty, Nebraska, and to i:ie di
rected. I vi ill on the f.lh dav of January. A. i.
1HH. at 10 o'clock. A. M. of iald day. at the smith
door of t lie Court ll.uise in said e'oui.ty. m-11 at
i.iil-.litt .iMi'imi til. fnllitivii' if l't'-.t ilitlp to Wit
The cuual undivided one-third V, juit of the
out h-west quarter Ci) ol sectinu fit teen tIM.
town twelve il'Ji, north of r:mt;e twelve (l'i.
ea;-t of the 6th 1. M. : the same being levied
upon and taken as llie property of Henry Mie
singcr, defendant ; to sati-dy judgment of ..aid
Court, recovered ly Wiiliani 1 ltt. plaiulitT.
PUttsiuuuth. Neb.. Dec. A. I. 178.
3.-15 It. W. 11 VERS.
Sheriff C'.v-s Co., Neb.
Probate Notioe.
In tho matter of the est.ite of Hiram Hogan.
dee'd. In Co. Court ot Co., Neb.
Upon reading and filing the duly verified
tiliou of Harvey Hujjaii praying that adminis
tration of t!ie estate of Ilirain Hogan may be
granted to him : Ordered, that notice of t lie
"pendency ot aid cause lie published in the Ne
bruska Hk.iw l.i. :i weekly newspaper piinted
and published and in gi;iienil circulation in said
county, and that the hearing of raid taiue, be
t for the 2-"rd day of December A. J. IS7S. at
3 o'clock P. iM. on said dav, at the ofllcc of the
Co. Judge, at Plat turnout 1. In said county, at
w hich time and place all person" Interested may
appear and id low cause, if any they have, why
miiiiintKtratlou of said estate should not be
granted to the unid Harvey Ilouu acvordiiii; lo
the prayer of said petition.
Co. Judge.
' L- -13
Probate Notice.
In the matlerof the Estate of James II. Tucker,
lev:'u. lit Co. Court ul Cass County, Ncbrw
ku. Upon reading mid filing the duly verified pe
tition ot A. C. fucker, praying that ad nni Mira
tion of the eilateof James H. Tucker, deceased.
nuiv bo grunted to Saiah K. lucker aim pe
titioner : Ordered tha' notice of the pendency
0: said cr.ue be published in the Nebraska
II krai.I). a wce.V.iv licwsnaner. printed anil
published, and In general circulation in said
countv. and that the hearing of aid caue bo
set lor the 201I1 day of December, A. D. 1".8, at
ono o eiocK r. yi. on said nay, ai uie unic m
the Countv Jtidga in Plattsmouth ; at which
time and place all persona interested may ap
pear and show caue. if any they have, why
adriiinbtration of aid estate should not be
granted to the mid Sarah H. Tucker and A. C.
luekor, according to the prayer of said peti
tion. A. N. SULLIVAN.
Cuuuty Ju iso.
Chattel Mortgage Sale.
Notice in Lerrby given that default having
been made in the pavmcut of a certain note and
chattel mortgage made and duly executed by
S. W. 'West to Robert T. Maxwell, bearing date
.ugust V, 1S77. and filed in the oflica ol the
County Clerk of Cass County. Nebraska, on the
Hit h day ct August. 1ST7. and in said mortgage
tUe said S. V . West did sell and mortgage to
said Holiert T. Maxwell one marc, gray color,
eleven veais old. blind in right eye. 'Iliat af
terwards, and before faid note and mortgage
became duo and pavable, to wit., about the 1st
day of October. l."77. said R. T. Maxwell, for a
full and valuable comdderuttoii; sold nd trans
ferred faid note nnd mortgage to J. M. Patter
son, and mere is now duu 011 tcitd note and
mortgage the Mini of SM.L'i. Now, therefore, by
virtue of the power of sale contained in said
mortgiige. 1 will proceed to e!l said maro at
public a.iction to the highett bidder for cash,
at ti-.e hour of It o'clock a. m. on tliepsih day of
December. 17S. at the front door of Keed Pro's
store in the tow u of Wecpi'ig U'atcr. Cans Coun
ty. Nebraska, to s::t;siv said debt and interest
and cobts.
JA.Mh.SM. l A 1 i i- K-o.,
Assignee of Robert T. Maxwc!
Sheriffs Sale.
Vv virtue of an order if sale issued by V;.i.
L. Ve;i.s, Clerk 01 the District Court, wimin and
tor Ca:-s Count v Nebraska, und to luo directed,
1 will on the -'sib dav of December. A." D. ls7S,
at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day. at the south door
of the Court lloae. in uid county, scil ai pub
lie am tion the following rual est.ite lo-wit :
The north-east iptirter ( W of section thirty (')
township twelve 1 1J) range thirteen (13) ca-t ;th
P. M. in Cass County, Nebraska. The same be
ing levied upon and"taken as the property of
Henry Snyder aud Nancy C. Snyder, defend
ants : to satlsfv a judgment of said Com t recov
ered bv O. II. iteighard, plaintiff.
Plattmouth, Neb., Nov. istli. A. D. 178. 11. V. HYKU8, Sheriff.
Probate Notice.
In the matter of the estate of Charles II. Wins
low, deecasei". In County Court of Casa
County, Nebraska.
Upon reading and filing the duly verified pe
tition of Sarah M. W'inslow. praying that ad
ministration of the estate of her deceased bus
band, Charles H. Vinlov, may be granted to
her: Ordered that notice of the pendency of
said tuii ic be published in the Nebraska IlKtt
ai.k. a weekly newspaper printed and publish
ed and iu general circulation in said county, for
three consecutive w eeks. and that aid cause be
set for he.irim;::t the oilice of County Judge at
Plattsmouth. In said County, at at one o'clock
p. in. on the 4th day of December. A, U. 17;. i:t
which time and place all persons interested may
appear and show cause, if any they have, why
administration of said estate should not be
granted to the said Sarah M. Winslow accord
ing to the prayer of said petition.
.J A. N. Sl'l.I.I VAX
r t County JitJge.
Administrator's Sale.
Notice is hereby given that I E. 1. Dovey,
in pursuance of an order f the District
Court of Cat-s County. Nebraska, will sell at
Public vendue at the "front door of the Court
House at Plattsmouth. Cass County. Nebraska,
ontliTl.'th dav of December. A. 1). p'78. at t
o'clock. P. M.. l he following described real es
tate to-wit: Kast half of lot one I in Plock
tliirt v-three CXM one Prick store ana tv.enty
t wo ('-Til feet front, on Main street. :;iijdniug
Jlenrv Itoeck's store, laying across iots , 0 and
10 in block (31;. lis feet on -Slain Street, laying
across lots K, 9 and lo in block (.11), one house
and twenty-two (jj) feet f 101 t on Main street
laving across lots aod 7 in block (31 ) north half
of" let 5 in block (3! ). lots 7, K. !'. 10. It and 12 in
bloc! CJCr.i. all in the city r.f Plattsmouth a
shown by the recorded pla't.'of said City. AIs
lots k. -j and 10 in block m, in Thompson's Addi
tion to the city of Plattsmouth. Also the. tuit
half of North e;ist quarter tf section No. St
township 13 north range 12 cast f u 1'. M.. ail
in Cass County, Nebraska. The terms ol said
sale will be as follows: The purchaser shall
pay one fourth cash in hand, one fourth In six
mouths, one fourth in twelve months, aud oi;e
fourth in eighteen months from dale of sue, t lie
purchaser shall iriva bis uotii drawing 12 pr
cent ii-.terest from tin; dates thereof, secured by
a mortgage upon the real estate so sold for the
deferred pavment. Said sal w ill be held open
for one hour, from two o'c-Ioti until three,
o'clock p. m., of the same dav.
K. (I. Oovkv.
Adm'r. of theestatof H. Aiiiiji, dee'd.
Wholesale and Uetail Dealers ia
Man. street. Coiner of Fifih,
Still Better Rates for Lumber.
Matt Si &MIkci3tl ? that they are prepared, to fundsii all kinds .f
Ai Wholesale or Ketnil I
Hoqs Killed and Packed
v o.v com 3il as la .v.
HARBat WliQlesalQ and Retail
Iiv:M to HOTELS.
SIIOI Xoitli sitlc Main, Hctwocn 4th ami ."Vih Stiix-is.
O'lTeill & Marthis,
You Want I PRICE
I Your Wife J
I Wants It. I"
JJJ Better Uinn tver.
Suit o llain, JYactieal, lUituiblr, gj
Spaying information t
for Wert, Kt. South. North. For every Ownrr
C of C'stile, Horse, btivi-p. f-winc, or Kahm, K
Oaiilcu,or Vtlli' Let: iureT-ry llousvktn-pcr ;
Mr lor all lluj uud Girl;
J both PlfMlnv iin't lrmtrucllve. LjJ
. All luu Uove, ud xuurv, Ul Ihu y
WVol. S3. From A'otc up to 1S?0, pott free, VS7i
Only $1 Each,
iijj to Clubs of fen or wore. kJ
5 ronton. tJM eeh ; 4 cop(. f t .75 enrh. Plnirlo JS
gBUlwciiiition. tlVl. t-incli' iiiiiiiImts la cut. Wm
One 6ic.iuin, put-fre, luc
Jj to tboso ecnillng Club of Subscriber. JjJ
S Issued ia English & Ccnnin nt same Price. g
Trylt-You'H 1.1k It-It Will PAY. S
1 Children I company. (Everybody,
en I
.Want It
Fublttker; H
BronrtwsT. N. .
East ot I'lattc Valloy House.
In the Town.
Good Ti-atns Aluutys on Hand.
Careful Drivers sent with car
riages if desired.
I'liniai si-tit to Demt to lnri't kll tiuiini
w!u'ii-vcr :rilficil.
I'mifi .is att'inliil and can-ini-s fnrnl-ilu'd to
tlit ii'ls. AiliiK-ss, J. VV. MIAN NON.
42 -iy rilatt.M:i.)!itli. !rb
ItK.Vl.tU IX
Drugsi Medicines?
All Paper Trimmed Free of
Stationery, Magazines,
Latest rublirations.
Prescription CareAillj' C oiupoinnletl
by an Uxnerienrrd UmscUt.
Harness 'Manufacturers,
and all kinds of harness stork, constantly mi
IJf'innilr tk. i:ice oi'iwsite K. J. Duvfj's
on Lowe r Mhin street.
Shsnandcali lTurseries,
Mr. Kin: desires to thank his old ta
trons for their favors the past season
and to state that he will Le hi-ie about
tho Holidays with a full supply of
lie earnestly solicits your patronage
for the future; relying on the reputa
tion of the past. These nurseries are
near you, the stock is acclimated J'.nd
does better, ('all and see. Mr. Kiiig
will canvass Sarpy County a.s well a
Cass. Ueiiierxiber tho naiiie and the
place. ZitVi
s c lu iti-.uuuo "!. MirLlH.TiHlmlir'laVni
jj J tJtuiam, A. COLLI tU &, CO, luuw,
! 5"X!L",t"i wiri'Jfir.Fre wiih-vcryoriler. Cl'tt- j
i VTViitute. J.i.&ftjlor4&,tx,.4.- -sUl. 4
Corn Planters, Cultivators,
Sulky Plows,
are now " oil" but I still Lave tho
Harrison Wagon,
the best auil cheapest wagon In tho
market by all cxlds.
Spring Wagons,
HtiLjgirs. and Throe-Seated Wagons;
and the world renowned Courtlauil
I'latforni Spilng "ago0
for all kind.H of
Agricultural Implements
In every variety, and at
I led Hock Prices.
Mowers Sulky rake.s and allkinda
of U:ikt?, Eoik.i, etc., etc.
Now is the time to Buy
52tf I'latlsinouth, Nebraska
zeosoisr, mass.
am i Tin:
Boston PublicSchools,
Mass. State Normal
The New England Conser
vatory of Music Ex
clusively, TW!0 AWARDS DECREEfl
KY Tin:
Philadolphia Exhibition 76
No utlier l'uno Kurtf liouso, witli oiia excop
io:i, received itiere tlian one.
Dm iHy tit. C(n;irt SV.o of 1S10, '77
tliesi- I'iatiOM wero me il in ISoHtun and vicinity
in limn? tli.ii A inwrt?.
The .iiwii f 1S77 ami 'n itoiiiIsc a stllli
treul:r nimber to be aUd'-d to tbe lit.
Notices ol on certs.
"Keinarkalile (or It. partly, rie!ine and ev-.
euiiestf o( tone." I'stoii .Id'uriuil.
"No fjcli kiiKtruuirnli liitr t-u h-ar(I in
Iiwell eoiicrrt room iK-toic." Lowell (.la.),
L;nly t'itiieu.
"SurrmsM's aiivthiii of th kind pfevtwuslx
Ueurd iu our oily." l-ow4l Vox ropuli.
"liiP(ii.t!l-il l-y tiny tliat liave been ukh1
ur eoacc-rts." Liubvi!lc luily Courier.
lir. lirea :t-ooiuteit af-'ei.t lor Ihrss cetcbratol
Piauo, heuil foe catalogue'
Plattsmouth Neb.