Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, April 26, 1877, Image 2

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S. A. MACMUllPIir.. . .
PLATTSMOUTir, Al'KIL 2C, 1877.
Our Platform.
An- early National Constitutional
, Convention to consider, among other
'liings, the following items:
Six years for President, and no re
flection for one term, at least.
Elect the President and Vie? Presi
dent as nearly ly a direct vote of the
peci'Io as possible.
Elect U. S. Senator by a direct vote
of the people.
Civil Service rules: Appointments
for merit and fitness, (as a rule from
the party in power), no removal during
time of commission- except for deitlic
tion of duty.
Longer terms for State and County
Otficials, fair salaries, and no re-elec
Judge to be created by appointment
and for long terms, only removable for
corrupt practices or incompetency.
"We believe the country needs the
above changes in her organic laws,
and we shall, from time to time, urge
the same ujwm our people. Until we
have more light this is our platform.
Help it along.
The St. Louis Globe is at last satis
lied that Packard has been "abandoned'
by the President, at least it heads its
reports ihusly.
Theodore Tiltox lectured in Lin
coln on Monday evening. lie is on
his way to the Paciiic coast and ac
companied by his daughter Florence.
Frank: Leslil: and wife with a
orps of Iieportcrs and Artists passed
through Omaha last week ia a special
car on their way to San Francisco.
The troops have left the State House
in New Orleans, and our rebel breth
ren are firing guns and showing rings
over a restored Union?
The total sales of the 15. & M. Land
I ept. for March were 202G3 acres for
which they received over 3100,000.
Emigration keeps coming in spite of
grasshoppers and hard times.
We expect in next week's Herald
to set a definite day for the departure
of the Xebrnska Editorial Association
to the "West, to the "West, the land we
will see.
They are making desperate attempts
to organize a Territory out of the Black
Hills. Who'll be Governor? Don't all
speak at once. There are a number of
Nebraska gentlemen out cf "sits." We
"vant a new territory, of course.
The City of Plattsmouth is built on
forty hills (or less) and: we have Gos
pel Hill, Catholic Hill, Episcopal Hill,
School House Hill, and so on, but
Sioux City o'er tops us in names, they
have a "Codfish Hill" there, so says an
ei change.
Thk B. & SI. are about to extend
their road (the Midland) from Seward
to York, 2 j miles, and Charley AIcEn
tec is sharpening scrapers and straight
ening mule harness out for the work.
So far so good; we want some more
Rail Road in ours.
Wheat is $1.C in Chicago. If the
prospect of a general war in Europe
continues it will be i?l.3 here before
long. Corn, too, has jumped up sever
al cents per bushel. If the Hoppers
leave us half or quarter of a crop and
it brings these prices we slnll be far
fro;a a ruined community next spring.
OIj, Brooks!
The administration has got a Pinch
back, the Republican party has got a
pull-back, and the colored people have
got a set-back in Louisiana: and, in
fact, there seems to be a general ten
dency to take the back side cf every
thing the re. Il 2 u blica n .
Keith & Barton, own. rs of a largo
herd of cattle near North Platte, have
sold a third interest for 10,000. These
nien commenced tight years ago with
10') head, and havo sold each year
since huge numbers, clearing in
late years ..0,000.
That's business, grasshoppers can't
tJt iatt!o no for sure.
The II.kuald had the pleasure of
meeting Senator Saunders at Omaha
the other day, for a few moments. The
ortice hunters were after him thick, and
btiii3 modest, and not after anything,
we stepped aside and let them bore
away to their heart's content. How
the Seuator stands it we forgot to ask.
Wk recommend the report of the
Committee on Plows. &c, on the inside.
We always thought liro. Wheeler had
a little of -the Well, pull in hiTu, ai.d
now we know it. As for Hastings
and Granger Dunham; its natural for
them to play horse and plow and soon.
They're used to spectacular shows.
Youxo hoppers, young hoppers, they
hop everywhere;
Old farmers, old farmers, look on with
a scai e;
There are bright days a'coniing, the
hoppers must leave,
And Nebraska, our 'braska, have for
years a reprieve.
"So mote it be."
A wop.D in all kindness to the Presi
dent: In bis next public letter or doc
ument, will he be kind enough to omit
the announcement that what he is
idxiut to do is in accordance with the
principles announced when he entered
upon the duties of the Presidenc"?
"We have read this sentence about tix
limes in as many difTerent letters, or-
uers and interviews In the past month, !
&tA Ye are reluetantlv reminded bv it
of the "ray-policy" phrase which per
meated the utterances of Mr. Johnson.
It is quite possible for a thing to be
right without having been announced
by Air. Hayes when he entered upon
the duties of the Presidency, and it is
quite possible for a thing to be wrong
even inougu sanctioned on Inaugura-
tion day from the eat front of the Cap-
itol.--.SY. Louix Globe.
We have abandoned the South, there
is no rubbing that out. We have
agreed to trust the rights of the freed
laen to the promises of the men from
whom Ave lately conquered a peace.
It is called a "policy," we won't say
whose at present; we shall try as In
gersoll advises, to wait with what pa
tience we may, because there is noth
ing else to do now, but wo betide the
men and the party which may uphold
them if these fair promises are not
It seems? rather hard that Republi
cans must always do all the conciliat
ing, all the giving up, but then modesty
is a rarer virtuo than cheek. Perhaps
we arc laying up treasures in Heaven,
who knows?
Tin-: Cau thinks his patience is ex
hausted, and his grievances too numer
ous to be borne, so he has ordered his
troops across the frontier ; invoking the
blessing of God for his success, he
shouts, let loose the dogs of war, and
we suppose they are loose. On the 21th
the lirst corps of Sappers and Miners
crossed the frontier of Russia at Biste
nack 10,000 strong, bound for the blue
Danube. On the 25t'i 17,000 more
troops followed, and at Pruth o0,000,
one half cavalry and one half infantry.
Turkey stands by her guns, and it is
said England must back her, having
loaned her so much money, or rather
assumed so much of her debt that she
cannot afford to have her Turkey
caught in the paws of the Russian Rear.
The European W ar is a fact, of its du
ration and effect on the history of Eu
rope no man can correctly judge.
Two Large Stores Burned.
sights and scenes.
The largest tire that Omaha h;s ex
perienced in six years took place on
Sunday evening. The full particulars
will be found b'dow. The circumstan
ces of the fire and the scenes accompa
nying it were the most picturesque
which it would be possible to conceive.
About the time the fatal spark was
kindled, a heavy rain-storm came up,
the wind having, about 10 o'clock,
changed from the south (where it had
been two or three' days) to the north
west, bringing up masses of swift black
clouds. The rain, which began gently,
increased to ;i deluge by the time the
fire was well under way, and it was ac
companied by the most brilliant Mash
es of lightning and peals of thunder
the one now and then irradiating even
the name i of the fire, and the other
stilling the sullenjroars of the names.
details of the fikk.
The lire caught in a large frame
building in the rear of Goodman's drug
store, used for storingnrugs, chemicals,
paints, eti. The alarm was given at
about midnight from box 5, No 2 en
gine house, on Tenth street, and a few
minutes later from box 12, Douglas and
Thirteenth streets. The second alarm,
sounded so soon after the first and from
another box, too, aroused every fireman
and property owner within the sound
of tUe bell, for it was evident that the
cause of the alarm was no common
The stores of Goodman, Lehman and
Simpson, were totally destroyed. The
names were stopped on the cast by
Creighton Hall, the west windows be
ing provided with iron shutters, which j
alone saved the large building from de
struction. On the wst, the lire finally
communicated into l II. Sharp's whole
sale leather store, but before the build
ing was entirely destroyed the firemen
had the flames under control.
The stock in Goodman's store was a
total loss, only a very few articles be
ing. saved, 'i he show-cases in Lehman's
pawn shop were removed to places of
safety. A lot of valuable jewels, and
a large amount of money, was taken by
Mr. Lehman out of his safe when he
t- , . , . . , - , . .. , ,
.v,..... .j ........ - ....... ..jv
f eh,- rr.,,-.!,,! p..,ti..b...i I
a inn iiiur iii ii::ii.inirr v ;i 1 in ii;r I
Y V 7 1
information yestenlay that an enamel- j
ed walnut box, containing 840,003 ;
worth of ili.'iiMMids! . ifwclrv. .viv. that
- ' ' !
Mr. Lehman had taken to bed with him j
. . . , . .,.
ami had secre.ed under his pulow, was !
missing, and could not bo found any-;
wi.ere. aiinougn most Hiu-f-nt searco ;
had been made. The gr.-ater portion
,fsi,,nW.swi-.,r ,- v'.i.v-.-,
of Simpson, stock of cig.u., s,o A-ca,-
es, and a valuable pier-glass, A;c, were :
all removed to places of safety. Max
Clever V '., and MeKelbgongot readv
o r.-m,M-D n,r.; ot....r.- i..,f ,. i
.... , . i
wore not compiled to do so. home of !
the merchants near the western line of i
the fire moved out, and moved Lack
again yesterday.
masonic loskks.
Mount Cavalry commander-, Xo. 1,
Knights Templar, and Omaha Chapter
X'o. 1 Itoyal Arch Masons, occupied ih
upper floor of Goodman's and Lehman's
buildimrs. The coniniauderv lost aliout t
lifty suits, valued at from i0 to 150
each; there was an insurance S1.000 on
the furniture and jewels. The books
and records were in a safe. The chap
ter sustained a total loss of their effects,
except their books and records, which
were in another safe. ' The chapter had
let their insurance run out only a short
time ago.
The faro rooms of Dan Allen, over
Simpson's store, and of Godfrey & Hig
gins, over Lehman's, were burned out.
The loss oT each proprietor will be
about 1,000.
This cleans out the old Pioneer Block
built in '5G azzd MT, one of Omaha's old
laud marks. The los-- is about 110,
000; insurance about 80,000, or. one
half. 7?' vvbHi-an.
N9TLS iliO-'I Till: (.'APPAL
1 V:ml.iti"?in :5 1 -:if.,!er
j II. Stevens rode out this Liurnnjj and
called at the executive mans'n and
sent in his card regretting he wis too
lame to leave the carriage to zu-rson-a!ly
pay his respects to the pr-sjident.
The president returned- an an ver he
would 'call on Stevens and lid so,
when Stevens said he was g!a to see
the president pursuing such a course
as would bring together the d:s ordant
elements of the country, and t'-tt all
the president had to do was to perform
his duty to produce that d oiniMe
result. The president said it vas his
purpose as well as duty to purple the
course he deemed best to serve ?io in
terests and harmony of tht tntire
country, thinking the time ha come
when every effort should be mule to
that end. He expressed plea:-ire in
making the acquaintance of S evens,
and that gentleman reciprocal tl this
compliments. Stevens also ca' ed on
Speaker Randall and Clerk Ada us.
Ex Governor Warmoth telegraphs
that Packard will vacate the St. .Louis
hotel directly after the removal t" the
troops to-morrow.
which for some time have b. in in
charge of the military, will be soon
turned over to civil authorities
Xew Orleans. April 23. iLrning
papers will contain the following proc
lamation: By direction of the president f the
United States, troops in the vinity
of the St. Louis hotel and elscvhere
within the limits of thecitv wil. Ve re
moved to their usual barracks a' 12 m.
this day. Th-e welfare of thestr.-es de
mands, and my otlicial honor is ptlged,
that the carrying out of this ord r will
result in no disturbance. In further
ance thereof I request and uru- citi
zens of .Louisiana to pursue thei usual
avocations and to abstain from congre
gating in the neighborhood of tio.fzt.
(Signed j Francis T. Xicno.t.s.
Governor of Louisi. im.
James G. Blaine being enquire of as
to the California statement he
has prepared and intends to inti duee
resolutions at the next session o con
gress, expressing doubts of Air. Hay
es election, and proposing ;f ne- con
sideration of question by a tr'iina!
to consist of the chief justices if; ail
the states, says there is not the f ight
est foundation fur the story. I Have
already telegraphed that it : the
invention of a lunatic or an idiot
matters in the
I- '.A'.'K
hills cot writ v.
Yankton, I). T., April Tl
territorial legislature having so c ring
ed the judh-ial districts as to gi e to
the Blacs Hills two annual term- jf V.
S. courts. United States Att rnev
Pound has been informed by Att rney
Devcns that, owing t tho
cmi'l or,, it J,,,. r.,.- iV,,a. . ..fil,.lIlwm-r1,lo-1,.u.,. .....,,. !.
"" i i i -1 V..1.1., i
uej'aicinents or justices iy me jast
congress, no funds will remain fo pay
ing tne expenses of the court 11 the
Hills fixed for the fourth Jlond; r in
May ; that the term happens to b the
last one in the territory during t!. lis
cal year ending J une tJOth, and lence
that is the one to sfilft-r. Tlie text
term wiil come in Sep. ember, v'lich
will be in the Jnew fiscal year. Phis
will not prevent the holding of Le;tl
courts there and enforcement of rri
torial laws. Judge J3ennett being iow
in the Hills.
European A fairs.
London-, April 25. The Timrs cor
respondent with the Turkish finy
states that 10.00J men from V"i den
have gone to the seal of war, de.-ite
assertion of the Ilussian telegra liic
agency that a perfect understaniing
has been arrived at between ilisia
and Austria relative to eastern at! 5rs.
There can be no manner of doubt 1 1 ut
Austria reserves to itself absolute 2ib
erty of action.
The Russian telegraphic agency le
gram, stated "Sunday evening, says the
porte calls on Servia for leave to o co
py its frontier at Jladora to irct?iit
the passage of Russians.
i'rom Louisiana Ilepablicaus.
Xew Okleans, April 21. The
lowing letter has been forwarded:
J- !
To His Excelkiu-v II. 1J. Haves, res
ident Honored "sir: The tinders iciod
iiepuoiicans 01 joutsiaua iteem u liuji i
dutv to astire vou that, although Hvy !
had hoped and" expected a different a e- j
r- r ..r-. i
suit would have been arrived at m lie
settlement of the Louisiana quesi on
yet they, are satisfied you acted :'or
what in your judgement was promo ve
of the best interests of tlie whole coin-
1- - . . I . . . . 1 I A
v ;uu eoiiseiiu.'iiuy ie.Mieii to
carrv out in iroo-.l tami tie sett err'tit. !
" iii -v-- ii I
ilixii v u lu liic i.aui.i 1:11111 i uiiL '
,l .,,,..l i ll. Vl,.!.,. .s., ...... . . I
- - -
r rec-ogiutiou and support, rely g
,,, t to carv out in good faith its pit --.s i
to tliu ,,(H),T0 o tIlis stiUe. We do ot
understand that you in the sligh;'St
desrree. in t!.i. matter abandon re!a li- i
" . . , , . . :
l.zc.pies, and you desire to j - t
mote th-i interests ol the repuuli in i
?.xyU , ,J(, 1(; rit iia;i:e (,nv;)iing of je !
old " whig party, through which v
ci.r-ri ,n tne expectation tnat you v .ii ;
!!lvo:at our internal improvement n- j
terest iii government aid for lev. ;ts. I
s,,n,tLriJl raiIroa,;s outict t,. !
Mississippi ltivcr, and for si ;h
other public works as are necessary to !
a - "s - r ueveioping rue resources i ,
our siaie iiiiii Lue wnoio conuiry. s
mil the whole
Iviug o:i votir anl and all otiter matt rs
tUl, r to produce p.Mce. ronconl ,fl
prosperity in our state, we will giveco
your administration our cordial s-
John Kay,
II. M. .!ZAi: v
Elukut IJaulti
Louis Iks:iai:ai .
Mr. E. (A. Dovey and Henry loe,
.n n i ...
ooiii wen kiiowii ouuesss men in iii-s
t(wn tr.lJeJ buildiuga and lots m
Main street, last week. Mr. Dovey ve
suppose thinking he got a better lot t
tion, and Mr. Doeck gets a larger bull
ing and better adapted to his peculiar
business as he can load and uulo tl
furniture from the second story at t e
rear of the old Dovey store. Pet r
Hates fixes up the inside work for 2.. .
waut to be an angel," it is just as we I
to keep the preserveu pears on tae tc; ; .
shelf in the pantry. -
... . o.-M if i i i
V, e have iii'0 half scholarship wa -
rant on Hay lies Morca-dile Collet :
which we will sell vtrv cheap. ff. 1
1 - ;
From the Xflaet Hills.
Deadztoop, D.T.April 11, '77.
The following is a list f the names
of the party that left Syracuse for the
Black Hills, Feb. 21st, 177. Geo. W.
AleKee. as wagon master; Win. McKee,
! John T. omas, Charley Peters, James
Fisk, Dick Purler, Walter Loui.vIIeu
I ry Wasman, David Mour, John King,
I'. M. Scott, II. Pound, Albert Thorn,
Wm. Ashton, Geo. Brake, Bill Walter
Woods, James Woods, and S. C. Shirley,
with eleven wagons. Air. AlcICee is a
ood wagon master, and Mr. ilcKee al-
I 3
so had the name of having the best
horse that ever started to the hills, also
the best driver, the best looking, and
most temperate. We were 41 days on
the road, had some bad weather, al
though we had a good time, the boys
would pass away the time around the
camp fire by smokiug and talking un
til bed time, and after they went to bed
by almost freezing some nights. Dead
wood is a lively town, the streets are
crowded from early in the morning un
til late at night, by traders and specu
lators. Citizens experience great in
convenience on account of the demand
for lumber. The two saw mills now
running night and day cannot fill Hie
orders, which are dated so far ahead as
impossible to reckon.
The hills is a good place to make
money, but it is going to be overdone
this summer, in fact is now. People
are flocking in from all directions. I
would advise all people coming to the
Iliils to bring money enough to keep
them awhile. S. C. S.
Auotlipr Letter.
Deadwood, I). T., April 13, '77.
Deak Sin. I have delayed writing
you for two reasons. 1st, I could not
get but a limited amount of postage
stamps for love or money; 5M, I want
ed to get thoroughly posted so as to
write inieiligibly.aud knowingly. This
is all kinds of a country; there is an
abundance of timber (pine), the graz
ing around the foot bills is good, and
alonsr some of the streams fond roM
.... ii , . ,
1 he gold region here is calculated to
a new comer; and after five
weeks of close inquiry and ntrsona! ob
servation, I have cl.angvd my first ini
pressions considerably. Titei e is about
.ix mil3 square, or one township here,
With tliiS city almost centrally located
in it, of very r:c!i phteer.
Iind quartz
J.ei tOOt Of it IS CllHillfd
twn or i!n-.'.. tinipc nvr.i- .,.. llwra it-5!l
be no ei;.! to the litigation.
Outside, of this district there has not i
as yet been any mining diotricts of real '
value discovered, although there are !
about five hundred men on the war
patli ail the while, dk
piCKing, and variously seeking the ilkhy
, , . , . . " ,
iucre; hut as yet nothing of note has
, ' . 1 1 1 l t ,1'uuii into
the IliHs. T!
snow i-s 71 iiv -l 1 1 1 1'1" l-.l
tin! i . .l - t.--.A ..: :
j nan; ,i i.iii a'.viir;; n A.s
uy op nion that the rich mines of the
Iliils are pretly near confined to lib;
above s.iid district. T!ie Iear II. dies
uistricr, (silver) tut which M. I. hr.e
and others were arranging to move on
to its works when 1 left home), has
been condemned by experts as not be- j
ing of suliieient quantity and richness
to insure success for a smelter. I have !
examined the district, and to me it j
ioo.vs vtii, arm inu miners wotil.l mtske
a green horn like myself believe that
the mountains were solid silver.
Uut I find that war eyes and the hun
gry miners in a country like this, tire
apt to deceive us. The richness of the
Dead Wood vicinity is bringing thous
ands of pilgrims here. But poor fel
lows, unless they have money plenty
to make them eonwortable and hapi-y
at home, they had better not come here ;
they cannot reach the smallest slice, in
the prefered tit-Ids so they are scatter
ed ail over the. Ilil'.s, trying to find an
other Dead Vv'ood, but so far their la
bors have been fruitless, for I fail to
ii.m it liiiiici iia.s iiceu tne iea.L
profit in mining ivj. those Hills, out-
-ji'i'w .sain uisifl
1 he Hills are now getting so full ot
meinpioved men that there are moves
being made to raid on the Uig Horn and
, . , . ,
U 111(1 Hivcr cnitnes, and I tluuk an
expedition will soon leave for those
countries. The emigrants now be
tween here and the U. I. II. K., on the
two routes aieestimate.l by late arri
vals at 5,00'J people say nothing of
11.. III.. .. l. ..TV i
u;u .-nou. City auu r ore 1'ierre loiues j
trnr, ......... o 1
''' iwiii I'Jl lliVill llVie, ,lllil
e f . n
i;iev or nectssttv Iuusl co liirl ter in
' ,UI V - 1,uu,f'1 -'-
tn rtiuru to tneir homes in u.sgust.
S otue are already taking the latter
cours'. Tha pccplii bore are holdin"
. .., lt . Tr..,
I'l-i.'S meetings ail turoug 1 lib 1111, S
r..,Jlui,)IH suul ,u-.irori i's i
l 1-- K',wu' ms "na i-MOii.i.o t .
the extra se:sio:i of Congress for an !
ir.depeudant and new territorial gov- I
,.rnlncnt - v thn" for the safety or
. , ? v.,rv J'
-!1'1 1'ropertv ei j muca needed,
Hcganls to all riatlsiaoulh friend. 3.-
Let us hear from you. I am ;is ever
faiibfuUy yours J W Ijrx-s
AiTON X'rzn., April 20, 1ST7.
Little news, except the pro"less of
far., ing. lVtatoes, corn, cazie.-miller, j
ami garden seed, have been largely j
plained. . One new seitler has come in,
at id three more to be here bv M.IV 1st, !
, , , , i
one or t.iem ;i LttCisniith. An Iowa i
man proposes to bring in a corn grind-
.r nl.w. I. ia ?,i.,.t, II'ivii lr.f.
ters ol inouirv even from Xew ork.
. . ...
v e leei mat our country is on trial,
and hope it may win.
T s: en,, i.
' J
" 3
JtiZIZV nozVr-i. rroprietor. j
.... ,w. w , I
CJood accommodations for Farmers j
and the traveling public. Hoard. SI per j
! tiay. -Meals "Joe. L,ntirely refitted and I
l-ii-l'lirniiilui:! fltul f n-lnnrj Mrn rciiiirit- 1
V ...1U A, ...14V.. 3 l.. V il.l-OC
C.t to call illld get meals ami beI lor 1 J
6L0 - .
nn T nrnr OXK xy:lT ;
LUUSV 11 -11 Su I i;"- .XI
ne-.v ;trtiele to men ANOI'MIZK intide I
n;i.ii -One LADY made s-JH-i mv I'-OY lieide ,
r--ir,hi xveek-uh.cli sl.o.vs what cau be 1
,t.,..e h ;i ,,;iltv is energetic. and
lwuial - s .voili-V-is-V 'r y,WUi:
. iloom as -Xendall" ltuliaiiis;.
Ims C H1C Ati., I LL.
i nimenls
Une Uu:l fin- t.-ii itumuii faiuilv. T!i?
ot Iter for fiore and AuioiAN.
Those Liniment are d'nply (lie wonder of tlie
world. 1 heir cllexts are liule lt'.-s tl:au marvel
Ions. The WJiIfe Liniment N fur ti;e tinman
fiinily. It will drive I'iiemnatisiii, Sciatic; and
ill':ii'i L flulli ll;.- svsli.ln I'ltrt. I i:itil,-t"ii
iiia.iiitti. Li-ek-jnw. r;i!y, j'-cii. ami most n'
tiiiicims eruvtions ; it extracts fru.-t iim noze:i iuul fc-t, :ui(t th; j.)iJo!i of lutes an.l
st of vcuoiiiwii.j vjtiles ; it sulnices swcil-iu.-!.
atid alleviates jain of vcry Kiml. When
t.rainn or firuise x car, it is the mo-t- j'otcnr evenliscoveicil to l;cal the injured p.:r:.s.
The Centaur Liiiin:ei:t i- u.rti with fuei-l cn:ca
ey for Mire, To'ii lisii lic, Caked
itrritHtM. Ear-ache, tiii-i Weaii Haek. Hu fol
low i;: i but a sutaplc of numerous tcstiaioni :
"Isihaxa Home. Jkkk. Co., Im., May 'Ti
"I think it my duty to inform you that I have
kii itcrfil iiiacii with suohi-ii feet mul
-1ioi-i1h. A few bottl.i of C'eiitaur Lii:ij!ieut
has ton I he work for me. I have iiot been
free froai ttu'M i-wel'iius in right yearw.
Now I urn pi'i frctly well. The Liuiiiieut
oaglit to be applied wai ai.
The proof is in the trial. It is reliable, it is
handy, it i cheap, ami every family should have
the white Centaur Liniment.
'I" lie Yellow Outline;it isad.t
ted to the to!iv!i ii'!scle-. (old" and tlesli of
horses and animals, it has pei foi iiitd more
woiidcifu! cuivs in three years uf Spavin, Si rain
U iiid-Kail. Scratches. Sweeny, and general
I.tuieiiess, iliau all other remedies in existence.
Lead what the great IZx pre.ssaicii say ot il :
"Xkw Voc.k, January. ls71.
'Every owner of horses should ive Ihe Cr.s
t.u k a trial. We consider it liie
best article ever usuil in our stables.
11. MAl;s;i. Su,t. Adams Kx. Stable-, N. Y.
K. IT LIZ. Supt. I . S. Kx. Stables. N. V.
ALUZlt 1 S. OL1N, bu;t. Nat. En. Stabl.'S X Y
Tlie patrons of this Liniment are Faniers and
Vetel ia i: y S nreons, w ho are coiitimtaliy usin
soiiie Liniment. It heals Cails, Wound-. 1'idi
evil. removes Swollin.'js, ami is worth miilii.n
of doliai-s amiaaliy lo Farmer-. Livery-ineii.
St. iclv-c; rowels. Sheep-raisers, and those tiaviu
lioises or eat tie.
What a Lanier cannot do for 0-20 the Centum
Liii'ineut win do at a tiiiihrr co.-;.
These Liniiuei'ts are xo!d bv all dealers
throughout t he oiiiiirv. liny :;re w ,:i ran .-d
by the proprietors, and" a but tie w ill be iven to
a:.v r.-urier or Physician w !io liesirco to ta.-t
J-abratory of J. 1J. & Co.,
lo Dkv St.. Nkv.' Vukk.
JJ1 f 7 O
Pitolier"." iKtr!.'t is a . oaiplete sittiti
I ute for Castor il. ami is as jih-asant lo take as
I t , 1 1 V ft is IKi 1"! ii"ll:t i-' - :iiIm'i!.(I in 'l".'i- 1 -. i n -r
I and irriiable chiidr. n. irde.s-rov worms, as-
mil;:i',s ( he food, rc-n'atcs the .'totnaeii. ami
I cures vvtiii! colif. I'c.v iv!m-iii.' .ui- :l;!ca-
Hons f.r l-vvciisimcH-. vrm Worms :-"!
pureiy vcji'labie pr:M-nation, imov -;i. ctive
thua Castor Oil, ami ucitaer gav's i;or gripes.
CoLCMin V. Conn., May .!, tszo.
Mcsrs. J. it. Kose & Co., X. Y. :
Gent : I "nave a f.imiiv of ei.L'ut eliiMren. and
! n'isS
I at.ytii;iir en:al to it. My cl.ihlr.m ive
, , .
i'.ii:t.. I r. coir'm'-ml its u-e t'i
r c'liidreii.
. :n i irt-j -I
feci it in v
i ce I.. :.;iv in,. .11. -ble 1 h M..-.v",,t-
i d u l- I o e t h is crt : Ii f n t o:; aee.eatit oi
In ii- liis i li.ic dJliv-'-l by the i.-e i ;C.- r.'Ui.v.
c i v l ; v voi:s
.tliL !.N 1". LITTLiZ.
T t Voi'Uinc T;vss. V,'e are row
pii'i'iii cd to tiii uisii-all i !.' s-. with eonsiau:
i eiiit!('-'ii.-'ltt :ir biciie. 1 s!: ot fl::i:tM. i.r
i fn their spare moments, ruspiess i.ew. nh;.
i aad pro'it;'l-!e. J'ci s.ijis of s-x
i cam from r,o cents to s;. vrr cM-uinr. and a pn.'-
pol ,10!,;'.l Slllll ,y I.C o! ,!U I ,iei r s II , . e t . ; .: .; I o
; the bus ness. i'ovs and trir,-, earn iieariv as
i m:"-'! :is m- n. 1 Im.l aii " no s-e nof;-e mav
' send t oeir adtn ss, ami .est the ,,;s;
ut-s.s V. '
mn ive 1 his iinj-.trallelied idler; lo -m-h as a;
In it well sai is!e-c. we wi !l sen d one t.!.ii- t '
t'.r the trouble of vvriiin-r. I'ml :;riicul.!i s
samples worth se -.-ril do'lars :.i c n ii'iead
o;-i OT'. mill a co ii j ; i.i'
r the ! :r:;est a:; l' Lit;
! -. nl lr.-,i bv oir;i! I:h
u' ami 1 .r-'stde.iijie
Ir.i'ed iMib'te-iiiotis.
r. if you w:ii:t Per-
. ma.H id aid inof.nib.e won.
O i:oia.
; i !' -UN vS. Co.. l',-rt:.iii !, Z.Ie.
the reeoverei!
uticsbilioiis -Mif-
5 J 4r"J :
i- -ill l ei-s. i.'t ims d lever
f'";:i!d aitne, the mercu
rial diseased eatient
bow they recovered
health, cheerful spiv
is a'ul rood ai'i'eiiie,
-.tliev will t-.'ll Vii'l bv
L' -Z-
? , fr. v- n . 1 7 1 a
. 'T tak !!' i m mi ns Li v-
XSV r" Li-..ii i-Aioi;.
The Ch:
X'iovsf ttitd Tli'.sf Fdini!' Jlalicinc
;.! the uo, ( ?.
I'ir 1 lyipcjisi i . Cua .tijiati ia. Jaundice,
ioiis a!ta--ks. Sick H-'.id.iclie. t olic. Ie:ne.-si an
j id Spirit... Soar Sfiim.n b, Heart i!.-ra. S.c. &.
T!iih cnrivalieil Soaihern ilemedy is warraid
I ed tad tocoinani a sialic Jpai! u !e of M.-rcury,
or any injurious mineral sub-tanee, but is
containing those Soutlier i IZoois nr..l ib rlis,
whieli an all wis,, p; m i I -ac lias y kieed in
eo;:niiie.s whi n- Lier tbsea-es mo-t j-ivvail.
JI .7' c I'm nil r.'i-' ! ciii-j ;; fi.fui-ji.nni:'
o.'.'e' Licit me Iin:.( U.
Hie symptoms uf Liver Co ai plain t are a -ter
or bad ta:i' i i the nm-it a : pain in the i ::!.
sides or j iuts,(it;cn int.. taken fm l.'heumal i-ai ;
Sour Stoma i 11 : Loss of AppeO.e ; Low els i.i iel -bately
cosiive and l.;x ; i leadacite ; Los if
mvmoi y, with a painful r cnalio:i of havie.g fail
ed to do something which out-'hl in l.uve been
iloiie ; Ocbibiy, Low Spirits, a thieU -liow ap
pearance ef tlie skin and eyes, a dry Coiieii of
ten mi: taken lor co!is.;,iip;iuii.
Si!i"!i!ii!" li'.anv of these; sv;nplo'ns :i((e:id
the il i.KIV III mhi' IS VI'IV few' lilt tin liver
the lar-est omaa in th" bmiy, is -;:-raMv the
seat of I he ii-eae. and if not. rjiilated iii tiim
treat sulteiiii, wrctchedne.' s ika:ii will
1 can rceomicer.d as an efil icious remedy for
disease if the Livt r. lit artburu ami ly-pcpia.
Simmons' Ki-:oi-i.aiok.
LkwisO. Wcsnnt,
l';-'"i ."d.-.-ier Street,
Assi-t:Uit Test Mai ter, i'lnlaiie.iua.
"We have tested its virtues, iiersonaliy, ami
!-nov t!ial fur 1 'vspepsia, r.iloiisness', and
i liro'ibiir.- ilead.icbe. it is the In sf medicine
i. ., ,. .-.. i . ... w.. i. ... ti. ..i r - .
.i.i.,. .mi-.-,... ,tiii., l . . t l i-l , , l ! I. I
remedies hrtore Mmm.-i-.s' I her i'.-eumror. but
!' i win cave u i mre jnan t pn-r.ry rc-
ir-i ; tun f i.e Ie -.
cured '.; '." iZd. 2 '.
b-.tor e.
t only rclieveu but
'.ad JiV.v. .(.., M;i-
Zif'';!.'0"'ii 'e'ii "i'i
.7. II. ZEI LIN 't CO..
MACON". OA., ;ind i'll I LA I 'IZ1 I Hi A
l! co::!:;!:!- four ecdie:'.! ei.-ie'i is. cvr i"
ted iii t in s.iiiic ti.!;' ," j '!; h .1 1 H'-i i:i ;:i: v . Ui-r i
,r..,r-,r.i-1 . i , ...... o -e c'h i. 1 ie i Header- 1
'V'au. cmi ;
i.:.1..,i , r ii npunti of tne i....iv.
f " -'1.l v.'- !b.s a'-.emicd its Xlv, Uu.ili
Fcr ii diseases of Tie Liver, htotiiatU r.;:.I
A n .'. ,( !! i.i
l;ll:ii i';i Fevc's. I'.nvvel ' 'em iilHinls. Il spei).
siri. ,"eiU d I 'c'i t -.ii.n , Kest less-n-ss. ,I:iiiiMi;ce,
N.':.n-":, Sick lleii'.aciie, (.Vise, foiftiiiaiU-a
ulid l'ilioiisiiess
As tZiere ;ire a nunilier ef ir.Kf-tions nf;";red
tatl.e !:i!lic. we weied c,'i;;i,):i i!:e cuiiirnenny
t lmv lei r-wde;s iM' Lreivircl Si ; -,; i s s" I.iv-
tot I Ski; ci. A Ton. in. U-ss j;i (),u- cieirived wr;iii-
I-.r. w til the tra.le murk, oantp ;i:.d sZjjtinture
. II Z El IAN & CO.,
Zlncon, Ga., curl PhUathh'Tibt.
Vn'ir vidu.'il.'e inedieiMe NinHi-.n:;"" t.'ver ttcir
e!;iiur. ii:; -s:ivt -I me mc.nv lie-,-; ni-s Idll I e-e
" fur every! I m-t i; is r.-cei.e.iieieiea. :iu-l never
k:-v it t f;i.i. I have used n j,, 1'nlic nnd
;r;:i)i's. 'vith i:i v.m-r !i,.is,u, tin-iu
onethiitiyavi'VAfxotlca ro'nmVn'l'St'To
i'verv ii".e t.;d -tiick ;is ijciir the best ne-d
i icir.e kMOva lei uli ciiai
ll.i.iiiits th:it lmr-e-lle: ll
IZ. T. TA Y LO It.
is ie irto,
Aifi iit Lr Orauui-is of G-uri.'i:v.
! 8 m i rv
1JMI)K hy Arents in cities arid cmin-
C G1U t'rv town's. :dv m eessarv l slmw
f, rs:,:ties j,, Iii:.kc s;i!es ami lil.iie;
jj Tc iiiv une out of cimi!"i nieiit. :md
" QQK f'ensed in v.i:ik. ls,ed duiiv Iy a!
ml iii.incy. for
i i.s-
r, ii li jrn es i,v icjeins. Andres.
1 im-
jpt y ,
-FilMU'IA Ij .it.SV,
Kcju.iII liiidding, Cluciigo.
. . j:!,k . ....... i
Lxceistor top in? i') ?
Matie of Clifinit'ul rapi'i".
11..:.. I.- u i- i 11. r i i iiiii i .:uer.
- IIES. or r.kL SII. used lit li'une.lii'iary er of
tice, 1 nr Lames wi.siiinj: U retain cieics oi iei
ters. evei v i-iisices, num. clergymen. cuiTesjuin-dent-J.
travelers it is ii, valuali'e sells at. si'iit.
'i i send ' ! I
M-iid S.O snd i- v. HI semi a ;'it Ta-.-f ho ik.
-1.v M Af J'-'i1'1."" '' aii,!n'rH: ,..'' !
' i ctl'.Z, V o " il.i.i.ii. " . ih slI il V
V .'fi ? i i " i. ' M Ch .'1-0 III
Vi ?mio l 4iiui
SiHH -K'- 1 uued. ""
Subscribe for the Herald and Ac- J
brask'i Fanu'-r; enly jJO.OI. i
r...-: ui 1'i.iUe alley House.
In the Town.
Gootl 2'cuma Ahcuytt on Hmtd.
Careful Drivers sent wilii car
riages if desired.
Cairiii;,cs snt to )eot to mett all trains
v. believer ordered.
" the: only hearse in town.
l-'iiTieraSs atV'micJ au;l eiirriaires farnisJied to
friends. Ad:lress, ,T. W. SHANNON'.
. l'll.ittsiiioiith. Neb.
sr EL s"
! 2"
- "tj
3 &
t &
i? s
? B
1 G
5 cn
- Z
rs -3
E 31 23
"2. rt 7t
3 3 S -5
r 1? ir. 5 X' 3
" w j
" -S i
c 3 a
r .
If. ?
Tf. T
a: n;- '
ill t, UtliilrLo,
rr , i .1 -, t? ,1 , j .1
rxc., i.iv., i:rc.
Of All Iji-riptioux.
j 7
f a!i i.:e-'
ready in:, lo ! so'd e!;e;-p lor "a-"
v i;a ;nar.y tb::i' k-. for p.-w: roti
!-:-;e. I i:i ;
: !ie to ea" rtn-t examine my
j.Ait'j t: sim k i-F
4if. r u::;t:-5!::z csrnxs.
..i t
C,:eat Men ;
1 lie Zdissj -,s:
M:.a; '-r. N;
1-irs ;.-v all e
and Mat i ic-.
t'-rs. l'icr.o !
: i
wc. on
y d.ii
I'.n.nil . w-ti. ii. .Mii..'r.
.Kriilli vcar. Al'ni I -;i
;-.. io. i n- Zr-!.'!.;'i-siii
tr ilv'i i'Jii-K
. -(-l'iie.-N..Si;r
Pinion, tr-m-r-
ors tuid l ..!-brari'-ites
i .., t In rimuli ; v iii-d. Ev.'-'-i
i'ree Lee!,.!, s" ! I'aiiiterf. Or
! tir.l v. in r-n "s ;:;!. I .a C
r ;. 1 rei Pes
- I
.- i; .:!. ;-!.-,
i :-
; -tod l.ca1- !
!;;o.ei fare
o!-.u!:. No v.t
. K. o's '- ,,wa
i.omci.r. llvl
i f.-.rwisu.-.l r-M.m for self b-i.;r
iv.'-i Zrce.; ii-jni v. : ;'
! ii.:; c:'ds. and faiaiiy bo-i.-d.
e.cte I. J i'i .ir !( !-i!s.,e s ia
atio::. A i: V.r.: lies i ,ii..
late v. here J j;tvv l'i:s advi
jt W M St. Vfc S ilj
At the Old Stand of
4 cr'
in 1'Iatts-moutii, Xebraska.
rv Goods, Grocer-:
les, Hats, Caps,
Boots, Shoes, !
Wooden i
and Willow Ware,
faiimi:k on Axr oxi: else
Tup firm, well kufiu ;i as buyers on a
largo settle, for
1 iT j Q (
V '
exclusively, and while n:
splurge, they are always prepared t
feiron as good terms, (it not better) as
iiiiv other linn in the Countv.
. wis mwiw i
D E P. .
Kctnember the
"tim U'W1
7T T:
7., 1
Opposite Donelan i
S Jiiu;' otun-,
Alaiti Street.
v.. ('.. POVKY & ox.
i -z -, r 'r?
king no ;
1 1 I i
i Li3
! J. V. W
Wc are In almost
v.hich we offer our fricuiN nnl tiii juiblu
i n n
Ut plices
Casliincres, Alpacas, lhIiiiiics, kv.
Calicos, from 12 to 1G Yards for $1.00.
Muslins, from 6 cts. a yard upward.
The Sliest stock t-f Vi'h:te ISeitsjir-:..!-- ever broulit to the ( ity.
lis Cassimeres,
Tweeds, Jean
full Stock.
T3 rTi n
- - . - - -
i VP F;3 r; ;
1 f i ' i '
Country Produce taken
Tl.;:rd.ftd for;.-'st L.vors in t'.e y.;irs mme
I ;
A i : A N i , 11
r.h -i,i cc
JiEMEmi:.': tiii: place,
Just open.':1, a
fi fa 5)
V-' V V
m m jo t f i i
ifiX ifil iilA l!J
A eoni)le(o
Spring Shawls,
Dres Good;,
OliiiVi ft 1 u I
Felt Hnls,
4 4
sca nr.
7.' I I'v
-r V-f
"hels, Valises, and Ladies Hand fi lifb, Toib-l Qii;it.-, Ac, Tiiters, Cot
ret.?, and ivibbons ItHiumerablc.
j A i ivi: AsoieTMi:xT.
j Hoys Sammer Cassimeres, Tweeds. ic., Queenswarc, Wooden Ware, iwA
I A Full Stock of
Chicago Sugar Cured Hams, Lard SALT FISH, Mackeral,
j White Fish and Cod.
Bsa9a BToii'a-eft
'J"ly Plat ltaouh. iob.
. r
ft iff ri
g's&BBl Styles
- - IIsrS I
daily receipt of
to ll-.e tii.ies.
and Cottonades in
. t.i lJ C i. n j,', 7
-r :c p a th s t i " '
in exchange for Gcodi.
by. I
! e u ' it:
I !t of the v:i,::e.
lo e'.i a-.e may be rinun-
. v. v. t; i; il.vf :i.
1 1c
one tu; vev or p. .,
rr.Arj;Mourir, .y;;am.vam.
Xew Stock of
V " V -
iseiv stock of
Jentlen!e!i ,
and Laces.
'the Flace.
r frt
4 Mil V V f
i - -