Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, April 10, 1873, Image 2

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........ cditoh.
Prom all parts of the State and country res
pectfully solicited for the lit bald,
We do not read anonymous letters ard eon- .
mnnieations. The name and address of tUo wri
ter are in all eases indlspener 1c. as a guaranty
f good faith.
We call attention to the splendid Club List
offered. It is our desire to place before the
people of Cass Co. every opportunity for infor
Boatioa and instruction. To all those who wish
to take ny of the publications mentioned be
low we offer them a the following low ratr:
Harper's Magazine and Herald one year 51 75
4 7
- M 4 75
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- - i 75
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" " " 2 50
- 4 r.o
.. m .. 4 c)
" " 5 0i
" " 3 09
- " 3 00
" ' 6 Z
- 6 00
" 3 00
" " f 3 00
- -; -S 00
- - 4 no
4 00
- - " 4 0U
- 3 00
" " 2 00
" ' 3 50
Leslie'! Ills. News'per
Chimney Corner
Scribner's Monthly
Wood's honse'd Mas;.
Les'ie's Ladies Man,
Vetera' Mus. Monthly
Atlantic Monthly
Prairie Fanner
Chicago Inter-ocean
Spirit of the Times
Tnrr, Kield k Farm '
New Yrk Timet
- . - W orld
" " Tribun "
" Ledr
- Weekly
Rural New Forker
Toledo Elude
What Xezt?(chromo)
Phren. Journal
We make the abeve liberal offers because we
are rery anxious to collect in our subscription
1 ist and start on an entirely caeh basis, which
we shall ebdeavor to make our rule hereafter.
A Splendid Chance.
JTe will send the Herald and Pemorests'
Monthly, which i 83 for one year, to any per
son who pays us $3.50
In addition to both Periodicals at the price
named, a choice from a list of extraordinary
Premiums is given to each subscriber to Dem
rest's Monthly. Anion these are a fine pair
of Chrorno Picture (Falls of Niagara and Yo
semite Fall), worth $10 ; or a rood Stereoscope
with a series of views : besides numerous other
valuable premiums worth from two to ten dol
lars each.
The best boys' and girls' magazine, and the
Nkbbska IIkrald at greatly reduced rates.
We will send Nkbrvka 11erai.i and Dkmoh
b T'a Torso Aiikrica, which in 81 00 for one
year, to any person who pays us 82.IO. Dcmor
est's Young America is always sparkling with
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Games. Travels, and other plcasnut features
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amuse, instruct and elevate, and assist to make
the lives of youthful Americans useful, truth
ful and happy.
Granges and Unions are growing all
over the country. This move will either
larst the monopolies or cause a famine.
The Farmers' meeting io Springfield.
11!., is accused of beine gobbled by sotue
politicians, and the better cla-is of farm
ers went home di.-cuted.
A Big tornado ewept over the State
of Iowa on Saturday last UutliriKton
is badly demeralized, and Council Bluffs
has not a whole house of glass in it, so
snys the newspapers. Better live in
Ccaha News.
We are surprised to learn that tbeOma
ha dailies are discontinued. We know
dailies were expensive luxuries, still we
supposed thero wa wealth and intelli
gence enough in' Ouiaha to sustain a
daily issue of th papers. The daily
Journal and the daily Leader issued of
Lincoln, are the only ones no far as we
have any evidence, now issued in ihi
State. Brown ville ftem ncra t.
They had a happy time in Missouri
this winter. One Democrat announces
himself as turned radical because his
prty goes back on schools, public im
provements, and economy, and another
Mr. Kirkpatrick, proposer) to take the
Governor's house for a Mad Asylum,
because it has co-it 8,U0 dollars for re
pairs in two years and h thinks the
Governor has no business with a better
house than the majority of taxpayers
live io.
Buffalo liill, Ned Buntlio, "and
Dov Eye." ate making a sensation at
Niblo's Garden, New York City. The
New York papers come down on them,
but can't prevent their "show" from
drawing crowded bouses.
Ned. Bontlioe is a novel red roan
(that is a red man of novel's). Bill
Cody, a sham hunter (so nay the old
prairie salt) and the meek and painted
"Dove Eye" an Irish gal who never saw
a wigWiiD.
And other odes, by Robert Benton Kod
ney, U. S. N., ha been laid npon our
table. It is a handsome litile volume,
and dies great credit to the author. The
ceue at Babel on pay-day is suggestive,
and the old, old oft told story, of that
wondrous tran-foruntion, is brought be
fore the mind in clear letters of light,
showini; what must have been the curi
ous effects and consequences of such an
utter upheave of all mens' ideas and
thoughts as expressed by the tongue,
at that time. It will repav reviewing.
"For trieks that are vain" commend
us to our friend Hon. F. Welch. Ha
explained a mef-nieristn or spiritualism
dodjre to us the other day, and it costs us
"cigars for four. W. P. Republican.
Lucky if you got off at that. lie's up
to euch tricks, we know him of old.
The transactions of the Grand Chap
ter of Nebraska for 1872 i.-just out. and
is a very fine book of 140 pages.
The Report on Foreign correspond
ence is voluminous aud able It covers
102 pages, and is quite a history cf Ma
sonry in itself.
Five hundred copies have been circu
lated, and no better report has been re
ceived, from any State, in this office.
The accident to the steam-r Atlantic,
which suuk near Halifax, is jot simply
The Captain is b' by many au
thorities, the company by others, and
th ship pronounced unsafe by still an
other party. One tbiux is certain, sach
accidents thould n-1 be allowed to occur.
That a new staunch ship, should go t
pieces in Qfteen minutes is unaccounta
ble, if she was properly built.
Give as the o!d: fashioned ood n
ships. Cast iron is good for stoves, but
poor material to build ships of.
"Another thing, there are no more sail
ors now-a-days ; the time of apprentice
ships has gone by ; there is do school fur
educating sadors any more. Crews are
picked up f'rota the riff raff and .-emu of
the docks, and when a moment of great
p' Til arrives they have nt ithtr the meu
tal or phyMcal stamina to be of much
service. Want of thorou2i discipline
allows the decks to be crowded, and the
operations of the seamen to be inter
fered with. Taken all in all tome very
severe measures must bs taken by Gov
ernments to render ocean travel more
The Farmers' Union, of Washington
county, and the traders and middlemen
of Blair are having a bout io the Blair
Tine. Both parties call a good many
hard names.
Speaking of Sergeant Bates and his
flag-bearing tramp over England, the
Cheyenne Leader pointedly says : "If
Sergeant Bates will carry the American
flag across the Sioux reservation, the
people of Cheyenne will see that hi
calp is sent cast by exprenn. C. O. D. iNeoraska city newspapers are
having a high old time at blackguarding
The Chronicle calls the Prat "The
Idiot," and tin Press rotorts by suggest
ing that the Chronicle is a "Galoot" and
a "perambulating distillery."
Gentlemen, we want au elevator on
the Missouri river, down on Front street
While you are forming companies for
town sites, and all this sort of thing,
lets have an Elevator Company in
Plattsmouth. Who is the first man to
Btart it don't all sppak at once.
The Nebr ska Farmer is out again,
Deyo & Chapin, Editors aud Proprietors.
This is W. F. Chapin, formerly of
Lass county. It is a fine work, contains
much useful information for the farmers.
If they can mak it a success it will be
useful to the aericultural community.
We see by the "Turf, Field and
Farm," that our old friend, Ben. Akers,
of Leavenworth is in trouble. The old
Jennison charges are renewed and put into
the shape of sworu affidavits. If Mr.
Jennison 8 charges are proven true it
will drive Akers from the trotting field
and ppoil the chances of three of his
best horses.
Farmers and Grunge men, stick to
your original idea, let tariffs and politi
cal demasogues alone, andy-iumaydo
yourselves some good. Once drop your
conservative, co-operative plan, and go
into any political arrangement that prom
ises you success, and our word for it you
will be ground between the upper and
nether millstone, as to your pockets, and
your rights and interests be left jim
where they were be ore.
Mind this, we do tell the truth now
and then, if we are an editor, and we
have taken a notion thnt way this morn
ing. For The Herald.
When you transplant trees, he sure to
shorten them in. The roots should not
be shortened in, but the tops
shortened in. ' ' . "
One year-agU I transplanted large ap
ple trees. Some of them eight years old,
and large. I cut off the tree about fiv
feet from the root, and every branch
from the body. So that when planted
they resembled a row of stakes. Every
one of them lived, aud grew well, and
now have beautif ul tops.
W. S. West.
As many of our brethren fthe weekly
press decline an ext h .rrpe with the dai
lies of (Jniftha, w would point them to
the Council H'uffs Aip-'i ''. as ha best
paper for news, political and buxincs
matter published on the tipper Missouri.
The dispatches t.f the Nonpareil are al
ways free of those glaring errors so com
mon in other papers, and the reports of
market are attended to by competent
persons. The Nonpareil can be had at
any station west of this on Union Pacific
at the name time Omaha papers arrive.
Ourbrethren will find the change from
the Omaha papers o th Nonpareil as
pleasant as the change from stotry boots
to comfortable slippers. J1 turnout Tub
e have received the Turf, Field
and Farm, for March 28th, and are very
glad to nee its familiar faeq. tnce more
The Turf, Field t and Farm contains
every kind of news relative to hon-es,
hunting, thoroughbred stock, theatrical
Dews, the various trotting clubs, rales,
tc, fcc, and is one of our most valuable
exchanges, containing a vast amount of
information about everything.
They are in a bad fix in New York on
light. All the gas laborers have
"fitruck." A telegram April 6th, says :
The city below Grand street is in total
darkness. Orders have been sent to
private consumers to turn off their gas
so that the streets and public offices may
be sopplied. The Stadt Theater was
left in darkness in the midst of a pei
formaqce, and the uewspapcr and ex
press offices wore using lamps and can
dles to eke out wi;h.
It seems almost impossible to get the
positive and true account of the hite
changes in the Postal law. If, as re
ported, it does away with free exchanges
and free1- connty circulation, it is a blow
at the weaker class of papers, and a di
rest stab at the 'ree circulation of intel-
igence and news among the people.
It is a measure tending to increase th
emoluments of the rich an 1 powerful,
and retard the progress of the weak and
helpless. It will cut short the means of
information of the small county papers
without rsally benefitting the great dai
lies, bt?cau-ie, when their news sources
are cut off they will become tame and
less thought after. -
It 6eems a foolish and useless piece of
work, whatever shape the bill finally
turns out to be in.
The steamship Atlantic, of the White
Star line, from Liverpool, March 20th,
for New York, ran ashore the 2d day of
April, on Meagher's Head, about twenty
miles from Halifax. She bad on board
ovr one thousand men, women and
children. Three hundred were saved.
The disaster is traced to the carrying of
insufficient coal for a voyage of morethau
ten or twelve days. The steamer struck
about two o'clock in the morning, and
Cornelius Schaller sends us a lot of
Dglih papers with blue tracks all over
ihem, which means, we suppose, that
fhey have crossed the blua, blue deep.
which few native born Nebraskians ever
see. ...
At all events, we got the papers, and
they are full of beef beef. . Our friend
Schaller is like unto Prof. Butler, with
bis 10 years, at 6 percent. No matter
when he begins, or bow the words look
at first, it is sure to end up with cheap
beef for EmjlamJ from the plains of
some cf the passengers who were re
cued, afterwards perished from the e
feet of fright and exposure. A large
portion of the enrgo will be saved.
Harrowing details of the scenes en
acted on the fated ship, are given.
Most of the women were drowned in
their birtLs the heavy seas which con
stantly poured over the vjssel, prevent
ing them from reaching the deck. One
woman, who rook to the rigging and was
lashed there to keep from being swept
away, froze to death.
Ouly one child was saved, a boy of
twelve years ; his parents and a young
brother were drowned. Ona man was
rescued with both legs broken. Many
who had life buoys, by reason of their
not beipg properly adjusted, were
drew aed. ' .
Civil Sarvica :sri
Washington, D. C, April 4.
There i not the slightest foundation
for the a sertiou of a Liberal journal as
to an abandonment or change iu the p'an
adopted for civil 6ervic-.' reiorm. Ex
Senator Cattell, of New Jersey, as the
6emor member of the Advisory Board,
takes the pl;ce cfMr. Curtis as chair
man. Mr. Josep!) liil has not inti
mated atiy wi-h to resign. It is not yet
known who will fill the vacancy caused
bv M. Curtis' retirement, but a leading
olnerii haid to-day it would be one in
whom the pub'ic would bve confidence.
As to the failure to make the plau
tffieiritt, it nsuy be mentioned that three
members of the Treasury Examining
Board are detailed to organs th- ex
auiiiiing system in thu cnsti.m-hou-es
and other public off.ces of the
Southern and Southwestern States. Mr.
Graves, of the Treasurer's office, and Mr.
Kimball, of the llvenue Bureau left for
Sr. Loui to-day on this business. They
wid go down the Mississippi to New
Orleans, then to the several Gulf ports.
.Mr. Saviile, the Chief Clerk, leaves on
the 9:h inst., and will proceed as far as
Mobile. Th plan to be adopted is that
in u.e in the New York Custom houe
The Secretary uf -the Treasury contin
ues still unmoved, to all appearances, by
the wall street excitement. It is known
that Mr. Bichardtton'g appointment was
not satisfactory to many prominent Wall
street operators, and it is therefore prub
able that these brokers' combinations
are merely intended to give trouble at
th very iuceptiou of his official duties.
With this understanding in view, the
Government will not interfere except in
accordance with its announced program
me for the sale of gold and purcVisj of
bonis. It is believed th;it this r rosrrato
me. r?afjiiy and unflinchingly followed,
will iu the vd overcome any cvmbiiiation
that, may be made in Wall street, and
wrdch obtaiocd b-fjre Hiehurdson'
promotion. St. Louis Goe.
It "is fun to see the Ooiaki Herald
diddle along behind the Chicago Times
and Tribune. To savt their precious
railroad monopolies, these fine thinkers
have suddenly promulgated the theory
that it is the tariff that makes railroad
freights so hith, and very coolly p.-opo
se to the farmers to let up on their
grievances about the discrimination on
freights, and go for a r?peal of the tariff
laws. Pretty shrewd move on the ptrt
of the Times and tribune, and came
near winning
The Omaha IIehald has an article
in the same strain, advising our farmers
to give up their trial for cheap freights
and pitch into the tariff. Ouo.wouid
think, to read it that ic was original
with the Herald
As regards the facts of the case, the
Liter- Ocean gives the true story of the
tariff question is the railroads :
It ISTOover ninety of the officers of
the leadiug railways iu the United States
petitioned Congress for an increase in
the duty upon iron and steel. The'rr
reasons therefor were stated as follows:
'Immediately before iho construction n" tho
Erststei l ral uiatiuinoiriry in tli s ennntrv. for
eign makers utiarged ll.'xi per ton (equai then .o
ii currency; lor steel raus. A Ain
works wcr buiit. foreign ki le-i iabor iutro-
Uucwi, livire ta'jor instructed, and dumestic
irons, clay. gaL.;Ter and gpie el mai.y
and exiienu've rial) fount to uroduee r-ien)-
lent -ans h- price ci the foreign arti. ie was
frraduaMy lowered, unt:l it i i rmloit !
than 8i per ton n g ld, ir ii.;i3 in curretje v.
Now hat several miihoiifi ol' rlvllur- have been
expended in luiioia-.ery, furnaces, and experi
ments in p-riec intr fe proc-.- of inarm auture
in this rou try, and numbers t oi r own eiii
zets are d"pen.eut u; :n i. inr tupparr, tne
I'lumer") in threatened witu by tUe
pressure of Ji sriibh mid Prussian luuker. " e.
as sse a of steel rails and transporter of die
food a i.d mat. rial for American luiinioac'ure s
an ( their numerous emplot es and tklllud labor
er . do not desire to be depi-udont exclusive y
upou tbeforein f apply, und there' jre join in
ii-kn-K thxt. instead oi the present ad valorem
duty specific duty of two cents per pou .d b
pi . cd npon th i wrticle. beii g the rate Cx d by
a bill which the S nat -'anuary SI. UioT
una ot a bill which was reported o the ilou e
Ly the VunniUxe of Ways ani Mcaus during
the gams year."
Dr. Geo. B. Graff is now absent in
London for the purpose of selliug mining
6tocka ia Colorado. With the Doctor's
business tact, we have not the least
doubt but he will make it a success.
Dakota City MiiL
New house, new folks and new goods,
are pouring into town lively.
J. Newt. Hays, the lively and spark
ling editor of the Fremont 'Tribune, is in
town. .
The contractor on the Iligb School
Budding. Mr. Pexter, and his partner,
Mr. Goodwin have got here at la3t, and
work will be pushed forward at once,
with a full gang of men.
Yankee Newell has come to town, aad
is going to. High School it this summer.
F. W. D. Holbrook, E q.. formerly of
the B. &. M. has returned from Cali
fornia, and e enthusiastic over the beau
ties of the climate and the productive
ness of the soil. Everybody always is
that toes to California. Yet people die
there, and well, fill out the quotation
Our friend Waugh has almost got the
Texa-t San Angelos Diego, or nome other
Sou' Wet fever. Look out, its catch
ing. We've bad it.
George Buck, Esq., of Franklin, is in
towo, and wili stay some days-helping.
fix up things for a rapid development of
the Republican country, this summer.
D. Sehnaane bhows his benign counte
nance on our streets once more. He
has jut returned from Chicago, nd fol
1 iwing in his wake comes a f-pring stock
of gO( ds that will set the town agog
with wonder and surprise.
Siioasse knows how tcrdo it, and when
they do come, we emoke, you know.
Solomon, of the firm of Solomon &
Nathan, has returned from the ea-t, and
we may expect to see the little Philadel
phia store loom up in all the grand
eur of a superb stock of dry goods, fancy
goods and things that delight the ladies
eyes and make them say, "O, my ! Oh,
dcarl how uice ! how pretty! Ac, tc.
What fellows that S. & N. are, to be
sure. Always diner it so.
Lincoln is to have amateur theatricals.
The play of "The Drunkard" is to be
brought out
Liucoln sportsmen go fishing in Salt
Creek Result,
Terrible Accident. Mr. and Mrs.
Swart- little baby, a girl seven mouths
old, met with a terriole accident ye-ter-d;iy
morning by falling on a hot heating
stove. She was tied in a high chair near
the stove, and a little sister was trying
to pull a rattle away from her, when the
chair was tipped tcrrward by the pulling.
tier fa.?e s' rusk the bottom of the ti t
stove with g:eat force, burning it bdly.
I r. "Da vis was called, and relieved th
little sufferer from her pain. JSeutiice
Jur press .'
Isaac W. Flanigan Sr., was arrested
April 2d, at BlaT, Dakota, for robbing
the mails ot $400. La.-t tail his son
Isaac N. Jr., was arrested for the same
crime, having robbed tho mails at the
satrjn point it S55. and. he was sen
fenced to three years imprisonment.
J he old cent wi;l probably keep compa
ny with the'fcon. Ex.
The Ntbratka Farmer has been start
ed agiiu with Messrs. Deyo and Chapin
as Editors and proprietors.
Hebron boasts of a successful concert
by homo mu-icians.
The Lincoln Journal contains a report
of Prof. Aughey, concerning the ccal
mines in Richardson county, bout four
miles south of Itulo, and about a quar
ter of a mile from the A. & N. R. R.
He states that the veins range from
three iuehea at the entrance to twenty
six inches 260 feet from the mouth, and
thit geological indications would show
the vein to be from four to five feet
thick some fifty feet deeper, and a little
He also states that the coal is of ex
cellent quality, superior to the Leaven
worth coal, and to much of the Ft.
Scott coal. It can be obtained at a tri
fling cost, and in unlimited quantities.
If this be true there is no reason why
Nebraska should not be supplied with
coal in a very short time at from four to
Sve dollars a ton.
As will be seen by our Council reports,
the new Mayor and the Councilmen
elect were duly in -tailed on Saturday
evening last. Mayor Livingston made
a happy s-peech on the occasion, and our
new City Clerk blushed at the iron clad
oith that was admirristered to him. It
beats his ordinary "sweat" all hollow.
The littla Council Chamber was filled
with citizens, a.Joe Connor com
plained that Coon Heisel h d brought
fciS'min with him, by the dust he rsised.
Speaking of dust, . ne of the hold-over
qo'Stlemen tried fj kiek up a duat at
once, on Street C jmiaissioner and City
Ta tn'ns to the brains and wit cf one
man, a sprinkler was found and the
du-t kept down- before it choked us
quite off.
The manner of this City Father
teems to indicate that h is occasionally
troubled with intestenalis
Now these saura men are gravely in
vited to "co-operate" in entirelv remov
ing the tax which they theu declared
necessary to the cheap construction of
their roa-is. W e once more repeat that
the lnter-Ucean has but one object m
view in tins marter, ana mat is to check
the dangerous and growing power of'
these monopolies, and to bring them
iuto subj-ction to law and justice. In
this attempt we want no mixture of is
sues no conglomeration ot questions.
each one of which will take off here a
little and there a liu'-r of the urength
so vital to success. Vr hen the railways
have been brought into obedience to the
laws already in f jrce, when their shame
ful extortions und r the s'atu'es of the
State are overcome, it will be time
enough to consider tho cxpdi-'ntv of
changing the policy of the nation, :-nd
taking a new departure in poutical ccon-
Friday April, 4.
A fire in StJo-eph destroyed pioperry
to t he amount of $35,000.
The Collector of Customs has received
in-tructions to proceed with an investigat
ion of the siiikiog of tho steamship
Atlantic. The several o3cers and men
of the steamer and such officers as arc
likely to know any thing of the disaster
are detained.
The immgrants snved from the wreck
of the steamer Atlantic are expected to
arrive here from Portland to-rurrow
moinir.z. The agents of the Whi'e Star
Line in t?iis city have been offered
Fiiie.ii.' IbJl for the reception of thv
uafortui.ate.-. ,ijd preparation have been
made to provide for their wmits upon
arrival. They will remain io Boston alf1
diy and on fv.turday evening will pro
ceed to New York.
Mr. Loufs Joseph Buffet, is elected
President of the National Assembly of
Fr suce.
The Pope is recovering.
An accident on the St Louis and
Southern railway yesterday resulted iu
the death of three persons, a d scalding
oy steam or a numuer or ethers.
Captain Jnck is endeavoring to create a
general lnoian wariare.
Monday, April 7.
A terrific wind and rain frtortu at Han
nioal, Missouri, damaged property seri
ously, teating down all th telegraph
l nes.
"The It-iies of St. LouN held a meet
ing yesterday, to consider the oocial
Lvti law.
The Connecticut State elections tke
place to-day. Ingersoll is probably
elected Governor.
Tuesday, April 8.
Th" bodv of a man was fours I yestcr
diy. near Viola station. Oil the Chicago,
K. I. it R. R. It is suppo.-ed he at
tempted to jump f rom the train.
Nixon, the condemned murderer, is
very ill.
There is quite a freshet in the Illinois
of the Cass County Agricultural Society
was held at the Court House, March 29,
1S73, J. M. Woods, president iu the
The financial Committee appointed to
examine the report of Jacob Vallerj,
Treasurer, performed that duty and re
ported everything satisfactory. Mr.
Valk'ry received a vote of thanks for the
real and integrity with which he per
formed the dut:es cf his ofliee.
The chair appointed a committee con
sisting of Messr-s. Walker, Mutz and
II;i!l to revise the premium list.
Moved and carried that the President
and S;-creta;y consult with the different
Rai loads with reference to tho terms
upon which they will carry freight and
pn.-ser.-gers to and from the annual fair
ho d in September.
Moved and carried that no distilled
liquors be allowed on the Fair ground.
Gloved and carried that parents with
their children under 10 years of ago shall
receive a seasoi ticket for one dollar.
AH ladies who compete for first premi
um in equestrianship, shall be over 14
years of ace.
A premium will be offered to the best
rider under that age.
Moved and carried that an AUCTION
or SALE of all kinds of property be al-
owed upoa tha f .ir grounds one hourioi
each dsv.
Moved and carried that a committee
be appointed by the chair, to prepare a
premium list aud regulations for the
printer, to have tickets and tags piiated
and to appoint superintendents and
judges tor the different eia.-ses.
Mr. Upton offered a special premium
of one Lerk.-hire pig, worth $20, to anv
person who exhibits the best mare and
family of mule colts ; also a brother of
said pig, to ?ny one who exhibits the
best marc and family of horse colts, and
another pig of the same kind to any one
who would show the best genera! dis
pHyeffarm stock.
The aca3 n tickets for families being
offered so cheap, it is expected that
nearly every man iu the county would
buy one.
J. 31. WOODS,
Dorn, President.
Local AGENTwanted in Plattsmouth,
for Til K ALUlNE, the only Att Journal
in America. An active, energetic
person, who wrll obtain a respectable
list ot'subscribers, can retain the position
permanently. Otheroccupatiou no object
ion provided results are satisfactory.
As THE ALDIN E is not sold to Book
sellers who are not regular agents, this
is an opportunity to work up a business
that will be a regular income with less
exertion each succeding year. No ap
plication will be entertained unless ac
companied by such testimonials as will
show the highest respectability and
general success of applicant in under
takings. Full particulars by addressing
James Sutton & Co.. Publishers
58 Maiden Lane, New rork. 52 4t
J. F.
NEW YORK, Aprils. 1873
Money Active at 1-501 f0
Gold Firm at 111
Govei timer: ta Strong
CHICAGO, April S, J873
Flour Quiet'
Wheat Dull
Corn Less active,
Outs Kdsier
Rye Dull
Barley Dull
Cattle Good,
Hogs- Live,
5 0o(f-75
I 15i
$3 5o((T 5 75
$5 25' 35
Sheriffs Sale.
In the District Court of Nebraska in
and for Cass county.
John Dill and the heirs of William
Dill, deceased, Sarah Dill, widow of
William Dill, and John iMontort, Ad
ministrator of the estate of William
Dill, deceased,
George Jennings, Annie M. Jennings,
W illiam E. Sheldon, Ad ha bheldon,
bis wife. Chas. E. Bayley and Jennie F.
Bayley, his wife, John H. Bayley and
his wife, Edward Goodetiough and
Goodenough, his wife, James fcweet,
Julian Metcalf, A. Bowen, Attorneys
in fact and Trustees of the Stc kholders
of the Farmers and Mechanics Store ol
Nebraka City, Wiilium Horngan,
Evander W. Barnuru, Leggett & Co.,
and Richard D. Simpson, as Receiver.
.By virtue of an order of sale issued
to me in the above entitled case, out of
the suid court, I will, at one o'clock P.
M. , on the 14th day of April, A. D.
1873, offer at Public Sale to the highest
and best bidder, at the front door of the
Court House, in Plattsmouth, Nebraska,
the following described tracts of land
to-wit :
The northeast quarter () of section No.
twenty-eight (2Sj, in township ten north
of range thirteen of the sixth prin
ci pal Meridian in Cass county, Nebraska ;
also a part ot the west half () of the
northwest quarter (ij of section twenty--scven
(27) adjoining the tract first de
scribed, the latter tract being described
as commencing at the south-west corner
of the north-west quarter of sectiou
twenty-seven, (27) in township ten north
of range thirteen aforesaid, running
thence north fifty one 51 J rods and six
teen (16) links; thence east eighty (80)
rods; theuce south fifty-ono (51) rods
and sixteen (1(3) links; thence west
eighty (80) rods to the place of begin
ning. The above tracts of land will be
sold on said day, separately, to sati fy
the decree of the court in favor of the
plaintiffs against the defendants, and as
the property and real c.-tate of the de
fendants ; and at the same time and
place I will separately offer at public
sale, by virtue of the order of sale in
this case, the remaining portion of the
west half (J) of the northwest quarter
or section twenty-seven in
township ten north of ranee thirteen
L13eatin Cass County, Nebraska, ex
cep:tng the Hull house and lot, the house and lot. and the
McGregor house and lot, as the prop
erty an i real estate ot t he defendants.
to satisfy the amount found due in the
above ca-c to the defendants James
wee t, Julian Metcalf and A Bowen.
as trustees for the stockholders of the
rarmers and Mechanics store of Ne
braska City. All of the land described
is to be sold to satisfy mortgages upon
tho same.
Given under my hand this 12th day of
.uarcu, a. JL. 173.
J. W. Johnson,"
Sheriff Cass Co., Neb.
Stevenson & Haywaiid,
50 5 1. Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
Ordinance No 41.
An Ordinance dividing the city of Platts--'
mouth into school Districts.
CJM--. i. jie if oniamea oy me Mayor
and (Jonncvwcnof trie City of I'latls
That the city -of Plattsmouth be and
the same is hereby divided into School
Districts as follows
A!l that part of said city lying north
of Main street and ea-t of Sixtb street
and constituting the First Ward cf said
city siiail t)c a school Ihstrict in tlif
C.Mtnty of Cass. And all that part of
I . , . ,
eaiu t-iiy lying norm or wait srreet and
we-t of Sixth s treet and constituting the
"-ttcond Hard ot said city shall ba a
Siixd District in the said County of
All that part of said city lying south of
Uak street and west or feixth street and
constituting the Third V ard of said
city shall be a School District in the said
County of Cass. And all that part of
said city lying south of .nam street and
est of Sixth street and constituting the
rourth W ard of said city shall be and is
constituted a techool District within the
said County of Cass,
JsF.O. 2 Said districts shall he known
and numbered as niay bo designated by
the County Superintendent of Common
Schoo's of the County of Cass, and it
shall bo the duly of the Superintendent
of Pub'ic Schools within and for the city
E!. I. S la ST 23 R.
Is iu receipt of the fines and
Of Cas5ruere, Cloths, Vestings, &c,
ever brought to the city, which
I will make up in tha
Latest styles.
S"fA-Peas call and examine. "il
Plattsmouth, April 18, 1872.
Weeping Water, Nebraska,
Genera! Blerchandise,
srcH AS
We ro Agents for
V -
iVillcox & GIM3 Sew Hi q Maohhre
Furnas and Sons, Brownville, Nebraska,
and E. I errand, Detroit, Michigan,
have consolidated their stocks
and will hereafter conduct
business at Brownville,
Neb , where they
offer the largest and most select gen
eral Nursery Stock ever offered '
in the West, consisting
in part as follows :
20.000 Choice 3 year old Apple Trees,
100.000 2
500.000 " 1
50.000 1, 2. 3 and 4 year old pear
I rec.
40.0-10 " 2, 3 and 4 year eld Cherry
1 rees.
M.OOO " 1 and 2 year old Peach Tree?.
20,000 " I'lum, Apricot and Nectarine
l rees
4.000.000 No. 1 Honey Locust Heds Plants,
2.00O.iK)0 1 OnceOrant'e,
5.000.000 Forest Tree Set"llinr3.
2'io.000 Kverercens. in va-ietv.
100,000 each li'acklierriei", Raspberries and
. l-trawb rries.
50.0i"i0 eieh Gooseberries and Currants,
2it.(fiO Perpetual and Climbing Ruses,
in 0O' Flnwerin? Shrubs,
10.000.000 Willow Cuttinjrs.
Coolry's Early White, and
Adam Eitia Early Corn
Berkshire and Poland
J. R.Pilley cf Cms County will act a cen
cf lh nurterie in this section. P. O. eddr
Plattsmouth, Cast county, Nebraska.
S-('rrrsnon(lence Solicited. Rend
for Ctlnlo nr.-M n41-tt
E. T. DUIfUB ; CO.,-
At foot of Main Street.
Wholksalb ikd Retail DjULtaa
All kinds of
43-tf Manufacturing.
Tlx Best
Is The Cheapest
Will be found at Kis old stand on Main Ft.
where he will ha plesed to see his for
tu customers and friends.
ns haji A lartr fud rood assort OB oat of farm
machinery such as the
rFbe Marhh har-rster. a reaper that two m i
J. can cut and bin 1 ton acres por day wiu
one roan to drive, and the biuders can work ia
the thaile.
Milbnrnnnd Ptudi-nbaker "Wajrons. Hum.
pion Reiiper ii Mowe Masaillon Thrsih
er. anil Rullalo Pit thrasher, and Uxrelkior
Reaper and Mower io,
Main Street. Plattsmouth. Neb.
Feb. 29 wtf.
Fitzgerald's Hall, April 16lh.
The favorite Melo-drama of
"Xick of the Woods,"
A story of Early Keutucky Life Interlude of
Song ic , te. "Rurning of Chicago," by W.
M. Carleton. And the genteel comedy of
Music by Prof. Johnson's Band.
Admission 25 cts. Rest rved Scats 10 ct.
Reserved seats can be secured at II. J.
StreiRht's Post Office Hookstore. 51-4t.
Geo. 2Tiiilcx9
Plattsmouth; - I'ebraLaJ
Wiijman ij Curtis
. PIaUs2iiout, IVeb.,
Repairers of Steam Eccines. Boilers. Saw and
Gribt Mills.
Oas and Steam Fitting", Wrought Iron Pipe
F'Tce and Tit't Pumps, bteam Ouuges, tlanr
Valve Governors, and all kinds of
Brass Engine Fittin s,
furnished on short notice.
ftcpaiJ .' en short notice. ut
The best of Fresh Moats always ea hand lr
their reasoD.
"Highest Prioo Paid for Pat Cattle
"Highest Cash Price paid for green Hides.
G. W. Ill E RK
Main Street, Four Doors East of Court
Semi-Annual Statement
Of the condition of the Pbeniz Insurance C'om-
5any, o lln.oklyn, , i on the 1st day of
anuary. 1S73.
Capital. tl.OOft.ronfiO
Gross Surplus, . 1.001 313 U2
Total Assets, 82,001,313 00
Caph in Bank,
Cash in course of transmission by
A cents.
Loans on Bund and Mortgage, at 7
per cent
Notice is hereby given that under and
bv virtue of the- articles of incorporation
of the it Louis & Aeraka J runt Kail-
rond Coujpanv. tiled in the office of the
Secretary of tha State of ebra-ka, on
the day of August A-I . 1.S72.
Book will be o ene i tor subscription to
the cai-ital stiH-k offcid bt. Louis o-
!RkN Trunk Railroad Company, ot the
Stite Bank of Nebraka in the city of
Omaha on the j th day of 31 ay, 1Si3.
J. A. HoRBAcri "J
-Alvin Saunders I
A. S. I'addock J- Incorporator.
Clinton Brigos
John Kitzuerai.d.
Platt-uiouth, Cas-s Co., Nebra.-ka, April
4th, 1873- n2t5.
A crued Interest.
Keal Kstale owned by Company for
Wrecking Annaratu at Iiuffalo.
Claims due tiie Company forbalvage
and n.e-In,urunce.
Other property, cundry items.
Qsr.BAL Land Office, Washington, D. C.
(Jeneral Cunningham iidorms us that
he has received an important letter from
the Central Land Office, at Warhing-
It is to the effect that all the land in
the State north of the North Fork of
the Platte and West of the Junction ot
the North with the South Fork of the
Piatte river, is withdrawn from the mar
ket the same, .on examination being
found to belong to the Sioux Reserva
tion or their treaty territory.
All Plats will be withdrawn' from the
Local Land OiScjp, and no further sur
veys ill be mada until the matter is
thoroujj'ily investigated and the title de
termined. Mr. John Taffe di-covcred
this error, and a- some counties have
het-n organized in the disputed ground,
we ere likely to have a Lot time about
thia ntw.
Administrator's Sale5.
Iiy virtue of a license and order of sale taw inn real estate, to-wit:
entered by the Distric t Court of Ne- . fifteen (10) i
of PI ttst .outh to report to the County Cuil loans on U. S. Bonds, Ac, at 7
Superintendent in the rame manner as rtiu. liTJ'c. t... xr..: t. .
is reqmrea by law tor directors of Via- ums,
trict boards, said renorts to b spnarati. t'nited States. State and County
, n ., . , . , . ionij, niarwet vaiue,
for rach ot the Uistncts created by this Uncollected Premiums, Fire and
Sec. 3. This Ordinance shali take ef-1
feet from and after its pa?age.
Passed and approved April 4th. 1873.
M. L. WHITE, Mayor.
Attest, M. B. Beese, Clerk. 2t2.
Sheriffs Sale.
IVOTICE is hereby triven that by vir
tue of an ordr of sale issued by the
Clerk of the .District Court within and
for Cass Co., Neb., and to me directed
wherein William Stadelmann is Plaintiff
and August Murphy is Defendant, I wiil
on Monday the 14th day of April, A.
1). 1873, at 10 o'clock a. m. of aid da v.
at the front door of the Court House in
the city of Plattsmouth, in said Countv.
offer for ale at public auction the fbl-
130:155 43
370.895 0"
R2.892 74
13.995 29 ,
225,ni0 00
14.5S4 84
Him is
Of the latest Improvements, warranted,
and foil at a small profit above cost.
SHOT .472 70
II. E. riLMUR. Agent.
bmkii, in and for the second Judicial
District, sitting in Douglas County, in
the matter of the e-tate of Lnos Wil
1 am, late of said Douglas County, de
ceased, under the seal t said court, and
to me, the undesigned, directed, as ad
ministratrix of said estate, I wiil offer
in biocfc iNo.
three (3) in Stadt lni an n's addition tothe
City of Plattsmouth, Cas County, N
braska.herefofore attached as the pron-
erty of said Defendant, and to be sold to
satisfy a decree rendered at the Septem
ber adjourned term A. D. 1872. and on
the 12th day of December A. D. 1S72,
for sale and sell at pubiio auction to the npaint the said August Murphy, and in
highest bidder, on the 24fh day of
iMarcb, A. L. 1S3, at 12 o clock at noon
(holding said ialo opeu for one hour
thereafter) at the door of the building
in which the DistrictCurt in and for
Cas.s Conty was last held in the city of
L rlattsuiouth, the lollowing described
real estate, to wit : Lot seven U) in
Block thirty five (35), Lot six (C) in
Block thirty-six (36), Lot one (1) in
Block forty two (42), all in the city of
Plattsmouth, County of Cass and State
of Nebraska, to pay the debts and
charges against said estate,
Catwarine Williams.
Administratrix oi said e&tate.
The above sale is hereby postponed
until April 23d IS7
Catharine Williams,
Executrix of the estate of Enos Wil
lirta. d(Sasd. S2'3i
favor of the said William Stadelmann
Given under inv hand this 12th day
of March, A. D 1873
J W. Johnson.
50 5 Sheriff Cass Co., Neb.
UttKl UttKt
I am now prepared to fur-
msii tne Dest, unauuun t.
to all parties notifying me.
Annual Statement
For the year end in December Slut. 1872. of the
coudition and affair of the Home Inxurance
Company, of New York. Organized under tho
Laws ot t lorn, maaa to tne raperintena
ent of the lncuran J epartnient ot the Wtate
of Nebraoka, in puiauance of the lawa of aid
Whole amount of Joint Stock Cap
ital authorized. J--XJO.O0O W
Whole amount of Capital paid up
in cab, - Zwo.uoooo
Loans on Bunds and Mortgages,
(first Ueua). 81.910,70500
Interest accrued on eaiJ Bonds and
Mortgage loana, 4S.30467
TTnitd Slain and State Stocks and
Unnd (mnrlcr tbIub). 1.725.9C500
Loans on stocks. ltnnd and other
8rnriii(. held as coliaterajs,
f i:J.7..V00).
t'ajh dep-itd in Banks,
Interest due a-id accrued on collat
eral loans xml liaiiK oaianccn.
Gross premiums in due course ot col
lections, .
Bills Heeeivable, taken for Fire,
Marine and Inland ricks, and
for steamer Alaguct, (secured
by monag .
Due from other Companies for re
insurance on lo-ses already
paid. ... ,
Salvage property and claims on loss
es already paid.
All other properly belonging to the
Doing my own work la
Tin and Sheet Iron
Combined, with lona-'exr-erienee guarantee
satisfaction and l'rices to su.t
SlwSm '
A Heavy Stock of ds on
201.J33 61
290.49443 I
Ao BeuU and No JnlerrH on Borrowed top it al
to tt Mad Off Homtr 1 1
GroFS elaiics fir Losses against the
Coin pny adjusted and unpaid. Xone.
Gross losses in process ol adjustment
including an reported ana sup
t.osed losses, less re-insuranoo. SiW.0fl920
Losses resisted, inrludiug interests,
cods, and other ex Dense. ai.Rvano
Cash Dividends to stockholders, rc-
mainins unpaid 2 OTS Oft
All other property belonging to the
company. 7S.7234A
2.277.158 19
H. E. PAIATSl. Atmt.
e Go aotmv,
North side Main betweeb Second and Third eta
Takes pleasure in announcing to
Farmers and. mechanics.
That he has as large and well selected stock of
Dry Goodg, Groceries, Provisions, as were
ever brought to t e ci ' y of Plattsmeuth.
It wilt ccst you nothing to look at them
whether ya buy or not. My examinirjr th
prices at the "OLD HE LI A tiLK" you will bel
able to tH when c4&r lrt try swinditj