Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, June 27, 1872, Image 3

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Hail road Time Table.
MaU an.l Ex. 1:"0 p. m. Mail and Ex. 10:0n a in
Freight & Ac. tf:U) a.m. Freight St Ac. 3::W ! m
B. A M. U. K. IN IOWA.
Mail A Ex. f: 5 a. m.
Ait'tion A Fr' 12::i in.
Atlantic Ex. 4: p in.
Sf ait A Ex. 5:35 p. m
Ac'tion A FrVbt 'X p in.
pacific Ex pro U.2'J a in
TheTnnsfer boat will leave the Depot t c n
nect with Eastern b:mn 1 trains 4" minuU s earli
er h.iti the time itiven aboe. The Poat is run
by C'hicaBOtime which La :53 minutes lafterthan
plattsuioutb time,
In connection with Burlington A Missouri
River Railroad in Nebraska.
Depot at foot of Jons struct.
flmaha a.m.
Lincoln 12:30 p. m
do ;ko p. uj.
Iditcoln 5:o0 - n.
do 1;39 1. m.
do : P. i
Omaha 11 :ln . m
do 0:1K p. in
K O. ST. JOfi. A C B. R. R.
Mail and Express 4:4S r. m. 8 ',0 a. m.
Night Express 8;tM a. in 3:1.1 p. in.
This Rives passenger from l'lattsmoutu ciose
connection Koin South or North by leaving hero
in the -SV in. train.
C. B. A St. Joe R. R. South
C. B. A St. Joe K. R. Nortn.
B. ic M. R. R. Fast.
B. A M. R. R- West.
Umahaby R :i it
m : .. -
9 p m. lu.:!0 pc
9 p. in. i0. i'l p ui
S p in. 10.3D p m
yam. 4 pin.
0 p in l't a m
12 n. 12 m.
9 n in. 8 p in.
Nebraska- City, by Stace,
Departs Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays.
OKice hours, from 7 a m to 8 p in.
Sunday.. 12 to 1 Py MARSHALL p M
City Oflicial.
M. L. White.
Hosj Vanatta,
Josiah Moorcs,
Pity I.I,:, k.
P.dii r Judsu.
alter J. White. Mrcel i-OH-iuis-iouer.
First Wa an. John FiUirerj? . FlbcrtPuke.
Skcomd Wai-o J". Uuuery, J. Ucyman.
Tuian Ward. B. Cushinic. K. Vivian.
"I artist On the corner of Main Rr1 Ninth
I Kev.T. J. Arnold, pastor, Residence, on
M'in between lOih an! Hth. cervices everv
S.i'oatU at li a. in., and ut i p in. .-'abl.ath
Vfhunl at O' j a.m. Prayer meeting every U ed evening.
CImkistian Serviei in Clark A I'lummvr' Hall
Elder Aiton preacher. Elders, Isaac Wiles
nd T. J. Todd.
Tpiscopal Corner Viro an 1 ThirJ Ftrects
jlj llff. A. R. (iraves .Sort ices every Surviay
at 11:0.) a. m. and 8 p. ni. Sunday School
t 2 i. in.. Prof. d'Alletuand. Supi.
Cl.iNfJRKOATloN tLOorner Locust an 1 Sth sts
; Iter. B. F M anwell, re-ideo e Lo. u-i st be
trccn 4th and Stlmts Services ever? Sabbath t
11 a. in: aad ft: p. m. Sabbath S-h.oi at 12:
51 P. m. Prayer iureting every Wednesday
f euing.
(Iathomc North side of Publics .jxire
Father Hayes. First Mass every S-ihhath at
a. tn.. Second Mass and Sermon at l':.-!0
Vespers and Benedietion lit 3:30 p. m. Mass
at -1 a. m. every week day.
I.'irst Presbtttriax North sideofMain sf.
westofti'h Rev. D. W. Cameron ; Scrvire
eery Sabljalh at 11 a. m. ::nd li:.' p. m. S:ib
bath School at ;:.!) a- in.. Thos I'olloi-k rl..rin
tjn lnf. Prayer meefir.u every Vcduosd.iy
evening at 6:.'50 o'clock.
Mbthooist Ei'i.sroptt West si !c of Sixth
street, south of Main Kcv. J. II. Vresson
Services every Sabbath atl0::5il a. in. an i 7 p. in.
Prayer meeting every Thursday evening. Class
neetings every Monday evening ami immediate
ly after close of Sabbath morning services
3abbath School at 2:-'0
Ofistir, den 21 September bat die Deutsche
O Ev. Luth. lmein's in ihrom Si-!iiill!:ius
orniittai-'S um 11 Uhr tiotte.idient. Utbvrhnipt
findat derselbe von jctzt tn rcu'cl mac-si alle 14
Tagestatt. Minister Rev. L 'Hauu:wal 1.
f-abbath school at a m.. Prof. d'Altcmand,
rO. O. F. Regular meetings of Tlatte Lodge,
No. 7, I. O. !. F. every Sat'ird.i., evening at
Odd Fellows Hall. Transient Brothers are cor
iiaily iavitedo visit.
J. W. J0I1NS0N N. G
10. 0. F. Plattsinonth Encampment Ni. 3.
Regular Convocations the 2 and 4 Friday's
f each month at O ld Fellows Ilail cor. :5d and
Main sts. Transient Parnarchs eor-ti iily invitoJ
visit. WM. L. WELLS, C. P.
A. d'ALI-EMAS o. Scribe
MiSONIO Pi ATTMOrTH Lopor No. fi A. F
,t A. M. Hcgalar mc-tinas at their hall
on the first and thir I Monday eveninirs of each
month Trans-eit hrffhrn invited t visit.
MA.0OY Lodge No. 22 A. F. A A. M. Regular
meetings at Macoy Hall. firt ai.l third
Ini iy.-. J. N. WISI W. M.
J. M. BgfSDSLsr. Sec.
"rBRASKACHAlTKB No. 3 R. A. M. Rcgubir
il convocations second anl fourth Tuesday
veninkS of eac month at XZ o'clock p. in.
II. Newman. Sc.
IO. G-T. OMVK BRAxrn.No.2 WDFerree
. W. C. T.; E. Bradley. W. S.: T. W. Shry
ock Loilge Deputy. Meets at Clark f- Pliimmer's
nail every Tuesday evening. Traveling Temnlaig
"espectrally invited.
Local adVertUing reeded here In
this town, we mean.
Fill up our column, if you want a fat
japer, gentlefolks.
The State Teachers' Institute, at Lin
coln, on July 'Jth, closes Aug. 1st. Re
member the day.
The fourth day of the irreat juT-iloe, at
lio'-ton, has clot-d. Weather pood,
crowd Lir, Music grand.
Grant anvl Wil.-on Ilatifieaiian meet
ing on Saturday, -!'Jth. Remcm'mr.
A white man vasstabbi-d ly an Indian
in Sioux City, last wet k.
Subscribers and cr.. for our daily, rc-ceired-
at the box office, on Main St., up
You can buy ladies' Gaiter?, very neat
for $1 T0 at the riattsajomh Shoe
Store. aprltf
Subscribers wanted for this paper all
over the County.
New goods ! neat goods, and cheap at
the I'lattsniouth Shoe Store, next door
to post-olfice. aur4tf
We call attention to the second re
port of the "First National Dink"' of
this place, which appears in our columns.
It shows a good exhibit.
Connubial Felicity. XcthiDg tends
more to connubial happiness thanchcer-
V ful and healthy infants and children
Mrs. Whitcomb's Syrup is the great
children's soothing remedy.
Walk right up, and give us your ads.,
show what your town is, and we will
Zlerahl you to the' world.
Clark & Hammer's store is full of
catomeri ill buyiuj away a3 fast as pos
Go to F. T. Duke & Co's for Fruit
A large colony has located in Greedy
county, T. -), II, 0, uoith of the
Our streets look lively with wagons,
carriages and folks.
Economy. lSy uing Mr. Whit
comb's Syrup fr thildn n many a doc
tor's hill can bn saved and much fuller
ing averted. Ilea J the ' advertisement
in another column.
Drick Pomeroy fays he wont support
Greeley if a thousand convention?? should
nomii a'c h'v.n.
Goto Clark & Plummcr's for a full
s'ok of goods.
For Sale. Howes Plat form Scares,
at E. T. Duke & Co's. Every farmer
needs them. 2d 1 w
It looked very pleasant to see Father
Duke out agsin, and riding about the
streets in a carraige. Sicknc-s is a trying
invader on our pleasures and joys, and
uone so well know the deliuhts ot health
as they wh j have but recently arisen from
the sick couch.
Platte Valley House for rent. Tn
quire of MAXWELL & CllPM.
Ferks, Sc thes, Hakes and fanning
iniplen.ents cheap at Duke's. 2d lw
If you want anything in th 1 vegetab'e.
line be sure you will find it at Vivian',
he obtains thera fresh every day from
the Picnic Gardens. dlw.
Summer Gardes. These popular
Gardens, south of Pla-ttsmouth, will be
opened to the public on Sunday, May
19th, 1872, with music and dance.
P. Goose & Co., Proprietors.
Senator Tipton speaks this evening
on political matters. Tip is one of
our best speakers and sarcasm is no
ii;tin for h'- stvlo of argument. We
rniy expect a dramatic rreat if not a
tru'hful exposure of Administration
A small boy ru-he 1 np in our office
for a bottle of Printer's Ink to-day. Ts
there another daily to be started? Dew
If yon don't believe the Emporia Cook
Stove is the best in the market ask Jason
Streiiiht, or Moses Dodge about it. It
i the Red Ribbon Stove. 2d lw
The rate on pnsen?er travel, over the
Omaha & Northwestern R. R. , has
been reduced to 5 rents per mile. Who
snys a corporation has no soul ?
The Turner Society of thi city have
iiiad stiTincenip nts to have a lare bas
ket Picnic &c. Sec. on the 4th of July
to be f iIIoiv.mI by a ball in top cv p'nir.
W vn!l end -.-ivor to further p-?ri Ic
nhir-', in a dav or two.
The Sunni er trrm at Prof. dV!--mand's
well known Academy in I'hift
mouth, will com uieritf'i Monday. July 1-t.
. L M K'ine, of Cuming City, called
onu Thuisday. Mr. K. talks of Le
coming a re?-ident of Cass Cc.
A Cne drove of 250 heifer pased
tiiroueh our city on Friday lat. from
Polk Co., Iowa. 7 hey were going west
a la Gneley not to Greeley.
Nominated Not at Philadelphia,
but at Plattsmouth Clark & Plum
mcr's, as the best house to deal with in
town ; Call and see us.
"Dull times" it is said, "are the bc.-t
fir advertisers." Because if money i
ticht and people are forced to cconomlz"
they always read the advertisements to
a-certaiu who sells the chvapr-t ;'-d
where they can trade to the Le.-t advan
Prof. d'Alleman 1 gives private in
struct ion in French and Geiman. Clase
being formed all the time. 2t
Roeck s new building proc;reses fine''
and Boeck, hitn-tdf, flies round from p "
lar to post, arid from old stor;- to now
store, and ha-k again, like a head wit'i
the hen erst off no, like a buy man and
eminent citizen.
Our Dolly VarJeh si 'e walk was on
Vine street between some of 'em, and
we got the djrinition from Webstcr,rr
told you.
0!?r ion ol Merges, at the Plattsmouth
Shoe Stor?, ixiakc to onicr, at reduced
the very l est clas of Fiviieh
' .i
.llO's. ,vc. , ail fstwes i'
ft v . i
lid'e.-j Bronze, Glove and White Kid
Shoes and Slippers, made to order.
II. J., of the P. O. Book
store, has received Mark TvvaiiT?
'"Roughing It," and although Matk
Twain needs no recommendation from
u-, lut for Mr. Streight'6 benefit, we
will say that this is, in our opinion, hi
best an 1 most characteristic work. It rs
'plum full" of human Dature, and rur:
n'ngover with humor.
See advertisement, of Dr. Butts'. Dis
pensary, bended Book for the Million
Marriage Guide in another col mm. It
should be read by alb dec. 1 d&wly.
Our fnct.d and worthy Pror. s-.or d'Al
lemand mu-t bo a public man of excell
ing good nature. Do ;., ben with
no less thin three petition., fir pu! i
objects, and the mm who attuupts in
collect money in, these times, m l k".
his temper, for any caii, go. d .rial
must be a remarkable man. The Pi of
Platform Scales wcL-hing from COO to
1200 lbs. Cheap at E. T. Duke & Co's.
2d lw
a JK-Iti joke.
Our friend Jennings, at Facforyviik,
informs us that he has very fine white
Greeley hat, which he desires to dispo.-e
of. A number of his neighbors have
tried the same on but no head to fit it
has yet been found. Must somebody of
the right stripe emigrate to Factory ville.
All the Wool in Cass county, at Cl.-rk
& Plummcr'p. Bring it along. ' lOlf.
I have Pasturage for 40 head .ft rses
near S mile Grove, terras l. uiouth.
We hope that all olTic s in 1 stoics
will b: c'o-ei! ou thi a'Vove ty, m Out.
cverjlM-dy may cJ y th .-iustlvcs. L;i I
a petition b - ban led to every on? for i
their Mgu iLuri to agree to the above re-
itrtit tiiis.
Giols nor sold at less than cost. No
goods g vi ii a way, ut good goods at the
J -.f. -t prices for cash, at
lltf. Clark & Pi.cmmers.
Platt-n oui'h. Neb
Mi:i:riNi r siormii.i.iis.
The annual meeting of the Stock
holders of the Burlington & Mi-s uii
11. It in Nebraska, took pNee in tb's
city on Friday, the 21st. The fullowiii
officers were elected as Directors for the
i.Tisuini! year :
Sidney Bartletf, John M. Fnib's,
John W. Brooks, Jno. A Burnhatn, Jr..
(vice J. A. B. Sr.), Jo-hua W. Davis,
(vic N. T'aayer), all of Biston, M;i..t
Cyrus Woodman. Cambridge. Mjss.,
Chac. E. IVt kins, Bu'lrngton, Iavra.
skws v. a y rt.iK
As it is impossible for one person to
keep the run of a daily pa;-er, see
that it comes out promptly every day
ami also, be on tho street much of the
time; and whereas, nnr finance-, and t h"
number of advertisements in the Dvif.Y
Ukrald do to as vet wanant us in
keeping a corps of paid rep rter, we
shall fee' thankful if our friends will send
us in all the news and items they ca".
Help us to make it lively, boys !
vulat ius(!;i;y.
An ludlnn Cliariiel ISoue I'ncitrtlscl
On Friday last, as Prof. d'Allemand and
Mr. Wangh were fixing a croquet ground
on t li3 ni!l. east ot .mo. Ji. ti.HK s resi
deneo, they : suddenly struck a skull. On
further digging, no le.-s th;n twenty
Indian skulls were foand within the
pace of a squar yard, and some seventy
in the neighloihood. Oihcr bones of
the arms and legs were foond, but not in
so porfect a sta'e of preservation as the
skuils. Each skuli was pi -rced with a
hole as from a bullet or sharp pointed
tomahawk. They are no doubt the last
;d remnants of some valorous war party
of Otoes or Pawnees, who after years of
quiet have been thus rudely unearthed
to make place for the white man's sport
Oh, croquet; (eroak-ct).
to oiKit::t: t. i iulmm larni.
i r s .
A call has been issued for a state Ger
man convention to meet at PlattMiiouth,
on July l.-t, 1S72.
Savs the Mus.atine (Iowa) Courier:
W have dt.itc nd are still doing Lusi
ne-- !tl! j .'. a liumber of Advertis
!ti' A., i . l . tin (.uhont the country,
mi I h vu no fault to find w th them,
hut .Messrs. Geo. P. Roweil & Co. give
ts -more tuiness ihan any other. Fur a large amount of advertising,
and paying promptly has put thi.-houe
at the very boa 1 of Agi-tieies, and has
made them a name l'r hone-ty, n lia:-i!-ity.
and promptness, which of itsolf i
woiih a fortune.
XVni A Buy.
All tin funny tilings of t tie Re-union,
all about our bi cake, the th.n.ks of ii,.
committee on tables to the ladies of tin
town; the Resolutions of the ofd.-ers, an 1
lots more left over for tomorrow's paper
Can't give you ail the cool things " tew
on:-t." . . '
Ta llaii ass e k, Flo i: i n a ,
Aiifii-r 25, ISf.S
Jfosrs. Zri'in & Co Our junior ed
itor h is tried your Liver Regulator and
is taking it now, and rinds it invaluable
to him as a corrector of the stomach
and regulator of the bowels. Articles
of diet that he dared net itidu'ge in he
fore taking your Liver Regulator, he
can now eat with impunitv.
Very truly, Dykks & Sparhawtc,
J.ditor Florid an.
Mr. AzruSui-tli, of Ruck Bluffs,
us a call ju-t as we were going to pres.-,
last week, leaving some of tho finest
peeimens of vegetables we have cen
this season. He informs us that he
(licked his first cahbuges the 12th tf
lune. while the N w York inn of
which he obt iined h's seeds think the
middle of the month very early fur
them. Hurrah for Nelra-l.a and Mr
Smith! Srill later we are indehte I to
him for string I cans cauliflowers, new
potatoes, some very lino beets, pea,
Sic. We return our hearty 'thanks- and
rejoice in his and Nebraska's good luck
at raising early vegetables.
I ot orMrnjotl.
On the "night of the 7th of June, a
roan cow about 8 years old, points of
horns sawed off, crop and underhit off
each ear. Any one giving information
to W;:i R'l l ?n of 8 Mile Grow Precinct
concerning said animal will be suitably
rewarded. Word mav be left at this
3t pd
Daily .Moil lo tlcpins lYalrr.
Owing to the persevering dibits of our
N isby, Capt Mar dial, a daily mail will
.oi.n;i:e ru.'Piing to Weeping Water
o:i .i 1 a1';.:-,- j,c firt of Julj.
''iv Arrival.
On lat Friday at the house of Wrn.
Sta.hhiiann Ep, a new partner in
th 3 clothing business A wholesale de
partment to the business will be added
State Auditor, Hon. John Gillespie,
is in town and s opping at the Biool 6
Senator T. W. Tipton stops at the
Brooks I leu so.
Hon. Dan. Wheeler, nra h une this
morning chuck full of ie-Union.
Evciyhodyand their wife are in town
to the re Union.
The Brooks Ilcase Regisier is so full
we could not copy it to Jav.
Hon. T. W. Tit t m. U. S. Senator of
this State : Hon, John G 1 espie. Audit
or of State; an! Gen. R. R. Livingston,
of Plattsmouth, dropped into our c5ce
for a friendly esll, this afrnoon.
-rr. iL. ikimi:kiioh.
Couscil CnAMBER. June 17, 1S72.
C'ou'icil rnt pur-tiant to a ij.m.iiiuent.
Present-- Maror, Aldermen . Cu.-h.g,
V.viaft. Duke, Waymati, Buttery, CieiL
and Marha!.
The Journal of last tneeting lvad and
A petition was presented for certain
sidewalks in the t?outh part of tha city,
On motion, referred to Committee on
Ilighwiys'and Bi idgos, with instructions
to draft ordinance for same.
Mr. M. B Murphy, was present and
asked the Council to make an appropria
tion to aid in procuring fire works for
thi Soldi rs' Beumoii lo be held in
Ptattsmuu.h on t!.e2'". li cf June, 1S72.
It was moved thai ."?.J he Hppropii d,
and motion l.t.
T!ie following a -counts were predated,
and, on motion, al'owed:
To K. fi. Vanatta, $S.Q'J. for copying
ordinances ic
To II. A. Wat rmn A. S. n $10 C3
for lumber, on Improvement Fund.
W.J. White, 519.20. for c-a.-h joill
B. & M. R. R. Co. for lumber, ou Po
lice Filed.
To Way man & Ce.rtis I3 50 for Post
Augur, on Improvi im-nt Fund.
.. To I. Wiles, $J2 80, for oak piling,
Police Fund.
To M. W. Morgan, $50.00, services
as Marshal on .' mor.rh.
To W. White, .55 5S, w.nk done on
streets and bridges ou Improvement
The account of Reese & Draper f r
$19 00, referred to Finance Committee.
Ordinance No. 25, providing for the
payment of interest on City Warrant-,
was read first time, and
On motion, the itilee were su'pend-l.
and said ordinance rea 1 a second and third
time and put on its final pasape, on
which a vote was taken, reu!ting as fol
lows : Ayes, Curbing, Vivian. Duke,
Way man and Buttery. Motion carried,
and said ordinance was read a second
and third time and put ou its final pas
sage. A vote was taken resulting as
follows : Buttery, Wayman, Duke, Viv
i n i i -i ! .
ian and Cu-hing, and said ordinance was
passed and approved
Ordinance No. 2G, appropriating one
thousand eieht hundred and forty dol
lars, for the jHixpose of opening Chicago
and Washington avenues, read first time.
On motion, the rules were suspended
and said ordinance put on its second and
third reading and'tiual passage, on which
a vote was taken with the following re
sult : Ayes, Buttery, Wayman, Duke,
Vivian and Gushing. Motion carried,
and said ordinance was a second
and third ttuie and put on its final pas
sage, on which passage a vote was taken
resu'ring as follows: Ayes, Cu.-hing.
Vivian, Duke, Wayman and Buttery,
and said ordinance was passed and ap
proved. Ordinance No. 27 An ordinance levy
ing certain tax s for the purpose of pro
viding revenue, was,
On motion, read first time. It was
moved that the rule.- be su-pended, and
said ordinance put on its scmd and
third reading and final pas;ige. ou which
a vote was taken tetilting as ffii'iiw.-:
Ayes, Cu-diiTig. Vi.i tn, Daks', Wayman
.in 1 utt-ry. Motion carried, and said
ordio iiiee w;is rt-ad a second and thiid
time and put on its final passage, on
which pas:::ig' a vo?o was taken rtMiit
ing as follows : Ayes, L liteiy, Wayiiian,
Ibike. V.vian and Cu-hing, and said
ordinance wa parsed and approved.
Ir was moved that the following ae-coutit.-
be all. .we-1, and orders drawn on
Avenue Fund, for the amounts, at 90
cents on the doiiar. on which a vote w, s
t iken with the wing rc-u'.r : .ves,
Cusiiiog, Vivian. Iuke, Waymin and
Buttery, and motion carried.
To F. F. Mo-canise. lot 9 1.1. .ck -12 SZOO ( 0
" Pose Ann White, " S. " 12. 7.") 0)
" C It. I'arui.'le. - U. 57. 3'i Oit
" l!.i.M.H, t'o. Nvb., " II, 57. ; 0
' J. M. i:ar..lsey. " 5. - f.S. 2 00
H. at.n. " 11. " JCi 1 00
" do d ' 3. " list, J ,o
" J. W. Williams " 1. " 42. I f 00
" S. F. X Uri els, 2. " 42. :W0
" A. W. Miyl. r. " 3. " .r5. 20 i(0
" 11. P.CojIe igo. -10. " 57. 15 00
Washington -.ivsmx
To J. F. Stull, lot 1), hlock 21. 50 0a
" Io (1 "11. " 2!,' CO O't
' do do " 12, " 21. 76 fiO
" C. M oVt't.h:iupt. " H. " 42-". l
" Fred. KroiicbTer, " 7, " 7. 25 00
' W. Mi -kelwait. " 4. " 110.
John Patterson, "11, " 9. 100
- M. Kennel'y, " 1. " 8. 75 0
" S. F Nuckollf. 10. " 9. 1 00
" do do " 9, " 9. SO 00
" XV. 15 Marshall. " 4. " S, 21 00
" J. Ttir iL-kra ji t-.n. " fi, " 21, 2100
"J. F Lu.k. "11. " 110. 30 00
" J. Q. Owens, " 3. " 110 15 CO
On motion, Council aojourr.ed.
Attot: 31. L. WIIITF,
R. II. Vanatta, layor.
C:ty Clerk.
Farmers ! when you want Roots or
Shoes made to order. Repairing dorie,
or anything in the way of leather and
findings, call ;n O'liritn it Mertre.-, at
the Plattsmouth Shoe Store, next dopr
to post-office. apr-ltf
By the hands of a very small boy we
received the Ailluwins keard:
Nf b-aski Wat.-htiiaa
Jtiiily .v "fpl iy
Pliittsmoutti Nb.
Iii'let'eii'lcnt in nil things
Look - Ji-b i.rinling &.c AC
V M'.h
LditrrA Pubo. her
Yc-S, we know independent 'too, we
Pi.attsmuutii, June 22. 1872.
To THE Kimoll CF HIE litKAl.I):
Piease ft We notice througli your col
umns, that ad members of the J'.exg
wi'.i I." aecoijoriodated v.ith Admission
Tickets to the State Fair. S ptemherSd,
4:h. 5:h and 5:h. Ifc72. upon application
-to the .Secretary, D H Wheeler, and
obJi.e the Directors State Fmr.
15y order. D. II. Wmeki.f.r,
Seei tary.
(State papers please c-ipy )
C!ai.k Plii'iimer have just received
a new lot of sugars coffees, diivd fruits.
ice, iv.c, c, which must be sold.
You can buy men's Phnes ( good) f.
$2 0d at tho PlittfciLiouth Shoe Store.
Latest By Telegraph
Long Stay at Geneva.
Katification in l3rooklyn.
An Indian Commission ap
pointed to Investigate
AiTahs in the Ter
"ritorics. President Grant Goes
Strikers Ivesume "Work.
Tho Geneva Con fe ranee.
Valuable Treasures Disco
vered. The Boston Jubilee.
Itntlroai! Acoiilent.
BEM.F.vrLLK, Canada, June 22.
An accident oecured here this morning
.i i '. I. ! I ....
Oil l ie ijraiiU iriuov ranroau iu a nam
. , , r
from loronto to Montreal. An ax e (d
t lie engine h-oke, and t he passenger ears
were i!ed on each other. Sixty-tive
men and women were fearfully scalded
a d otherwise injuied, six of whom
died on the spot, and the bodies were
brought to this place, l our more have
died, and others are dying "every hour
Not more than three fourths of the in
jure 1 will live. The dea l and dving are
tying stretched rn mattrasses on th.' floor
of the freight shed, so much disfigured
as lo be unrecognizable.
Geneva. June 22.
It is probable tht upon the reassemli
lieg of the tribunal next Wednesday,
rdj iu. niuent will be taken for four weeks
when the sittings of the court will be
open to the public.
A m-ss meeting to ratify the nomina
tions of Giant and Wilson, was held at
the Academy of Music, Brooklyn, last
night. Among the sp-akers were Sena
tor N3'C, E D.dah'eld Smith and others
Re-oini io.-is p! the ticket a hearty
support were adop ed.
W.osb'ng'nn. June 24 Commissioners
Brnror and Cree !cne to ,Jay ti'l- an x
t tt'led f onr a i.nrg th.' Indians of Dakota
Ui n'ara I iai O, Wyoo ir.g, Utah and
Colorado Territories. The ol j.ct of .heir
mi sion is to avert threat, in d hofdi'y
on the pa t. i f the wild Sioux on the
.Noth'-rn .Missmni t'ver. and a gervr:.!
exatninatioii int Indian affairs, in t lie
T riituriea named
Bo-ton June 24. The oratorio passed
off agreeably to the strictly muical por
tion of the nioderare audience. Prcsi
d tit Grant will he pte-ent to-morrow and
all the attractive features fr on ihe p,st
week's piogiamme will bo performed-
New Vo?k. June 24.
The strike of the piano makers has
ended, all the men having resumed work
at ten hours. Those employed by Web
er & Sn-inway alone get an advance of
wages r.f ten per cent.
A Washington special says a monster
mass nn-eririir tn ratifY the nomtn ati-.n of
rant am) Wiibon. wid be held on Toes
d iv evening Sj.ecches w ill be in de out
ef doors in front of the City Hall.
Philadelphia. June 24 The cabinet
m kes strike ended by the men rci-uui-iii
work tn old terms.
- San Francisco. June 26. Railroad en
irineHTS Ijetw.-en A-toii and ('om.-lins,
Oregon found marks -on rck leading tn
the discovery of a bos containing o,7U 1
in old Spani-h coins, and a quantity ef
New Yor'-s June 24 The Herald's
Geneva sp .ialoi'th-' 24ths;iys dii;itch--s
lec.'ived .-luce Satuid ay iiiht have
inlnei-d the American agent to re.puest
Count Sehiopi.s to summon the c uneil
At a meeting of the Tammany Society
last flight ior .fio S. . vmour ma le .sachem
Arran-'cments were h'so made fbr a gi-eut
celel ration on the 4'h of July.
It is- tated that t!ie Drooklyn carpen
ter are petting ready to resume work at
old rates.
A Reli ville. Ontario, dispatch says
that many more victims of the raihoad
disaster are rapidly .sinking.
llriSTON. June 2o.
The Coli -fliiiii was filled to overflowinir
to-day, over five thousand people were
trrnied away ft our the doors. Twenty
ihoijs.-ind ti.-kets for .-tanditttr were sold.
The President recived cordial greetings
from the vat aud'enee.
Trenton. June 25
The New Jersey Deuiocr .tie emiven-1
t:on inlets here to morrow. T.i i lea 1
tis are divided on instructing delegates
soni'j favor Greeley, others Joel Parker
others still favor fending delegates uuin
st raced.
New Yohk, June 25
Monev lvis- at 4.
G. ld Pull i.t LiU
Govei utimnts Stea.iy.
1 liteau i'rItire .M.irltf I.
. Chicago, June 25.
Fiour Very dull and lu minal.
Wheal M o I e r a ? e !y a c t i v e.
Corn () ned weak and lower.
Wool Fair inipiiry tor tub clmics at
6'titt 72e, washed fleece 55( 5.; medium
un-vasheo 4ivr'44ie.
Hams (To. d demand and firm.
Raeon Quiet, Mtaoy and unchancd.
St I.oniM l'nxture Mnrlii't.
St Louis June 22.
Flour -Pull and drooping.
Wheat Nouiaiket.
rn LHill: No 2 mixed 41 (42.
To lh I'rlcndH nt InlejeiiUetit'e Aad
The unndrsigned cordially en"doring
the plztiortu and candidates of the Na
tional Liberal Kepuhlican Convention,
held in Cincinnati, May 1st, 1S72, appeal
to ail friend of political independence
and governmental reform throughout
the State, to unite with tliem in promot
ing the .success of thos? principles and
the election of those candidates.
A national crisis demands the earn-rt.
attention of every patriotic citizen. The
corruption consequent upon the war has
crept into and obtained control of our gov
ernment. The very life of our f ree in
Mitmions is tl.reatend.
Tlifc partisans t.t the Administration
have throttled the voice of the people by
pa hinQ contentions made up ol and by
the office holders of'such Admini-traf ion.'
Inlluetitial and lucrative offices have
been given tho.-e who haa obtained the
Pre.-ideut's favor by means of valuable j
Pre-ents, an-l to tlicse notoi iouhv corruj t
and nnworihy.
When iliu-tiious Senators have dared
to raise a voice of criticism aud to n.-k
for investigation, the zealous partisans
of the Administration have rid.cultd
the charges and stood in the way of such
investigations, that the guilt ol' the Ad
ministration miht not he unfovered.
The dignity of the Executive Chair
has been prostituted by most sbauicles.s
and wholesale favoritistn and nepotism.
The PreM lent h is held his official
patronage as a merchantable commodity
for sale to the highest bidder,
Por-toifiees, land offices and revenue
offices, -throughout the nation, but in
our own State mo t con-p eiou-ly, have
been the guilty puichae price of the elec
tion of United State. Senators, known to
be the especial partisans f'ihe President.
Other policies than the-e are deman
ded in the conduct of national alfair.s.
Tho war was ended seven years ago
Now, broadest measures of amnesty to
the end that the acrimonies of the war
may be obliterat 'd and peaje and good
will established in all the States and be
tween all the State.:, are demanded.
A thorough and radical reform in the
Civil Service that the unblushing abu-es
of fia ud and nepoti.-m which have ob
tained under the present Administration
may be done away, is demanded.
An end to the laws which permit and
to Executives who sanction the buying
of votes with lucrative offices, in Sena
torial elections; an end to vesting the
public domain in soulless corporations
hut a sacred dedication thereof to actual
settlers and to purposes of education ; an
end to deci-ions from the Land Depart
ment of our Government in favor of Rail
road Monopolies and against the Home
steaders of our State especially the de
fender of the national life; an end to
th se!fi-h rule of Administration" cau
cuses ; an end to a subsiJized pubi c
'iress ; ' legislation for the whole peo
ple not a special class; our officers to
be servants of the people not the poeo
pie the sycophant slaves of the office
holders ; a c vernment under which the
pKiAe. shall rule, and the ruler he ruled ;
a government which shall regard dis
honesty as ticason and political ring as
its deadly enemy ; a government in
which the military shall be strictly sub
ordinate to the civil power ; a govern
ment of the people, by the people and
for the people, is demanded by every
honest man in all the States.
Wi therefoie invite and call upon "all
patriotic citizens without regard to for
mer political affiliations" who desire,
with us, the success of such principles
and of the candidates for Presidency and
Vice Presidency placed I efore the coun
try by the Liberal Republican Conven
tion at Cineienati, to organize at once in
their several counties and voting pre
cincts throughout the State at:d 'o ac-tiveh-
prepare for the fall campaign.
L' t th re be an Executive Committee
ehoen in every county an! have the
name and address- (1f ts chairman for-
w:.r !ed to W. P Roberts. N biaska City.
Nehraka. at once L"t campaign clubs
be formed in every precinct. Organ
ized activity will be the price of success.
Act at once.
P Hod nhaus,
M Ji llavward,
A S Cole.
(.1 Schumacher,
W Vermillion,
A P.owen, M. D.
F Renner,
J II .Ma.rers,
J D ( 'hi inicha. I,
John McCartney,
J J lloehstetkr,
Lawson Cook,
W P Roberts.
I1 Rut t ma nti.
Paul Sch mine,
Fred. Reysthlag.
Jarvis S Chinch, () Ii Hewctt,
Alt. W Moigau, A P Cogswell,
J M (iraliam, John C D n-er,
C W VV tieeler, (ieo. M-ore.
A W Morgan, Sen ,W T Rogers,.
T A Creigh, Then 1 1 ill.
J C .M'Naut'hton, Nel-ontJ IJaker,
R J Wlntn.y, Geo. V Heikhy,
A D Marsh, D S. Wa;l.
II R Livingston,
L F J ho-on,
O F J..hiis(in,
Levi Golding,
Wm l Porter,
James i 'fayior,
J W Shannn.
Phelps Taine,
II R Klii on,
J D JimpMin,
J L i Cliailton,
( W Merk,
Henry Ruhwedcr, Dodge,
F W Ilohmann,
S l I I'dini inn,
A W" Kellogg,
R W Taylor,'
Geo hi Church,
las Gorton,
Jas I) Phiipott,
John Houston,
N'.dson C Rrock,
F K Atwoud,
W J Lamb,
. nj. F Fisher.
O V bster,
J W 1 1 art lev,
L V liillitig'ley,
J M Young,
J K Honeywell,
S P, Galev,
W P Phiilipp,
S J Ciark,
J. lin MoCermick Then B turner
llen'y I uriuill
A. V l'h .use
Win F Swesey
r r -d Kmsr
John H Alanck
J C Wie'ners
Ar old Peycke
A Urote
'J'iie.i .StubbendorOT
J nlius ile or
Thco Decker
lit; Held
A J t'eek
Albert Abel
Ceo II ei m i o.l
Au .us; I'oriuanD
ll. liutnecke
Willi.-fui Aust '
II D'Uiniiil.erg
Loui- H.iai'ke
0 J o U
Aucu-ium tloll
" ci,;, idler
FJ crlau
John B Mitntel
l-rtd Ywciul
1 tin li. k
J C Mar ily
John .sfhultj
K Kstnbr-iok
Arch e Vic Neil
Then P Carter
A I J ' C3
i i. rhooiBs
Win J Kennedy
CO . u el
A McAu.-Inni
John F Mirrf
J sej h LtiK
u-'iii Kce'er
Stebben tieiss
1. r i 1 . n. i er
tieo Friekcr
II Set. wo be
; wrra Fischer
Win ioU
J iTanK
Joh Ita'.Tiaa
G Ow'u
Fred Knhu
Fnsi Prictman
cor:e s'u.iih
Frrd Met
J A Alien
Adolphus Boehme
t h is lliiworlii
Ans ust
M Schroedcr
ti Poiuy
A 1eyer
Iteury Holler
e- 11 iIj; iinann
J uliuri T hide
John tljuim-r
AilVc l Arutminn
11 ti lilair
l..)uu so'uriider '
U;lo Hic
li i tiner
hr rch'nid
il.-iiry lyer
Wiiiia i .-a.clke.
Ju i ius K'.uow.-ky
v iu 'vrl-iu
J Un Albert
Jo d St tiii.per
Jtei.rv t' inarn
i't: Walk-.-r.
l-t-rl Urndfui her
l'r't-r nugas
N M O'Bi i, n
K li.- H
.las a Uruner
C A Pardee
H II Henry
K Allen
A K i. merest
John lias
James SipJiens..n
John clkvr
J P Gu thtr
Jiiuui Krull
Iunicl Iran
C 1 .Miller
Che t. affitier
K.i ward V iith
K Ii: iltldt
( PaaJorS"
j John Bess
- Jul iu Mntr
A large additional tract, embracing more than
750,000 Acres of Choice Farming Land
AVill be Placed in Market by the. Union Pacific Pail
Road Company, Thursday, June 27111 7S
These Lands are contained in the Ten Mile Limits on
the Third One Hundred Mile of the Union Pacific Rail
Road. . . ,
They are I ottl in tho Countie ot Kftrney. B jflV.lo Daw..u and Lincoln, in Itimw, ij wee t
to 1'4 west inclusive. Moro than 3Mn Acres. KioU tlovemuieut Muds aubject to thw aloiue-t-tea.l
Law ki o contained within iho iuiiie limits.
'J he great .Valley of u.o Platte here widens out into a broad, beautiful gently
undulating plain, covered with, a rank growth of nutritions grassc's arrd Watered by .
many clear running streams, nnd forrus ono of the " - ,
fc1ost fe tile' and 'attractive sections in Nebraska.
Kearney Junction, in liutlalo Cotiutv, the point of inter
section of the Ijiiilington and Missouri llivcr Railroad, is'
destined to become a. large inland City. Plum Creelc, the'
County seat of Dawson County, on the line of the freat
natural route to the Gulfol Mexico, is the centre ol a vast
agricultural and grazing region.
North Platte, at the Junction of the, great fertile valleys of the. North and South
I'littes, and the terminus of the first division of the Union Pacific Railroad, occu
pi"s one of" the beist geographical K)sitions in the State. t
These towns are rapidly developing into business points of importance and influ
ence, offering unequalle 1 inducements to the merchat:t n.;d mech intr, and render'
ing the Ian Is now offered for sale among the mot desirable locations in t h west.
Thrse lands will be sold cheap for cash, or on a loug credit of Five or Ten years,'
with interest at only fix pel cent.
Omaha. June 19, 1872. O.F.DAVIS.
13 4t. Land Commissioner, U. P. R. n , ( o.
V'ilFTDRnJri-in nnflv
jg .f r a
Has oa hand, one of the largest stocks of
invite every body in want of anything in iiy ihi to cull at my fllore.
feioutU Hide Mtaiia, ISL'tweeea Scl 1 5ilrceM.
And convince them.-elves of the fact- t!iavra:a sppcHPty in mv Tv.o , It Prr-nrtu.'-nt k SoerV
block of i'ine clothing for Men and Buys; to which we invite those who want (ioods.
Ci'I also keep oa band a large and i7e!l svlcjteJ
liSrOpposite the Platte Valley House, in Schlater's Jewelry Store,
Maiu Street, jPlattnisiomtSB, ISTcJraMltf
ST. LOUIS, AZ?f.r -- 33UUDj1JTT;
pianos. a-" .J OS a a iis.
nb (Di!jer jfirst-ttass pianos anb (Drijans.
Wbolesule and Retail Dealer in Strinca. f Lei t Music, and all kinds of Musical Merchandise
5-MU31CL INiTRUMENTS Tuned and nrpaircdil'itlictluiiCunranlrfdrS
ftysrVs -ultimo e Piano
Manufacturers of
Baltimore Makyusd.
Theselr? uinents have been befo he Pub
lic tor nenily thirty years, and upin their ex
eeiUticeul ni nttaiued an vnjtt vlmnfi Pre
eminence, which pronounces liiciu uue.jua.lcd
in Tone, 7'owh,
Wiirkin 'Wthlp and Ihirliility.
tiAll our SjniLre I'i:iiio hn ve our I-Tew Iin
pruveij ijverstiunij .s-iile ui:d tl:e frailo 1 e
ble. T"We wf.ti'il ::11 special attention t our
I:ite PiteriO 'i luip ove.i ent in Grand Pianci
and Square GrnQs found in no other P lino,
which Lrirs tao rdiir.'i rearer j.criection tlian
has yet been attained.
t'cer riANO Fi.flj Warranted for AVri? ie'o
Illastra se-l Cut l- pucs and price li.stsi roin t
ly !urni-h den ni pii. -ation to
VM. KNAl:i; Sr CO.. Baltimore, Md.
Or any of our regular cstublif !icd agenccj.
National Business Index.
The above i the title of a new monthly paper
devoted to business interests ol'a oaiioKul or
itenerMl ciiani"! er. tor tho edifn-Kt jon and
b.-n- fi. ol inlcllijent. people otall clii.-scs, it un-t-riaei
to view and review paving event."
Ir in u bu.-iniKs ptan-i' oi;.t. Fact.' of a bu.-i-n'.s
ntiture relatin.r. Capital, liib'T.. ttjfrlciil
turo, conii'ieree luannf; etures. tdueation, r. li
gi..n,.Ivt rature. ptditic. every. huL.tpci tom
m&ndir.y Pe eral aitontion, are tirousht . tofretti -T
iintl arranired in a ters-, e!t?d. t.uiiiesj
Tke manner. Strict aceurraey i.s c.r.f ciontiou
ly nought 'iffr Candl I. iuipartial, ir. mu?
cinimeiir and eritieifui by ahle writers be
an import teat ure A busiries orrtsp n lent is
d-ired in every ountyin the Lnited h'taea
wiiere not already engueed. Questions ot a
business character from readers re. -five c.jn-cij.!
attention. i'erint rSl.OO ayoar; liit-ect.i a. e.ipy.
'1 ti- Index Co. Publishers, 4;;.". W. JaekH-u St.,
Chicago, 111. diw 1.
Is Money Earned
Below will be found a partial Pst of the goods
offered by us at One Dollar encW:
Twelvo ya'ds Urown or Uieaehcd ?hirtin(r.
Three yards., double wdth. T ible Dama.-k.'s' Fine Clien.ise with lancy bi.S"in,
frutli -d or trimmed,) wttu a bix tucked tkin. to
ni audi.
I. .dies' fine white eighteen Tucked Skirt.
Fine (jenu n V iotin, with ivory tip bow,
One iozen all Linen llaiitier.-hifs. .
One ten quafer 1'uin-y Comb Quilt.'
A (r el aierury Cloek. Warranted
Kitht pair ladies' line hite Cot on Hoe,
Two l i'ht-blnded pea'l bamile Knivei.
lvRht r l.-i Ulack A'.p.iea.
One hundred picture civet Photograph Al
bum. Two fine white six tucke l Skirts. '
Oiii I'r-m-uni Lint wiinol be ejcc:tled lo cfub
f pie- UiU Twectv-kvy oernian Concert-na,
1 wrl ve yar.U ot'CaiiL-o; a ?'.o l an uric.
Unedoitn T.'rubiers wi.h rix trobltta to match.
ne dozen Linen Towd. mediaia size.
Eirh'.y -rds Lancaster liimrham.
fs. t t -llvti - pl.i el T !. puo-ic. with six
Tcarpoor.s lo 'natch. Plated on white metal.
Two Pi'lrliwiies' lierinan Corsets; told ev-y-w
.-re atil per pair. Send hize.
T he above articies are fri-m a 1 1 " per "c nt.
ch tn per than ciin be pure but ed ol iheretail'trade
anywhere. O'tveut a triui order. Cut out one
or any number of the above items and return to
us wt. h the money, and convince- your-cl ve that
we do better tuau any Doiiar JJouse iu this
For lnrther infermation seed fur circulare aad
terms to agent.,
Agents Wanted Everywhere
N'. "!! Pine Street, iSu L.uiii, o.
flnno hv P MAXWELL.
.-I" m-u
sto-1: -f If.its an 1 Ctp.
8 lOtf
To A nvKRTtsvns. All persons who contetn-..
p'ate iniikiiiK contract!) with new fat" -tutor tho
insortion of AdvertiseuitntH should ccnd to
geo. f. Howell 0o.
or a Circular, or int-Pm" 2 cents for their On
hundred Pane PjOiii hlet. eoii.aii.i!,' .i?'.r of
;'.,()..!) Newspaper ai.d eiiii.utt!'. sbowinn the
cost of advertising, also ninny iiHcful hinot toH.t
vertiscrs. and some nccountof the experieneeg
of men who are kn.iwn n f-ful advertis
ers. This firm ar- ol the Ameri'-an
Newspaper Adveni.-asiK Ajtency.
and a re popseffed of uncoiinled facilities for
hecurinir the insertion of advertisements in till
N .v.-pupCM ud Periodicals at lcwei't rate.
First national Bank of Platts-'
tnoutli Nebraska.
At Plattsmouth in the State of Nebraska
At clono of LuMnosa Ju ie 10th H72,
Loans .n.d lnseounta
Overdraft- Ii i : i 1
L'. S Pond.i to ?c-:re Ci.J-ul:rtioo fin.irM.oo
Othei Slocb. Ponds, ai d Mortinges l0,;.',L".;:8
Pue l rt un hcdcciiiiritjund Kcserve
Arent3 l.T.".
l)ue troin other National Pank.4 1 i.l
Ilue from ljauk ucd Uiiker.-j lie 'J.-'
il:erPe:i! Kstte s,,,(,,,(
Kurnirtir' and Fixturo J.'j'M
Current Expenses 2 f.
Premiums ,! i'l.-l t
Cush J tems ( in ludinii Ftimr.K) 4'.V3
l;i:i.s f other National liiiuku . 1,I.I
Fractional Curren.-y linclu ling Nikelsl 1 H..r)2
Legj.1 Tender Notes XT.VO.cO
Capital Stock pail in
50 coocr, .
.4H'. 4:t '
i-. .;'.'
I Interest
I National Bank Circulation out-
! Mandiu
" ()0 O-'J
J.i Hi
Individual Iep it
luet Nation. il lhii.k.'
Due to o'her 1'auks and Ean!,er
l.'ji8 ir
1 J uo 1'.. v laik. Ca- hier of the First National .
Pauk of I'latl Miiout!. Neb. do Bol. mnly iwear
that the above statement is true, to the lcst
ol my kuowleds. and belief.
JNO. P.. CLA!'.K.'Ji-7ir-.
Subscribe 1 and fTrorn tc ttforeme th:.' 17tL
day ol Jone 172.
T. Vf . Kfaks, Notary Tu'-lio
Cop.f.irT Attest ;
Samuel Maxwell-!
11. C. Ciii-hiiKt Dire toll,
Wayman Curtis.-
.PlaUszuouZh, Nzh.
Kepai-ers of Steam EErineF, Eoilers. E :-.
Grist Mills. . . '
ia and ft'itn Fittinpa, Wrorpbt T
Force ami T;t I'.tinps, ."steaiu iia
Vrive Goverr.ors, uuu Ui kicd
Brass Ecgr c '
famished on .Lf ff ft Q yff y