Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, August 03, 1871, Image 2

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THURSDAY, ALU. 3. 1871.
The Fri-uout Tribune says r
"Col. Cha. A. Manners haspurch-seil
an interest in the Lincoln Salt works, of
f. Strrlrre Morton, and will devote
Dree capital anJ ability in developing
our salt interests."'
li t'i Tribune aware of the fct that
.'yl. Manners Las liad an interest a,-e pecuniary interest too in the salt
1 steal from the first. If we are not
greatly mistaken Col. Manner. w the
lovemxent Surveyor who surveyed the
irVane Iin many years ago. It ii
siinply rMiculons, however, to suppos?
that the Colonel knew anything about
thu valuable Saliii- L in Is L.Ionging to
tlx. 'jovcrnnioiif., in Lancaster county.
Oh, no! he didn't know anything about
t:.e Saline La:i; but Morton, a "plain
.Nebraska pharwur," managed to find
i nt that tl.e.y wer valuable, and Lad
tliem entered by one named Prey. God
his blessed in with a very retentive
"tcrriory, and should the Fremont Trlb or even tlm 0iaha Herald want
further lnrht on this ".salty" question, we
rau ive ta:u further information.
W lived in Nebraska City during those
' ark days", and have not forgotten the
"ways that v;ere dark and tricks that
wet e xii'm, &e." that were exemplified
by noted Democratic politicians and cor
rupt Government officials under old
The following letter relative to Imiui
pTtion to Nebraska was recently received
by Mnj. I'earman :
C'oi'Fniia'u.n', Juno ."0, 1S71.
J. W. J'tnnnnn, Esq., I 'resident State
Hoard of Jmmlg ration for Xehraaka :
Dkar SlK: Victory! The buttle is
-von for our State, but it was a hard
f.viqht buttle ; a treat dil harder than
I imagined. The fall emigration to Ne
braska of people with capital sufficient
to commence work cn our r.ruiries will be
very huge. On Monday I go to Sweden
and Norway, and will have easy work
there. I shall iry my Ler. to beat the
agent for Minnesota, Col. Mathison, for
merly Secretary of State, but now in
Sweden. The truth shall and must be
krii'wn all over this country.
All the paper? here will now come cut
in favor of our State ; but I had to furee
them by thr-atening to lecture publicly
about Nebraska a step now unnecessa
: y. The books ;uid circulars will now do
tiio balu-rt-e. Further details in a few
days, sr, a er, replete account cf c-xrt-n-;
:-iQ about Mr. preiire. .
E.foa? -please' Uad 'Hsi'ot persona
which 1 ft by steamer j .sterday for New
Yr rk, Jdstined for Nebraska, all cf
wl:OUJiBad some capital.
. flours, truly, C- 13. Nelson.
TJif- ).al-t Met hot! or Swindling. -
A vlry ingenious tricky by which a
irajig Og swindlers are making money by
mutilaai g lank. notes of the denomina
tion of f vo dollars, has recently come to
uurnotate. The dodge consists oft-akin."-
lan ,:?!: out of nine, and is so man-.-?-
there is but one pasting to
c;i..h fi ) ihi manufactured notes. The
niii.vw'oV bills are taken, and from the
right n!jthe Qrt one-tenth is sliced off;
from tt rit.Lt of tLe second two-tenths;
from tliii' third, three-tenths, and so on
to namer uirse, from which nine-tenths
are takea from the riht, or what
amount i -to the same thing, one-tenth
from lh left. Number one is pasted as
it is wit a tenth gone from the right ;
the oneitenth taken from number one, is
parted C the residue of number two. wiih two-tenths had been taken ;
tlie e tv tenths are made to answer the
plaeo oJ the tliice-tenths taken from
r.u oiber ilree, and so on through. Thus
five Irn SoILr notes are completed, leav
iug the i oiiginal number nine, with a
ietli gV fro "ii each bill, and in a dif
ferent jSace on every one, and a smal
ingenious pasting makes the loss imper
ceptible o ordinary observer. iLiifler
t,ii;i th: hi0z imu ibers of tnese rj-.u-ul.iled
tili.i have been nut in circulation,
and our readers will cIo well to lock out
for them.
IZo$v l.oti to Sutrve.
A man will die for want of die in five
minute::, for want of sleep in ten days,
for want of water in a week, for wnt of
food at varying intervals, dependent on
-t"uutien, habits of life, and the
cf the occasion. Instances
have been sriven where- persons have
hern s.-iid to live many weeks without
oaring a particle of food ; but when op
portuniiics have been oftered for a fair
investigation of the case, it has been in
variably fb'.uid that a weak and wicked
fraud hu3 been at the bottom of it.
'.lu the 28th rf August the captain of
a Dostnn whaler was wrecked. For
eight days he could not get a drop of
water or a particle of food. On the day
of the wreck he weighed one hundred
and ninety i ounds, and when re.-cued,
he weighed one hundred pounds. A
taaspoonflil of brandy was given to each
sailor, but before they could be taken on
board the vessel which saved them, they
became unconscious, zed remained so for
two days, but all evcatrinlly recovered.
Many persons have been killed by eating
-too much after having fasted for a long
time. The safe plan of proceedure, and
tbat which every reader should bear ia
mind, is to feel the way along, as per
sons who are traveling in the dark and
fear a precipice ahead. There can be no
rule given, because there are so many
modifying circumstances. Give a tea
spoonful of hot drink at a time, and, if
thert. are-no id ?cfs, repeat in Qve
minutes, and the same amount of soft
fiod, boiled rice, soitened bread, or gru
el. f.rtha stomach is itself as wrik as
the sufferer ij proportion, and can only
mnn-ige a very .mall amount of food.
Wading in water, or keeping t'n?
clcthing saturated with water, even if it
is sfi water, sensibly abates the horror3
of thirst. Hulls journal nf Health
A deputation of Bankers fiora Prus
fia, Austria and Netherlands, has it is
reported by telegraph, sailed for the
Unite! State9, to eximine into the con
dition, the work and the financial pro?
pee of the North Pacific Railroad.
The following is Biick Pomeroy's la
test conundrum :
"How can the Democratic pirfy be
right to Jay for doing that which the
Republicans were so wrong in doing in
If- 0? ?"'
How is that, 3-e Democracy?
A Philadelphia journal relates horr a
bidy ia Indiana applied for a divorce on
the ground that her husband was a "con-foin-Ied
fol," and the judge taid that if
the plea worn allowed, every man who
married would be liable to the same im
putation. This is the season of Commencements ;
shcep-fkin is being consumed in immense
quantities; colleges are looking their
gayest; eveiy.girl who can wears a se
cret society badge, and the voice of the
gice is Leard in tb-1 hr.J.
Helena, M. T., July 20.
A party of Indiana reached Gallatin
Valley, near Gallatin City, and carried
off a large amount of stock and killed
two men. . It i ? upprwd they were Fe
pans. Citizens and trot' pa from Fort
Ellis are in pursuit.
' tij f,Iitn!n.
Wheeling, Va.'t July 20.
Pming a thunder storm at Washing
ton, Fa., this evening, Mrs. John Allen
was i.vstautly killed, aud her younzest
child and a lady named Elizabeth Wolf
badly stunned, by lightning.
TJie Kiuiiau Minister t be Itocnllcd
New, York, J Ay 20
A dispatch from Washington says in
formation is received that Catacazy, the
Kussian Minister, is to he recalled.
t'alal Aceiilent.
Burlington, Iowa, July 2f.
This mot nine a man named Federitk
F. Festor, while engaged in. coupling
some National Line dispatch cars, was
caught between the dead-wood and
crushed to tally that he died this
Intfrnnl Kevcuuc Jtallfri.
Washington, July 26.
The Commissioner of Internal
Revenue has offered a reward of five
thousand dollars for the detection of the
murder of Assistant Clinton Gilbert, in
the recent raid on the Brooklyn illicit
The amount paid for advertising and
negotiating the new loan up to June .'!),
not including the cost of paper, on the
work of engraving and printing in the
Bureau at Washington, is $314,5'7.
Honor to- ItUmRrcU-Amly jo-uisoii
Expected in l'airl4.
. Loudon, July 20.
It U rumored that Bismarck has been
created Duke of Luxumburg,
A discovery .of concealed arms has
been made at Liverpeol which arc in
some way connected with the Fenians.
Charles James Mathews, the distin
guished com median, died at the age of
Arrangements are being made in Paris
to welcome Andrew Johnson. Ex-President
of the United States, who is ex
pected there at an early day.
Mertln-of the Illinois Sfnle Central
Ki'liubliciu Committee.
Chicago, July 20.
The Republican State Central Com
mittee met here yesterday for general
consultation in regard to the coming
campaign, and to x a day fur holding
the State Convention. There was a-full
j attendance of the members of the corn
' mittee, and uiany other prominent Re
i publicans; were invited to be present,
i The proceedings were private, but it is
uuuti.-toua itjeangjvs unaniivjvjsjy
frr-rTivor of nominatinga "straight party
ticket, and that the reports of the politi
cal situation from various sections of the
Slate were eminently satisfactory. It
was decided to hold a State Convention
at Springfield on the 20lh of Septem
ber. Tit e famine In Persln.
London, July 26.
, The English consul at Fabriz announc
es that he has received and will forward
to his government the most heart-rending
details of the famine in Persia. A
ppecial from Constantinople says the
famino in Persia is causing dreadful hav
oc. The deaths in the Fiovince of Kko
lassan average three hundred daily, and
so great is the distress that dead bodies
arc devoured by the survivors, and men,
women and children are. in some cases
killed to render the supply of food
The plague has also appeared among
the Persians, and the Turkish Govern
ment has been compelled, by the exi
gency of the case, to draw a 6ai itary
cordon along the border of its dominions.
Chicago Items.
Chicago, J uly 26.
A severe hail storm passed over a por
tion of the city about 5 o'clock this p.
ra-, doing & considerable da magi by the
breaking of windows, sky lights te.
LSverV ! hot rrose'itce horfh
i part cf the city were entirely demo'i-hed.
ILe hau ston.s wer? of an extraordinary
size. In the west division no hail f. II,
but there was a .mart shower.
A fracas occurred in a saloon in the
west division about 4 o'clock this p. m.,
resulting in the probably fatal shooting
of Pini. 1 Casteiio.
H. M. Dake, said to be from Clinton,
Iowa, committed suicide, at No. 135,
North Dearborn street, early this a. m.,
by f-r rich nine.
Vice President Colfax aud family ar
rived in this city t3-day.
Henry Asbury, who was with E 1
tnundson, the murderer of Hack, who
was killed at Meridous, 111., a few days s?o
and who is believed to be seriously im
p!i?ated in the affair, was arrested in
(uincy. 111., at at a late hour hist night,
hdmundson is also believed to be in
Quiney, and cScc-rs are searching for
Financial Statement ul r York
City Stolen Bond Tammnny Of
fers a Million !)o!lnr II u-att Jloncj
New York, July 26.
Mayor Hall stated to-day. that 1 lie
comptroller is now engaged in having the
accounts of his department, including
expenditures, published in detail. The
accounts are intended to show that the
bills which have called forth the censure
of one of the morning papers were tip
proved and audited by the old board of
supervisors, which represented the Re
publican and Uemocratic parties. J he
I Mayor toys sll the accounts were in the
I hin Is of the printer and would have
been published in connection with his
message if they were not too" long to be
er.ibodii'd in it.
The l md grant bonds of the Kansas
Pacific Railway Company, with counens
of July 1, 1S71, attache 1 number 301 j
to b0 inclusive, $oLV each ; L'oJ to m
inc-iuive, 500 each-, 301 to 430 ineln-
sive, 2."0 each ; 4o to 500 inclusive,
$250 each v.-re stolen from the United
States Express Company, in St. Louis,
July 25, lt71, and the publia are caution
ed against negotiating for the same.
The Brooklyn Union sa3-s we have the
highest authority for saving thataprom
lnrnt member of the Tammany Ring
called upon the principal propiietorof
the New York Times, a week or two
since, and made the startling offer for a
copyright cf the paper. He was told
that there was not money enough in New
York City to buy the Times. A day or
two after, a Tammany Republican called
on the same gentleman and offered one
million dollars on the part of the Ring
if the Times would keep silence concern
ing the frauds it is now unearthing. .
Serious Aeelleut.
Sterling, I I., July 25. '
A serious accident occurred at Roek
Falls, opposite here, this, forenoon, re
tiiliing in the instant death of three
children, two rons of Rev. Mr. A.
Thorpe, a Congregational minister visit
ing here, and a daughter of Mr. Airy, a
resident of the place. The accident was
caused by the cving in of a saDd bank,
under whih the children vroro paying.
Madrid. July 2-t.
The n "v Spanish Miui-ter has resolved
to put down t'.o insurrection in Cuba re
gurdies of all sacrifice of life.
An American Vessel ?eietl hjr n
Diloion Crnixer.
Quebec, July 28.
The American schooner Samuel Gil
bert, of Gloucester, has been seized on
th north shore of tho St. Liwrance,
tKr Paraquet island, by the Pominion
cruiser La Oanadicune, for violation of
the fiVhiry laws. -
X London Time on llic .Vcw Tork
London. July 28.
The Times to day, in an editorial upon
th j New York riots, the full particulars
of which reached hero by the American
mails, says, in reference to the proces
sion of the Orancremen, that Governor
lIotTman incurred a terrible responsibili
ty in permitting it to take place, r.n 1
promising it prosection. Tho State,
says the Times, ought to interfere with
parados, both of orangemen and Ribbon
men. It should not encourage
nism, and should bring all persons to
recognize its rule, by dealing equally
with the national feclinss aud prejudices
of all.
Ibe Oenvfi" anil Ilia (.'rnmlc
Denver, Col., July 2S.
The first rails on the Denver ano Rio
Grande railway were laid at 4:'j0 this af
ternoon. The first spike was driven by
Cel. Greenwood. Speeches wi re made
by Gen. S.un R-owre, Gov. Win. A.
Pile, of New Mexico, ;ind others.
Three lillipntion locomotives fortius road
arrived this evening, among them the
famous Montezuma, and are the objects
of great curiovty. Sufficient iron and
other material, including freight roliini'
stock, is on the ground It is expected
that track-laying will cniiiiiieiK-e in earn
est next Monday, and progress at the
rate of five mile- per day until complet
ed to Colorado City, sevent3'-five miles
distant. Most of the tics are being bed
ded. There is great enthusiasm here
over the new feature in the history of
Washington, July 2S.
The Commi-sioner of Internal Reve
nue lias decided that officers of Territo
rial Governments are not entitled to ex
'emptions from the income tax, as are the
officers of State Governments, under the
decision of the Supreme Court in the
cae of Uufiington against Stay.
The contract for freestone for the Gov
eminent building at Omaha has been
awarded to J. II. Mueller, of Cincinnati.
All the members of the Cabinet are
now here exeert Robeson, who is expect
ed to morrow.
Mestrncii v Fire.
Kansas City, July 2;".
A fire broke out early this forenoon,
in Runy's shoe fu tory, on Main Mreet,
between Fifth and Sixth streets, extend
ing to and destroying Winson's tailor
-hop-Wi-oerVToonr'Srrs. tVoorls'
millinery store, J. M. Newhaye's grocery
house, Ranney Lane's shoe store. Elliott
& Price's drug store. The fire was
stopped at the Madison llou-e. The
lo-ses foot up, as far as ascertained. $70,
000; insurance, $38,000. The ro is
supposed to have been the work of an
New York, July 28. -The
Times this nioming states that it
has reason to believe that a larire number
of the most influential citizens in the
coTumuuity have agreed to call a public
meet'ng. and to resist the payment of
any Further taxtion until the jaesent
rulers of the city have been forced to
render an account of their tteward.ship.
Over one thousand names, includimr
those of many eminent merchants and
bankers have already been subscribed.
A Boston correspondent states that
daring the progress ef the New York
riots there were eight hundred Ribbon
men in that city ready to join tle rioters
in New York if called upon, or if the
Hibernians had been successful in their
attack on the Orangemen and military
They had spies at the different newspa
per offices, and at the telegraph office, to
gather the latest information, and if the
rioters had secured any degree of suc
cess they would have gone forward and
reinforced them at once. The mob was
chiefly composed of the employees in the!
of the leaders in the Boston draft riots.
Kiiti Stroke.
Sun stroke and stroke of L' shining,
says Dr. Hall, as far as present lihi ex
tends, cause death in the same manner
The blood is expanded and g:i.-cs :tr
liberated, which causes in tin; bruin
species ot apoplexy ; this distention of
the blood-vessels induces pressure on the
brain, and consequently all loss of sen-e
and feeling ; the muscles are paralyzed,
all motion ceases, and tho functions of
the body are all urre-ted.
A ply cold cloths or ice bags to the
head, and ri u-tard plaster to the neck,
with something to act on the bowels as
soon as possible. But something more
speedy than this is an imperative neces
sity in some ca-cs, or death will ensue in
a few moments Skillful and eminent
physicians in this country, upon actual
experiment, founded upon a true philosophy-,
have a-certained .that speedy re
covery takes place within an hour if the
patient is bled from both arms in the old
fashioned way. From the large distend
ed vein the blood may only flow hydrops
at the first second or two, but as it flows
freer the relief becomes almost miracu
lous, and speedy and complete.
How to iiirrt-l lfl a Wife.
Wait until she is at her toilet prepar
atory to going out. Slio will be sure to
ask you if her bonnet is straight. Re
mark that the iives of tune tenths of the
women are passed in thinking whither
their borinets, are straight, and wind up
with the remark that you never knew
but one who had common sense about
her. Vi if'e w ill ask you who tbat was.
You, with a sih, reply : "Ah ! never
mind." Wife will ask you why veu did
not marry her. 011 sav, abstractedly.
"Ah! why, indeed!" The climax is
r v.ih-'d by this time, and a regular row
l sure to follow.
The national debts of the duTerent
countries cf the world amount to twenty
two thousand millions of dollars. Of
this sum forty-four hundred millions are
due by France ; four thousand millions
by Great Britain ; three thousand mil
lions by the United States, including in
dividual States, counties, aud towns ;
sixteen hundred million by Austria;
fifteen hundrvd m llions by Ruv-ia ; one
thousand millions by Prussia and the
German States; four hundred millions bj
Holland ; twenty-one hundred millions by
the other European State-; and four
thousand millions by Asia, Africa, South
America, and the oth.r countries of the
At on of the "labor conventions"
held in Washington during the strike, a
contractor made a -speech exhorting his
hearers to "work in the intere-t of har
mony and peace." Whereupon an able
bodied striker sprang to his feet with the
exclamation, "l'es, sah ! dat's what we
waut ; hominy and peas! but who can
get it wid a dollar an' a half a day?"'
The woman that maketh a good pud
ding in fcilence, is better than one that
rl;etb a trt reply.
liurlington nutl J1 ri Iti ver Ilail-
The freights on this road, commonly
cabed the 1. it M., i'or lie: jear ending
April 3l'ih. 1871, amouuted to 3'J,7u
tons, or three-fourths the touuage of all
the vessels which, during the same pe
riod, passed the v. orld famous Suez Ca
nal. Some of the principal articles trans
ported wete as follows: Wheat, corn,
oats and other grams, 4,0(J,805 buohels;
potatoes and other roots, ,70t," 5 lbs ;
cattle. 4o,:75 head; sheep, ;f7,0oi); hogs,
107,727 ; lumber, oi.4S 1,000 feet ; shin
gles, 50,073 M.; coal, 24,453 tons; gro
ceries, fj,l2,411 ios.; hardware, house
hold -stuif. and agricultural implements,
each more than thirteen millions, etc.
The gross inco ue of the road was $2,
37o.O,Ji0, of which !s.7-,, i4. 82 was
from passengers, and $l,014,obS.?? from
f. e gbt. The increase of income over
the year previous amounted to over a
million dollars, l$l,O0j,GO.Sl). The
number of passengers transported was a
quarter of a million (24'.,sdJ), a num
ber exceeding those carried the year be
fore by 7S,70o-
These figures are a witness, not to be
gainsaid, of progress in settlement,
house building, ar.culture, comfort, and
all pro-perity.
The Nebraska extension of the I. &
M. was not fairly in operation to Lin
coln until the first of august, 1870.
Its value for Nebraska as an aid to
house building, as well as in furnishing
fuel aud mercantile supplies is shown by
its transporting within the next eleven
months, .r.7o,000 feet of lumber, 154s
tons of coal, l,G75,000 pounds cf mer
chandise. It penetraies a country too new to
have toek old enough to export, and so
it shipped only 1 head of t-attl; and
forty hogs. It however carried to mar
ket over six miiiioii pounds of grain.
The statistics are the bab3 figure of a
giant muss henceforth to come at iargi
for. before the close of this year the H.
& M. in Nebraska will be four times as
long a line as hist year ; it will have the
inalienable patronage id' a region where
five thou -ltd homesteaders and pre-
emptors, cacti repre:-oniing a lamay
have settled within .six mouths ; and i;
will be linked at Fort Kearney -in vital
union with tlu trans-contiuc ntal line.
JU'iltu'jtOit Il'iirk-lJui'
The N. Y. MLthodl&t gets in the fol
lowing sensible defeti-e of Dr. Newman's
letter among a wilderness of nonsense,
in the same article :
"Still a minister has his rights as a
citizen. He is entitled to hi- ppd'ercwes
in the choice of men to hold office, and
may, as any other citizen give these
prefert noes expression. We have never
accepted thenotion that a minister .inut,
bis Sunday services over, be put away in
a band box, lest he should be soiled by
ccntact with this wicked world. He is a
man among me n. not a manikin. Above
all, he is a citizen, he has renounced
! uuuc tX tli. pri v iliM-- f ci t isn hi p by:.
entering - holy orders.- And though" lie
uiay not leave his calling to engage in
politics, he has a right . to express his1
opinions both by word and pen, and if
he has friends who are candidates, to
jiromote their election in all honorable
The British census-takers did not get
through with their duties without, troub
le There was 110 end to individual ec
centricities. Fourteen persons sent their
schedules direct to the Registrar-General
to avoid the fctutiny of country
neighbors. A wealthy srMnsioE. of ad
vanced age, fastened r,' - 7rs and
windows, forbidding wtiviy--Se enu
merator, and saying that a fine of 20
would notinduee her to jsive him the re
quired particulars. It is pleasant to add,
however, that in answer to a soothing
letter, she sent her schedule to tho Cen
tral office. Another enumerator was in
sulted and assaulted"; but, on the whole,
the great task seems to have been ac
complished in a very smooth and satis
factory manner. Ther were 32 036
enumerator, and these had districts of
less than two square miles in area, con
taining 131 houses and 600 people on an
average ; but the size and the number of
the people in these districts varied great
ly. A wide moor, with 64 people and a
few scattered cottages, -was a district
1opulous enough for one jarif-vhile in
xmdon one enumerator counted 3.5L
00 tbpr -s.faTnnrihiid 800.
- . MdrJinvvbti
A lady's hu-e.aiid being away from
home, died whj!e ab-ent. One of the
neighbors being-requested to inform her
o her husband's"-"death found her at
dinner, anl whcnjie informed her of
the deaih she requested the neighbor to
waic uiiti! sh" h id finished h r dinner,
when he would hear some bawhug.
"Old Ti otter" is an eee-. r.trie eeniu,
who drives the first stage our of Fort
Kearney v.e-tward. The following is re
luted tf him: '"One day h- stopped a
man on tho road who drove a nii -eraile
team of sick and aged little mules, and
with the ejaculation, "Look a here pil
grim, 1 know a man who would give
eiht hundred dollars if he could s c
them mules.' 'Why.' exclaimed the
man, startled by stub an unexpected
prospect of luck, 'ycou don't say so.
Wh iis he?' 'He's a blind man, said
Trotter, 'gdang.' "
Seine one wishing 1o bo witty on a
gentleman with a large mouth, asked
him "if be had a long lease of that
miouth of his," when he w is good-hu-morediy
answered.: "No, I have it only
from year to year "
A young couple, neither of whom play,
received three pianos; among their wed
ding presents. 'Ihey talk of setting up
a conservatory of music.
Central Park, in New York cirv, con-
j tains acres, and .fH),0ii'.i, UJ li:i
! been txpended in laying out and embel
lishing tb'e land since ls-"3. The muse
um is gaihering a valuable collection of
specimens of everc kind, and the zoo
logical garden is full of beasts, fowls and
li-di. There are 10 miles of carriage
road and 28 miles of wulks. Last vear
there were 1 0.OOO.t H hi. visitors. Then; J
have been t.8.0 JO visiioTs n 1 lo,000 ve
hiele at tho paik in one day. A i oard
of eight Commissioners control it; a I
lorce of f0 police in gray uniforms and
white gloves preserve order. Military
bands, pail by the city, play on the pi
aza every Vfcdnes lay and Saturday af
ternoous. The O naha, Tribune fc Republican
evidently does not like Senator Harlan,
as it has repeatedly, since Rev. Newman
denounced as a canard the letter signed
byhisnuae, urging tho re election of
Senator Harlan on religious grounds re
iterated the charge of writing such letter,
while silent as to denial. Such a spirit
of vindietiveiioss would be eminently
characteristic in a Democratic journal but
it is entirely out of place in the columns
of a Republican paper. If it is right to
"give the devil his due," why not to
rend-r justice toltiv. Newmau. Uruicu
vllle Advertiser.
A San Francisco mineralogist is said to
have discovered a method by which a
substance harder than steel can be made
by amalgamating iron and copper.
The Lord" Chief Justice has very
properly decided that a horse race is not
a game of c hance. The whole thins is
a mathematical certninty ; the horse that
is able to lay his fott down the farthest
apart in the shortest time wins the race,
if his wind holds out and he isn't jock
eyed. It is pure sciene?.
I'KEStil I.Wllt iTItrj Ti M;.
The Burlington and Missouri Railroad,
i which has already done to much to ad
vertise the State of Nebraska and to
furnish. generous facilities for those com
ing hithcrward, has recently written the
following letter to Mr. Train, making,
as will Le seen, very liberal offer, and
showing a disposition to aid him in the
great work w hich he has undertaken, of
bringing here a large number of French
Besides being of general interest, it
contains valuable information which is
worthy of the widest circulation :
New Yosk, June 2', 1871.
George Francis Train, J?sj.t 15o Al'tdl-
son Avenue, 2sew York:
Pea u Sir: In reply to your tele
gram asking what inducements we can
offer for colonizing twenty thousand
French Communists, Wi.uld say : You
being well acquainted with the character
of the lands in the State of Nebraska, in
which a majority of our lands lie, having
traveled extensively through tdat coun
tty. it is unnecessary for me to enlarge
upon the natural advantages the country
south of the Platte river offers to the
immigrant, and particularly to the French
immigrant, of w hose peculiar character
istics, dispositions, and need, you, from
your late intimate relations with that
pcorde, understand so well, but simply
offer for your consideration the following
facts :
First The Burlington and Missouri
River Railroad being a portion of tho
great Atlantic and Pacific; line, runs
through Nebraska, and traverses one of
the very finest parts of the State. The
Company have receive i a grant of nearly
two ons of acres of land along the
line of their railway. The State of Ne
bra.-ka is so rapidly fillimr up that the
best locality for colonization parties to
settle on the line of the Burlington and
Missouri River Railroad is now west of
Lincoln, the capital of the State. There
the climate is pur and healthy. The
winters short, mild and dry, and the
sprinsr, summer and autumn months are
delightful, the country generally undu
lating prairie land, drained by a splendid
system of rivers and stream, and the
soil is a rich, vegetable mould, capable
of producing the heaviest crops of wheat
and other cereals.
Second Here the emigrant can buy
lands from the railroad company, in any
quantity from 40 acres upwards 011 ten
years credit, at six per cent, interest, at
prices ranging from $4 00 to $12 00 per
acre no installment of the purchase
money required until the third year.
I Here the emigrant can settle upon unoc
cupied Government lands, obtaining an
eibty acre farm i'ree. Settlers coming
in parries and wishinar to settle together,
can here be provided with contiguous
bodies of land, on the very liberal terms
mentioned above.. .........
3hrJw-Xb ei4rsvj-rftisfrrtauo
from any part in France to a farm in Ne
braska would be about bixty dollars.
YV c can give the very lowest tare from
New York to destination that can be
Fourth On arrival of parties of fifty
to one hundred heads of families a guide
will be provided to see tho emigrants
safely to their new home3 ; and parties
coming thu together need be in no fear
of the land sharks who iufest the sea
ports, for they will be taken in charge by
the Company's agent, who will see that
no impositions are practiced.
Fif.h The time from any city in
France to Nebraska will l-c it bow, three
weeks, and emigrants should be partieu
lar about the luggage they bring with
them. Let them bring only personal
baggage. Furniture, farming utensils,
ic. , can be bought at the end of their
journey much cheaper than the sauiacan
be transported.
Sixth Arrangements should be made
to the emigrant with bills of ex
change. They should also be provided
with an order drawn n me, for a ticket
to, and sta ing their destination, vpnn
tucir paying the rate of fare agreed up
on, between Mr. iW;e, yourse'f and
myself. Otherwise, without order drawn
on oi'e, they would be compelled to pay
the regular emigrant rate of fare from
New York to their destination. Fur
ther, in the case of a number comimr in
rrtiri3-rtatKl bcttrre," f or the purpose j
tf settling together, it worn be wed to
inform me beforehand of the time of
their intended departure from the coast
of Fiance, and by w hat steamer they are
to sail, that a guide may be in readiness to
accompany them West.
Luclosed herewith please find section
al maps of Nebraska, also maps showing
the lines of the 11. &, M. R. It. R.
through Iowa and Nebraska, as also
maps showing the lino of tho 10 id as ii
p :i;on of the Great Atlantic &, Pacific
through railway line. The sectional
maps are complete, so far as they g.,
but do not show the unfinished portion
of the road, which is to be completed to
Fort Kearney this coming fall. Res
pectfully yours,
(Signed) ' W. D. Cowles,
K. L. and P. Agen.
Legal Notice.
In t!ie District Court of the Srato of Xebrask,
11 and 1 jr Cass County;
.T,.hn Uil'i Alfred Dill. Nettie Dill, Catherine
Dill, and Willi in Dili, minor heir- of. and the
1 c.hidrcu of illinui Dill ilcci'iurd. and S;iiiU
Dill widow of William Hill deceased, and Joan
Muntort, administrator of the estate ol William
Dill deceased,
(icorpe Jonniiifrs, Anna Miuri.i Jennings,
William E f!i?!dii, Adelia .-holdon, hi" wile.
Charlf K. Uayley and Jennie F. Da ley, his
wile, John 11. Hmlvy, and Bayley hi wit'o
K Iwar I Goodeu lunh.iin I lod li'Hiirh. hi.s
wife. .J.nai'3 aweet. Julian Metculf and A. How
en. . tioriiey.s in tiiet. and trustees ol the civk
lPildrr-1 ol'the Farmers ,t ilerhiin f SNrt of
.e:ra.-ka City, Ne lir-tska. andrhe Farmers J:
Mi hani s more. ill, am llorriiran. J-Jvan ler
tV. i;.r::ui:i Lepptt A Co., and lik-uard it.
s-impsoii, receiver, uefend.iius. Notiie to non
ri'f.deiits, deient-nts. To Edward loodenouj:h
nnd wife. Ctiarle E. H:ii!i'j mid wile. Mc-srs.
Lf :-'srct ,V Co.. nnn-rcsidi nts. tleft-ndaiits, you
are ht ehy notified lhat the nbove named :ain
tilis. did on l!le id d;iy of June fiie their iiuf
tion in th above entitled artioii. in ihe !iu-ve
f court, the oldeet an t prayer of whlrli i.j
to for lo-e a niort(jape iven i'.v (leorte Jnnini
and oa. i Maria Jenninirs to William Dill, an l
on inod to laittitf John Dill, aud
to obta n the payment ot certain note exec-u-l-
it oy tJeoifre Jvnr.ings and Anna Maria Jen
nings to William Dill, in March, lS)i, tor 8K.
OoO, with inti rett thereon al twelve cent per
annum from Mar-li olst SS, and poa default
being ma le in the i.ayement of the money
and interest due on said note, to have the s.iid
molaarfe jriven ufon the 1st day of April. loS
ly iSeorire Jennings and Anna Jll.o ia Jenninxs
to William Dill, to sceuro meh note upon the
north-cast uiarter il-4i section, number twenty
oitftit (.Si and part of the w eft half t of the
north-west quarter U-4' of section riumher
twenty seven i, I in town number ten tlnj
north of ranpe number thirteen vl3) east of tho
lh PrineipHl Meridian. In ing in Cass county.
Nebraska, foreclosed an l to have said lands
sold to pay said sum of moviy and interest due
ujvon such not-. You arc rcquirred to plad,
answer or demur to sai l petition in sa' 1 court,
on, x before tho 11th. day uf August. IsTl or
said petition w.'l ho takeu as true and decree
rendered accordingly
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Ordered to le published four consecutive
weeks in the Nebraska Herald.
Ej J. 21. Eeasdslbv, Deputy Clerk.
June, 20th. 1S71 wit.
The undersigned has practiced Midwifery for
eleven years under government auspices in
Mre'len. from the authorities f which govern
ment ehe hn? a diplo:-a ; has also practiced four
years in Chicago, and now has located in the
eiiy of Plat- mouth, where she tenders her pro -fessionai
services. Can be found at her resi
dence on Pearl Street, near Inth.
rsy2riCm. MRS- L0THlJi:.
Vhclesale Dealers in
idoui22 A"5i5a wniri:a:Hfj,
Bsst quality of Cigars nnd Tobacco always on hand
All orJei-3 promptly attended to.
Forwarding and Commission Merchauls
Agents for the Omalia and St. Louis "O" Line Ptckcts.
. .
Plattsmouth, ?ieb. iv
We aro now oceupyias the first fiocr of the
are uui
Forwarding and Commission Business,
Ware House attached, we can furnish all the storate wtnted.
All goods gent in our care will receive 1 1
and coo 's distinel fjr Lincoln, AsliianJ and tbo Blue River, will Ijo forwarded wilLont del.iy
r. sniXASSK.
Evorybody, and more too, are stcdnjr to J
To buy te!r
37"jaX3.L3. "77"L.t:e Ci-C5Cc3.5
The best and most complete .
Are now on exhibition r.t lhe Xow York Store, at preatly reduced prices. We coll p-'.rticul-ir
attention to our new styles of
of all kinds nnd rciejs to suit our Humorous customers. large stock of
We Sell at Cn-t Now the Celebrated GAUDEN CITY CLIFPER
PLOW, STUBBLE and BREAKlNJ PLOWS, and ail kinds ff
CUj1 ivators. reapers, sleoers, hay rakes. &.C
riattsmoath September 10th. U'0. tf. D. SOIIX AS5R CO.
wizzx mm st adeim Aram.
uuth Hide flain Street - - Viiiiibcr O.
.E co
,.: co i
rt Jc CO
Ll o I
L &
r -
o ca
o t"
e c
I" "
c c
rr ?r
SP o
T3 C
CO 2
" c
3 S
" 1)
5 J3
HEnAtD Block, Corner llain & .5eco:ul
f. 0. i.tKU.irr.
E T. Dl'KE. D. II. V.1IT: LLR.
ivi h
i-'VV -1 -.1 UfM h
te) rj ?:! UA i-
Vi"lioiei:.!e A; Retail l'e ilei i in
Hardware and Cutlery, Stoves,
Blacksmith TooN. Ac.
Keep on hand a Large Stock of
cil wtj:r o. ik,
L O YA L C Y) Ok
And Other First-Class C'.kiiu
STOVES. All kinds cf Heating toves.
Co i! or Wood kej t on Irui 1.
joh won k of all k i n ds i o n i
Stirin and BreaUinir lluw
At Net Cos; for Cash.
Our price-: are in loir . uny lion . e in i i
tate. ii:ui.';:l.
L jia i&XiJ JL.
.ri ri
: : 7
."i. '
And ifjouwiil c; 11 u:i
Wm F 23T333F,
Y'ou can see llio hcmt Mil lut-t iu;jir,v.i 1
tiirui imp lenient-'.
T'he cno and two wheel, and tho fpji.l ;.r. 1
I rear recycra uud mower;.
h.e dropper and self rnkcr rcpci ud un. -.t- r.
'T'hoMor h hirv.-'UT re:,pfr tV -it tw in.
1 ccn cut on I bi:.u ten per-.- 1 it 'In.. : i
cr.e man to urive, and ail ci' tin.j woikiiitf u::,
Oi.'.i rcfii.ei? ne the CLnipii ic.ip'.r i.J
Uietrer combined.
rJ,he Kussb!l reaper tr.d Ujj?.:i j j.bli i'.
V7e kc-f p tbe -.,-;-l.-;or liOM-er uul iz.-x .c
Vn 1 tLe Fsterly : insl f-c:ir, ?tlf r s; r- a
per anU m iner r'.:c ue fc jr:e lighter t.'i. i
any other reeper.
tVehxre the well known S jriii,.,n i5ir i
T with mounted power iini nved f . r 1:71.
7e ecp thi M:lbur . -.n cr. hl J.
ft keep tno C hxr?o" fri i-urp, far d: :
t wr.i j a:jd cjfKrn?.
1jo the Buckcre ;u'.ky rao n 1 tLe Ti'l..
revolTin bor e rUcr.
UT G-odi an 1 n:a.h:ncry H'A ItS.'i 7
J J I D to civesiifactior.
OfSc" on Main between 5th er,d fjh,,
Side, three lioi-rs west of Crooks ii'nc.
F. J. yiKliLl
A-C. il?7f.oid cd Charier Vinl. Trr vtl.j..
Arcrt3. Juae3iwtr.
Vi 0LIN t-TH I : tis AN
- ATCY ttOOLi.S.
Seiche. Go?l:;anJ Jewelry rc-pairol ccatij
ir.d with dirpatch.
S5-Heir.oved to opros!t9 Tlatte Valley IIcu-i
s Sr t. tiny. I'l w tf.
LK i. GILLL'l i i;
XeLratku City,
jrncral Agent Dep't Tortbwen,
Unicn Central Lifo
Of Cincinnati Ohio,
Lc.'il Afci-
!!1 i-i lA f '-! ':'l V--'- J
f; .-, uk rfs; ; .'.j. .x-i-atM' (i;
j f ;:J itZA 3 tip m ; r.
e f