Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, October 13, 1870, Image 1

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1 11 I II ! Ill III HH
F.r.iT H AS! PKOI'K.:KT')R.
1 .1 K I .4 - '
H ri'KLisai i ht
II. D. II A Til A V AY,.
rniToR An rRrrntjiTrn.
. . , hit ?'ain and Second strec.a. sec
3 :"S'r V'y. t'.''O I'Pr nntiufti if paid is
' vnrjT.
it not paid in ndv.-tK-e.
of'i.e l!t;Wsjap;;M liavt; novel
i-;t-t'i v Lit constitute- properly. If
i, -.v,! ! r.y- a l.orsti of a.-j-jtht-r. uu-l
! !. i:'ir-M'ryiMtcinpsiym''iit,tiiiy
.. i.i ' i: v(. that t'ie ii t j amounts to
; .iti- is f a ii-:v horse, 'i !i" animal
i. '! :. J jiv'i'!y. Luton t!Miy
t -o th .1 n-prei-ents ths vaiuo h.-M
: . : ty. iii tho ordinary .-i.-niii.-;:-:"
t t'.nn ? t'an t!io proM'i ly of a
t;y !- in .Tensed by any inn:iler of
: t rati If it can, securities for
-lil'. 'it ! : leadc a x.'UP.-i! of pl-.::'i,
? .!?:: ry d-jtioL its property l y
..: j!.. ;i-'rr ;'s i .uv-i.
'.'.'!.. i !!, (ioveriiiiieiit. in need of
1 : ; i I -. .'so:i..; of its lori'l.-i for
y i' tl.-, the trade create. n
i.i v. a: : . ; il I hat tijc hoi id amounts, to
i- v. vi tliat the nation owes a
i i ; I'l.'. int of horrowed money there
in ;-"i -l- I. 'J'o tux this evidence that
e w-n deht, is to tax as property soire-
tliiii" this, in fact, ha-: no cxisten:
in rv y. an-1 the cviJuno! that it is own: r.
ai" ij'ii: iliiK-rout mhjeets. What the
J ivcin!!;' :;'. h tax is the income from
t!i" i " i, an I that is money repaid, and
tn-tui! proputy. No one d'spure-that all
iTnj'''; iv .-hoi:M 1).; taxed erprilly, hut.
"he;i :a ;n is tux-j 1 on evidi nee t hat he
!!:.- let o.vo (lie money on which the tax
i I ied. hut has lent it to the taxing
iv. i r, i: i a Ion stretch of iiiiaj.-in.'iti-ii
' e us .1 fxpeethiiu to pay. CUica'j't
AN IXKA.MOl'.H ll t' !.
Crux. on K'l:iy-l Alive.
". .-.
r. i.-ii-'iof lit-l.iili!i'-:in.
r It K. MM XT, t Jet.
(! v. !'.iiil'-r and lien. liol-vrts held a
r ;;!-' mceMii at Fremont inJatur
I'.r. i . !:it! Ia-t,andit hein ascertained
th.'.t 'jext':i was to hold a nicotine on
"I -i 1 iv ( venin, theCountv Committee
lil.illZ I Hill 111 liie 1 1 1 1 1 l .. 1 1 . v" ' ' I
It. el: iiienireti uie i 'emoeraiic win
e to divide t In tini'1 ! 'tween the
1 e:o. Ii ! -ire, pivin? (iov. IJntlerone
ii i.i i ..r.i.
i: i'i;!v
foe reoa. -t was refused.
;.,- Uulli-r Ixin still letermined to
; 'roxron to -how the white leather,
. e'.-e fie.: the linisie like a man, con
( ! i led t' ri main at Fremont and an.-wer
t 'r.'M'in'j eharire.s.
In tiu" vi nin Croxtnn jiersonally re
l i-e 1 to divid the time with (lov. Uut-l-r.
i T;ie-day nn'ridn.L', Jud'0 Oo'in-e
leu ei ' a li.e.i. oed eolirt. the 'onrt Unie
ii led te oveiilowiiiL.'. and ( iov.
. nf over auain lud'.ro an audience
i i - d a!mo-t exehiMvcly ol t irmers
f., ;i ! '.; !.. Sae.n dors and Wa.-hiii.toii
e.e. . with the chai-ecs bionyht
i je i -r him, and ciniploUdy and ue-
i ,:ly m fated them all amidst .-tonus
i ..; .;i'ai;-e.
Tii r an-wi rimr Croxton. the flover
i;. : handled him without ploves, eharp-i'i-
hi ei C:o:toa. upon the authority of
Mr. i 1 .i .ii :f n -Ti l. of Ni l raska City, (and
a- i I a mm as there is in the State),
t!,: t'r-ixt en. duriiiir the war, wa
i ; l' ! I in Ohio in fillinp ipiotas of
- :: I.i us with men to .-ave
t! :a ti -ei ti:.: draft. That in one
: v.ii he took the contract and started
t ' 'i'l in:: iti villi a larsro Mini of money
i u'l th.e .jiieta of the towu.-liip, and
e' . -d to L ive l.,-'en foh hod on the road ;
:r. : . i i'.vi- I -lice the towndiip lo.-t its
;. : vau i had to stand the drat't. The
j - vie .f th.e town had not entire
i !i i i ( r'Xtoifs honety. :.nd set ahout
t !:'.! ja r the matter, and that to save
e!i' !roin fmther trouhle Croxton
n'led out and returned to No! rad;a with
a -um of monev, and immediately in-
;ed i i 1 Mid -. and had the property put
i i !.'.-. !.':;''.-name, where it is to day, in
. :.,.; to -ave his iil-eolten pi!n. He
in:!., r . e 1 that Croxton dared not
!-!;; :,tiv o!"h;s orot-ertv in hisown name.
i M , ... 0
V. Ii:i t:
ej t His ia:iK ai'ciuiiii in n
; ven the i Leeks were drawn
i i i . i...
i:i hi - .v'!'e':- UMiie.
1 i, f le.vernor furl her eh arced him with
i v ion . an o er to the otlieersoi Ul
.!!' I'll'
1 .
!. II. K. Co. to divert ot
! whieh l.adheen voted to the I. &
II. i;.. hy ( )toecounty, to the former,
he i Slieei- of that company would
I le with him ; Mr. Croxton elaimimr to
. i :.t iiohienee wi'.h heeaunty Com-
.- . : 1"-.
7 . - -"'lh
V : r:
a::i many othrr severe charpes
:de explicitly. Mr. f'ro.xton was
in the court room, and Governor
i . i 1 . 1
1 .i;tVr i i upon nun to oeny i nem.-
Tie.- men were ready to uive. their aili davits
t.. (lie ti-.-.t'u of the statements.
Ti:e-o el, nr . .'- were perfect )y crushinp
1 5. -! . i e i.;;;ty will i.ive (Juv. Uutlera pood
l.i l i' !
At (' .I. ix. llutler spoke for a few tn ti
nt's an 1 p i- ed .m to Columhus, where
!i was met hy a r.m.-inp nie'timr.
Ii. : r-t ui' feelin r prevails a!. ns the
wl, e line of the V. V. 11. II., and
.;.. State ticket will be elected in every
ee 1:,tv.
-!tll its f Jl'cct on the HIoojI.
!,-. Stevens, a French physician an 1
-e ei. saw a hutcher killing a pip.
V, , ied that he stirred the blood of
ii. i!. mi lui ioiia nau iiio oi tinii-
l 11 1 L ... ! C . t I
-a t to it while stirrinp, which im
mediately made it crimson, and on the
-:ir;i:i- l-eimr di-eontintiod, the blood re
a, -lined ti i; 1. 'I he chanze of the color
nf the 11 ed awakened his curiosity. The
1 ;t- h- r could yive no explanation of the
j 1. ii !.-.:;o:i except that it kept it from
ielivinj an 1 spoilinp. lr. Stevens seized
a ve e , catiudit some of the blood, and
m i le sevenl cxp riments by puttini ssalt
i:i it. and found that the blackest blood
wis instant! changed to a bright ver
i:. ;:i-. i l.v salt. "Oh," said he", 'diere
a I iet that may leal to a practical
!! i. .id o! -erveu in cases of yellow
f- v ;
V l-
:in;iv. that the hloo.I drawn
l I.
lack and fluid, and on adding
;me veruiili'in and retained its
i'. e -i.i.e--; whereas putridity of the
i 1 is one of the characteristics of
t yei;.,w fever, lie, therefore, nbati
d 1 the usual mode of treating it, and
im c his patients a mixture of various
salts, an i in a very short time reduced
tt.e m,;rt ility ot lever in the west
I a da.'.- from one iti live to one in htty.
A certain trade-man had a larpe family,
and "hi tie. trea-ures" were continually
1 in. added to his board. One day one
d' his little hoys happened to be in a
st ire, and was thus interrogated by a
y emir man present : V
" John, how many brothers and sisters
have you irot ?"
'I don't know," answered the boy : 'I
hain't been home since morniiip !"
S cakliiif of the fictitious renort in
cireu' iti -n in l'aris, that King William
had committed suicide, by sitting down on
his helmet, a lunatic at our olho.v sug-pe-ts
that that would play hel-mit any
king or any other man.
A 15 v-t ui diiIanthropit sent a ten-cent
note to the Treasury, with the request
that- it might remain on interest until it
idiou'.d amiut to enough to pay the
tiational debt.
VOL. 6.
I I .!.-n t uSni i nr in Ii-.tlfat.-a.
From the Iudianapolis Journal. Set. 2feth.
! II oobies, who Lave never been we..t cf
th ; AlleL'henies, and who writ? editorials
for the New York WurU, and otherfrco
trade papers, call upon the people of
Indiana to do.-troy the tarifl laws enacted
for the Leneiit of New England monopo
lists. They say as Hull said in hisspe-ch
the other niilit, that "Indiana pays SI, -Omm,i
K) in this tarili'on t.Sankets alone."
The fa'-t is, as any one can find out who
will inquire at our WiKilen iniils, that
blankets of Indiana manufacture are now
sold in Uo.-toii. New York, Ilitrtf rd
(Connecticut), I'hila ljlphia. New Or
leans and San Francisco, in successful
competition with New Fngland and
European poods. Our mills manufacture
tlu wool prowii by our own farmers, and
the men who work in the mills consume
t li ; products of our own farms. To re
peal the taiiiTIaws enacted by a llepuh
liean Congress will c!o-e our miil.s and
comjiell us to buy our blankets in New
Mm land or from European manufac
turers. Stsall AVe Jhil Agnlii.
T!:e following is said to be one -f the
mo'-t brilliant articles overwritten by the
late (Jeo. I. I'rentiee.
'"IJut the fiat of nature is inexorable.
There is tie repeal of relief from the
preat law which dooms its to W e
flourish and lade as the leaves of the
forest, and the ilower.s that bloom and
wither for a day have no frailer hold
upon life than the ininhtie.-t monarch
that over shook'the earth with his foot
steps. ( generations of men will appear,
and as the prass, and the countless mul
titude that throng the world to-day will
to-morrow disappear as the footsteps on
the shore.
"Men seldom think of the preat event
of death until the shadow falls across
their own pat -h, hiding from their eyes
the traces of loved one.-, whose living
smiles were the sunlight of their exist
ence. Death is the preat antagonist of
li.e, ai d the cold thought of the tomb is
the skeleton at all feasts. We do not
want to po through the dark valley, al
though its passage may lead to Paradise;
and, with Chailes Lamb, we do not want
to lie down in the grave "even with
kings and prit.ccs for our bed fellows. "
"In the leautiful drama of 'Ion,' the
instinct of immortality, so eloquently ut-t-red
by the death devoted (Inck, finds
a deep respon-e in every thoughtful soul.
When about to yield his young existence
a-a sacrifice to fate, his beloved Cl.j
mantha a-ks if they .-hall not meet
aiaitj, to which he replies: J a-ked
that dreadful question of the hills that
look eternal of the clear streams that
flow forever of the stars among whose
fields of azure vy raised spirit has
walked, upon thy living face, 1 feel that
there is something in the love that man
tlei through its beauty that cannot per
idi. We shall meet ajrain, Clemautha."
The Uiiea Ifmilil wants to know how
and whrre Tweed, the dictator of the
New York Democracy, acquuired his
wealth. It. -ays: "Ten years ago, Wil
liam M. Tweed was a chairtnakor and a
bankrupt, in New Yi rk. He left his
honest trade and devoted himself to poli
tics, lie became a sachem of Tammany,
and held various ollices. Ten years have
clap-ed, and he boasts that h' is one of
the large.-t tax payers in New York city.
His wealth is reported at twelcr, iiiilliuu
ilnlf irs. Where did it come from?
Politics ha been his vocation. Taxes
have marvellously increa.-ed wherever
his influence has been felt. The assessed
valuation of all the real estate in Oneida
county is about ?! 1,'!)0,KK). That n p-re.-oiits
the hard toil of many men for
three generations. Tweed, in ten years
has. by Tammany polities, acquired
nearly as much. That is the striking
fact thrust upon the electors."
KrTO tttn 11 ocr.
In order to show how much the Amer
ican people lose by not saving the pieces,
it may be interesting to know that under
the rules of the United States Treasury,
all mutilated bank notes are redeemod
according to the degree of mutilation.
A note wdh a certain portion of its su
pt r :ei-.l -u; face torn off, is never redeem
ed at it-f ill value, bu in proportion to
the quantity of superficial surface pre
sented fur re lemjition. Since green
backs came into fa.-hion, the redemption
division of th Treasury has been con
stantly engaged in redeeming this mutil
ated currency, and an account, of the dis
count has been kept, whicli .-hows an ag
gregate un to the present date nf ?ls'.t,
bi:5 SJ, which the government has made
oil the torn currency, all of whieh has,
of course, come out of the pockets of
the holders.
Tn Decatur county. Mrs. (it: A. Crosby
acts as Con-table, Her husband is a
.lustice of the l'eaco. The Garden
Grove Enterprise says that Mrs. C. sum
mons jurors, Mibpeenas witnes-es, !tc.,
with admirable ceieiity and correctness.
This is not all .-he does. Early in the
sprimr, al ls the Enterprise :
"She put out a lare garden and tended
it till it matured, in pood shape, and
when the harvest came on, hands were
scarce and demanding wages, and al
though Mr. C. was perfectly able to pay
any price for his hands, this good, indus
trious woman mounted a self-raking ma
chine and ran it during the harvest, cut
tlieir own grain and that of several of
their neighbors, and actually made a full
hand during the whole harvest time.
Some of our readers may suppose what
we have said of Mrs. Cro.-by that she
puts her whole attention to out-door
work, to the detriment of her domestic
affairs, but such is not the case. There
is not a more tasty housekeeper, nor one
who takes greater pride in doing ail her
work, and doimr it well, too, than does
Mrs. Crosby. The facts are that she is
naturally a stirring woman, and has no
family to care for, except her husband
and herself, consequently her whole time
is not required indoors. As an evidence
of her tastes, we have in our residence a
very larpe collection of flowers from her
irarden, gathered and arranged by her
self. Says an excliAnge:
Pamphlet campaign documents may be
good may be handy for reference and
may reach reach a class who otherwise
would not post themselves. Hut the
best document is a good newspaper and
plenty of them. The papers of all parties
are the only true mirror of the times
though as distinct in matter as the men
who edit them. They give a force to
ideas which otherwise would have fallen
on waste places, and endow the dullest
stati-tics with life and vitality an im
possible feat in a labored essay. No cam
paign document can compare with them
in waking up the masses, or in value or
cheapness. Their very immaturities are
often attractive.
AlJerlin lady lost her husband and
three sons the same day, in one of the
recent battles in France.
News Items,
K.x-?rcrctary of the Treasury McCul
Joch will f-oon go to Europe as an Amor- j
ican agent to Jay Cooke'o Lacking
Bi-hop Tleveridge asks : "Who know- j
but the salvation of ten thousand iui- j
mortal souls may depend on t'ae educa
tion of a c hild ("
Mille. Christine Nillsson, the celebrat
ed and long expected li-h opera
singer, has arrived in New York, and
given sereral concerts.
At Wamego, a plac; in the extreme
West, is a shanty which bears the sign,
"Here's where you pet a meal like your
mother uscl to give you."
The word "help," applied to servants,
is believed to have been originated from
the habit some of them have of helping
themselves to things that lie around
We know a city gentleman who is so
extremely methodical in business that
when he pays a compliment even to hi.-j
wife, ho always will insist on taking a
rccci j. t.
Sylvanus Cobb. Jr., they ?ny, tleeps
fourteen hours of the twenty-four It is
suggested that he should bleep the ten,
to that he can't write any more stories.
The Earl of Shafte.-ibury says that 'if
His Holiness the Pope had a wife she
would not allow hiui for an hour to re
main in the belief that he was infalli
ble." Now and then they cut off the ears of
a horsethief in Oregon and then tele
graph Fast that the crops were never
better than they are this season.
"Deohcanec," u-od in the war news1
is a law term, signifying the forfeiture o
legal rights, and as used in the Corps
LegislatitTand by the people, is equiva
lent to ileposinij ; t. c, the unseating of
the Emperor.
Miss Lydia Armstrong, of Grant Co.,
Ind., adveitises for a husband. "'Mon
ey," tdi says, 4iis no object, but he must
be healthy and willing to work."
There is a purple half to the grape, a
mellow half to the peach, a sunny half
to the plobe, and a better half to a man
who is fortunate enough to have a good
I is eaid that the Tope will quit Home
and leave his eau-e in the hands of the
Catholic nations, to demand the rettora
tion of his temporal powers.
Every man has in his own life, follies
enough, in his own mind, trouble enough,
in the performance of his duties, defi
c.cncy enough, withaut being over curi
ous about the affairs of others.
An attendant at a circus in Tennessee
hit a head that he saw protruding under
the canvas, and thus deprived-the lead
ing church of the services of its pastor
the following Sunday.
If a colored woman calls at a dry goods
store for "flesh-colored hose," what
should be the color of the hose the Calls
fur? That's a good one.
It is believed that as Stra-boug cathe
dral took five hundred year.? in building,
and was built by Germans, the boni
barders wiil endeavor not to destroy it.
The census-takers throughout the
country, in comparing notes, find that
the highest age attained by unmarried
women is twenty-six years.
In 1S0O the population of Kansas was
, 1 07, "04 ; the census ju.-t completed shows
a population for 1870 of oiiy,o4v, an in
crease of "52,145 in ten years.
A Newark lady whose husband had de
serted her, saved $100 by sewing, and
was in a terrible quandary as to whether
to buy a divorce or a sewing-machine.
She has decided, with the assistance of
an old bachelor, to buy a $10 divorce and
a fyo machine.
The CroWn Princess of Prussia, whose
health lias been -battered by her unceas
ing toil for the wounded in the hospitals
of Berlin, has retired for a few weeks'
re-t to the Gorman watering place of
Hamburg. Her children are with her.
M. Chassepot, the French rifle inventor
is in Birmingham, England, under the
assumed name of Mr. Jacob, examining
war material in behalf of the French
A Kansas lady, on retiring to her room
one night, found it literally filled with
martens, which had flown in during her
absence. Instead of harshly turning
them out into the cold, the kind-hearted,
lady captured nearly all the little crea
tures, and had them served up the next
day in a pot-pie.
Boarding house chicken soup can be
made, it is said, by hanging up a hen in
the sun so that her shadow shall fall into
a pot of salt and water. The only
trouble is that on a cloudy day the soup
is liable to weak.
Before lSti5 the Methodist Episcopal
Church had neither church nor members
in Louisiana. It now numbers 3,4Sii
members, and in New Orleans it has as
many churches and several hundred more
members than the Methodist Episcopal
Church South.
It is a very bad use to make of liberty,
when we allow it as an excuse for a
growth of vagabondism in our midst.
No people are at liberty to give over ex
ertion for the best estate they can attain.
Laziness is not liberty.
A chap with a black eye, a piece of a
shirt, and a nose bleeding, ru-h"d out of
a house in St. Joseph the other day,
ahead of a broomstick in the hands of
an excited female. When asked "what
was the matter?" he blew his nose,
wiped it on his sleeve, and replied: "O.
nothing, only I've got a mother in-law."
Statistics show that in Europe the
danger is greater of being killed by light
ning than by railroad accident. We are
afraid the danger is on the other side in
this country.
At this season the stars present a most
brilliant appearance in the hour
that. precedes the dawn. Just now Ve
nus, the morning star, aumes dazzling
brilliancy and is worth risin? early to be
hold. The king of stars, Sirius, which
the ancient Kgyptians worshipped, and
which in tize is sixty-three times greater
than our sun, also has its full splendor
disclosed at this hour before the dawn.
The Naval Observatory of Washing
ton has closed a contract with an eastern
firm for a new telescope, for which fifty
thousand dollars was appropriated at the
last session of Congress. It is to have
an object glass of twenty-six inch aper
ture, which will be the largest perfect
lens of that size in the world. Four
years will be required to complete it.
Within the next thirty days there will
be many deaths which might be prevent
ed by warmer clothing. "Many a fatal
case of disease is caused by the want of
a woolen undershirt or an extra blanket
at night. The sudden changes of the
temperature which occur at this season
of the year are trying to the best constitution?.
Lonpon, October 11.
m 1.11 1
A corrc.-porivior.t te.egratuis cnu .-a.. s
the Prussians on leaving MullieL-, lire l j
on the people, killing several. J
1. " . e M ...... ... 1 , - 1 '. .
ivuvices uoni .'icii 10 .'iii.i i.'.,. .-ei i.i -weather
is very unfavorable. Firing
from the woi ks is steadily maintained.
There is much sickness. The li idei pest
has appeared. The Prussians tooki!.U00
pvi.-oners in the la-t encounter. Mi'.ny
Prussian wounded have been removed to
It is stated that Inrd Lyons re-enfly
st'gge.-fed to Bismarck the cxpedtc.vy
of an ariiii-.tive.
.smarcK repiie 1 tint rrussia
be glad to make peace at any time r.a
where, but propi-utnuis !oo.ingtoa truce
would not be entertained for a moment.
A dispatch from St. ( !enti:i, ye ter
day afternoon, says the Prus-ians have
not reappeared in that section. There
were 000 French troops of all sorts in the
It mnv be assumed that the Piu:si ins
opened lire on the fortifications of Paris
to-day, postponing bombardment ot the
city itself until resistance of the inhabi
tants makes it inevitable.
A portion of the army of the Crovn
Prince, under General Yen Dorian, de
feated a portion of the army of the Loire
yesterday, taking .-even thousan I pris
oners find three pit ces of aitillery. The
French retreated in disorder.
Latest accounts from ye-U rda.y's bat
tle at Atheinay, near Orleans, say tiio
Prns-ian cavalry was in close pursuit of
the French troops,
The Liberals in convention fit Stutt
gart yesterday, adopted resolutions in
favor of the union of Germany with
common legislation.
Russia denies all reports about making
unusual military preparations.
Madrid. ( Jetubr 1 1.
Senor Castellar recently received :
deputation f;om France. lie i i:v; re i
a short speech alarming that, tie: sympa
thy of the Spani.-h people was decidedly
with, the French republic.
London, October 11.
A correspondent writing from Madrid.
favs :
The Republicans are leaving in
numbers from all parts of Spain to oiler
aid to the French government.
In Portugal things aie iins badly.
The King was obliged to seek De Lan
geira to implore him to keep his porte
folio until h? was able to lon.i a new
ministry. The. King becomes more un
popular every day, and the Republicans
hope to dethrone him.
The United States is threaten-'! wit 'a
an invasion of French artists. Jcrom '.
Meissotiicr, llo.-a, Boidiem Ga'anc a-.d
Saintrine, aro all here, and intend
ing America.
Toi-Rs-, Oct. S.
The Prussians have attacked N-w
Brei.-ach. The cannonading is sharp
and the bcaked are answering T'gur
ousdy. tm
London, Oct. 8.
A dispat di from Epiual reports a
sharp conflict yesterday between Kaon,
Betlape and Brutres, in the Department
of the Yo.-ger. The Pru -".-iaii force con
sisted of about niiu th-ui.-and men.
The French force was r.or so large, and
had much le.-s artillery titan the Ger
mans. The fighting lasted all day, a id
when night put an cud to the comiict the
event was undecided. The Frc'icii re
gained their position, which the Germans
attempted to carry, a number of time.--.
Gen. Dupre, the French commander,
was slightly wounded in the engagement.
The Prussians have arrived before
New Breisaeh, and skirmishing has al
ready commenced.
George Saunders writes from Paris
that the city is goo I for a six months'
siege. The Pall Mall Gazette has a cor
respondent there who writes in a similar
strain. Another di.-patch, however,
says Paris is now at the mercy of the
Prussian guns on the heights of Yille
jeuf. t-j'ccial to tlic Xiw Vcrk Hcr.iIJ.
London, Oct. 8.
A dispatch from Berlin dated the 7th,
states that a powerful political party in
that city are agitating for a change in the
constitution of Northern Bund, who an
nounce that they are determined not to
accept a union with South Germany
without a fall consideration of all the
facts of that union and the future policy
of Prussia understood. Austria will not
oppose German unity, and all the diiu
culties for consulation of that union will
proceed from the Southern govern
ment and the essence of a party
of independence nnd pro
gress. It is reported that Bazaine is
determined to support the imperial
cause with that view. He had offered to
surrender Metz, has bo nd him-eif not!
to tight against Germany, it amoved to
march out with all the honors of war,
and with the further proposal that he
should, if liberated on these conditions,"
assist in putting down the Republic and
the re-establishment of the Emperor Na
poleon. This propo.-iiion is declined hy Bis
mark, and in his refusal he states that
he is not satisfied with the, integrity of
the officers and soldiers, and believes the
army would not in general yield to ibis
intricue. This report has obtained con
siderable credence, since the King of
Prussia permitted Gea. Burbaki to pa-e
the Prussian lines.
The damage done at Strasbourg is
estimated at
A telegram to the Times, dated Ber
lin, 11 a. in., says that on the hill, be
tween Servre3 and St. Cioud, batterries
and siege guns have been placed. A
mortar battery at St. Cf ud threatens
the neighborhood of Ely.-can fields. Xi J
French re-oceupy Yiiii Ju L', and the
easterly winds continue in aiding Pari.-ian
Washington, October?.
At an extraordinary session of the Cab
inet to-day, Secretary Fish submitted the
draft of a proclamation, which was ap
proved, and will be is.-ued at once. It
will declare that the bays, .waters and
harbors of the United States shall not
be used in preparing for war by belliger
ent parties; that ships of war of either
belligerent shall not leave any port of
the United States within twenty-four
hoursaftc-r the departure of a merchant
man of cither belligerent. The war ves-s-.ds
of the boll-gerents t-ha not remain
in a Uni;ed States port more thau twenty-four
hours unless for needed repairs
or supplies, and war vessels of either
parti", after having once entered a United
States port shall not re-enter a United
States port until after having visited a
European port of its own government.
The pardon of Gen. O noil and other
Fenians is delayed ia consequence of
Cop e , I
f th- iviietm-nt under wirch !
t've vcr le. ,-:e not havm .isl
tie: j-jvi'eative.
Th"! in'"--! jovruiue recipts to-d i
were ?in.u). for the rc.-ent
Nr.v.".vr.!v, N. J., October II.
The oleetion for city tifucers to-day was
quiet. Retina are i:i vmp!ete. but in
dicate an average Republican majority of
about 2,000.
Coi.u.vnj'.-s, October 1 1
Large II .'publican tains ad over Ohio.
The mai.irity in the State will reach 15,
!,': '' . 'J lie Republicans gain one Con
gressman, A. F. Foray, in the 1st Dis
tiiet. Cinc innati, October 11.
The first congressional district i-hows a
Republican gam iti the first ward, of
Joij hundred over last congressional elec
tion Return-i'rom ('itilheot he, Lancas
ter, Pomeroy, Mariotai and several other
towns, ail show Republican gains.
?Ic ial lo tho Nonpareil.
Piiii.ADKi.riMA, October 11.
The city and county tickets are elected
by an average majority of not les than
five thousand.
Congro.-sional Kelly and Myers, Re
publicans, Randall. Democrat, and Cree
ley, Independent Republican, are elect
ed. The result in the 5th district is
unknown. In the State, so far as heard
from, no Repub'iean Congressmen have
be; n lo-t, and one has boon gained lrom
t!i? district formerly represented by
Woodward. W,
Dess Moinf.-, October 11.
Election returns come in -Jowly and not
much wili be received to-night on account
of continued floods and bad roads
throughout Central Iowa. The vote as
fa- a- I from is very light, but little
mora thin h;!f a vote being polled
throughout tlii? section. Republican
majority in Poik county is about 1.0O0,
in this city over 4oo. Returns so far
from the counties near here indicate that
though the vote is very light, the Ke
publn an majority is relatively larger than
la -t year. The vote in this section, so
fir as received, is five to one again -t
caiiinj-Ci'ii-tiiu ioual C livention.
l.VDf ANAIMI.IS, Ind.. midnight.
Returns are meagre atid indicate large
Republican gains reported in several
river counties by negro votes and small
Democratic gains in the Centra! part of
the State in licates that the Republican
State ticket is elected by a sm a.11 major
it v.
XXXX At$2.50per sacl
rLSL'Il S.ttO per
Bran Charts .0cl.-. per 2C0 It.
Bran Jt SLcris, Extra Good. SI 00 per ICO'.b
Corn Mei'.l Jl ii per hunilrc.l pounds.
"TLOTJR Exchanged fo
Wheat as usual.
r.'heatand Corn ground on Toil
prctalpaiii will be token t lalitfy all rrh'j ca'1
10,000 Bushels of Wheat ah
20 000 Bushels Corn
IV. E, SHELDON. Agent.
Fcr He is Tco Busv Waiiinn
cn Customers.
Cne Door Eat of tho Court'House is tho rlaea
t'j get ail kinds of
lie ha" ftto.l tip the fin.t Market in the Ptaio,
ai. 1 kcppd no iiiu but tiic bet of
ilv.i. M ,';ii uelivtrt i in any
Quaiiiitiri on s-p.cial
Highest Trices Paid "for
Don't Forget the Place,
Morrison's "Shoo Fly."
ppii Every 2ny.
Free tmnfportatioa from the Kiver House.
IZenry Sirrt,
Scr'.lJiwtf ' Proprietor
K-S67i.aVrxciSTO., si. iT
PHYSICIAN AND Sl'K'.i-' "-X tenders h:l
professional services :o thf citizens oft ass.pou
ty. He: id.nee southeast corner of Oak and Sixth
:rTts; ifice on Main street, oppotite Courl
Hi'usf. I'lattsaiouth. Nebraska.
F77? i H 2k 1 S V r V F j
- n
j Third Street, Souih of IVJain, !
D.- , r.
a l-iyj, UtlKoS, LrliCESC
andj.veet Crackers j
k?pt cn hand at al! times.
t!f it:t:iman & huheiity
Anil dealer in nil kinds ot
furniture and Chad's.
has srnrr.T. (third door west of P O
Platts.T.out - - - zh,
Itepairinp Pud V;:rnishinp neatly done.
3 jT K'.'.ner.-tls attended Bt the shortest notice.
"fi "r1" T- '4;'.
i'l o rt p 3Iiim f i'. e t u r v e s .
W'Vj would :ri-ite De-tiers nr.d the Tuhli
itentriill to c ill an I examiue our stoi.L of
S O .A. 1- S ,
befire prehiiii!T el-'ewhere.
Mr. Saiveiit haviiK had the experien- f
twenty j ears in in :i u u t-.t -t iiri ns all kind, i f
Soap-, we are confident of itiviim entire sati.-fac-li
.n to nil who may favor us with their patro:i
So.ip eTchaiiRed for grease, and delivered in
ejy j. lit of the city.
Cisii paid for rendered tallo and clear
oai Works. Kearney Ward, near Ferry St.
Uri.'.ii. Nebrask City.
J uuo lodjcwtf.
Perfumeries, Hair Oils,
1 atest Publications.
Prcscrir'ior.s carefully compounded b'"J
eri'.:u-:-d Druceist. . , .
llijmeini'f r the place, opposite Clark & Plum
mer s. Plattsmouth. Nebraska. aat-ul(i
'":?".'- V ' ESTABLISHED IS ISol.
t'-.i, ' ;?
Gkjlj2 IN
fi'A TCEl 2 CI, OCKH,
Wnte1ie5. Clncks ind Jewelry repaired neatly
xnd with dispatch.
v,Hiii'vcd to opposite Platte alley IIouso
Main Street. no v. l! w tf.
Heath's Patent Bored Weils
Put dow n in Otoe county in the pat IS months,
ard from TiiKEE to FIVE a week waking at
SIXTY-NINE of them were in tho worst kind
of tiuick-sand,
THIKTY-ONE of them were, nadc in places
where the old style "Due Wells" iiad dried up
enveu in i.iiled to furui.-h a supply, or natuj
lly -played out."
Thiirfwn repT'tati- j and the unanimous ver
dict of the peuidbfe I Otoe County
Attests their Merits.
At. Outfit is now in operation for the accommo
dation of Cass County, in eharge of
Mr. L M. KHIEXfi.
Wells truaranteed to furnish an ample supply
of water, or the money refunded.
Prices ami Ters.
WeMs bored, tubed and fitted up fr tL.owini
water ail complete and guaranteed.
One Dollar per Foot
y ick-san 1 we'ls S5. eitraone each well. 'In
fVr eouutrj- hands to bo boarded while doing
"?spon-ibIe pnrties desirinir it a note for
unc-nalf will be taken for part payment, at six
months, with interest at 1- per cent, from date.
Parties wishing wells will pleac cccomraodi t
by leaving their orders at the Hardware Stor
of"C. W. MEKK. or addressing me a line to
Vcir Resj et
B- F. DifTenbachen
J uly liTO.d.f wtf
Farmer's Feed Stable
Correr cf Sixth and Vine Streets One Clock.
North of the Presbyterian Church, PI tt?iuouth
NO. 2S
fiE&HAf.l ft. MftP.I F! I Lli
l ('..Hie Geo. O. Vil!i.iro.O
O i. ii . i. w i i iiiOv
! -.n-
jNKWS DrUhEhW&e.
Thtir?!';i.k coajpri.-ics 'he ire:; !'Ti!;ivit"tnoko!
ion. nr,
I.. ii. -a:-.
IXTI I Al. ! 1TP,
W Hi!lll, CtlOKS.
Mi.. ! MX x r.ime..
A complete assortment t
TA T:I0N Kli V.
F '.SF.BttN' fESRO.Tias.
Thene'vc-t Tloks and Pi io 1! :I.-: aliv:'y on
and. Ai! IiMiiks ul pub!:-!n-rs' ri -es. Send
512 r'ouru'cnih Street. 0m.iha, tlcb.
5m '- cTsi AcfiiiTci
ri:i:u sai,i: and
I am prepared to ascoiuniodatetlie public with
".-''. ( 'trriitym Vjvair Htt'I A No.Y IlfirK
on -hTt notice and reasonable lornio. A !!.'
will runt.. "teamboat laiidiuK.audlo all pia
it!ie citv wnct, 'eired.
.Ian to l.Vw .
Vseping Water, I'eb.
PEtLE".! '.ii
General merchandise,
3 tt'H AS
1! AKJiWAP.r.
We tire Asonts for
Villcox & Cibi-3 Sewing Machine,
klch is undoubtsdly the bout Machine nn' io
eTcTefTflj n g.
M:iaufiuiu:er ol"
Mine Soda Waters
Office U x
- Nebra.Va.
the basement cf the Post
We arc now receiving the largest stock of
Ever bioutht to thn:n:arket.
Our stock.
100,000 FEET !
o .
The underpinned has on hand a laitc 'jantity of
Khort noc'ce, and for any i!:e or of
Rafters, Sludtiings. Joists
of all vc- cn short uotic.
c. nn.'EL.
ISr. J. Jj. .IZcCfSEA,
Dcrt; t. PlaUstnoulh, Kcb.aska. O0i" with
Dr. G. 11. Black. juiyVwtf
Efoivard S.tiaitary Aid As
ecmlios. For the Rr'iif and Cure of tho Krrin? and Un
fortuo.i'.e, on Principle of Christian
Essays on the Errors of Youth, an 1 the Follies
of Aire, in relation to Mai r;;;;c and Social Evils,
ith sanitarv aid for he allii-.-e !. Sent free, in
h i :. . ei' A. tore-., i i v A 1'. D ASSG
AilATION. Box P. Philadelphia. Pa. raaylwly
If you truni to buy cniA -Vo 1
Call On
D SCn.ASE fc CO.
At the yEW YORK STOKE nad examla
their Hitch ImjiruTid
c'ayuga Chief Reaper S Mower
For 1370 !
!o. their larpe stock cf BREAKING AND
oTL'BBLE Plows.
SThe best of Horses an 1 Huetieon hand."v3
Corner Vine and Fourth irvcis.
PIattsn:outh Nebraska.
I hare just received a nice lot of FALL and
AUo a fine asscattnent of
Flwers and Plumas.
of the latent styles. Call and examine my
goods an i pi ices.
Mrs. A. M. SCII A UN ii OUST.
?Orico corner Miia tinJ Scnr. 1 it'-trrs s;
Rd.siory TEKS: Duly J10.I 'J r an.n;;r; t,t ?!.
prr i!!i i.i!'.
The Kr3itslo!i&T5varf
River ::r.Si::oel,
In Connection yii h tHo
OJn'crj i, IhnVit Jton t (J::i'uctf II. '.
Offer f the peof.If ofi'l i!!.-i!u uih. Ani nil tha
portion ot Nebraska Ii i'.-
rornur of t::e ilatie.
the tnc.itd'ri'.t. nd the In-i; 'i::e io t! o Eii
tcrn. South 1" '.:.!(".. it:, d N -r-h. i :i .Mi'-'.
Pawi'iii-iT' desi to - "' !a 'jrioi'.-ly 1. n'
take l ie Atlai ti'- KjiT,.", v ': 'l i -'11. . r ,: '.;
to t'in -Mi i.ilol.t chaiiKO f't l":lr.. '-:';.. I
with 1 --::iit I ay Cn tr-, i 'a u'i i'u i
Day end Sifcpiiiit I'ohctes. an 1
Pdiman's Dinii-j Cars.-
In addition to thefuct th it thi i h" d:r-ct
rtottc 1'V v hn h tim.. nui be 'ii'. 1 it, ? I- irr
any toi it in the I t"i i; 'r M i idi '-. "". it n
ti ut'iiitlly lie said In at it s-ct t .: . I '
nnd the tii:c-: enuii mi nt id- any V, c.-li. ;i Lii;e,
cii.-uiiuc to the parsi Hirer
Sjicctl, Safthj and Couiforl.
Plates nlwnv as T.O'A" n the I OV'E:'T. I'.'i -gugecheeked
through to aur P i'.t -..
A. E.TOUZALIN. Gen. P,Liik .V;. i-r.
llsve bought t. c entire stock of HuruLurer i
One Dour Eist nf the Jirudks Jhusc,
and iv ill sell the'.ra'ock of
to make room for their Full Stock. We hnre
just received a larc'i and well elected uloik of
l'tincy and Staple Gooceries Z
Tha hinhcst prioo paid, in caj,h or trade fur
Fanners' Prcducfj,
All goods purchased at thic cslabliidiuieut
Ielivnfil ITree '
To Au Part of The City.
White, Spires & brtnV.
HockEluifs, Neb
Tuesday, Septembe VSt
Puidi? of rithersfx will rcceivn thorough npd
sysieiiiatii- in-lruc-tion hcie. 1'articular Btten
lmid to i'iiuiary scholars.
School books furni.-hel free of cost to all
For tcrtn3 nn l pnrficuNr" t' ! .1. D. PATi'EKON". Princif "il.
Metalic Burial Cases
Ready Mtde, and Sold C'neip TtSr Cash.
WITH many thanks for past patronage, I
invite all to call and examine, my lrge stock
of Furnnure and Collins. ijarJXtf.
Mendle'r & Whceland.
8"rrK.!OR3 TD
smu Mttts.
ccp Constantly on loiud the Lest tr di
Corn Meal,
Getting Married.
j liirh's of Home, and the propriety :r impro--priety
of pe'tinjr Married, with sankary help
fr those wholeel unfitted for matrimonial hu-'s. Sent free in o;te, envelop'-.. Addi -.-a
i hia, l'a. jjlill 1 dAwly.
J. W. IIAlTI.Ita, I. I.
pe n-in Chief of the Army of the l',.t,)timc.--I'i.ittsniouiii.
Nebraska. UHiee at . i Joiii'-'
sou' DrusS lore Main street, opposite (.':nrit 4
Plummers. Private reii'lenceeornerol li"c 1
lkk treeU, tn doors vutb cf P. P. imtf i