Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, November 12, 1868, Image 2

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    'cliv ;2n U i.,ifa - Jilt v..
NOV. 12, 1NS8.
Wa are 4 jtiru ; of rareivi n? c invspuo iler.e..-f7 ow
all parts of the State, reiatire to the material inter
nUotiliecri itrj-, tj,'-:!-er wi:i u-h other in it
lr a contributor uu; liceu of ja'siett. ....
SllULKS tOl.M'Y.
Every precinct in Saunders county
give a Republican majority. Majority
la the county about serentjv
- ? m mm
Has mare than redeemed herself. She
gave Graut 421 majortty.a ?ain of 196
over October.
The Democracy hae actually car
ried three counties in Nebraska, with
an aggregate majority of forty-five.
Official returns from Lancaster show
204 majority for Grant.and 200 major
ity in favor of i3uingr SlOO.000 in
county bonds to the firs'. R iilroad reach
ing Lincoln.
2ivej over 400 majority for
idct as Urge an increase over October
ns rouJJ be expected where Democrat
ic rotes are so very scarce as they are
in Pawnee.
-1,303 MAJOKITI'
The majority for Grant in this State
w.U probably reach 4 300. The coun
ties are not all heard from officially,
but our majority appears to be on the
i ..crease, instead of decline.
1ook coxsoi,at;iox.
Since the election the democrats are
consoling themselves for defeat 'jv
claiming that Grant and the Republi
can party will soon fell oat, and then
the democracy will get office. They
must have got thai idea from Nasby ;
but they are welcome to it, if it cheers
them any in their loneliness The Re
publican party don't feel very bad
about it.
On receipt of the election news, a
prominent democrat of this place
heaved a deep-drawn J exclaim
ed : ' Four more years of tyranny !"
Another democrat standing by attempt
ed to console him bysayiiig: "Well,
the d d radicals will have to stand it,
too !" No. 1 failed to "see the point,"
and wauld not la comforted ly buch
Geo. Francis, was not elected in the oth
district of K-;w York, yet he received
some votes. His votes were all counted
for .Morrissey. That is the Democratic
way of doing things. In districts where
the returns do net show a single vote
for Trainjarg'e numbers of voters have
come forward and made affidavit that
they voted for him." Is it any wonder
the Democracy can carry New Ycrk ?
To Nebraska will find it advantageous
to come during the fall and winter, un
less their finances are such thai it i
necesstry for them to make their liv
ing from the start, and then they will
find early spring the best time to come.
The object in coming in the fall cr
winter is that they become acquainted
with the country and be ready to em
bark in business intelligently when
spring opens. Iiut i: is lett-.r to cuih
ta Nebraska at any season of the year
than to "stay in the Eastern States.
During the recent campaign our dem
ocratic friends bowled from every stump
in the State that the Republican party
Lad forced negro suffrage upon Ne
braska, and endeavored to win votes to
the democratic piny in consequence.
How do they like 4,300 Republican
majority a3 an auswer as to how the
. people view the suffrage question ?
x The people of Nebraska ars in favor
of doing tight.
The American people have left no
loop-hole for the supporters of Blair's
theory to crawl through and kick up
another rebellion. It was proclaimed
that if the vole of the excluded States
would give the Democratic candidates a
majority of the electoral vctes.thatthey
ohould be seated in the white house if
it had to be done at the point of " the
bayonet. The returns show that Grant
hai a clear majority, even though every
Southern State, including those exclud
ed, should b& counted for Seymour.
The hope of those who desired a pre
text for another war has failed, end we
will now have peace or an open defi
ance of law on the part of the K. K.
The Wfiite. Cloud Chief says there
were not as many Democratic- votes
polled in that precinct as there were
copTeVcf the La Crosse Democrat- ta
ken, and expresses sorrow that the pa
per had uot a wider circulation.
X'i:W YOtiK
Has gone Democratic at least that
party appears to have received a ma
jori'y. There i no qurstion that it was
carried by illf ral and fraudulent vo'es.
and we are gbd to see that the Repub
licins are takinrr steps to contest the
election. New York City, under Dem
ocratic rule, has always been able to
give almost - any rnnjornj, and it is
about time their wholesale frauds were
being looked after. Heretofore it has
been the custom of Republicans to do
what they could to prevent these frauds
but they have considered it too Hercu
lean a task to attempt their complete
overthrow by making an example of
the perpetrators after the election was
over. A committee composed of some
of the bet men of New York has been
appointed on lehalf of the Union
League to investigate the matter, and
we have no doubt they will be able to
unearth enough illegal votes to give
the State to Grant, if net Ij elect Gis
would. It ii known that the names of
over five thjusand persons in New
York City were registered who had r.o
persons to legaliy represent them at
the polls, and were represented by
what is known as "repeatere." This,
taken in connection with the thousands
of fraudulent naturalizations, cannot
fail to give Grant a majority of the le
gal voles ; and we hope, for the sake
of justice, it may be don".
Another opportunity is now offered
fr the supporters of the late rebellion
to aceppt the results i:i good faith, and
we hope, for their good and the good
of the country, that they will do so.
There is not a mm in the coun
try but knows that the condition of the
whole country, and more e.pec;aily the
south, would have been far better to
day had the rebels accepted in goot
faith the result of their appeal to arms
But, no; ih?y were led to believe that
they could- gain a', the ballot-box that
I which-they had failed to accomplish by
armed force, and the late canvass was
fought on that lice." Again they
have lost; and now the question is. wil
they accept the result in good fai;h, cr
will hey continue plottirg- how yet to
make their lost cause" a success. I
it not about time they saw the wave (.f
progress? Does not the past teach
th.-i.; that the American poorly mean
no iJ'a talk when they prui'riin th
th's is a government of freedom and
justice? Which would appear to Le tht
course of wisdom for these men ; to
accept the verdict of the p 'np!i, re af
firming the result upon the barl fu'.d
cr to continue their hosti'i'.y to the in
evitable ? There is no use for any
man to attempt to deceive himself much
less ta deceive ether, nbcut this mat
ter ; for a man needs but little percep
tion to understand that, the principles of
justice advocated by the Repub'icn
party are bound to triumph, and will
yet permeate the entire civilized world.
Opposition to those principles is use
less, as no people have a better oppor
tunity of knowing than the peorle cf
the Southern States.
ouic ka!i.iuai7ixtk2:ests
Now that tht election i3 over. .Grant
elected by an undisputed and over
whelming irt.'.j rity, and peace and
general prosperity in ured, let us, one
and all, turn our attention to the material
icteres-ts of the coun'ry. It may seem
to souot-, like a worn out story to be
everlastingly harping about Railroads,
but. then. 3 should be considered that
al! success is conceived' in thorght, put
in motion Ly rvqrd, and consummated
by action.. We.have already thought
much upon the question of Railroads
in correction with the procperity of our
eity, new let uj take the next sup by
talking, tit- we may be ready to con
summate the work when the proper
time arrives, as we have no doubt it
will shortly. We have at least four
separate and distinct chances for valu
able Railroad connection ; any one, or
all of which may be made successful,
and some one or more of them m ist
be made lo operate to our advantage if
we would keep pace with other locali
ties. We have the' Burlington road
approaching us frcm the east, with i.s
definite location nude and the grading
contract let to or near the river-opposite
thi? plac?. This connection may be
set down as almost a cerlaintyyet il is
well u look the thing squarely , in the
face and act in such manner as -.viil in
sure it beyond all question. We have,
also., a resonable prospect that the chil
tcothe & Omahi road wril ross the
river here'and form a jtincnoh-with the
Pacifif! Ly crossing the Platte on or t ear
the survey made by the P. P. Co
Next, and probably as important a con
nection as we cin expect to obtain, is
that of tha road up the west bank of
the river, exteuding from Atchison,
Knnsas; to a point opposite Sioux City.
in town, taking' all' the rirer towns of
Nebraska in ks course. The list of
- - ' - - - ,
the four, though by no means least ir.
importance, is a line Vest. TLis line
has already been f urveved and located
Railroad Company, and they have a
munificent grant of lands to aid its con
struction. While this western line will
prove of great value to our city, it will
also proye one of the best paying lines
to the company that builds -it of any in
the weit. It has been arcoed by come
that but one line of road could or would.
be built west from the Missoui: river
in Nebraska for long years to come, but
we respectfully beg leave to differ from
this theory. The Great West is settling
up too rapidly for one line of road to
do the business, and even now a line
through to Denver would pay equally
well with the Pacifi;. Ji has also been
argued that no company could be fcur.d
sufficient y able t construct a road
through rhe vast prairies intervening
between the well settled portions of
Nebraska and Denver. We dj not
aree with this idea, because where
Rni.rotds will pay the money can al
ways be obt lined to construct them.
But even s-upposing the undertaking too
great for any single company, what is
to prevent a uniting of interests and a
combination of forces to construct this
line. The B. & M R. Co., have, as
we said, a valuable land grant which
extends t the 100th meridian, which
is in tht vicinity of Ft. Kearney, and
no man can pretend to doubt that they
are able le build the road to that point,
at least. The road which is already
reaching out tip the Republican will, at
or near the 10ih meridian, touch wiih
in 25 miles of the Burlington line.nnd
what is to prevent a consolidation at
this point of the different interests and
the construction of a grand trunk line
through, at least to Denver. At Den
ver the line would be thrown in con
nection with the Pacific at Chyenne,
and would also drain all the rich por
tion of Colorado and a portion of New
Mexico. We speak of these matters
as one way a road west from Platts
mouth might be insured, and it is, to
some extent the way which we believe
it will be done. There are various
other interests which might be brought
into requisition to secure he building
of this line, any one of which might be
made successful. Our principal olject
at this time is to show the various
strings"" which we have to puil to sr.
cure Rtilroad connection, and to urge
the people to alive to their interests
or.d let no t.5iie rem tin unturned to aid
anv or all of tha.-o enterprises. The
time is near at hand when we must
iihr s?ctir Raiiroad connection or
be "lefi iut in the cold," and it behoo--'9
us iu be up and doing.
- - . - -
'i m: ni:scL,T
The following figures will show the
resu!'. of the election as near as we are
abh; to give it. We give Alabama and
Florida t Seymour, although the indi
citions are thar they ha-ve elected lie
publican Elector? :
Grant ad Coltax.
E'ectoral Vote. Maj
California 5 lo.OOO
Connecticut . G 3.041
Illinois 16. 60.000
Indiana 13' 11.000
Iowa 8 40.000
Kan as 3 S.000
Maine 7 25,000
Massachusetts 12 71,522
Michigan S 30,000
Minnesota 4 12,000
Missouri 11 23 000
Nevada 3 3 231
Nebraska 3 4.050
New Hampshire 5 3.000
North Carolina 9 8.000
Ohi. 21 35.000
Pennsylvania 23 . 20,000
Rhode Island 4 6 0C0
S juth Carolina 6 40.000
Teuaessee 10 40 000
Vermont 5 C0,000
Wet Virginia 5 8.C00
Wisconsin S 25,000
1 08 525.S4S
Alabama 8 10 000
Arkansas 3 5 000
Delaware 3 G21
Florida (by Legi3lat'r)3
Georgia 9 25 000
Kentucky 11 75.000
Louisiana- " 7 75.000
Maryland 7 45.000
New York 33 C.26S
New Jersey 7 2.000
Oregon 5 2,000
90 215.SS0
What caw be Done Mr. C 13
Todd, of Palmyra precinct, in this
county, informs us 'bat he moved on to
hw farm, two years ago, which was
then only wild prairw land; the first
year he put up. his buildings and did
hi breaking This season, which is
his second year, he raised four hun
dred bushels of wheat; one hundred
bushels of oats ; one hundred bushels
of potatses; and' one hundred bushels
of corn. We refer to thi, not as a
solitary example of what farmers can
do here, but what tbey are doing
throughout Nebraska. Nebraska Cily
Press. " i
I wi6h I had vour head." said a la- I
dy one day lo a gentleman who had
.Twin . ' T AVy '
ell,-' said she. "since your head and i
my heart can agree, I don't see why
'. I . , . :
-urrj fuiwiu -IJUI JJU ill.u u lUCtMlip.
And they did.
Mr: Editor: l am g! d to see this
subject introduced. I can see how a
stock law, founded in the simple prin-
. . . . ,.
cinles or (iuitv. would onDerate to creat
r -
and general advantage. How greatly j
it would accelerate th settling up of . goes Republican as well as the State, A New York undertaker i:i th (jlII
our nobU Sta:, and how many could ; and the vote is decisive. ni.-j of buiness, tried to kill his wife
begin farming without embarrassment i . Two thousand four hundred minority I to get up a funeral.
who could not begin at all if compelled J
to protect their crops from the depreca- j
Hons cf other peoples' cattle. And it 1
teem to me there is a crreat vronr !
done in so compelling them,
having the Legislature pass
'aw, for the State, making the ow jer
liable for damages flcne by all animals,
without distinction. Whv should a
mans horses and cattle hare privileges j ,hpm jn ,he HuU?e. n ,he election of
and immunities not shared by his she ! at orneys of the several judicial dis-
nnd hogs? Some might think that they ! tricts the Democracy have been as un-
are now so fixed that such a law would ! fortune hey were io the S.are Sen
. j , l t i i j i ate. V e have elec t-d all the district
le a damage to them but! have learned
' : attorneys.
to believe that unjust laws will not work j Ve have fairly swept the State down
for the permanent good of any class, to the county officers. There we find
however much their short sighted sel- j he Democracy as badly off as they are
ft u ,,, , ,l- i. I ia the Legi-lature. They h;ve carried
ushness may cause them to think so I i x i c i i
It seems to me no more importtnt sub
ject is likely lo coma before the atten
tion of the Legislature at its next ses-
sion. and it is hoped it will be consid-
ered in no party spirit, but with refer-
ence to its great and far reaching re
suits. S. Blodcett. j
We have complete returns from 19"!
or trie 'JV counties ot inis Mate, err.-
bracing three fourths of the whole vote.
Estimating the majorities in the vther
counties, from which only partial re
turns have been received, Gen Grant's
majority in the whole State foots up the
magnificent total of fnur thousand two
hundred and forty-three, as follows
Majority for
Grant. Seymour.
Douglas county 372
Otoe " lG2
Nemaha " . U17
Richardson 421
Pawnee 4C0
Lancaster " 204
Cass 341
Hall " 134
Platte 3S
Cedar " 27
Pur lb-
Dakota 3
Cuming " 32
Johnson " 22('r
Saunders " 71
Dix m " 5
I.'Ean ijt:4 Couit 24
Ddge coun'y 175
Washington ' 300
Stdnton " 5
Gage li 225
Seward " 65
Builer " 45
York " 5
Merrick " 10
Sarpy 10
Snhne " 10
Madison " 23
JtlTerscn G5
42SS 45
Grant's majuriy 42-13
Three counties, with an aggregate
majority of only -15 votes is a very sor
ry showing for a party which boasted
its ability to carry Nebraslcs Rrpu)
iovrnior'8 lrclanaaliou fora
of TliaiiSiiviug
Iu crateful recorrnitiorj of the Divine
origin ot a.l natR'u-1 as well a- p r
soni.1 ble.-sings Th President of the
United States his ca'lc l iipmi the peo
pie throughout the land to ei apart u:id
observe Thurfday, ihe 20 h day of
November, 1S09, in ih pttbiic'n
of the Loid our Gjd with nravtr,
thanksgiving and praie.
Moreover, the penp'e of this Sta'e,
by their Legislature, have unacii'ii that
The GoAcvnor sha!i, l y pioclamution,
set apart one day in each year as a day
of soleran and public thanksgiving to
Almighty Gud for his blessings to i s
as b S;aie ; i.d Nj'.icn,
J"oir, therefore, earnestly seconding
this action ot the President, and cheer
fully giving voice lo ihn will of ihe peo
pie, 1, David Iiuiler, Governer of the
State of Nebraska, do hereby call upon
all within the borders of this State,
citizens and strangers, to ttb-tain from
their secular avocations, on that 26th
day of November, and ta assemble in
the customary places of worship, end
before God's altar recount with thanks
giving the m"ny blessings, material
and spiritual, which have been- bestow
ed upon us at a- people. And while
engaged in these grateful devotiuus let
all behold how constant has been the
Hand that proiee's at d blesses, 16 tne
end that as individuals a-nd as a nation
atl miy be imbued with the spirit of
humble yet iraplicit trus. in the Lord.
I further call upon our citizens to
cnaracteri-ze the day by letting grau
tude find expression iu deeds of benev-
'.. ....
a'erice as well as in words of thanks- oia, u wvm xjfitain auring tne
giving. EpeciaIIy do I call upon ihem I war
to seek out and minister to the wants of I The San Juan business will be re
the poor, the needy, and the suffering, ferred to the President of Switzerland
those made so by the wars for our for arb.tration.
country. I call upon them to seek out New indictment are being fouud
all that are ia disires, from whatever j da-'y against New York demociats con
cause, and bear to ihe in relief that ! cerniog fraudulent naturalization pa
the land be filled with gladness that j P's-
every heart and dwelling, on that day, I
be cunvtrieij inio a temple of thanks- ' Grounds here been ptnthased at
giving: and prai?e. ; Aurora, Illinois, for the erection of
In testimony whereof, i have mills to roll all the iron cf the Michi
hcreunio s t i;iy h iiid ui.J gin Central, Chicago, Burlington tnd
I l. s. caused u be aiExed ;t.e (ire.i' .
Seal of the State this 7'h diy
v Z,.?' ' '
n,VIn m,rl ,.
T- P: K'EjrxAny. bVc'y of S.p. . :
. t .- , ,
The sicn hoards put up at road cross
.. ,... ,.t...--n:: : i .
u i-ii:t n,;..,:;- i - viiu io
' he, "Loo'.i'ou! fcr the Ini'itis.'"
I rsebraska fails into line of soli J Uu
: ion States. The permanency of the
rartF ""ndaucy i now now secured.
'Our victory this fall has been mor.i
. .... . ., '
iant than our exnectalion. Oina-
na,he Thiladeiphia of Nebra.-ka 1
auJ scaUen?d -over a lerrilor'y near!y
twice as large as Pennsylvania is itself
nlmo.-t annihilation ; but when closely
of the triumph. Our majority is graJ
a general j Ufl and effect ively distributed all
the State. We have the Legislature
almost unanimously. It h probable
that there is not a single Democrat in
the annlp. m n rl nut mnrp tKn sit nf
nmone ttie least populous ; while every
ore of the leaJine counties has font'
; against them. Even their principal
; strongholds have been wrenched from
them, and there is li'erally nmhtng left.
iNebraskn, it must never be forgot
ifn, is a S'ate in which colored people
vote. Equal and exact justice has been
dealt out to a by the Republican of
that young Sta'e, and behoid their re-
vv.ird It is the lessan of thr dnv.
In this connection it maybe well
enough to dd that Nebraska has a
sir ngen' and riid registry law. Two
years ago her Legislature cave it her,
and no Supreme Court was found out
ihfre to declare ii unconstitutional. To
be sure it encounters the bitterest op
position of the Democracy, but that is
considered in that plain -poken region
one of its chiefest recommendations.
Nebraska bordering on the far oil'
Territories, Rnd connected, through the
Union Pacific Rnilroad, direct'' v.i.h
the fearful cities of ihe Plains, peopled
by roughs and desperadoes of every
grade ar d kind, was ptcul arly exposed
to fraua ami violencv ihey couid
easily come in bands und overawe the
hr.otrst citizens, and in a country wheie
men opeidy c rry revslvers strapped
around their waists, arid long knives in
their boot, without at all tlfendiric
against the fashion, it was not to be
J wondertd at if voting was at times n
j rough and risky matter. As it wa
j however, thy registry law elTnctivph
I prevented all fraudulent ving, ba!!..t
box stuffing, and violence, and on elee
tion day life was safer and law t-i jre
sacred in Omaha than Philadr Iphia.
Forney's IVethly Press.
The Xews.
Washixctd.v, Nov. I) Senate
j The -Senate was called to crdt-r by
I President Wad.?.
j S-nauirs ('orbits, 11-irlan, Murgin
I a rid White were prer-enr.
j Alter prayer by the chip' ti e
ijour:;alof tho li-t met'inr i:mi sin'
j voncuiFeul resolutions of July 21st
were read, anl no objections L j i ri p
I niad i the President pro tern !et injr t'
the Senate adjourned he 7ih o'.
IlmiLe lfasandk'elly.andO'Neill
j penn., Keilogir. Ala , Dews, N. C ,
Lincoln and Stewart, N. Y.. and In
gersnl. 111., wtre the only member
i prftcnU , . , .
Dickey, the successor of Thaudeus
sevens, was present, but not qutl-f y
.-iter simitar proceedings to tn;s
in the Senate, the House adjourned ti!!
Dece mbr r.
A Little Rock special to the
lancht says, ' On Monday iiicrnnifr
Gov. Clayton sent three companies nf
negro militia to look for Ruller. Se
nous trouble is nppr hended. The
Governor also ordered the raiding of
6,000 cavalry.
"Throughout the State, so far as
heard from, the election passed ufi"
Returns from 50 courties in Ala
A r. ' -I i ,
j I ar.a, gives Grant about 10.000 ma-
jority, the remaining co-unties with t?if
exception of four, will give Seymour
a majority. The State is s ill classed
Gen. Grant is in Washington. He
declined a public reception.
The Lorxlon Times has an editorial
giving the basis of settlement and pres
ent status of the questions at issue be
tween the United States and Great
Britain. A mixed commission, con
sisting of two members from each na
tion. will be appointed to adjudge all
questions irising si ice 1S5S, ihe date
of the last commission.
England's responsibility iu the mat
ter of the Alabama claims will be re
ferred to Prussia for arbitration. If
i the decision is in favor of America the
commission will then investigate the
Amfrica has withdrawn ihe question
of ,he recognition cf the Southern
U,,n- 1... ' . U!. J .,
Q'linoy, Burlinrrton nnd Missouri, and
Hanmtal and St. Joseph Roads and
" " "u " " """"
"y ooi leacnr. u nat oiu tne ;
Israelites do after they erased the Red
Sea?'' answered. . I dun't Lmow, !
. .. t t -i . -j.i i
atil. UUl 1 JJueSS tt.Cy UrifcU tliCni
, .a,
'I hr question h; Fiance is. who doi. t
bfdurg to the arisKfracy ? That coun j
try has 50, COO nolle families !
The story is started that Mrs. Lin- j
coin went to Europe because she wish- j
ed to secure a sail for her
i France and England have copies of
ether 5 official put'icntiotis for
several hundred yt ars.
l'litis. for Sale of I.aml.
t,vX Y,,,.rv jr ,,, ... u.rjt ,r , , th, ,
07 k, il imi-iulicrL-U thin .mi the 1 JiU dy VE (.)rtulM r
Xr IM. Ill'" jplirnii :n nj ye :itif-n of Jr..l.
Vallrry, jr . Ailmiaintr:or of thi r.iue-; of I'etcr
A sjan-jr, lt-ce-4-fU, f -r liaeetutf t ki'II ilir'
-state li'-lor.n.C to lli- iapl e-t:itf 4'3:im- i u l,i inr
hanl hpf.ire hn Honor, (iw. B. I.ik". nil ilnC.n.t
t.i-D fjlly alv ii.- in thi- .rru !-:, I' U li. r -lv r-ilt-rr.l
that all iiftmii. Kt'-r nt, ! i.i the ? I. .to 'f I'
I t A. Sarpy, ilecnwl, apprar frfnr iu?, , ri 5
iliv ut l'-ioiiil'e', A ii Is'..-1, :it V ..'. ! a in. t.fa'..l
l.ry. a' the ffl o of the Cle k of 'Ii.- Pi-ti i. t ilourt
iu ilitt iiyi.f Oinihtt, loii,-U rounir, N. ir.i.kt in
r-liow nu why a hrorir.- fli.m' I cr.' i.n-.f !,.
i lie A(!iniri-rr it or ; ly nip t lie rrr.t . . I ,i mti.'li
nf tin- ifii r,rnt ul t'ie d-c-.a-r' I s -li ,1 1 l.f m.-. f
t.iry ! .! Ii .1
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G:Ci 3 I.AKK. Judge.
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hvv I'or Malt.
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P K r 'it 9 K ir Ser - ', mine T and H. (tualnn;
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AttncliBuent IVolice.
Jrutj o'Xcill
Willi 'tu .S'.ti'tli. S
To V i.iiaui S'tiiith
Vu are Lrtl.y r.nii
CeI H at an attacl iiK-nt was iu-,l ! m? in fivurr.f
th al. ivo plxlntifr, and asia.t ill- aPoTe uncnfil ilc
fD.I iiH f r li e sum i f Kilty seven rind (: 1"0 IMtar,
aud trial f t for 1" iy f L'.ceuil'r, n lbOs, rt 10
oVlnck a in oi .aid d.iy. at wl.teti tiin: j .'..lenient will
I, reii-ten d airain-l o': if you (to riot api ?r and
sliw cjui-c t the c.'iit: .irv.
Kx npicio Ju I,:e .f tl.c l'tace.
rtattstn .mil, ilctober I'-fiS t;tO
X T her"as Jaciti Val'.ery.jr . Ail:iiioir a'nr of t he
It est! jf I'eter A yar-i y, deee..-el
made n.plieati"ti for Ms Adtiuiii'ttfttiori to b x
t 'iij"d six months, i o accmrit of suit now com
r.iencinjt ia Distrh t Court of the 2d ::i! Hi-ti nt
for t ti is .nuuty aa iust the fnriii' r Adinitiittrstor
and h'-cjritle- ff khPI Pat ite. A pplimti-in will be
heard at my office 'lie .9th day of NovciiiIht. a .
in. CirtB uiii T jiy liand tht 3 I rlav nf .NV,r, b'
Not O'hlS iSv3. Fr it, it.' Judge
rpr it PYPi rnirT
11 E 11 11 n A. X , EI 12 IS O Ij
Having l-nut'lit out the entire Stock of Oixxjt from t
C U. ilerold. i rca!y to r.iTvr I LvnucMi:YTs !
forca-h, c.rti, ntaFursofHiiykiuJ .n
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It -'a-. l:f: a call t t:. i -;"; nfi;.-i. ll-i.
iii:k:.' m . imiioLiK
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II ( .Vj f! .1.1.
tI'i- o.j-t tiit-Jt In u.e sUvt i i u.
wil I t" M. uotfc-!'-.' i f tl-- , i ,
pin a i' ti jh, :i th.- f . -tt il i,i .1 it. i o :
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in t'i- c.f it 1' I .,:t v u ,,- -i, . (
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of tint :., th- oll.;w,iii; ti-k: ,i7 n-.f..
-it i-it.- in t-iii 1 cl.T-tv an.l Sf t. o-x'. ., '1 r - .i:j'
talf()c,f Hi.- , .-utl.n-c.t T -:;i:l.-r (-1 : i I K ,.,'
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t la t the O.v r'.-.c:-t -ir v.-y ...If::,
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i TSatri :U. ;
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.T.i'.-i:, I'. X-.l i
iinii. t '- Ii Ci i-i o y
Wil!I Vtrv.-n
l:y v,riu-a:.J m
thu t'nii t nn le in rli :,t
Will Ik- v- t!. llndfi !i Uu ...'t
al I !' 1. 1 i.u- a' ti.i- f
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1 1: I. 1 -ul j
til ' I
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II !. iu fit . ..." -.-:ft-i.i.
State i.f .t-'rj-a, ili:n h
I. !-. l-, tl.- h hi .f ti.ti. .. '. : ., J. uti-i
( nr . 'clnrk p. in. . f t,,it .1 . i.i f..i,. t,K ,
. tiart or par.-. I i.f f-ili-! . HI a!.- in .u I f-.llt:t Jul
i.u: t.-uii i!n-. nt;, t,A;t ,!-.! it p.,. i(:'t. .i
lUrlHi ( i t l sri-l .iu Ni U.l'l.-t ,l . . ..;a,i,l 11...
-..inl.u .-! i). i.i i :. i (',..: ' I.. - .- i, ,t v
i.f .( . I; ,ii I'.i-ry I I '. i. in I - iv , -1, , ., , i ,
Mil. t.nii'v S-t I vh i' ) . i. a:i I t, ,i ti,r?-t ,; t-r.
i li f i he ii-.i 1 1 ...i t i;M.irir i 1 , i . i . . , .,, .
Ii v.- i In t. -Trl. n N.i t. :i l 1 '1 I " 't, . f ... .. N .
n-.-iv.. ( i-ji ,-a: ,,; ih ,-,mi, ,. v,, ., ..j,:, . ,'.
i- -rrit.i. lit ,-im v. j i f mi.! jit it,,
liau-! t:. :, -.".i.ii day . f u ;, ' r ;
J W .'.1,1 N-)V.
fl i ! !"!. Ml fl.-;.c .
1. 1 - T it v i; if o, Af .r:n ' I'.r T
l'i t 1 ! Cntl.t
A-h :t V I.-,- t.-r, )
J.jhti ! i .1. .. f
t-l Cii V y.
Hv vutii... aii-1 r.'.rv:;:-ir
t ! i- I', i:-1 l:i i.!- i'i t;i" a '.,
will I...- - ,!,1. n:, I, r tl, .p..
pul'Ii a'i" ti'Mi. at tli fr, nt
-i . .- .: j i,r.: -r ,,f
i.t t .- I -, : -r-. ilir.'
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t:i t' .- ("i: nf l!, ;n li
Mini - it.. , f N-i, i ,,n J,.., i
I k' I'- u t ll-iu.c
i -J'lnty r,f aj,
1 1,'- : i .iy uf
in. u,-,i a i. ... ..r-
Nov. mliet. . . j,. W:, l.-iMrn U a
tl..i: i, t! . f ...l.-ui - .1 .,,-ri tv .( t-.-.c: n, i cf
i i i I -i.anp. in ail c. un'y an I State, to w 1'iu
511.1t ti ,4 , f t:., , ,,: , ,,,,
t.iHt.-li.ji N.. , n ( , t , n., th (-r I. -tin v i', rt..-
(K) - it "f ti -i.v'li U r, ,,n ,c -r-iiuf
t,. tl.e 1 .,,-., ' u 1 v v ,,f f s , i
I'.it, 'I tin. -.".!l, d.4j- f 0 -1 I ;,
J W jn.lNS iV,
f p. I- il tl .-t.-r 1 -i , ,
SWKI.T Srof iri.ri. l-!iu:-r '- A:i .1 u. y
l;-t:v: r. u t r.. .
-T-'':-in M- Ta.f a !r.;t -r-.r
il t. t'-..!f,
ivl.ln; t
- Sil -'4.!:i.
I 1 CI .-.11, - J
- -. .1 .
I I ; - v 1 1 - r . it ,1 m pm
t t, . ,,t ,,.s,;,. .., ;.
1 ! :.-d
- i uii-'or t!i . . ir .:i. n 'of ti.r .-. il
1 '.;:,., ii 'i .Ti it t1 - ti ! ., , I i!,- C , -i ., .
nil,e--T nf l'l:-.:i-in. utli. i i it. r. i,i'' t i u.
.-I -.' X.-I. i.-k;i . n t' Hi'if, t.iy f N .. -iii i,.-r
A r 1. tufii i ti,. ii.-tiis ; i i.i 4 ,,, t
'Ii- l t.y. t!i f. .!!-. i. ' it -,i tr.ii t .,i :-. . -
Ut .; --.t.i.i'.- in h.i.i c .it: ly .i.i : : : i v. '.. I : i
t lin ." (1--M nf ,,rtl.. ,j j. , , a,, I .p.
! ir ( I -,'( '" 'I'.lti.v.-.; i ,,(,.fl; u
.) ti'.i:v !iu. (-.:, in ;. , .!,.;. j t. iin tlu,ih
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1,: :.ii.i.,.i,'t. r li:i- ;.. Hi-i, , ,-i :.i..-.t rll -.-.-j . I ,.-!
I'.'i. d Ci- 2,'tii
J. v. J ' p----i.
S:.. - ..I f I ..' j'' I l,Hl''jl T.
t - 1 u.:..::f - A ri ry
tJ t : r.; A. S
.Hauler' sale.
-t. i.:t Court 4"a- ...lj , ' i l.i
':. :: K :..',-1'l S. 1. .-' j I, " l
t'r. 1,, iS-.M :r i :', ,ii i.-' h' . Li
,,7i--.' V.
li f r
,rt.i ;m i iti pit. .
l-l t III i t- ,1 t'i,- n
1 1
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f il- I,--,-
.l.'-.,-f .1,. - I
i 'i ,; i, .
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V T.'.nl . r
i.i : '. i- i i
it : Ii- ii .-. n:
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It. hi :!
I.H. 1 s.;l
; r ..
I tl.
Ul .. d I
V. I
ri . -in;
:i n l -t 9 i, I'. 'I
!:. N i i .'.rt oi.ll
i.-r i ', -f
-i . i i I . i .
iii i- .
w . : : m -,ia
'f o.t
; : :.
1 1 t ' I j r. .!.
A i j :. . .
-will AS, ,i i ; i ;,. i,
; i. r ' -ii -: . f i
.i -i ,-,c :
1 i. . h j.
Ait- ii i; .c .r, I'I':,., 1
T ,1 p ;
' l. i'i' - ' f r--' -;
.1 -ti ' r T rr,. a ,,
1-1, K,.l i -d
11 t r A' I: i.i , ul, -
i i-niiiity iii.i i.v.".
in t .1 , .', , ' i
l-ii. -ti l ),. u
r.l--r nf tin l'.,iirt n-.t-.i... a
1 1 1 r.- ,f, li: ft .-. ..... - u' i ' i
U.J.-I t'- Ci l r . ' t . . i l . I It..' sll
linn in tl.-i-Itf (if I'I. it a.l. i ill tl.-!
it Hi tmul d- ni ., I the t t 1,.
H'.iti ,'ay i-f Ni" ii!1.." . a :, I
f !' a lilrlid t p I I Ot tu.1t .1.1V. t:, i.,n Wll.. 't -
lil. d t act ,,r I-a i . .- , f la ,-i ), -i.i t i . , t . ,...:!
,t C .s. Hint ,...( ... Nii.l.t-k.i. .J -.1.1. I h-' . . r
' ,t ; Hi.- u eet ua'f 1 1 -.'j -,r in- .N 1 1 . t , ... t r
' , ) .f ..iou Xe iK-m.iy -I, -I.t f2), iu l.. - tis i j . N .,
ll'i ."'I I li f i in. jr N, It.irt . 1 .-a, ., I
-l.MI Pi ii;-"pal Mn ICiMll, hci.-oi ..i.,- to in.- I I-
lu : s'H . y 1 f -ii'd Ma'e.
Datirl tlit- Vftti day t ! .'c'"U'r ii a
.1 v. j.ii'N'oy.
M, Ti.r .1 C..'- -i.,ty. XI. u.kl.
I ' i i. : i i l i ! : ., 1'. . i i '. :. it. i i r s .
S25 ! 825.!
t -(.Mi1. .1 ;. t a i, v. , : t, i
v. I!,!;, t'. ii.. i i,
' ' ;.' Tl, a
il.- I. ii( K
J : i. ii .tin a
Mi' linn- ii-.-- ii st'iiiz.'.t n-.-.!;-,
SI I II il (nli,e nil I. f ti s'..,. I,.
t.--is!,.'l , a i il CUi ! i . l-ry i.t i. t- .1 sew ii,i It w
P-ni, fell. Inn, I, r,,f,. i.ihi I. f Ain, ,ui.:, u,, 4 r .rt'.,
and Katli. r ; uii.w.fc r.iia. .y wnu -i k, Ir.n ',
w mleii. or i-jltou go w kIi ;h,i n, ot . oLt.i;, ;!,iJ.
surrri.f: XArrixa
Warranted lor five Year!
Our Ac- nts wiil lie supplied v dui ii. at.- on : . e
the .Machine, in ca-e i.f a.i-i.leiit. It in -K, - p i- - y
lli! fame s ilea made by the Singer, Win. ri A W. .
H.iu, Howe, and h ,oi. ace Ma. Lines. I: hs f e 1 n-
'!'r-fe.l, like the 1..! cd high - pr :ce-l ila.h l, a I 1 il
the only h pnad Shnuie -M,,,ili- in ti,e mnkrl h:i I til- f-ed Weai.. euaMe.l toseliK fl l-
class SHI" I I I.t II AC 11 IX L at a ve.y lo priijv, on
ai-.Kiiit of its Slti.pli'-iiy, r u- ..u. at J.-w erf' kf
luuI:ic'ii:i:.K, in cnnei- u. v. UL C ni..t: aU' 1 i'i
r .Hies.
rf,ireut ill Aui'-riran n; t ? w ii-.z m
:th Kiif, C-juijfy, ao I T wn m th I'nUa 1 tvnt.
mn Onlri h lm d'lt" t-)e 'if i t ' K:i ier e .4
AxenlH. I'or fn.l pj.rt.c i a- I j feirv iud (J-j-Ui
luiioa, itldri
a v. a. mj ni: u s,
(irricra Agent r
D' triji', Mi: h.
-o'-r - -
. r i ... . . .
I san. i ar.I tn I t ait1- ij ,t ree-ipt nt w.-e ml
tauip. AddiesMi , , X A I i:t.'-.-, ooii.r.i
LvtroU. Mi.iii. VSjji
B. ffriir.i,iiB,
K. UxTi.n Kiiff h
Co. Civli
llep: t". 1 k A lie
Spurlock c "Wiiiiham
j Clerk and Trcasuiei's Oi.'i-.-o.
TiaU'w i:aiiiiiit I, and
VOW WVAll CCM .lla'K
T'rr vni l iota rt-.tiif f-ji ,r.
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