Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, January 31, 1866, Image 1

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"7 any man attempts to haul doicn the American Flag, shoot him on the spot" Jonx A. Dix.
VOL. 1.
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t-i I'l'BMsIIKU
--O.T.- -''tiK?r M.t.a ir ot an-1 Lev-, sonj
' ; V .
Terras". Weekly, .2.SQ per annum;
'DaUj, $L per month.
Hates of .hi cert is .
ne "-vi'ir, ot e !Mv.-rt: n
tarli iul-fi'-.ut tn-.eiuoti
u ti.Ki.v:
One s i'i:' ' .oa-e of t.-n line.! o-i
irnertiorj, l ..'.0
mio i' hi in.-riiri -
onal ".'.!- D-tcrC'lin? ix tin
nMlnma orle, V r t.itniim
l month
4 tt: r' e months
i. ti.ilf -jia'i tw-lv- ni'"
" MX IllQtlll
.. il.r-e mouths
u -. jtiiu twelve months
..i x nomthi
three inc-nth-
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is tft
1 O.0O
1 "l (Ml
so (
Att 'r.-i-al a-lverti-'innt' inul te jaiJforin
a lv.. i.
We re prnar.-. !o do all kinM of Job Work
i . i rt ho-.o-e. and in a i-tyle tht wut give sati-
3Juinc; JUrcctovjj.
Physician and Surgeon,
T )- h j.r- f' -!. l 8rvic-i to tc ci'ix'u of
j,, .-,'1111'
i: r.- iii I'r uik Wl ! li u-'-, c-irii-T iif
(.r a u.i Nix'U -t. ;!... u .Mini '--tec',
..t 0 "li! II 'lis.-, 1'iar-lllolltli, ''l.iask (.
attoi:m;y at law
Solicitor in Chancery.
rLATTSMuUTII, - - Ni:iiK.lSKA.
National Claim Agency.
Sl i; A(jKNT:
t , T,r.- t t i.r-j.-iit iii'l V r.i-fi rl;ii ni lt f -re
l-u'-. I'.'n li'-i: 1. 1 iiu.l 1 unity I. trnl
-jir,-l ( iT-Crinrk-i- iiki-Iit ii , an.l m r. .,wrt i to
iv Hnivi a Ittie i l-tiui. V. M. UORIUNtJTOX
A,.ril Ii', '".
J'L.X TTSMOL Tll, A;.'.,
rrn'oft att-THion pniil t.. t.'i" .iir lia an ! ali of
n.-al i:.ijt,., ao. ii.. nt of 'Tux, ail Lu uirs-t
p- ri uniD to ;4.-uri: Luu-1 A-'iny- Titles iuvca-
U. f.-r? lv crniUiun to
!! n. K . Iu! '.'.1 .1:1:. i ll Di-t . T ills
I iv, Ni 1,-n-k.i; Mr.jr KJ-v'.l liurboiik, I'ay iiijmit
1' . I...".iviii!!i. K.m:-: 1! " J- II- Rurbsu.k,
I. .: A.-.-or N.-l iH-k-i. Kli ity, N'l: Hon. T. M.
.V.i.qii-ir... I' if.-m ui ii. Nil., II. K. I.ivnil -ii,
. it ( .1 N.!-r-k:l lt Vrt. VoU.. I'l.itt-llioutli , S !.;
V- .r l. II Wlir.l'r, 1".?. Avnt. I'awnre
(t.'vv: t'li.i's N.til-t..o, No. Ill !r..:.way. Nw
irk. Il n y, H. iirn li i; 1:" u. W jliiiik'ton, I. C ;
I I . u v, M (' .V fo., rhicapo, IsU.; K. i'' h.
U clu-t-r. . V.. I'N.f. ll.-iiiy ArliiiR :n!, '-H.irtfor.l
I -.iv:-ri- , " N . V.
5. 13. Whcclrr & Co.,
Real Estate Agents,
Commissioners of Deeds
Tire and Life Ins, Ag'ts,
Coilctit!fi jimmi'ily atton!'l to. .'nl pnoet-N re
r;:tr .i at Mirrct.t r.ii 1 K'-Ii;iniv. Tuxrs pai-l in
v ..-11 ii I . - a a it 1 1 i !'. ijk i fr in mi t-''M(Ji.t . I itlt-s
( lm.i inv "-ti i'' I. M'Mity luaii'd m lieal Kftalc
s'ii:i :t:e. laril Warrant ! taltn.
Anont f.iro.l!-lion of c! innia iiuft (i.iverr.nifrt,
f r c;ilif-r. t l.f ;r !-!ori :iti-t minor fiiMr-.. A iri-rita
f r T tie I'Uii'li -t- ali' of LauJs uti'l C'ny J"roicr
tr, Leair.i: of T.-io ni. nt.
Hon. S. I!. KH-ert, I nv." City. O. T.
M' --r. K.ointze Itro., Omaha. Neb.
" Jlri'aiin t M.-tinlf, Nebra City.
;. K. Killry. ft. I.i!. Minxtuii.
- 4Jr. Ilo UwiJ. i;..t.u. 31 lsaciul-clti-
H W U:lHiar Clni'HH i, llluioi.
" 11 M Mh'.U. CincMinaii. t'l.'.o.
Tootle ll.iini.t. l'liittiuo'iili. Xi'liraska.
I. II !:ii-li. TJ.rt-e Itivrr. Michigan..
II. ,n K Vk ! ItioiimtlfM. U i-i-oii-m.
II. r. T M Mari'io:t, I'lattMiioiit h, Npliraka.
I. Li-tv.;. A'to nc at Law, Hullalo, Nw Vurk.
Cjri.T, y X Curl, llt iloiuc-, low a.
3ar.:j dlf. i .
I am reprcl to fariii-li a'l who may'favor me
With their tiatronairc, 'ith ioili:i.r, .iolIo meat or
V.iril bT th ek. (j. V . t'UOW.
r;ttMii..ut!i, Ai ril 2, yl
'.MAIN S riitKT,
A f lo.l a-ort7iient of Wat .Cl- IVnu.
Jiwelrv. llor War.', Fauov Goo; Vi .I!ns and Vi
i ni 'lri:nn-.ina always n hand. All work coin
ni ltv, to ,; c;.r; wiil fc war:a:iteJ.
April Hi. l-i..! '
Hess & Finisher
Have juit opCDed and refi;te tlu-.r
Saloon and Restaurant
I.pvee, K.mth of Mala, "where they will furaUh
t all tirors the best ili-hes the market ulTords..
J3"Fieh O'.ters constantly on hand.
I REE L CX'If eyrr murninj Iweeen 91-2
3 1 10 1--2.- '&3rt"J & iTders acvotumuduted.
liecfi 3m
Vim. IS- Lcmkc,
Plattsmout'i, Nebxaskaf" ; v
16j tt"
TlIK l(f:;iSTKV I, AW.
We are pleased to know that the fee
has been broken in the Legislature on
this question, and we expect to see every
man who holds the welfare of the Ter
ritory and the preservation of good or
der of paramount importance to a party
Yictory (oral least the attempt to achieve
one), whether he be Democrat or Re-
publican, give this measure a hearty
support. It is argued by some that a
Hegi?try law would Iessea the Repub
lican vote of the Territory, and the
reason assigned is that men who rote
that V.cUtrt are generally of an industri
ous class, nnd that very many would
not take the trouble to register their
names at the proper time. Let lhatbe
as it may, we are in favor of the pass
age of this law, because we believe it
to be founded in justice. Is there a
man in Nebraska who can show that
there is any unfairness in compelling
all voters to be registered Democrats
and Republicans alike? We have yet
to hear the first argument against it, ex
cept that it would lessen the Democrat
ic vole, in fact, we be'ieve it is opposed
on that ground alone. Now, is there a
Democrat in Cass county, (we know
there are some in other parts of the
Territory,) who does not blush at the
thought of acknowledging that a fair
and impartial registration of the legal
voters of the Territory would lessen
their party vole? Dare they come out
publicly and oppose its passage? We
believe in the principle (hat right and
justice should be a rule and guide to
our action?; who believes in a different
principle. We shall be better able to
answer this question after a vote is
taken on the Registry law.
That there are men in Nebraska who
would fiood the country with horse
thieves and robbers for the sake of
achieving a part' victory, no one will
deny we have had a practical demon
stration of it; and that there is now in
process of concoction a scheme for rush
ing illegal voters into Cass county next
fall we are able to prove to the satis
faction of any man, and we propose to
expose the measure, and the men who
are figuring in it, at the proper time.
neo.Ti Tilt! CAPITA la.
Omaha, Jan. 25, 1SG-3.
Ed. Herald. You are aware that
when our members are all present, that
the House is a tie upon nearly all party
(ucuiuua. Alio ucuiuti an uuvc ueeu
unusually exercised over a memorial
and joint resolution to Congress against
the Morrill bill. For impudence, ar
rogance, and a disregard of facts, the
memorial is unparalelled, and reads
more like a burlesque than a sober real
ity. If it does pass in its present form it
will be a disgrace to our Territory, and
injure us more in the eyes of the peo
. : 'T"u it ... t i
ple of the States than almost anything j
aIco rrmi.t il a T nf pi. i.Tpnf fimirrr.i nl 1
from the States will take this, to some j
PYliint n nn Ptrrpusinn nf lhf npnnlp. 1
.... , T. a -n !
passed yesterday. There has been a
great pressure brought to bear upon this
bill. The objectionable features are,
its not requiring the capital stock to be
paid up, and the comparative absence
of iLdividual liability. Two of the
members from your county opposed it
on that ground.
The State question causes a great
deal of discussion, and there is a great
etfort being made to induce the Legis
lature tot frame a Constitution and sub
mit it to the people, on the plea that the
people would vote against the matter if
presented to them through a Constitu
tional Convention. I hope the Legis
lature will not undertake to frame a
Constitution, because they were not
electe,d on that issue, and the move
ment does not appear to emanate from
the; people, and the Legislature has
more work than can be done before the
Under a law passed last winter, the
Governer appointed E. Estabrook to
collate all the general laws of the Ter
ritory. The work appears to have been
well done, but they will have to be re
vised and rendered harmonious, which
ought to take every hour of the session.
Mr. Arnold introduced a bill to-day
to attach a part of Cass county to Saun
ders county. The alleged reason is to
locate the county seat of Saunders coun
ty at Salt Creek Ford. He introduced
petitions jiraying rthit Salt Creek and
South Bend precinls might be attached
to Saunders county. ANON
Wo observe t'int f-ffort nrc Lpi'iitr
j made in different portions of our Ter
ritory to orgluize immigration societies.
This laudable purpose should be foster
ed by cui- Legislature, and every citi
zen who has the welfare and increase
of the Territory at heart, should con
stitute himself a committee of one to
advise his friends east of the induce
ments this favored portion of the Union
holds out to the emigrant. Land is
cheap, and ready for the pbugh no
clearing or ?tump extracting required
to commence a farm. No fences are
required under the herd law, and this
alone will save thousands of dollars to
every settler. The means each settler
brings can be profitably invested in
stock or lands, instead of sinking it in
fences. Our prairies afford the finest
pasturage in ihe world. Markets in
the east and west are al hand to con
sume all that farmers can raise. In a
word, there is no other country in the
world where the settler bus so fair a
chance of bettering himself as ia Ne
braska. Mechanics are needed in all
our towns and counties. In the line of
carpenters, we have to put up with work
from "jack of-all-tradea" fellows, mere
ly because first-class workmen art
scarce. Brickmakers can coin money
here the clay and sand necessary for
their stock are everywhere found, and
the demand cannot bo supplied. In thin
article alone, our towns are held back
from building, for want of brick. Oth
er occupations are pro rata wiih the
Let our citizens write to their friends
east. Let them send the Territorial
papers to them. In each town let each
citizen, who feels an interest in this
matter, subscribe for one or two extra
copies to be forwarded east, and in this
way ihe advantages of immigration here
will be fully advertised. It is in the '
newspapers of a country that intelligent
men look for a full and correct descrip j
lion of the advantages it possesses and
from this source more good can be done
to induce immigration than any other.
Every able bodied man who setdes
in the Territory is an acquisition. His
labor increases its wealth and power.
Let the comm JLiity be alive to this fact,
and we feel assured that, if our sug
gestions are carried out, the population
and wealth cf our Territory will be
notably increased the ensuing season
MOUTII. The Omahi Herald, of the 24th
inst. . contains some strictures on our
remarks concerning George Francis
Trainj and holds up i:s editorial hands
in holy horror at our indecency!!! Ac
companying, is the letter of invitation,
tinned by some of our best men, (but
men whom we have every reason to
j believe, were not at that time aware of
the language used by Mr. Train in hi.
lecture at Omaha,) and published with
the remarks alluded to in the Omaha
rLATTSMOUTii, Jan. lOih. 1S66.
George Francis Train, Esq., Omaha:
Deak Sir: We the undersigned, on
behalf of the citizens of Plat:smouth
aud vicinity, feeling nssured that you
have at heart the interests of Nebraska
Territory, its increase in wealth and
population, and that you are now uing
your efforts to establish a colony in our
midst, ws most respectfully invite you
to deliver an address at this place at
any time and upon any subject vou may
suggest. Let us further trouble you lo
telegraph to us when it will suit your
convenience to come and we will pilot
you across "The Platte."
Very respectfully
J. W. Marshall,
Wm. S. Thatcher,
W. E. Donelan,
E. G. Dovey,
T. K. Hanna,
Wm. H Anderson,
G. Fickler,
T. JJ. Marquett,
J. G. Howe,
Jacob Vallery,
Jno. Black,
II. Amison,
U. F. RufTner,
S. Bloom,
Omaha, January 17. lSC.G.
Gentlemen Regrets and regards,
I am off to-day to talk Nebraska and
the West to the East. Hence cannot
lecture if I would. When I return my
first talk shall be with your good peo
ple. Tell those who call me names, if
I have offended them I am willing to
accept their apology. Sincerely,
We deny the imputation of the Ihr
aid as false, when that paper accuses
us of slandering 'Mr, Train. We have i
it from more credible authority thin the
Omaha Htrall, that Mr. .Train did in
solently defame the Christian religion.
and that too with a vulgar buffoonery
that would bring the blush in any plug
ugly. This very act was at Omaha,
and in a church sacred to religious pur
poses. We expect nothing better from
the editorial sanctum of the copperhead
sheet at Omaha than support for such
conduct. The -traitorous papers that
urged desertion from the army, and by
their teachings brought about the das
tardly assassination of the martyred
Lincoln, are fit supporters of men who
villify and ridicule Christianity. A
pretty, high-toned fellow is the editor
of the Omaha Herald to blow about our
indecency, forsooth. Perhaps that sheet
would like to publish Mr. Train's blas
phemous rendition of the tenth com.
mandment. Out upon such conduct,
say we. Newspapers ought to be the
preservers of public morals, but it is re
served for the Copperhead editor of the
Omaha ILrald to uphold a man who
defames Christianity. Every christian
in the land should shun the society of
those who thus publicly defy the teach
ings we have learned upon our mother's
The Herald calls us a "seven by nine
sheet" but we thank God that our
morality is not of the seven by nine
stamp, such as that paper manifests in
standing by, and pleading for impiefy,
and we would remind this grandiloquent
admirer of George Francis, that his
paper too may drop into the grave of its
Copperhead predecessors at Omaha.
If he will be at the trouble of digirins
up the putrescent villifications of his
buried prototypes, in their traitorous
anathemas against our Government, he
may derive at least one moral that may
prove advantageous for him to remem
ber. iur:i:ii;s.
Can a handful of political aspirants
force a Constitution through our Legis-
tture, ia defiince of the will of the
Will the gentlemen, whom the peo
ple have selected to represent them,
sacrifice the interests of their constitu
ents under the pressure that is .brought
to bear on them al OmaJial
Wili the empty praise each repre
sentative receives from the aspiring
friend" of State Consii tuu'on, as he be
trays his constituents, save him from
the rebuke he will receive at home and
among those who have proved them
selves his friends?
Why is it that such indecent haste to
force this matter through at all hazards
is manifested by the officials at Omaha?
Do those representatives who give
way to flattery, and forsake their dele
gations in this question, think the peo
ple wili forget their unwarrantable ac
tion ?
We propound the above to our Legis
lators. HOIIalXtt POTATOES.
The lady authoress of 'Uncle Tom,'
and divers other popular publications,
has been writing a homily ou cooking
potatoes. I should like to know if Mrs.
Siowe does really boil potatoes herself?
I do, and I have long since known bet
ter than to pare my potatoes raw and
then dowse them naked into water red
hot boiling at two hundred and ninety
horse power. That is one way to boil
potatoes certainly, but not the proper
one by a" very long way. Philosophy,
common sense, and a month or two of
practical experience over the dinner
pot, teach us a gre;:t deal better than
My dear madam, don't you know
that about six-tenths of all the starch
that a potato affords is deposited so near
the surface, that however carefully we
may pare the tubers in a raw state, we
are sure to throw away the greater
portion' of that very material that we
eat potatoes for? Then, if we toss our
potatoes into boiling water, unprotected
by their overcoats, we have set in a
second, and hopelessly incorporated
with the mass, that semi-volatile prin
ciple which gives the i!l-cooked potato
its slightly acrid, something insipid, and
always objectionable flavor.
Any thoroughly potato-lred Irish
woman would as soon think of commu
ting regicide, as boiling her potato' s '
undressed in the manner recommended !
by our literary lady cock. And there J
are no better potatoes or potato cooks i
anywhere in this world than there are I
in Ireland.
I tell you, fellow housekeepers, ev- ;
erywhe ?, that the correct way to cook ;
a potato iu any country, provided boil- j
ing is the determination, is to wash if
clean firstly let it lie in clean, cold i
water two hours ten is all the better- j
place it in cold water iu the pot, with- .
out paring boil -moderately until the I
test fork goes' s'mooihly through the po- J
taio without encountering a mite of core.
Then drain off the water, et the pot
over the fire uncovered, for five min
utes, after which whipolf Mr. Potato's
jacket in a hurry, and send him to the
table in a clos cover, piping hot or
if you are not over-fa hionableand fas
tidious, it is preferable to setve "mur
phy" m his coat. Sat E-e. Post,
The Hon John Cijai'man, member
of the Council from Cass county, is a
man comparatively youug in" years, but
cf an order of ability aiid range cf in
formation which would do honor to a
much older man. Possessed of rare
legislative and executive abilities, in
flexible patriotism and invincible deter
mination, he has mads such a mark in
the Legislative councils of our Territo
ry, as to command for him the highest
respect and esteem of his fellaw legis
lators; and so general was this regard,
that at the meeting of the Legi.slature
the Union members of the Council put
him forward as their candidate for pre
siding officer of that body; a position
which he failed to attain only by rea
son of a modest and patriotic deference
cf personal ambition to the best inter
ests of the people as praiseworthy as it
was unselfish.
Mr. Chapmax Las been a sharp
t'lorn iu the sides of the unscrupulous
Corpirhead faction of the Council, and
his ready parliamentary tact and prompt
action Lave been very elfective in
thwarting ihe schemes of the "rule or
ruin" party in lhat body. No better
evidence of his efficiency in this respect
need be adduced than the virulence
wi'h which he has been attacked by the
Ilirald of this city, for ths damage
which h.s invincible determination and
aJherance 10 the right has indicted up
on their intensely partizan schemes of
legislation. Attentive to the interests
of his constituents, aud assiduous and
enenretic in promoting them, he has
won the regard of the people of Cass
county, and reflects high credid up in
the good sense and discretion which
singlnd him out as a proper representa
tive cf '.he character, intelligence and
interests of a greatcounty. Republican
ami 3I(ii-Iei'
on the
.Jest tion, January G. Two men
were found seven miles up ihe river
last night, one dead, being shot in three
places, the other senselesj and beaten
so badly as to be unrecognizable. They
had five horses and two wagons (two
grey and throe bay horses). The men
are supposed to have been robbed, there
being every appearance of a desperate
resistance. No trace as yet of the per
petrators of the outrage. It has evi
dently been done by white men will
give the particulars as soon ns possible.
The one who lives is under ihe charge
of Dr. D. G. Wilson, Tost Surgeon,
who has no hope of his recovery.
Later. I proceeded up the road un
der orders from Major Mayo, com
manding post, to examine into the cir
cumstances attending the murder of
two citizens. One, Isaac H.Augustus,
brought to camp last night, wounded in
the back of the head with a pistol-ball,
died this morning about sunrise. The
other's name, as near as can be ascer
tained, is II. Stuman, who was found
dead about six miles from camp, on the
river road, pierced with three pistol
balls, one through the right breast and
one through the heart. The murdered
men are supposed to-ba freighters, from
papers found scattered over the ground
where the deed was committed. From
every indication the men were robbed
of their money. B. D. Palmer,
Capt. oih U. S. Vols.
7 "
New York, Jan. 25 The Tri
bune's Washington special says the U.
S. Consul at Manchester, England, tm- j
der date of Jan. Gth, informs the De
partment of State that the cattle dis
ease ha made frightful progress, the
cases for the week ending the date of
his dispatch being 7,693, an increase of
1.437 upon the returns of the previous
wvek. He reports lhat the authorities
are making every exertion possible to
restrain the plague, but wi hout the
slightest appearance of success. The
diseajei he asserts, has been discovered
to bear some striking analogy to small
pox, and many experiments in vaccina
tion are being made. Many of the
towns prohibit the driving in of beeves
for daughter, and require that they
shali be killed outside, and only the
meat brought to market. The whole
number of cases thus far reported for
England alone is 73.549, and of thij
number 55.-122 have either died or have
been killed.
Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 25. Frow
ley won the billiard match for the cham
pionship of the State, last tight, by
two points.
Washington, Jan. 25 General
Sherman will be here to-day. He was
summoned hither from St. Louis by
Gen. Grant, for consultation upon the
new army bill. '
Nkw- York, Jan. 25. The Board
of Admirals convened at the Navy De
partment in Washington, is for ihn pur
pose of examining into the merits
the promotion cf officers of the Navy
and Mr. rine corps who have been in j
acuon during the war. ;
Cairo. Ills., Jan. 22. The (i;h U.
S. Colored Cavalry, ot Gen. Brisb-ine's
command, under G mi. J. W. Wnde,
has been sent from Helena to Diivali's
Bluffs. There was n mutiny in this
regiment, as reported in the papers
the whole story wns a c inar i.
Gen. Brisbane has lp?n assigned to
command at Pine Bluffs.
The 1 2th Iowa has passed here en
route home; the regiment numbers about
500 men, under commaad of Li.'ut
Col. Nee.
Wheeling, Va., Jan. 23 The mu
nicipal election, yesterday, passed iff
quietly; the returns indicate ihe re-election
of Mayor Sweeney and ihe entire
Democratic ticket.
New York, Jan. 33. The Prussian
Government has given Lotion to the
Western Union Telegraph Company
lhat the steam propeller of their Pa
cific squadron will be placed at their
disposal, and requested instructijns in
regard to her destination. Col. Bulk
ley, chief of the expedition, ordered
her to report at Petropdatski, in May
Washington, Jan. 23. The Senate
has confirmed the following nomina
lions: Leonard Holmes, cf Wu.-f.ington
Territory, to be U. S. District-Attorney
for that Territory; George W. Cham
berlain, to be U. S. District-Attorney
for Colorado Territory; McD.iwel1, ot
TVnn., to be U.S. Marshal for th
Eastern District of Tennessee; Capt.
Tnornton A. Jenkins, U. S. N., to be
Chief of Bureau of Navigation; Sur
geon P. H. Howits. U. S. N., to be
Chief of Bureau of Medicine and Sur
gery, and John Bolles, of Mass.. to bp
Solicitor and Naval Judge Advocate
Washington, Jan. 23. Senator
Pomeroy introduced a till incorpora
ting the Colorado River and Utah
Transportation company, with a capi
tal of one hundred thousand dollars,
establishing a line of steamers on the
Colorado river to connect with ocean
steamers and an txpress and fn iht
line from Salt Lake. One section ot
the bill provides for improving the nav
igation of the Colorado river by dredg
ing and widening the channel, and
grants alternate sections of land on
each side of the river from the south
ern boundary of the U. S. to the head
of navigation. Another section em
powers the corporation to construe,
about -100 miles of wagon road to con
nect the head of navigation with Sail
Lake City and Prescott, the capital of
Arizona Territory.
The marriage of Mrs. Stephen A.
Douglas and Brevet Brig. Gen. Wil
liams took place this evening at niue
o'clock, at the residence of the bride.
The ceremony was performed by Rev.
Father Lynch, of the Catholic Church.
Information has been received here
that Richard H Coolidge, surgeon U.
S. A., died in Nonh Carolina, where
he has been on duly for some timer
The Senate will probably vote on
ihe passage of the freedmen'? bureau
bill to morrow, unless Mr. Sumner
concludes to make a speech. The sec
tion authorizing the President to set
aside three million acres of govern
ment bind for the use of the freedmen
gave rise to much discussion, but was
fiually agreed to by a vote of 3G to 7.
The section regarding negroes' titles
to the Sea Islands promises to produce
much debate to-morrow. Sumner de
sires to confirm them forever, and
Garret Davis wants to out the ne
groes. The Senate will probably sus
lain the bill as it stands.
The House is disposed to thoroughly
debate. The Reconstruction Commit-
! tee's proposed Constitutional amend
ment is not very likely to pass, requir
ing a two thirds vote.
The Senate Postoffice committee will
probably report the Postmaster-General's
bill requiring postage on newspa
pers to be prepaid from the office of
publication, but Senator Dixon, chair
man of the committee, will oppose it
when called upon for action in the Sen
ate. Trenton, N. J., Jam 23. Joint
resolutions in regard to the Constitu
tional amendment were discussed in
the Senate to-day and passed, by 30
yeas rind S nays.
The House passed a resolution di
recting 100 guns to be fired to-morrow.
in honor of the event.
New York, Jan. 23. The Com
mercial gives further particulars, re
garding the seizure of thj supposed
Chilian privateer. The vessel was
about leaving port to-day, when she
was seized by the U. S. Marshal, un
der orders from Judge Bats grafted
on representation by Spanish Consul.
She had no armament," but was well
manned and in proper condition to re
ceive full complement of warlike mate
rial. The vessel is the Meteor, which
wa3 built by Forbe3, in Bjston. for ihe
purpose of chasing and ca; luring, the
pirate Alabama. Sue is: a magnifiT.cni
ship. Her crew consists principally of
American seaman, and no doubt is en
tertained that she was going to sea to
receive an armament for Chilian ser-
New York, Jan. 25. Ttie mil of,
' rellicer, j iti'ly indicted with Gonz;i! s
j for the murder fjf Joe Garcia Olero,
I was closed yetfMlay in die BuoKlyn
j Court of oyer and terminer. The jury,
after an absence of one hour, returned
j and rendered a verdict of guiliy. The
j prisoner exhibited no emotion npon
this annout rMin nt being inad. Gon
zales and P llicer will Id h be arraign
ed fjr sentence at ten o'clock this fore
noon. Portland, Me, J.i:. 25 The
steamer Hibernian, from Liverpool ll,
via Londonderry 1 -J, h is arrived. The
Damascus, from Portlond, arrived out
on the 10:h. Tho Amencii, from New
York, arrived out oil the l2ih. Cotton
opened at a decline.
New York. Jan. 2G A coroner's
investigation of the circuuiMances m
lending the d-iath t f Martin Haley
resulted in a verdict that he came to'
his death, as alleged, from a pistol shot
iuttLted by Curw :n, seivi.d mate of ihe
steam-hip Mt'uhattuii, during a li,'ht on
board that vessel on Tuesday morning
among several of ih empl .yee. Th
evidence of several witnt-ssHs wrts ta- -ken.
after which, on the rendition of it
vvrdit by the jury iiadmg Curwiu guil
ty of fir ing thrt fatal sho-i. he was cum
mittt d to await the action of the Grand
New York., Jan. 25. A meeting of
ihe Shoemakers' Protective Association
took placo in this city last evening, at
which resolutions were adopted in favor
of repealing the tax on shoes, as it ,
falls on comparatively few persons, for
out of nearly 'J 000 workmen in thrs''
c ty it is said that only 320 pay the tax.
New York, Jan. 25. The Tri
bune's -Washington special says th
Republican of last evening records the
resignation of Capt. G. O. Fo.x, Assist.
aui Secretary of ihe Navy, to take ef- ,
feet on the l.-t of March next. It fur-
ther slates that he re-irrn to accept the 1
presidency of the new California steam-
ship coinpant', recently organized in
New Yt-rk, ui a salary of 15,000.
Ni.w York, Jan. 2-3. Detectives of
his city yesterday arrested Albert -Beach
and Wm. Golden, two young
men formerly in the employ of the
New York Erie R. It. Cjmpany, on
the charge cf having committed a suc
cession of robberies on the trains cf
that road amounting to over one ihous- .
aud dollars. A large amount of the
stolen property had been sold to citi
zens of Port Jervi, Orange Co. which
has been seized
and is now held for
Cincinnati, Jan.2G- The Tennes
see Senate yesterday toncurred in the
House amendment to the ne gro testi
mony bill.
A safe of a dry goods store at darks'
ville, Ohio, was robbed yesterday of
Specials in the morning papers re
cord numerous looses of life by murder
end accident on Friday last.
A man named Green was shot and
instantly killed at Grenada, Miss., by .
some unknown person. On the follow
ing night a man named Steele was shot
at the same place.
A man named Buchanan murdered
his wife al Indianapolis yesterday.
A difficulty I 'tween two prisoners in .
the Indianapolis jiil last night res!l( d
in the fatal stabbing of cni of the par- ;
ties. ;
A flat boat, containing two families, .
wh le descending White river recently,.:
struck a snag and sun!; nine persons
were lot.
A boat containing Mr. Pratt and
eight negroes, while crossing the Mis- :
sissippi at Fort Tickering cajsized; Mr.
Pratt and six negroes were drowned.
A train of cars were fired into at
Meridian, Miss., on the 7ih. Lieut.
Huntington was severely wounded. J '
Iu the Kentucky Legislature yester
day the Senate passed resolutions post :
poning the election of Uinted States
Senator, and extending the present .
session. The IIoue passed a resold- '
lion rejecting the amendment to' the
Federal Constitution, and declaring ihe
action already taken by the Legislature i
as final. ,
Washington'. Jan. House .
Mr. L'pon, frc:n committee on Elec
tions, reported that Mr. Coffroth has
on certificate, prima facie riht to a seat
from the 16th district of Pennsylvania.
Mr. Paine made a minority report
that Wm. II. Kocz has prima facie
right to a seat. Both reports provid-d .
for taking testimony, allowing sTx'.y
days for that purpose. '
Oa motion of Mr. Pike, the commit-
tee on Ways and Means was instructed
to inquire into the expjdi'jncy of reviv
ing the Act of 1700, which provides '
no drawbacks shall b allowed on arti- 1
cles exported into foreign nates iinme- ,
diately adjoining the United States. :
House agreed to take a vete on th r
Constitutional amendment reported .by
the committee on Reconstruction, orr 1
Tuesday next. Consideration of this
subject was then Tesumed
Harding, of Ky.. opposed the amend- .
ment, paying that the object was to coo- .
vert a'l ihe negroes into voters inorder
hat they might support the Republican -j
'icket. .f
EST'Subscrbe for the Hxkald.
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