Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, March 07, 1855, Image 4

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    tin fi
..... Ch,
, S.Cn
Lec Ni'l ion.
I I'l.d"! by coimuiitptiiMi r,y
0 9 r i 1 it 1 1 u r .1 1
Louis ,n oa
! 1 ' :
1 .
Id 1 :n
I ' 1 x f .
I I.
I liclioM; in small i'.ir
thorough cult i at ion. j
I Ltlietc that the oi I loves to ;
cat, as well as its owner, nmlj
O'.iyht, therefore to he nii n'ired. I
I ixiicte in lare corps, whicli
1'Mves the larul better thai they
iburnl it, making hoth the firiner
anil the iarni rich at once.
I lu'lieve in i;oini to the hot-1
torn of "thing's, an.1 therefore, in
the:) plowing, an 1 eno'isji of it.
nil the better if with a suhsoil
J1 low.
I believe
own a good
I believe
every former
that the host f
ol anv soil is a stunt ot nnlii-di-v.
, -
enterprise an 1 intelligence, With
t:ut this, lime And gvpsnm, hones
jmil green manure, marl and gua-
no, ne ot little use.
1 believe in good fences,
barns, good barn houses,
fctoek, good orchards, and children
enough to gather the fruit.
I believe in a clean kitchen, a
neat wife in it, a spinning piano, a
clean cupboard, a dairy and a clear
J disbelieve in farmers that will
not improve their farms, that grow j
poorer every year, starving cat
tle, larmers boys turned
clerks and merchants, and larmers' !
daughters unwilling to work; and
in all, farmers that are ashamed
of their vocation, or who drink
whiskey till the. honest men are
ashamed of them.
I will also add I believe in
supporting our County and State
Agricultural Societies.
1 believe in having a well fdled
8rie .Itural library.
Hollow Honx Disease. A
writer in the J3oston Cultivator
gives the following as the symp
toms of, and remedy for, the hol
low horn disease: ''The symptoms
are dropping of the head and cars
lying down, turning the head over
the back, towards the shoulders,
as if pain in the head. This 1
think is a spinal disease, alJ'ecting
the brains and horns. Cure
'ake a Lirge table spoonful of
phur, and lard sufficient, when
warm to make it soft, like past'1,
pour it on the top of the head at
the root of the horns; take a shov
el or flat piece of iron, heat it,
and hold it over the head so as to
heat the paste and warm the top
of the head, as much as the beast
will bear; repeat once in two or
three days, and bore the horns on
the under side, row or three in
ches from the head so as to let in
fresh air and let the putrid matter
ont, if any be collected. I have
never known this to fail, if taken
before to far gone. I have cured
one cow when the top of her head
was so full of matter that I open
ed a place above the ear, which
discharged more than half a pint.
This was in the summer; the ow
was fattened in the fall and killed;
the head was all right, excepting
a place at the routs of the horns,
about as Urge as a small spoon
Or, Kvtry'toii his own" J'iysinm
yilFs Fiftwiiith Edition, "with y '""i
Uiih Hundred til. 10 am. .
mow.r.K ii i ',i... mid in.iiioi iik-i
tiuiis ot the human nyMein in tv.-ar
Hlrijif and
fil-M ll.'l Hi,'
form, jo n huh a ad-led a t of f'.'inalo. being of the liiulu-al impor
tance to inariied pT i L nr Iho'eronti n.plaliug
warriape. by. WM. YOlWLi, M. I).
Let m father be a-lnuiad to preiL'iit ropy
of the Ksrupahiis to LU child, Jt may s i v .
him from an early grave. Let no young man
or wctiian enter n,t i the "-reut olduMl ioi. ol
married life without reading the I' .Ksi-u-Jialiii.
Let no one S iiti r from a ha'.'kin id cu.ih.
j,iii in the nie, restless ni-'.ti, imiuii.n i'd
infji and the whole train of ui sepl,t sei.snliorii.
and piven up by their i,ln siriau, he another mo
ment Without Cllli8li!ii,t (lie .1 irlipaliiiii.
Kavr the married, or ai o;.t lo be mar
ried, any iwpi-dim -lit, read th.s y iis'lul
botik, ii it hai been the meaua of savinir tl.ou
aainljof nnfoit male creat trtu lron l!n very
jaw "f tli-atli.
i (J'lT.Vij person Fending Twenty-Five (Vnli
Clitioif'ti in a loiter, will receive one copy !
til j work by B all, r live copies will he kent
for Out lioiUr.
Addrew, ( -pa id,) DR. WM. YOl-.
iNo. I'ri r-pim:e t'.net, I'hlU.
Iv2 '54 y
O T0VF3 for al by
a. U Jmy ' ilala, ot eier
IOliT i iloen .Me
'srimi, AKl) LATCHES. Jama' bea .
IV oualitv ot Mineral Kind j ami Lalcbe,
w-it UiU-t.iK, USSk.X fc
, as;, 21 '54.
V- eivi vr VTPD All kinds of skin wait -
nrice will he '
"Mr. Hint by flic r Ion
lliinv il, must tiihci bn
Dd, for whic1' the bix;"
u s i n f 5 5 directs);?
T 1 IT.
SA HI V c-i
! it. I K- ;.
in :i. ii i.'i. ..,!'. ;
'. Ib.ohs IIP. I Si. ill.
C 'ps, and cl (TV
thl It I'd S'.'.C of
a'.- :!.! 1!..).-tit M
I r..'r. s'r.
! i (.
IV. i;
.f r.i
:n-i 1 '
-1.1' li'.
es. 1 ll V
.1, I
,1 1 !
vil li. I :
and ('
r o
1 I - 1 V '
11. V
!i-i n
. I'.r.NM'.TT.
iw. II .'" i.l l. ivt . an.) S-.'i
ill I ; III .. .11 1!.' i!ll
-1 ".'. I.'W.I. Will pi IH
m- iii ( 'tm:r-y.
i.'V.'i'lli'i li
.UN I'd to nil p:
!.i his fill i'. mi-'
ltrc. t", l.I'.-i v'i.
iV.1. il I pi llllll.'-
Hill llHS'lli""' I'M' I'' !-;'! 1
,T 11 f I'l'olit;'' an. I l.viin
inn; Jl-I)
. .sTRr.F.T,
D,'-si i-ii 11 '
tii' ft in li
-ittii: I v all''
,.l Sr;
li.iv 11,
r.T if i '1 '"'l'1 1 V
.inu'1,'1, Mill"
. I..H.1
will 1
ii- i
I t
,.,r i.c iii i.f
:u -iv
W I:
I'rni 1
. Hi !,:
m tiii'
;-V. c;
i. M..1 . Cn
... I., ii .in. 1
in.j C. ri 1
r 1
,(," 1 ln-tm
M.iv :t 1, is
Wlf.I.IA M
AttnrTK-y .-.Ti l I'.ii.:1.-.
Inn a.
'.lor at 1..' iv , (
!c,U (to
1 .
r I slT.H5'.
AttiirnfV aii'l C'lnii'ilnr at Law
I.l': i.f Ia'-ci.-I ti-ci'!. ;on-.vit...l. I'
, i-li llir 1,'irtli
i a . an II 1 -If
Ml llii" l.
T.l.icliir Jmiii" DniM'ii'ii.
) TUT..
moiiI.I ,o-i'''-U'i!iv
I, who. I, Mill"
ni I v nra!i il in Hi :"
',: ill siT ifl's, in
. .. )l l i'i.i lis anil
I a f ill C.jiH-i- of
'' i, ,n u ,! i ' In' SI .
1'iitwif rni.ip'-tfil
ii.f ,.r;u 1 in' v I
Inn a, J 1 1 at In
. la'C. :
all of
,ii ti'i,.;.T? iiis 1 1
i , s ;, ro-nf In iiiiri
r. Il.iv'mi: a"':,
il l.'." t,n'-, in -i
li,.-r'il,il, fl'iti'-i
In r.-
nii'T i;i-li.:r.ll s ill i .si .1' 1 1 ' n. in Lli'f iinuni
t:!"ul. s,?.V.
ls W ',,, I
-2-J, IN
Mill? C".
iTouniT-rsT c.wi::
Wllol. I S M I. 1)1 A1.1H 111 Wood
and Cedar Ware. .No. 7", S-ci.ini :
Monroe IIoum', bl. J.ouis, Mo.
SliefTielil s'eel warehouse, iniiuher 13, Main
street, St. I.o'.iir.. "Maltapan Iron Cnnipauy.'
J'.os'oti, in ;v li t f.i c 1 1 1 1 ei s oi' marbiiii'sts tools, boll
cultin; and ilnlliiif; i.'ai'hiiies, latlie, A.c
Files, cit;e (noli, c.. c., inaiiuf.ii'i ttiel al
Wcntworth Works, hludlii l:. impo' ted I" order.
Jl. 1I AK1.V, I.I.I.,
apr 12-1y An: nt.
'ii i ."man, ii ) . 1 1 : il . & ..
Sncessors to Hei thold Hrot 1,- rs, w !
de:,.TS in (iroceiiis. Teas. Wines and l.i, pun-;
(.'on. mission and Forwarding Me;rlian!, 1'iH
.or'h Second slreet, St. I.oiiis, Mo.
CUAHH'9 Tit I.M VV, M. I'l' I.l. virii,
Fkko. Kozi i r, J a. Ami oi.j: Bi.iu iioi.u.
Ga'ey, Mi Ciine .V Co., I.ei iveen Merman
fren atrwti, on Main end Second ai.-:.
I.ouis Mo : Iviijdersof S:.- oil Fn::!!:, I'.
and inj' iiev-1 ipl ion of M.ll machinery.
an.' I '-''.in
Khellield fb el wai, "l:i Main, corner
of iMoiL'an street, Si. Louis. Steed of all inscription-
in store, or impor'cd to Older, o.i li e
t'AtJt.r.ii. U-iuii II. JIl.XKFWI-.i.L. Ac't.
j. v. ro.MsTr.cic co.,
Wholesile and retail dealer in JJoofp and
Shoe-i, of all kinds, .No. loi Mam ptreet. M.
I.oiiis, .M, uptl'.'-lv-
V. RANSOM ( ().
lnrers of Coee i H Tin and Sim ct
VAoi;K,s,iih a-t'u: per Pit." f.n
Sltaiu Fu'i.'o s and Di-ti! lern-s. lb eecbine and
Chimneys. Soiia I.Vih -ratoi s and 1 ouidanis, lire -w
ini; an I all kinds of Copper k t If, Well anu
( i.-tern Pumps and every other article in their
line of i ismess, tl.ey also luannfacl uie and
keep'y ,;i hand Hie SI. Louis piemiuin
Cooking SI'ives. suit able for Sfea m lioaf liol'ds,
Co!lt'fe cr other soiiular estjbllslimenls; made
ill a "ood ami woikmanlike inanner, and out of
Hhh1 ami substantial materia! ; ami of dilf. rent
i, i .,-. All kind of Tinware on hand, wholesale
ami retail. No. 'SSi Main street, south-east cor
ner of Cherry, lit. lOiiis.,M aprl '-im
"lux (; "j.ook i:"jroiV,
TlTKOf.LS A. CO. h ive jtist (eceiied oneof
the largest and be t -elect.-. ( st.le of
(. mjDS vi-r hi lore exbilnli d in the w-sl. A
nioi tin if iissoi tinenl may be found
DRV ;ooi)s,
A variety of clinhin of all sorts and,
hardware and cutleiy, di'U;;, medu in. s, f nni
tuie, bed.deads, lujra"fc, t.d.'i!-. cl ans, cook,
box and I ii ecian, pallor stm-, .A'.j in alio, I,
eierytbiic you may call for.
Pi irons need not be d. t.nnej when they come
to the cheap Hiintr, ua they are well l- ijiplinl
will nimble clerks on their first le', and al
Vav have sharp scissors and dull conscience. s
f-inisfraiitj will find it to their advantage In
call upon us before pun husiri el icA liei e.
(ilenwood. Aplll i'li, l'ljl. Illi.'l tf
N i: ii K A S K A .
in l i i ; A m r: i: n i : i; n k a i s nt . i a ;
JiL .ii-hii'.ika is a new and splendid boat,
manned by ex pel i.'nced ollict r.s an ) d ew.
iidlewpw C.ty, Tiebiaaka, is opposite St. Mary,
Ion a.
cominz to Nebraska hlioubl come directly to
This the front gutrway In tbe luint import'jnt
and i.ilcn .itinjr portion of Ncbi a-.ka. Lear i.i
liiilid that
are the livu hi il j.oiuU for tne tlo.i atioii to
JJcllcview Oily, July !.", Hs'j-1. nl-tf
lie at tiie
cheap t'a.-h store of
sn.r.xDin stock or new goods
Just iirrived. jur sHnmer DcLiwai i t
On Main htreet, St. Mai j.
C'i izt'is am! emir:.nis can now li nil a
full upj.!y f fresli firoonries, l'rovi.siinn,
Dry (irxi l and llanhvurr, wIulIiiIikv cud
buy i'licaji ror cash.
tVsioa' Cot- T:oncr, Urtue in
M. Mary,
lu a.
'i I'iM)
vim.pu 1 i
I '.l'K v,l
; I..,;
I s J
' I. i:.'.
'.My ;.i;.i l.:."a g.
,. 1 rv r.Ai.s
r.i i-inn ,r ; : : :
I... (.
imi a ! -I 11
liin 1 hi'-l
olituin tit.
,.., ;,l Mi,' '.r.v ', -!,-
In j-i.l :' I'.'l i-'-'-l i V "f ll.'' -J .1.1
;i,t., j,'; i , IMl' III I'll' '
t ipialiU . ii ' ii 11 ' l" "l i.l il " 1
t.l ! -il IIIH l'l
, 1 ill l i .11,1.', ill: ! ;I,'t
..lurk fii" v-:ir iv j "'1.
iiiip nf I'," fi 111. .1:1 I
III. Ik''
s, ,H. I
..... ..I :.l i
' '
""I1 '
,W,,,M: i
ill 'no. I
t" (IlKTI irs It V
,.;t w illi the 'inj
t'r. Ilmi ,' miv I,
rcil.iiti ''I u
ii,rf'i-.i -fill
MlllliliL' lii"
g".'.l'1V. I
Hit mi I 111 1 It h rnri'l i .m
tni' iii-
t :i I .1 ;
I to' :;'!
'1 -
t llllll Of 1 1 1 i 1 II ' 1 .Hi.."''''!'''!' .
Inn 1
. mi l a n- im - ' -1 1
tan I"' I'l.'.nii' ,l I'liom it.'l.iv.
iiOinv. ci.oni
T., "!,'
Mlil- i .
LTIll, l
Ul ii,' I. I.J
V.1', ,:l ..'
Im.t r (
', 'II.' .1:lv
hilling . Ii .:''''
mil tin' i.n'.
f". '', I.e.'
1 1' h'l I I.,,. I
:: I- i '
Of sii,!C,
to il,,' OI - i
ii t,. s
. H '
1- ,"
... ,,;,-l
!;', I-f
, 1,1. Hi'
r, 1 1 1 1 in :l!. -i
ri'vi-irv 1"
f ,
.11 I .1 II' -
in Iii .. r .in I . n
v I., a -'i-;i ri',:.
.I'l'.'l'l 'l..i!.K.
, ol scl I, m; an :
1 In' m ir- 1
lis. o -, , t ,,,!, r-
ill' s'll.'.'rt o. r- inr ii rt ii '.
ttirorv ii'ii iil i'
oil In ai iit an.t
W,- l.i i'! i" !':
tiniii In Hi' ir ('
,1 ,-iii,;rr tn be in !!
I i'"v nn -
ilerioi.k it with r. lurlniire, f-arin,' dial they j
could not im'se tlieir ( li.iiis !.'a ier and pre-i
ieri till' iinif',1 -initv i f i V imli.4 u-wi-
I,!,. f.,r l'oo.I iiiilli-u;.' Tin y li,ir s'li i del.
)l II ll.U.I I m: 1 I l:TII 1 K "'"' MIIlflVFIU". j
I V ion cp, and f.u bea ill "f fuii-ii. mnto'i'ii- .
tv n tin ilies, s'reiii'.lli and 'I v, we ret ei
!o ihe miili'i s freiieialiy in Hi" co inu v
atl'l e-i-
i.i i nillv In Hie'i and
I'vvnern in II. i-
""'I'ORTJIU.i: HU.ll.V M1LL.
Our at'.enti.i.i lot in rii ve.ii ha. iieeif di
rect ".! to oh'.am H,e h. -i pi m f.-r i-onitnietin:.'
thei Hulls. u , my e:i-e- til' V lire used I'V
in -.via
rieiu'eit 1 1. 1 ii 1 1 , a' , l.i-rei oi ', U'irani i ,i y
and mil plie.t V I cn
t.l be'lied. In t1
UT.I, I. We hel.eve
number e have o!d
tun.!, nor to our Wn
filit'dy to !b Mit'.sf..
Thev aie in ixle,,
inanv ot' thi',.1 in Ne
I I'll n: ' 1 1 s a l e know li
li-ll .iclinii was III'' ohlert
i s v t!i, nl; we li.ive sue
... .. .'. i-e in t.'.o L'.'ca'.
. II., . ' !i is l,,i' l.een o:.e l e
(oi !i ,1 ;.. failed lo p- Covin
ei out ot -e uoii Uu ui.
ni f U-" in t!ic We :t. and
vv Mekieoaiid ( I if'orii'a.
a UMiiV.s ! M l'i;; l-;0
; I MILL. H'e imiuul.'CiUK tline kinds,
to wil: i i,i iiiiiN hiiiis. to irr.nd by wei'.'li!
ot' the lunnerj t tin K ami i.k.'.iv ai i i.i., the
loei tone t run. and He i ' m. m i i i..
Patent ruenrd, cement:''! a. id machine !ri ti ll-
Cl LEJTIIKR .' I .T .y;.
This article is now made in the "icatoif pcr
fcciioi,, and beconiliu; ri'i ioiu I y used in the
iiiatiufact'iriii enti.ili .ii.iientp of the cuiut-v.
H e k,'i ;i mi band larked asu' ,nul in tin:
Wolerii couidry, of our own, and Fa-dun
inaioil'act uie.
i li tvi.m miiiur. it 1. 1 ii G tk s M
r A KIMi AMI Ml' II 111.11 IK, sC. We alf til'- only
a.r.":its of tin- Ho.-'on l.'ux, 'iy Hi l.'iH ci'.y f r
Ihe sale of tne-e ood.i.
Holing ;eii-Mi. mill "piii'llis. r,'i;ilat,iifr I
-cren '. daiii-al li on
mill pick-, rcu cn w
ib'U , C'l'eoie i p'a-tr
Ij no Pdil.i.t';)
' -st. I,..-, .. '. ,,, ir
p.iU'iil I, "In p
. lac
' Cll'i
I -. I
: iea- j
.V.C., V''
1S ,"l.
'ii I wi ajL ii
IF. Fe. if, -"V, f
li .
Pi n ii -1 1 . a i. 1 a , A pi , I -
!."st the Cl ,i- of h.ell a,
ply '.he public ll ill,
: be I e ' U.i I u a I a' ' l I'O, e i . ,,i; put .
i ly. K 'V,' A.'i'.S 'i
ii: a'.d o ly n.ow:
llie co-tain cine f,,r '.h
t! i 1. .n.ii ed c.inplii.t -i'.
1 o I ;.e p., 1 ro,,., e nl
Ti e abno i:,-1.."d
for Poind Co,; pi., ,
a.!, !': inly l-i r,r-
t us i,(e ' ,a. ; i 'o Al",
l el .a u!e leii.ed .e i. h . e
,-, , cn .,, ii II l,.,t be
:ia .1 l;ie im : i "..Id" rcm
l.'dl' Ml TI'll I"., me
lor i ii i . i v v i a i.f, fi
e F' uu and A" ", and
. '".Iii.'id , i:'. 1 1 rc uaiiuend
luealli.i 'e,j.
o'l i.k.-M . r, eMlnlll'-'lds
, I.WWAMi's CnM-
atid in i:i
for eirrv
ih.s way.
P.y oi.l
SYI(FP Of l.I.AClvhl.ilKY IIOUT,
d n. nil! faini.-li its OA n rein"ly lb it can be h!.jly tiea'ed ill
of the Trus'ees,
J'tll.V H. Id) WAN!). M. D.
Pre-iileiit of th. F nl i ei sily , and 11. , id of the
Piial lll.iceli' ial Dep. u lllienl.
Home Dispensary and (Jhce, .No. iH Arch
!., I'liilad-lphia. ' s, pt 'Jil, ly
I a :
I bv
NFs PAlii.M
Ml.riicF'F. lor s.,le
Js KMil.l.sll.
in In
( i:
, men
AM) CASH wanted in payment
1 i.f debt-. S ! I'V e l Ab.
I S piare by
i")Tim r H'-'
I V salebv
Ilia f i! 'I1'' bv
s. it i'Y k f. ".'. isir.
A.D ( i.iilt I s. for
PI lo 'I.'i f To ki:
h . t ii .a!i1y, tor
low. at
p .1. , , I. I . . . A I . , K . "l , , i . I .V t 'I,
;w.i:':, kittxfv v
' I AH ii (Hills.', ,be ,i
J. Co.. (he old Co i
havliu; based of Claikei.
mcil H I ii tt I'errv t 'l'ia-
der' Point. Potlawott.iin.c County, Iowa,
llai mg built a new and sahdanlial Itoit, is
now prepared to cross all wh) come. IVo'i'ii
iisiln.1; Neh.asha vvi.l one of the be.l
I'eri ;' on 1 he Flier. Tree, liv.e no Sieain
leirv Foal, but 1 have ,!imi.' arm powr,
ia bii h va ill pr of ,11 a boat U' ro,, the river at
this ii.irroA pond iviltioid any di'tieer or blow
up. p nek enoull to saiialy tbe fasti. .si (,f thii
fast ij;; and country
a A 1 1 s of 1 1 urn n.t ;
1 U'airun, t no hmses or entile,
I llorst- and bui'y,
Dorse and rider,
1 2.''.
1 In.
I ool in
t" cut y -five jicr cent added lo the above
rates (lurini: l.i-;li water,
srp 1.1. 'il ': DAM FL NORTOX.
j7iiNsoN LwsaijV.
Attorney at Law, and (ieniial Land A'entj
ri t v ol Council liiuifs, lona, iv.ll atu a i lo pro
V.'siona! b.i.doess I'l t'-elitll uud Till Judicial
Dibtricl ; al-o, to the pun biise, sale ami Iota
ion of 1-and Wiirraiiia. Particular al'enlion
paid to Ihe collec'.iou of cl linn, an,' Jl-iim
1) VV. I'KICJ',
Attorney at Lav., Council P'tuff City, Iowa
Heic'l tO Jt. M. HitjjiMll, St. Jon-ph, Mo., Jollll
Doliitihan. We, tun. Mo., .il'ldj 6s ilu'lie ,, MI.
Louis, Mo. J''azlL
Alfoiney and Cuiisellor at Law, eily cf
C' IRiitH, Fiwii. J3'?:"
U. TZSCilFliK,
Topographical Kii(,im cr, t-ud-i i hi profes
sional aeivices tjtue r.tueni of 8t. .M.u y and
.iciinly a Survejor and Knirn.eiT in all it va
fidim. Oficeio V. A. fc-i. j y'i atore, corner cf
r.nrrj mtit. au31-l
DH'I D FkLir"ralel,
6A.TY k rXfiMsJf,
1 ill 1.
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lUrM-e A'.i;c
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1 , .n .i-i 1 , .i.
I . i I i d. n. : .,!' I'ot
1. ,,.,. i, ., I';e med.i il I .i.' ili v to l e bijuU , ,,
cio IOU- III 1 l.e r, lle'l .' I ol ilv .1 , . 1 , i, I - .,,'! ' '
; .. r,i"' in n..,,
I'.IimmI, (i'mi.l-. In a l,i!i!
, .1... f,,.
o,i li e l.umr :. F i i , K id, i: i I
III I l I ill, II V I'tlUS. .".!'UI'U
V :o' ! ion , i n , 1,1 , ii j 1 li " iii lo pi '- I
, ('in
i run
..l,s i,,l me ,le-'eue,l. il i lio'V I
lined that IV.'t"!''- i
i , I'l-.-iml s
-.i i. ill a is I., st Mleina'nc nr I
11;,'.; ni.'-lli iue (Ol I, llfte-i 1,, Hie
1 I'll
;. .Id ,c. 1 1 is cl,. j rr, plea -a ,1 cr. an 1 i arreu-
lul t:..pc:.or t" an '"!.i.
j I'nl! sri:oFFI...
1 IV. I'-s'itI) s Iodine ;. ln S , 1 -i.i pa ' '
i "n'ii.'i"', I ., tii-'' l.i o! I'l'o-aciiius me.i
-.! p., '.i. be U-" I d one in-' "
!'.,il in Ii .j ever oi-iji.iid uiuu f.i' I I.f
i l'i,r S ui i i , Coils, I'ooli Tun),,
1 s,t, 'i ; I ' ec- s. ( 'anee t'.ul.i : . .
I'fu r .i n -. Meiriil i il Dls'is.....
on,,- t';i'.
ee ,.' lis
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svi'lrl ,c
''. :ii!,!i:i". bi'i nov. Frv -inela -. Teil.-i. S.dt
!;' uu- and all cntalieii.i .li.-e.iies. Ilr. li i-1. i- j '
i 1', 's I .dine ui' I S ir-apariila c rni'd be loo lo-'i- j
I v ivl illi' l. It semchr i out the n y root of I
,i.e d ,., '', il. -l.ovs the c nn. b , : 1 1 ifv i i . : : i
me uu, in a , ui u. ivnn l ui an iinpu n
Il o il "f the and bvreiion .n; the ( ause.
l ; 1 ' -- 1'ie i'iii,' "r'.lin and pi" ni n int.
IM)U;i".sri') nil IM SIT 1" ! A.
No in' , i-me, pel ba ;,s, 1, .si-', it been .liicov-
ei "d i ' ! i . c i i i;'i"i so in id. tone I,, 1 '." - (ouri ; h j
and "i.:i-es Ihe s..e,'n,u id l.-al'ltv t;,ii!ijc
jili.'e lo diL-'s' t II '.' I "i ,1 a - It'. F l- del 1 y't Iodine
and S.'i- '".irill.,. No oae Ii i.i Used ll f ir Midi
coinidaiiits ilboti! I .-:' n'.
Kill. I M I ISM.
l)r Fa-Vih ' . I. l. in- and s,.ie,i;ai ilia is used
ivitli t l.e ri aiesl suce .s in rlicuin i! ;c riunpbi in s
e-pi eialiv micli a arc cb i on ic. I: cures ,y ,i: i
Viiii; out all iinp n i'i"s and foul bunion wind,
have aci urn -la'ed in I be sy !!, wliich ai e tiie
caii-i" of li'i "iiin:, T;L j nut and sua 1 1 in i; of t Iip
ioi i.t s. 1 1 . !i-r rri ,i , i ie , uiei ,::ies f; . e i I empu
rarv if I o f ; I li,- e.d a ely ei adica'cs the iliseisi
f l oui t '.e ;, ' 'i i.
I'oR Minn 'it I. in, Viv'KiiM. Ii.s..vsi:.s,
Al I I ' MM. I II'.: Hl.o il', I.I.AM,
I. '.uu'', .loi i s .in li'.M.i.
Dr. Fast ill's Iodine and S n jp:ir!lli is the
besl ever Hull!.',). Tlu lil-dililic is
nlo-ied to tin- public i, o! nn icly ai a puiili: ! of
Hie ni.oon, but a' a powerful cradiratnr of llie
most iirulent poi I-, oecasioiied bv mcrruii il
and v.uieral taints, w hlch resist ihe actum of all
oilier reinedii'1. It will cure tiie worst kind of
mercurial diseases, no matter how deeply it
In. i v have enlen the f rame and ital ordain.
II will cure (he waul cases of serundaiy "V-
pl.ileA or ve'i.T.ii ,!ii ::s,u, mi niai'c-r lio'.v loi ;i
II inai have ei .te !, how bad. or how il. eptl
S' lteii in th'' Mnlem, il will,.' and e-
I 1 1n- 1 1 r us and re-lore the s', iii la n dull' el
pet f. el he.iltli a nd punt v. 1'itr Fleers in Ihe
moid h imuI tlnoal
j (j oil if l) t'jlliop ii
J i,e llouoi and .loi lu'i'i;
I. ni
a mcnl i.f I
I'ain- in
and .sure
'lo to
i Ihe '1 iuoal, iio.ii
ii-, il i i tbe only
.1 f soi, who h tic
i.j., f any
1 r in t 111-it blood, cither he
lit. ii y oi tbe re- ill .d impi mi-nee oiubl to pu- I
liil'v Jiei des'roy iiiii hi fo.e entiling tin-
I in ii i iac il, , a t.n-y May the: i by not onl y I
Ipr.-bct Ibe'us. ii i s ! y ,. in -1 ilu il,u(ei ; of imp.,- j
I. in l an i other n. -I'.u tune, b :1 s-i u i: lb" cr- j
i I 'in' '. i-f p i: ' and b 'illhy o'l'.,. riu ;. Il can i
j b h . p.-i , on-, of ..I.e.- sex, li ilu Ihe in" d
j p,-; f. e( s.V, ly. j
i I s A I.l. in -"HI ' lis i,- TH V Kl ll'. !' I" , 111 .WHO K j
and L'iun lev (no. vs-, 1 o:'v, t.a.i.L
am, I.i i i ii Com i' I. a i v r.
Dr F.a
Il's Fibre and Sa I s ; ea I , i 1 .1 M : l.e
I " ' ami o:ilv
tract ll
1,1 to lie
his p
Use .
I foil
In i
1 1 r,
iiij.-i iiJiiiil.
V, I.,.,:,
,n tin ii
, i I
, in cures.
: Ni.iivors Disr. asfs.
Ti" c.i n c mi ey an ii !"pi
of the immediate and almost iiiuacuious cnau is produced bv tue use of Dr. l.ealeily'
lodineand Su--i;. :, ; ill a, in Ihe diseased, dc.'uli
lat'-l and sliatleied ti i null sydeni. Whelhcr
broke don u by excess, weak by nature, o, impa
led by s.ckiu ss, Ihe iins'riitiir and relaxed oi-.i-in.i,
lion is at once icbrace.l. relived and built
up. lu case of .'"urjl,'ia, .V.uvous headache.
Loss of memory, (Jeneral Pro-ilration, .Nei vous
iipm, Vertigo, Pain in tbe .N'erveA of the I-'ace,
and the various tram of nervous all'. etions, u
will produce a cuie in an ualonisb.u;; short
lime. 'Fhe etTcct of thii iiiedicme istuj;ive per
manelit lelicf to the a.ili'erer, ami tu restore the
shattered and debilitated constitution to its ni is
tine health and vior.
TO Till: I. A DIPS.
I.adiiAof liale comidexion and roimumlive
habits, and such as are debilitated fiomany of
tbe oli.struclions incident to I'm sex, such a oti--li
ne' oui or pa inful menstrual Ion, Flour Albus
or n,0 s, l, rei n S.cklie ; also, eM-essiie lion
of tbe M. uses, li.i, ,,., .e., can he restored
by the use of tuo or Ihn-e hollies of Dr.
ai ly'ii Iodine and Sai-s.,pu, ilia, to hl.oiu anl
vitor. Ills Jar tne l.e-l rem, iy eier discoier-
1 lor weakly chitdien, and sin li as have had
bll'liors belns; plcaseut Ihei leaibl V take. it.
It i nun' diutely lesion- t!i a . stien'-'.h.
and color. .N'olhin can be mute huluiriaiu
Ibuti il-iiii ii.'oialiii etl'.-et on the huuiaii 1 1 .une.
pe sous all wcikiirsS and laiiiiide before taU
iiii Dr. Faslerlv'4 lo liu,.- and S..i Mipanlla, at
once become lobusl an ' full of eiieiV under
its influence. It immediately countu. actj the
ni vou.sue-i of Ihe female Lame.
Da. F. as rmi.Y's Ioiuni; aso S.aiu apa hi li. a Is
a I'l'mnt.K or the lii.ton.
Il ia h i y plea, cut lo ihe last, and I i more
coin'.":.! rat. d, riitiS5" ti onu'er, be!r ' and cheaper
than any o'ber in-dicine in ns". Pamd'es uho
iiave ii.-ci! tbu article Bie l.eier wiilmi; to be
a iibi, in it. Taken lu the c.uly stasis, il i.s a
vii e preventative of uluiost any specie of dis
ease. (. VAsk for Dr. I'.as'erlv's Iodine and Sar-sap-i
ii l.t and take notimi' i-b,e.
Price "jl p -r hotile, oraix bottles for )j i.
A libeial discount made to VAhoicsule pin-
tVJ'or sale at Dr. Faslerli's I iuolv Midi
cine .Morc,sonth-i -asl corncrof Thud and Chca
ii nt stnseLs, ht. Uiuis Mo. Also by I'. A. harpy,
St Mai y, loiva, and by dealeia in medicines eu-ii-eilly
in tiie West.
.i warranltd to cue AiTue ami Fever, Dumb
Asm-, CbilU and li vr,Tnlei milant and Ke
iintlant I Vvi is, and all the various fornu of Fe
vers Incident In the West II
'I'll i J popular remedy has now been before
the public two lean, and during that lime about
1 WtkTV-l'IK I IIO( A A N O liOll If
have been sold ami in no instance has it failed
to etf'uct a perminaiit cure ai far a heard f.oin,
or to Kiln entire sattsfactiou I'l the purchaAcr.
It is jrieiite.l (urure all cases, or Ihe money
will he refunded. Iei no man, woman or child
s'lller will) this ditii:.,iiii; disease, when a sure
remedy is ut hand.
Itaad the leslimony from John Miller k Co.
I.vansIii i. :, III,, (let, 2d, l4.
Dr. Faslei Ij S.r; We take pleasure in stat
ing that We have pun bused Ijli holtb sof your
Fever and Aui; Kdiir, and have ol l the same
to our .at. oiis, and that it has eitecle.l a perma
nent ciireiii i n-iy t ise. Vi'e hase sold nearly
all the various im diciiu for a'.'ue and f. ver, but
no. iv bus Jiven such tuuru sati.l'ai.'Uwii as your
Fever and Anue Killur. We believe it is the
best medicine now hii ne th put!.
HHSvtfuHyf J.A.n Fi!er . Co.
' d ill"
,e. .iT:i;
s' (II. 1
.. I .'.:
I1. . ( ' :i
. I ;
,l,,o ii
K 1
;.! -
i 111
,, n'li
I i.
.1 li
, '.I l .-: .
.1 j .. I i
.1m. I
' -M ! I 1 1 ...
I Ill - '
1 I
.1 t,.i
. I'1
1 I.
'-I ,1,,
: '.'. . ' ! 1 1 IV .1:
'.. II. A-k I
II. r. l.inl t.;,
, I ' . I ,!.-.
I1. ire SI 1"
;i ..'.-I.i
.1 .h
: l', I :!.
; o l are s i't .
iiol.-aleil.' il, rc.
.:(! , for fi ,.
-. and
Ii to -A
sis b,
ni ' i
p . i:..-
Family Meduiie
I ClifUtut ilreetfl St.
... in r ,.f Tiiii-.l
al--. bv I'. A.
til lue.l ,.' I I" s
S,.rpv. i't. Mill', and by
', ni ' a 1 1 V in I be we -I.
S : hlllK. S V HI I'.
I'.i's S a plee-eiil, vale a'
Dyi nt.iiy. I i n i ' or-ii .
S"tn:'u r coinnlaiiit, I
liei-lu :l I 1-llK'l y f:,
idi'r.i.Cliob'r Motbu
lic (ii ip.nir. I'iiii".
V iml in t he S'oui.iel
Frci I imr and ' r y 1 1 : r
r,'L',ilarics ..I I he bo-. a
1 1 is o.h' of I h'' ni', I
': ( pi p ii a'io'i eve v
and Ilowels. Ciauip.
if ii, funis, nnd for hll ir-
I li'.cietil, plelei1. rill !
bl e I to the public
I tbe 1 1 l,i..l ai of t,,e v.ll i
I S', .i.i. n-li and 11. ,ii els at
l;ellel,tA Ol till
"i I be on 1 1 :, rl irle v. o 1 h I
loi cm ito; I 'bolei a
aint, and all the di ran
"iii leelbiii.
. hica Si rup is willioiit ev
st valuable r.uniy M -di-llui of I aui il ;ei oi
in SI. Finns bai e u I il
, of the b Ciinlldenee
, 1 urn on ! i ::uii' r Coin',
, ..f lb" lio.i -Is f
1 1:-, l.i.-' ill's Dial
C. pi ;,..i en'' "i I il'' no
' . - 1 I I iii .c.,v .'-red.
,- P -I f-pei tab-Id V II
id b".l !!,e sfl olu;.' -t t
lb ice 0", Cl I N I'.'l- bid
1 liin,, ly in lit favor,
I'm s. b al Di. F.
me. corner of Tiii
leily's r.llllilv M dicim
I ami ('l,eut s,,.i S;.
mis. also bv P. A. Sirpv, and by dealcit in
llil'dl, ilies eeuerally ill the went.
1)!,. F AS i KK'.Y'S l'!!Min (,l'..
The (i, eat R-mi'dv for F.Xtiellili Wot fns f ii'ln
The iiin-t safe, pleasi ,,, and cijectua! in" li' ine
known for t b" remoi nl of worms form clul I
ren is Dr. F.i'lerlv 'K ei inifue-c.
Patent, and L'uardians ba.iu the rlnri-e of
' liildr.'n, should VAaicli carefully the symptuiris
of n oi ins in tbiur cbirdrcn, and :iowi as nyiup
1 1 inn indicile tlieir pr. seiiee. tbev shoul I at once
resort to Ho.' ii'-e of Dr. F.asVi iy'si Vermifuse.
Mine children die limn Worini than all ollnu
d.sf a-es. and a luore miserable object can .scar
cely be imagined tbau a child fi'iU'erin nndei
the i... .1 in try y mj't oih of wot in s. Parents, mark
this: Will vol not blame yn-irselvi-. if voui
ibdillfll die, thai yo'l'lld Hot i-e )r. liast'i ! 's
e i m,fu,.'e in I inn, y This Vei mil', ;; w,ll re
tir'oi' (ii: y species of ll ol ins f ioni the'ystem
in P'X or ei'iit hours afler laken.
Pro e '.'.'ceiils perbotlle.
I'" a' lh'. Fas'.'Uli'i Pnmilv Medicine
Stoic, soulli-east col nor of Third and Chesnul
A'.rrels, St. Louis, alio by P. A S.i.pv.S . M irv
a.udiiy ibnilen in Inedirine j;enerall in the west.
lilt. FAST!".HI.VS PAI F.n. U.K.
For the cure of l!i-,ise, Spmius, WouiuF.
I'ouih cbe. Colic, ('inmpi or Sp-c mi, Cho
lera, Dysentery, Kin urnatism. Pains in Ihe
Slomii'-ti ami HowiD. nnd wherever there i
I'ain. it ii h speedy and certain cure.
'I'll i a Medicine has more con fi ol o cr all pains
IbananV oilier ever invn'e I. It is loej both
Internally and F.Alernallv. and i' Ariothiii''; rf-fecl-
are insanity fell by fh'" Aiilli-rir,
in; the inoit evci utialmi; pains in a few minu
tes. ha Pais Kim iii.
.No humane Calmly or pbymciaii should he
ivl'buat it. It hai I ecu u-.d l y thousand of Ihe
nm! iniellii;ent arid reipe rtahle fainihes in SI.
Lou s, rind ail protiouuee it tbe Ino't ;,i idv and
J .iiectu il Cmative tbev have i o r
U' I 'aim K i im H
is hei oud all doubt the most rerhnu rciur dy cvn
disc ivi red lor Pan. a in t be,ei,. uf:. i;;
the S de, lb ta'. Hack and Limln. It i also an
it, lull. bp- ri ue ly lor Colic, 1 ),.-,, rb-i a. Cboier.i
M h is. Paii.lei 's Colic, Wind in Ihe S! munch
, , ,,.:,, D,."p'n,l.l, S lie Til.', lie.,-
,t, ,e. c.
( C A ! "!'IO TO FI! F prilLK".
1 l!i iv i nr o- Imitation ash Cu'm mih:ih.
n'v ',''
. I re .1 Pain h ,1b I" IA pre.
iiely I. v Dr. eilv, tbe sole
'I il'.-el'iee co.llilel lei! s and illlda-
I .Oil I
i 5. 1 !.. 1 1 . I l:e'i-lore lie sure to a"). To.- Ilr.
eily's Pain Killer, and lake no oil, er, and
you arc sale.
Price 2i en!s per hot'l, ; fiv bollle" for Si I.
For sale at Dr.'s K.unily M dicine
S'oi.', sou'ih-ejsl corner of Toil, I and Che-urn;
fcsl r
eels, SI. Louis, also by P. A. Saipy SI. M irv
and liy dealeis in nu'iucine generally in tbe iveil.
J 'J..i VJ ... '- .. :i KJ e' a i. .....
I'or the cure of Cousin, Colds. Astham, Cori
numption, Jii iiucbitis, Spil tine; of blond, pain
in Ihe Hide and Hicast, Pleurisy, Whooping
Coneli, and all diAeasea of tue Fuiijta and
Aiming all the celebrated remedies for Disea
si s of the LiiNoa and Ciikat, none serin to be
meet i nt; with such miccia uml to give such en
tire falisf action to all, as
'Ibis valuable remedy ia purely veei-Ublc in
il.s ineredients, and perfectly haimleis in all its
(uiiiities, and as mild and pleasent as the most
delicate cordial. It in very ioothin and hi al
ii, i to the Luiies, and is every there acknowl
edged by Di"u.u.'is!s, PbysicHiis, and all who
have used it to he the most FITei'tual Cm ..tile
No dlsci'wt incident to our climate into mil
vcisal, and at Ihe same time so, us Pul
inon.iiy (,'oiisiimptioii. 'Fins awful nu.ladv
stteejis over the land a a Destroying Anef,
lai n low the sti oiliest and laiiesl of our lace,
Million of the yoiin and the old ate annually
bun ,i I to llie tomb i,y tbia dteadful liatioiial
di -ease.
Co s s' m ei 1 1 K Hi.aim'R ! Ih-ware of mere
palliative medicines, 'i he object of neai ly all
tiie Im diciiies Ho olisic I for Uiseans of the
Fun-s, is to relieve and not to fine. Such is
not ti.e c .e Willi lr. t eller's Co inh lialeam.
In colli, and coutbs, ill, nil ure the Inst syinp.
loins of Cdiisuiu, tn. u, it is the mo-l pleusent
and I'lbcac.o :t leinedy tiiat can posnlny be used.
In confirmed ronsui.'ipl ion il has hern nxd wilh
pei feet nd li iumph.i!il sucieis, when theunist
eiiiiiiiut pb)siclans Ial ffiveu up all hope j,
lain. So coi.ii. l.-ni u the j.iopi idor of lis pow
er to cure Tubei cm uus Cons impi ion, that li
soln lU a tiial ill the lloi-d of c.isi s.
TUi f. isditf'il symplom nf coiuumption is
siieiilily checked and lueveiited by lbs use of
Dr. ('alter1 ( oub I', which heals the
all (led membrane, ri -motes the incipient tuber-
den, and re-stores those vital oiirams, the luiij;,
lo a sound und ne., tiny condition.
Spilliin; of iiloo I al way aiiset from a ten.
cleney to tuberculous disease, and if not checked
al the oiiln-t, will sooner or latur lei iniualo in
dratli. Apei soii tt ho raises blood once tt ill
raise ui noil aain unless a proper curative is i,a-
lui ,uan ly n i.i teal.
I'AIN IX tiii; SIDF,
This ills res, :i, si m pi oui of consijinptioii a
rises f rom iiillaiiiulvuii of IbelunA or irieinbi ane
called the pleura, or from bronchial selections
cf the air passages. In either rase it is a very
dai.i.'i-roii.i indication of diseasi. It prevent
full and free hi eatbin)?, and wear away the
ftat'iial s'len'tli of tiie avlenj. i he cause of
this symptom should bj removed at dice, and
uothfiist eau possibly e,reM that object so speed,
ilv and haiipily Is Dr. Cartel ' C'oiu;li BaUam
which is ui A iy salu arid salutary m iU eiloi Is
on the const d nl mn.
Ill cases i.f C'ili.impl!ull the l.iver ia always
if: i.i. or less allei'led, diid al oi the spleen, pleura
ami small '1 he elb ct of Dr. Car'er'l
Conuoi balsam in disease of ihe l.iver, espec.
ially if it be of an nlceroiu ire, is direct and
powwf il. Mni4 disease of rt.e Liver
In' l.ari .li y " 1 in. . ceil (li -.vic)
If III . I il. III -I Iiih nl.itll
"f h..!ii.
! 1 Hi '-I'l'iiiv rvt,- Uv t
1. r.i .... 1 . 1. it
.- i,r jri ,
him 1 r.i-.iiM. il v. ill in . ini.i.i.... '
I;,. l.i
'. - n'.';,
H' r.j,', .(l
. I.f .1.'
1 ! 11... .!
I 'I I'll" IV
11 111.J tithn 1.
"I rnimti'iit
i fJlt"
i;i:m( hi ris.
J . ( ; . -1 r v i-f lilflMiil,
' n- i'lir ii 11. i-1, ',i
1! I fn n !i. ,ln,i,f t!. airVl'JT
!',;.! (. Id.. 1,. --,..,:.'',
l i Id
1 . . 1, 11 -
1 '
f P.. C
i ('
1 .in i
pan.' i! , vi c.i i in1; i. : I u iuri.,,i
.ibnivdii,, a toweriul I, 'tele, i
"1: 'i.ui, t.
to ll,M:,
ot', mi tbu I.u'u;i and lh
't :
i. 1V ii.'t'ir. (lit W(,rf
'use. Jl,. wuniKj
ioiiim oi on uion.u -, unease. wami
liiu", ve ai'liaW, and A-midoyr lb.. ,ai.,..
i uu- I)
il lo
. '-.Ml,,
F.vucctoratioii is the m,,.; important oi
be obtained in all iittetnpti t rMr. i .
Hie, of tbe cbe-t ni IiitH.-A. f h rouph win't,
.- -o ilistfeAAiii-r is .uiiiily tir r-Ault of aa(Hlft
!.i evpecto. ale:, ami an lout; 8, lnaPrM .
in Hie an p,iA-,,"e, it w.ll continuoto irriUt.
the inembraueiind pievukea coiiKh. Consu
ls mi attempt In I'iiuw od lhij matter, and
lie:l.ii'iiniiii',,,.,'p,...,l ...l.D I 1. : i : . .
- s ll"rl. I1ISIIII V 10 M
'oi :i!e in t be
lag of co;ijuinp',iV
lie cause of lb
ij u. i an i i.i:scor.;ir h.m.sam, I
.-sue I'l.'ii cApiciorain. It .IhaoIvm Ui A4
bid and matter in F-e inr iMan, tiu
L-,'. it from n t!,irk irlut no i s ibA'ancp U i
linn haimlc.,1 fluid, and tbroiu it oir Willi
ji , alesl pos.ible ease to tnc a! letit. Tiler i
: o heller medu itie in the world if ill ei,t'..
taut ' aloue he coiisidrreil.
For sunn;,' hi sp.iiiiui.lic asthma thfrtitit
be'b r remedy than Dr. Carter's C.mirh Ihlita
TIiia di d re-sin ; ,; .ease bicli risti nlm
en- ylhiio; el .e, yobls tithe all powerful i.
d u-iiee ,,f j', ,,;r, -t rem.'y ai ai tat
in her form of pectoral discair,
liM'ibl he minrd;.,! ,..!!. 1 I- I. .-I..,, n L
' - T .... ii ... Lunu , A-UUrs
Hal sain, to he ne, in (he early nlai;eii of Cough i
Colds, Siiitinu; of Jllood. Pain in the Side tuj
('bed, Pronibiti-i, D.liicnlly of llrf jthinfj,
.Will Sivei.ts, Asihina, Int1iien?.a, Whoopinj
I'on.'h, and sci eie ( iiiup, ami thereby counter,
act the cmi'.iiiiipti ve li mbuicy which ll produ
ced by our eier ch innii.i; rliiiutc.
P, ice Ti i t! hot lb-a, ecu is per ho! lie; lirr
boitles. ifcl per bollle, or six boll les, for $.'.
For i,.iie id Dr. Fa, lei -yu Paimly Medtt'lM
lo.e, sou'li-easl come.- of Third anil l'herw'.
slice's. Si. Louis, aUo by P. A. Sarpy, St
Mary, mid by dealers in medicines jp-nerilly
in the West. .,r 12.jf
?'t ' - -T'av7
-;.. - . I. L ..... . J. . K ,r J ......fc.. it l' g
For th" cure ij1 l.iver Comi.lairn, Dysp'p.ii,
J niiidiee, hi I i,,uin aa, lisj of Ai'petdt.
Hiadache, Habitual Co'.tivenets, 0nii!
Deb. lily, .ervou.iii A, and all iliseasef aril rioiu a disordered Filer, cr Ditestion !l
These lliliers piiwess lemai kable invir;oratir
Streiicfhcnin; and Kestoi ativr properties, wind
Uive lone und vior to the Digcative Orrani, aai
m ihe tin rn invaluable fo
Ln i n Co'.ii i.AiNT, jA$N!;r t, DvtPtriu,
And all other disease-i r aused from a derange,)
slate of the stomach, bowels, and liver whici
tend to debilitate ni weaken thenyitem.
PH. lll'M'K.H'StiKH M A N li 1 I I K.R3
Cannot l l.j highly recominen led to prrieai
sullct im; with a disordered LIVFItor Imliei
tiou. Loss of Appetite, NervoiU liri'ti
Me idache. ll iltitual CosiivenesA, (Jenrral Dtai.
liii. and a varie'y of Complainti which it u
iiiit,osihle todesciihe.
If there are nullerers in SI
advised totrytliee Fitters.
Louit, they art
Pi ui e .'itjc. per bo, tie, ursix ho'tlet for $2 5.
Fjrualeal Dr. Faslerly's family Medieiw
Stor", c.i, i..-r ui I'bird ami Chesnul alreelt, SI.
I.ouii,, Mo. Also by P. A. Sarpy St. Mart,
and by drains in medicines generally in ikt
West. api
.fi ,
A r if.- an 1 err i riu cure for (.onori (ioa, (i!l
Slri.-i ..a s. Seminal VVctil.iies.s, and all tiittsxl
of Ihe ( iru Val ( ljj.'nli..
This popular nnd spec -ihe remedy il now ef
Ored to tlm iiillicteil nmi warretdeil lo cure all
c '.se.sof (iniKi.diii ,i, (,'leei, Slrictoiei, Seianal
Wc.ikne-A. and all do ea'es of I he Cen.tsl Oijanl
in a fen ilaj s. This infalliuble remrdy liu
sat, d iliou, i nds ' oon thousands from ii Landi
of Merrill ai 4 lacks, if i.ol f i out a prematiir
ciave. Li case, of iiiferiioii, Dr. llaker' Spe
cuie is (be only safe and sure remedy. It ilieiy
iir.-eal le to Ihe tasie, cir all"! no preteptabU
dor, and may be tisul by persons of either MX
ti ith cm ire secrecy without repaid to dirt, hit
drauee fiom b i mess or "leiilcal Adiiser, al
plain directions' for use accompany the inedicint
Header have you a private disease? Do not tie-'-lac!
it. De'lay is ilni.ireroiii. Willi Dr. !)
kers Spccibi: you can cure youiself, and thai
pii'icnt all evposure. This Medicine wi I ipred
ll V and effectually cure the most viriil ;nt cae
of Secret Diseases, and eradicate every particle
of infectious matter from thesvstem, and restore
I be patient to a pei tect state of health and punty.
i rice, isi ;m ner liotlle.
For sale at Dr. Fasterlv' Tamily Mediein
Store, aouth-tast corner of Third ami Chesnut
trtct, St. Umis, Mo. Also by V. A. harpy,
St. M.iry, Iowa, ami by dealer
penerallv in Ihe West.
iii median
epr l.djr
nil !'. ... .. t 1 1 . . TI ri -
lU. M A. J r- --. I .S? " UIM- i. V li
A valuable icinedv for suppressimi of the Men
e, Whiles, pjtnful M.-nsiruation, Impo'en
ry or I'arrcniieu, Sallow Coinplcxion, lleaJ.
ai he. Dizziness, Weakness of the nerve, ni
all .iiM-asel il hu h arise f roiu a deiai.Kmil
i-f the f uiictioiiA of nature,
'I he inoi, peifrrt, safe and infalliahle retnedv
for ti c cure of all those disease of femat,ai
..T.n.f d om ii ea Ui.cs or liability and ohstructiui
in hc stxual oruiif, such as irregular "r snp-pu-ssrd
of tbe Menses, Fluor Albuj or Whitri
I'iiI I in -x of the Womb, Headache, Frightful
D.i am.A kCji aii-jed by Colds, checked J-erspil-tioiis,
excesses, oier-i i lieiiiiul, tic, i
Si'iei-I ladies lu Ihe city who hai sulfercd
for many year with the above complaints, an
haie employed our most eminent physician
Without success, hate used Dr. Hooer' '
i.iiiU Cordial, aud bate beeu siiee.lily ard per
maiicntty cured by its use. il there are uiier
eii in Si. I.ouis, tiuy can rely upon Di, lIoo j
er's Fema lioidia! as a afe, pleasent and
lectual leiiifily.
Price 1 per bottle, or six bottle for
l ot sale alDr. Fai liyly'i Family Medicin
Stoie, comer of 'J'hiid and Cbes iut atrccta, W.
Iiuis, Mu. Also by i. A. Sarpy, (St. Mar?,
and by dealeil in medicines generally in tut
West. pr 12-1 '
Dr. Cook'i Magic Hair Oil.
For the preservatioD, beauty, growtb, n4
restoration of the Hair.
It has loin; breu the desire of person treuble
with stilt, harsh, unruly l.air, to procure to ar
ticle which would at once render (ho hair soft
lively and beautiful. Tbe most perfect
ailiuiiable article ever discovered for that pur
po-eis Dr. Cook's Mapc Hair Oil.
This Oi! penetrates ue minutest pore, fif
ing the dry and withering bulb new life and
vii;oi,opeiiiii thecapillai iea, aofteni, preserve
hcaalilit s and it-eiiihcns the, id tuo(
from falling ol!', removes the dandriiil, and tufM
raiti'i .t hair into that which i smooth, gb
and wavy. It ii admitted by all lo be th t"'
est invention of Ihe aire for' beautify inj tn klr
and rendering it permanent.
I aupeib in t,cle, and ltouhi be foun o
toilet of every lady who value the (f,lof
bea itiful api.'arance of tiit fluwinj; XUI1
and fhe tt itching cui I." (
Pile. ii) cents pet bottle. ; J 1
For sale at Dr. Kaj'erly' Family Medieia
-Store, coiner cf Third and Cheanut itieet
Louisb, Mo. Also by P. A. irpy, SI, id'
nd by dealer in meAAinnet rralty
We.f. pry "