Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, September 13, 1854, Image 3

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, 5
i'.,r inn.i ifitn. i
sr. mauy I'onti.M WMJS-cr.ors, &-..
TiMio ti's Vim', Sept. 12, .")!.
H(n. I'.i'i i on : I have l-ilily thr
i:it i Tif.-.i i-m of viviiin;: ll''' u'ie;
(r St. Mary, previous tu w lib-h, 1 had -up-poM-d
In in hearsay, llial t!.; Krr:i1 iiiot'i;hl mn blighted v-v:"' i'io:i In v.iri "M
pail nf country, li nl sMm'fil tin- ituisV prowl Ii of this pi oiiiisin;' p'nr''. lm'
1 .1 iiSOtl to SIM- il WM b' plt:',IU.g tl
lrac i'il eunsiih-rnlily simc
F.vtrar! ..f .i letter di'cd l'i ' --W ii :;ti, .latni
ry I .Mb, 1 "-': 'T will v that y''ir;:
l.lnlir-ent is Ib-hi ' ' I-
have n" ' n 1,1 ,,,v
enl t ever
,.cvn r . nlotig tin
f,,r Mn il f i t . 1 i .
1 used it :t f'".v "'cV
I,,"!, I wis jvrr.Tily rr..-.k.-l. ami f.y Lark i
romldoto loltute. fp.HI the t "! WO'lbl
rail (-i-:l."!'Hiio condition
Was 111
fiprnut up I'll'
the late n
fri-shitt" sli'iw t rs .
As this western eliinVr aid soil stout
vny favorable t" the t-rowih "'' ' !""!
vilh.'gfH wlirtl ill' ' 'I'd ate pl.tll't'd in ihe
vghr p'ac::, and i.s S'. Mry m)ii:s In 1"'
.,i,l m ii vrrj t-'igihle site, nt sumo tbx-(.-ire
from l ivtd towns, near Sarpy's ovand
I'cvrv mi the MisMUiii l is T, ;unl oil a
table in ill'' midst of tin' Folium Lands
tin- richest soil in the woi lil, i's
o rcM-ion to liojm for ' isMcs"' ilnlurn
i.ol ''built in tin; rir."
J'nit a sm.'ill )oriion of lliH ii!i llollom
Ini'l i liml'T a stjitu of ciiliiv.itioii, mil
tin- io.lui'cmi'iits pre so niiji ii iiiliii'il to ciil
livatr tin' s.. mo, tin' liivuviiiil Jiriii l i
.v!. wV. noli Ik w in MibiiiisioM lo tin'
b,,i-!-woilJii j.i..ii'-r's .bv, aii'''
jrijisnf win at, rj, roril, n-iN. fv'i.. ol
j.'i,;i,t rowlli, xvi'l ' i ) -v to (iii'l a in i U ft .
i.m! . Iar-rl..s of l ii-li I'.u I U'ld will have
lobe kiiili''! with tin' iK'i'fss.nii's ami
luxuries of life, which lli.y uii"ot ro
tl lie e lliniui 1 vet.
Then it will be s c:i that S'. Miry i'"l
'tilher bottom lain! tow us were not built in
vain. Their inrrehyiits will traib; willi
the ii best, farmer in tin; country, an.l
iho merry hum of uiechaiiii'S tools, will
niiitf tin; well-iai.l t-on of iniluttry,
from uioniiiir till i,i;;ht. Then, ye
pioneers, who have fiju'tit your capital Mi l
time in lay in cut 'hese towns, will he
rejiai.l for your energy, ami about the
time your tup o!' pro-pei by I ri n s to
tieilk.w, your ihiMiui uillbe liaily to
of t!f n 1 ,
t - . , ,i ...ii 'ij : i i in
'III il 1 '" -'
, p.,xe i...ieiate r I f' aiiiliii til- l""l.i) I
ro'iM lifinl I1'1 a 1 rr''' '' "i"! with
),lli .:iin. Tl"" ni"'.li'-il i.r.if.ii.1.. yo'i
know, h:n" r .!! 1 :i ) "i. !! to l'i-' Ilia 1) of
k tioiIm-i, lint fiol'l a li'iort I'-'L'e el Ilir ll,,'li-.-ii.
nts ill' t'ie M i .!;ihl' l.i'iieif 'it. I Wo itil"
lio bf! i! ion ill iivnnum 1 1 1 ' i : 1 lT it, ' 1 1 1 I iT il
irinr ly t'r.-!ife pain i iiiilit ;-t''.l. I Ii.tvw n-
cnTiiitii.iili'. it in tl li'ilnl'iT of r ill lay ewn
pi arliri-, iiinl a a I ean li ni-ii il lias aelril
vt . i r 1 ri li'i itv aiiM eerl.iiiitv in my "
nj,ii. tint il mat- l.c iit.I for ami
ilii-.e ;nviv paia, Ihtiu. -r it r an.l tliat i"
urn i' aiiinii .''ti' V mi well for your everfioiis
'D ainali'.e il ri-n.fiiy lirl'mf 1!
puMo-. Truly yo'i's,
(ii.n. ii. ki;yh:h, ri.
H'Ui'rtr,' iiir-nt ill aunflirr rnliiinn.
Dr. Easterly's Amcrlcnn Oil Liniment.
Wit vain T.iioii"t. rnmli'.iir llm in-nt
r,V,,.a,-i,,,H intirl.'i l.n ov. a for all the vanuu.i
f..rm of ib-i-an-r'''iiiiiiS nu f t ii)'l ';-1 ie-;-
tom. tl'i" of ll" aruvr in.rrr
iith ifi' AN Dil (or I' w
iniiviT-ulIv kaowil In pa.ii'is rave
ai' t Cv ii ai iv 1. l'H'irt m 1 1 .s.
riiaili'.ni'il with otlii-r talnatil
f known ninl -l.i!.lMi'"lt Hi
-orr a T 1 I
ii k with on.
This bot'om
(l',ou''hl ol the
iiro eil so tlesi 1 in .ive
l lit
1 t:,rm:vli all the h '';
so; is i 1, ( w well
in ai 1. us p'.rts ol
thel'.S.) has mis'. illie. 1 looiit ill e sn lu-
tieiit to liouii"!! an rm.Miious erop .l
eorn in fact, a pi eat yieM of eveiythinp
uulrsi il be poiaiors. Tiu'i e. i. a n
toinph int about the putatoe crop l iilim:,
Mila.uh at part of T. a h r's lVmt
ni. l-uam('.l 'T'ro- Town," I h.tvu eaten
. . . . 1 .1 . ..11
iotato s ol 11. ix M'er Will llial. womo
en cpii ure's mouth she.l tears o
So .e firm.'ii ;. y their
WOII Li he HO lolljr-faeiVt S'ril lrS
js.lrtloc cn.p if the nee4 b.vl l:"n plant-t-tl
tleep nitinph. The us me Well
H'e. i:h everv ll.ilirf lb.t i" lta-L
mmit lliem el.nt; in wttiW tiht lee!
ll.ixir lo aril so too. h bai.l .-;aii:t the
1 liL-ib'.li'N of St. M 11 as a low 11 siie, J
tliooylit it a il l's to -iie my iiu j.resioiis
til il while oil a visit iiiere, in the fnieo-
iv. A.C.
a t) is
1 1 c A 1 I so
Il K ( III . H il'''l
n no'ilial agents
ary. fin ia' a xil'e
nr.. I mm rean'.ly for Kheainat isni. l.nosr,
- .... S.ll
Cuts. VdiiimN. It'tni". M'H'i", "i"
fl.Tis. Si al.l IIimiI. i'-n.T, iuu-
Wo: m, r.ryi;.. t is, Cai.nrs, S'iil .too, In
Cak.-.l IIiimsIs, Paralyse. C'ontraeted 'I'.Tvh.'i"
nr, .V'-., ami 0U1 for Strains, Spavin.
Si-ratilies. t'h.iri-, S.nMU' ami Collar (IiiIIk,
Son--, Wo'iieb', 1'iKtiila, Sweeney and Polll'.vil
in lirii'ies. This biiiiuieal li-n ailiroct ami pow
erful action upon tlie tarn-lory anil alwoila-nl
vcs.a l.M, t i 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 i 1 tin-in to a lit-altliy ac-tinn,
thus f nablinir lln-m to tin ov ell' the 11101 liiil or
Use ne;l inattr-r wliiell oli:'tritetn tli i-irrulalion,
t'iris removing f'1 ilispaMs or injuries of Hi.)
I'.i.mi-. luvilrs. Caiti!liii.'i-s. Nwioi ami Skin.
Our iKiltle will r on vi 1 CO t lie laost hlo-ptiral
of iU wonilerfiil rtlieaey in euriep; Iln-ii"-s ,
J'.'nin, Itla-uMial i an, rainrs. Sureiavs an 1
I V . il i'1" ol 11 1 1' Jo. los, ,V'-.
I Dr.'n Aim i i-un Oil bin'onrnt is,
1 w-i t eiTp'i..i'. toe m..-t vnl' I'-'anly
liver roin;.i iiel.-l f r all i!i"-jrs of M.111 or
I !i. i ,t. K.piirl an ') i ail a ji ! a-.ili ia.
l'"i''5 rents prr t. it'.ii', or fin' ln)t!lr-
t II oil' dollar.
Q'-j1" A bli.Tal iliseiiiuit inlde to wholesale
pin . h.ivi 1 who lu;y to m-II a (.',.! a.
ELV" ''"r ' '',''' "'' l'.isteilyM'.iMtily M".l-i.-inc
Sinre, southeast loraer of Third and
Chest nut -d ' ei-t i. St. l.ou's.
Also xold by 1'. A. Sarpy. St. Mary, Iowa,
aad by ileab-rl in im-iln ine e;euerally, in llu;
ves' .
iJ" Ibad Dr. T" - t.rl j t aiU' in
another column of our pap.-r an.l (;iv him a
rail. ... X'l'''
ii'r pan iti J I s. More
1 oiirt; res!i e' I Hi
Hoxf-m.. .Itigust i'J. The lb publii an
jiarly iii -l in eoiiveieion uinl fi.poiutel l.)0
h leatis to -ihe con eul ion. The !i le
paltit were, in.striieteil to on (he eon-
enliou the ia.ssiioe of it resolu! ion ealliupr
uiioii the clergy to leu 1 all tin; influence
in their pow er to seeiire tho eoliz.ilion o!
the new ly nc'juirt'.l terriloi ies of K msas
ami Mcbrasku hy ftei inen.
A'fw York .lug. -!. Th! bullion
lookers Iri.liMliitlCil .'.r)l.0.(iOO of (;ohl to
Jloslmi for t-hipmeiilby the (.' n't am
ir.itmifoit, .' .''). Tlie NatioiuJ
Intelli-Mi-ieer says that the aim mneeinent
i, f t x-Stnatnr Down's th alh was jneiiia
turc that lie is s'ill livinf.'.
The l'r Mileiit irave up his trip to Cape
May heeause the boats in li iltimore had
'opji.J runnine;; lie win! to Capon
sj. rings instead.
The express (rain cu the New York
Central railroad, which reiiheil Allen)
last niht about 7 o'chiek, ran over two
lailies ut Uoiiestepfi, 7 miles from Syrao
Use) instantly killing them, '1 lie. lailies
were ilcecinlin;; from tho mail train
going west which wants for the express
train tu pass; tin y jjnt on the) w I'oiijr til:
tif ihe t!iri tunl were caught by the
kii iitul horribly inaiilcil.
l'lt Had, I j,, in, Jug. :ii 1. Tim Went her
f'lml, ( b ar uinl ih v. W'e have hail no lain
fciuen the t,litl.t shower mi S itunlav.
Dr. Car'.Dr' CmKh Baliam
1' li.e lnoi.l pli'fcMtl'.t aadeitieacioioi r. :ae
b. lot CVlKli. .'.s'.ai.ja.. Vm iiliui '. -i.-i
and 'i dis'-iitmof tti I-Dns, rvi-r offi t-d ( t :
rtiihlir. Our fvrt arrin clitnitr.. nd tlir rold
I. leak wlailt of the lioiili and wet pro.luii-i-oul.s
ami rr.,N diiiv-n (.-old ,, whieh de
mand of tin- w i- ,- pruib.-i.t, the earliest at!. -lit ion
for 11.1 p-ii M. remedy has ever hi a diM-o-veied
ui,r!i has ell'-t'lod ait many cures, and
wblrli seemi t" frive s'leli universal satisfart-oti
to Dr.CAiiri n's Coei.ii Hai svm. K'-ad-rr.
haie von :iri.'i'V Do not iiflet-t it. )-
lav isilaii-i oih. 1'sc this lia'saai, ut once, and
it w ill i d'ei dually cure yon.
y I'l iee 25 renls Iter bo!l;, lire bnCle
l.or six li'itt'-.t for St'.
For fate at Dr. Kasteriy's Family Mi'dir-in'
Stor, southeast eoraer of Third and C'licitinit
tt.s., St. I.oiii i. .Mo.
by 1'. A. Sarpy, St. Mary, Iowa,
tnd l.y dc.iVis in irifilieiiici K!iiera!!y, in tl-
Dr. tMlerly'i Iodine and S-irsaparilla.
fjV" " 1S 'he-only preparation that it worthy
of the least confidence of the piddle, for the
.,f i)i,.. ilisen.;e arisiiiL' an imiuiic
stale of lie! blood, viz: Scrofula, or Kind's
Fvil, White Swt-llinirf, F.nlarK'cJ Clan Is, Ft-vcr
Sores, I'iniplen on the fare, old Sores and L'l
cr i , Blolehes, llilcs, NervMis Alice! ions, Can
cers, I'.rysielas, ism, Syjiilitic
easen, Pains in the Hone and Joints, Hint;
Worm or Te'ter, Scald Head, dist-ayes of the
Kidneys, M-reinial Di-.eises, 4c. Dr. I'as
l.ili'i Iji.isr. and SAii.raHiLi.A, is com-
piiuiideJ of tWc article which timultaiic-
ously a.-t on the dillerei.t tireans or '.lie lioiiy.
and posses the most ellicicnt clciising and he-il-
injj properties. II imbeds of the ueitt Uitelli
'lit and reiectabl.! familit in St. Louis, Ii.n e
use, I it, and speak of it in tin; Inkiest terms til
i.iaise. hu millciii'; im( tun.- ut rou'er,
cheaper and better than any other preparation
in use.
r V P'ice, )1 per Mottle, or six buttles lur
' ' !l
C fi T'.iM&Co f' i
'A'A' to M
1 1 t' C..rner ahovo
V I II c: I M 1IOT1 1.. S I' !.o I S,MO.
k .1
xJ imrorlers tS' Jfmf-tcfu em f
Jri'iui) i.'tur illill Suukc. Twr.M v vi:ai;s rxi i'.iti
i cure in the Mill luinishiiu; lei-dness in SI
l.onis. ( roinine'ii iii at 111'- W'.i Lilian's tieiieh )
e.,al.. s us o '.l:-e i M.-.e.-lly id' the ip-iiih'y ol
liurr best adapt-) to mi 1 1 1 fir 111 I lie West! ')'"
nhl iiii I h it il' i ilit V. -a .' h i r 1 1 : i I it iiei. i" sn ry
lo v i d the ti'i.i' ii. s in I'rani'e, and 1 hei e ma k
s.declions. I I'll' stuck this year was si lee I ed at
1 he )'- i l ies by one of lie- In m, and s unples
left W I Il tl." jili.pliel.ils. that ve laay. when
we order, be certain "I' oMaiainir Ihe desiied
ipialilv. lor Slice's d'ul
miller'and iiiilKvri'.'lit can appiei i.ue tin- impor
tance of this arrangement. Our siock is nlivays
i.ii e, and any (h'sircd temper and texture of
lou r can he old iio-d w ithout .li la v.
r,(iriN; ci.nrns.
Tu ol 'ain Die .piatityt.f'ii.. Cloth brst
suil.-d ' ) mi'.'.iii.: in 'In' est. w , h iv" had the
ri i atesl .! i in ' 'i 1 1 .'. Oi'i-r-b unlink holts l.y f ist
' Lr indoiL'. '."'d II.' laie .ptaii'nies i.f sjiriri;
j n he ,1 a ad oafs ri! . .1 e.l so .h-.tru.-l i ve l.i (!. i.r
I tllt.srv CloVl. that I'l'-'U.laril).' of In II owners
i ami ii'iH.-rs so f .-u a i.t. we 1! in
I r s.-ai y tu i dit a in la-iv r and s' roe Cloths,
! or nuliicet ourselves to a 'spieiii of m-II in?; an
inferii-r ;-r!i' l". l.c laid hefme Die tnanut o-.
tu ; "r our iihier I iotis to I heir Clot lis, nod oi der
i '..nvier and strtniiTT to he made. T!i'-v nn
il.t.. ok it with rei aelauce, fearing that they
could not make tln-ir ('lotus hcaiierand ut-
! serve the uniformity ol me-nes so inilispensa
j i.le for irmi.l Iililli'l-r! They h IK- sueeee led.
Oca noi iiNn i i.oi ns a nr. now- m a pi: tt r -1 -i.v
oit i s, ami for heauty of 'inih. nuil'ormi
tyof inches, ien;r'h ami iluralulily, we refer
to (he millers penerally in the country, and es
pecially to the millers and mill owners in tins
Our atn-mtioa for many yean Ins lieen di
rected to obtain the Ic-st plan f ir cons: rue' in.j;
these mills. In many caes tliey are used by
inexperienced liainls, and tin ri fore, ilmalli1y
ai.t simplicity of construction wis the object
io be jtltaincfT. In this we think we have sne-
( led. We believe .so, bee rise jn ; ,e jfreat
number we have so'd, there lias red l.-en one re
lumed, nor to our knowleie failcl to peifn-m
cut i i el v to the -a! It ''act ion of Hi a- iisoi'4 thein.
'MteV are in extensile i: ;- in the e-t,:iinl
many of Diem in .New M"ieo an ! California.
O ir "it I's are know:-, a. TODD'S I .'I P.'IO VI. I)
CHAIN Mll.b. Wein tti'ir.t'.'..:r. three kinds,
to wil : t s r i hon ii ii K i. I" irriii l bv weicht
of Ihe rui'iiri Mm K nn t. n vim -a i r.i.. the
lower stone t ) rim, and tho raf'ssi'KU mill.
Patent riveted, ceaie-i'e l and n.acliiac stretch-
cl Li:.rnii:n ni:i:vLr;.
Till" article is now made in the greatest per
f .-i t mi., and In ciiuiiu: ei.-iis,vely u.a d in the
liriliul'al't.u in estb'iii.-hliienls of the couiill'V.
We keep on hand the largest usMU lmcnt in tin-We-!i.iu
C'l'inlry, of our own, and I'.aslein
man.'lacl lie.
Yti i AM.i.ii m nnrn iik.itim; e.i:.ii
patkini: ami iii'Mii.H iiosr. We are the only
ajreuts of the li.e ton Company in this city for
ihe sab- of these piods.
Ili.istiiiC sciews, mill spimlb-'i. reulatin;'
,:-reiMi, d,im-al non i, patent iron proof safes,
mi!! pn k, i-eii wiiB. nipper rive'K, lace lea-
lb. i . en ti uieil masier, A.C., (to., 'a j,
I v on tiat)J.A 3
l.ouis, A t l -o. s.i 1.
GLENWOOD AD V tl Pv T 1 3 C M E N T S .
(.jllorious News lor Ncbrasku.
'I'lic slciimcr Sjsr.inno lii-s j:t?t arnvctKlotnlcl lo gum'. with gooils fur
Coll-islili ' "I
r. b'ds n. 1 and Macke-il,
15 lib Is. Ilrffvn S'.trnr,
0 bhds. ("l.n i. 1 tl ..
'.'U bids S. II. .Mol is-fs,
lo bids. N. o. M,.1a. si s,
10 1-.' li!il. (i iiib-n Synip,
.'."-'I sacks ;. .1. Salt,"
1 Ml I.'. Is K maw h i do.
O'l s:v ks dai) v do.
'.''.) boxes do. I S.jlll.
1 ) bbls Cider Viio'.;.ii',
1)1 Y
H Idds 'far.
I '.'I hove- and halfboyes Slar C.uni
.') b .xes Tallow caiidl-s
j '.I' I l-:- ai!. assorted,
i bosej Cm Fish.
If I sacks io I'otf.e,
I Imperial an I Youi' r J yson Ten ,
i Soda, Sab', ( llaisii Sj
! Iln-iidi Walnuts. Almonds,
f.inucr. Spice, Pejiper. & c,
oi'ii .ss;v.T.n:T is r.i:t;r, and coMn.r.rr,.
Sidelines, fin- l.iown ; and bb-acln-l -lomeslie drilling-. t:- m;s. Havens, ducks. S r. ki.
I'-il." I 'he attention of tile bolus iscalleil to ear a'tii'iiunl of ilr- ,s oo.js, whicli ! ! i V will
fmil, as regards price a., 1 ,p..aliH,l;) be iiikv pas-ed in Western low.,. Calico, pliuiliains,
lawn:;. e.i;ies be: re: ! robe, nf liie lab'l fashion and style. I'.ni ti'oide.ed i-ij.s, eoibiis, rliiini
sells. .es. silk and satin bonnets, linen and cotlou bandki 11 bief.-, hone, y, pal a.sols, all of
which will be sold evece. U i 2 1 v low. ,
''J: : f: Ja73 I 3
Cin, cut snvs, mill saus. ha rid saws. Iii-oinl uxes.eboppiii axes, ades, !o; and b-c't In ins,
bench p' in (ad in iythiiur in the hard .van- lined rom a Jcw.di.U'p up I" a ci adl.n si'yllie.
41 direct from Ponton. Iloots of all sizes ami qualities. Shoe, bailies etm inelc 1 Jenny
bind buskins, iriiter.i, slippers, ladies' goat, kip and calf boots, mi-ses Kboes all
H, its and caps, books an d stationery, drills and medieines, .layne's eml boiidon' family
meilicme.s, and all other popular patent medicines, for sale at a ho'.i sale prices.
Of M itm- p;,ttTn. (', IninMri.j-n-?. r., Uc. hi ii sUfUH war, c I.unir. j.iiF,
iT'M'Ut, lit it U v rt-ffk tjo f rvncV, i;.,
f.o bed.:ta !s of different I-al'crns. cherry ilin:a. and breakfast tables, walnut tlilto. ditto.
llureans w ith irla-il, plain and fancy walnut p.. oi-s, eupboaiils. t:n sales, one or two iliawerl
si amis, w ash s; amis, lounges ami nnlti'e.-ses double mattresses, slat bol tola chairs, c a in teat do., j
rockinr ''.bail s, ci ibs. e.
15 cook stoves, assorted. Patters oi's, ready trimmed with tin or coopr bolters, bnxstoves, ;
Crecaii parlor tiit lo.. .to e pipe, r'bnw s. e
Pine churns, 1-2 bush's, wood buckets, w-'l buckets, wa'di tubs, wood boA'ls, Irays, doi:t;b
pins, boxes, brooms, zinc wash boards, clothes pins, e.
SADDbl'.RY. lit idies inu tin;al.s, ru eiub's. cii lbs, lialleis, bviule reins, lil.ickawk sad
tiles, ipiilt s-ents, and ditto I.adie. hide saddles, lumpy w hips, dr.- y whips, U. E. whips, cow-hides
4c., s.iddlo-b.iL's b-atli'.-r trunks, fcc.
Sole-leather, kip. nml ealf akins, moroi-eo lininps:, poat skins, hair', &.rt.
IRON AND CASTI N(iS. Plow S'eel, sheer Steel, oast Hlt'tl, plows, Jiiollhls &.C.
Pols, ovens, skillets i.n.l lids. 0, S, 0 atal t wet-.iy pilion kettles.
I'lM' DOOIIS S by Id and 10 by 12 fash, window blinds.
CLOC KS i day and 311 hour clock:.) w anauted to run well.
Virginia. Koannke N' leaf tobacco. Regalia and lrincipe cigars of the finest flavor.
Culm and Havana sixes, and various ol her a rt iciev. .ul ve deem it mini cr-sary to mention (hem
as it is in trouble, to show e Is, and we w ill i c happy it all times to show our old customers,
ami as many new- one I asinav favor us with tln-ir p.'.-roiia;re, our t'oods and prices. Our faciii
t les for sel In.-.: C 1 1 1". A P,.ire be' ter than any ' her house i n weste' li ioiva, and we in tend to do so,
ami an axaminal ion of our prices is all that is lueessary to convince yon of the fact..
Ole.iivood. July. li. t s.-.l. -Ui-Xiv. M'Clilll.hS CO.
V R HSU S Pill N li
o o b 5 ,
' constant-
Dr. l-aiVtriy' t'uvtst ajui Auo Killer.
fjV" 's warranted to curt! all cases of Agu.
and Fever, Chills and 1 'ever, Dumb A'ue, In
tel initteiit ui.d Jteiriillrnt Fevei.aiid miy forio
of Fever iiicidt nt to the west. If theie an-suf
ftrer in St. Louis, Ue ay try it, and if it falls
to t'HiH, Ihe money ahull he rt funded to I be pur
chaser. Moid than
TU rATV'lll I! TIIOI'MND llolllk
bale been sold, and in no instance h.n it failed
to elf. rt a pei maiit iit cure a far as hi aid from.
f;V Piii-e $.1 par bottle, or six bottles, i
CiT For sale at Dr. I'. istcrly's Family Med
i int) Store, southeast Corner of Thiid aud
C ieidaut slretdb-, SI. Louis.
Also .; by P. A. Sarpy, St. Mary, Iowa,
el by tlealtis in ine lit ine t nt rally, in the
F ad Dr. Kasterly' adverti ..-nt-nt in
anotutr column t f our and plvu him a
rail. Ju'.
Tlf Tor sale at Dr. L ASTF.Itk.VS Family
Medicine Store, corner of Tliiul and Chestnut
streets, fct. l.ouis.
Also sold by P. A. SAKl'V, St. Mary, Iowa,
ami by dealers in medicine generally, in the
(";" Head Dr. F.asterly's advertisements in
anotlior column of our paper, and give him a
call. 1"'-
1JIF. hiibicriber havirr; leased of Clarke 4
Co.. the old Coiiin-il iilull lerry at Ira
ilei's Point. Pol'.awotltimie County, Iowa.
ll.i.iier 1. .id! a liew and substantial lioat, is
now (.icpiieil to t-ro's iill who come. Ptrsoiii
vi .iiliiu' Nebraska will feid this one of the be t
Ke.iriesou the Itiver., I have lio tUeaiu
I'eiry boat, but I ham ftroiiL' ami tower
w Inch will piop.dl a boat across tin, river at
Dim i. ano'.v point without an. danger or blow
up. tpnek I'l.o'ili to hau -ly the fasitst of this agu tint couati y t t or- rr.KRiA.'iK :
1 Wagon, two horses or cattle, - S1 2
1 Hoist) and l.ui'i-.v, - 1 ,HI
Horse and lidci , ".
1- nut in a ii. - - - 15
I'-'j' 1 weiity-five per t ent added to the above
late. 111111111; liivJi water.
J'? li-'Jliu 1IAXIKI. NOKTOX.
Lind Acent, 811 vt yef and 1 r.RiJit'er, Hell
view, Xvbi- Im. lit-ly
Jus! ariive l, Je s'i'iiii). T 1) -law. ire, at
s.mi'Y s cm:. in tusu stork
On Mam street, St. .Mary.
(liii.ens an 1 tuuiratit w t-an imw fitnl n
fui supply ol fr- s'i t.roceries. 1 ro isioiis.
Dry (moil's ami IPnlware, wliiell they can
buy cheap for cash. n.5-tf
'hnh-'tk. li tail and Cummtusion .Vcr
chnt, curittr of Main awl Gregory
streets, St. .Mini.
-) HAS just re.-L-'vcd ami now has for sale
"q a l.ircv a,ioitiueut of selected ne-i ctiamlise
J5 adap'ed to ttie wants of all classes in this
new and thnvine; community, winch he can sell
as clu-apas can beell'ered clh.-whereso Ihl'Ii upon
the Missouri river, lbs Roods have been selec
ted by an experienced purchaser, with special
reil'eicnce to Ihe circunstai s ami wants of all
classes of settlers in a n-w country. Ladies
and 'cnllemcn. child-en and yo ith, all can be
supplied. Call i"l see tor yoinscves. ins
stock consists of the', amon' a jrreal
many other ui'idcs he cannot no'.v enumerate:
Aiiiomr his dry iroods may be found woolen
and sattinett chrlus, -as,iii.:ts, tweeds, t'.ish
meies. linseys, llanuel, red, white, joey and
blue, Caspian plaids. Cotton ptods, s.i.etinei
and shirtings, bleached and unbl --acbed; blue
and wli.ti. drillings, osnabiir, bcltitkin;, hick
ory, chocks, 4c.
kascv coons.
A beautiful assortment of fancy pr'uds or
every variety of style and pattei n. Oiii-hams.
lawns, liirured hljiat.'ca, boiiib.i.inis, boiub.iy-
ttes, shawl, scai f s, haiidKcrctiirf, ciaoe, la
111. cdiiiies. ribbons, &e.
well s.-lecled utock of Siiiaiiier, Fall and W in
ter Clothini;. consisting 111 p.nt ot line ilresj
coats, nanla and vesli.; also -rood sa.-amei cloili-
of all ilrseriptioiisj and heavy elolinaf,' loi
fall and w inter use.
Also shots, knit llinnil (liawers ami umier-
hirts, socks, 4c. Meu'a anil boy .' hms and
aim of varneis fashions, qualities, ami pi u .
ioots ami shoes, tlnck ami iiiiti.poiisue.i nu
iiiioolisrn-il or every nescrinuon, 101 men numu,
and children's use.
Crushed, clarified, loaf and brown ur :ir, 11.
ms.-s, syrup molasses, golden syrup, u .;: nu
i-a. Kio and Java colb-e, sassafras, L'ini,"'r. p.-p-
icr, cloves, spice, cinnamon, ground tinker,
iiiitines, suiill's, tobacco, riars, pipes, soap,
caudles,, pickles, peppei -sauce, 4tc.
A lartre sssort incut of Hour of virions qiiali
ies and i.rices: corn ineul an t all the various
products of the f irm ami canbn; scon ami
tihh, kiln dried apples, peaches, curren 1, raisins.
C. llVKUWARr.. StoVCS Ol Various jiallenis
foreookinl and lieatintr rooms, Move-pipe and
elbows. Luge and small iron kelll.s, fryiier
pans, skilleis, hand-iions, shovels Bad t. !.,
manure forks, hay forks, scv tlit-s, shovels and
spades, lo an t trace chains, ases, h iiniii. ;s,
inreis, lion ami sieei, nans, iiorse.rasns, lues.
i.1 u in m c r
Dealer ill Dry (Jomls. (Iroceries. llai'd
wnre, (Jueenswnre. Hiolsiuel Shoes,
Hals. -dps, ll.mtie'.s, l-uney
Gooils, Notions, e.;e.
r. i.r.N wood, low t.
riMin suiisrunir.H would rk-
L speelfully Call tlic altctilioii of tho eit
i.ens of Mills ntel the mlj. lining r-oim'i'ts.
lo his laron nml varied assortment' ot
(iOOIJS. 'whieli ho. is now reoe.iviii''. r-n-l
whi.'h will be olFereil for srfb? to ( ASH
PiUYl'.HS at reasoniUc prices. My stock
t-o-viis t.f . 4tist every arti ;'e '.tf'!!
fuiitivl u 0 count rv' s'ove.
Dil? GOODs,
Of every kind, variety an.l style.
Cassinn rr, VesliiiL's, satinet's.
IaW'llS. I3arao;es:lehiiiies. Prints. ( i i Heliums.
Alupaeial, lilaek Silk, Chimisetis, Worked
Sleeves, .e., &r.
HAKDWAiii: sl qlt:i:nswaui:,
A pt-nerul iissortim tit.
Consist inp of Siiar.Coll'ee, Tobacco, Jliee.
Molasses, Whisky, i.e.
(jeiils' l'ine Calf nml Jvip liools. Vo
mens' Ii.iskins, J-'oiid. 11. 11. Parodi, Kid
welt liuski'is. Child's and youth's luce
Bonis. Jlonnet.s Ladies' Florence Jlrocia
Homiets, Sin. Hats Palm, Leghorn and
black wool II. lis.
fllc-nwond.Mav 10, lS.jl. i.:7- f
0.p;v5citioit io toe
I'-ccviiur at (;enw
0..p;wcitii?:i to toe illic of (lvwc.
nwoo.l, a wen sciecii-u
stock of dry L' fanry IT'inds, cloUiiiej, boots
ami shoes, groceries, lial.lwarc, crockery, ih'US'i,
li piors, stov es, linw are, tec, ill Western Iowa.
The public are inviled to call aiul examine for
themselves, and t.Vy will fiad the truth of the
above slateiie ni. Also they will find that wc
can s-ll as t-heapany other house in Jllills, Fre-m-i-it
or i'ottawattariiie co'inlies.
And in riviii'r notice lo the farming eninmn
nity, we will jji've them tin; highest cash price
for their le-nduet.-, surli as bee', pork, corn,
wheat Slid heans. The store is on the west sitle
of the I'uMfe. Hrjnare, Glenwood. nov 2.t-.ini
IVJiX'irun JUnttailj Liniment.
With a lleal.n;j Tnm we come to greet
' M III-action of Ibis l.iniin.-t is one rf Ibt
luo--! pe; I'.-.-t lemedn's ever otleri d to thr!
alilicte.l. lis r.esiori 10.011 1 bp o 1 eamntion i
1 1 t:!y wombi f il. 1' s vol a I lie. pent-1 rai ii:e. st,'h
itii; and he-aline; propel tie dul'nse tliemselves trl
the very bones. It enters inlothe ciiculation of
the blooil 1,'ivfi h p.-w iiujiulse to w hole nervous
system to Hie v.-i v et 1 enot ies of the fingers --
and -.'M'lb-.t.'S loihe absoi bents atid secretin.
al.l l!i ;s vs.i r N vri'HK to throw oil' and 1 id
he; sell' ..iT any diseased section of Ihe iieivou
fliordsor liauie'i'. inak-inv; it eipi..llv Ppplira
hie to s'-ri s cT liny 1 uid, rlit-'iMii'in p:uti
in every part of (be body, from a diseased actum
oT any of the structural poitlons of the sysleai,
While it is pe:f,'-ct!v harmless to healthy flesh,
skin or hone, it has the pi 1. perl y of eii'eriiiij
in. coiiibinat 0 a. and ii.s adv. nj any of the 01 -ir.'i'iie
tisens when I In-v are . or their vi'
tality is de'tiovd. I 'ui' i an; ttu-se r iliar'rs. is the le-json wtiyit is e.pial I y ell:c icioifs
in so many dilli'icit complaints. II nets upon
"c.ieii! i!ic piiiiciides and lixed law s of the Crca-.
The larre nunt1.'5r (f esses in which thislini.
iti "tit has proved its value, in Iht'tdiort time il
has b. en b. f.uc Ihe people oT Aiiier'.eu. is sutii'
cienl to ive the rre ile .t coiili'leuce that its vir
tues lire i'lcoaiparable in eiirein:; 1 heiimali.'iit,
bruises, - l- aii.s. burns, v omuls, swellings, biok
en or rincked breast, old sines 01 pains in any
part of the body.
Sr. Lot tSS Tl.STlMU.NY.
Stite or Missnrm, )
County of St. Louis;. ) '
be it n'ln-iiib.'te.t. that 011 this fifth day er
May, A. i). H :). bet.irt me, the tiiidersii.eit,-m-iyoi-t.f
1he city of St. bonis, in 1 lie ci nml y and
S!at aforesaid, came personally David M.
Sinv'hr. who. upon bis oath, says that the fos
iiU vl.oi i,,e ,t i 1 1 1 in .
In l.-tiiuouv vvhoreof I hereto set lr.y hand
the day ami date last 11 fort said.
JOHN HOW, Mayor..
Soc. Ntivins, Ileoistt-r.
Sr. Loeis, Mo., May 1P.5.1.
rr. A. (i.;':, (In. (ie'uts: You will'
probably recollect that I called into your estab
lishment some three weeks since and purchased
a fifty-rent bottle of your " Meicaa mustnii";
linn-fnl )" my object in so doinc was to try its
merit? upon iny (lauu'hl.' r's arm, who has been-,
siifl'i'i'ing from the clfcts of a severe, dislocation
of the elbow for several years past.
The eScruciiitiiiT pain consequent npnn false'
seltintrid' Ihebiie hail (hviinlU'd and cont ract"l
her arm to a puny size, and 1 consider it a duly
devolving upon nieto acquaint the community of
the beneficial elli-ct your liniment has paotlnced..
Her aim wasdrawii t"a rijibt anu'le, and was
almost inert and useless, until your invaluable
liniment was applied, since which time. 1 am.
happy to state, she has enjoyed uninterrupted
frond strenrr'h. and can use bur am liuai ly as pit
anllv as before it Was dislocated.
1 Would state, however, that prior to try'mu
your uneoualed liniment, I used several other
"rc'iiediei, and amo.i;r them ''McLean's volcanic
oil liniment-' but with llm least bent fn-ial result-
J ). M. SMVTljir.
We offer this liniment as a remedy in the vari
ous distrase ami complaints for which it isie
comiiiciuled with foil confidence of its sucrfsJ
in etirin;; them.
'J'he folio win-; is a led of the numerous and r
tracrdln-iry cases it has cared tlurin (lie lvi
few month :
li.7."ti r'ascs of rlie-'inatisin in nil its furm ;
4.'iiHI do sprains and bruises j
fi. J'KI do barns am) scalds 1
fresh cuts and vv eMails )
SKINS W'AXTF.n All kiudsef skins wani
edj for which tbe l.b'iiw t pricuwitl be mud
ny - f - F..
Rlbi) i Kb IT f . sale hvr
S.MU'Y- tt FXfiMSII,
IX sale ti V
1 CM A LAST Cloths for sale by
AV'.NKS FATFAT M I ID I Cl N FS, for sale
3. 1'K) do
4H tlo
7,7d(J do
5.210 do
7,rH0 do
4(11) do
I bv
JOICN" and Oats wanted by
L)R01)L'Ci: A.NDCASH wanted in pavme.nt
in payment of debts. SAUI'Y F.NO.
S. tl'..
U0RSF.S, woik oxen ami younstock, tiillo.
SAUI'Y &. K.Vtil.lMI.
IJ-KI.F A.D I'UUIv. wanted at (ho l'nhlic
Sipiare by
8. Ai F
ruNG LOOK Kl I-' UK,
NCCK0f,I.j & CO. have jU l received one of
the larrresl ami best selected stock of
(jOOI)S tvm brfore exhibited ill the west. A"
inong theii assortment may be found
A variety of clothing of all sorts and sizes,
hardware and cutlery, drus, medicines, funn
lure, bedsteads, bureaus, t.ib'es, chairs, cook,
box and Crec.iaii, parlor stoves, in short,
everything you may call for.
l'l'-rsuns need not be detained when they come
tn the cheap corner, as til -y are w'.-ll supplied
Willi nimble clerks on the'ir fust leirs, and al
ways have sharp scissors and d ill conscience.
I'.micraiits will had it to their advantage to
call upon us before ptircti isineUewll..-re.
Cb-nwood. Ap- il til), ,1 l "'' 'Jl
I riiv 1. liS. liACO.N for ,.;.! al me
cheap cash store of
,,;i.V!f NC(JvOl.f.S & C-0.
i,i DlJTSiiaV and .)J lioui clocks, w in ai,ttt
for sain at thechevp cash store of
nl )-!f iNFKLOLbS & CO.
V CAFS"'hoots am
)t ii.l.i-tf
shoes for s lie cheap at
M'C'Klll.hS fc CD.
SACKS salt for sale at the cheap cash
BUOICS and Stationery for sale by
A new vol nine of the Scientific American com
mences about the middle of September in each
vear It is a journal of scientific, mechanical,
' . J . .. . ... .1.. ..1 ..r :.,.i,.
ami oilier Hop. oveiui .lis , 110: ui 10.0..
try Mi all i's various branches. It is published
wl e'i' in a form suitable tor biiidiii'', and con
stitutes, .it the end of each year, a splendid vol
ume of over four tiumlreii paires, wil 11 an inuex,
and from 5(1(1 to tit(l) original enirravms, tog.-.n-er
with aere-'.t ml ormat ion
. . f : 1 a ;
(ouceriiitr.; 111'.' progress 01 inv eiiiiun ami uu.. -er
V ihronuho'it the world.
The Scientific American is the most widely
circulated and popular journal of the kind now
l.ublislied. Its editors, contributor, ami corre
spondent t are among the ablual aClc-ii-
tilic men in the worm.
The patent claims are published weekly and
are invaluable to Inventors and i'at telitees.
We p'.y ticulaily warn the public against pay
ing money to travel! iug agents, as we are not in
thu habit ot furnishing certificates of agency to
any one.
Litter should e directed (post-paid) to
Mi;. V i. Co.,
1?8 Fulton st., New- York.
scrofulous sores and ulcer that
h id resisted all other treatment
inflamed or swelled joints j
piles ',
lumbago, sciatica, cout and bard,
bony imorsj
C.2f)0 Ho chamied l.tmsfsf
3,0i tlo eickcl b.-casi,
4, 'ii HI lo loulh-ache ;
I'l.lKI.) 4p, , VH--..-I .'Jir,t 1. 5?
This must appear almosi mcrc.iii.-ie, but the-iiiimTo-as
certilii ate and letters from d'.sim
Cii'i'.ic-l physicians, citceu, agents and other"
who have used the medicine, enable ns to sub
stantiate the above facts; millionsof bottles of it
are yearly consumed, and it has always given,
satisfaction. '
be supjilied with this valuable lin'imcut, as it
irm.l i.t-,.lO ni..l raoiillvT.
l'RICf S OK TH K MNI.M KNT. tt IS put lip !l
bottles of three sizes, and relr.'os at -2.") t ents, 4i
cents and 1 Jier hotilc. Tl fill cent ami one
dollar bottles contain M and IK per cent nmr
liniment, in proportion to their cost, so that
money is saved by buying the lager sizes.
A. (J. 15U.(i(i At CO., Sole Fr.qu it-tors.'
Principal etlires, cor. Third and Market 9ts.
St. Louis, and H lboadvvay. New York.
Forsalo by 1'. A. S.vrpv.IsI. Miry, and Sar
l'V ti Fnoi.isii, Clciiwood; and by dealer ilk
medicine everywhere. Bug ot-'j
iTiLyTvTbiugg's tonic and
The irreat popular medicine of the dny
Vast amount used per nnnilli --The nu
merous and woudfii'ul eiirt-s it etTee's
lis magical died upon Miliums Fevers',
and Fever f ti l. Agtie d'reat cxciieineiit
mnonir the Doctors 1
.. . V, .
L.L W. Iel
VRF, now admitted on a.u hands to be a most
extiaordinary and valuable medicine in
general use. It not only acts as a specific upon
the bilious ami typus fevers, chills and fever,
nd fever and ague 0. tlie west ana rsnun oui
. 11 ilisi-ases of debiiilv. weak stomach, imll-
geslitm, loshof appetite, 'impurity of the blood,
diseases prevalent III a western ami iiuh.
1 W I SA
)f stoieof Nl'CK'OI.I.S ;CO
j f i i I.ITTi.F. fancy noiions for saleas
"i '-)' cheap as tin t.. at the cheap rash
sloie of Mi.Vtf Nl.'CKOM.SA! (K)
N i: B II A SKA.
saws, knives and forks, pocket knives razors
hulls ami -cit-ws, dour handles, knobs, locks!
i.e. TlMVAUK. A general as.M.I lill"l.l k'pl
(or boost hold p up jm o. Wooiiw.vaF. Vi'ash-
tubs. Shaker nails, wc-od and vr.nlitioaras,
'.l..-.Tl'1's vt.iLi'-)...,t).M l..u-6 ,.,i i iier.coW
bide, kip skins, calf kins, liniii'.. and morocco.
Saddles, lu lilies, halters, lari'ielts, cireiiigl.-s.
belly-blinds, driving lines, collars, bat k-Mrapa,
giiths, blilid-bl itlie, Jve. M r:n I c I m s. A gen
ual assinl neiit of medicines Cor fevers, fever
and ague, and the comi.ioti of thr
country. Cook's, Iv's, Sappenyton's, Bragg 1,
and Jjtit's' pills, Qiiinine, Ionics, ami various
kimU of stimulant t, anodynes, Iinimeuls and
other articles ncersary for the sick and liu- in
valid. -i 3Tly
j i 1 1; S T I i A M F. 11 X F. II R ASIvA IS R L' A M.u
b.-l iv een
M'lIK Nebra-ka is anew ami splen'lid boat.
I. iiiMinetl bv experience I oilicers and crew,
liellevn iv City, Nebraska, is opposite St. Mary,
low a.
to Nebraska should conifl dncel.y to
Tbi-is the froid gateway to the most li'ipor! 111I
I l.,(r...t ii,,' l.orlioil of Ncbia.-kil. lo ar 111
aie. ' ' ' o 1
Ho. Ivei. Ii.-1 1.. int (01 till" 1''ioll to
ll. lleview City, July 1"), l'M. I'l-'f
11 AVINO ilissolved our connection a parl
tiers in the "Ca.ette," those poisons indebted
lo. or having t lanes against the late liimol
Itl'.i;!) . LATHAM, will tail 0:1 1). F.
Uced, who is authorised to settle the niulters of
the concern. 1-'. F.. KF.t'.D,
s. Miry, J:'y 'i', 11' t.
One coiiy for One Year fyl
. Six Months 1
Five rnpies. for six Months !il
Ten copiej for six .Months W
''.-ti rep;t.s for twelve months !il5
Fifteen copies for twelve month
Tweu'y c.oaiei t ,r t ,v elve mon.hs, rslS
f lutl'.ei n and W-stern ino iey taken at par f or
subscriptions, or 1' Ollice stamps at thcr t' ili
Till: underMgne 1 has oil hand and for
sale a few tha-isaml select grafted apple
,1,-f.s, ready for traiistdai.tilig in otcliards the
coming fall and spring.
V A It I I T T .
Ki-dJuue, biblwin, wiiite vvin'ei pamvn, fall
ppiii, llalmont, wine sap, yellow belli -vver.
Uhmle Island greening,, prior? r-.-.., red
iistrachan, ea--y haivesi, sweet June, s unnier
rose, suMiner tr n. Kali's jaiiet, ramoo, wine
apple, vhtle bfllcilower, Uoai.iii tcul and
.iiiaern spy.
or. puvoi..
The O.lalpa and I!1,.- !. !.oci,..
The iUiovv ha' . Iaig!i-h and Aiii-'iiiaii Vilac,
red iloivood. 1. 'i V St.ckle. rose, &c..AwC.
A few of the Isabella and CaUvi 'jy f-ape fiom
( a v en ng.
St. Mai'Y.Iowi, Aug. 31, 'oil.
a.igSUly. (ibOKCF nCP-NLll.
)U'lt'lT.K and i:,;'.'s wantc 1, for w l.icti aie
by Sarpt ii. Lnglisli, on Ilia I'uoie s.pir 1
j higiu-st price will be paid in rash or goods
O TUN'J-S lor sa by
em climate. Their power consists III
their peculiar ellt-ct upon all Ihe organs of U,
.system ; ami the rapid formation of new ami
nine blood they produce. In this In,- the great
secret of their success. They are mild ami
pleasant in their action but searching and per
manent in their ell. ct pei.etrating the lem doat
lecesesof thesysieiu by their rtaJy absorption
into 1 he blood, thereby iiif using a new supply tit
vital it v and nei v a. us pow.-r into all the machine
ry of life. Toe extensive popularity tliey have
acipiired all over the West and South ensures
sales of at least
And we find it iliilicult wilh our large force of
hands, and the b.'h? iuioi ovemaiits in machinery
vvnicli vvs' have adopt- I. lo m inufat-'ure them
fast enough to supply the tlemaiid in thirtt't il
wcs'erri -and south Slates! Due large 111,1. 111.
factory is constantly engaged in pieparing the
various coiic.-iitratcl i-xuncis or unit' 11 tiny
e coiitpouiided. i'.oin the best information
we ca-i obtain from our S.oliil selling a rents,
and boos of atteiilive coii'.-.-)emleiils 111 ad
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3,301) cases of we.ikiie.-s and general debility
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