Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, May 16, 1867, Image 2

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f,-r I'crfclk the rtx. d y :
' I iiif :.t cf :!iC Unitf.l Slates,
!:" . j. (It-:i. ilcr.ry I'.. l'-..:irn,' zi.i j
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C"-;-, 1 es ii is f iij, t. vrtiLtr v.jih ciUie
tl - y le cj.:.. j cr cf.-rgd icfore cur Oir-c-
; c.rt tf the Ucr.ti titei for tbs
fi;iri;t cf Virginia, at the text term
t' . i McnJay is "lay, j?, at the
: cf cj-rt ca ib:.t day, to cj ar.i
::re wLat tl.all then ar.d there le
j the said Jtfiersca
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mien, v.bicli we cx-
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wculi draw but a tnci?r:t.'
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Ty. h!;r Jttrr frcra Ricmcnd r.t
I 'Aat Jc.T. Dria hj been admitted
titsil in lbs sun cf CIO COO id urr
l:x trial tt the ICovt-n.btr' terra cf tie
V. C District Ccurt. Tl us tds the rci-
l rt" rrn
. ct i . u .x L;'v, I ut i i.urj
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t - t vu;..vis ia twii t L;., J. cn . '
ty ---A-:-th-t v.-s Lcve beara cf in
i :': r: A- f, r ti-3.
!: t;;r-r?Aat A. J. lal.-rn, vAj Lis
t... st:;.: in As f-nAy tf CJ. Tux.
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As -city, bo d.J ret r
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rt-;,y to i;:-. :ri.-.- :rc:a
i ncrai-i Jin V'iA.ardt,
3 jcr-A v,hat 1-3 v,a:.tkd.
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i A tr.hinj ciTvCl class
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r. 13 crc f. r I :
cr. i.d n:.i .
ra:r A r:-:n cr.J
.s far cs
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cf July. I:.
l- . -. r. , : :
iLcrcjjUy vie
;v It th2 citizens cf tl.ii
;:! '.bit vi c
l.j rrcrtrsl to v.:zi2 :a Icr t'-e
r f,r fr
c:. :i weal.
Anchor n.sf.rr v.!.:c!i -ivest';,? ab?e
r.i.j. Cw. - c , - 4 i.. .'
:!;c c::rf!il:3a cf wl;i:.h ii c.liently j re-c!::t-i
dur.nj t!:3 jrcrcr.t 'J'r.r.- TLi
Air L:ns read vr ill Cv:..::,.xce frc;rx this
briift?, anJ if. 2 ij; pert cf til lie
rczis wliih centre tt cr fcsve a cci.a-jc-tun
Tiitfi Lni
icr ItexaLa L:nty, tursika, Icr
t!.2 ye:.r lb 37:
Valu.5 d nr.; 3 CTctbCCO
Va!..;3 cf t-wa hts A 1,7 CO
Carital h t::: rcba:Aia,3 ll-'i.iCO
" ,l CO.SJ
" stocks ai.d shares 12j
Mcneys and ere li: ' -KAliQ
Tfiit!2 hcusAAd furr.i:::re 1 V,,iCj
cf hcrs 2A21'
Value cf ih a far. 2 U,C0
No. cf cattla
Vulus cf th-3 sarr.:3 . 91.S17
lo. cf i.'iulas ar.i azts ICS
Value cf As taras li'ASD
'So. cf sheep 2,433
Value cf As nrr. 3,720
No. cf twin? 3,C CO
Veljs cf tha saruo 11,450
lo cf rarria es u vchlch 15 '
Va!u3 of thg satr.a ZjLjj
No. cf cfcjrs CCiiT
N'o. cf f olk's mi
Value cf oAsr rrepcrty lcI
3 453
i. rah
Atteit: V'm. II. Ilcovra, Co. Ck.
IUj 46, 1SG7.
i. - J I i 'ii . . . V- V - J I it - J5
A tcrribl ttcry cf IrAkin barbarity
ccracs to ts ficra the Ufpr Misscun.
The' Ccua;il ElufTs Jcr.;arid cf lb? J 1th
learns frca ihe itetr.'ier Lt Clair 2.
just frcta Sicux City, that at ou: two
wtAs r.p th t'.ear.ier 'liner, when
nbout five hundred- miles wctf of Siou
City, stopr ? I to taws in weed., The crew
vhil? cutting the weed were sur
fourAtd ly a frawii; j baud cf Iadians
s:p?i;d to is Sioux and ell liilltd,
after v.hldi As Indians attacked Ac beat
anl rriurcerc-d ever tnn, rAmaa cm'
ch.Ii cn t card fare two rasa, who triad
ihctr Ci;c. Th2 Indians then pillaged
frcra As' uuat all iu valuabhi as.-J set
h.r cn fire, vAsn th": turjd to the
'-. t " r's c i.' "J.
TA'j r'cry nci.'s c ::':Ar:r;ai;a which
v. : her i i : t;II e v :rr.t. If lru8, tcv.
ever, it is a sure mikitica thutthsij'Ia-
likv V t , . k a w
Thrctj brut Njrthera Kanrai snd
'lir-Turi, SruAtra IAraAia nrd.Iwa,
this r.o.v t;;.a!l but tvuzicrcuu insect h
tend.. ubtcAly tin "chsetvci cf oil clser
vcri." Wdliheitiy? Will they 1
Hiv? ycjcnyia ycur i:cti:n? What
will thay c, thinh ? Are ctUirttions crte
may l;t ar t ihcuiani times & c!sy. . Vi'e
have paAercd as r..uAt i:.fu.'i:aii;a t
p :AA, i..A frc:i v2 cirilki.ra r,-e
j'-Ao t.s s-ca es tht-ycaa f;y tbey svill
cither ro. wcjI a--. :.t, cr gradually ci;s
crrcar. Cue fact thai Irida us 13 the
t::.A.:h;t ii Aat Aey cevr have
:AA their
r:v; cf the Mis
t:y ruany y ? a r since
lev. a ia greater Izztds Ana Aey
. r. th :y mut have gc:,3 u :-tcr
j cut." We judge thai tbty may
i a: I reaur cf t'..3 cstre.ord eery
.': r rf bird h this s; rticr, end j j
f:r as wj can lean
A kcslitks a:.
r ' rc 2 . C
i enly cr, new
!A- her v.-3
l r
I .vo h'-trd th--yet,
end ctrar
lave h-: ::d :
? - -.., ...
. 1
h:v - !i'ri
3 ts it ma'
Hut little
rt'.nr, r:e
.ia bciagr diMrcyed
: t:d ca.M - roan I.
!.:.A,: ted,
'rr-,' -'-rr
- I -. . ' .
"- J. tr:'.3
! I ' , t ,
C -j i
:-r it r.ill
vr; c . . . ,
A 3
h is . ,
r : !
t e f
art : ', :.
-s TvhiA
c .. r
- 4;
c c:
Jarr.i o. Cl.r..2 v
:: j w: : : .. . r ::::u ty ii..n.
i, ii , lij'v.), r. .c i.u: ,a, C't-.i. a.
Vh Furnai ;w;i cAtrs, nil secnd ceAr
oustr.d wiilir j to cxte .elaii to a-y read
west thrcuh this ccunty.' After mature
deliberaticn the ful'o'.vjn sntlemen
were appointed, a cummin a cf ccrres
paadenc2 who power to cell a- me tin j
cf t!;? citizens whenever it m'ght be
deetae-d c'sccsrary : Cul. W. Fuinas,
J. S. Church and Dr. J. VA Dlackbura.
Afur whiA the mseticrj cdjoamed.
Aa effcrt is row hA"- made ly a re
specebb number cf farmers end ethers
to jr-:t ia fair running order ta Agricul
tural GuC ety fur this Ccoaty, anJ it U
earnest! desired, thit every cno !a tho
county who feels any interest in Agricd-
turaUrierchantiiecr Mechanical persuits
shaulJ contribute bi3 mite tO advanC3 the
-cod vcrU ar.d thereby increase the ad
vantages to be derived from the estab
ltthAgcf an organixation cf this kind ia
our ceunty. Th?re are those among us
who, hate but recently "eft homes in
other Stst?3 where they enjoyed the
many advantages cf an eld settled cora
taunity. a:r.rr?g which that cf a high state
of tgricultural irnprevta sat was duly
appreciated, argumentj ate unnecessary
to convkce tuch cf the importance cf
this matter. Yet, there are many who
do not properly estimate ths importance
cf being well informed ia regard to their
calling, and to such we wish to speak.
Wherever a farmer mechanic, cr m r
chant is found who h deeply interested
and thoroughly posted ia everything per
taining to his occupation he i3 found to
be prosperous and generally contented
and hippy. But there are those-amoajr
us here, I am sorry to say. 23 elsewhere,
who cannct afTurd to take end read the
pipers cr visit snd contribute to agricul
tural societies, but who do a '"ord to raise
grain and stock ord fceil it tor one third
cr one half less than what they ought to
realize from it, thereby net unfrrqueutly
losing hundreds cf dollars annually ia
so doing. This is enly taking a pecuni
ary view cf the matter, but it is the view
usually t-ikea now a days end generally
considered the mon important one. .
lAt let us not suppose that the subject
cat. not be presented ia oilier ways.
There is a vast amccnt cf peace and cca
Uutment derived from the contemplation
cf a life vvh'eh has beta frea from errors,
and & source cf the racst deep remorse
end kiting cisccAien a:;d self-reproach
ia reviewing a 'life 'full cf errors, and es
f ecial! j shoeli A ess errors have been so
great end cur... r uus 3 to reduce the in
dividual to poverty mi want ia c!d age.
Tnij is tnivjrialiy acVno wedged. Then
vAy not adopt measures 10 injure succees
to farts lays ta cur power, and to do so
we must grasp eagerly at evry source cf
ureful I: ucw ledge withia cur reach, and
a$ the fanner end mechanic more es
p 3 cially are p.ecessanly .confdnect to their
cl 'cure pieces cf labor the:? facilities
for cbtair.irg outside knowledge cf their
pr-rcukiJue therefore confined to reading
and a limited clservauca, tcaless nrsisted
ty the unitsdcfTorts tf many ethers to
bring together at some co-nvenient plce
and at a specified time such facilities for
acquinrg ir.fcrmaticn cf every A.'ng per
taxing to his c:o-p ;::ca, ccn.pare notes
with his fellow AU rcrs, and dkeu.i tha
m?ri z cf each ne-v idea cr improvement
up cn Ad ti;:-i-ho iero.1 practices, at a very
uifA-.g coit cf time and , moaey. Thi3
h-.IAc. is icxhit:.Ttablet but newspaper
attirks mu:-t ts short, else cue could go
ca L.-ur. --e ruing weighty reasous why
i-very ..ho tills k t :l cf land cr
irakes hi uvintr by mechamcal cr
Aits AcAJ patrucize every
' t " '
rt ta cd ranee his ccenpation and plan
it in pesitien to le properly eppreci
- a.
Farmers ar.d mschmics usivcrsally ua-
tk-rt- AsArimror:r.n:e. Let Acta tAdiy
S f ; -T r
. l-.j ...-.J U , ;i 1
I "
Lc:r tr.-3 pent
Til ! ?
1 " l ;.l-i.
j tire -;h
xo tf.-.
cn f.r C
-.r ft ;-;ntion will L3 ri to
the. v. i.;.- ' to cuatiry ic.crv.; ; it Co ...
j at a ch'itar.ct? wiihir.;T '. to r
3 br: cf this School will ad-
cure t;..2
tlresi tho IVmrinal, Charles A.
Druvnvilk, N'ebraska; an
f - . k !
at tha fmf th;
t: .J. . -
Arran.r-.e-nts have teen tnada by th?
B sard cr ihiucaticn to admit all p-jpih cf
Drownvilie Ctiy District for the tun tena ;
free cf char-s, provided tht-yare tetwesa
tha ngescf live und tweuiy-cne.
... MONTH S.
Primary Department
Commoa .Ealish: Departing
Grammar .
Hthsr; ... -. u . . : ..
... 19,
Latin. Music, ex'ra.
CIA1"- supply cf all Backs needed will
be kept cn hand and furnished to pupsls
oa the loueit retail rates.
Est ait cf John P. Baker, decs-js:J.
Notice ii berelj given that the Probata Co jrtcf
Nemaha Cj inly , cits'-3 of iN'ebntvka, has af!
Octi-l-er ll'.b , 'oTt!:Lcr Utb, ani L'eceuicr f ;h,
ls-T t tea .'V!ock A. of Mil d-iyss the tia-j
l.r tiaccmifg r..l sll.'wir., claimd axniajt the
et'ata cf John P. Laker, dsveacl. v'aii exaiaina
tj-a ta bo uio tte court a tL urt ro- ci 1.1
ijrowrivi!.. All claim n t jreiueJ tr.f ilj,r-
ance yu or berora Dwotabcr ith- i:zi, shall ta
forever barrrd.
JJated, IUj lsth 1st;.- -
( Ui.O.'W. FAIllBROTflEIt,
. P. Cor?.5ST,IliCHsr?of , ;
.'. Aiiuiuislrat.r. S3 4tt9
iidnirJsfrator's Sale cf IIcilEte.
In pursaana of aa orier of tha Probata Coast
of IVemaha C ountj, State f Nebraska, granted on
th Hih daj uf January, 1867 , wa will cur fcr
alsat pnbiio auctiaa,
On Saturday the 8ih day of. June, lu7.
at one o'clock p. m. of aaid dj , upon tha premise
tie foSIowic dfacribed Real Etttte, fiiu:vteJ in
the County of tmha, State of Nebrasks, to-wil:
Fifteen ' 15 ) ncr-s, t.g vf the orth Eat comer i f
1 1 e Korth West quitter sjf Section twanty-9i,j:!..t
(23), in Township six (6), Korth cf llaAo 15,
Tercu f .to.fla-h ia Inn!.
JANM tJ. COJlttS. Aklmiiiijtratrix and
.u'JNP.Oi; J . COMCSjAiiiiiiiisirilor
fift'.ae ' i Jstf-srjoo L. Ctmb,dcea8ek
. . ttoxcica.oxrt.'i
Of the conduiua cf the
-- Hi
Ircsicrance Co. of rictv YotIl,
Oa tVc f-st inj of January, A. D.IS'7, tnida tc
th AuUi'or t f .Nebraska, pursuaci to tha Statu i
vf thst Cttaii.'. .
I.'ATtTu AND I-OCATION" The isme of ttsU
Cinspu? is The Home Ixstbasce Company, i.i
crpurki;ti in iuCvied ia ttv Lny ut Kew
TbaCapitalof aid Ccmpany actually fs,i,t f 2,CiJo,000, 03
' The furplus oa tha 1st day of Jaa-
raary.1357, l'C77,454 ,22
Total a-oust of Capital anl Surpla, $3,"77,151,JJ
Cain !n CpnIs)tt Kstinil Bnk V. r. $317,951 n
in'lO-ii ia I' tl. TrukL Coujpaoy, X. T. 2 cn.5 6
' " iR.hiiir4.A.nnu t53,5i3 fj
" in U 8. Rclatred and Coupon
Stock ILSI. M-rk lva $MH5?J1
Aai't U, S. Bwkjiii, C C r.lS'J S 3 15
Kitsaarl St;e bonds 6 par eent
Varitet value. IS 7S0 01
Am't V . 0. 6' is, 6 p. c in t. 7.u(i 0)
" T. fia. b"s. 6 p. c. m t. . .. 17 6c0 tt?
",! Ws. ti't' , 8 P. d , rsir w. 8"0 01
'-li;-t5 - 1'U. 6 p. c tn. V. 2, t ) 6
-"i ? 1 sa-i tii 6 p. c. m oa . , i
"iT.St tks, 7 p. c. ru . . C-i'i'jOC)
' (
" K
- ceiitrml boBlfl m v.6i f-iioa
itsty. W ratr TuIurSj to CO
. i Counij. 11 to. v. to oaoj
a CUT Vvitr baa ra,r. 9,3.") to
, r,k i'eck '
" Loans on bis ni iiortirpS .
feeing Srjtliea of rfrd on ui
incumbered r?l t iu?9, wor.h
least 2,172, izi, rate of iater
est 647 pr.ct. tl32i2 50
Lana on cocl.s &'id Honi, pajabla
on demaoJ,the TEnr'tc yalaa of socri tios least f-CSi3 . 154.CC0 CD
Am'iunt of tetner acJ
Wrecking adfirataj S3.1'3 9
kmoin of U i"crom ml Stairpi , . 2 t -14
Jl-rell.-.-.eut.'i Uvus &i. 52,113 23
A sr.--.usr. d Jt f r prtr: tins V-'V, m
iis$ac3tC.i( Fire. I-.t. 1 'c "-.r;;,-,) I 2,'J 21
A'si' 't lie ' f--r -m: -' ";i
rine tit I: N4vi.;;:.-, Kuk , ; j.l.,3 57;' daq cu lt JaLiUiry.I cjj 15 ,.75 C7
?,?J5r1.'J 7
Ari't '-.!" I- 31 1 'J'ed, nnpi-J ,'uQf
iriirred.gni ia pro-
cvrf f--' iitmrt 255. lit C5
Ar.t. tl
A t . f
cr ? :
Av,t !
is .'. ia and nnr;l I. jCO
? .lt n ts eitht reiit
',- I'.rei bit uu. uU4 csca
I other existing ciaitaa
s Corupaey nona
-s, cl&issaal LthiUtt9S ?2i7 ,t it '
'rt aoitsttt insured on ary rr-e tll i.
- ;--,lat will net as a general roll exc-ted
i . ' - ' '
y hajt ga- g-ncm! rata at t tha
.. -ed bo insure! ia any eity, town,
i ' cfe , Letc trerued ia thii iaittr, in
, " y the ,?ofrl.. phra:-ter cf tasldir
eti ,fjci iitie fo pattir- cct lr,
If.. I copy oi tha charter or Act '.: Is: r
, . i loicr-iti, actc;3Ui a jtt .us
;f rr? v-To :r. )
uaty of I rk.s
rriAr.LTM J
-a It or. b-;l. -rtr-
sworn, d!jHH:l A: x f . ,
,that tn f -.--c; -in-r is fa as. 1 c r- :
. i-
; yf tta a ri t -7 ltis.-i ,$r.
tba -I'.-Ti d ;r.h-I 1; ri t'r.;o j!
; v -1
; ia
k ; ;
'! it
.1. i
t c. . t" '---t i. o i.a;;Ur I
c r c t '1 e tit tr.-'.-t v
A -j tAv-L'.y ;.:.t,k..i tL- ...c
; ir;i !
' . . . .
i a: i i'. w i ,
. , k. .
A a Orlhi&trr.V.V.t
t'-.j 3v!o cf Mi't, V
j :
i ..l-ii t ; i.".t---j L-.i'ii-i 1.1 !
i s ii'tu J ii.i;-i th-') C-.; -.i C
Ci'? vl Hc.jiit'y.). ia iz-3 -.-D if C,.S-.t;-
r.i i; i
. Vtl. .:u ' or t.-v:
a .ty t-s ttii y .
';.-., IS Of ! ..1 . .I..S.1 lt,r ( i-ll-
jjri.-iicuc-a cf us i .ry cf I.r .vi.;.-, it
7 J .
viuUia )-. :ia oi3 cf this 0 j a l.-f
i :t.;-: tLerttcl t ir.vii jy iii Ci'.
ii..i-u y t iesa.a i-f 11. : y d..i.i.ri.
r ii. U. I'ij.iti;i ; ;,i..-1 tcr t';- t ? I
'.!.i:t, vu.(us of intuuaj li-acf cr is.:. .si v'f.i,"
ds u!;, tLll fiio u Ui,J f.iid it receipt ti'.-.a t
City j. r-.-t:-,-r .ic.i tli City C.e-i; ;n ; v. 1 .-J ii
rcct...a i cf t'.a c:'.;. : .1 i.u.!j uf l---hc i
wuc-i th Coki.;. c i C:u iu ty r;. .t t'-.a s i-
cms i a 1 Occam t. a ii t:
'.sissi b.-' .rtttu tLe h l
ji 4 sA.uii t a. rs., ari 1 1 1 oVl . u., c-a the six
ch U.t..3, ci cik-l Ktck, sutjtfcl to iLi j:r c;a::a
lion ct '.'..j .Miytr.clio t-te places of su. h
we..-tfTcr thd' .1 of-iir. of tha City so
quiro it,
fck-c. 4. Th ittha sr. .scant fhall pny into ths
City Treasury for a Ho so V ?e'.l 31 i'.t I.i jucrs by
tha k. ,.t.- crdriuk the suai ci thiity dollars
Pur a lict-Dsa to stlf tai'ii, vtnoi. iibJ sit .; us
liquors auu intoxicatic drnki of bitter at wh--la
SAie -r in u.mtil:a exuouiia three gallons, the
uas I.; hiiy dol'-ars.
iira Liucne to sell ma.t, virouj or r!ritii as
I'.q ,s rj, r ii.toxuat:.ij(iriak or butr by the bet
tie, p'.nr., o-iMrt, or -iher quantity cz.Jer three
1jO not Vj 1-j d.-.kuk ca ths reii;i?si, tha uu cf
twenty-five doll.trs.
Fc-r a l.ic!-rs.-ke' to gcll u:iU, f j -iritu :- J3 cr via-im
liqucra or isit..xieatin .1 rnkj by th j sr'ou , cirs.i't,
or I'thrrwistj the fja cf two hucclrcl,w!j .oh
?fti J ih-t-u.-'ft sh all b j- -I f r one jf.x". mo hi'f
th a'covo r'ffhall La ro juiroj fv.r a l.-czsQ rua
ni" til ia'nlh.
l',i.-.-i,M:y 6, 13 7. t:r the C-'-ns -n Coan-it.
Aitt. JAUVLi S. VdlilV'Alijor.
V. 1!. M'C.tKSHT.Ci'k.
Xciiea i? hereby siren that :. A 11 pcr.'vr.j in
Ti7-in S , CoIIc-otiun "District e!!i.:v., 'h-
have failr.l to c"n-!y with F t-?ti ocvr.tUidrc-I
ar i ikix'y (ISO), of U.S. in.ernal Kevenoe law
r--rsi.'in all pcr';r,.i cf la wfsil' a z-3 to rcn i r u
r re'ura to tLa A-aiat.vnt A.,.'')r of tha bivieiyn
ia which ihy rrsiilo, of th-ir Iiouce. Kr"f:!3 or
bu?ine.-s. Ualcai uch bj returned wiiLia ten
i it frwia ite hereof, they w: 11 bo dealt with ac
cit 1 is,; tu the pri.visiom f ?ti;.a Ii'-v. Alc, all
perj-TK who lsa received Inocua UUuts w ill picp.
rly Cli an t r'-iturn taesutne to icy o!2ce wiciin
ten d.y. or it will 1 ccssse my duty e.-t uate
their accf-kisr. to the bc.-i iiif.'rns'io i I'
e-s.n cbrsiin and add l&ero-o a pjs.alty of 25 percent
on tile asu'Hint '
L;ruwuviUe. Xehrstki., Mv l.l'7.
ti-'ilTU P. TL7TTLE,
Atslitilit XiziiJT.
OSco , over City Dru ?tir .
On Thurdiy the 6 h (Ur of Jane, at 2 oslk
p. iq , I will otfer f r sa!c, for c?h, to the highest
bidder, .n tbn of Fdwird Sharon, one
nsile Sorth of I-ong.B I'ridr, I-u'hh lJie i ii-t,
.etaa. t.-unry, Atbraika, Ou-i otr-iy Sk-.o0r, red.
na wnite Aijrai-!4 at $'J. Tikosi tt by
Edward sJitBpjja tio i;i hi p sfc-i n .
HM. iia:ia:vu!'.d. j. r.
Xi.tic hereby s-iven oi th kh dif of
Juna It) o'el.x-k A M , t w-ll m-J! at putiio
wuoiion, :at tha hon.-e of J li i :n i , in l.'-4i i.-i
l-'reciin't. Neinih;v Can'y. "jb'iik.., ooe r .i -;c.;r,
bout t uryt;ar old. T.ikea uo as an Etry by
John Ilinnac!) tha 2ih di ot October, lito, and
reported by hlta m such.
2-5to It. A. STLYh'AI.T J. Ih
On Friday th Urh of Jar.a. 1?17 between
th i Lii.ars tf S o'cl cli si. m.. Hsi 1 12 o"el-!t in., 1
will olfor for asil to the highest ho br fr c.ih :n the residence ut Juseph A iijird, hint; 2
wi". Suuta .if Lir iwjvslle, .VM ihj C'nosify, -Ve-b'adia,
one atry th, d Moribcd i filio-f ; Id
ijd hs$a inttd, or-.'!' o.T uf ibj Iericir, gj.rje off
of r;ght tar. TtiKeu u u l y J -si p A . L',ri und
now in hi r-'Messiva Apt n it-.! at 2.)
- 32 i"to " li. f.LCUJi:.-..J.?
.. , . , ..
On Fri lly the lilh d ty of Jar.a, 1517,' bet at en
the h'iur of 12'clixk Marid 4 oVx:k p. in., I
ft U uS.r i -r to tt h'ljhest bidder frrfdiin
Land at tha rpfidessoB of C. T. Crri:n.-r. l.Tin 4
Lii.'es U't-7-t ot Drownville, la MicastU Count; Ka
br.skii. one ?triy : 'f. d--"s isjad at . f,.-l ;.. ru": ilu.I
ii.J white, brtissded wi:b ric; J t on tha ht.;fc of
the fkire 8h..ulder, rusiikei wstii orop. rlit n:d nn
tierbjt izi left ear, crop U" of rij,ht er. iupp -1
to be four ye old. Talun up by.U. T. C a ii-icr,
acd nnw in hii posdei'ua. Ao r --.-d at -f 5t)
5tvs II. V. HUGklES, J . V.
ITai jajt gr.t their Brewery ir.dcr full lunrin
order; tijpy a.-e dow rLskin 83 .r'.d i'tt r sj cn
te L,ada in the l i.iie l Matfii V.'iiU ihuir iK-il-iv.ej
fur inakiag Iteer, they ara --repami t-iit;r:iab
any o sntiyt on mi rt notice.
.Ai crders hiid as sec a r.3 received
i - 1 !
Tha uts-brd ?.t 1 a- -:- f what ii knowia
i k .. . .
f 2".;rs f ji' ? .? 1 ti f t.-r.r.
to boy, j - -r -s i
will be t -1 i cl.'.-.: . . ' - i'
in "8 to. j t 'ti-:.--'
der'ne-l -r a
A? 11'. ' . V. c:
Or on L si .
lefrn I r I -' ' . : i ' :
.. : ,.li.-:.b'r
;'.'! ; :.-bai ;ra ,
I . ca tlii oa-
V1 1 w
. . i. . a..iu
; e , they caa
. . . i .
i - -
t - i
tl "t ? ..hrd asl
c. i : .. v::,Ajsat.
are hr.i- .
: ia t . i r
t r "A' f" "
!t a? -m ffT1
M. ...... . S
r . r v - .
-ir.x! 8r?:ci t-
.3 clti:catf
isil;o sstl TiLiiiy.
.. tC
!' '.f r -
Ik k& & b4 tmJt .j It ir .
a t i.s
in :-f
, 3 i. : siia
N nlc-a :. 1 ortl.r t;r-a 'hit n " tha fint'i d.y
cf J;iEe '"7' Rt 1DwV,ri5 ? ' ' ' a ' r 'J h
lv r-;, cf 4. 12 ;.;, in
ri Irer :r,et. ..err.-.u stt't, .vcl.- s :-v, , r e
; ir't,t:"kti'jrv--'f' r.iu'i tp cy. ,.
- . a the 21ch djy tJ t.Ur I ' ,; : 1 re: r-
In;'.'. 3 1 : .( '
C "i i' : J ' '
. i u,
l t; n c ioi) tii.t
i - i : "(.' .
f r : t ;; '
Il l
,! it r i !;
- a. .. s -.:. to-
:..(:.! ! r''...,k i'
v.d i i. S j J k.
M. f ?'!
. 1 17'.
ta eit' '.i'e I t- t "J-
h .. . J .
! -
v. . W '
iL "
Ii o.i5 of th i. t n '
, ti.,--...i ! - d ;!
. 13 tr.s..?"-I,-ii! : r.
for; s...-i fc.ij ;
b-.-r id
.,r-f ail .!
-y r:
, v. ' -!
f 9 -- 3
I V1
IT.tve eer been tr;:;..c li-re t!.e f-l'lj nhk'x
ot.tir.d f? a p o;.-u:.rit cr tuet wilh core
farcr thaa t;.j
j I vn on ? 1 o r
ovin ioo.Ck.0 of Tn::i:j cnLnoaATua-
II.iV'3 been s.;M u:.-.!cr full tea,' and we
otTtr thia t r.'c-;-t! vhn-"--r f-'Or.d.
ii'iih Exists icn 7 hp,
IIm but o'ie cha-.pur. a;l N ?. i.-aple in 5'j eo-stri-ciion
thit a cat'.d i-m t:. i . :r it. Thi oreaj
are larger, bake uiro b ..-r:a . hi; 1 the Stova heav
ier tL.n any Cookie j f.jve cf Cursztyoalin tin
llouirkeepers. S.'ore Ec-zars & Tinkers
Can rely opn bes s unpolled at ihe iowe;; ritei
and will a-l U t j, t.t.r i.drr.ra to jeal f t at I
f ii.n:ine our I'rioe L ! !;( tj.iial'ij jj bs'r pur
eh&fi g e! c-vvbru. Ad-trc .M,
ei2 4 m yuhi i-rtTt sr. locis mo.
EroicriViKs. JVrbra&a.
nCLMHOLD 'S I-XT 1; ACT DCCIIfJ nn-i Imrr-.veJ
Rkife Vhah turcj c -ret aod dcl'.-Mto die rh t- ia
their t;(!s, at litt'.a expend, Hti'.-i or r- -h.-in
in diet, n Itic nve'sien'a and no explore. It
pleasant in Uvtz i d od-.r, iu-.aiiiata iu it action,
and Ire from all i juri-ua r j e:t;e-i.
Beati, Ii-Jiiiirij, M ca!, Iof i Flour Arp'c if-c
SVv'A.V 4 JJIlOTrihii
nriLMhOLD'-S tLUID uxihact bCCJlU i
pleaont iss t,ie ii -i cirf, Irssj tn in nil l:tjariou
I rt : rlc .:c, and i-.. . olite it it action.
hViAisEUiT .v;' cn ron sale at
Uy th rocent dii.."lori'"i of oartaenMp nf K. fl.
Hit: l e??A Co., the rtn.i sin.ici iha Nursery near
J.ri)i,-;ile f.ti! fi.t u.y h ir.di. I 'l-h to clear
thv g'.iuiid epen- i h' the r:i3.-cry i planted
thiaVpria,- all tbo ;tt.k Pe n.insr? wi;l ba soli at
unprecedented b.irlp. It c.Mt prnicip!!y oi
lirsj a-- . 'urr i rt's . U-'- t rit-a anl li rk:-..-ri.
Ajrll, 1-t b-57 2V It. . Fl'it.WNS.
Lt t ii;c.t.Ui-j Vii-' tiiMt..,
We nr t;w prep-irr-! t'i cAlivt-r. m
this rity, Prtnce's CAAr.ud M !'! "0"
and Cubh'iHt Org.ii.a at Fst.-tory Trice?.
This ii the te.-t t or' ur.ii y e-ver yet cf
ft rrtd, ia th: t-fC-.i. n, to b-.-e ;;:;c p-.-rs
sed cf cna t;f tl :-uer:'-r i ---? r i: ,i net
rTTr7r. T 7 n"7TTT
AtrarVd th bL:it Praia! ra t tsa Fih.hUln
ef th C ' n'i A.:Hu!'u.aI aal
2.Ch...Cl 1 tt t k
The TTorld s Fair, London,
mot a i
"'w " I fivv" y
4 i A i".U.i.t Aj
I'.: i::r -e--- ! ; - A-
Y.e u o t". vriiinL'-; i
1 30. !. it wh t i rir!.
' Jt.K
It '
4L A. k .
- ;i - -
If.- i
; C.:r.;.
d -c
. - ' '
' . ' A;
- --A
A x-
V. "
. A
. v
s t ,
1 '-
.. .1 u. . . , . ...
. ' . i . 5 I !.J .1 -T ..." k i
a.cion. a rinh-r cr ! -'
Tjhils-i ir. a
ere, C.-.v::,
', c'jri.
i.'f biT.r?.
.-? ha-, ff?ii, -h
poiurej 1 il l -.ret.M is y cat's .vi ssa-J
turer j ers, pr -i-ic'r r -'ti:a cf the f.'os2j
ed-.-cta : IC. -.t- .-i'?. t-...:y s-siM, etawa. s$,
tv.i sio-ioCy.iuilc - V l-'T, C' r. ?r ; .r'.-n. dreJ w;7t
tare ererits, l"ji of w-u .ty, asl Saal'y L;;a-ti-r.'-y.
bars ;h.--u ,!-- 1.
lie t: r--; i t.. : -y '! r-?i-IenU fcr rt-t
lii. i-i's' ar 1 p-c-..i .3, ilji juay
icirt r-iier as'. 1
(.VciTi-.jr a wbi'id h"cje of tf -It ro'jxi,..J r
ooirpefnt ait-nt p hy:cisni; thot rii-rir-'
i ii! f -r.'-r il ,ttt iikicn m ; retniia IB U
- r ,
e.-ttc.i 'Ls:i.-.'!.t. !
;'c i 1 ?c:st errj-whera ry nss of tl I
9 Theory an htr. u .f j
d-;r. all i ' - ) c c1 1 I c b
h idin ?'.V.J letter elsfrl. !-.rJ -
Cire'ilar. en.: 'if.nt a '. --' i
Addr-" St. lhoui. '
A frietirttf tsiii rs.?: n c tt4
erte ; rare '.'.irante-d. 0." M..1I7 (.bar!
ifrett, n!0 .;9 i-'uth '' r 4- ; I? 1 C.ta.. .
F'b. 16 I v
v- ;;.' 1 i
A fair f hev line ; a plr of well 5)s
Muiei; fair l.;i--. w I'.-2ol l'-V4 ; a J
hi-r. wi; G-?i!')i i;!t Sin- Vib, (an) i
a .e
t ca...! cirri., 'i au 1 vti
Apply 10
Ajril lJth ref 2 -
to:: .N0.v-!ir,TL:.7.
of Urire. irrs :-ki t-.:;, i , ..
ttse bl.i.l ! r. .,r kl t
r.. Vr". iCIli
1 r aleariii-'B f
tha pr-i's-
trc; .' ,
t, -- I 1 d- - of ' t'dlf, i
.... ,
l.r i i . 1.1 i iTH S-.T iVCt:?.
, .. " .
jS.'i. ......
". f -1 n
x :
bl'J..,..k i , i - - j t
In dirpct c"rr,r -ti:io:i wi.h &U t-i'- j
ding; itsekrj 1 . j
. 4 ''
1 .
: -e,
i ij J ii 1 .
Cf their : :. ;
- se .i "
- r iv-1 t : ;, .
. -1 r -
f ' V
ia1' ..j w -w
kV IV !):
- -ik j
1 tjr
r t
- -'
.. . T, . . . -i ! -
t- t r j. 1 . 1 y t .. . .
I 1 i ty Lira ai ta.h.
v v ;:i ba f.":
m t '
t I - ',?!..!
0 -r L; ,
- . f .: : !
reut;-. e p
-i r t
A-ri: 2t;k 117
" ' - ;
r I 1
.' I... 3 .
- -- ;
.rij .t m:y
uS . .
w j Ca I " - . t
:ed ir.ctt to r. .. t.t c
I . - ! .
:,i i.;..k.: r. i .
Z I i L . ...i f.r i: r-1 . itt til .I.
J U:
d 1,
I" - f ' rjj ,
i.e r:
.... S. k . i ............ . ,
c: tcj ::,! rra::
0.; CAI.
I. til :
- 1 0 ! . I i.
' I
t i..Tt 1 I. ii,
' Vc '.,