Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, June 28, 1866, Image 2

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    Nebraska SUiunitscu
ron u. s. fexatoh from sourn tlatt
0" -VcrnaAa CourJg.
Id hoisting the name of 'Hon. T. VV.
Tiftcj, for the U.S. Senate, from South
Plait, we do that which will Lest carry
out the "eternal fitness of things" in
having loyal Ntlratka represented by
en uncctuprouiisiDg loyal man, and alto
in giving an expression to the unanimous
tihtf the iricst t'ensely populated "as
CiOst loyal district cf Nebraa.
. Previous to the war Mr. Tipton served
his country faithfully in various capaci
ties, Loth in his native State, Ohio, and
at Washington, with honor to himself
tind benefit to the Government; through
which he has gained a reputation and an
influence among; th leading men cf the
Nntinn ivhirh will mnrli assist Lis natural
ability in protecting and advancing the
prosperity of NelrasLa.
No hesitancy cr marked hi:
ooarse on the breaking out of the rebel-
tirin I. in nnt rim m . nkvnvs nlivp. tr ihe
best interests of the country, immediate
ly evinced itself by act?, and to his ability
is the country much indebted for the
prompt awaking of the loyal element cf
Mebrfiska, which culminated immediate
ly in the organization of the First Ne
braska Volunteers than whom none
stood. nacre firm in battle, cr came off
with more honor. With this regiment
he enlisted, his patriotism making all
thiDgi- equal, taking the post assigned
him, although a secondary one, he filled
it with such ability that he can refer with
pride to the soldiers fcr his record through
the war, .
As a politician his ability has ever
placed him in the front ranks of those
who were striving for the eternal prin
cipals of Ilight and Justice, who have
just saved a free nation from the grasp
of sf tyranny as base as ever festered
upon the body politic of any country
since the commencement of lime. In
tVlA 'Am 1 A tinii.. C il, A . 1
iteadfast adherancc to principle has saved
Republic he stod its champion, as he
still stand?, and will.
. As an able lawyer, an eloquent ?peak
cr jind fearless politician in the Union
ranks, he is emminently fitted to repre
sent Nebraska in the U. S. Seuate, and
we know will give most general satisfac
tion to the South Platte people.
Ofildan Vote.
The following is the vote of the election hold
Jnoe 2J,aj caavassed by tho Territorial Board cf
For the Constitution,
Majority for Constitution,
For Conntt,
T. M. Maroueet.
J. It. Brooks,
llarquctt'a majority,
, For Governor,
David Butler,
J. S. Morton,
Butler' Majority,
For Secretary of State.
T. P. Kennari
C. V. bturgc,
Kecnard'a majority,
Fur Auditor of Slate,
John Gillespie,
U.C. Eainutn
GillecpieV tnajori tj.
Fur Stat Treasurer,
A. Kountz?,
, . tit. John Goodrich,
Tor dtirf Justice,
W. A. Little,
. Little's imj.'rity,
For Aisociat Jmtlcii,
; . Ceo. B. Lake,
L. Crounse,
B. E. B. Kenned,
E. W.I nomas,
Lake'j m ijcrity,
Crouase's m-ij jrity,
4 027
We have the most cheering accounts
.rom the back part of this county. Em
girants are coming in with uaexambled
rapidity. Many dir.rTcis". where not a
house was to be seen 'cn the western
boundary of Nemaha and in the edge of
Johnson, last fall, now the prairie is dot-
farms made by breaking the prairie
early Ihia. Spring and subsoilicg with
crops that fairly astonish the new comers
from the older States, nhere the soil is
partially worn cut. The majority of
the emigrant? to this section this year
are men of means sufficient to. start
comfortably, and have already erected
comfortaVe and some elegant dwellings.
The sale of lumber from the mills alon
the river has doubled, and in some places,
trebbled that of any former season. The
emigrants, and in fact ail, are striving
for live fences from the 0age Orange,
with such zeal and determination that
success must crown their efforts. Many
cf these emigrants have brought stock
with them, and are going into stock
raising. .Illinois has furnished a great
many emigrants to this country, through
the indefatiguable efforts of our towns
men, II. F. Barrett, and they are all of
that class of men who can c fford to farm
in gooJ Myle. Mr. Barren is a complete
A-ard cf Emigration, working quietly
M flVcurely.
This eminent statesman and patriot
died, at his home in Detroit, after a long
and lingering illness, on the morning of
June 17th.
He was born at Exeter, N. H., Oct.
9th, 17S2, and died at the age cf 83
years, 7 mouth nr.d S ''ay
In the year 1SGG,
after havin b?en
admitted to the bar, he was elected to the
Ohio Legislature, where he rendered dis
tinguished service in arousing Ohio to
thwart the design cf Aaron Burr for a
division of the Union, for which he was
appointed U. S. Marshal of that State
by President Jefferson. When the war of
1612 broke out he was chosen Colonel of a
regiment, and was the first to step in
arms upon British soil. At Hull's sur
render he was among the prisoners, but
rather than sarrenderhis swjrd he broke
it ard threw it away. He was exchanged
in Jan. 1813, was scon after commis
sioned as Colonel in the regular army,
and then promoted to a Brigadier Gen
eral, in which capacity, after distinguish
ed service under Gen. Hairifon, he was
placed in command of Detroit, and soon
after appointed Governor of Michigan.
He then resigned his Mar.-halship and
his commission iu the army. In 1S15
he removed his family to Detroit, where
he purchased a large tract of land, the
rise in value of which made him im
menseiy wealthy. In 1S31, he was tip
pointed Secretary of War under Presi
dent Jackson. In 1833 he became am
bassador to the Trench Court. During
which time distinguished himself by hi?
opposition to the "riht of search," which
was granted by Great Britain, France,
Austria and Prussia, in the quintuple
treaty for the suppression of tl e slave
trada ; but in the Ashburton treaty, ne
gotiated shortly after, he found occasion
for throwing up his commission. He
wa3 a candidate for nomination before
the Convention which nominated James
K. Polk for the Presidency, He was
chosen U. S. Senator frcm Michigan and
look his seat in 1 S 15. He received the
nomination. of the Baltimore Convention
for the Presidency in ISIS, but was de
feated by Gen. Taylor. In lS19he wao
re-elected to the U. S. Senate. He was on
the Compromise Committee of 1S50, and
supported every biil eminating from that
Compromise, including the Fugitive
Slave bill. He was again a candidate
before the Baltimore- Convention, at
which Pierce wa? nominated, la ISoi
he voted for the repeal of the Missouri
Compromise. In 1S57 be became Bu
chanan's Secretary of Slate, which po
sition he occupied until, in 1SG1. Bu
chanan refused to reinforce ths forts in
Charleston harbor, for which Mr. Cass
From a long life, of almost unceasing
public service, heas passed to that
-borno from whence no traveler can re
turn," leaving a record of patriotism and
statesmanship to which Americans my
refer with pride as long as history is.
An amendment to the Pacific Railroad
Bill passed the U. S. Senate on the 19th.
which grants the Eastern division (Kas.
City Branch) the right to extend its road.
without regard to the 100th meridian
to connect with the main trunk road
not more than fifty miles west of Denver ;
nnd directs the main line west frcm Om
aha to construct on the most direct and
best route, regardless of the 100. h me
ridian, the point designated in the origi
nal bill for the grand junction of the
Eastern and Northern divisions with the
main line west from Omaha.
That this bill, if passed, will be a se
vere blow to Nebraska is plain to any
one. It will cut us out of hundreds of
miles of Railroad, as the roads starting
from points in Kansas nearer to Kansas
City than to Omaha in Nebraska will
naturally make a junction with the Kan
sas City Read, which is converted, by
this bill, from a branch into a main road.
Again, this change in the progranine,
in doing away with the junction at the
100th meredian, will completely wipe
out the reasonable prospect of a large
city which the junction would naturally
build up. Taking it
was so vital a thrust made at the inte
rests of Nebraska, and we sincerely hope
lhat the Legula ure will waste no time in
squabbling over the organization but im
mediately petition Congress against the
passage of this bill, and that our great
men who desire to sit in the U. S. Sen
ate will also use their influence to hap
this bill staved eff until Nebraska can
have a voice in so vital a matter to her
future prosperity.
The last section of the first 100 miles
of the U. P. R- R-. west from Omaha,
has just been examined by U. S. Com
missioners and accepted as a good, sub
stantial road. Such examination has
been made of each section of 20 miles
as soon as finished, and ;o far it has
given entire satisfaction. This speaks
volumes for the energy and thoroughness
of its constructors, who are laying track
at the rate of n mile and a quarter a
day. - Its completion to Ft. Kearney is
predicted by next October.
Our latest gold advices gives it as fall
ing in Wall Street, on the 22nd it was
149, and tending downward.
Later. On the 23th it was 150, clos
ins: at 151 Ij2. ,
Harder by Indians on Little Blue.
We Icarn from Vm. Hackney, who returned
from the Tlains last week, that the Indians are
ngain at their xnurdirous work cn tho littlo Bice.
A J arty cf Pawnee or Sioux murdered a man who
was selecting a hemcjtead near the Narrows cn the
Little Blue, cn the 22d,acd hen crossed the Blae
Red Httenipted to kill a coujilo cf men who wera
plowing, botiis the men cseaped. Mr. Hackney
an t his companion isaw the murdered man, and,
luckily, eaTtU hu own scalp bypassing just alter
the murder. The party cf Indians is taid to hare
liumlcred nine. Tne?o facts are fuCijicntly au
thenticated to warn all against travelling in Emill
squads, or without being well armed.
Tho following is the amount of
Land Entered in tho Lind Oflico of
tho Nemaha' Land District in this
city for the Month of May :
12,3G4 54
9,836 13
1,599 42
411 09
Ag. Col. Script
Land Wan.
24,211 13
The. elrcttrn returns are yet incom
plete, L'Eau qui Court County is not
returned official. S3 far as we have
been able to learn the whol number of
votes cast will exceed S CGO perhaps
The majority for S:a:e will not be
much in excess of 100 voles, while the
majority for Hon. D.ivil Butler, for Gov
ernor, is reported to be 145 votes.
The majority for Mr. Marquette for
Congress is 13G vote?; and the majorities
for the other State officers cn the Union
ticket will be about the svime. We are
sorry to learn that Hon. O. P. Mason i.-
li eaten for Chief Justice by Mr. Litt'e
hai. iiiujuii is a irieii ana irue i ni:in
1 . , . . I I . XT
man; he has encountered the enemy in
many instances during th recent reb-jl-lion,
where it was considered dangerous
lo openly denounce treason; where trai
tors stood thick around him, ihreatin"
him with voilence fcr his plainess
, U A 1 , .
J.ct.ll. jvuu u was on ttiis account
more than any other, lhat the terrible
effort was mads to defeat him for Chief
Justice, and also that Mr. Little, the
most popular Democrat in the Territory
ituine ins competitor.
The contest for Associate Justice, b
tween Crounse and Thomas, is verv close
Mr. Crounse beiw-- ahead from 5 to 10
votes, and undoubtedly elected
I he Legislature is vet in doubt and
the reports are too contradictory to h-i re
hed upon. Mr. Williams of Piatt Coun
iy is elected by a small majority to the
oenaie. i nis secures trie benate, and
every indication is that we will have a
majority cf one in the lower House
- - Omaha Repullican.
Such a mess of mailer as appears un
der the head of -Local" in the Omaha
Herald, is truly astonishing. Out of two
columns headed "local" in the Herald
scarcely one-eighth of it is cf a loca
nature. Here is a specimen :
iub ues-i rennris are irom sucKin
calves of from Jhree to six weeks old."
Ye Local was doubtless on a "brown
study whether cheese making wculdn't
pay better than localizing, where local
seem so scarce. Another piece of loca
information is:
"We should not le loo niggardly in
our praue, tor men will do mote to tup
port a charac er than to raise one."
We hopo no one will be "niggardly
in praise" of y3 Herald's Local; it
might opera t a like a "sucking calf's
rennet on his "milk of human kindness.
The joke is on the "New Chica.j'5 if It
is asbirrenof local njws as the Herald'
columns indicate.
A3 the Potato Bug has made its ap
pearance quite extensively in this stc
tion, the following veceipe for ju)6strc ym
them, which we find in the Prairie Faun
er, is just in time. Try it:
"One gallon of coal oil to one barrel
of- waltr, mixed well together. Sprinkle
lightly over the potato vines out cf a
water pot or a small bush and they will
Board criniiiilgralioii.
The Board of Immigration has been
holding a meeting at tiiis pl aJs for the
past few days. Among other business
transacted it has appjiuted the follow
ing named gentlemen at the places in
dicated to silicil and receive subscrip
tions and contributions of money m ill
oi iub ouitci us orjrauizawon. ine
Legislature appropriated but iwu thous
and dollars in aid of this measure, rely
ing, to a great extent, upon the gener
osity and enterprise of the people of the
Territory to contribute much ihe mon
ey necessary lo be expended in the em
ployment ot agents, and presenting in
diQerenl languages, the advantages and5
claims of Nebraska, Sfc. It is hop. d that
tne citizens throughout ihe Territory will
subscribe liberally in this direction and
Assist in the introduction of ihe great in
flux of immigration that is flowing from
ihe Eastern States, Canada and Europe ,
These are the appointments ;
Rulo, W D Scott. .
Pawnee Cny, D. Butler,
Brownville T W Bedfard.
Nebraska City, Jno B Bennet
riatismouth J. W Marshall
Bellevue C W Sturges -
Omaha, A D. Jones
Foiiteneile, Henry Sprick
Tekama, Mr. Hyde
Decatur Chas F Porter
Dakota City Rev S Aughey
Ponca N S Porter
St Helena Peter Jeanel
Fremont E II Rogers
Columbus F A Hoffman
Kearney City M II Sydenham.
Omaha Rrpulliaan 18:h.
The.New York Society for ihr Pre
vention of Cruelty to Animals, having
disposed of ihe cruel treatment cf turtles,
are lurcitg theii utumion to "devilled1'
crats- '
The following we find in the Congres
sional Globe of the 5th. From these
and numerous other bills recently intro
duced by Mr Hitchcock, we are satisfied
he is doing his utmost for his constituen
cy. The bills named below are of gen.
eral benefit taall sections, and we hope
he will succeed in getting thera passed ;
Mr. Hitchcock - introduced a bill to
provide for the geological survey of the
Territory of Nebraska which was read
twtce and referred to the Committee on
Public Lands, and ordered printed.
, Mr, Hitchcock introduced a bill to
piovide for the erection at Nebraska City,
in the Territory of Nebraska, of a build
ing for a post truce, internal revenue of
fices, and for the - holding of United
States courts ; which was read a first ana
second time and referred to the Commit
tee cn Appropriations.
But a month, or two since English
journals in London were deprecating
the practice of English merchants ad
vancing such enormous bills of goods on
American securities; yet, now they ad
mit that the amount of gold sent from
America has saved England from gene
ral bankruptcy. This enormous ship
ment of guld from this country is what
caused the recent rise in gold here.
The following is a list of the Officers
elected and .-ippoirued by the Grand
Ledge if Ansieut Free anl Accepted
M-i.ns, now in session in this city for
ihe ensuing year :
M. W. Robert V. Furna.
G Master,
D. G. M.
W. Geo. B. Grair,
Wiliiam E. Hill,
S. Y.
J. W.
Frank Welch, ' "
J, W. Bedford,
J. N Wise,
A. G White,
George Armstrong. 4
John Q. Goss
" Orator.
" Marthal.
J. D.
W. E Harvey,
G, D. Foglesong,
E II. Clark,
Janes Taylor,
W. II. Mann, )
Aron Conner,
C. B. Siiedman,
J.;M. Marshall,
John Reed, )
A. Chu,
S. B
St. B
s is.
i. .
We would suggest that the folIowiiiL'
figures how rather an. unhealthy ondi
tion of things in our neihr-oring county
It certainly ivould be much better for ihr
city arid country surrounding it if lare
proporiion of the votes were in the country.-
Whjle ihe ci'y polls over a 1000
votes, the entire country, exclnsive of the
ciiy, polls 350 votes. The figures
are rrom the cfiicial returns of the late
election: .
Nebraska Ciiy Precinct,
Wyoming. "
Total votes' casf,
The storm night beforo last washed
away the dam at Jenning's mill, and
damaged him to the amount of three hun
dreil dollar. He has manifested his us
ual enrgy, however, by engaging work
men at once. nd commencing repairs.
The mill will be in operation again in
thirty days.
The same storm broke the dam at
Bennett's miil, drowned his miller and a
lot of his stock, and washed away a qu in
my of jrrain d uriainil him lo ih amount
of about five thousand d-.h irs. Tlui iu fi
ler we understand was a german, but
we can find no'hing more about him.
We re truly sorry to hear of Mr. Bin
neits misfortune and hope that it may
not be so bad as ii is now reported.
.A cbrazka City Pro 23.
Highway Robbery in Atchison Co.
At a late hour !a$t evening Gen. W'
R. Penick received a dispatch from Col.
P. A. Thompson, of Rockport.. Atchison
County, slating thai on yesterday Mr. E.
L. Clark of Atchison county, while oij
the Tarkio Creek, was stopped by two
highwaymen and robbed of 3.000 in
money belonging to Col. Thomp;on It
is certainly one of the mosi daring o nJ
successful robberies we have evr be-'ii
called. on to publish, and it is sincerely
lobe hoped thai no effort will he spar d
by the officers of ihe law to ferret out
ihe robbers.
Horse theives have been doing a heavy
buisiness in the past three. week-1. Wi h
in th" past few dys several parties hi w
been in this city trying to fin I som-; clu.
i their lost property. Two hor.-e.s w r
stolen from a pasture field near N--lra.--k
i City, seven from the junction of t
rlaitsmouih and Nebraska Cny ovarium!
routes wet, and three from the
birhood of Clear creek, north of Piatt.
So far neither theives or horses haw
been recovered. Platlsmouih Iharld 19.
Wi; are informed lhal Mr. A. J.
Gill, of Nebraska Ciiy, was th fiic.e
.u4 bidder for furnishing ihe Govertnnt
wilh lit ty thousand bushels of corn at
Omaha. The price la be paid is seventy
four cnta per bu&he. Bids from this
section rangH from ninety cenis to' one
dollar per bushel. The corn comes frcm
some point down the river. Council
Blvjf JSionpareil.
The great secret in butter-making, it
seems, co.nsisis in aitendisg to the fol
lowing points :
1st. Securing rich, clean, healthy
milk milk obtaiud on rich old pastures.
ree of weeds.
2d. Settirg ihe milk in a moist, un
tainted a.mop!iere, and keeping it at an
even temperature while the cream is
3J. Proper management in churning.
4th. Wa.-hing out ihe butiermilk thor
oughly, and working so as not to injure
ihe grain.
5ih. Thorough and even incorporation
cf ihe sail, and packing in oaken tubs,
U2ht, clean and well made.
Cleanliness in ail the operations js of
imperative necessity.
Judgement and experience in mamu-
I latiu "ihe cream and working the butter
jraustcf course be used.-X .7. IVUUrd.
i V.a A
S3 c
taw m J r
( i
? I'l f-r ;v..iy
j . .
E3- A I . S O -S
T.ikon up Ly tho trJrrsjiict? in !.arnctte
cinct, N m ih;x Countv, Xcbr tk-i Tcrri:orj ?orili
14'.h cl;iy f June, iS :, ono Jatk buy m.ire 1'oiiy,
5 years old, with a on,
4 i'i vrM, ii.;.
Or. yi lid :y r c :'. '. ,: ' r ' ii'', st t.-r
oVi tk A. , l v iil t rior I: s m o to tho l i'u st
Iti.Uer fara-Ii in liaa I, at 'lies res'.l UL-i?g-Cra-.v
li.-.n .cvc:i .M.i S. V.'.lr. m !Jrow:iViJ:o,
in Xtmi'.ia C. ui.fy, 2"l:r;ik t 'i't-rritory.
On ) .bra re.l U.nv, .:wartit KpookJed, fire years
o',l L'.-t .-ijnii.'jji ;j.-Ai .at t'i t; a I :''
Dijc li-ii rj l ii.i- li I; C or, f.j-ir yoin oM Int
sj rin. A'i .r.i:.Sv-,l :it t ivc-Nty-fira t!':lirs. Ta'bjii
ui by F'. il. Allen, ii; l iiuiv in in p.isscssl'-.n,
4 3rj.,l F. 1, ALLKN, J, I.
Takf n up Ly the u.-.-.U-rsin I living 3 mile? a
b.iv Itr.iwtwill in tin Mia-ouri Vnllcy, and wuh
in bis fuJ pri-iiii-e-. o.i ti e 7ih diy of .Iii
Ijit'xi. On? bright M.ircl IL.rsi, wiiitu LitiJ t'oit
vviii.o l.'ir neaily to k:i-J Ijli mls h''x.
:i;s-5; I.. 'A S IWKKFM
On Kr.i!iiy,.Julr, f-tb lS'n".arl0 oY-In-k A. M.
I willoti'ci li-r .-a io to tb" l.ihi st l itl'L r, fur casli
in haul, t: the premi.-ci 1 bo cas II. F. l.v:irils
living sii'iil 4 li.i'.c.-i ;ib ivo Iri). i,vil!., j. Xi'icaVi
Cnuury, M--bra,ka. (me .t..ny s'-.-it. do-tr ilxvl ;,s
I briM.ilo. wtiitj iit t tie laor. winto mi ihj rum -.
hail i.f tail vii;i, i nirc bra:il.. t?:r.:o Cirj
"! I, a;i.i-;itsed .t I'wuniv ! 11-r b. l-"-iel (J .tt"ii
i.u l Abraham C.-Jcl. ' It. V, IlL tJli i;s..I.r. 37 J
On Fr.ony Ja'y f.tli ism at. II .'tlock A.
will IT r loV f.'t the huh'.' b.l l.;r for cash in
h ni'l. "ii th ' ir.-ni - f r '-tt.r. I vinj; our
uiiU-t at,.vf br..wxivi.l!, iti N -a .b i C u i y N -:na -
k:. ill" '
!' i-r. 1
.1 .' w.t:
II'T St l I.
,i , ' a
(.c rihi-i) as !!' v ;iiik cj
:r. h i'f."! t'o ta I wiit .. I r'tu-
ti' t I i , ji.Lt
y Ci j il.i.lans r
at T'v
i !-'
1 1 i.i
1 .ti :
I'i i' ir nF 1 l!c! tl
V. Iln-hi'i.
I-:."vtr., .). 1'
N in ilia
w.t. i. m w. u. n n.t v,u
liui 1 1!. I) -fi.i Cuiu-y S. h. tt
( i 'tit- l-5;ii day nt Islny. A. D. lcoo,
.i .1 .lii io.- il an orJ.T of a' ta-hrnTit in the
abuvii jitt.o.i for Mi-? -f skvkntv-hvk dultar--.
JOHN' C., riaintilT.
IT 1.
Il -Ol
I'roo.-n!s wilt bsra-'i-ivel ut tho Cuunty Clerk"
OTi -p, in l!r.)rnville, until S o'e luck A. .M,M,.n
diy.luly 2nd Is3,f.r furoisbinj iipun the ground.
Urick, Stone, Lime, Sana-, Lumticr, Shinlm and
all other niees'iiry material for tho con-traction of
l uihjir.s tor County purposes, ni-.cor-lin t p nn
and ?pcciaoation3 cn ic io the County Clerks Of
fice. I'mpoals wi!Ia!?o be received at Ihe game tim
for the Stone work, wtonry and Carpeuter work
aud fueh other work a. shall be nece:sary for the
construction of .'aid building.
Iy order .f the Hoard nt County Commissioners,
piil.fS.h IS'o"). WILLIAM H.IIOOVnit.
29-lt :i.G0 Co it-t'-Ckr!;.
AtlKiiiiislrator's Koilce.
Xot;cc hen by g" ven that 1 will 01 Saturday,
thy 30ih day rf June, lK'i.;,at one o'o!x.k 1'. M,
of said day, CTer fosilo at public Auctiou to the
highest bidder for rA'iii in b ir.d. the ftKowinz le
al ttUtc to-wit Lot five ia Lloik eiLtv-stven, in i
the Town of I'eru, in Jema!ia County, cbnki
Territory, S.ile wi.l taka place on tho preuiia
above described.
W A. DO irLER, Administrator,
37-3t 3.50 Estate of Ww. Ccike,
On Monday, the COlh day uf July, lS'fi, nt ten
o'clock A. iL, I will clTvr 1 r to the highest
bidder for cash in hand , at the tesidence of Geo.rg3
Crow, living seven miles pcuth west from Hrownvi.o
at Weddici iiride id Neman i County, NeLraska.
One sfritt Filly, with r"gh bind lo. t white, armall
itar in ftrchiad, fuppostd to be three years old
lastSprinnppraisei at Sixty-two dollar anl fifty
cents. Taken up by Go-re Crow and now in hii
V-t Justice of the Fee.
iaI mm
r l" 'rr- til CD
W " . u
it 6..-,--' i
pq (F?ME) 'Sol
13 W ii I
i O -s. 3 i
Ji k) U Iti lJ
Of Siiat
eEAKT catamem;
DR EORT ha?, by special itqtipst. ccri.'ent to-.visuii ihe followinz rlaces a
which times he can be consulted cn ell diseases of the- r '
Eye Ear Lung Heart Throat Catarrh-and-Deafness
m fce Iu Erovfiiiiile, at Hie BroTnYiiic House," ttYjnesdsy
Thursday, 1 ,
nil .
iwcive auiuirea persons havc
been successfully
Consultation and Examination. Free
lemaiiialilc Cere of Cntarrli of Years
With plra-irc T m rprconiTifi' Prl.tXT t t!i
f.fll :nl. 1 havr-rccn a I'lfHt m IT rtr Mi l.;i
If l i h i r won y" ycr. I i 'tire J nioi tls
p'l-vii in in ai'i'lyini i. 0-. i:'HT 1 .-wi I H"t lee t
Tii tit, l wa f ri'iich itUtrc- I As .;i ." f c iiii
moiK cji r a moiit lr. i:o"T I l'.an ir.!-r.'Vi-'i
a'i.) at ihis tunc foei ptitire y life Tt'in li e ! spae.
1 h;ive, jirpviiins tu iti-pi injr to lr. toiiT in ipv .rrti
t.i 1 1 .'it rp ipf i r. i:i i r kn n itiii.'i1. 'IH.i-cuf-fi.i
tpil in li). se v. a., s w cn it o t-1 1 lu C- ii -" it lr li.-rt
ttouco- j r:i'-:.
ffnu. L. at Ca in IJ i:.lpr.
Kn. fj l.( vp Mrtpt. sr. l.niii..
Tefpn dtp i-i'.ii v.-s mp. n ai i n el no:i jiii I nth-
PV-ttln li;:VP ii. 1 1 ::!..!, Iv i.f 111! ! i h I)-.
EDICT ami w: o take j iirticii :ar j.ip.i-nie in i e ui-
m'ii:i:u bun t I tie p.i;r na.-e tr i he pu'ulo a i-'P'i-
ticii!:iii " ihy i.f evpry c.i ;! pirn. s:i:il r'CiU :i
wI.cmi .ii nir-nt an l sitil! tM j ali r,)y i
Viilpii ine .M f M. P.. I. I.. I)., Xiw Vurk.
J. It. Ft Mini;, il I) , L. L. L).
J. l h X Vv .m.j M.. U., "
A. I,. CUrk, . I., '
J l Crie. M. D , "
N. i C'lm cli. M. V. "
L l U -tors. K. 'J , "
U sj 15iker. M 1). '
l'r. P, e-hki.t cf t'.:e Union col leo cf Stlictc
t:u'y, Nw York.
i i. H.ui h, m . O , Xew York.
K. V. c is M U
a S Hi-.siip. SiiiKicat InMrunicnt Jf iin-ifjctcrcer, t.
Jut li-, Ke Yur
S eplicn Alpxa. ler D D coliese of New Jersey.
J. t.ii e D D , "
LMiiaii At wmer, P.P. " '
James O. Atclljt, O. !., " "
H. M. MusKhive, I). I). "
lion. I.. A. tliiniller, R. ckway
Ji;('e R l,en. Eelvi.lere.
V y Keni.e v, K. q.
v.. k i-itjn, il I). "
l',?r . lc;)'i!y, E.-q. "
J;pr. Win link, "
Kpv. i: J. .-bi:r;i, '
I'tiipr Jii'iice Wliarplpy, ilonibtcTn,
II HI J H.-.l VH'HK. t ,
non. 1 1tPwilore l.iif if-
J-iiiio-.S litkr n, K q. Cii.'-te.r
K.v J. St..iifti!.ci -
Kpv J . Urp-vst c-r
1l v(i. H. Kfcr. T. L P.. T'rici X? v XrS fjrm--H
I're.-ipot.'t A,'r c aw; O !..,'.
A ff?r of t! p ni-ii y i ccf ?it v.. lint n t t 1 -i .riii!
of c:rc8 fr.m ppr-.)'i w-Mi I '. v.'-;i!'y k owi b i
):avp lppn rura i ny Ir ii t ( i. I t '.' ! tH n ,i
rpiii-nt ilitf ) a 1 'i ;'i hiiir 'i i r tr-!tnli ii
bis p..s??ssi'u, a f ew only l !.c-e j l-i J :
.ST. l)"t - .'.r,.J,4 p !i !CC5
1 bao I tPfi .Jaf in ! e lor tl .y j pT5. o'cki m
el l-y Si-nUt Ff f!cT-i;i Ii. an . i;i ;to iir
i nr ( Ii' .t v j e ii'-, c r;p ) t-y tevf." i. I ; '. i 'iii :
.iy I'P.iiti -j y:s m crct I k.I'J wjiIi tlflls Is y
mi r.r -t.ti. l at .v i i p ii I i t "r iv.ip s-it.!e f..r i'ip t.i
ti ar c. i.;m.i:i roiiw rsaf' 11 ileifliP-rt w s .-nvit:i
Bii.'f! a i o:!S':it i i i. tl iro f r ril t II' Pr ; ;il u a
.!!! !'i n.i'is n an:i iin t Iiism3 M mv par. Tliroe
tnooibs sime 1 put myself will r Pr 'rt ri'sc-re i-
ilioii-h tevrutv-ftn f ' aid l e cau e ! lao to
hear as well m ay imo of my p
j?m:s jrinxsrov.
Finrtputh btieet. :t. !.,( i Sf.t.
Jtr J..1 retell t.;; tornicry a WtoH-fae fSn c-. r on
?? : .mi Si ret . St J. n'.i -.
Vv. 'i. r ,. j ...r, ' rlT' -"' r: .,;:; 3 r; S"
in.- P.irs. T!irp
lre-iii-; -tiseae of the r.v .'ui-j 1. wr I ,'i.ive tpf-n
t:ea.'P(t by si'P',.i iJi:I. ri,:t p'o'i-.i rn .Inrii'vc 1b.1t
time witl out c rili. I cillel in J r U .rt. v.n in
sis wf.Ls. wi Mi ri t np opcrat '..11 .n r.'.y Ke;. .-ucn-tireiy
cure :u j. I ict-iJe :u J ts-.i i lie. Iim.i .m
AMKi IA A. G!i ytii.
St Lu;!-', Mo, J:u e 15 I: ISf5.
Dr.. TiOTtT Pryir Sir; I i avt- Ice 1 l.'.i.'.t ami h.Mp-le-s
f..r t!ie Ut eleven y.!r. tifin.' 11 m j-t pvpry-wbs'-o
1 hive lioeu ve::rl-as L i I r -r tii ;i.;i fifteen
y erir.-, m ;",-: ii tar n.o-o i:.jti io'i:: o iti ipll. K .'w
rsy e; e Jif a woU. r. y s h iv, t 1 1 n il ,.
me. lf'hisptiia .ta;ni"'iit cm lo the menu
of giving relief lo t.y i cur ivjt'rrcr, " m-.iy pni.iiib
it JZiiS. l)l:A V.LQW.
I have boon af.liif with Srofiii un S ro Eyp-i ever
since I can icuientnftf, un 1 h ivo e?i io 11-ore I to iUin
rel.ef from every known fource : an.l fl;i illy. ;n a !at
re-ource I cotiol a lei 'a 1 1 o'P nn spit hih'it M e cl.are
U Dc li irt, wag cure I niv ovci in m w.vk-.
Your.-, illt. Ail'.iAII.Vil liUDillN',
t't. I ii ilo
ALTON. .If. A-tni.f lfa'.iCj.
rit. BOUT Deir lr : 1 li.ivs 1: U a jc'ir r BiP'V.c
at J . 1 ow.l y iii il rto o"s :or a C-itu r . 11 1 i) a'nsi
w i h v fi'ih I :aesi ..n ; b en ; ::1 . t il (H yeiri)
lain 1 a,'p- uta et yi.ii ilni 1 .1 .1- c... tr, l ti-.rrd.
an 1 la r- :La 1 k 10 jiu Jor tt.e t W: : 1 jiu tit.we.l m
my 1 .1
1 aiu my dear tlr y rr ,.ici:irt frifn.l and well wi l:er
31. I'. tliYA.M. A!t,n ll'in. ii.
I liv l"rn Re r inn Ir. tii a Catarrhal fecin of
ti e I v.i gi !o 1 w.i ye rs, to mu li n l a - to J ihi for
t:ie in. uh Hot Coli.-tarit vO l-h, .;i(l expe;tl;i
ti. ti H Diitk, j Pit wirhraaner I h oi--;.: ev.i.ii,t.. ;ip
pi.M 3 tii tr. IS) t. ST ir il to 1 Ii-m I li Ti :i 1 I . om
t-e y k ii- w.i K..UTP, iio.l all to !o ."V .il u uii 1 tc k
1 ream c t In iii l'r I'.ott w fco :.u 1 J n e in fix . ts 1
itv-t i.ia . C 1. C .I. LA V.
X . 1G: Fcui :-"en:li itit-t. Si Lvaia
T'ie in I r' i- J bug to? i'el in tho T. rri'nry ,f
V..'brii-k i,f-r t ie puri-1" nf raiii i; OSA'UJ
ii nd s"t t i nij mi t and pi ki n. Fo iiiJ of th-j m u:, 1
.-ha!t ci! tiv itii a id t-Mid ilii i:nso f -r thre y-2-.xt.
1 il 'i.'O t:i- . inn ti p;t i my f ,r ir. -ir a charge of
!nm DM- ibdiar :.r.d T A'K T' FIViI cuts to
TWO d .1 ar per II .d. Ulmll .:t out th.j i'iar.?.
m.'.xt ."" ri::,ri.ii,in- uein r.t.-irtl e Kf.ria line ar.d
jr i as f ir up as Oai -ihiind pri.-L -i'!y potn-j ili.taneu j
beyond, ta kit:,; a ."trip or i-ountry - or 4') miles
wide, iit:J beyond that if there will b- enough to
i-oun.ry - or 4'l miles
do to make it an object fr me to go tbcrs.
To all who wish me to ik their Kenrin; prep ir? yon
ground In the f il lowing n inner : If it i. I. .urio pi w
a btrip one rol leavin? a ilead furrow in the cen
tre, plow from ui.e and a li-iif to two inches (Jeep; in
ihe Vll hirrow it, then tuck f irr iw it ; aiiniT the
Spring harrow and your rontid is reaJy for the Hiaa'-K.
la oM ground Pack furrow in August li-f jre trie wee ti
y to peed.
Any i nebavinijn laro tract cf laud to fenee,
and would rather I shmiM tak part of the bind for
my jay, I will do so to ihnse who wi-h me f make
them a fence , write to me t I.'rcwrvi!I?, and let
m know how much you want in j t' f n.e for you .
and 1 will cal: at j our residciioe ;inefi!n but ween
no v-an-l ths f.rht .f January' n?.tf, and iaiko a
Special contra rt with y&j. Infill atso, have all
kinds i f Fruit Tiee.. r'!ov.-i r. Ever.-i-t-n, Shrab
bary for sila.a 1 g on in tho Territory and a. c'i
mated. To Tl.oe whi aro raid 1:5 i'lititi. tT their
nwn.and w.isM f.k) ins to mik their hnlrf. r
Ihezn 1 will tike their I'lints it p-irt pay, .r I
wili tcllthrtn how -a rood fen,'. a id ths
rpediest and b-.t way to ui ike H ; a'so th.; b '?t wiy
ta save ie riar.ta Ji-r the first t.r.l "?:ond win
ter. ' Those buyinj i'lanti of mi will got the re
ceit.r fre.
t i i . . m . . t &
I ir mure l anj man m io'? icirirfj, inn cju
give t utter instruct ion. I win iva dmu one tuous
and diolars for it. I a! in furr.i-ii a rei?-:ipt for da
stroying th Oophsr, for ftf:y c.;nt, etc.
Agciita wr.nted to canva in Katf J.tbratka
Iowa and Missouri , they can easily nvtk? from tne
to three hundred duliara pT month, elfsr of erpen
scs. Address, MATHEW lIuKEFOUAN.
V. O. Tox 12. Bronv.::e, Xbrajka.
Kcfer by permisstoi to
JlDuE Kellog, .
LrTaER TIoaclkv
K. F. Basket, waflli
J 1
Louis Mo.,
treated by Dr.,
past two snonths..
FT. I0r:S Jn!y. C3, 15
T rtip-f nl'r m f ) r !. l :i; -t t e'. i . r 1 1. 1 ;
P' licprni'K iiv.,vn j,loi hli.u.i . i.r. . wi.i. iou.wu,
. t' ihe 'lent ;
i A'i .rt tore-, ifo I Ink I spe e c .1.1 w Uh
:c; m cup on my he-t t .1 i i nn.l r'i.; ilia:
liui m i mil i i n i ,- .- b. n triny a-m!ii f eeu!
Iy fi r ipit)iti in "pfh-. Aly jfljyii-i-.ii . niT.pif L 1 t
trip !v 1:31 l;n! r Pl a'l li.p i.f iny t-h-. w, y. .1
l.iir-'Pin.. p in irp-c-'iio my si.OVrit!S. biji imr.ijf J:
j me b-..t!i ' y a id n'.'l.f.
J X.'.. i i: my imrr t i 9 cmt lW'
: f r.i. :c tl '. ii r I fvi 1 y fr.. i ilr . . 11 n f c. no n. i-f
: l" ';:ip- . t !. 11. ..t 1 tii i'i i. ' l 1 I o.i i- 1 1 lo
HV. J i'l' r, t, , ,-., 11.1,1' .. tl. li-
j !rai It t 1. If! Ii p tl ; t t 1 i, T'-t ".' t'1 --1 .1. .: i- u '
in .1 fi i:!i! !! 1 If c':ru P f v . 11 1" . tl 11 P
;.ii nt of nf 1 sii- v. I 1 ; f-pi ti I ' rui ' fi ''i'
if'fPrp.i ria l ! o-'U ,:S t v !;.,::: 1 i..p..
p!fj b.u B-!. I 4 a- very i!.i.:'! !-' "i iif
. il In 1. r -.fll t i "i A i.rt t:n t. vi... a, -2'Tin'!o
Lit-. I . rjl s-ie .1 I m - sr. ,-ppr-,:?ii
!i I k ' Ii l l.fp-t 11 I'i m ' til
M'lMPo' VT 1 c'i ci ci n.y rn'ri 1 o .al n i . f r a
vi''f liic'i I .,'L I.
AV'iit i-ivtn -luti .:! p I m L I) ."t ' I 1 ' '
ni.1- py in t nr. ,.v ,v ,v, 11 it - i t-i li r 1
I.Mt-lh. v.- cill I'.'it IW I'I" j. Ii-i ti"ii
imp tUai h.'l il 11 -t wi!i to trett Tito r.r. I f 1. . i
r.i, .triil s. it t bf win IJ cev.ii! f.ict n a tt w 1:, .
went. n I p -o elN . examinp mp, 1 u .11
Cf fni nviiiiip I ft fni'l li wojlj oura t- V-. I
r:i truly s.i.-wiMi pip..T:fe, tie LcM'. !!', t'w
siifT-riiu ironr ibe n,-n:c CiB.cultie. thut I Lnve.r
Lpfii iimtr Pr U.tT.'J treatment notnP ii m. nu-:
m (i i!i a tf w ni.ui. I l;l auti. i;a!e'l t!iit I M...ji .t(
tetfiye i l.niit tte f.rie rotuine r.f 2rnft:ii.i n I i
inrivi'l :roii 1 trer j Lyt-icjiin ; but ui tte"io:i : iy.
te ae me r. mu-:eot$ metfecinc or v i ts-
i t.s. li p wli..!e I'OaiCKr.t frua the le .uuni: - :
veiy p.p. SJiit wi.. 3i'rtci''!o.
I 1.. p innl a fi pat many rea'ODs rrtV u ' p.
trpi n.iT.t h hax e b. fi enre-i u aaI of oi.o t i;
hpe.kofU.e iriPib:o n :o if t.-?fmcu. T 1
s hii un i-i i.f. fi. n ir j;iie-'s work a-Swrtii Ir. i
tr.' m. nt r i'U'.M'fcn 1 f 4mease. He pro: e '. 1,
tlxo'l iti-t e I r-t.liiiho! j r:i rr.aiii, r-t a
toiav. NWrli i " If .' unit fiy M ii e f an-l V,,lr
eviil iii- 1 t t: , j: 1: 1 f 1 1 : : t ' J imm tfP f-n- ;l'
III '1 Cirifidl Iv rxfii,. l P. ti, V J' t.vr
t ;ir t on: p cn 1 i'i'' 01 p.i-p- ot ye s i (! u.
U'ju t-. 'v otni 11 .1 1 .I i" 1 h . -1
ti' Z S U 1 )V r.
S.-v : t' u .Mri- 1 t,
Am I-i :f:r.3 sn! ? 0.1 oeff Twr'.vs T.iouand i
u j:
if.Vf!j l'ik
TliPrp N a I palin r p' er niim sn-; a pf.v-
li is vi.r (I t' !..:- i 1 t! i-i 'i y a a ' I . t 1
IPhK Ii i p t i-pii I X'i.ii - H'l : I Iy :..u vl... i
i.r.l fniihcr 1 li 1 : I in self ior;.iej t.c.n !.- .
lii.:'i bavp li'Df.l Hp ; k 1 . 1 it I.i.i.i'i v
i.iPH i 1 all 1 a t a-'i.'-. an I vpti 1 J. ' tl ii e "
cm prarti p I it:w', '.....! iy, t.'icte a h, : ii. .
i' 1
' I
t .
V 1 I
1 r
I pro.iii'.p nnN . f Ip.t.m'-i I 01 li.e n.
! iniln'f'tM!i i tliis Jty .. . l-ewli re. wb- b
j o:f vc !y pern ai pir uri il af u. ill !. 1
niPni--itt ur it e n:' "t 1 ti ii nt ir.p :.-ii r.m i.a 1
pit y.?s. vr i.t ! ti.:. i-i.js.-t. tt i Vr r.--
j luttrniary H oi iiel -;i -b oii.i-rot 'f i d a.
i .n Nt. I. ii-. I) I; . t we u . y 1. '
: .1 1 ' .1 re '.!.: 1 i i .1 -' : f " : ' ' 11
j, . ,;. i,.-n ; l i:.f 1. c c.;. 1.
pnctloeit thoir p.-if?.-io'i lier. f'r tioe :i-e
Milken & .-re .'lalilic. iiz: 1 i 1-4 -
rl V e
Luhh. Tn.-o;it. Heal ana C ttarrti. " 1m e t a rut
lui.k hUe l-a-jniiit?. b it, never. t.ia s. ii i tua. anl if '
yon il MilI It.c nu:t a fiw or iLc m: ny f er-e:i w'jc
pciti!icj:pi In Ui!lyn..p! i- aro to t-3 I u A iu tie c..!-iifitn-i
of tliU p-p-.- tor :h? e -! . h-innuay. --'.
Louis VaUj i iia't'i A'.v n.t Ulb 1-53.
.1..1 i.,
Tfcn wary wonJoiful nsre I'frf rrrrtby Dr. Bit
nn (Il ca-Ci iii 11 ctfy. c:oJ in nu-ny in
starce when all hupe o recjvei i:i, l;y ihe iiiP3su
hwl been ilP'.p :ire I of, st i.j; h.ia ui :u the first phy
nii'i..:;. a-i'l mrse in. Dr iort4 I illrmarv m l .-.n-f
r.lMti n r.jooi-aro ioz tjl k tha oiht of " ifia
Tliii-l ao't Vina trlpt. wpe f he c 1 t 1 c 01 . 1 i'ol
daily, - of. Louis Vuifj lie; uiicm, Aujtt.t j
J-y r'
. 1 1 ,
hird and Vine Ltrcct
St L:tii, Mo.
wi.e e ?'l
lettp:i iJ.on'd 1 ml.! cotfjioirj
ta; e t mt ip urn p ni;ti;.
1 mr T ITVTTC1 1 unit
for females;
Vrc Ihe 1 i,.y
a.:d u cu -ap ar
r :. I.d til 1 V tl l . I i l L ' K'
r. r
Iii,ot tr L'e ii!i jour b al' o.
.1 ihmT'Trtu :,('!iciii". liii'h dnil-.
( 11?:. v h ive bon hf. and wii! ro
in r.Tnd to y-u..
iHi.jr i,r or-nt t-f thir qualiti- f. S5'
M.V?ti's V,:U are tiild in t're.r oj.ent'or.s :
at; irri jru'-iritic'ian l painfal a3arra;i'.:
:i!l ob-trutti.,n.. v.nth'.T l.-'-m col 1
t r ! !:''
l Tr, ,-n,.r., tM ,i;rrPf l,.n. and wekno'l
..... M.. ,f. . . Tr-. iSn. ihAnLl Ka withoilt 1!
the result ill bo as d.rf iret'. Ai-k for Mrs. in
Iow'j Jlysth- T'i'.ls. lake cone other. Trice c-.04
per "t". rr three boxes for 5 d ;!Iar3. For fale b5
al' drujztst.
Peter E. Blow, Q ,-n. A-eat, St.Louu.
March 22Jf bo 2o'1
In pursuance cf an order of the Probate Court,
ofSiwaha County, Nebraska Territory, I will cr
ier for sal - at public Auction,
On i2U day cf July, A" D. lSG6. a:
one o'clock 1. M., at' the front entrance of be I'1
Offioein Cn wtivi.le'i-i sai l Coun'r of .Nemaha,
the following de-rib..'d real estate Mtu.i'fd iu
m.!i i C-unty. Nebnuka Territory ; to-wit :
Vthairof the North Fa?t quarter oct.on
thiriy in ?..wc:.ip Ave, NTth '-r K'5 ,.,:c:, Jf
Ea.r.ct.ntainir.-Eighty rcre ; the South half cl
the .N, r:h East tpWr, if Section t i'ty " AoWa
jdiip vj 5orth of llan-e i:x?een Ear., cxc?p
tract it' lard rfifcrili as lollow tu-wit : toui-neu-rinr
at Ihz Soa-Ji Eait coraor of th
r til" "
rodj, thence East IQ rods tiicnee outa oji
lbccMVfctlOrodiifcoat:-i.tios 13 '
..o '... trrnt f ni in ni ! 11 T t t ,!.r-..
,f th-3 land formerly earned "
eora;r o
lucLCjrunawn .ii. V""vw ' . jii f..t.lben
tiCLCsNtrlh U feet, t'aence :h ;i
.South 15 feet to the p!a-i beginomj r. i. n
propertj k.3. a, the, Ilanah-y i 0f
ted on the bottom aooiU I K n .
Brownvill. CALA A i . -
S2-"t $10,50 iUu l.Td."
K-i.t n'nrtiT nf ?". ,1 Seetien. runm
I j3 rod-, ther..v3 rth 4Zi nd. Eit l--
a fa., a traot co umea-tn,' at ta .V
j.Tr... I r n m AW . i.TIil'l. I , l - - - - - m