Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, March 16, 1865, Image 2

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Nebraska Sl&ucrtiaci
The mosl important news of the week
,ilhe capture of Charlottsville and G?a.
Early entire commend, alou: 1,600, un
the 2nd. It was at first reported that
Early himself was captured, but this is
not' confirmed. : The fight: was almost
Moodleps, the rebels firing Vut one volley,
when ihey broke and trifd to escape, but
jfound themselves surroanded.j1 Early is
reported to have made his escape cn a
very f.eet hprpe. Sheridan's design is
doubtless the capture and possession of
Lynchburg, thus catting cfF all means cf
rebel retreat to, or operation in, Tenne s
eee or-Kentucky. We do'ibt not ere this
Sheridan is in possession of Lynchburg!
mch a report is already in circulation,
but needs confirmation.
t; Grant is reported, by the rebel press,
to he still massing troops cn Hatcher's
Run, and they expect him to make a de
scent on the South Side Railroad,, our
correspondents says it is only the fresh
troops, arriving da ihy which are being
placed in position here. The roads have
been too bad for extended operations in
the vicinity of 'Richmond. Deserters,
who are coming into our lines by the
hundreds, report preparations for the
eratuation of Petersburg. V ' -
From. Sherman ail the is vague,
tut' not-unsatisfactory. His reported
fight with Johnson is all a hoax. The
last news from his army 'was that he had
captured Fayetteviile, N.1C and was
within forty miles of Raliegh. ' '
SchoSeld is reported to have had an
engagement with the rebels. No par
ticulars. -' ?
Terry is marching on Kingston, N.C.
No junction of these forces liai been
effected up to our latest dates.
t '""""'i1' BPPcrt Bothtr, al surrounJliijj flres." '
Djring times like these, which are
hard upon all classes, it behooves all Tto
assist one another. Yet, the result of
cych' times is mere of selfishness than
generosity; often this selfishness is styleti
eeonoray, txnd contains a slight sprink
liflg.of malice and spleen. - It is Human
nature the world over, but mote especial
ly in. Nebraska. ; v:
. . Up to 1SG3 while the price of - news
papsr ranged from eight to twelve cents
per pound, and other material was low
. the fee, allowed the printer for the publi
cation. of .the delinquent tax list, was for
land 20 cents a tract, and for lots 10
tents each. The Legislature for '63-'64
tut '.this down to 10 cents for tracts of
land and 5 cents for to wn lots. This was
c'lid economy What advantage is" it to
the Territory, or county ? The benefit
is entirely to delinquents', it is an addi
tions! inducement to citizens not to pay
their tuxes, a small bounty to delinquents.
Each delinquent is benefitted to the ex
tent of five or teii cents, the County is
noi the- gainer, while , the printer thus
loses just one-half of- this important
item ; important at this time, when our
paper cdstSt thirty -two cents per pound, and
other .thingt in proportion. This law is
still in force. The editors of this Ter
ritory have, in Convention, resolved not
to publish the listv To make the sale
. legal, the list,.accordjng to law, must be
.pu.l,lishe4 in a newspaper, if i there be
one in ihe county. -What the consequen
ce will' be if -if is 'rot published', ve do
not 'knowhut believe.. tilat 'no (Jeli'nquent
taxes can be collected. It .behooves our
Commissioners to cce to .this'. We can
ndt publish a coynty papery unsustaiced
ty the usual prices paid in 1860, while
,iuateriahas tribblhi ia PTIC3' . ;. v.
. .The Legislature of f6i-.6-5 jn'ade-for
the. rake-of tconcmAJ-xx' appi'pptjation
for the printing of the County. B6ok3 and
Jknks ' for ' the entire Territory, '. and
,made it the duty, of the Auditor of the
Territory to procure them printed. The
;Auditor Wm. E. Harvey, brother of
-Gtis: Harvey, editor of the Yews has
had these blanks printed at a defunct
ccpperhea.d printing office in Omaha.
The law doubtless contemplated that he
should, through sealed proposals, ascer
tain where the work" couU be done' the
cheapest ; but this was too much Tor this
t"white-washed" Republican, he ' must
gobble up' the whole of it without any
form or ceremony. Here, again, is -an
act of economy towards the public, at the
'expense of the' County papers JrTthis
Territory, and for the" benefit of ahog
in office. .
Again, cur County Clerk, has seen fit
for the salce of economy, we .presume
to send to New York,. and other east
rern Cities, for the County ,and, District
Court Blacks. We admit they may be ,
dene . fome better there than we can do
them but let us. examine the economy.
At the meeting jof the., County Court,
Jan. 25,. 1665.. allowance was nsade :
' "For.2,000 Nemaha County Warrants
ani Express Charges, 39 03.. , -.'" j
" Geo. W. Hiil & Cb. , . for;. 1,600 Tax
Receipt for County Treasurer. '23 50."
TU... An I I; tt bv Otie-
tliird the amuuut ot Purr thai the Re- '
coipts do which is q big item at present I
i t , I
and yet the Warrants coat the County !
$1.95 j er hundred a. d the Receipts tply
$1.25. Yet, the Warrants -were Lilho;
graphed, with Cupont ait xched, and iwWuhe amendments are adopted by the pen?
l(t terrible handy for iUi said Cltrk, and j
doubtless were worth mor because done in
Philadelphia, ar.daJsa atshlzd in sustain-
ing the Express ccsipany, whichr.o doubt
fee! grateful to the "generous public" of
'yYeimuha ccMtdxj. Rut one fact is appar
ent, eastern enterprise is sustained at our
expense and the expense of the County.
VVe could and would have done tho?e
Warrants for 81.00 per hundred-, in that
quantity, as well as they ever were done
in this office." The Clerk has thus econo
mized out of the County Treasury the
sum of $10 0, for his oven " convenience,
VVe understand he has just received ano
ther batcv of blanks from -Neva York.
We would like to hear his justification, if
he has any, or thus disposing of the
County Printing, without giving the home
office a hearing'.-" '- "
We are running the Jldvtrliser as eco
nomically and" as loyally as is in our
power," and are not making a fortune at
it either. We" desire but what is fair,
even admitting that it is fair to place us
in competition with New York prices
which is done with no other business.
Our filiation is aptly illustrated by the
quotation at the head of this'article, yet
in the- firs-t and last case mentioned, it
equally concerns the citizen of this
county. Why is this economy exercised
towards' a kyal,' Union paper, in the
"banner county" of the Territory? We
stand, as we" always hae, upon the same
plank with Abraham Lincoln. Have
others gone over to the enemy, and would
gladly break u. down? If so, let's hear
fro.n them, our columns -are' open.' In
the matters above spoken of our loss is at
least 500 a year. This must be reme
died. If 'officials will not do justice, the
people will.
We have been shown a letter from
Lieut. Straw, captured with a; party un
der his command at Poiscji Spring, Ark.
He and hi? men were well, and at the
rebel tamp Ford, near Tyler,' Texas on
the 4th of Dec, "G4; i M'Ininch, Dillon
and other prisoners-, .who' $ereT captured
at the same time, he rejorted- at camp
jross, doing well. . . .
These prisoners may have - been ex
chauged, and we hope they have been,
bat have seen nothing to that efiect. -
The White Cloud Chief, of the 9ih,
says: "We hear a'report that a rnan'was
taken from the jail at Seneca, a few days
.ago, and tinged t-y a moli. tie had
been arrested for horse stealing, and the
excitement grew out of the murder of
RIevins. The excitement is ajrain risinjr
in ditTerent parts of the. Stale, and the
ssgns are that equally Mines for - horse
thieves are iiose at hand.. .- '
yt All persoua executing receipts fpr the
delivery of, any property. to them by any
express compauips. by signing in the u
ual . manner ,the delivery .books ci , staid
companies, and failing to afilix and cancel
the two cent stamp law, will
le ,pro?tcuteu iortlie penalty ot-two
hundred dollars thereby incurred, under"
section 153, cf the ?ct of Juna 30, 1S64.
Persons executing, receipts for the de
livery of coal, wood and other property,
without so stamping them, are subject te
the same penalties. The above is the
law from the 1st day of February, 18G5,
according to notice given by the Com
missioner of Internal Revenue. Let all
read the above and comply. . . -
'live inuguration. of ' President Lincoln
took "place at 1 o'clock', on the 4th. ' It
was raining very "hard at the1 lime, yet
procession and spectators were as numer
oui as ever gathered at an previous in
augUfVti'ori? We notice' ' ' that Nebraska
was "represented in. the procession7 by
Col. R. W: Furnas, formerly cf this city
who is at Washington oh business "cohi
nected with the Omaha Agency. 1 :
' 'The'csth to protect and maintain the
Constitution"p the United S'ates'was
adrr. Metered to Mr. Lincoln br Chief
Justice Cha . After wcich theTnaugu
ral was read and Jisalute fired.
' The Inauofural is the rhcrtcst docu
ment of the kind ever issued, and it in
ferior to none.' It is but 8 review of the
cause, course and effect of the 'war, and
shows a cahn reliance upon the Ruib.r of
the Universe and the jusiipa of the cause
of Freedom.' ' May he live long and en
joy the fruits cf the'immepW Hhor as.
signed him' for the next ;f our years'."
, ', J : i i ! ' , ! i
We' learn -from the St.' Joseph Daily
Heraldj:and ".Tribune of the 9th,: that
Brig-General Penlck, has been assigned
to duty as commander of the district
comprising lh4 counties of Atchison, Holt,
Nodaway, Andrew, Worth, Gentry, Har
rison. Mercer, DeKalb, Daviess, Grundy,
Livingston, Buchanan, Flate, Clinton,
Clay, Caldwell, Ray 'and ! r "'Carroll: wilhltne'jgfeat ccntest. which' still absorbs the
headquarters at St: Joseph'. ' 1 ' "
All commanders in Missouri are order-
cd immediately to enroll all male mhah-
itants of their districts for the "crsraniza
... . . ...... .
tiin the
militia, as provided by the
late act of the
he 'State' Asst;rnblr.'" : " ' ,
A;' Saunders, brother of nr.r Hnv.
ernor, died at Jit. Fieiuant, Iowa; Su the
Viih.vlt, ' -
The NashvilU Tunes of tlie- Jtfi con-
tains the proclamation 01 Gov. Johnson
annouaciu,r that ena'Jh is a&c rtR!ned to
aUJUk.u,,-,lJe -- M ,. . -
' Constitution beyond all doubt 'and
to justify Jhe c-fiicjal announcement that
pie. The amendments now ecjistitute
part of the permanent Constitutiun at:d
supreme law of the State.
The proclamation say: "A new era
dawns. on the peopks of Tennessee. Ry
their solemn act the schackles are struck
from -.ths limbs cf maie than, two hun
dred and seventy-five thousand slaves.
The whole social &ysteni is reconstructed
on the basis of hotKt industry and per
sonal wfrth. ''IritellrgcSt enterprise and
free tabor are alone-wanted to clothe the
State with a richness and btauty surpass
ed by none o her sistera." .:. .
Thus is the gloriou? dawning of the
day of radical freedom growing brighter
and brighter, and tie black clouds of
slavery are scattering and' disappearing
The rebellion was begun to sustaiu slave
ry, and has killed it; another object was
to overthrow our. government and estab
lish their independence upon it ruins, 1
again they must fail, as freedom, will
establish its independence upon the ruins
of the Confederacy, if the rebel chiefs
are upheld much longer by a people lead
cn only by passion. Weicomei Tennessee
to the glorious lodge of freedom ; thro'
the ordeal of fire and - bloud thou hast
been regenerated. . . -
.'Colhapp. of, the Adyerti.-ser,, has at
last informed the public what his. former
profession was, viz : csU fighting. Col
happ, "the cat fighter." Bear with the
brother!'. They were "tom-cats-'hAle
of .course, kind reader," with their "tails
tied together across a close-line," and
they made, the "fur -fixV.-and Colhapp en
joyed the amusement. No cat-fighter is
fit to edit kJ paper. "Every man to his
tolling. So go back to your old profes
sion. Your, instincts are too lew for. a
journalist.. "Learn how to spell clothes
line and low comedy." .; . .., .
The above is the rejoinder of the Ne-
braskian to our notice of the - "kilkenny
cat-hght between it andv the iNews.
Our article was merely intended as a
gentle hint to JacX-son, of the Nebras-
kian, to drop the quarrel with the News,
or he Would undoubtedly complete the-
metaphor soVapily bgun by his surname,
by making an ass of hiir.seif. ' The hint
now is useless.
. Since the abve was in type, a fiiend
remarked to us that the Nebras ivian was
"stirring us up with a long pole." . Tins
alitrs the expect of the. affair! as this
is "a (lilTerent kind of cat," forua Rliy.
with which we wsre ever "professionally"
Noudles gets off the
lowing : , ' ''
3 i .
-Why is 'Harvey of the Nebraska City
New?,' opposed to Waters' of the ' Pres?
Because he prefefi Whisky ? ' '
The name of what great German
Chemist does the editor of -the News
judging from his editorialtake for his
motto ' -' ''--'; ' :
The Governor of Arkansas has called
for an ' exra, session of the Legislature
to. take into considera tion the Constitu
tional Amendment, She will doubtless
concur. ' ' ' - i; '-'
The Rulo, of the' Vih, say two horse
ihieves were arrested,- near this city on
-Tuesday, anchafter an examination, they
were sent to Falla City to be confined
there? in the; county, jiii. They were
caught. with twa horses which they had
recently stolen.
.The apitol of the Pennsylvania Cen
tral Railroad is $20,000,000.
Few persons, not printers, kncW'the
value of a dash separating articles. To
illustrate we copy from the Omaha Re
publican : . ; '" ' - ' '
' "The'Editorof'the Republican will be
absent for three or four weeks: During
his absence the paper Will be under the
edjtdrial supervision of Hon. Jqhu Taffe."
Here fallows a dash.
; ''Xhe. brainless editor, buckles, on his
armor of thought by thrusting his thumb
and fingers through a pair of 'shears."'
The sub-district ''of '"'St. Joseph has
filled its' quota by volunteering. The
bounties paid in that city were the largest
we have heafd cf during tht war. Well
done, St. Joe.' ' 4 - . - .
Gen. Gillmore pulled oif his ccat and
worked with the res to put out the late
fire at Hilton. Head, S. C , and knocked
a man down who refused to do the same.
InasgnralG3rcss cr.-PrcsIdSeat
: Ilacola. . ;
Fellow CevX7krxks t " At this secord
appearing to take the'oath of the Presi
dential cBke,' there is less occasion for
an extended address than there was at
the first, Theq statement of what in
detail cf a' course' to be pursued, seemed
very fitting and proper ; but now; at the
expiration of four years, during. ''-which
public declaration's have been constantly
called forth on ever? noint and nha&o nf
attention and "engrosses the't'nergies cf
le '' natin 'ttIe taaf is" uew could be
r T. f , , . ,
all els? chiefly depends is as well known
to the public, as to'mysttf : and it is I
Ttru'st, - reasonably satisfac'tory and" en-
courfiging to all with hih hopo for the
future. i : . .'....
. Iso.predictionin regard; tp-iu:iven..
tured. On" the occafiun corresponding
t this four year a-o, all thoughts wtre
t . . . . . . .
r f T
anxiously directed io an impeding pivil
war Alt dreaded it,: all soudt to a'oi'd
It' -. ' !
hile the inaugeral addre u'as be;
in? delivered from this claci. de oted
al'.ojretlier to savic? the .Uniiii
war, insurgent agents vwere it Kai cuj
.1 . ,
seek'h:g".to 3citryy itvithout var.fceek-
ii) io aiasoive me union anu ivic
eliects Ly negotiatiof. j
R.nh pirties"deprecated wit. bjt one
of ihm -wnulJ accent, war ratheil than
lt, it peris-h, and the war cany
t-i:ht ,t-f;ihe vihoIe population w-re coiv
ored slaves, not distributed jeueraliy
over "the Union' tut localize ia the
'southern part of it. '
"Th-'se slaves 'constituted a peculiar
nr. A nr.vvprfui intf rf.-t. All kfcW. that
this interest was somehow thj cause of
the war. -, - " J r . -
To strengthen, prepptuate aid extend
this intWesfwas the object for'f fiu-'h'lhe
insurgents would rend the uon by
war, which the' Government climt'd no
right to do mor,e thpn to rel ict ; the
territorial enlargement of it. j,
Neither party expected "forj the.' war
then inaugera'.ed, or the duraton which
it has alrerdy nttained-,' neitl'r 'aniici-
-pated that the cause of the couiict nugai
cease or even betore tne coiilict ltseu
should cease." , -; ,
' Each looked for an easier triumph an
a result less fundamental and astounding;
both read the same bible and pray . to
the same God, and each. invokes His aid
agatRat. the. othr .,t -. i; . , .
..Ji inajj' sceu . strange that 'any man
should dare t'o'a lea jut" God's assistance
in-wrinWntr their bread from the sweet
df'O'vher m n's faces,' but let u.s juuge
notthat we be not judged. .....!. .
TLq: prayer of bpih should net be an
swered ; that, neither has been aosweTed.
The Almighty has His own purposes:
Woe unto this world because, of cjCTt-r
s?sf''fQr-di ninst needs - be.-that .-offenses
cnleih."' ; If we shall . suppose ; that
American slavery Js one of these oflch
seV, which in thep'rovince of God ' must
n'ee'ds come, but',; -having contiuu-
edl-through His appointed timei He . now
Wills, to remove, ana luai ne gives iv
.... i -i . tt-
both iNcjrth and outn tins terrioto vyar
?j, the y.vo due' to those y whom the
c-rTonse came, 'shall we discern therein
any departure from those divine attrib
utes which those believing iu a-living
God always ascribe to hinx I. Finally
do we hope fervently do. we, pray that
this mighty scourge 'of war' may speedi
ly pass awar. Yet God wills to contin
ue it until "all the wealth piled up by the
bondsman's four' hundred and fifty years
of unrequiued labor thail be sunk, and
until every drop.. of.hJooddu.wn with the
lash be paid hy1 another decision with
the sword.'- As -ve" said "-'thrt'e thousand
years ago." so still it mu3t be said .-that
."the judgements tjf .the. Lord are ..true
and righteous altogether.'" With mal
ice 'toward nou, with' charity for all,
with 'firmness I in " the rights as God gYves
us io see the riht, let u, strive on to
finish, the work we afe in,' to bind up the
nation's wounds, and care for him who
has borne, the battle, rind for , his widow
and his orphans, and to dd all which
may niihip.ipiul Jtherish a lust, and lait-ing-ptace'Rtnong'
ourselves, and with ?!.
nation?.. ..-. .
w . i i t 1
N KW A iJ V fi U T I S EH EN TS.
To crealfr. the cfice of Fire Warden and
i prescribe his duties ; and for the pre
. rent ion of fisi. , . r
. SKCT.I.OX 1. Be it Ordained fry the common
Council of the lyt'y nf Urotrnville : That there shall
be o'ec'od .annujiliy , by the Council, at its firt
rooetiu? nfti:r the annual election, a Fire Wardo.
ct raid buy, waoMiall pmorm the duties presented
j this ordinance, ani sach. other duties as 'may
frbia-tiiae to time be laipcsed upon h im by ordi,n
ac::,7. . '.'
SKC." 2. The Fito'TTarden shall hurt custody
and c.-Etml of all ;Miichiuery. aud Iiupteaients. 1 tu the City, ued for the. purpose uf ' ex
tinguishing fires.- H shall be responsible for' tha
are keeiiig of, tiie samo, and aaU g'vq bond to tuo
Cit' therefcr, iu f ucli sum as may bo.Dreii'ribed by
thu Council. lie ?hall receipt -to" the city for all
8U'-h liiipieiueius and sjschinery, as may .come into
his ht'.ntis t the LeinuiDg -of his term of office,
yTid rhaii ucocan's for ihe same at Vq end of the
saise. - - - ' -
SKC. S.- It-stall bd .udafui for the owner, or
oo. 0 pant, of any tmiluinjc within the limii. of said
Jitj, to baTe, ofirso. any bio to pipe uules thesam-3
enter a o: '.- chimney, or Cue:
.EC. 4. It fchall be unlawful for aAy resident
of taidCity to empty aihes within twenty feet rf
any builying, or to keep ashes in a r:y wocden vessel,
in an-r buildin?, or within twenty leet thereof.
t:LC 5,-i-Aiiy person offending against any of
tnf! Trovi!.ron3 of seciiuna th ree and four of tnii
ordinance, shall .n conviction thereof be. fined iu
any sam not eXeding fifty dollars. ,
.EC. '6. It Khali be the duty of the F.ire Warden
to see to the ec tot cement f this Ordinaa;ecn 1
for that purpose he if hereby authorized to enter
and examuie any OOU-.-J or preiu.sos mtutn faid
city at; such .tin;e a$bchall see proper, and in case
of aht violation of the provisions of this Ordinance
he shall iiciued.ateiy 4rr?et sqeh offender and tafca
him before tho iiay.ri.o be dealt with according to
law. ' .:'-:'.;'-;:,:. V .
..EC. 7.-Ia caso cC spy vacancy in the ofuce of
riro nardon, tha Council saaii nil the same by
erieeial. election. . ' ..:.' '. '
The above Ordlaarce , was adopted at a meeting
of the Uuy Coancti, ntd jrlarea rh, a. n.,laoi.
. ; . CUAliLESC. UOiSEV,
- 28-2t-$l2.50 ' ' ' J ' Jlavor.
JT of ic is Klvhy pivp.p f 'i ii. n' ..nijal Fl'tioi
Will be brld it the City iJrow:.r.i;e, cn j'orilny
tht 3d day ut' April, A. 1'., IbBo, tor one Mayor,
live Aloerraan.'CttC Cit-rK, one A.-fce;yf -ri vno lreas
uror, one Civil Engineer, one Street Coiusa'stieucr
and one Marshall, a. ofnicis for said Cty.
liy osder ct the City Council. "
2C-3t , - - Clerk, protein.
To all whora it may Concern :
; Notice id hereby given that the Probata Court of
t he county of euiha :n the Territory of Nebras
ka, has Rprwioted the lCth ca? of ' Arril n t'
18C5,atoue oVk, p. m., as the .time,, and the
omceol c. u. jjorscy, the Judg3 of said C..urt in
i!rownvilie,-in said County f . 5 w ah a, as tho
place for admitting to I'robate tha Will of Joel C.
jjinvs, uL-oeasea, iaie oi saia conn:y. '
; All pf-rsous desiring to do.eo'rajy sppor et such
time aid placa aud contest the validity of said
' " :.,f j E.-W. TnOilAR,
' - Attorney for the Eitaie. ,
Dated, March 13ta 4.1865. -2i-i-$7-p2;0 ! .
FilQUtTi'JSOnt'E. '
To Charles Eripps, Cathariuo Llulkej, Anna
; Dripps, Thomas Dripcs; and ail others in
terested : . , ,
You are hefsfcy notified that Francis Ptrnes'
has iaala application to the I'robate Court f the
County of Nemaha, in the Territory cf -Nebrka,
to be appointed" guardian of tho Estate of Atdrew
J.Drippg, a non-resident minor, eifnatcd in the
fcaid'eounty of Nemaha, and that the iid Court
has apeointe.1 tha ' , - , i - ;
. : 10th day "of April, 1SG5, . v
t ten o'clock, i. M., as the time for hearin suoh
application a-.: - ';(;;.. 4; r.i i
" " "Ky his Attorney, E. W. Thomas.
, Ilated March Mth.lSSi. . 56-3t-? ,; ;
'Taken no by the pnbriber. living on theFamuer
O. 'Daily Farm', near Pern, Feb. fith, 1865, one
Sorrel IJnrf?,'dr.rlr tail ' about 16 hands hi. har--
ne?s marks on. fhod all around, lame in hU
eaid hnrpe 8uppo?ed t t 8 year? old.
that Jobn L. C!.yt. dil. tad Uia ,
, . t) . A i.,r. ! .. Vi!l in vli.uu-s'-y. :
inab .and .Temtcrj ot .iiwisu, S'",1"
srti.t H.,Tifio Q.!, ud'ate;?tcn d.
and reojanji . tusuc-ugu'f ueiu-At.',
fonts tbt lUetaid Houwi U Wrrat ex-eu.e v-
bftHKh.poo tbp k? L'.f of ih5 souia koj qor
. ' r i .1. . v, u! fiuiirtar of tha nurth weit
Vor anu iuo ru-jiu - -i ; . . .
quarter of section svsarin towaship six, nortn t
Mi th'irtttn fsi.ia. it coua-.y, to wum ta
iiyuie::tif tvro jroa.i?oory i.otiv, one for JoJ.oO
iidihsihcrri.r55.00 ; id thii, tSj r-corinsg-
of nr.U Mcng:ijp. th? said itorvno O.
Vtrra!l has convtrjeu sni UiA to sail .Ste-.h:-) 11.
Bvctrf!l, ut.jfto tii i;crvj,'uge, in i tht -f-tkl
liRt.ji.uiia F. Lu.-baaugh sold atid u.-'igiied his'.a
ttrett to coinjiittiui'nt. Tue ol j-l a nd vir.jvr uf
rn; ."li't ir. tr obtain a decree for the fereolo -urt of
sai l ilortgi305 and the ai of said tod to py
a-. rums no i tb inlercst ta.rreon ...and ths ani
IlcratiutrJ Worra'l is r.oti5-jd tbi he it required
to appMT and answer sail iiiUoa or boforarta lt
day of Alay. a. d. 18o5.
Dated V. arch 15th. a. d. 1285. 26-4t-t -
r.ichard E. Taraer. John W.-Fraaor and Henry
L. Wiliiami, piirtneii as Turner, 'Fruzer i aad
er i Co., aud
tlua iohaji.
Auyjftinu J. furl and Joaa rlu-ra
l.vfard aid iiorn. will.tak notice
iWTif, um, on mi tow ; ut ... ...
e. to John L. Oarioa s Trastae, upoa lot eight
eight in blck 8even, in the City of Brownvilla, ia
said Kjmaha County ,to Bccurw the payment tocoui
plaiaant of a Promissory Note for $lS0.00 ; aud
taat, sicca the recording of sant Ueeu oi irua, icw
said liifhardE. Turner, John f . Fraur andllcary
L. W iiriaui3, partners ai Turner, Frazer & Co.ailtl
Aogustiao' Lyford and John P.' Hsrn, partners as
l,yfsrd & Horn, have.reovered cflrtaiw judgments on
ih3 larr side 'of 'said Court, opeWtir j as lisas on.
said precises : Theobjoct and j.'ftjir of eail Hill
is to pltaina decree for the sale t.f said pretaite3 to
pay the euni duo on JJid note to eoirT-iaiaantand
thy interest thereon ; ard the said lii:?!irdL.JTurn
cr, John W. Frazer and Ganry L. Vil!i:in3. rwr&ners
Turner, FVis:r & Co., and Angaatiae Ljiord and
John J'. Horn, partners a3 Lyford & Horn, we noti
fied that they are re j aired to appear ani an?T-r
saidbill on or .bofoco the 1st day of My,a.d. 18o.
' - C. O. DOF.r5EY,Sol.forCcnipUinant.--
h Dated Mar,di 15th, .-d.,lC3a .25;l-t3.60...
Henry C. Hill wiil takt notioo th't on,'vhi;a T.
IAT?Vila'gh didyoitt the lth day. of ilaich, a.d.,
1865. file a Bill in Chancary.n the Limrui Cwurt
pf Keiaaha county, Nebraska Territory, ajainst the
aiitieorr"C ILiJi and John L- Ctwson, tUfcctiants,
Fettine ft-rth that the said Henry C. Hill executed
a Deed of Truat, in the nature of a ilutftgage, to
complainant. And Jur.n L. Carson, upon the south
i.nat nn-irtpr of ijei'tion thirt-thr. In townshin
v"ovt r J rr . r
'-0, "north of rangs fourteen, cast, in .ait Codaiy
.- X ' l U :
i l eaiah:i, to secure tne payment ot a rroinHsory
Xotcfor ; and that the said JohaL. Carson
had sold aud assigned his intsretst therein to eom
plainant. The object and prayer of said Bill is to
bbia'.ifc adecreo for the fureelosare of eaidilortgage
and the a'.e of said premist-s to pay the said sum
and the interest thereon;' aud the said Henry C.
Hill is notified that he is required to aDpear and
answer s.tid Bill on or betoFo the 1st day of May,
a. d., Isb5.
" -'" "'' . Solicitor for Ci'in-.iainant.
Dated March lth,a. d., 1835. 24-4t-13.50
Isaac B. Walter's will take notice that John
L. Carson did, on the 13th day of llarcb, a. d.,
lfcC,lea liul in LhaDecry, ia tho-U.inct out
within and for tha Loynty of riemaaa. etra!;a
Territory, again? the said Isarfc B. VaUor3 and
Benjamin F. LushbnUgh, defendants, setting forth
that the faid Iaae B. V-altcra cxaenud-a deed of
Trust, in the nature of a. Mcrtsie, to ssid com
plainant and Benjamin F. Lashbrt'ii2h, up;n the
north ea?t quarter of the south tnst quarter of
section twenty-Fix, in'town?bip six, north of range
fifteen east, in Nemaha County, Nohra.-ka Territory,
to securs-- the payment of $oa. 75 according t" a
note referred 'to in sai l Mortgage :-and that said
defendant, Benjamin F. Lushaauh, ha3 since 9ld
and aligned his interect ?n sai l Mortgage' to com
plainant: The object and prayer of paid Bill i3
to obtain a decree for tha toroe!o-trre of aaid Mort
gage and sale of said rremises for the payment of
ttiesaideum and the iutereft a corned thereoa" :-acd
tiiO sai.l I.saiw: ii. Waivers s 'iiciijt.i iu'it lie fa ra-
quired to frppenr end answer said Dill on or beforn
the ltday of May, a.d.. 13o5.
. . Solicitor for Complainant.
Dated Mareh 15th, a. d., lSf,5.' 26-4t-13.50
Joeph P. Coleman, Caroline D. Colenan, Phillip
KiWadhamH and Mary A. Wadhams jriil take
notice that John L. Carson did on the Ff'.h dny ot
'March, a. d'., 1865, 'file Bill in Chancery, in thj
District Court, within and fr the County of Ne
maha, Nebraska Territory, against the said Josrpn
P.Colcmnn. Caroline D. Coleman, Phillip K. Wa
hams and Mary A. "Wadbaras. defondjnts, setting
forth that the eaid Joieph P. CaleuMi nd Caroliaa
D. Celeman executed a Mortgage. to tomplaiuaat,
upon the south west quarter ef section one, in
township fi7e, north range. fourtetr, east, in
?aid Nenaha Cetinty, to secure, the payment of a
Promiory Note ' for flCO.OO iand that after ih i
recording , of. said Mortgage, tho said Joseph P.
Golcmau and Caroline D; Co!eman eocveyed iaid
land by 'deed to aid Phillip K. WEihams : and
the said Phillip K. Wadhams and Mary-A. Wad
hams made a Mortgage thereof to sait Joseph-P
Coleman to secure tne payment of 2QM -.. . The
ohicctand prayer of said Hill is to cbta'n a decree
for the tiilaof said premises to pay thesum afore- 1
5aid with the interest which m.iy be lound to oe ano
thereon; And the said Jo?ph P. Colmau , Car
oline I). Coleman, Phillip K. Wadham aid Miry A,
Wadham? are notified that they are rcipiircd to ap
pear and answer .said bill, on or before the day
of May, a. d., 1S'5. -'
' ' O. DORSFV;Sof. for Complainant. ;
Dated, March 15tb, a.d., ISo5. .,
' -J. A. ilEWES. . ;
; Solicitor in Chancery. ;
March lfctb,!y." '.f . 'y:T -
. ..
Notice is hereby given that application has been
made, -by- Joseph Opelt, Gaardian,' rdnr
irom the Probate Court of Neu-aha County , Nebras
ka Territory to sell a portion of the real Estate cf
Josephene Bell, a minor.
Th" ncif of kin ai.d all persons interr?tfd are
ihcreby Dotirici that il(.r.dsiv the 1-tiii d:y r,'f
A rii, IB '.5 is the timo set to h?;ar said application
whn they may offor and contest the same f they
Bcepriipcr.- ! -( . '
" ' ' 'C.G.POHSEY,
.- 26-4t$U - r probr.uJadg.
CrickTacii fclone Wanlcu
Pealed Proposals will be received by the Hoard
of-Directors of the Itr i.vnviije City DUfriet until
the firir day of April, 18!'.o, for 150.0UIJ IMe!:, ai-d
ISO Pc.-hof St.aje, delivered oa the School
Hoa of k. Cash on dolirery .
in 2i-4t. ,
ESTKAY NUTICn.; .... .
.Ta';on up by tlie undersigned livinjon Nemaha
City. tbe l.tb' day of February, 1S5." One white
heifer, head, n xk and legs from the kooea down are
red, wLite swt betwtf.ri the lu-.ra-, puj j.scd to be
two -T-oftrj t'ld.
rl. A. SMITH.
A good situation is wanted, for t trlnj and
Summer School, la'a largo district, . with goM!
bouse, by n npcrieaced Teacher, tsbo us md ie
it his prt.fe3i-in f-r tenycars.
' ' Satwfactory r-fer2& trivia: 'Addr by letter
- . .. . G. HUuIill.S, NeraabaCity, . T.
" ScrllT Sale
Xotice b lieroby giren tHat by vi;tue of an
eiecution isj?d out 01. tne vvourt 01 'ce
County of Nern iha. in tho Territory of Nebr.iHik,
on a certain judgment obtn,inxi in said Court by
Eli II. Wilcox. against George II. Aiixen, and to trie
directed a? Sheriff -of sid Coanty. I will effor for
sa'a at public auciion at the front dor of the.
Brbwaville Douse fn the City of Brownvilie ins.-iid
County of Nemaha, (that ein the building in
1 .L.l . . c 1'. . : 1 i 1 . . .
LlisaiJ:il ri uaanuory atiKJ jjis;rn.t, "um bo fioiad or the toiiettUics oi i oupk ?
n'mb.i LVuniy," Nebraska Territory, ag n ml theia, tat;r .rbsr-: rtbile Older iJcu end Wom-n will
and John V. tjwaii and John L..C-u M dofend- nol bo fV,.' ;t &i . recover and restorative tor
an;. netting forth th ir. I'ae sail W'. S'Vaa, . ex- t'ui-ri,, j n: and baM haifcl?, wsioh t changes
ecutei a Deed of 'Tr-ist. in the'i.atUr if a' Mart- . )f, ;,.;. fisfaetioii.
' ...l.l IU v--w
on o'clock. P. ii. of that day, the foljowin- real TiJE aIkY .11 LST SI ILLS,
Eitate to wi: : the East half of Lota No. Hix (51 'Vhlch h wirfell or make np, to order, at unprece
and fievvn (? and fifty feet offof he Wespnrt of Rented lowpric. naving ob ad pna of .
Ut No. nioe iV.all of "the abovejn Block No.iwn- i KrTfiK,P''4 SWWfX'iJ liriTrVT'S '
ty v 2.) ; in tne Ciry of Brownv.l e id the Co.infy of
tmha in tlie.lcrntorT of Nebrak : 'tsen as ;
tne property OLSitia ue-.rg ia. lison, vj virtue ui
earn execa.ioa., i :; . .r . t ,;; i
AvJJ. lboa. -r.nxr " ' '
V. (
22-Jt IM3
. a. m '
A tha dh.bc Iu-Hte. it not only RENEWS ih
. . . ,mv n-zir nil mi tit its or.fiA
:, h.;.r tir. ar.u v,
fr.; when n i turning grey or TLlkl)
ciiuse.l l.y i i;-1, rri-f or old a?e.
1c wi!l certuinlj d- what isclatim-u lor it, fact
Wwlik.b h.u.ds.tiay, thonandi who oave used
til ia fA:rtv'u,cd.1naav muuitj. itrf reputation
j liio wild tir,-," and is the bt-.-t adveriise-
swtM.wi.o.e Uio -UEM. hlL originated, it
jiisfd bv&i! ii.u!i
' Ladio Preb.-ing, and u to
We are seliiug ia the city or iioston uu
w&rdd of 18,WJ bottiei per month , the dca'era giv
ing tho KENKWER the preference over all other
Hair Preparation. 1 "' . ,
If not sold oy Dnxggwta nyonr tawn, a Trial
Bottle will bo .-Liit you by Express, upon receipt of
one dollar by vis il -thu 3 giving you an opportunity
at once for testing its excellent virtuea.
jsfOrdew'for Trial Do' tie?, uiuat be adlres-sed to
our General t for the Northwestern States," C
A. COOK , BJ? Chicago, 111. AU saoh feid:r3
wiil rcceivu pn.ia.jtitt.nti:iu:
Ii. P. II ALL & CO., Proprietors,
- Nashua. N II.
The trad-supplied at Manufacturers' Prices by
FULLEIi, FIMJII L FULLEK, Wh. les-.lo Drug
gisti.Caioag.,, Illinuij. " , . 2j v36'n
James JeiTer?. John Jeflernnd William Jeffers.wil
take notice ttat Benjamino F. Lu.-hbaugh did. on
the r? rh day of January, A. D. df'a file his bill of
complaint, in the District Court ot'Niuaha County
Nebraska' Territory, in Cu'aneery, 'agaiaM, Anna
Jcrfsfa; James JtStts, John defers, Hubert Jfeffars,
William Jc'.Krs, Laa.v Jvrs, Iwah Jeforsi M:iry
A: JeiT'T? M inuid, Elizabeth A. Jeffors
and J.'hn L. 'Carson dolendants ; .for the foreclos
ure .f a c?rtain Peed of 'trust', 'or'-nr?j.t:v given
by T'nm i Jffer,'doasl.- i 'lilowina. Ut tho
Said Com ;i!.u nam and deft-ndaut .vh.a-i-.Carson,
of' ta r"rh. Kat quarter of Section N-. Twelve
( VI) ia To-.Tiuhip No. five (5) North of Ran.50 Nu.
hfteon'(15" Fait, id Said County, and Territory,
to se.;ure the payment of a certain promissory note
for tho sura uf $2.iJj;0 .with iuterejt thereon at the
rate ul ii e ier cent per month. The object and
i.l 1111 is to foreclose Said Deed of
Trust, or mortgage,: mi for the sale of Said- prem
ises to pay the so secured. You are requi
red to appear a i an-vor Said bill. .on th.-j-tenth
day of April, A. D . tdtii .or the same will be'taken
as true ai d a decree entered accordingly.
Dated I'.rownville, PobraarVi 21st ltt '.
2;i-il. $13.50 Sol. for CWpiainant.
NOTICE. . : ,
On Satnrdny, ISarch Hth, ' 1S54, 1 will offer for
sale, to tho hiiiest bidder forcadi .in baud, in the
City of Urovrnillo, Nemaha ftoahty, Nebraska, One
Koun Pony., f.vrfT year oid. taken up by Thomas
Beard, a-nd aopraued at $50. . - -
e23 3t - R. V. HUGHES.
George V. Crowder will take notice that Mattie
J. plaintiff, has filod a petition agamW
him in the District Court, of Nemnha County,1?
braska Territory , the object and prayer of said t"'t:"
tion is to obtain adecieeof said CoarS diror her
from the bonds of uiatriiaoBy heretofore etercd in-,
tumith George VV.CroW'ier; als-for reason
able alimouy ; and that the -' of . e. and toe
n. c. i of tne a. e. i of tc , township 4, north
of rano Zy w-t cf the frh principal meridian, in
.i..UDby.rc0nEt,.i.n eaid Territory ef Ncbraika.may
he decreed tj aa aiiuiouy. ; Defendunt is re
quind to a.n3or by the W vt APrU n-
' E. W. THO IIaS.
23-4t pd
Sol. for Comvinaut.
We thd 'aaJei.npned Appro isor? aprintei by
Jcseph Kelly J. P. , appraised, a certain brown mulo
taken up by Jee Goo' at eighty dollars.
The ab'jye to be sold to the hi.est bidder for
cAsb, 00 the 4th day of March, lti'35.
Peru N. T. Kebiuary, 3-1 1345.. - J r,
21 5t pd. ; . "' J. W.PAKISII.
Jonathan "Parid- will-take notice 'ttt Wll?on
ITn 'hes iid ulaiiititt Uas 1-ed a
bi.l ot - corjIaini
a-aii.dt the .-"aid David as defendant on the chance
rv side of tho Di.-ii.rbt Court oNcmah County in
the Terri:7 of Nebra-ka. . The o;tjbcand prayer
of said bill is to obtain a decre of said court cancel-
He aiid aitnu'ding a certain deod :luiati:T
in favor of ufocdint, August 4th 1803 to thiN-.rth
W'ti-t quaftT of Sectiun lou'rteen in Township fivu
North of lianjje foartervEat of the Bth principal
Meridian, situated in .said county ot Nemaha
as having been obtained from plaintiff -by fraud,
force, violence an I .threats ; or to e m; el a:d de
fendant ta rcconvey said land to plaintiff.
Defendant is rvuirod to anrir said petition on
or before vhe 27th day of ilarch lfia.
Fcl'cifoT for Cowp't.
Fe.brnry, th 185. 2l-4t 3,00 -
.1 LIS$,-::r
llain Street, 2 dcors East of Tost Offlcs,
AUCTION SAIiE al tne Pioneer Aartioa'rloase
Every S UDrd iy. ., J. V. Kr,Iy,
, 'Aft-TlOJilCElt.-
Shot Guns ,Jl: 's and F.evoirers,for.ijj iitiiiisj'
Auvtiou K vi'i.
n Sbcef for pale at B!ia',
Cv..eap !r (V-i'it.
tBO Acr'- of ci.ort J,nd for t!atehHp, a)to Uoxsf
aud Lot, K-j.i'iire at the .Piinieer Auction Botmc.
Over C"ats at naetrn.coU at Dli.-a,
Fiue .S');!4 of Iaji S.ioi
;e l'ii.i'ieer Auction Fi.ti-e,
for so at cotat
Two go d 'iVcrk II ..r1 and ei.e 3Ior&u Colt 2 year'
oM for at B:i CorrcJt. - -:
Snl band C k !tova for sale '-clioaj;
atilis' Ai'.'iion Iv.-o', , j ; -
I.Inen "Table Clott or tralo'ckenp at 'tha-Pioneer
Auction -
A i-air of pleiniid Ilnny Jiorc-, aud one, good Top
Bngjry for eiiTnirenf Biisa.'
A flue asrtnyent of Table Cnttery for Sate atEtisr'
Aucti on lioom. . . - 1
L.r-rre tJCH
v 1 .
k of Coji Uooti acd Shoas. a.L n,.t at
Hli.s' Auction P.ooiiii two doors east or thn Pn.t
Of5v. . 1
Cal'.s the attor.ttm of Gentliimen d?!-irirs new, neat
ervicabig ifa&hioub,.e
. VTcaring Apparel,
ho ls,e ti d0 Cunom work at MttI, fliat defy
..tiun. 5, ... -.
I warrant uij work,
onnrfna -n --.? Unri
f I mi (I a? vrell a Machine Work.
" an:1 M;,rnlne Lib slotk oefore investinK, a
pllRC ntmself to boM out ve'il'arly favortttle lc
i d-wnnTit
j Pbruary i. IU. . yly.
v-" li " - -5 7 T ft m ,
he ni-jst approve fMitrrj, '
TtirtiiiiJnss of cTm I
Fad Screws, Terrtf V7atcr IhT?-
nrcx&'L'cs, ditts, imcs.srj.T, I
. Stirrups, sinefces, TaplSs? I
roes of all Zizii
To a!f cf which I invi'.e tli a-.- '
e. geueroii3
public S
JaiJtii, !1855i - nlJ-Tllji
Sil. J. A. HAHVET,
S9 ..Washington bet 4.a andil
. s-y. 10,1 IS,
Tbf S -.T-ern ,r.ral Gift of Clarivoyar.t Sight 7
?ee ! by t'ai wr .Jer'ul per;n, t vcb 45 w
ing d ;e, CL.nviT.i -e le Inot sipncal MiU'..
iiiiite-i Poerhe u ctas .njar-unj LlFr t
HKAllH- By tr.e ?-i'u(,u.i.;-.
Pi.T.-er he ;s.o'..u:i i-i h' " ' 8 ;xt C-a,
tion, an.l 1 eu'i.'v ci v. 1 n tt-e ra?i?rtiy
.1 ZX. D.l S.E AXES,
ThU f.t t tie Ft ; hs at rated .a tSMij
of cj -e? frara tit j.drttvt i"u3.r!d, ciiti
twel.ttjai.. 1 )'i t ,
otri .ale fv..m. vletd i. iaT Lis Lijzh ? !!. ins.
CO fcUilPTIOi; A.-'. ilMA. ia :
one t-U weeks; PAH ALT-SIS "-t ti!
the N'ervou :5y6rem iininr.nj PiLE?il ,
FI'lS in Tron; one t Uir. Jj." D'' ii k
.LIY-Eli, LllAET nJ KJUl.'EIi; a f. j ,
to ten Qiy Ali Disease b bioo.
Scrofuie., Erytipelaa. V Ter Sow, ac...
ia? UiUic severity of th f e '-J' "f l!e w
F S-M ALB - D I H B A p 11
Treited by a HeT Jtftod, wi:h sp-!r r! .,
mest r-py two its. - ' - '
The1-'' oora er di;.r k
nronoinccd iacuraii- hy the whole M!:fai i: :
arid 110 one should desj-air of relief an'il sjtef t4
examined tv t Dar' Ctatrjaa 7t,r.-:u
Aitlnc Qiestior. he tella me Ca-e. Uv..k'.
Condi i..n 0 'T and all Lusees, au l U-;tlirM .1
promise r'- rrs-i.! on the erSa of ts m
and stth a.l'iva na waited for yerj-t. trto-w .;r.4
to testify t" thp Doctor's Worderral SUiH v.i
The D clor aeverie lo.ih.u but wt t a- .
i.i-i.v .o rerfori:i, and wiH Kith uiot Cr,
Batl;Cttca to all won fve outer nis ustirirn.
ya!;'.s who c.inn.-it ngc!. the Doctor in pr-. X
e"niiiiel aud prestrtbel f.r by cemiin;: 07
.l'viipU sUter-ient oi iLeir case.- RefererfckC- j
perfumed, chuertaliy uial
ASTHMA, hen :..:cre cons.idere.1 ta Jtn'Jii'
filsease, ! trete-l ;i:i perfect uaess ia j
stance bv the cfo; '.. nrtvly dijcovere.1 sira-t
All Oases of CAliC&H r no matter urios
stantlira:, removed it: t; (:n twelve to tenir-w..:
wtthou. instrumeat or ain, ly a retix'f. '
the Dottor whiie ia 'Uc Cla.irvi.yaut
known lo Co oiter p"f )iintu . O-'l
" TOriERVrsSl'FlTC'1 j
A lr. ll.t.MA .r'T:a Ol NrTVoo.4 i
eompeiency, rrftma ""f liecay anu i ,r fu j ii.rt
actuated by a desire ti- benefit otheii, ill jtW.. .;
t. fuixib to ail who sad it, (free of eUrjf,, T
rccipfiaad direction- t'-.r m iking the rixpi ren:;
u-d iu Lis ia.-a. Si.: borers wishing to v fit bj u-
adversers bad exrerieQ'e,and po.c? iir 21: 1
aiuab.a roosedy. caa do so by addro-ring u
.jrce at bi place cf, i u-iriss. The Rec: Ml:
ioforuiition of vitnt importance wiil b.ti
fully s ct by rewtra mail'. Ad lre
' JOliNB.0(J5FJ.
No. 60 Naau trwt. S. T.
P. S. Nervous Suffe'reM 0f both mw '
I this iutermation invluaa.
To ("lose Bnslaes
. No. H Main Street.
' Hain determined
, tu Winjl up, my Dry
Goods Busmess thii'
-Rill and-Winter,!,
will ofitr-to tlie trade'"
my immecse
at greatly4 Reduced
Pir;e. ' -
" Il.ivin made hrr?
purck'tses can and
will sell my entiro
sjock com li.-ing tha
. Litest Styles offered
in the Territory .to
- : Intends to JIc?020
of his superb Stoc
- by March "next con-
. scqucntly is c
nor "'ii
1 1. .1
to oITer greater in
ducements to thi3
trade th:m cun be
pven by any ctiVr
' 'House in the West-
5 4 TtlEODORE ina
1 TJ
' zr
3yrup .igr
At d.auh::n a -