Nebraska advertiser. (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, March 28, 1861, Image 2

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it. v. nJHN'AS, i :d itoh.
TWiur UOKMXU. war. wt.
'..The Tlojd.BoMicrj.
ttV Are 'rcr4uc-tcd'- Ijr ome of the
ecil fneniiiruhl j.Iace, cf Ct-r. Hoy J,
.'to tnaouace the fact to. our refers tUt
the iorJic'mcnii; f-sainst Lira have teen tnizr.allt. We hereby do
o; cd hcje it is c;nii-iercd we have
made the amende hcfioralle.
fut we claim the privilege cf ttatinj
Aou? litis "dutmlal" wai brought about.
Floyd' claimed innocence (?) is not ei
ulbMcd as th(; remit of investigation,
which tho ex-Secretary to tcactinsly
courted ti-.t Ion kinc3 ! Bn by the
'LcoU end crouU" cf law brought into
req :Uuion to throw the case oat of court
ti-A avoid investigation ! The ijidictmeuts
ere in both iuitancesquathed by the u-.c
cf technical advantage. The telegram
itself announcing the reiult of the case,
lays: "The act of 1S57 prohibits prose
cuting while the party indicted has testi
led before a Committee of Centres
touching the matter charged. This has
been judicially decided net a privilege cf
a vrhnets but a mandate of law, and the
.caute would have come to an abrupt ter
mination on the fact appearing in the
course of the trial." So the real fact is
Fbyd has dodged out of this thing by
the public instead of being in anywise
impresed as to his innocence, are the more
convinced cf his guilt.
The whole affair reminds us of the fel
low arraigned for trafficking with the In
. dians. A law in Arkansas forbade whites
purchasing anything of Indians. A " ven
turesome cuss," however, purchased a
whip of an Indian, for which he was ar
reted, and on triel swore he iiole the
whip. A nolle prosequi was entered and
the "indictment dismissed as untenable."
He was thftn arraigned for ttealing the
whip, when he swore he purchased it. Thus
both indictments were quashed because
ai own testimony in either case could not
according to law, be used against him in
the other, nor could he be tried twice for
the tame oflence: and thus the "indict
ments" against him were ."dismissed as
Appointments for Nebraska.
-Bui few appointments are yet made
Tor Nebraska. The telegraphic report
last week, was that Mr. Carter of Ohio
had been appointed Governor. The re
.pert now U that Abel SAurtDmt cf Io
iva is appointed. We are inclined to be
lieve the latter report correct. The Eame
telegram announces the appointment of
W. II. Killv, Chief Justice and J. S.
Miu.rn, Associate Justice for Nebraska.
We kern by private letter that Al
mcD.MATTniAR.Ceq., Editor of the Pco
;eV JVm, Nebraska City, has been ap
pointed lie gi&ter of the Land Office in
that place. Matthias is deserving of
that or f.bmething the in the way of
"distribution of rpoils," and we arc glad
n know tbat he has recured the appoint
tnrnt. He will make a good officer and
give general satisfaction to all parlies.
, As we o to pre 5, we learn that J. E.
nuBBAiK, of Kichardson county, is ap
pointed agent for the Sac and Fox Indians.
The Agua (fi a) ' Chronicle , says:
, Some of tha people of SjuiH. Carolina
uppear to be getting , sick; of seperate
Ktate secession and forced loans and
Wiving from ths state with all possible
haste. .'Messrs. Farr, Cotter. and Burns,
with their families, thirty five negroes
twenty horses wagons carriges &c were
found on the Admiral last evening on
their way to a new heme near the mouth
f the Arkansas river, There are said
p be many others in the Palmetto State
who will follow their example and leave
as soon as possible.
In the tariff the Southern Confederacy
the following articles are exempt . from
duty: books, maps, charts, mathematical
nautical, and philosphical instruments,
religious publications, paintings, drawings
bullion, coins, co.Tee, seeds, models of in
ventors, bacon pork, hams, lard, beef,
wheat, flour, bran, corn, barley, rice, oats,
living animals, meal, gunpowder, lend,
rajs, arms of every description, cotton,
ihipj, steamers, and dredging, machinery.
The "National Republican" cf. Wash
ington City, of the 20th instant cays:
"It is said that the confederate State
Cemmissions do not expect an answer to
their official communication - for ten or
twcjva days; and further, that meanwhie
thero is uo reason whatever to believe
there will be a collission, or any change
ia the uiilitary- uatus in the sececding
States. Th?y have telegraphic assuran
ces from Montgomery that ample ar
rangements have been made to avoid ah'
trouble fur the present at Ft. Pickens."
Bids for carrying tho mails cn nearly
r.ine hundred routes in New York and in
New Erjland will be opened cn the 31st The annual cost cf carrying the
mail in the:e states, under existing con
tract?, U Sl,002,CC5 cf this. C7C3,7C2
" is j v.:.' fcr the transportation of thonyult
cv r 5,114 tr.i!es of railroad.
The Treasury Department has rceiv.
re iafcrr.atien that the Texas authentic
-,- t;t,' ir IV.-rr-d States vrscl
Getbrie. whitb supplies, disci frov&ccs j
t j th !ig!;tho--4C ca the ecu t. f
Ccrmpfjniencc from the Hints.
Coivlv Citt, March Dili 1601.
Dear VvtsAt:
Having en opportunity of sending this
direct to you I embrace it with the cer
tainty cf its being received ia due time,
which is wot always the fate of corres
pondence passing through' the ponderous
machinery cf "Uccle SamV wail ser
vice. I have rothing of interest to write, and
hardly know where to commence telling
what little I hare to say. Everything
here and in Denver is excessively dull.
Eutinoss ii at a standstill, and with the
exception of cawing an occasional load
of wood, work is not to be had on any
terms. Many are working for their board
and t-orae who are rtct ivins: wages do not
get enough to cloth thern. Ilowercr.all
are looking forward to the opening of
tpring for brighter prospects and better
times; but depend mere for this result
upon the coming emigration than the
gold mines.
A tmall bar in the old bed c-f Clear
Creel:, about four miles above Golden
City, has been struck lately, which pays
largely. Four claims, taken up by the
discoverers contained the whole streak,
one of which is now bein worked at an
average of SJO per day to three hands.
Much excitement prevailed throughout
this region, when the discovery became
known, and tome hundred or two persons
or prospects for diggings equally as nth
in the vicinity ; but with the exception of
the four claims spoken f above, nothing
was found to pay for working. Some
quartz leads were discovered tome two
miles above, but have not been tested as
to their richness.
A gentlemen in the mountains has dis
covered a method of saving the gold con
tained in the pyrites of iron which' will
prove exceeding valuable to quartz min
ers, lie keeps it a profound secret at
present, but the result of its working is
truly astonishing. A cord of the pyrites
were run through a crusher and only 814
taken out. He then took a pan of the
tailings and subjected it to his chemical
process three times. The first washing
yielded in lound numbers 813; the scc
ond SO, and the third SI, making some
2G from one pan of dirt. This is vouch
ed for by persons of undeniable veracity,
and is beyond doubt true.
.The weather here is decidedly more
unpleasant just now than it has been any
time during the whole fall or winter.
The winds have got cn a general "high"
and throw themselves rind objects not
anchored to the ground, around with a
perfect looaencss. Isolated buildings, all
through the city arc strongly propped by
poles firmly set into the ground, which is
not always sufficient to prevent the "fall
of that house.'1 Your correspondent, not
long since hung his only extra "linen"
outside of the houso for the purpose of
"freezing out," and was much distres
sed to discover the next morning that that
necessary article of wearing apparel was
hopelessly non est. Several days there
after, inwardly cursing the thievish pro
pensities of his neighbors, he mounted
the roof cf the domicil for the purpose
of brushing away the accumulated snow
therefrom, ard with pleasurable surprise
discovered the missing garment, held by
a projecting nail, which had fortunately
caught' iu -j i ,1 V.
I will try and keep you re-
gards this country, but cannot promi$o to
write every week: There is so little doing
now . that it is impossible to get enough
interesting items to fill a letter; but
I will write as often as anything cf note
Yours, ' CHET.
Hcmduo Gulch, U. T.,
March 1st, 1S61.
Dear FcitiA3:
Secession seems to bo the principal
topic with, your Eastern and Southern
honorables, now-a-days. It is also occu
pying considerable cf our attention at
present. Humbug and American Gulch
es are trying to secede from the Judicial
District. But there is no fear of their
succeeding, as thero are too many con
servative persons interested. But in an
other character, and in an altogether dif
ferent form, (Typhoid or Mountain fe
ver) the is beginning to make it tell se
verely. Tho conservatives do not seem
to have much influence in this, matter.
Already her miserable influence has caus
ed three of the most promising men in
tho Gulch to secede from this glorious
" This country is becoming, njoro devel
oped svery day. -. New diggings are be
ing discovered every two or three weeks,
but are f ncrafiy," os was the case last
season, pronounced pauperish. And why
so? Simply because they are not half
prospected Seme would be rash enough
to say that such a statement Was without
foundation. I have not the least doubt
that it is contrary to the cpinions of oth
ers. It wC'Jld I e rather against nature
for every one's opinions to correspond.
"Great mea will diar." Let us follow
some of these- fellows ia iheir rounds of
prospecting, and &ee how far find in what
way they prosecuted their search for the
precious metal. teli, fcero is cno fel
low digging a hole; gets Iowa two feet
and tries a panfuil of the dirt; dees not
gat a cobr. Is badly discouraged and
begius shouldering pick and shovel to so
into can:p; but .stops aad .studies, before
rkir,g a s-'cp that way. His all spent
in an outfit 13 brought into remembrance,
and the support of Betty and the brats,
if he has any, if cot, of the support on
his return, back cf seme s'.vtet iu'ndtd.
After revolving all these things in his
mind, he possessed cf enough
courage to try it again. So he siuks the
hole cne foot deeper, td tries another
an, but Diry speck makes its appear
ance. What then? He makes for camp
and examines his stock of provisions and
finds he has enough and perhaps a lit
tle more, ti last htm to the Missouri riv
en So he utters the universal cry "hum
bug V "humbug !" and hurries away lest
by a longer delay he should be cheated..
The supposition is that if the person de
scribed tvhom I consider a fair sample
of hundreds that came out here last sea
son) had he gotten a dozen colors ia his
pan not being accustomed to panning,
would have washed all away.
We next come across a company of
persons sinking a hole, who are down
about six feet. Well, boys : what luck?
Do you get much of a prospect? .Well,
no yes; I believe we've got a fortune;
fifteen colors in the last panful washed ;
but the dam water is beginning to both
er so. A fellow might get sick from
being in it so much, and I'm told sick
men's chances in this country are not
many; and I for one am not very desir
ous of leaving my hones in these moun
tains. What do you say, bys? I move
we quit tni:, and try it some
place else. They try it some place else,
but with a like result. What next ? Its
well boys; I think that we had better
try it some place where it is dryer, in the
bank, for instance. The bank is tried,
but the prospect is not rich enough to give
satisfaction. Next a claim must be bought
Time is too precious to longer waste it
prospecting. One is bought. The next
thing is to open it. A tail ditch is cut
from fire to eight feet in depth, probably
half way to the bed rock. Then sluice
boxes are cut, and at it they go in dead
earnest, to washing; the rifik'S are at
night cleaned up, but somehow or other
there is not much gold in them. Then
comes the conjecture of the caue. The
boxes are placed in a more level position
the next day, and nearly every day af
terwards there is some change made,
but all apparently to no avail. They may
take a notion to cut cross ditches if the
gulch is wide; say they do so; do they
find anything of consequence at such a
depth? Of course not. What ihen ?
The claim is sold, or, most likely, desert
ed, 'and they are off" for home.
Sonic of the more scrupulous would
say that thy had dug to the bed rock.
What if they had ? Do any of them sup
pose their search is complete ? They
worked like thousands of others, by the
basis of California, and it is almost nat
ural that they should think so. I say, as
a general thing, it is not half completed.
The gold in this country is found in
streaks varying from one to six feet in
width; not like in California, scattered
promiscuously over the bed rock. And
it never pays much more than wages cfF
of it, (Georgia and Humbug Gulches ta
ken as a basis, which are, without doubt,
the best paying gulches yet opened in
in this country,) hence the reason for so
many Califomians "stampeeding" last
season. Thev were amon2 the first to
cry "humbug."
If the miners had worked more to one
another's interest, ; viz : helping one an
other to cut the tail ditches to the bed
rock.-instead or cutting: them, as was
the case, half way, ere this, this country
would ,havehad a different name. But
the most of them were too wayward and
selfish. They "did not come here to
work for' the interests of others;" and
too thick-headed to see that it would be
a mutual advantage.
I am very sorry to say that in the Geor
gian we first see our exemplar. It is a
little humiliating to the Northerners, who
are so much noted for their quick per
ceptions and inventive powers, to see the
Southerners our leaders in this one im
portant case. It probably is because the
most of them are from the inina in Geor
gia and that frcm long experience there,
became convinced that the "Union Rule,"
as of old, was the only one to safely
sail under.
Georgia and Humbug are tho only
gulches yet completely opened in this
Blue Pine country, and. without doubt,
pay best of any in all this Pikes Peak
country. Is it to be supposed that these
are the only ones that will be found, or
rather opened, for there are many dis
covered, that will pay ? Certainly not.
Every one that was out here last sum
mer, and staid any length of time, knows
that the color can be got in almost every
side hill and gulch in this country, and
that too at nearly every panfuil of dirt
washed. Now if such bo the case, is it
not a good indication that there is some
thing m the vicinity better. Who knows
but what the French, Brown, American,
Swan, and numerous other gulches dis
covered are as rich as these. All pros
pect alike on the surface. Who knows
but what on the bed rock of each of the
afore named there is a two foot streak
worth forty dollars to the foot ? None
but ha that knoweih all things. Man
has not let his researches extend so far
yet. '..He .is ''too inconstant; too discon
tented and wtfak-sptriicd to push hir in.
vestigatioas; too much dcv::ei to lead
A liv A l-- - .
,vfl Tp-,, rraof th2 secessiua-.
men out here; Lut 01 wmi buuui
iheir strength without a will without
that firmneis tie characteristic of man?
Such men have uo business in this coua
tryr It would be much Utter for them
10 stay where thty came from. Ia sort
(furl have already lengthened this letter
more than was intended) thre is but one
great misfortune that I can see that this
country has; 'that ii it is too near home.
If it was like California, situated in. a
part of the country where emigrants coald
not go and come so easy, the result would
be much different. During the first three
or four j-ears after the discovery of gold
there, emigration rushed into it by thou
sands. Such wa3 the case in regard to
this last season. In California, nearly
all, big and little, great and small, of
little firmness or much, had to "root hog
or die." Such wa3 their only situation;
for to return to the States that season was
out of the question. With this country
it is altogether different. If emigrate
start early they can get here in time to
look around two or three weeks, and, if
not suited, can return to almost any part
of the States in time to put in a crop, or
do a season's work at almost any thing.
Galena Gulch was altogether deserted
last fall. A large number also had been
pauperizing themselves all spring and
summer on the wrong scent, and fiually
gave it up, and about two months ago, a
company of Georgia and Humbug Gulch
fellows went out there, jumped and or
ganized on it, formed themselves into a
company, and went to work prospecting
in a hole that had already been unk to
the bed rock, .irst digging on one side to
the distance of fifteen feet to no aail,
and then on the other six feer, when a
four foot streak was struck, that is esti
mated to be worth fifteen dollars to the
Blue Biverthe mother of this coun
try, that last year pursued and put to
flight so many; that gave so many the
"Blues," and empty purses, is now be
ginning to redeem herself. In the sec
ond division of Miner's District, there
has been a streak struck by the same mo
dus operandi as in Galena Gulch, that is
estimated to be worth six dollars to the
French Gulch, I see by the papers, is
showing her colors very largely. One
of them states that a nugget was taken
out of it that weighed two hundred dol
lars. I happen to be tolerably well ac
quainted on that gulch and know there
has never been any such a nugget taken
out of it. The largest was seventy-five
dollars,'' and the next largest fifiy.four.
The only companies that have taken out
anything of consequence are the Atchi
son and Rogers, and they have not taken
out quartz since last fall. There is no
telling what all this tumult will termi
nate in, as the gulch is not yet complete
ly open.
The largest nugget taken out on this
side of the snowy range, was taken out
of claim No. 5 on Georgia Gulch. It
weighed two hundred and eleven penny
weights, and was sold the same day for
two hundred dollars. There was one
other taken out of No. nineteen, that
weighed eighty-five dollars. About two
months ago, Judge Brown took out of
No. one a nugget that weighed one hun
dred and nineteen dollars.
Four gulches have been discovered
lately in this vicinity'- the' Union, Rock
Island, Swan Creek, and Nebraska but
they have not been , very 'well prospec
ted.;; The following a re the assays of the
different silver leads received: , Mount
Sterling to the ton of ore, $4,800 silver
and gold together, of silver alone S'2.200;
Black Mountain S3.800 ; Bites. 83,000;
Quandary, 82,400 ; California 82.300;
Washington, 82.000 ; Powhattan 82.CG0;
Wisconsin 81,800.
Snow on a hvel will average six feet
in depth. As a sample of the cold weath
er had here the past winter, quicksilver
congealed in the house. Winter i.ow ap
pears to be broken, as the last twelve d;ys
have been very pleasant. Emigrants a re
beginning to come in by ihj hundred-.
The road ovr ihe Range has been kept
open most of the winter.
Yours, Jnrr Fa vcuite.
ihis hit at
movement :
There is no democracy in the action
of the Southern oligarch. The people
vere rushed out cf the Union without the
privilege of being heard at the polls ;
and in Georzia the idea cf the people
having the nV'ht iathe last resort to shape
their own destinies was sneered at by
Cobb and Tocxabs. Such things cannot
rw A revelation will take place.
sooner or later, which will vindicate ihe
majesty and power of the people, and
sweep the oligarchs frcm the face cf the
earth." 1
An Abolitionist having just been driv
en cut of Petersburg, Virginia, it is in
teresting to know who are abolitionists,
according to Virginian standards, and
with thai view we republish the follow
ing description, from the Southern Litera
ry .Messenger, published at Richmond:
'An abolitionist is any man who does
not love slavery for its own sake, as a di
vine institution ; who does not worship it
as the corner-stone of civil liberty; who
does not adore it as the only possible
social condition on which a permanent re
publican government can be erected ;and
who does not, in his inmost soul, desire
to see it extended and perpetuated over
the whole earth, as a m-ans of human
reformation, second in dignity, impor
tance, and sacredness. alone to th chris
tian religion. He who dues not love Af
rican slavery with ihis love is an Abolitionist."
n 1
the wi.jcf mtd c, tour--?,
but if tbcre is aaythia wiwi
,-cieLinwient. If r osr iifpuw
couU br those wh,m it L re'.kveJ deaat npoo
i-1 merit. tbj would U eonM to ia"
note ccot due. if tb do not ia
BrifcUlj d , at') J . M AUTIN 4 CO.
Mareh 27rt. I SSI. n33-tf
(tiY wbkh
lsclt Terr I" K,rz:r. r'f.
I), J. MAUlw
we wn
Co" n try 1'ro.laee.
March 27ih, ISM.
The Irrcpresiblc Conflict.
The Nashville (Tenn) Democrat hav
ing insinuated that Jefferson Davij is a
great humbug the editor of the Atlanta
(Ga) Intelligencer thus complmenti his
Tennessee brother:
Let the writer of ihf article in tht
Democrat come to AtUr.ia and we plf-dj-t
him our word and honor that l.e sla'l
"pull cotton or hemp and stand on nothing.1
The native Tennesseeans of our city will
act as musters of ceremony on the in
teresting occasion. If Mr. Hurley will
come to Atlanta we take ihe responsibility
of saying that his tavern bill or his
burial expenses shall not cost him any
thin?. The only thing which strikes our
astonishment is that the people of Nash
ville would tolerate such a paper as the
Democrat in their midst. Gen Jackson
whose bones repose within twelve miles
of the city cf Nashville doubtless turned
in the grave when such doctrines were
permitted to go forth from a Nashville
The Vote la Tennessee.
The vote in Tennessee fjr uuJ a.jxin;:
a State Convention to give an exprion
of the opinion of the people on the pre
sent position of our national affairs, is thus
East Tennessee comprising twenty
eisht couotL'S, vote.l: For Convention,
7,500; against C invention, 32.517.
Middle Tennessee comprising thir
ty three counties for Convetion 26,439;
against 27.S65.
West Tennesee comprising eighteen
counties for Convention 20,1117; agiint
No. 14, North Main Street,
ST. LOUIS, 310.
Sisn of the Gilt Plow.
AcdKVs. 23 Xorfh Fonrth St., or2:3 Bmy.
A HE BECEIVING a Urta a.rftneui or
p.,w. llirr: ('jitivttors, n.e Kjke--1,
Shjves-'.Sraie-. Picks Axe, n'chets
Scytte- S uthH Cn-i V tS. O m-Rtones,
CAfc'Kn' Bro4'lcst3el S-we-a. SeclDiili,
Hjj Str4 nl C -m Stock Cutter.
Xtj. csier- C .'n SeUer. Pump.
Klrbj's Aiuenca.i uon iiarvester.
Revolving nl Sprirnf ith H.rse If tjr Kjkes,
KraiiMT'a Csrfe-nil Wine Mill wiih P.eaa,
S-wiT Cine Crusher ih1 Evjp rafor.
Al iO' P.-rtable K .rnjre :il CaldfoUi,
Portable E IK lie an I 11 r-e P wi.
P.Ktabie Kl 'urwii'l O-ira Weal Mill,
W.mxI nuil Ir in W.itkinz Jta-hi ery,
M.rtisins nl Tenonitis JJcbine.
I. ither Holt Cutter Coach Sce, Lantero,
Qieeii'n pjrt.ib e K irao au-l Bellow,
L'tiher ii l Rubber Beltinz
0 l.e.ilhr Mild Seni P.ick'mx.
French WiIiiii M icune SelTrd. Scale,
Sj-Jind tor ' !irt u ai s -C2
Or Jen solicneU ud pr..rapi Ir execuieo y
March, 1351. . (Fn4 4n-Aii33-lin)
Bargains!- Bargains!
Ttt L-a t H. .a-A
iSBtQal tori:. Tins .K j
mke pajEn-i to Hrii'ta: Y'
ehltfu t!u Ira wr-'i-'1. '
St,?tejh. lf.iri4U"F'SC:V
Hr.a4;if l:i.
D L iicGary,
" tj virt39 cr a OrJer 5
ed th D'wtrict Coort
r IT f 1 , C-e' f.
Cf BtVtJ,
On the29ihc?3ycf u
S-64 uocliviJed rrt of tieV
eKt qawter cf the northwett etj, '!1
west quarttr und the tov'l' '
eust qmrter.mci lots 1,2, 3 .oJ i j
nJ loU I eJ 2 sx:U,a I7.:i i3!)t
r rase i;itto, et.t of tt Wl - '
dlaa. N,m.iha rounty, Nebrui.
hol4 of I t 4 bWk tO.U 2 bUV,TW"
:.! l.,t 9 Llork et.m itBim,"'''
Title, ia Xeiaaha cf)Ua'?
.. JJufc
jtjar rt xt . i. mi.
t lv: a r v; . t ,
- Thorau UeaJ, ) T.tal-
IlfDry Neiauer xni food
Canjline N'eiuiier, j 'ebv'1',' '
The itxT nac!et uireiHlin', IIT
Camlin Neimir hi f will
iboTe named p!s iiiif.Tlr ra i , "
tit'.oo ia tb Curt f..rt--r,j N ,',
ject ol p-rt yer -f l i. h ?. (,'.;""
tb of tLe fiiili.M in r S r ... '
counijrcf Xeiuah.i, ' ni;: TU
iff tectii n iitrii ic u,-f
fifteen. t-t -f lh rx'h 'o.-t.i v
h ire the j r"r--d- f -,i d w. . '
nccf Siirv . ;;!'; d (.ti: itviu .i:
in-ii! r- " tf. A , ri tffl, , . (
C-urf f ir tf, f . . "
Hen-j Xi-iuiicr
-X-l !? nr-uite rttn:--rf a.
t&'d Jni which ?lie clsia l'irri
h- r La b rJ.
m t oit r lefwre
'liiii 5riuii.-r.Mf i r j,.
iV. r.k I . . r t. v
irrwiirgiM w;ii Jetkj
27. 1351. n23 4-trt
ib wTi-rul mitter ullfgil will fcetii.
Soutlicrn Dissatisfaction.
We find the following paragraph in the
JVorA JllaLamian of ihe 8ih of Murch:
"Our neighbor of the Constitution in
a pettish manner suggests that if ihe ed
itor of the Jorih A labamian is not sat
isfied with ihe Government of th? new
Confederacy, he had better leave it. If
all were to leave who are dissatisfied, we
fear the remainder would sooa hrive to
leave or do 'worse, for 'they would have
few left on whom they could rely for
self protection.. It is a remarkable fact.
and why it is so we know not, that ihe
substantial, physical force of ihe country
the hard-fisted, hard-working men ev
erywhere, who are expected to da all
the fighting when their couuiry cilU
were from ihe beginning cpjoitd io the
ordinance of secession, and are becoming
daily more and more dissatisfied with it.
io a while ihey were disposed io ac
quiesce, but as they watch the further
developments of that measure, the mut
tering thunders of their indignation can-
John II. Shersnou has been elected U.
S. Senator of Ohio, in place of Mr. Chase.
Inducements to Subscribe Tor the
Nebraska Fanner.
While we feel cratly ollUel for ibe patronise al
ready extended to ihp Nebraska Farmer ami umlcr
l;itiiK bli;iilnii to kind frif.uiU wi, bdvp itseJ their
influence In Its boha'f, n-c areanxioiH io til! extenj ir
circulation art'l fhcrtbv increase it useru I iic.". To tbl -end
we prep e to h:d tu uch iudiiceiueiits an may at be om-itlered partially coiupetisdtory to those who
nmy feci inclined to l ib. r.
We have made such arrancenicnts as will enablo us
Io furnish ;ih preniinivM Field, iS irden mid Flower seeds,
C-ilored Fruit and Flnwer HUte-i, Atiriciiltural imple-nieu-H,
Sew inn ildcliine, Fruit Tr e, rae Tinti,
Flowerinte Mhmbs, U.i.ik-", dc. U'e d not prop e io
i ffrr preininniK tor ctnpftit:on ha: ach prt-tui mil f.r
tpcvijitd number or b'lb-c itie'i", tlnt re
niunei xti hi wi I In jnywi-e b rontiment np.m whit
Home I'tbcr ,n is d tiw. K.irh !! worknu fi r.., nrenii
urn will know just wii it he -r he I to Kt-i. N i4U if
fifty different praoiii are striving r tho p cmiu.ii
each will pet it, provide! hey eciirt! the rrQtii.- kc uiiui-
ber f Hiihscribers.
We enmit enrmie-ite pvf-yni'i we Tr a rfo
niiiiniv, but will ay (hey tii'-..c a. mot! :; j tninx in
tho luip'enienf. Fruit Tree Siirn'i a.i I si m"I iiiip. We
wi'l place Vilue up-m the prenuniii and let Ikou ob-
tuioing them inaKc tin ir 'ii -e i'i:ii.,ii.
Our Iii!rnieii! and Field Seel iiirh,t fd of
Plant ibEO. and johs UAkr.iT a Co s.u.ui.-.;
Our H.x ks f C. M. Saxtos it Haksih, New Y-ik ;
Our F nit Tree-, Sliri.i-- r c f i h.-i- H. II BCui il
ls it Co., t)n ..n, .. j U. P. IhomSwN .t'u.a.-.i
C v S. T i.IIU.HY 15HOWN. S -l'H-y. i.w. ; T. It
FlMttRorti. W. UHATTON. lt:oWuriili;
l;ir PI ve lit K.VSIGN & FoRl, T t'dr, l ii.;
O ir (ieileri iml r''wr S'fln.l II . Tl.nn v, C. e
rriit City, l i'i-i. in il It. P. Tn MPsoft Nelirki Ct'
t)ur Swiii!.' M .eii ii.r- troiu it I. nit. ;
('ir urapp Vt m v' i from ! c itbrarei! rnliiv,
tr l.-. C. W. .hant. Inni iu:id, near Pc-ekvil e.
New Y'TH. HI . II. I CR.C11L S .V CO., OreRtHl, ii..., mul
It. P t no .ipsux, Xeurjoii., Ct),as ui-iy bo rfi
l. lb l.-f HO I l.l-f p. t'llll lll.K
P; eihinuiB nn:-t b r '.tciflC'iily -ked f..r, a.t we h ive
iii.'U inciid.H li'i will t ike ii .iic .iid i!ieieiore. tewui
li'.i k'. w whether !lu-y a'e .'o-l.rd nr mil, iiiik'i-s Ibe
f ici hi. moot n i.ed lii-ii tb" club are fiit.
Ti.e t.i.-h tiii.rt il,T .no mt...y it"" h kI if
U i.k r :ii I q i inii;it'-i r See I -ucli j uri o... c i-d
to be bent bv hi nl itid c-ilured Ki nit Plate- are di -sired.
taiiipN i.fll.-ieir t" p e-py fi.preoii. ,Lire p u W.iie
will be iit'iivi rrd at the Kirc . til f . in uib ihoj
siail ImiMiienrx Trie i.c. i ub.a d S ejin 1)
or railicui cait lulij picked v b- Xfl
I To ench lirt e n-.b-criber reuri:ili f X we will tir.A
4 papeii. U.trdeii or KL.wer ned
2' 'Tn the pervi.ii en 1'iiK c a club if 3 unbscrlbern at
$1. e will j.en.1 16'papei fj ir.'em.r Fl wr s- ed
5. Six ub-C.-kber and $t Inm i ii l rn: it 'e tbo pp.
f n ieudi!i: the club ti -iO papers Garden or Flower
4. Twelve rum-crtbpr nd $!0 in c i-li will entitle Ihe
setter tip i.f the club 40 papers, ail (Jinien
Flower, or arrted ecl tuy te dexiirinTf"!
6. Twenty hiicrlber and $!5 in c.ih n i;i entitle ihe
j ert-u eniiiiu the c!::b t.. wjrib ot Setd Piutes.
Plants Uo..k, r Impiement.
6. Fifty mb.-ci ifce- ! $'5 in cjh will e:iti:'e ti e
perwn sfiii.'iiist to $m wtiyrliinx he m y o'e-:t.
In m.tkins up the b .ve p.'p...-i:i- n: thec.ub p-itv, it
wiii be i.ierved. re at led ci. rn es the il.e
premium i riot large. I', i with the pr-..n
peilnif up tic club be! lor he pr. vis; es tne eb-cri:.e
i uie ciuu raics t.r hi ii.eraie r-.r e iib u-ilfr
TilE unlijr-ignsd will oo
Monday, the tiA day of Mjy, lSGi,
i ii th
OJir I'm Mile, tu tho Lih-at liidJer, the followic
i ro.iit, vix :
ia til 3
One Ulucksmlili and Wagon shop
uiiU iul tli tvuiiU lliu MilUtt llUatfU. Ill Uu
Uiv ia :tl one IU ird .n rt i,l a
and tbe lot en hIji.-Ii tiio imiuj is ii mated; also a
whiuh H ntl.iclicd to tho same. Alio A Icrg9 and
CULULD xliuu-t
in ".be towtiuf .Mouut V'cruoii adjoiaiu the CitJ of
1'cru, said to bj the
on tho Mi.-iou.j liivcr North of Sit. Jueph. Also, a
iare lot of
Furniture. I have hUh uoout 40!) Acr. .f
Adjoi:iin i'ci u. VLici 1 will tell ou viuf lefuji at
private sale.
i'cr;u.-t of s;i!e : On 3 tlurd Cuah ia hand, and the
remainder mi ix und niuu incittliK, with Ietl luturest.
.Si!e to coiifiii i fioiu -Jay tod.iy uutii all ii sold.
b.iio to Coiulucucu at 111 uViock f tid ujy.
It. V. FiiAME.
K-rn, 'iSih, 13.51. n33-tf
White l.u i A Co, i
I'rcdin .ro .t Drydjn. J
NuriC'i- ii bcrui. ivui, that hy virtue oi tun
ciui'ti i.--u.d by iuc clerk ui iu. U tiic; tuui t . I
,'icul t.. i uUu.J,.vUf.i.-il i ci r.n;r) , aftl mi ilic.ic-
f..-nlj;i s Aibcit i'lcUiui.iA T j, i. u ta lib-.vo
kli.,iKuiiiiin,m.a iu jittui ui ine j uiui.ia iUctc u
i uln , IUj.m;1 ilk Cl, '' lii tuuiit ultv iiuitdi'ttt Mud
Uu UullnK alli llVUiilV liVO .tctiLli, iUli vllj CiitU bt
lull, -IU.Ulil.ll ' to l.d t I L. I, . -L0
CJilto. 1, J. Ii. Cl!.", UCl i J" Oi MlU COULiiV, IU
ria iin limy, pat e K- t,-4 uHia uud Miii ua'jr lor
uk ill j.uijltc .iui 1. Oil, ui. tho duor cl tbe itoUae iu
Hu.cU tie i.i--t lerui oi ln U.-lricl court lr aiU
i.u.iij w.i.-Uela.ou .Wi.iitiiiy I tie U'Jiu tiy ol Ayr A, All
liol, ujio u luu. ur.t-i il .lo .lu.i, p. u. 1. 1 miU
Ji... .ild Mil. cil lu I be bl0Ucrv Lldxt f li r ca.-ll Iu, :tie t .iii.Wiu properly. tu-iii : iu
m. tiui s. hi o .i ui .vut oi tho u jfiUrtc:. i i trier ol
oe.-n ii ien y-n ne i.j t.,Wiisu,j, fiv , rue
a i ecu iG;. i ibe a.tU riucipii ui ruia.i,
l-cii;:i ii ;s in uiif. l.iuu. l.iKen a .lie ,rop.liy
1 A IT lien io pa IMutl.i u i-U .i cUili'li JlU't
. . lu ia.V r ut U uu.', iu3 Il A U...
J 1 VV i.Lii, .turiif.
LasLb.iuh i. Cnrfon, .
K. M Cinn.
Br Tirtue of a wrf nf to m .r.
the i)i.trict Court of Namnha eountj.5-
ritnrj, I will i.ffVr f-ir iale. at the i.f ,
J..hnj'Di IJiH,thj I'lnee where wid Cv
l.i t Irrni, in the taw f Hr.nri!le,.X a,.1
NebrmVa Terri ry. i n TuelT, th:i
April. 1451. ut ihn hear .if J i'.-l.'(,
lowing Und and tenement. yii : th
the ont.h(n4t ,arter of ti(m Pa, ii
Eve: nrth f rn f u -fwn. eat -f ib,i;
piil incri lim, ia Netna ; acnuntT. NVhiHuV
It J. II. Uo;
Jlireh 2S;h. It.. , nrAitfc
Samuel Cul!:i, t LinuS" 1
Ficldrnf IF. John A other, deSTi.)
Said Kividirs II. John of the -.t JJ
ii hereby notifi-d, lht on the U;hdnj.'
ruary, 183!. Samuel C&thtn C!id, in int
ficsof tho lNirict Court of the seei.niJii .
iricf. cf the Territory of Nebraska, in Ml'
h C?unty (in chancery a petition agaiatt:.
fiher, which will be for heaiinj a: ties;
of Hiid curt. in which petition (a own;. :
(Aid Callan claitnii and demand jceruin r
and tu the property (r prcced there, f i.'
ptitutinjr the fe:n Ferry-bHt "Qu"ti
the appointment of a receiver and f -r .it
ment of an account between him ani;lk;
that ho ia required to answer raid pti:ix
fore the 23th day of Arri!, 1551.
Solicitors for Cbjaj'
M.irch 23.lS8i-iw.jr
D. J. llartin Company
.v. j In.theD'itTt'.Cr
Samuel' Ca'Ian. Wil- )."etnAhtoatT.'
liaui V. lies. anl Jlarji- t ka Territory. Ii '
ret J. His., hi wifa. J eery, .
Wiilinm P. He.- and Marsriret llvt Vj '
abore nam?d defendants,' will take ni't et'S
rid J. Marfin, Stephen t . Isuckoil and
ollj.doinx busino.-ia IK J. Martin Jt CtiL"' .
on. the lilih day of Mnr-h. a n Hoi, ale !.''
T.f if i-n in theabie named eiuiha C-i'
triet Curt agam-t the" ?a:d del i.iln ;! . v, William I'. Himh; M:irg.rot J.ii
f'.recIiHe ii certain timrfijHjr- nmd' iml r"r
the Sth i.f April, 1-5V. ky'.iid S.iaii-1"
farorof t hi sa id pl.iititiI--.i fli j !i.iii.:
ed real estate, Miu.ued in tnid count) ( V:
lo-wit: the N'.rth we-t j irt-r.f th a'1"
ter of aet-titio 2i. towji.hiii y. 3. ii"r!' 1 f
eKt of the ffrh pr.ncij 1 tin riJ'i. in '
ty. etrn.k T- rn'. ry. c n in lit iu
tnirtcj'ign "mm givrn tu ceu. a-irm r
note ninde by .md J- tmui l mi!hii. hi ' :"' r
liin'Tlfi. .l Arrl 9 h l,-i'.. t r ti.
hundred dni! im wirli inte.-.i: fr. iu i!i-
Pile of twenty tir:- xv .-ent per auiinm. V'
er id -Hid iifi-n i t fM .! m rtr'
Hti.-fy ..HidcUim.a'id ttx-iud- ami I"'""
de!Vud.wi'i of all rt-kt. itrr.r iulre4 ii'!
ciiiim th.-r-iii. S lid direuiUtib arefurtlnf
fhiit Ih'-i are r-ouir'-d fianar!r iwid pri'i.
b. f.j-e t. e fit i il i i.f Uy. i n 11.
IIKWKTT A TH'kI IS. A .if''-Mun-h
21. Hi!. 4-.f4
Ki.-ke, Ki,iht JL tV
i:ict Jt C.l
X Smith )
.Mi.Ji .Tta. Hil.
I li '..JH.;ISU,
i..ici 1. -;7jU
Legal Notice.
Iii the !)'i wuuK, .Ntiuh.i ....:.
Krrit..r) :
iloi;:io rt'rr.tli. Krsin i., In i. ;r, J . i, ,' "i . -ieii.
i i! 1 1 in lc!a. Mud II ui It I,,, , u . M;
i.ik- in tit e l..iu .oi, r liiii.-uii aii Jjv a . . i ,
i ii, Ou-i.ic. i i'4Vuii.ij X Im , Uiivj n.-i w
t.i n uud utiirouiu'.i mi ii ui i.a u p.n it ii,
Cuil u ireiiid Hmnit ,iitui u.e. btei a ..a .iyci
o. Willi h i t f.C.vhu l cciUm u. mi, me
li Ui t. id ej iJi tcrol oee.ii.ti six, lu :tt ll'y X. ,l rju.i l..irtoc.i. et-t ut I bo .aiu j.r.u-ui-r-'diiii.
iu ei uuiy i.i . uialiit iu.iuc by ln-j
n.d lloii.l;.. o. Worrnil in I.iV.ikI u.Mre I.. u W-
f, the Mild i.iud tuid Mini .lie .intl np
p d in ui lit i.t citimiu priuiii.i.ry u. u lor
- j mm iii.iru; ut tUu i'te j ijve jier eent.
uiou.C trout jiiu i'y lib, iSiy. in ,de by id il
wi L. ..u;i i ii; tiivor vl hco tin o i,. .VucStut;
and n.vl'l.dJ In ald il .lu-ij : and xIm. to dtf,r
Ti th Oi-tni. L'yJ'y. S"
JIoire i Smith ) ritorr.. ,
William N. Smith that .iiuti V. Ki-k . Au-Kwi-ht.
Wulmirt U. Barrett, am! M:'-f
pr;iiT. uml3r the nam aad v!e of Fi
A uiiiiDy. did, oh thtt llth d y uf J'"'"
ISl'if. Cl tluir putition in km I C"rt
na:d Farh.w S. and Wi-liaui N- "f-"
nr under th- niini of M A .-iuitii. J-'"3
c'tin f..r h thtt the aid defemlan'
to the ?aid plaintiff. in the um of $'01 J1.'
ter.-t ut the rate uf ,x per cent prt'li3-r
the 27th dy of July a l I3 5D. I'ur "'Vfl'
ehundie -y tkemij pUintitT to the:i ":
before tbat time sold and deiivercd at J
nit.-iriiH. rin.l ri'iitt.
S nd dfi,i.iiif are furthem ti5-l t
. s-wtry Ci ! vit baring leD fii.d.aiiorJ1''''1
iii.'it s be.iii i.UL-il it lirut th 4r i.moertj
j tl . t. II. wingrval enfare b bn uttath"!
j t- - u-he-1 quarter ..f aection H. '
!ir-...l r.mij 15 e,wtof the 6-b pHoci?"
: ! -ui. - I ui -ni l i-ountyif -iuha.
I 1 -tVndarif r further i.inlf"'' th u ...
-i.oin il i, nn..T .!d lifinn it Iwf J-'" '
of ,, nl to IU l .
I .. fSt!
I1KWETT iTlW- l'
Probate Notice.
Wr:i. V.. P.Tr:i .fm f1'
V.. .ili.. f. iii.TT.
d . y
iiul! n.ii void uuv-iiaiii iicni ui'nU ly Wiili im l-lcUy
.tod UUf in (-t- b.r, lS:',to ejid fraucia
l'r. u t ..1.4 1..-L.H V Mu!.uo,a..l to dhMf, ex'.-luue
$1. It her bleia.kc.-. uptlieclnk t tl eai h. mrh ! '"u r,Vt'' lori:ei...-je su.d tict'cMianta i.ii c,i:li ui'
lernnn i. eiiitfiii Li the marKi.i i cm ei lier rca'.n it t:,eti. ; ..! r.:it, ti'ie und iuierejt which tho mar
M.r a...I i. .u.l.mAIJII.. i; ' .f... .1 . , . .
ai!;ii'jon i.tho iireniinni in ha:ever nnr te orde:ei to
the am -tint.
The fall. .wins inl.i-em"tit are (rere.I r-r clubs a! tbe
ra'ee.f in1r!s mb-be. -. $l e...-h :
I. Fie ,ib-;ri)i' ami $5 iiica-h will eii!it!e wp
ernJine ihec'iult t 1 in wimrcver ni:y l.e oi.'r'p,!.
Ten !iosi:riuer u $! in i-n-h wi'.j enritie t. v! tJ
in wh-itei-er may lie ;eir1.
3. Fiftcjn ir.hcriuer mul $15 ia r.v.ney will ilrw $i
In sn?t. a ui.iy l; o-cle.-r.i.
4. Te:i'y Hubcrijera aad $10 eatit'e t a S7
5 I'.t'.T acb'crltera r.l $.M wil: en-ire f Mr !er.
not be IonfftT sunrressed. Would vou ,;,"''- .o,vtu cuutiet.,
lave them all leave, and thus nl andon Th" 'e -ttainins p-eniiTi.;i ie pcTiiMei to rp-e
ihe secession ariiccracy uf .he South to I rrupl r'AQl
!'" the tender mi rri'.-s at ?lr. Li:i.ilii ? : 13'k atwi Pi wi.h ih,f ces w.n ber .nnd i-! i.v-
T!ni.r-,UI. i ' j s'l.-e'-Ti ijrr. i.r. O -:-! ei e, -f ir p e,,ien'Mi:j j.
" iiKi.iu iv unii.
.j..i i.iii.i; s:ii'i il'tei,d ilit.4 lire roinirc:l ii.
tu ..." b;:. re tbe l3Jid.iof Jl.iv. a l
- - -
H!l. W.T
or i ic everal u.aicrj tt;crc:u si itcd will be taken a
true uti J decree! nci'ordiiiyiy.
IIK'.VKIT A TllOi;.V.,Att" for Vl'I.
JUrch 27. 1SJ1. uU hw-iTiO
wiif :,r.
e-int" ..t .1 h
th- I'm.U:i- C..r
T-.'rr.Ujry, 4r nnr v-jf. x
th--m-ct uf i. i--iie N,
N"fk,is i hrpfiy ii:T-i! th.ii I b.'''.
".v'urvii.n d !"l,t t'J --ui. i , u:
i nnnnj irn.l aMiti-iMi-:i itt k,t .:
in 4:, i.i ... iti, I i .kl ... :,!
til may til ml arid l,im cm-e by ifc-'
ui.. n of time iJioiiI 1 iv. f bo 'i .il. , y
Wifne.e n:v hand aad a! tbi- J,r'i -i.
d 1331. ( n35 S;-S.i ) C. W. Vli- "
IV m -rt-j. t , - f..r
Sheriff Sale.
Lu -hbsa-:i Ji Cjkoo, i
District Court,
R n
the Uivti
ii!- ry, 1 v.
t & J W
y V'.rtue f Iw.i writ of ta
The prapjsitj.j ) f.n- ;i
iias, fee, wtc
ventioa mtrolucen in urs Le-'ulaturt of
Iudina on the tint day of th 3 sssio-j
passed jit before the r.Jj jmrutnra: Ly a t
decided majority" bcu noasfr-i
, ).. ti e r
c-.r, :!-. 1 h0
i.C. .
I." -U
-"i-t tu
- r i .
p-e 1 .y
T. e--,
V! 11,-
v..::irt cf Ncuv.ih i county, 2ivbTvni-Tt:X'
! ' -T-r for at the do .r :i !I,.mr
l.ih. -t.ti'a !,i.- ij.u-e t. he. c i ill l.' I: I.! ;?j
1 ci 1:1, iu tliolowuiif LiiA cville, Nviirnoiui Ter-
r.' .ry, 1,
Currants, Gocsebt-rriei. Ij'--8"
11 z ;. terries, St ra he r::
Of wliieh w bate a li-ce i-:.c,I w
tt r.t l.r' t ie dOA duv of Jlvril. ISol - cf tix-e ,-.h.t tu 5.., ,e.
I- ilovTiii Uuda and - aua t-i f .ft' - f...!
t '"-
trees. Ac. w rII f!i : ...n i T. r
Gruwers. anl otter wisLiajto teili;)
la mr st"fit of y
Fruit and Ornamental TrrfS, Cr"?
Shrvl f-trv, Rojfs, .V
1 1 ;
t ih- i.i.ur .1' 1 iVt
-u.irter oi o. :..j ti.--f
r-i-. - Mlf u. t-it-t
, t.
I a -
.e: : .