The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, December 01, 1922, Page 11, Image 11

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. ".I '
Hon as to how His followers should
act as they carried out His instruc
tions. He was-Bending them forth "as
lambs among wolves' There was no
campaign fiindwith hich to provide
. for them; they were to depend en-
tirely upon the hospitality of those
among whom they went. "The la
borer is worthy of his hire," andhey
wero engaged in a great work.
They were taught what to preach
."The kingdom of God is come" nigh
unto you;" and it .came, nigh both to
those who received them and to those
who rejected them. The former re
ceived their reward for extending a
welcome and the latter their" con
demnation for'rejectmg the oppor
tunity offered
One thought stands out so promi
nontlyMirour text that I shall leave
others to comment upon other, parts
of it while I ask attention to the
plentitude of the harvest; and the
scarcity of the laborers. ' When was
the harvest more plentiful or the
need for laborers greater than now?
The world is groaning beneath the
burden of civilization. It has every
thing except the one thing that it
needs most.
Behold the evidences of material
wealth! When did man have such
mastery over the lorces of nature?
The waterfalls that once plunged use
lessly down the mountain side are
now estimated in units of horsepow
er; the lightning that was once re
garded only as a messenger of death
is now man's most useful servant.
Man once was content to dwell on
the earth's surface, now ho burrows
down thousands of feet in search of
fuel and the precious metals, and as
cends into the clouds with his air
ships. Inventions have followed fast
upon each other until one arm can' do
what a thousand arms could riot have
done a few centuries ago.
Cities have sprung up with their
massive business buildings and ma
jestic temples of worship. Libraries,
schools, colleges and. universities are
scattered over our land' Riches are
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The Commoner
accumulated as never before, and
learning anion? tim r,, '"
the dreams of the ancients.
mignty slips plow the Ocean and
enormous engines carry freight and
passengers across the land; and poo
plo rush to and fro in horseless cars.
Distant regions are bound together
by iron rails and widely scattered
continents are united by rapid ships.
J he telephone has converted each
nation into a whispering gallery. The
telegraph system ha niiminnf
epace and the radio opens up pos-
BV"iiues mat ooscure the lino bo
tween dreams and real life.
Tractors drag gang plows,through
the fields, complicated machines cut
and bind the grain, steam threshers
separate the wheat from the chaff
and mighty mills turn out billions of
bushels of flour and meal.
And yet the problem of existence
is more serious than when the soil
was tilled by oxen and man plowed
with a crooked stick more serious
than when wheat was trampled out
by horses and ground in mortars.
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Bor of an operation.
In proportion as people crowd to
gether in cities they become es
tranged, crime increases and destitution-snreads.
Commfirn.'fil rlvnlrv ho.
comes a1 ca.use of international con-
uicts and science makes war more
hellish and more destructive.
We have just come out of a war
which resulfed, directly or indirectly
in the death of 30,000,000 human
beings, in the destruction of $300,
000,000,000 worth of property and in
the multiplying of the world's debts
more than six fold, and think of it
nearly every nation engaged in the
war was a so-called Christian nation
and the nominal patron of some
branch of the church that bears tho
name of the Prince of Peace. And
now the profiteers are trying to de
vour those who escaped tho sword.
In our own favored land the
greatest republic in history, and the
nation with the greatest moral pres
tige we have to have "white slave"
laws to protect women from being
kidnapped and sold into a life of
shame; child labor laws to keep the
blood of children from being coined
into diivdends; anti-trust laws to
keep small enterpr'ses from being
driven into bankruptcy by larger
business rivals; anti-option laws to
protect the farmer from gamblers
on the market; restrictions and re
straints of every kind are necessary
to keep avarice within bounds.
This is but a brief review of a few
of the larger evils with which society
and government are compelled to
grapple.. Are they the product of
modern civilization or do they exist
in spite of civilization?
If ever the world needed the teach
ings of Christ it needs those teach
ings now. The world has been wear
ing the devil's yvoke and bearing the
devil's burden, but tho yoke is be
coming too hard and the burden too
heavy. The greatest nations of Eu
rope stand on the verge of an abyss
and look down upon universal bank
ruptcy, while in this nation we., una
the gulf between Capital and Labor
more acute tnan it nas ever oeen De
fore. To whom can the world turn ex
cept to the One whose yoke is easy
and whose burden is light? His
Gospel is for nations as well as for
individuals for tho regeneration of
society through the regeneration of
Surely the harvest isripe, but how
can laborers be secured? Mission
aries, are needed to carry tho gospel
into heathen lands and they are also
needed at home to avert calamities
that threaten, if it so be that "the
wages of sin is death." How can so
ciety be saved from the punishments
that are linked to transgressions?
Onlyby those who bolievo in God,
Without a belief in Gpd man can-
jot understand tho world, and tho
Bible gives us our only conception of
Sv and our only conception of
Christ. Without a bolief in God thero
can be no sense of responsibility,
and without a senso of responsibility
there is no foundatiou upon which to
build society.
The Church mu,st lead in all moral
reforms or forfeit its claims to con
fidence; and tho Sunday School
comes next to tho Church, in tho
muuence whicn it exerts upon the
thought of tho religious world.
Education cannot be substituted
for religion; the mind is but a ma
chine apd is fit only to servo tho
heart. The heart must occupy tho
throno and direct one's course, "for
out of it are tho issues of 1'fe." Tho
mind may wander its thoughts are
superficial but as a man "thinketh
in his heartuso is he.';
Mind worship is tho basic sin of
this, generation. Science, one of tho
most honorable branches of learning"
when it deals with truth, at times
descends from its high plane and in
dulges in guesses which, unsupported
by facts, attack all that is sacred.
The most destructive of these guesses
is tho one that links man in genera
tions with the brute and paralyzes
his sense of responsibility to God.
The world needs reverent worslffp.
iouuy more .tnan it needs va:n specu
lations and light literature. We not
only need to double our church mem
bership and multiply our Sunday
School rolls, but we need Bven moro
to intensify our devotion and to ap
ply to every phase of life the codo
of morals that Moses brought down
from Sinai and that Christ enlarged
m iis sermon on the Mount.
Christ taught that His followers
should be the salt of the earth, but
He warned against tho uselessness of
salt when it loses its savor. Every
Christian should be a missionary,
spreading the gospel of Christ by
word and illustrating it by example
"Be Vo' doers of tho word, aSSflot
hoarors only."
A heart can bo changed In a "mo
ment and, thoroforo, a nation can bo
born in a day
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