The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, September 01, 1914, Page 21, Image 21

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The Commoner
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or says: "The hope that Servia would , she let it be known that "as an ally
keep its word has not been fulfilled. , of Austria she could not interfere in
The flame of hatred for myself and ; any way with Austria's freedom of
my house has blazed always higher, j action."
The design to tear from us by force A Berlin cablegram, dated July 28,
inseparaoie portions ol Austria-Hun- states:
gary has been manifested with ever- "The German government at Ber
lessening disguise." 'lin Tuesday returned an unfavorable
The manifesto then dwells on "crim- reply to the British proposal for a
inal propaganda which has extended conference of the ambassadors in
over the frontier, aiming at the de-: London of the European powers in
struction of the foundations of order j an endeavor to bring about a settle
and loyalty in the southeastern portiment of the Austro-Servian difficulty,
of the monarchy and the leading In its communication Germany de
astray of growing youth and inciting Clares that it considers the sugges
it to deeds of madness and high i tion of Sir'Edward Grey, the British
treason." It concludes: "A series of ( foreign secretary, as well meant and
murderous attacks in an organized ! good in principle but not feasible in
and well-carried-out conspiracy, , practice and impossible to carry out.
whose fruitful successes wounded me "The communication says it can-
VV xtlIv Jt JL -j-ttLO
and my loyal people to the heart
forms the visible and bloody track
of those secret machinations which
were operated direct in Servia."
Declaring that a stop must be put
to these intblerable provocations, the
honor and dignity of the monarchy
protected and its political, military
and economic developments guarded
from continuous shocks, he says:
"In vain did my government make a
last attempt to induce Servia to de
sist. Servia rejected the just and
moderate demands of my government
and refused to conform to the obliga
tions forming the natural founda
tions of peace in the life of peoples
and states. I must therefore proceed
by force of arms to secure those in
dispensable pledges which alone can
insure tranquility to new states with
in and lasting peace without.
"In this solemn hour I am fully
conscious of the whole significance
of my resolve and my responsibility
before the Almighty. I have exam
ined .and weighed everything and
with serene conscience I set out on the
path that duty points. I trust in my
peoples who throughout every storm
have always rallied in united loyalty
around my throne and have always
been prepared for the severest sac-
rifices for the honor, greatness and
might of the fatherland. "I trust
in Austria-Hungary's brave and de
voted forces and in the Almighty to
give victory to my arms."
The emperor's manifesto is ad
dressed to all "his people.
Following is a cablegram, dated
Berlin, July 24:
"Germany will take no steps to
prevent war between Austria and
Servia. Announcement tg this effect
was made today in a note issued by
the foreign office. The German gov
ernment is displeased because the
Austrian government sent a note to
Servia without first consulting Em
peror William. The note issued by
the German government follows:
" 'Austria, having drafted a note
to Servia without consulting Ger
many, this government will do every
thing possible to localize the strife,
should war follow, but will not in
terfere until some other power inter
venes, and then it will only fulfill its
duty to its citizens and as implied by
ita treaties "
A London cablegram, dated July
27, states that Sir Edward Grey,
British secretary of state for foreign
affairs, who arranged the ambassa
dorial conference during the Balkan
war submitted proposals to the Ger
man, French and Italian govern
ments for a similar conference to me
diate between Austria and Russia,
and invited the governments of Aus
tria, Servia and Russia to suspend
military activity pending the result
of the proposed conference. France
and Italy communicated their will
ingness to accept the proposal, which
also was agreed to "in principle" by
Germany. "While Germany accepted
tha idea of mediation in principle
not be expected that a great power
having a dispute with a smaller
neighbor will submit the matter to
the decision of a Eurpoean areopa
gus. Far less can it be hoped that
two great powers will submit to be
summoned in the role of accused be
fore such a tribunal.
"Germany makes the counter sug
gestion that negotiations for peace
be conducted between the cabinets
instead of by a conference. Germany,
however, is prepared to welcome any
further suggestion to localize the
conflict as far as they are consistent
with her duty to her ally."
A special cable dispatch from St.
Petersburg, dated July 29 says: The
following significant statement was
made tonight by M. Goremykine,
president of the council:
"Russia is determined not to allow
Servia to be crushed, and will fulfil
its duty toward the small kingdom,
which already has suffered so much
at Austria's hands. Russia will not
be frightened by any threats Austria
may address to her. She knows her
obligations to her Slav brethren in
the Balkans and will not consent to
Servia being turned into an Austrian
vassal. European equilibrium de
mands that the Slav kingdom retain
its independence, and Russia will up
hold it to the end. She will take all
the measures the gravity of the situa
tion requires So as to be able suc
cessfully to offset Austria's in
A special cabe dispatch from
Stockholm, July 29, says: The Ger
man foreign office yesterday author
ized the Berlin correspondent of the
Stockholm Dagblad to publish the
following statement:
"No mobilization has taken place
in Germany, but when we do mobil
ize we shall strike. An attack by
Russia upon Austria will provide the
casus foederis. We do not believe
Russia desires to fight against two
great powers. France Is certainly
under obligation to assist Russia,
but she probably U disinclined to do
so. A general European conflagra
tion as the outcome of Austria's
righteous punishment of Servla's dis
loyalty would be madness. Probably
Russian diplomacy already had de
cided to favor peace, though the
crisis may last for some time."
Germany's declaration of war
against Russia was delivered at St.
Petersburg, August 1, following a
last extreme move for peace by the
kaisers government when it tele
graphed a preemptory demand for an
unqualified explanation of Russia's
"menacing mobilization" along the
German and Austrian frontiers. Rus
sia had been given to understand
that unless these movements were
abandoned forthwith Germany would
respond in kind.
A St. Petersburg special cable dis
patch, dated August 3, says: Emper-
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The World
Great Britain
IMcturcN of NhvIcn
and ArmfcN
Portrait of the
IlHlern of NhIIobs
tit War
War Strength of
each Country,
Army, lVa,vy hhcI
ijaaMmwuiMMMMKj Acriai irnii
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