The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, February 01, 1914, Page 31, Image 31

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    The Commoner
ium or a tax assessment or a bill that
3rou wero not expecting.
Somebody always is asking ques
tions at the window when you are in
a hurry to buy a ticket.
When you think you are going to
be ablo to save money there always
is something that has to be repaired.
However, there always is a good
timo coming. Chicago , Record-Herald.
TIio Xiaconic Senator
Not for the multitude but for the
fewness of his words is Senator Lane
of Oregon likely to becomo famous.
Asked to contribute a sketch of him
self to that annual of shrinking
Both can be securedfor your
idle funds if deposited with
this bank.
We pay 4 per cent on Time
Deposits and Savings Ac
counts, compounded semi
annually. You receive in addition ab
solute protection under the
Oklahoma Guaranty Law,
which has been in success
ful, operation for six years,
Write for booklet on "Bank
ing by Mail" and copy of
law. Free on applicaton.
Accounts from 30 states.
M. G. HASKEajL, President
modesty, the Congressional Directory,
Mr. Lane wrote:
"Harry Lane, democrat, of Oregon,
term expires March 3, 1919."
When asked how he liked his sen
ate job ho replied;
"I feel perfectly at homo here. 1
was superintedent of tho Oregon in
sane asylum before I was sent here."
From "The Office Window" in tho
N. Y. Mail.
Tho Fatal Stop
Automobile Salesman And what
ever speed you may bo going, when
you put on this brake you stop in five
yards dead.
Prospective Woman Purchaser
How dreadful! I've always thought
they were so dangerous." Punch.
Poor Ikoy
"Don't fool, Ikey is a sick man,"
said a Hill dweller to Tom Itellly.
"All the time he hollers mit one.hand
for ice water and mit the other"hand
for the doctor." Newark News.
Usual Treatment
"Mrs. Brown has thekleptomania."
"Indeed; what is she taking for
"Anything that looks good to her?"
New York Times. '
Ruptured People
Get This On 60 Days Trial
You know you can't possibly tell anything about a truss o
anything olse lor mpture merely by trying It on. for a truss or
so called "appliance" may seem all right at first ami afterr
ward prpyc utterly worthless. '
But here Is something you can try sixty days Just as a
test without having to risk a single cent.
Away With Keg-Strap
hiuI SpriiJff Trusses
So far as e know, our guaran
teed rupture holder is the only
thing of any kind for rupture that
you eau get on 60 days trial the
only thing we know of pood
enoughto stand such a long and
thorough test. It's Xhe famous
Cluthe Automatic Massaging
Truss made on an absolutely
new principle has J8 patented features. Self-adjusting. Does a
way with the misery of wearing belts, leg-straps and springs.
Guaranteed to hold at all times Includtmg "wheu ou are
worklng.itaking a bath, etc Has cured in case alter case that
fccemed hopeless.
VTriU fo Vrte Book or idtlee Cloth-bound, 104 pages.
Explains the dangers of operation. Shows Just what's wrorig
with elastic and spring trusses, and why drugstores should
no more be allowed to fit trusses than to perform operations.
Exposes the humbugs shows how oUMashloned worthless
trusses are sold under false and misleading names. Tells ail
about the care and attention we give you. Endorsements
from over 5000peopJc. Including physicians. Write to-day-find
out how you can prove every word we say by making a
40 day, test without risking a penny.
Bex 7 71 -Cluthe Ce., 125 E.23rd St., New-York City
Village Philosophy
Light reading lights no candles in
the dark places of the mind.
Some folks wait for success as
though it had a special track laid
right by their door, and was due to
arrivo on scheduled time.
Religion with somo people is a
thing to be endured with fortitude.
To keep a friend you must be such
a friend to him as not to lay the pain
of your own troubles upon him.
The midnight of ignorance is the
ignorance of one's own ignorance.
Advice is so cheap that nobody
even makes a pretense of respect
ing it.
If somo folks knewi themselves as
they really are they would scratch
their names off their own visiting
An empty mind is so small that it
doesn't note the vacuum.
Tho only good thing about worry
Is that it gives somo folks an occu
pation that keeps them from med
dling with other folks' busiuess.
M. G. R., in Sioux City Journal.
Pointed Paragraphs
Enthusiasm makes heavy work
And many a toothless person in
dulges in biting sarcasm.
A .mean man always measures tho
world by his own standard.
When a man puts his foot in it he
feels like kicking himself.
And many a self-made man has
been unmade by a tailor-made
Tho more rights a woman has the
less she cares to talk about them.
When a. couple are divorced the
real reason doesn't always show on
the books.
The high. cost of living still enables
home to pose as the deadest place on
earth. Chicago Newa
Quaker Quips
Flattery among friends is a case of
either mako or break.
Many a man has ono wife too
many who has only been married
Many a man's wasted energy is re
stricted entirely to praising himself.
The fellow who pats himself on
the back is quite satisfied to stand
Instead of taking time by the fore
lock some people are satisfied to
hang onto his coat tails.
Tell a, girl she has dreamy eyes
and she will generally prove that she
is wide aw.ake. Philadelphia Record.
Life Insurance. A contract by
which a com
pany, in consideration of ' tho
payment of certain premiums,
agrees to pay a definite sum at
tho death of the person whoso
life is insured, either to his
estate or to his beneficiary.
An endowment policy as dis
tinguished from a life policy is
ono that is payable to tho in
sured should he survive a cer
tain period, called the endow
ment period. In case of his
prior death then the insurance
is payable to his beneficiary.
Dividends. Tho return bv tue
company to the
policy holder of the over charge
in the premiums paid. These
vary according to the death
rate of the company, the inter
est earned on its investments
and the cost of conducting the
business. Dividends on life in
surance policies do not repre
sent profits. This should al
ways be kept in mind.
Annual Dividend. The amount
. . s returned at
the end of each policy year,,
being the over payment niadc
at the beginning of the year.
Deferred Dividends. T h o
returned at the end of 10, 15
or 20 years, being the aggre
gate over payments made at
tho beginning of each year.
Only those policy holders who
live to the end of tho deferred
dividend period and who pay
all tho premiums on their poli
cies participate in this return
of tho overcharge. The portion
belonging to those who lapse
their policies, or die before the
distributing period, is forfeited. ,
Guaranteed Dividends. T h e
ment of a stipulated amount of
the premium collected, as five
per cent or nine per cent. Tho
amount returned is collected at
the beginning of tho policy year
and repaid at the end. In other
words the premium paid is in
creased by just the amount
which tho company agrees to
When the insuring public understands the nature of so called
dividends in insurance, that these dividends do not represent
profits at all, but tho return of an overcharge pure and simple, a
very pertinent inquiry is, "Do not some companies issue policies
at a lower premium rate and thereby let the policy holders keep
the 'dividends' or 'over charge in their own pockets?"
For rates on such policies write,
The Midwest Life
N. Z. SNELX, President
for Limited Time to New or Renewing Subscribers
One Year for Only One Dollar.
I Addrew Order to THE COMMONER, Lincoln, Nebr
No drouths. No floods. No crcr failures. Mild winters.
Cool summers. Good water rights. Land very fertile and pro
ductive. Price $45.00 per acre up for fully paid up water right.
For further information write
W B. MILLSON Jerome, Idaho, Box266
r - 1