The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, March 07, 1913, Page 16, Image 16

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The Commoner.
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Eight Hardy
Roses for You
Wo want to deliver this cliolne
collection of lSlfclit Ifnrriy Kvcr
blootuliiK ItoNcn to Every Reader
of Tho Commonor, loltlvJy With
out Coat. They nro fine, vigorous
plantH, runrnntocri to reach you In
healthy Krowlnjr condition, and will
bloom this HciiHon If given ordinary
Unlcflfl you request Immediate de
livery when ordering, tho ronea will
not bo delivered until proper tlmo
to plant In your locality. Kuch col
lection Is accompanied with special
printed Instructions on their plant
ing and caro.
OlUl OFPlQHt To nnyonn sending
us J1.1C (a special club rate), wo
will enter subscription for ono year
to both Tho Commonor and Tho
American Homestead and dollvor,
all charges prepaid, this collection
of Eight Hardy Roso Bushes.
Moat vuluablo and satisfactory
red roso for general planting,
vigorous, sturdy grower and pro
fUHo bloomer. Large warm rosy
crimson flowers, beautifully shaded.
A crowning masterpiece and
hailed by (lower-lovers everywhere
as the greatest rose creation of
modern times. Hardy and vigorous
grower with great loads of rich,
creamy, fragrant white, slightly
lomon-llnled (lowers; u color effect
oxqulaltoly beautiful.
In color, u deep golden yellow,
maryolously rich and pure, with ox
qulflllo fragrance. Very hardy and
lusty in growth and blooms all tho
A roso to exclto tho admiration of
everyone. Flno outdoor roso, very
hardy and rapid, vigorous growor.
Blooms all tho timo, producing lm
monso olegantly formed flowers of
a magnillcent sllvory pink.
For intenso and dazzling color,
thcro Is no other Roso to comparo
with t. A strong, sturdy growor,
entirely hardy and freo bloomer.
Flowers nro largo and handsomo;
color fiery crimson shaded with a
dark velvety shoon, a combination
found In no othor rose. Fragrance
Is unexcelled.,
MAimaiv'H m.usii
An Indispensable roso for bedding
or docoratlvo purposes. Immense
double flowers aro produced all
through tho growing season: color
palo blush and creamy white.
This splendid roso Is ono of tho
very best of its color rosy carmine
with darker shado. Full, doop,
doublo flowers aro borno in great
profusion and tho bush is a rapid
compact grower, perfectly hardy.
An ideal garden rose in evory way.
Tho now production that ovoryono
raves over, a real Rvorbloomlng
Rambler. Plant grows rapldlv
making shoots from eight to ton
Coot during tho season and covors
itself with bright green glossy
foliage. Bright crimson (lowers in
great clusters aro produced tho
entire season.
Send Your Order EarV.
Thero will bo a big demand for
this fine collection of Eight Beauti
ful Roso Bushes. Do not wa t
until planting tlmo boforo ordorlnc
Bond NOW. Offer open to S ;
renewal subscriptions, or anyono
wishing to advance- present sub
scriptions to olthcr paper. Uso
attached coupon. Address
Lin oln, Neb.
Use This Coupon To-day
Tho Commoner, Lincoln, Nob.
I oncloso $1.15 tp pay for ono year's
subscription to both Tho Commoner
and tho American Ilomostoad at
your special club rate, which also
entitles me to Eight Hardy Ever
blooming Roses as advertised, sent
postpaid, without additional cost
One Year.)
Los Angeles Express: The idea Is
so;nowhat widely held that bankers
overwhelmingly favor tho Aldrlch
currency scheme. This is open to
grave doubt, especially in the re
gions remote from Wall street which
feel its steady drain on their fluid
resources. Many such bankers fear
and believe tho economic power of
the Morgan, Baker and Rockefeller
groups so vast that with strongly
knit reserve associations their domi
nance would bo easier than now.
Ono of these is Henry W. Yates,
president of tho Nebraska National
bank of Omaha. Ho suggests a plan
of bank organizations by zones
along tho lino of clearing house as
sociations. They would havo no
capitalization, because their com
bined resources would inspire even
groator confidence. Tho plan of Mr.
Yates proposes:
1. Tho reserves of banks com
posing an association may bo de
posited with its manager and loans
to tho extent of GO per cent of these
reserves may bo made to the mem-"
bor banks at such interest as may
bo fixed from time to time.
2. Should the demand for loans
bo greater than the associations
can supply, they will bo permitted to
uso bank notes to circulate as
But these bank notes differ from
the Aldrlch kind. They would not
issue or retire at the ukase of a
board of governors. They would
come and go In response to the
natural laws of trade and commerce,
indicated by tho interest rate. Tn
times of stress they would be sought
in spite of tho high interest on them.
In "easy" times that high rate would
automatically retire them.
Tho weakness of our monetary
system is its inability to expand and
contract automatically. Recogniz
ing this defect, Mr. Yates has shown
a praiseworthy effort to think con
structively for himself. He is right
in reproving other bankers who have
simply accepted New York "expert"
opinion favoring tho Aldrich plan,
or their echo by tho easy-going Taft
or his secretary of the treasury.
It is to men like Yates that wa
must look for tho sorely needed
monetary reform, for the country
will probably never accept the Ald-rlch-Morgan
Tho debt which tho world'owes to
tho able and painstaking historian Is
often beyond price. It is a prodi
gious task to composo a truthful
story of any land or epoch. To say
nothing of the labor of writing, the
vast amount of research and prepa
ration which the conscientious delver
in the past imposes on himself would
be, to the average man, heartbreak
ing. Honor should ever bo rendered
to tho memory of him who has done
his work woll as an historian. Such
a man as tho late Dr. John Clark Rld
path deserves frequent remembrance,
for in him were displayed all the
dualities of tho trim hiatniA r.u..
In a very substantial way the merits
ui ma uooics are recognized In con
tinuous and extensive sales. But a
tribute may fitly here bo paid him for
the manner in which he wrought and
tho quality of his productions. Dr.
Ridpath was not merely a profound
student of other men's works; he
also traveled nvrmiQivoiv in vi
.country and abroad, and personallv
nvnmtnnfl -mn-nn s.:..l .
v.rtM,ut.iOU uiu.o uiiBmui records and
data than probably any other his
torian. He also introduced a scien
tific spirit into the writing of his
books. Tho combined result was
wonderful accuracy and competent
ness and a cleaT exposition of the
significance of events. Hia books
have proved an inspiration to hosts
of students and general readers.
Leslie's Weekly.
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I j """'"'" i in-i in nnm I, i in t
A Remarkable New Book
by Woodrow Wilson
Wiln ItmT' FeSr.W 17' ot a book by Woodrow
one Sf 'tie moB?SfrikSSrta,ltf pol,ltl?al event o tho sPrinS- " is
tion Nblln. PVenSi 0f. the Poetical history of the na-
ration addreased to 0n the eve of his inau-
ment il !h f intentions Untry a professio of faith and a state-
ePlo"T (Ala.) Item says:
by AotthBl&LTT)me ever put in the field both
system and by its exSoitatloJ snafrrnalfgr!ment of the present financial
other chief JecSi?e of th United 5fS pre?ldntiaI li No
independence has performed thi rt ?taSr BlS0 8 declaration of
taking office. He not onW attnnlc ff J Mr Wilson on the eve of
.country, but makes 1 clear tSft h thnit5U8t?,and monopolies of the
mately restore trade coitkfon ni" 5? S1 ln his Pwer to Slti-
In anticipation of the trPm , ""iw
special arrangements have been mndmaud for thIs nw book
.direct from the publishers witho? J SUPnPly Commoner readers
sent prepaid to any addresl fo? 1 iiay' Th,e book alone wil1 Ue
combination with a yetfBmimrllhn0 be sent PrePald in
The American Homestead to? , oSllPS?V The Commoner and
bound in cloth and printed in larco tkl n hiBuho?k Is handsomely
taina upwaTds of 300 pages JJS?e n flne book PftPer and con
own a copy. Send your nrX, Tvry Progressive American should
. vU4 41L uiii'.n
-- ww
Address AU Orders to Tli r-
" to lhe Commoner, Lincoln, Neb.
- dJ