The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 25, 1910, Page 13, Image 13

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    NOVEMBER 25, 1910
The Commoner.
quiet along the Mexican border, and
the Texas authorities are taking the
proper measures to obviate any pos
sibility of clashes between citizens of
Mexico and the United States, ac
cording to a telegram received today
by the state department by Governor
Campbell of Texas. Governor Camp
bell said he had no news of trouble
in Uvalde, where a disturbance be
tween Americans and Mexicans was
The Arizona constitutional con
vention adopted a provision prohib
iting the incarceration of juvenilo
offenders with adults in jails and
In an opinion handed down by
Justice Williams the state supreme
court of Oklahoma held that the
gross revenue tax law is valid and
Henry M. Hoyt, councellor for the
department of state, died at his home
in Washington City.
State Senator Eugene M. Travis of
Brooklyn testified before a New York
legislative committee that he was
offered $100,000 for his vote against
the anti-race track bill in 1908.
Governor Brown of Georgia has
appointed former Governor G. M.
Terrell as United States senator to
succeed the late Senator Clay. He
will serve until the legislature meets
in June, 1911.
One hundred persons were reported-
killed as a result of a riot at
Euebla, Mexico, "A Mexican revolu
tion is declared to be inevitable.
Indiana's population is 2,700,876,
an increase of 7.3 per cent.
The Montana legislature is demo
cratic and this will insure the defeat
of Senator ThomaB H. Carter, republican.
Demand for tariff revision will be
made to the coming session of con
gress by the Knights of Labor.
Joel Francis Freeman, aged 74,
formerly secretary of the Standard
Oil company, died at his home in
v Orange, N J.
Four American blue jackets were
waylaid and robbed by a gang of
waterside roughs at Brest, France.
The National Woman's Christian
Temperance Union met at Baltimore
and unanimously re-elected to the
office of president, Mrs. Lillian M.
N. Stevens, of Portland, Me.
Ralph Johnstone, holder of the
world's altitude record for aero
planes, fell five hundred feet at
Denver, and was instantly killed.
The four newspaper editors who
were charged with inciting riots in
Nicaragua were expelled from that
country by President Estrada.
Mayor Gaynor has given the New
.York police force a severe shaking
up and more than six hundred detec
tives will now be required to devote
their attention to Tunning down
Will M. Maupin, editor of the
Lincoln (Neb.) Wageworker, was
chosen secretary-treasurer of the In
ternational Labor Press Association
session at St. Louis. The officers of
the association are as follows:
President, Charles W. Fear, Joplln,
Mo.; vice presidents, Edward Hirsch,
Baltimore; R. G. Stewart, CedaT
Rapids, la.; P, D. Drain, Evansville,
Ind.; Jerome Jones, Atlanta, Ga.;
Ollie JS. Wilson, Oklahoma City; Sam
J)e Nedry, Washington; W. J. Kelly,
4M WU:mU
"It is tho unexected that always
"That's right. I always know it is
going to happen to me."
Tho Grouch
"I have noticed," growled the
chronic grouch who doesn't own an
auto, "that the man who owns an
auto usually has a family whose fe
male members need something to at
tract attention away from their
"Why do you women wear a lot of
jute in your hair?"
"Probably for tho same reason
that you men wear vests with a big
show of fine cloth in front and a
concealment of cheap sateen ' in the
Explained Satisfactorily
"Lobk here, Bilkins; did you call
me a liar?"
"Certainly not, Mr. Blufferly. My
only reference to you was to say that
you were so careful of the truth that
you handled it with extreme caution
and moderation."
"That's all right, old man. I
didn't believd It when I was told that
you had attacked my Veracity."
As Usual
"I think," exclaimed Blufferly with
fine scorn, "that pblitics is a. dirty
business: - I'll havtf nond df it. The
candidates are all rotten, the gang
controls everything, and principle is
lost sight of in the pursuit of office."
"Did you vote at the recent pri
mary?" I asked.
"No, I didn't. I had to fix my
coalbin on primary day."
"Did you register?"
Forgot it. I was pretty busy all
day the last registration day, and In
the evening I attended a whist party
and didn't think of registering until
it was too late."
This made it plain to me why
Blufferly holds the opinions he does
of politics and the political situation.
"The man who marries my daugh
ter, sir, must be able to give her as
good a homo as I have given her.
Can you do that?"
"Well, I don't know," replied Jack
Bluffington, who stood In better with
the mater than with tho pater, "but
I know from what I have heard
around this house that I can give her
a bettor homo than tho one you gavo
tho daughter of tho man you had to
interview before marriage."
Plenty of It
"Is there any money in holding
elective office?"
"That deponds," replied Senator
Graball. "The men upon whom I de
pend for continuance In offico seem
to prosper fairly well."
Just Like a Man
"O, hurry up there!" growled tho
waiting husband.
"My dear," replied tho wife, wav
ing her curling Iron in tho air to cool
it a bit, "you must give mo time for
this. You know a 'woman's crown
ing glory is her hair. "
"Rats!" muttered her husband.
Brain Leaks
Ho" who never doubts, never
Everybody loves a considerate
There Is no key to tho door of
opportunity. Push!
Speaking of "easy money" isn't
it all easy to let go of?
A lot of men are putting too much
trust in a faulty equllibrator.
Political dopesters usually become
woozy on their own concoctions.
Prayers may proraoto better works,
but it takes votes to win elections.
All the world loves a lover because
the world enjoys an oppprtunlty to
Many people who are in favor of
good laws are opposed to their en
forcement. Tho man who bites at another
man's game shouldn't complain If
tho taste is bad.
Some men are credited with politi
cal sagacity who are merely posses
sors of political cunning.
A lot of people lose interest in re
forms when the opportunity to grat
ify appetite is threatened.
At any rate Philadelphia woke up
long enough to mako Chicago take
the dust from Quaker heels.
"I know a man who is unhappy,"
writes Winifred Black. Why con
tinue the acquaintance, then?
The man who is always looking
for the bright side may often strain
his eyesight, but never his con
science. Tho employer who takes an inter
est in tho welfare of his employes is
usually tho employer mogt likely to
have employes who take an interest
in his business.
Pittsburg; secretary-treasurer, Will
M. Maupin, Lincoln, Neb. The offi
cers constitute tho executive committee.
At the opening of the Canadian
parliament, Earl Grey emphasized
tho desirability of more equitable
tariff arrangements between the
United States and Canada.
Edward M. Shepard is put forth as
the democratic candidate for senator
from New York to succeed' Depow,
by Mayor Gaynor.
Harry E. Burnam, city attorney of
Omaha, died of typhoid fever. He
was an ardent democrat.
The Oklahoma supreme court has
decided against Oklahoma' City and
In favor of Guthrie as the state capi
tal. Governor Haskell announces
that he will call a special session of
the legislature for December to locate
the capital permanently.
National banks of the far west
are preparing to follow the lead of
tho east in the organization of emer
gency currency associations.
Senator Oliver, republican, of
Pennsylvania, announces that he will
be a candidate for re-election in
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