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JANUARY 3, 1908
The Commoner.
- i 1 i ii nnn ii jiuauiwim .wu. jurmtii(mumu ' ""M1
ann or the Great Contest of 1 908
"From every section of the countrv como .is-
Burances in a practical form that Commoner
readers are in hearty sympathy with the million
army plan. Every reader of The Commoner is
asked to co-operate in this effort to widen The
Commoner's sphere of influence, and to that
extent advance the interests of democracy.
Cut out, sign and return the certificate
printed on this page for your own membership.
Or if you do not care to mutilate your copy of
The Commoner send in a request asking for a
number of blank certificates and they will be
forwarded to you, 'thus enabling you to give
your acquaintances an opportunity to join in
the work of building up the "army of a million
plan" and enabling them also to secure The
Commoner from now until November 1908 for
only sixty cents.
Extracts from letters received at The Com
moner office follow:
Rev. W. M. Kain, Rock Creek, Ohio. If j'ou
will send me a few blank membership certificates
I will try hard to have them filled and returned.
There are several democrats in this village whom
I think I can prevail-on to become members of
your grand million army.
M. Braughler, Santa Rosa, Cal. Please
send me at once a number of certificates one
hundred at least and I will see that they are
placed in democratic hands and hope in this
way to aid the great and good cause. I have
been receiving and soliciting subscriptions for
The Commoner ever since I have been taking it,
and handing to my neighbor, Mr. Yayman, who
sends them in.
George Ray Batt, Annapolis, Cal. Please
find herewith ten certificates, making in all thir
teen. If you have not reached the million mark
by the first of May send on ten more. It is a
real pleasure to work for The Commoner as it
stands for all that is best for the American
H. C. Bell, Marshall, 111. I send" you herein
$8.40 and fourteen enlistments to The Com
moner army of 1908. You might send mo a
few more enlistment slips. Democrats are
hungry for them.
Dr. J. R. Gorrell, Newton, la. Please find
enclosed ten membership certificates and draft
for $6. Mr. Charles Rommel was the recruiting
officer and secured most of these recruits. He
Is an enthusiastic democrat of the Bryan brand.
Send him twenty or more blank certificates.
T. J. McRae, Gainesville, Fla. Send me
fifty certificates as I have a little time to devote
to the interests of humanity. One of your oldest
John Eu .Campbell, Riverside, Cal. En
closed find money order for $4.20, together with
seven certificates properly signed. Please send
more certificates.
John Caldwell, Lafayette, Ind. Please find
money order for $2.40. I have procured four
new subscribers to The Commoner. I wish you
would send me a few membership certificates.
P. J. Fox, Amsterdam, N. Y. I enclose you
three certificates and postofflce order for $1.80
in payment of same; send me about twenty more
and I will try and help things along.
D. T. Swihart, Roann, Ind. I send you
three certificates and $1.80. Please send me
more certificates.
R. M. Bourland, Chickasha, Okla. I see
it is suggested by some of your subscribers that
each democrat who is a subscriber to your paper
send a copy to one republican friend. About
two years ago I subscribed for your paper for
two of my republican friends wlilch your books
will show. I have the satisfaction of knowing
that one of the men voted the straight demo
cratic ticket in our first election this fall, and
have been told that the other one did the same
but am not sure of it.
R. D. Callaway, Walter, Okla. Please find
enclosed three one million membership certifi
cates with postofflce order for $1.80 to cover
same. Please send me several more certificates;
I believe I can enlist a good many In the army,
as the woods are full of Missouri and Texas
democrats ready to take up arms.
W. K. Whitfield, Sullivan, 111. Enclosed
find $4.90 for which send The Commoner to the
enclosed named persons. We all desire to bo
enrolled as privates in The Commoner army for
1908. The democrats of this county are with
Mr. Bryan in his fight for the preservation of
true democratic principles. Send me some more
membership certificates and I will try and add
gome more names to The Commoner list. With
best wishes for Tho Commonor and hoping that
wo may win a great victory next year I am yours
Dr. T. A. Stevens, Canoy, Kan. If you will
send me about a dozen applications like tho en
closed I will try to return them with tho GO
cents each.
M. V. Sperry, Springboro, Pa. Please send
mo one dozen certificates. I will send back all
I can, properly signed up with tho 60 cont fee.
I think The Commoner is doing a great work.
G. B. Hickman, Butler, Mo. Enclosed you
will find three subscriptions to tho paper and
draft for $1.80. Please get tho papors to them
as soon as possible, and send me some moro
cards, say three anyway. Yours for democratic
W. H. Thatcher, Marlon, Ind. You may
send mo moro certificates and I will ondcavor to
pick up a few moro subscribers.
Jessie Mays, Vandalia, 111. Enclosed I re
turn you the throe certificates you recently sent
me aud also $1.80 to pay for same. While I am
too old to take an active part in tho coming
campaign, as I have been doing for the past
fifty years, yet I am still anxious to do whatever
I can for tho success of democratic principles,
as elucidated by William J. Bryan. Wo heartily
approve of your plan of a million club and hopo
we can make it eight million before tho close
of the campaign. Very truly yours.
A. E. Werts, Abingdon, 111. Find enclosed
draft for $1.20 for the payment of tho two mem
bership certificates enclosod and signed. Please
send me a few more certificates as I am going
to try and get you some moro members to help
swell the majority.
L. A. Leberman, Meadville, Pa. Please
send me one hundred of your one million mem
bership certificates. I sincerely hope you will
be successful in -getting the one million subscrib
ers and I want to help all I can to get the quota
filled as soon as possible.
John J. Woods, Mt. Sterling, 111. I enclose
money order for $1.80 to pay for three subscrib
ers. Please send some more certificates. I
would like to have them by Friday as we are
getting up a Bryan club in Mt. Sterling.
J. S. Payne, Green City, Mo. Please send
me a few more copies of the one million army
J. W. Blakely, Kokomo, Ind. Find money
order for three subscriptions for your most val
uable paper. Please send me a half dozen more
cards as I think that I can get that many more
and .perhaps more. I shall do the best I can.
Yours with good faith, hoping that we will bo
successful the next time.
Each of the following persons have sent in
yearly subscriptions to The Commoner in num
ber as follows: D. T. Woodard, Benton, 111., 12;
J. S. Perry, Rockdale, Texas, C; Caleb KIrkham,
Prairie Creek, Ind., 8; H. C. Bell, Marshall, III.,
14; E. L. Dunham, Evansville, Ind., 8; I. N.
McClintock, Horton, Kan., 8; C. P. Ileflley, Ber
lin, Pa., 10; T. F. HIckey, Avard, Okla., 9; C. B.
Doty, Arroyo Grande, Cal., C; Dudley McCann,
Vancouver, Wash., 11; Henry Burger, Burling
ton, Kan., 8; F. A. Jackson, Columbus, Kan.,
' ,PxT0r ?0,,og' Vftl,y. Wash., 10; Chn, Rom
mel, Nowton, Iiu, 11; Geo. Ray Batt, Annapolis;
cal., 10; J. E. Campbell, Illvoralde, Oil., 7; T.
M. McDonald, Stillwater, Okla., 0; Chan. Dono
liuo. Now Richmond, Wis., 13; Sam 8. Calvort,
Wavorly, Kan., 7; Porry Prontln, Cleveland, O.,
G; John Kolloy, Bonnotn Mill, Mo., 0; D. B.
Houchin, Verdcn, Okla., 8; Frank J. Thompson,
Sullivan 111., 7; John Shimp, Springfield, Mo., 7;
W. C. Hall, Medora, Ind., 10; R w. Crutchcr,
Woodland, Cal., 0; John B. Fried, Fried, N. D.,
21; S. H. Mack, Monroe, Wis., 11; J. J. Maon,
Louisville, III., C; J. A. Boach, PontU, 111., 10;
Harry .J. Faay, Philadelphia, Pa., 0; Ira U
profile. Lake Park, la., 10; Ahnor D. Fa8t, Uavl
land. O., 10; W. Welch, Hawkn Nent, W. Va.,
7; W. V. Campboll, Rldgeway, Mo., 0; R. U.
Goar, Sentinel, Okla., C; John G. McConaghy,
Skidmoro, Pa., 1G; Noah Urunnor, Lowlstown,
O., 7; J. S. Colony, Springfield, Minn., 14; A. W.
Mannon, Now Boston, III., 13; J. J, Nightingale
South Omaha, Ncb 10; D. Cough Ian, Roo
Creek, Minn., G; J. A. Chalfant, Smock, Pa., 0;
W. C. Smith, Indlanapollii, Ind., 10; JImmlo
Durkln, Spokano, Wwh., 11; A. L. Froehafor,
Council, Idaho, G; C. C. Thompson, Chorryvalo,
Kan., 9; I. M. Putnam, Oklahoma City, Okla., G;
Ben II. Yandoll, Independence, Cal., 7; G. P.
Tcegardln, Ashvlllo, O., 7; Tom E. Rogers, Mt.
Summit, Ind., 7; John T. Tansoy, Albany, N. Y
8; Samuel McCauloy, Nevada, la., G; Dr. Wado
Gaston, Parkorsburg, W. Va., 33; Dan PIttman,
Depauw, Ind., 7; J. Warner Wlggs, Winslaw,
Ind., 7; J. M. Davis, Sterling, Colo., G; John
Hayden, Charlotte, Mich., 11; A. J. Cox, Green
Forest, Ark., 6; Geo. Longnduff, Vandalia, Mich.,
G; E. G. Elley, Now Bloomfiold, Mo G; J. T.
Munday, Russollvllle, Ark., 7; D. G. Holmea,
Deep Water, Mo., 2G; D. B. Topham, Mlnden,
Neb., 7; E. 13. Prlco, Granito City, III., 11; F. O.
Riley, Castlowood, S. D 10; John B. Lacoy,
Hunters, Wash., G; D. E. Condon, Elmwood,
111., 7; Ben L. Edgarton, Oshkosh, Wis., 8; B.
V. Russell, Salado, Texas, J 7; J. E. Hutto,
Texola, Okla., G; J. II. Davis, Borden, Ind., 10;
W. B. Chapman, Kalama, Wash., G; J. B. FeiiHte
mako, Berwick, Pa., 7; Wrn. Patterson, Pleasant
Dale, Nob., 15; Ballos G. Walker, Brawley, Cal.,
6; J. P. Schumacher, Green Bay, Wis., 7; R. P.
Pool, Herrin, 111., 8; M. M. Gaunce, Okmulgee,
Okla., 8; O. S. KIbler, Marysville, O., G; John M.
O'Brien, Jr., Muscatine, la., 9; G. W. ThompHon,
Casey, la., 7; J. A. Burt, Went, Texas, G; C. F.
Bodlnson, Kearney, Neb., G; Chancy Lyon,
Waterbury Center, Vt., 7; Alfred Cook, Unity,
Wis., 13;. J. L. Dougherty, Warnaw, III., G; Dr.
J. S. Recob, London, O., 8; W. II. Bourne, Roan
oke, Va., 8; John Keller, Lodl, Cal., 7; Geo. J.
Shelton, Windsor, Mo 14; J. M. Davis, Sterling,
Colo., G; Geo. R. King, Jones, Okla., 8; W. D.
McMIller, Purdy, Mo., 10; W. A. Fcrrenbury,
Ferrenburg, Mo., G; H. E. Igler, GJendalo, Ohio;,
7; C. Hatch, Oahkouh, Wis., G; A. J. Lofevcr,
Vlsalia, Cal., 10; R. M. Phelps, Gllroy, Cal., G;
O. J. A. Jackson, Kester, W. Va., 8; Ja. Johns
ton, UIIopolls, III., 22; .7. F. Lee, Montpelicr, Vt.,,
8; J. R. Jarard, Wright, la., 12; H. C. Bell,
Marshall, 111., 10; D. F. Shaser, Cashmere,
Wash., 7; R. S. Mason, Relief Ohio, 8.
Che commoner jirmy for 190$
Here is Your Opportunity to Help
The Com
moner will be
sent from now
until Novem
ber, 1908, to
every one who
will sign and
send Coupon
by Sixty cents.
T fiereby enlist to lit Commoner Army and pledge my
assistance i briitgittd success to Democratic arms.
Enclose toe to cover the expense of sending The Commoner to my address
: until the dose of the 1908 campaign.
: Name
1' Post-Office.
':? State .
Nans. Membership ccrtffleatMTrffltwcoimttGiwd with Mr. Bryan' printed lsn-
tare and numbered In the order they an reeeJred a The Commoner efflce; and they will
be returned a the daw of the campalen to the members who Umod thorn. If requested.
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