The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, September 23, 1904, Page 13, Image 13

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SEPTEMBER 23, 1904
The Commoner
Green Peas for Feline Gourmets
It is generally supposed . that cats
are carnivorous animals, yet from in
vestigations recently undertaken by a
French cat fancier it would appear
that vegetarians are to ho found even
among the felino tribe.
Green peas, cooked, are among the
vegetables most favored by these four
footed gourmets, and asparagus is re
garded as . an extraordinary dainty,
even the white, hard stalks, usually
rejected by the most fastidious "hu
mans," being eagerly devoured. Hari
cot beans and sorrel are not much
thought of, nor spinach, but cooked
chicory and lettuce arc more to their
taste. Carrots aro generally appre
ciated and are said to be beneficial to
cat health, x'hey are also excessively
fond of maize, either green or even
the hard grains when cook.ed.
Fruit apparently does not appeal to
puss, apples, pears, peaches and apri
cots failing to rouse her appetite. On
the other hand, they show a decided
taste for melons and bananas, while
oome were found to be absolutely
greedy over cocoanut in any form.
There is evidently likely to be an
opening in the future for a cat's vege
table man to compete with the peri
patetic cat's meat man of the present.
London Daily Telegraph.
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Joseph W. McDonald of .Pawtuckct,
R. I., writes for tho New York World
an interesting article on the cost of
living. Mr. McDonald Bays:
"I notice that tho republican papors
aro trying to make a good deal out of
Carroll D. Wright's reports on the
cost of living. In Jooking over Mr.
Wright's report for March I notice
that he uses figures in such a way as
to make it seem that the cost of liv
ing has Increased but a trifle.
"On page 2G0 are the prices of fifty
three different articles of food, upon
some of which prices have increased
and on others prices have decreased.
Striking an average, Mr. Wright finds
that ths cost of food has increased
but a trifle over 5 per cent.
To show how figures can be made to
teacb an untruth we will take the
following articles from this table, with
tho increase and decrease in price of
Increase in price:
Flour ; ;. 104 . 5
Butter -. ; 112.9
Codfish .- ; .118.6
Cheese 121. G
Potatoes 126. 2
Beans 7 130.2
Milk . 127.5
Eggs 193.6
a great deal, although, many mon will
think that tho decrease in tho prlco of
matches is hardly a fair set-off against
tho Increase in tho prlco of coal.
Tho table on building material
shows that tho cost of building a
house has not Increased so much as
wo might think. Tako two articles
that enter into tho building of every
Increased in price: Brick, 130.3.
Decreased in price: Putty, 71.5.
Average price, 100.9.
I am afraid that a contractor, fig
uring on what ho could build a brick
house for, would hardly bo willing to
set off the increasoln tho prico of
bricks against tho decrease In tho
price of putty.
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Isn't it something to travel
all the way from Chicago and
Kansas City, through to Los
Angeles and San Francisco
in the same' train, over thd
same tracks and in charge of
employes of the same com
pany? You can do this only via tho
Sonta Po arid you can reach
Earth's greatest wonder
Of Arizona only via tho Santa Fo.
Isn't that something too?
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literature from
General Passengbr Office
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Average price ....... 129.3
Decreased in price:
Soda Crackers 90.5
Dried apples ..,.- 72.8
Prunes ' 67.8
Nutmegs . 67.1
Soda .......... .- 64.6
Rico '..n. ...":..... .....; 87.0
Corn starch ..- '. ..' 93.6
Average prico 78. 92
Average cost of food, 104.16. '
Calculated from an arbitrary stand
ard. But the cost to the average family
of any one of the articles that have
increased in price is greater-than the
cost of the whole eight articles that
have decreased in price.
Tako nutmegs. The average family
doesn't use fifty cents' worth in a year,
while its flour bill would be at least
$25. Yet Mr. Wright sets off the de
crease In the price of nutmegs against
the increase in tho price of flour.
Increased in price: Flour, 104.5.
Decreased in price: Nutmegs, 67.1.
Which shows a decrease of 14.2 per
cent in cost of living and an average
cost of 85.8 as far as these two ar
ticles are concerned.
Take two other articles, butter and
Increased in 'price: Butter, 112.9.
Decreased in price: Vinegar, 88.0.
Average cost, 100.4.
By comparing these two articles the
cost of living remains stationary by
setting a- 12 per cent increase in
the price of butter against a 12 per
cent decrease In the price of vinegar,
yet the butter bill of tho average
family is fifty times as great as the
vinegar bill.
In Mr. Wright's table on fuel and
lighting we find that the average price
has risen to 139.8. This table includes
a number of different kinds of coal,
candles and petroleum, also coke and
matches. Coke and matches show a
decrease in price, while all the others
show an increase:
Increased in price: Anthracite coal,
chestnut, 137.7.
Decreased in price: Matches, 85.4.
Average for both articles, 111.5.
Which goes to show that the cost
of fuel and lighting has not increased
LIfo Story of a Tro
Itemarlcablo recuperativo power fol
lowing an injury was found after ex
amination of the sequoias of tho Con
verse basin. The facts are told In a
letter from William Russell Dudley to
Sonator Piatt.
The effects of certain tremendous
forest fires occurring centuries ago aro
registered in the trunks of these trees,
and tho record completely concealed
by subsequent healthy growth.
Among a number or similar cases
tho -most instructive record of these
ancient forest fires was observed In a
tree of moderate size about 15 feet in
diameter, five feet from tho ground.
It was 270 feet in height and 2171
years old.
This tree when felled had an enor
mous surface burn on one side, 30 feet
in height and occupying 18 feet of tho
circumference of the tree; this was
found to have been duo to a flro occur
ring in A. D. 1197.
Tho tree when cut in 1900 had al
ready occupied Itself for 103 years in
its efforts to repair this injury, its
methods being tho ingrowing of the
new tissue from each margin of the
great black wound.
"When tho tree was cut tho records
of three other fires wero revealed.
Tho history of the tree was as follows:
271 B. C. it began its existence.
The first year of the Christian era
it was about four feet In diameter
above the base. 9
254 A. D. at 516 years of age, oc
curred a burning on the trunk three
feet wide.
One hundred and five years were
occupied in covering this wound with'
new tissue. For 1196 years no further
injuries were registered.
1441 A. D., at 1712 years of age, the
tree was burned a second time in two
long grooj, one and two feet wide,
One hundred and thirty-nine years
of growing followed, Including the
time occupied by covering the wounds.
1580 .A D. at 1851 years of age, oc
curred another fire, causing a burn on
the trunk two feet wide, which took
56 years to cover with new tissue.
Two hundred and seventeen years of
growth followed this burn.
1797 A. D., when tho tree was 2068
years old, a tremendous fire attacked
it, burning the great scar 18 feet wide.
One hundred and three years, be
tween 1797 and 1900, had enabled the
tree to reduce the exposed area of
the burn to about 14 feet In width.
In each of the three older burns
there was a thin cavity occupied by the
charcoal of burned surface, but the
wounds were finally fully covered and
the new tissue was full, even, continu
ous and showed no sign of distortion
or of the old wound. San Francisco
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