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Do Nt Try to Drive d Ferce K te Work
Whea It U Not Able w Yeu WUI Suffer
All the Mere
You cannot treat your stomach as
iomo men treat a balky horse; force,
drive or even starve It Into doing
-work at which it rebels. The stom
ach is a patient and faithful servant
and will stand much abuse and ill
treatment before it "balks," but when
it does you had better go slow with
it and not attempt to make it work.
Some people have the mistaken idea
tbat they can make their stomachs
work by starving themselves. They
might cure the stomach that way, but
it would take so long that they would
hcvo no use for a stomach when thoy
got through. The sensible way out o
the difficulty is to lot the stomach rest
if it wants to and employ a substitute
to do its work.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will do
the work of your stomach for you and
digest your food just as your stomach
used to when it was well. You can
prove this by putting your food in a
glass jar with one of the tablets and
sufficient water and you will see the
food digested in just the same time
as the digestive fluids of the stomach
would do It. Taat will satisfy your
mind. Now, to satisfy both your mind
and body take one of Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tablets after eating cat all and
what you want and you will feel in
your mind that your food Is being di
gested because you will feel no dis
turbance or weight In your stomach,
ir: fact, you will forget all about hav
ing a stomach just as you did when
you were a tealthy boy or girl.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets act in a
natural way because they contain
only the natural elements of the gas
tiic Juices and other digestive fluids
of the stomach. It makes no differ
once what condition the stomach is
in, they go right ahead of their own
accord and do their work. They know
their business and surrounding con
ditions do not influence them in t
least. They thus relievo the weak
stomach of all its burdens and give it
its much needed rest and permit it to
become strong and healthy.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are for
sale by all druggists at 50 cents a box.
They are so well known and their
popularity is so great that a druggist
would as soon think of being out of
alcohol or quinine. In fact, physicians
ore prescribing them all over the land
and if your own doctor is real honest
with you, he will tell you frankly
that there is nothing on earth so good
for dyspepsia as Stuart's Dyspepsia
to marry to ponder well what she Is
about to do, and not marry the first
'man who asks her, whether good,
oau, or Indifferent, merely for the
sake of getting married. If alio has
been blest with the proper training,
and has a wise father and mother, she
will look deeper than the mero sur
face matter, and will learn to regard
marriage as the most grave and im
portant Btep she will ever be called
upon to take. Its Influence for weal
or for woe is far-reaching as life,
itsolf. Selected.
one, "there is divorce." Is divorce a
remedy? Is a girl's life as sweet and
unspotted after Jiving a miserable lifq
with a miserable man as when she
was a happy, care-free girl in her
father's home? Are her name and
reputation unsullied after having
dragged them through a divorce court?
No, divorce Is not a remedy. If a
woman marries unhappily she has
much more to lose than the man, and
divorce is but the lesser of two evils.
Even divorce is often not to be
thought of for the woman who has
children; these commonly make her
dependent on the husband for sup
port, and there is nothing to do but
bear the burden the best she can.
There Is but one thing more terrible
to a sensitive, pure-minded woman
than the continued living with a man
for whom she has neither love jnor
respect; that one alternative is the
horrors of a divorce court, and a mod
est, pure-minded woman shrinks from
this as from nothing else. .
It la well for the girl who wishes
Query Box,
Alice M. Recipes for Thanksgiving
dinner will bo found in another col
umn. Sister. An entree is a dish intro
duced between courses in a formal
dinner. Under this head may bo con
sidered all sorts of fritters, croquettes,
souffles, tlmbales, devilled dishes,
cheese preparations, scalloped foods,
Young Mother. The use of the side
board is to hold extra plates, tum
blers, napkins, glass-ware, silverware,
fine sugar, lump sugar, pitcher of wa
ter, and, in short, whatever may bo
needed in serving the courses of the
Young Cook. To truss a fowl
means to draw the thighs close to the
body, cross the legs at the tail and
tie firmly to the body with twine,
which must be removed before serv
ing the fowl; or, pass the legs through
a slit in the skin near the tail and
skewer the wings close to the body.
N. M. To glaze the top of biscuits,
buns, rusks, or other breads or cakes,
brush over the tops with a mixture of
sugar (brown) and milk Just enough
milk to make a. thick, sugary syrup
applied as soon as hot breads or cake
is taken from the oven.
G. M. I suppose this is what you
want: Take a stick of phosphorus
and put It into a largo dry vial; do
not cork;, it will afford light sufficient
to discern any object in a room when
held near it. The vial should be kept
in a cool place where there is no cur
rent of air, and it will continue its
luminous appearance for a twelve
month. Marion. A "well" dish for gravy
is shaped either oval or square, with
rounded corners; one end has a sunk
en well for the gravy, which is
drained into it through grooves lead
ing to it. The gravy is easily served
from this well, and does away with
the necessity of tipping the platter
to secure the gravy.
Mrs. H. J. A reliable batter for
fritters is made In this wise: Mix
and sift one and one-third cups of
flour, two teaspoonfuls of baking pow
der, quarter teaspoonful of salt; wet
gradually with two-thirds cup of
sweet milk, adding a well-beaten egg.
Dip any fresh fruit in this, fry in
smoking hot fat and lay on crumpled
brown paper to drain. Arrange on a
folded napkin and servo hot Vege
table fritters are made in the same
vi ay.
L. N. M. Window glass, which Is
constantly exposed to the action of
the sun and rain, is apt to deteriorate,
as the potash or soda It contains com
bines with the carbonic acid of the
air; a whitish opaqueness is the re
eult of this action, and the glass does
not wash clear. In order to restore
the pane to its original clearness, try
Tbting it with diluted muriatic acid,
and then clean with moistened whit
ing. It is claimed-that this will re
storp the clearness without fall.
Pcstess. For goose stuffed with
sauerkraut, Mrs. Rorer gives this rec
ipe: Draw and singe your goose;
wipe inside and out with a damp
cloth and fill with sauerkraut; sew
it up' tie into shape and place In a
large kettle, cover it with about two
quarts of sauerkraut, cover the whole
with boiling water and simmer gently
fo- three hours. At the end of this
time take out tho goose, Dlaco It In
a baking pan, basto it with molted
butter, dredgo tho breast thickly with
flour, put in a quick ovon until a nlco
6rown, which will tako about an
hour; then serve on a bed of the boiled
J. E. ML Tho morbid perspiration
of which you complain la probably
duo to some diseased condition of tho
system, or It may bo an ovldonco of
debility requiring tonic baths and
regimen. Your physician would bo
tho proper person to consult, as con
stitutional, rather than local, treat
ment may bo necessary. For a local
application, this one Is recommend
ed: Carbolic acid, ono part; burnt
alum, four parts; starch, two hundred
parts; French chalk, fifty parts; oil
of lemon, two parts. Mako a flno pow
dor, thoroughly mix, and apply to tho
feet, or sprinkle inside tho stocking.
A simple remedy Is the hot and cold
foot bath. Wash tho foot in very hot
water every night just before retiring,
and, on taking them out of tho hot
bath, plungo them into cold water for
a few seconds, rubbing them dry with
a soft towel.
Morm Oow Uonmy
Yew cMlavont In nothing tlwt wfll btlog
ymi Urccr cash returns than the
Crmmtn Separator
OnarmntAod to turn wore eil j, to liwt Jonw,
to Ut morn uu c!oih, to iriVe tita tnxitit I
ftjwlfo to more tatlaUctorT in BTenr tray Uuui
AnrothcrreiMmtor. HJmufallnonMnietfon.
lnrMligMa ourcUlnw-Mtriiny Kmptrouter. 1
iHmnin,n.j. XHg, m.
Tbankjgtvla? Dishes.
For stuffing for roast turkey, either
mushrooms, chestnuts, or oysters may
be used. If mushrooms or chestnuts
are used, boil them until tender, mince
them with their liquor, mix with
bread crumbs, butter, popper, salt and
cream. If oysters are used, parboil
them slightly, mlnco them and use
their liquor. After seeing that tho
fowl Is perfectly clean, stuff with tho
mixture, skewer legs of tho turkey
close to tho body, tuck tho neck
into tho breast opening, spread tho
body with a paste mado of butter and
flour, add salt and pepper and cover
with stalks of celery, using both tho
white and tho greenish-white parts.
Add a littlo hot water to tho pan in
which the fowl Is baked, and baste
freely. Lay tiny sausages around the
turkey the last hour, removing celery
to allow the bird to brown. Bake
tho bird two hours, then serve on a
platter, garnished with the sausage,
watercress and lady-apples, pjittlng
one cored apple on tho end of each
drumstick. For gravy, cook one ta
blespoonful of butter with a teaspoon
ful each of minced onion, carrot, pars
ley and celery, with a bit of thyme, a
tiny leaf of bay, a few pepper-corns
and three tablespoonfuls of flour;
when boiling add tho strained liquor
from the pan and boiled and minced
giblets. When done, strain" and serve
in a boat. Star-shaped moulds of
cranberry Jelly aro served with tills
course. Good Housekeeping.
Steamed Turkey (like mother used
to cook). All poultry should remain
in cold water from twenty minutes
to half an hour, to extract the blood,
then hang in a cool place for twenty
four hours, or longer. Hen turkeys
aro much nicer flavored and more ten
cer than, the gobbler. See that every
pin-feather is taken out, rinse, wipe
dry inside and out, rub the inside with
pepper and salt, and fill with oysters
carefully washed in their own liquor
and all bits of shell or sand removed;
sew up the turkey, skewer the wings
and legs close to the body, set In a
1-rge dish or pan and set in a steamer
over boiling water. Lay a thick cloth
over the steamer and shut the cover
tight, steaming until tender two and
alialf to three hours, according to size
and age. To test, run a fork Into the
breast, and If it seems tender, and no
reddish juice flows out, It Is ready to
tako up; strain the gravy (tho drip
pings in tho pan In which the turkey
lay) and put into the oyster sauce,
which should be made ready while
the turkey Is cooking, Iiko .stewed
oysters, and thickened with butter
and flour; let this boil up and add, if
you like, ft little boiled cream; pour
this over the steamed turkey and
serve hot Or, if preferred, the tur
key may be stuffed as for a baked
turkey, and steamed; or It may be
stuffed with pounded, parboiled chest
nuts, and the gravy mado with the
giblets chopped fine, adding a little
flour as you chop, stirring tho drip
pings from the pan Into it, set over
tho fire and allowed to boil up. While
tho gravy is being mado, rub butter
and flour over tho turkey and set In a
hot oven to brown slightly. A turkey
can be steamed to perfection in a
steam cooker.
CanJ 3Imea. . 4
Place tho contents of a pound can'
of salmon (after removing the bones)
in a stew-pan with one pint of milk,
and bring to a boll. Add butter siza
of a walnut, and salt to taste. Roll
two or three soda crackers, to a pow
der and add just before sending to
the table.
Lexington (N. C.) Dispatch: Very
littlo Is now being said about Grover
Cleveland and a third term. Mr.
Cleveland stands just as good a show
today for third term as he over had.
But the fact Is ho never had any
chance for a third term. There has
been a lot of talk about It and that
is all.
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