The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, May 22, 1903, Page 4, Image 4

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The Commoner,
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CHANGE OF ADDRESS Subscribers reqeestinz ctacge
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ADVERTISING rates fcrnisbed upon application. Xidxtu
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Speak softly, do right, and you need carry
no club.
As for Mr. Howard of Kentucky, It's three
times and in.
Joaquin Miller, the poet, denies that his ex
istence has been permanently Davidbhilled.
Somehow or other it looks queer for this ad
ministration to blame the czar for "standing pat"
Those Colombians are acting as if their littla
old canal concession were the product of a tariff
protected monopoly.
Mr. Morgan made enough out of a former
bond deal to finance quite a campaign for the
Princeton gentleman.
.Recent events Indicate that almost any old
excuse for forming an alliance with Great Britain
will do for Mr. Hay.
The Curtis Jett reputation for "b-a-a-dness"
seems to haTe been another case of ponderous
thundering in the index.
Organize democratic clubs and be prepared
to repulse the assaults of those who would re
publicanize the democratic party.
The situation in the Philippines Is so quiet
and peaceful that it Is only necessary now to kill
& few hundred Moros every day.
The Chicago Tribune advises Nebraskans not
to look a gift university in the oil can. Certainly
not; they'll look at it in the tank car.
A great many people are wondering how tin
m?ni0r, rkansas Plumped into a mudbank when
Admiral Crowninshield was not aboard.
M Tte fUte American is experiencing con
siderable difficulty in making its democratic pre
tensions conceal its republican proclivities.
f, '?e Panama Jt Is with us once more, bat
the Panama canal is still right where a lot of
its most ardent advocates knew it would be.
Philadelphia's new mayor has declared for
municipal reform and Uncle Matthew Quay is
laughing so hard his family physician is worried.
By raising a great fuss about Senator Ston
1 ? a SEP08 hPe to divert attention from
certain republican senators who dare not deny it
Those Illinois legislators who voted to thank
Speaker Miller for his "fair and courteous treat
ment" reserved the right to think a few thinss
on the quiet
The Chicago Tribune rebukes Tennessee be
cause negroes are not allowed to engage in cer
tain lines of work in that state, Let's see, what
is the name of that Elinois town where the ne
gro coal miners received such a warm welcome
The Commoner
The Cummins armor pfete on the Iowa idea
seems to have been sadly perforated by blowholes.
One of the worst features of the Manchurian
sitnation is that it enables A. Jeremiah Bever
idge to" step into the lime light and make an "I
told you so" bow.
Chicago's laundry strike makes clean linen
impossible, but a large proportion of. Chicago's
republicans prefer to wear a Larimer collar tho
year 'round, anyhow.
The monitor Arkansas is fast on a mudbank:
near Cairo. The Hill boom managers should
carefully note the means used in getting the Ar
kansas out into the channel.
Mr. Bryan finds occasion to take advantage of
the Subscribers' Advertising Department Desir
ing to dispose of some young stock he lays tna
matter before the readers of The Commoner.
The Subscribers' Advertising department con
tinues to bring handsome returns to all who maks'
use of it This department brings to .the noiice
of a half-million people any article advertised
Every time he thinks of Breathitt county- or
any other Kentucky county, ex-Governor Taylor
shudders and takes a new reef in the grip h
has on the coat-tails of Indiana's accommodat
ing executive.
The good roads movement is deserving the
tfJX0????0 of eTer citi2n matter
what his business may be. Improved roads mean
easier methods of communication and better busi
ness facilities.
The dome of the capitol at Washington is re
ceiving a coat of white paint, the first in ntea
years. This continued neglect has probablv been
caused by the excessive demand for white coating
in administration circles.
Another remarkable spectacle is that of &
man living on. the treeless plains of the west
and voting for a tariff of $2 per thousand feet
on lumber as a protection for the lumber barons
who live at seaside resorts and travel In private
cars. -
Mr. Cleveland's hesitancy about accepting the
JS"? ?ldep b-v the New YorkWorld
and the Brooklyn Eagle raises the suspicion that
?J!Uy requiring a bond of them to make
sure of at least one delegate in the national con
vention before he consents to Uxe use of his name.
The New Tork World's investigation brought
out the fact that three democratic committeemen
(there were only two in fact) favored Mr. Cleve
land s nomination, while seventeen declared that
his nomination would be a political blunder. a
this is nearly 16 to 1 against Mr. Cleveland hi
after auf Sme Te3pect for ratij
a ?r Cle7elaild flas written a letter saying that
he is not desirous of a nomination. WelLIf he
i?fc-desS2 .0f nominated he cation!
mony with the democratic party on one question,
for his aversion to a nomination - could iMtft
greater than the aversion felt byh?aLca
n,fXf f i8 IapfiIS of tie organizers declares
that the advocates of the Kansas City platform
tneoteofS& J? " ea
5?p,T5 , , 2t n able to fonn some
2Sir LSt length of the demo-
aeSeShlp.1 l to
inteSgLrofS d 'ZTSEZSt
coXJe admi5on's PMnpSneSc
contained the names of fiftv-seven coU&ffP Trrf
SS?5?d f0 hnndred v$s&
the leading colleges of the country.
f JS! i The Commoner inquired some time
fftf011?0 caUed "? Footprints of Time!"
oy . J. Boot, publisher, Burlington la. 5 1
Know lea of Quincy. Michl, can give fuSheT Jl
wSSSIVesard to t 3fc. B. a WeUs of
Waterville, Vt, also responded with information
m regard to the author and publisher of the book.
President Roosevelt's trip is going to cover
a great many states and occupy considerable tim
Si5VSi,COmpe,,,ed 2 for the sPIendid train in
which he travels, the trip win prove quite a tir
upon his purse; if, on the other hand the rati
roads foot the bill it will probably' be upon
the people, for '.he railroads do not give favors
without expecting favors in return.
A reader of The Commoner asks what is
meant by watered stock. The phrase is used to
describe stock which does not represent an actual
investment in money, but upon which dividends
are expected to be paid because of the corpora
tions power to secure a monopoly.
The Brooklyn Citizen is unkind enough ta
point out the fact that Mr. Cleveland's sponsor
tie Brooklyn Eagle, has opposed the democratic
state ticket in New York during the last four
gubernatorial campaigns. This fact would seem
to make its support of Mr. Cleveland still more
Te republican papers seem to be a unit in
praising Mr. Cleveland and they are equally unani
mous m thinking that it is real mean of Mr.
Bryan to oppose the Clevelandizing of the demo
cratic party. This is not strange; Mr.Bryan is
fighting republican policies while Mr. Cleveland
helped to elect a republican president
, ,A reader of The Commoner asks for the
pubheauon of Mr. Schwab's interview in regard
to the selling of steel rails cheaper in England
wS1 vXE States- such an interview
SJnJ1 escaped the attention of the
editor of The Commoner, and he would be glad
to have a copy of it if any reader of The Com
moner has preserved it
fc-e S0?"0 Papers that announced in large
head-lines Norman E. Mack's conversion-to Cleve
landism are now admitting, in small tvpe, that
S xSS11 J5 miPresented. Mr. Mack is
?5 Xl YorJ member of the national committee
wii.f bee. to Ditteriy denounced hy xh
Some may think that the nomination of Gro-
to StTfdf presidency by the Br
?S e vould hlsUTe im one vote, but it must
1 remembered that the Brooklyn Eagle thre?
SfnSS1!? overboard at the mS that it
launched the Parker boom. If the Eagle should
? iK1?dra2' its P5011 Jt might leave M
Cleveland entirely alone-and, ttSc of it
posed to the shafts of Brother Watterson.
writt- SS?1. SL der of The Commoner
i!1 ? nimi?er of peddlers were colonized
against Senator Pettigrew in his own ward when
LrJ? a vtete or re-election to the United
tLf ?nate ta 1S0 aad aJso suggests ttat
,M-PeddlerS may not feel so friendlv to the re
bn 1 ST thafc m ti-peddler-la? h
hameP41hemm VMch serio
ir, 0nFy the tor of The Commoner is
SeTJrflaiJ1BSi8,ied communication endos
ijg a criticism from some republican or gold dem-
crScfeP-f!m?e ,he to Slato re?d
SS ir lt is onIy fair to his readers to sav
that he has not attempted to avoid the mUdsnfof
would fS fw y exp5cts ttelr criticism, but
tthl ffSi he-Vas not doinS Ws work weU
if he failed to receive their criticisin. Their vio
lent denunciation of him is the best evfdcSS
Savt S?d $! arguments are ef
ag'them no S? "
inth??6IClty F531 -NolMng
fol tL? f e ltrar department is more'piti-
SveStl13?51? tement that to officersPand
Srfa'JSt SSf men have " them.
ess? w J?e PPMes hecanse of home-sick-SS"
f,a Sevmo.ney.magnates who are "develop
ofou? JP,Pmeislands to e Protection
PhotorS lCT Tould be furnished with
nwn2Lf Snicides and nade to Ioofc
Srrttf V7 Sht find the profits
e2 n h sufficient to quiet their con
fhat Sv t&a??I?ea ?ntllts who thin
to ChricL,??1 God Is nsinS a war of conquest
UveTS1 (of; ?ar. Protestantize) the na
of aei LS?S?IeaJ & Pon the sad faces
XSttS"0?8 T1001 of imperialism, they
Cfc&Sf to s-s3titute the peaceful process
odsS fer tte ratal mercHesmet