The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, March 28, 1902, Page 12, Image 12

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The Commoner,
Vol. 2, No. to.
iMnM V
MaUo or kockx Aioun.
Inln Stool nnd lined with
Asbestos. Most Kconom
lcnl of fuel. JJcst bnkor
nnd cookor, lnrRCBt oven
of any miiko. Top pol
ished llko ft looklntr gins.
(Ironso will not stick to
It. No blncklng required.
Always polished. I'nn
deliver nnywhero In tho
United Klntwi. Wrlto for
price nnd whnttho poo
plo sny about them.
American Range & Hadwarc Co.,LincoIn,Neb.
ifr !' IT v
ikrv.-rrflt r-irM A
CTIDK heat hyTet-77 YEARS. Wo DA V CASH
AjmVeWANT MOHE) 8aliui:n r f Weekly
CriKLtw Stark Nursery , Louisiana, Mo.; Dnnsvlllc, N. Y,
Creasy's Strain of
llrcd exclusively for 16 yenrs. Ilnvc no superior
for nn nil purpose fowl. Kggs securely packed,
10 for $1.00, 30 for tt.OO.
Fnlrvlew Fnrm. Ciitnwlsa, P
"Why Vny Hont or Intiircnt?
Tho St. Louis lloino8tond Association (Co-oporntlvo)
309 Ityiiltablo JUilldlnjr, St. Louis, Missouri, will furn
ish MJ5MHKU8 tho MONEY to BUY a JIOMK nny plnco
In tho UNITED STATICS. You ropny monthly on
Each $1 ,000.00 Jlorrowcd. AGENTS WANTED.
Ship Subsidy Bill.
(Continued from Pago 11.)
postmaster gonoral sliall have so re
quired, for the wholo or any part of a
voyage for which compensation shall
be claimed.
Sec. 10. That any vessel, beforo re
ceiving compensation under this title,
shall, when required so to do by tho
secretary of tho treasury, carry on
each foreign voyage, as a member of
tho ship's company, one American boy,
under twonty-ono years of ago and
suitable for such employment, and one
such boy in addition for each one
thousand gross registered tons, -who
shall bo taught in the duties of sea
manship or engineering, or other
maritime knowledge, as tho case may
bo, respectively, and receive such pay
as shall bo reasonable.
Sec. 11. That tho owner of any ves
sel, before recoiving compensation
pursuant to this title, shall agree, in
writing, that said vessel may bo taken
or omployod and used by tho United
States for tho national defense or for
any public purpose at any time; and
in overy such case tho owner of any
such vessel so taken or employed shall
bo paid, tho fair value thereof, if taken,
at the time of the taking; and if em
ployed, shall bo paid tho fair value of
such use. And if thoro shall be a dis
agreement as to such fair value the
question of tho valuation shall be sub
mitted to and determined by three im
partial appraisers, one to be appointed
by tho secretary of tho treasury, one
by tho owner or owners of the vessel,
and two appraisers so appointed shall,
before they proceed to act, select a
tniru appraiser. tuo uecision or a
majority of such board shall bo final
and effective. In caso of any taking
or employment, as provided in this
section, tho shipping obligations of
tho officers and crows existing at tho
time shall be deemed to have termi
nated. TITLE III. Deep-Sea Fisheries.
Sec. 12. That from, and after the
1st day of July, 1902, tho secretary of
tho treasury is hereby authorized and
directed to pay, out of any money in
tho treasury not otherwise appro
priated, bounties as follows:
(a) To tho owner or owners of a
documental vessel of tho United States
ongaged in tho deop-sea flshories for at
least threo months in any ono fiscal
year, two dollars per gross ton per an
num: Provided, that at least one-third
of tho crew shall bo citizens of the
United States, or such persons as shall
bo within tho provisions of section
2174 of tho Revised Statutes.
(b) To a citizen of tho United
States serving as a member of a nec
essary and proper crow of a vessel of
the United States documented and on
gaged In deep-sea fisheries for at least
threo months during any ono fiscal
year, ono dollar per month during tho
time necessarily employed in tho voy
ages of such vessel.
TITLE IV. General Provisions.
Sec. 13. That a vessel shall not bo
entitled to compensation under two or
moro titles of this act at tho same
Sec. 14. That a vessel which has at
any llmo received compensation pur
suant to any of the provisions of this
act shall not bo sold, except by the
consent of tho secretary of tho treas
ury, to a citizen or subject of a for
eign power, under ponalty of for
feiture. Sec. 15. That the president of tho
United States shall from time to time
cause to be made, by proper heads of
departments, regulations for tho duo
execution of tho provisions of this act.
Coronation Complexions.
Tho coming coronation festivities
are boing eagerly looked forward to
by the women of all ages who move
in what is known as tho ."smart set."
It is anticipated that thoro will be a
tremendous influx of wealthy Ameri
cans and "distinguished foreigners"
and members of our aristocracy who
are blessed with marriageable daugh
ters regard the forthcoming ceremony
in the light of a huge marriage fair in
which, owing to the multitude of buy
ers, they hope to obtain high prices
for their wares.
In consequence, every possible
means to enhance their own and their
daughters' beauty is being employed
by the female scions of "our old nobil
ity." A walk through the West End
thoroughfares or a glance at the ad
vertisement columns of tho society
journals will reveal that a large num
ber of professional beauty doctors
have come over from the United States
and France for the purpose of replen
ishing their purses by adding to, or
pretending to add to, existing charms
or by restoring those that are faded
and gone.
These practitioners can only be con
sulted by very wealthy women, as the
meanest of them would scorn a fee
of less than five guineas for advice
and treatment. Six months' treatment
usually costs 500. Vanity is always
propared to pay a largo fee.
They occupy, as a rule, flats in
aristocratic streets in Belgravia and
Mayfair which are furnished sumptu
ously and fitted up with curious and
expensive electric machines. These
people mostly impostors boast that,
with the scientific methods at their
command, they can make any woman
of 55, or even older, appear as young
and good looking as the average well
preserved woman of 30, providing they
suunut tnemsoives to tlieir treatment
for six months or so.
At present, it is no'exaggoration to
state that their rooms are crowded
with peeresses and their daughters,
who are paying enormous blackmail
and are submitting cheerfully to op
erations which remind one of the tor
tures of tho Spanish inquisition. Rey
nolds' Newspaper.
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37 QK fora handsome city Runabout AE QR foraKoyal
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d00 OE for a Canopy Ten fO0 OR for a fitrone Tjye-Scat
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tT PIANO HfrgSlll
JflL JejL''v!
Wo vill ship any Cornish
American Piano or Organ
upon tho tUstlnct under
standing that if not found
entiroly satisfactory after
12 months' uso wo will taKo
it bacK. and refund pur
chase money and freight
charges with 6 int. added.
Thus Giving You Gna Year's Frtt Trial in Your Own Homi.
You take no risk when you buy on the celebrated Cornish Plan. It is
tho only way. Arguments and claims are worthless in the face of this
guarantee. If as cood pianos and orcrans could be hoiitrhr. anvwhrn-A filhft
for as little money, we could not afford to make an offer like tn&buti
we'll go further. In proof of this statement which may to some appear'-
extutvugunt, we give to every purcnaser a guarantee that is practically
a bond secured on the whole of our nlant and nrnnnrr. wnrrh nvnv
ONE MILLION DOLLARS, warranting each instrument sold to bo exactly I
as represented. Furthermore the Cornish American Pianos and d
vAKtwio ni.v vubwuiuu tuiu uuMucub in construction ann a-nnfiftvanfift-
from any other make and are sold on their merits to the public direct
wiuioui me intervention 01 agents and dealers; and as a matter
wx iauu wioy uxo JOJUJLXXiB, in JliVJtiJtOX JU&JFUilJL-
ANT CHARACTERISTIC than the majority of
other makes. EVERYTHING is gained and
one-half saved to purchasers of the CORNISH
instruments. OVER A OTARTER OE A MIL
LION SATISFIED PATRONS testify as to this.
otoAffleta' models of the latert T a tylos In
8irMPSS? 2ndM0rg,aDS. Tlloso miniatures constE
Sinwh0 m03t cpstly advortlsoments oyer Issued and
S,wloiia?yono A0 80l,9ct an Instrument no mattorat
KS. dl?-tanc thoy llvo-as tho Tlano and Organ In
K01 ns t0 ooai otc-l3 oxactly roproduceS This
&??.$.. eml)0SS0d set is sent froo nnd with it thn
Ci?.l"llwlt,n Presentation plate In colors andfully do-
wBwjaitiw r.AMU OltOAK MAKEHS to tho AMEItlOAM MOP
amihh ctAmprngsmstt
irirULiL WiEKS. Sample copies f or thvt urira ATicjnT.HTPT.v -rmw .. 7 . ynA UU.
cl.npncnrcd in The Commoner Nov. 22l ,001. 2 ,00 .. rw .T' 7. "l " .iT 'f?""" OnQllOnS . AddrSSS I '
Thenl-fl ":7:..7775.7.W """"" VJ w"'BO weoivB
with The Indepcnaeat that thev after vnrds K?X!.rf.S P.?i,!.!e"t A?r samples, 1,200 were so vrcll pleased
. ..w.. fliUu your uame auu auuress on a postal card todav.