The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, December 20, 1901, Page 10, Image 10

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    The Commoner.
Weekly News Summary
The American federation of labor
adopted a resolution to exclude the
Chinese from this country. The same
body tabled a resolution to exclude
the Japanese. It also protested against
legislation against railroad ticket
Lieutenant Commander Luclen
lYoung has been relioved from duty j.s
captain of thoport of Havana because
of injudicious language used concern
ing the ability of the Cubans to gov
ern .themselves.
Senator James K. Jones was re
elected chairman of the democratic
Bourke Cockran, on the night of De
cember 8, addressed a large mass
meeting at Chicago which had assem
bled to show its sympathy for the
Boers. Resolutions were adopted ask
ing the president to call a halt upon
the exportation of horses and mules
.for the benefit of the British in South
Republicans have agreed upon a
tariff bill for the Philippine islands.
It establishes the Dingley rates on all
goods imported into the United States
from the Philippines.
An Associated press cablegram from
San Juan, Porto Rico, under date of
December 12, said: Santiago Iglesias,
president of the federation of work
men of Porto Rico, together with nine
companions, was tried in the district
court f San Juan yesterday on a
charge of conspiracy. Today Iglesias
was sentenced to two years and three
months imprisonment. Seven of
bis companions were sentenced to four
months' imprisonment, while two were
acquitted of the charge of being the
founders of an illegal association and
conspiracy in August, 1900, to raise
Tho Sound Sense Which Is Some
times Obscured by the Sparkle
of Irish Wit
I Will Cure You. of
No pay until you know it.
After 2,000 experiments, I have
learned how to cure Rheumatism. Not
to turn bony joints into flesh again;
that is impossible. But I can cure the
disease' always, at any state, and for
ever. I ask for no money. Simply write
me a postal and I will send you an
order on your nearest druggist for six
bottles of Dr. Shoop's Rheumatic Cure,
for every druggist keeps it. use it for
a month, and if it does what I claim
pay your druggist $5.50 for it. If it
doesn't I will pay him myself.
I have no samples. Any medicine
that can affect Rheumatism with but
a few doses must bo drugged to tho
veigo of danger. I use no such drugs.
It is folly to take them. You.must get
the disease out of the blood.
My remedy does that, even in the
most difficult, obstinate cases. No
matter how impossible this seems to
you, I know it and I take the risk. 1
nave cured tens of thousands of cases
ir this way, and my records show that
39 out of 40 who get those six bottles
pay, and pay gladly. I have learned
that people in general are honest with.
a physician who cures them. That is
all I ask. If I fail I don't expect a
penny from you.
Simply write me a postal card or
letter. Let me send you an order for
the medicine. Take it for a mont),
for it won't harm you anyway. If it
cures, pay $5.50. I leave that entirely
to you. I will mail you a book that
tells how I do it. Address Dr. Shooo,
Box 515, Racine, Wis.
Mild cases, not chronic, are often
jured by one or two bottles. At nil
the price of labor in Porto Rico.
Iglesias, as the founder of the con
spiracy, gets the heaviest sentence.
The other men were merely his asso
ciates in the crime. Under the Span
ish law, which is still in force here,
persons convicted of a crime have to
pay the costs. The local federation of
the workmen of Porto Rico, which is
now part of the American federation
of labor, under tho presidency of Sam
uel Gompers, has been ordered dis
solved, as it has been adjudged illegal
on account of this conspiracy. Mr.
Savage, judge of the district court, dis
sented as to the illegality of the local
federation, although he agreed that
Iglesias was guilty of a conspiracy to
raise the price of labor in August, 1900,
when the currency of Porto Rico was
changed. At that time nearly all the
merchants and employers here raised
their prices from pesos to dollars, an
advance of 40 cents. Iglesias did the
same, contending that he only raised
wages in proportion to other increases.
This constitutes the conspiracy. The
case has been appealed to the supreme
court of Porto Rico, where it prob
ably will be heard in a month. Pend
ing this appeal Iglesias is at liberty.
The mass meeting of the federation of
labor called for next Sunday probably
will be called off, as the plans of the
federation are temporarily deranged.
Iglesias says politics influenced the
decision against him, as the judges
belonged to tho local republican par
ty, while Iglesias is a federalist. One
of the acquitted men has turned re
publican, it is said, since the time of
the conspiracy. Since Iglesias has been
acting as the local organizer of the
American federation of labor he has
been continually attacked in circulars
and threatened by certain .republicans
who oppose his plans. Last Tuesday
night these republicans fired several
shots at the building of the federa
tion. The police searched the rooms
of these men for arms, but found
nothing. The men who fired the shots
had not been arrested up to this morn
ing. Iglesias has petitioned Governor
Hunt, citing reported assaults upon
his men and asking for protection.
Iglesias said: "If the laws of Porto
Rico are inadequate to punish these
offenders; if I cannot continue my
work of Americanizing Porto Rican
laborers unmolested, please inform
me, so" that I can return to the United
States, abandoning this country and
my mission here."
A cablegram from London says that
Northampton is the first English town
seriously to feel the wave of depres
sion now passing over Europe. Seven
hundred men are out of work and the
unemployed women are counted by
multitudes."- Two-thirds of the fac
tories are idle; houses are standing
empty, and thousands who a few weeks
ago were earning good wages are to
day existing on a few shillings a week.
Representative Richardson has pre
sented to the house a minority report
relating to the Philippine tariff bill.
This report says; "The measure Is
but another stop in the well marked
line of imperialism. It is enacting a
policy of pure colonialism and the
worst form of that policy. We are
opposed to our government attempt
ing to hold territories as colonies and
treating the inhabitants thereof as
subjects and imposing Upon them a
government of force. This is the
method -of the empire instead of that of
tho republic. We oppose the wholo
policy of tLe majority In dealing with
the Philippines archipelago. We be
lieve that instead of the effort they
are making to set up and hold perma-
which is progressing steadily toward
the chronic stage.
Have you reached that point whoro
you've had to stop eating what you
liked? Are you living on toast and tea,
or oatmeal -crackers and milk, coveting
the good things you don't dare cat? Do
you co to tho tablo dreading tho ponalty
" of the meal and its after suffering? You
Irish wifc is very often unconscious, can bo cured so that you can oat any-
Tho Irishman servos up a dish of humor thing you want, eat it with appetite and
with a garnishing of wit. Beneath tho digest it properly. Hero's tho proof:
lightest sallies of tho strongest broguo, "I was a great sufferer with dyspepsia
ono often finds a depth of philosophy for over two years, and I was a complete
worthy of a sago. physicial wreck," writes Mr. Preston E.
When tho Irish hod carrier fell from Fonstermacher, Of Egypt, Lehigh Co.,
tho ladder with his load of bricks, and Pa. "Had many torturing, gnawing and
was picked up by his sympathetic fel- aching pains I think about all that a
lows: "Did the fall hurt yo, Pat?" dyspeptic has or ever could have. I also
said ono to mo nan conscious man.
"Faith," came tho whispered answer,
"It's not tho fallin' that hurt mo, but tho
It sounds like an Irish "bull" but it
isn't. It is profound philosophy. How
suffered much with constipation. I tried
many different medicines which wore
rocommendod to cure tho trouble, but
these only made me worse and my con
dition was more sluggish and weak than
before. My stomach was in such a weak
condition that the least
and easiest kind of food
to digest would get sour
in my stomach, and I had
such a weak and debili
tated appearance that it
seemod as if I had hardly
any blood in my wholo
body. Muscles were soft
and flabby, circulation
poor and slow. Suffered
greatly from cold hands
and feet. At last I camo
across an advertisement
of Dr. Pierce's. I read
it through and thought
to myself this firm must
have some sympathy with'
suffering humanity. " I
wrote to them for a ques
tion list blank, which I
filled out and returned to
them, stating my symp
toms and pains. To my
great surprise I received
by return mail tho best
and most substantial ad
vice that I ever boforo
read. This advice gave
me tho greatest confi
dence in the World's Dis
pensary Medical Associa
tion, even so great that I
at once left off' all former
remedies and tried Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery and 'Pleasant
many a man who has fallen into bad Pellets.' I used about eight vials of the
habits realizes that it's the stopping that 'Pellets' and ton bottles of the 'Discov
hurts. How many a good liver who has ory' wnich brought mo back to my for-
suaaeniy oeen orougni; up snort Dy an mer state oi nealth.
ill w S
m Wi V ir
aggravated caso of stomach disease real
izes that it's the stopping that hurts.
The falling is easy enough and tho sen
sation pleasant. That downward route
marked by lato lunches of lobster or
welch rarebit, washed down with a stim
ulating drink, was a very pleasant ono
Let every person who has some slight
disorder of the stomach keep this in
mind: What hurts the stomach hurts
the whole body and every part;
'Iho body is sustained by food when di-
Ulll lp I TVIJ.I U1UUOUUU UUO i.J J i -i . . " . ... i-. .
to travel. But to come hard up against s,auju. ?na converted into nutrition. 5ut
Nature's punishment of dyspepsia, which w.nenuo stomach and other organs of
digostion and nutrition aro diseased the
food eaten cannot bo properly digested,
tho nutrition of tho body fails, with the
natural result of weakness. Hnnnn tho
there is an over-full feeling after eating, l?.ss.(of ??? tho run-down condition,
with bloating and belching, the discom- fho, "weak" heart, sluggish liver, "weak"
uugja urn uiuui uihuusua wuicn are a
direct result of tho diseased condition of.
stops all pleasures of eating and drink
ing, is tho thing that hurts.
is paved witn gooa intentions. When
fort leads the man to say, "I must do
something for this 'stomach trouble.' "
But after a time the discomfort passes off
and he does nothing. Sometimes he
does worse than nothing by taking some
tho stomach.
Dr. Piorce's Golden Medical Discovery
cures diseases of tho stomach and other
fi.inr Hcnftio fVio afmooU", i, organs of digestion and nutrition.' It eni
giving temporary1 relief, encourages him fWea the perfect digestion and assirn
to greater delay in taking tho proper latIon of food, and therefore the proper
treatment for the diseased stomnnh. Pl. nourishment of the body. By its use
(Continued on Page Eleven.)
liative pellets, powders and tablets may Sa ? 1S gained, weakness gives
relievo for a time, but they won't cure. Placo.Jo strength, and tho body is built
They can't cure. Suppose you saturate up Wlth sound flesh and sohd muscle,
tho garbage in a barrel with cologne; youb ho'me i,ibbaby
thoro will be a sweet odor in place of a has a place that can be filled to advan-
foul ono until the strength of the cologne tage by Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Mefl-
is used up, then tho foul smell is worse ical Adviser. This groat medical work,'
than over, and though perfumes may containing over one thousand large
change tho odor of garbage they can't pages and moro than 700 illustrations,
arrest tho decay. Underneath the per- is sentwon receipt of stamps to pay'
fume decay goes along unhindered. It's expense of mailing only. Send thirty-
so with the foul and diseased stomach ono one-cent stamps for the cloth-bound
Tho things that "settle the stomach" volume, or only twenty-one stamps for
and corroct for the timo acidity, heart- tho book in papor covers. Address Dr
burn, otc havo no offect on tho disease R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.