The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, March 22, 1917, Image 5

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    W F MASON, President. L. HANSEN, Cashier.
C H RYAN. Assistant Cashier.
Should I Pay by Check?
Y< jr rlufk automatically becomes a re
nt. Y<*u can tliu- pay a bill to the exact
■ u -j.. it the bother of making change.
If > u Iom- vour check book there’s no
-an: ■: ■ •. If you lose cash, you’re usual
ly "up against it.”
In a word, it is safe, >ure and simple.
Electrified Homes
Electricity :: now fast superceding old methods in
.. —rtments of the home. The modern home—the
COMFORTABLE home—now has
Electric Heaters
Electric Irons
Electric Lights
: d n.any other labor saving and cost saving appliances.
I*, is the .deal force—no danger, no annoyance, no failure.
Yc_ losing half the enjoyment of life if your home is
not e.- ctr.ciued. Let us wire your house for lights.
Wt handle fr.e Almo Lighting systems for farm homes.
Call and let us explain them to you.
A Timely Hint
It you are going to buy harness now is the time,
t* -re further ad\ances will be made. Come in* and
talk it over with us.
Bring in Your Harness
Daily sells for lees.
Kreso Dip at Swanson's.
Try Chase’s first—It pays.
Pete Rowe was a Rockville caller
last Thursday.
V. L. Johns was a business caller
at Austin last Thursday.
Wm. Henderson was a Rockville
caller. Wednesday morning.
Loup City Merc. Co., surely have
a full line of coats this spring.
For sale—Pure Bred S. C. Rhode
Red setting eggs.—O. L. Swanson.
Rev. E. M. Steen went to Kearney,
Monday morning to attend Presbytery.
John Golus was an eastbound pas
senger to Oconto last Thursday morn
Dr. C. E. Watkins was a business
passenger to Ashton. Monday morn
Judge Aaron Wall was an east
bound pasenger to Lincoln. Wednesday
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Fever, of Ar
cadia. were in our city Tuesday, on
business. .
E. G. Taylor was a business cai
ler at Ashton. Tuesday, returning in
the evening.
For eaves trough, tin work, solder
ing and all kind of repair work call
| on L. H. Spahr.
Good Duroc Jersey brood sows for
sale at Woods' barn on Saturday. Mar.
24.—S. J. lossi.
E '
A. G. Hunt returned home the latter
part of last week from a business trip
to Grand Island.
H. A. Jung and son. of Arcadia,
were in our city. Monday, returning
oo the passenger.
J. W. Long was a passenger to Lex
ington. Tuesday morning to attend the
district conference.
O. A. Woods was a business pas
senger to Dannebrog. Tuesday, re
turning in the evening.
Mrs. Milton Rentfrow came up from
Austin. Tuesday to do some shopping,
j returning the same day.
Mrs. Seth Richmond and sister.
Miss Ann Van. were Grand Island cal
lers Wednesday morning.
Farmers bring in your plows and
i discs now and be ready for spring
i work.—Emil J. Schoening. T tf
I -
Paul Lewandowski visited his bro
; thers in Loup City last wek. returning
home Friday—Ashton Herald.
Robert Dinsdale made a business
, trip to Palmer last Thursday morn
! ing, returning in the evening.
A. J. Johnson went to Lexington,
' Monday, where he will be in attend
1 ant e at the district conference.
t _
Mr and Mrs. C. A. Christensen were
f westbound passengers to Sargent.
Monday evening for a visit with rela
! tives.
Mrs. Lamont L. Stephens returned
home last Saturday night from her ex
tended visit with relatives and friends
in Lincoln.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray McMichael left
Monday morning for Rochester. Minn..
■ where Mrs. McMichael will take medi
cal treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. John Oltmann were
eastbound passengers to Omaha. Wed
nesday morning for a weeks' visit
with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Obermiller left on
Wednesday morning for Rochester,
Minnesota, where the latter goes for
medical treatment.
Mrs. E. B. Corning was a passenger
to Ashton, Tuesday morning to visit
with her daughter. Mrs. Albert Ander
strom. and family.
Miss Jeanette Taylor returned on
Tuesday evening from Broken Bow,
where she has been v\iting with
friends for some time.
Mr. and Mrs. James McGregor, who
visiting the past week with the C. W
hiser home returned to their home at
Sargent, Monday evening.
Frank Amick, who has been here
visiting with his parents. Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Amick. for some time, returned
to St. Joe. Missouri, Wednesday.
E. W. Thompson was a passenger
to Hot Springs. S. D.. last Saturday.
: where he will enter the Battle Moun
tain Sanitarium for medical treat
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Johns, passed
through our city Tuesday evening
from Kansas, where they have been
for some time, enroute to their home
at Arcadia.
Mrs. Ward VerValin was an east
bound passenger to Hastings and
Farnham to visit with her daughters,
who are teaching and attending school
j at these places.
Mrs. M. Nicol, who has been here
1 visitingthe past week with the C. W.
Fletcher family, went to Boelus, Mon
day for a few days' visit before return
ing to her home in Iowa.
J. W. Lundy has shipped machinery
from Loup City for use in his Doris
water power electric plant. The old
water mill wheels have ben removed
- from the race preparatory to putting
in the new machinery.—Broken Bow
>, Chief.
Grocery Specials for the
We handle the North Yakima. Wash
ington box apples at a low
price for this time of
the year.
1 Box Jonathans .$1.S5
1 Box Roman Beauties. 1.S5
1 Doz. fine oranges size 2' 2
at, per dozen,,.. 2C
1 Doz. larger size Oranges.30
l 1 Doz. larger Oranges.40
5 lb. bag Peaberry coffee secial. . 1.25
1 Can Saur Kraut.10
1 Can Tomatoes .10
2 Cans Corn for.25
i 2 lbs. 50 to 60 Santa Clare Prunes .25
2 lbs California Dried peaches . .25
4 Boxes E. C. Corn Flakes.25
6 Bars Flake White Soap.25
7 Bars White Russian Soap.25
Loup City Mercantile Co.
Try Chase's first—it pays.
Henry M. Eisner for glasses.
Mound City Paints at Swanson's.
Ladies' spring coats just in at the
; Loup City Merc. Co.
T W. O. Wolfe made a business
I trip to Austin last Thursday
Ed. Magnuson was an eastbound
passenger to Omaha. Monday.
L. A. Williams was a business pas
! senger to Rockville. Wednesday.
Edward Sharp was an eastbound
passenger to York. Wednesday mom
| ing.
Alton Woten spent Monday evening
and Tuesday with his parents at Rock
For Sale—N'ew four room home
Water, electric lights—Hansen Lum
ber Co.
Frank Tapolski was an Ashton cal
ler last Thursday morning, returning
in the evening.
Alvin Iiaddow returned to his home
at Austin. Tuesday after a short visit
here with relatives.
C. J. Tracy is in attendance at dis
trict conference at Lexington this
week, going Monday noon
Miss Mable Jensen returned home
Monday from Boelus. where she had
been visiting with relatives.
Miss Lila McNulty cam down from
her school duties at Comstock and
sent the day with home folks.
Mrs. Jake Synak went to Ashton on
last Thursday morning to attend the
funeral of Mrs. Lukasczewski.
Lou Schwaner returned home Tues
day noon from a two weeks business
trip in Chicago and Wisconsin.
Theo Wilson of Loup City arrived
here Saturday to visit with relatives
for a short time.—Ashton Herald.
Plymouth Rock eggs for hatching.
50c per 15. Two blocks west of the old
Dr. Jones place.—Mrs. Henrv Miller.
F. S. Janulewicz of Loup City, was
in Ashton Wednesday on business con
nected with his oil business here.—
Ashton Herald.
W. A. TePoel rode to Loup City Sat
urday afternoon with Jas Carmody and
returned to Sargent Tuesday night.—
Sargent Leader.
Mrs. Pokorski. who has been here
visiting with relatives and friends, re
turned to her home at Ashton last
Thursday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Felix Dzingle were
Ashton callers last Thursday morning,
where they attended the funeral ot
Mrs. Lukasczewski.
Mrs. L. Schwaner and children re
turned home Monday noon from Ord.
where they have ben the past few
days visiting with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Hodgson of Ar
cadia. passed through our city Mon
day enroute to Burwell, where they
will make their future home.
1 Sargent is thinking of electing a po
lice judge this spring so that the mon
ey collected in fines will go to the
school fund instead of the county.
Mrs. Marvin Lee returned home on
on the late train Saturday night from
her two weeks’ visit with relatives in
Rosendale. Mo., and Sterling and Te
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Larsen and chil
dren left Wednesday morning for
Hampton, where they will attend the
wedding of the former’s brother. Har
ry Larsen.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Stickney and
two children went to Ravenna. Wed
nesday morning to visit with her
daughter and where they are building
a big stock barn.
t --
There has been three new cases of
scarlet fever reported at Ravenna late
Iv and it has become necessary to
close the schools to prevent the fur
ther spread of the disease.
Come one. come all. and hear the
great musical attraction. “Wesleyan
Glee Club” consisting of 20 to 24
young college men in a varied pro
gramme of music and fun. Under aus
pices and management of Troop No 1
Boy Scouts of America.
Dally sells lor less.
Wall paper at Swanson's.
Henry M. Eisner for glasses. Satis
j faction guaranteed.
> ----
j Wm. Fletcher came up from Austin.
I Monday on busines.
j Pianos at wholesale at Sehwaners
for the next ten days.
If you want to sell your land, list
it with W. D. Zimmerman.
Dr. Mary A. K. Hendrickson was
at Ashton on business. Tuesday.
E. J. Maus was a business passer;
ger to Lincoln. Wednesday morning
Murray Alexander, of Grand Island,
was in our city Tuesday on business.
Mrs. C. C. Outhouse was a St. Paul
visitor Monday, returning in the even
Plenty of new horseradish prepared.
Robert Fulliton. Phone 9720. Austin.
| N'eh 14-17
Mrs. Dr. C. E. Bowman was a busi
i ness caller at Grand Island last
| -
Say Dora. 1 saw your coat down at
the Merc. Co., yesterday and it surely
is a dandy.
Mr. and Mrs. John Stanczvk attend
ed the funeral of a friend at Ashton,
last Thursday.
John Jezewski of Loup City was a
| business visitor to Ashton Wednesday,
i —Ashton Herald
Geo. Woten. Geo. Brammer. A1 Gray
| and E. F. Kozel of Rockville, were in
| our city. Tuesday.
You can't afford to overlook the cut
prices closing out sale at Schwaners
for the next ten days.
L. H. Spahr cleans and repairs all
kinds of sewing machines at Jas Bar
tunek’s. Call at once.
Rev. Smithberg was an eastbound
passenger to Lincoln, Tuesday morn
ing to atend conference.
J. S. Pedler was a pasenger to Lin
coln. Wednesday morning to look af- j
ter some business affairs.
Sidney Thrasher was in our city a
short while Tuesday evening, going
to Sargent on the pasenger.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dumek were ■
Ashton callers last Thursday morning i
for a short visit with friends.
For Sale:—Five room house and i
seven lots in Loup City for sale.—
Enquire at Jung's restaurant.
Clark Whitaker was a passenger to
Philadelphia. Tuesday morning to at
tend to some business affairs.
- !
Rev. Vincent R. Beebe was an east- |
bound passenger to Lexington. Mon- j
day to attend district conference.
E. G. Taylor was a business passen |
ger to Murphy last Thursday, where I
he is having a new elevator erected ;
Miss Victoria Tapolski came up
from her home at Schaupps. Tues
day evening for a short visit here with
Miss A Vandegrift and Mrs W. H.
Prichard came up from Austin. Mon
day to do some shopping, returning
the same day.
Mrs. A. L. Watson returned to her
home at Wood River. Wednesday, af
ter a short visit here with the Harry
Gardner family.
Mrs. L. Jezewski. Sr. came homo
from Loup City. Saturday, after visit
ing with relatives there several days. I
—Ashton Herald.
Clarence Arnett returned home last
Thursday evening from Omaha, where
he had been on business matters and
pleasure combined.
The services of the Episcopal church
will be held in the German church on
next Munday, March 26 at 8 p. m. All
are cordially invited.
Mrs. John Jezewski returned home
last Thursday evening from Kansas
City, where she had been the past
week visiting with relatives.
Mrs. A. L. Baliman. who has been
here visiting at the Sam Daddow home
for some time, returned to her home
at St. Paul. Monday morning.
Mrs. Mary Chisholm, who has been
here visiting with her son. Clyde
Chisholm, and wife, returned to her
home at Giltner. Tuesday morning.
As I am going out of business. 1
would appreciate if all persons know
ing themselves to be indebted to me
would please call and settle.—Lou
C. A. Chamberlin of Litchfield, was
in our city. Tuesday on business and
while here paid The Northwestern a
very pleasat visit. Come again Mr.
Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Christensen
and children, of Sargent, passed
through our city enroute to Hastings,
where they will attend the wedding of
the latter's brother.
Because they cut off a cat's tail, two
Mason City young men are under sur
veillance by the authorities who pro
mise to make it warm for them should
the offense be repeated.—Ex.
Mrs. J. P. Leininger’s and Miss Le
Master's Sunday school classes enter
tained the Boy Scouts at a St. Patrick’s
party at the M. E. church last Satur
day evening. A large crowd was pres
ent and all those present reported a
fine time.
I_ I
Implements. Hardware. Farm Seeds. Machine Oils, Windmills, Pumps, Pipes
Plumbing and Heating a Specialty
1. The price of Avery tractors are from $200 to $500
cheaper than any other makes due to the company
having bought their materials for 1017 in the advance
of the^last raise in prices.
2. Sliding frame, two speed, double transmission.
3. Extra large crank shaft. Xo owner ever broke one.
i 4. Removable inner cylinder walls.
! 5. Xo pumps, fan or outside lubricator.
6. Avery makes six sizes of tractors, one for every size
farm. Call and let us explain this tractor to you and
get a catalogue.
0. 5. MASON
*jr ^ % 1
Our Regular Prices
Fancy Peaberry Coffee, per lb.25c S;
I Good Santos Coffee, per lb.22c f
1 Gal Karo Corn Syrup.55c
4 Gal. Karo Corn Syrup.30c I
1 Gal. Karo White Syrup .60c |
4 Gal. Karo White Syrup.35c
4 Boxes Corn Flakes.25c
. California Dried Peaches, per lb.11c f
Atlas Oatmeal.25c |
Saxson Oatmeal .20c a
10 lb Kegs Herring.1.00 |
Santa Clara Prunes...121c
; Pancake flour, 5 lb. size.22c
6 oz. Can Milk.05c j
10 oz. Can Milk.10c
Please come in and see our Men’s Suits at $12.50. Also
we have a nice line of Men’s trousers and Boy’s Suits.
General Merchandise