The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, May 06, 1915, Image 2

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Include* What Is Going On at Wash
ington and in Other Section* of
the Country.
The interstate commerce commis
sion has suspended until November 5
proposed increased rates on carload
switching in South Omaha.
* * *
It is stated in high official quarters
in Rome that it is becoming increas
ingly improbable that Italy will par
ticipate in the war at least for some
time to come.
* • *
The Austrian submarine U-F has
torpedoed and sunk the French cruis
er Leon Gambetta in the Ionian sea.
Reports say nearly the entire crew
of over 700 were drowned.
• • •
A German aeroplane has attacked
Nancy, France. Three bombs were
dropped in the center of the city.
Three persons were killed and a num
ber of others were injured seriously.
• » *
The resignation of William E. An
drews of Hastings, Neb., as auditor
of the treasury, has been accepted
and Sam Patterson of Arapahoe was
named as his successor, according to
• • •
Opposition to Italy’s participation
In the w-ar is expressed by Deputy
Filippo Turati one of the socia,:-t
leaders, in a letter published at M -
lan. Importance is attached to Sig
nor Turati’s letter as it is belie\ed to
reflect the attitude of Italian so ial
The Interior department has ren
dered a decision adverse to Mc
Cutcheon brothers, who claim 160
acres of oil land in the Marcopa, Cal.,
field, estimated to be worth $900,000.
The ruling is expected to affect
claims aggregating many millions.
A legal contest by the owners of
the Willard-Johnson fight films to
bring the films into this country has
begun at Newark, N. J.
* * •
The Philadelphia Automobile club
has notified the Omaha Automobile
club that all trans-continental tours
suggested by the club had been map
ped through Omaha.
• * •
The sum of $300,000 has been set
aside as a pension fund for aged
Methodist ministers by the Methodist
Episcopal book concern at the recent
conference at San Francisco.
• * •
Five thousand more men were
added to the list of 125,000 unemploy
ed in Chicago, when practically all o,
the eighty big lumber yards in, the
city closed, pending settlement of the
carpenters’ strike.
• • *
Mrs. Alice Hicks of Omaha was
awarded $1,000 in her suit against A.
A. Clark, wealthy retired merchant of
Council Bluffs, la., whom she charged
with kissing her against her will.
Miss Hicks brought suit for $50,000.
* * •
The German auxiliary cruiser
Kronprinz Wilhelm, which put into
Newport News, Va„ on April 11, after
a notable commerce-destroying cruise
will be interned until after the war
at the Norfolk navy yard near her
sister raider, the Prinz Eitel Fried
The Interoceanic Canal company,
incorporated in 1900 with the object
of connecting the Atlantic and Paci
fic by a canal through Nicaragua,
filed a certificate of dissolution at
Trenton, N. J. The company was a
$100,000,000 corporation. Its outstand
ing capital stock was $7,000.
* * *
The Dallas-Celilo canal was opened
at Big Eddy to navigation. It was
completed after ten years of work at
an expenditure of $4,850,000 by the
federal government and opens the Co
lumbia river to steamer traffic from
the Pacific ocean to Priest Rapids,
Wash., a distance of 450 miles, and to
Lewiston, Idaho, on the Snake river,
a tributary of the Columbia, 475
• • •
Three test suits attacking the con
stitutionality of the war revenue act
passed last October by congress af
fecting a tax upon the capital stock
of banks, were filed in the United
States district court at Chicago.
• • •
Robbery of a chest of silver filigree
work aboard the steamer Vega, a part
of Italy's exhibit at the Panama-Paci
fic exposition, was discovered by cus
tom officials. The robbery, according
to the customs officials, probably was
committed at Genoa before the vessel
was completely loaded.
• • •
All women, regardless of their sta
tion In life, are now entitled to vote
In Denmark. The Danish parliament
adopted the new Danish constitution,
one of the chief factors of which is
the abolishment of sex privileges.
* * *
Roy Haller, who with 133 others,
was indicted for the murder of Con
stable W. R- Riggs, during a riot be
tween striking miners and a sheriff’s
posse near Farmington, W. Va., last
February, pleaded guilty at Fairmont,
W. Va., and was sentenced to life
Imprisonment. ^
The California state assembly pass
ed a bill already passed by the senate
exempting alien school teachers from
the provisions of a statute which re
quires public employee to be native
born or naturalized citizens.
Bucket shops in the United States
will make $10,000,000 this year If they
continue at the present rate, accord
ing to the report of a special com
mittee of the New York stock ex
• • •
Rev. Dr. George S. Vibbert, inti
mate friend of William Lloyd Garri
son and Wendell Phillips and once a
prominent temperance worker, died
at Chicago.
• • •
The international woman's peace
congress, which includes fifty-one
Americans, has begun its sessions at
The Hague. The desire of the con
gress is to bring the world’s war to
a conclusion and insure a durable
• * •
Professors from the principal col
| leges' and universities of the United
I States, attended the dedication at
! St. Louis of the three new buildings
I of the medical college of Washington
i university.
! • • •
Mrs. Julia Heiiner, wife of Seligman
Heilner, a wealthy corset manufac
turer, was found murdered in her
Brooklyn home. Her head had been
crushed by blows with a bottle. The
motive apparently was robbery. Two
valuable diamond rings were missing
* * •
Eighteen labor leaders and eightv
two individuals and corporations are
involved in eight indictments charg
ing restraint of trade through inter
fering with interstate shipments
which w-ere returned before Judge
Kenesaw Mountain Landis in the
United States district court, at Chi
• • •
After describing the workings of
the European cartel system of trade
organizations to members of the In
dustrial club of Chicago, at a banquet
at Chicago, Joseph E. Davies, chair
man of the Federal Trade commis
sion, said: "It would be a confession
of unfitness if this country should be
unable to meet conditions such as
these in the world trade.”
A bill legalizing horse racing in Illi
nois with bookmaking included, was
favoarbly reported in the Illinois
state senate.
* * *
Harry K. B. Davis of the Presidio
Golf club, San F'rancisco, won the
Panama-Pacific exposition golf cham
pionship at San F'rancisco by defeat
ing Heinrich Schmidt of the Clare
mont Country club of Oakland, Cal.
• • •
Only Governor Ferris’ signature is
reeded to make a law of Senator
Taul’s bill legalizing boxing contests
in Michigan under control of a state
commission. The house of repre
sentatives passed the bill 55 to 40.
• • •
Bob Burnham won the 200 mile
southwest sweepstakes automobile
road race at Oklahoma City. Okla.,
for a purse of $5,000. His time was
| 2 hours and 5(* minutes, 3-5 seconds.
Dave Lewis was second and John
Raimey third.
* • •
The Chicago Americans sold Out
fielder Larry Chappell to the Milwau
kee American association base ball
team for a price said to be $5,000.
Chappell was bought from Milwaukee
two years ago. the price being report
ed to be $18,000.
* * *
Admission to the ball games m
Tes Moines has been reduced to 25
cents for women. The men will be
forced to pay full price of 50 cents it
'hev wish to sit in the grandstand.
The reduction is not in force on Sat
urdays and Sundays.
* • •
Grover C. Bergdoll of Philadelphia,
who drives an Edwin Special car of
299 inches displacement, is the first
entry received by the Omaha Speed
way association for its first annual
300-mile race, to be held in that city,
July 5, for a purse of $15,000.
Secretary Daniels has announced
the appointment of Captain Wil
liam S. Benson to the newly-created
post of chief of operations of the
navy. Captain Benson now is com
mandant of the Philadelphia navy
• * •
Complete preliminary estimates
from all internal revenue collection
districts received at the Treasury
department indicate that the indi
vidual and corporation income tax
this year will probably exceed $80,
» • *
Orders were issued directing post
masters to issue to any applicant
without charging the usual fee mon
ey orders payable to prisoners of war
in any country in the European con
flict. This is in accordance with The
Hague convention, designed to amel
iorate the condition of prisoners of
* • •
Maps prepared by the war college
showing the war zones of Europe in
great detail were sent to the White
House for the president’s conveni
ence. Up to the present the progress
of the war has been followed by the
president with pins.
• • •
President Wilson has signed an ex
ecutive order changing the name of
Culebra cut in the Panama canal to
Gaillard cut, in honor of the late
Colonel D. D. Gaillard, who died from
diseases contracted while a member
of the Isthmian canal commission.
• • •
Assistant Secretary Phillipps of
the state department, who, with Vice
■President Marshall represented the
government at the formal dedication
of the Panama-Pacific exposition at
San Francisco, reported to President
Wilson that the exposition was a suc
cess in every way.
. * * *
Reserve deposits of the federal re
serve banks increased more than $3,
000,000 during the last week, accord
ing a statement of the banks con
dition April 23, issued by the Federal
Reserve board.
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ber neue Dteferocn in» gcuer,
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Dtuffen roaren roieberum nergeben§,
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melbet, furdjtbar babei geblutet. Sie
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toean eg feine '-Beteiligung an bem
ftriege binauSfcbiebr.
Slmtlidje 'Seridjte, bie an! europai*
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ftnb, ftimmen mit ber Grflarung
iiberein, bafe ber §aupt3ufammenftof)
atoifdben ben iBerbiinbeten auf ber ei*
nett unb ben beutfd) - bfterreiebifeb*
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jablnridien — SBoIfttn aujamnten,
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fiibren fonneit.
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berlage bed ruffijdjen peered. iliufj
[aub bat jopiei 'JWenfdjeu uerloren,
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bei ben grofjen ruffifdjen SJicnfdjcn*
maffen eine Slrmcc oorljanbeu ift, to
Faitn biefe, bei loeitem nod) minber
roertigere unb gablcnmdfeig betradit
lid) gefd;lDdd)te Slrmcc natiiriid) nie
inals barauf boffen, eineit enbgiilti
gen Grfolg p erjielcn. Cft fdjon
Ejabcn bie Siuffeit, toic bei ifrsasj
ut)§3, eben burd) ibre grofeen Sftaffen
pldfclid) Heine Grfolge elicit, bie
tbcr balb burd) bic iiberiegcnc geib
Ejerrnfunft $inbenburg§, ber fei..e
Sruppen, entjorccbeub biefen neuen
ruffifdjen SSerftarfungen, umgrup
pierte, su fcproeren Scieberlagcn tnttr
ben. Gntfdjcibenb finb biefe SWaffcu
nie getoefen, benn ba3 beutfdje .peer
riidt unaufbaltfam gegcn bic ruffi
fdjen fiinien Dor unb ftebt beutc gang
in geiube§Ianb. Tentfdjlaub fept
ben SSiaffcn bie ubcrlegcnen Sftafpab
men gegeniiber, unb $inbenburg bat
bemiefen, bag er an genialen Ginfbl*
[en pr Sermalmung be? SRuffcnbee
rc3 unerfdjdpflid) ift. Tic neuen
ffrafte 9hif)Ianb3 finb 3>erlcgenl)ctts>
mafpabmen in be§ SBortc-5 ureigen
fter ®ebeuhmg. £>aben bod) ©efan
gene auSgefagt, bafe fie inSgefamt
mtr 10 Sage auSgebilbct lrorben
finb, unb bab iljrc Sdjiebi'fbungcn in
— f» Sdjiiffen beftanben baben.
SRait fann barau§ entnebmen, toel
dun fflert biefe neuen ffrdfte bab-m.
Gs banbelt fid) aud) bier 'tidjt fiir fie
barum, mirflid) friegstwdjtige Sol
baten aufpfteflen, fonbern bie SBelt
ftet-3 mit ben bcrciti furid)ir>ort! idi
getoorbenen ruffifdieti SJienfdjenmen*
gen .311 oerbliiffeu. Sind) biefen neuen
Grafton gegeniiber toirb bie iiber
legene Sunit ber beutfdjcn giibrung,
tote in alien anberen friiberen gdflen,
ben ®ieg baoontragen, benn bic ruf
fifdjen URaffen finb jeljt nod) oiel toe
niger gefaljrlid) al» fie bei Sln§brud)
be§ SriegeS toaren. G# banbelt fid)
eben bei bem plofcliujcn Sluftrcteu
neuer firafte nur barum, eittige Sa
ge Sett 311 gemiunen, urn bie ruffi
jcbe Uebcrpbl burcb entfpredjenbe
beutfe^e ©egenmatpabmen 311 erlcbi
The Award Will Become Effective
May Tenth and Binding For
One Year Only.
Chicago.—An arbitration award ad
vancing to some extent the rates of
pay of 64,000 locomotive engineers,
firemen and hostlers employed on the
140,000 miles of line of ninety-eight
western railroads in the great area of
the United States and Canada, bound
ed on the east by the Illinois Central
and the Great Lakes, has been signed.
The wage award is believed by the
men to fall short of their demands.
By reason of the many rules of opera
tion involved no railroad will be able
to tell exactly for a month at least
the amount of mony involved. The
surprise test remains.
The award includes several re
forms affecting hours and conditions
of employment. Representatives of
the brotherhoods expressed disap
pointment at it, while the railroads in
a general way considered it satisfac
tory. The arbitration was strictly on
the demands of the men; there was
nothing for them to lose of ad
vantages already enjoyed.
A dissenting opinion was filed on
behalf of the Brotherhoods of Engine
men, in which the arbitration was
branded as a failure and the New
lands’ lawr, under which it was ar
ranged an inadequate device for the
settlement of industrial disputes.
The award effective May 10 and
binding for one year only, was frank
ly declared as merely postponing for
a twelve month the actual settlement
of the differences involved. The rail
road members of the board issued a
formal statement criticising features
of the regulations governing the ar
bitration, and remarking that certain
concessions, regarded as intrinsically
unjust, were made for the sake of
preserving peare with the employes.
Judge Peter C. Pritchard of Rich
mond, Va., chairman of the board,
explained his position and stated that
while in his opinion the men in cer
tain branches of the service were
entitled to greater advances than
were granted, he had to make conces
sions in order that an award might
be made, and he found much of a
hopeful nature in the award.
400 of 1,600 Sheep Found Alive.
San Francisco, Cal.—A herder in
Morrow county, Oregon, found 400 of
his newly shorn flock of sixteen hun
dred alive, after the pitiless storm
of wind, snow, sleet and hail which
for two days swept that portion of the
United States lying west of the
Rocky mountains. At Monterey, Cal.,
warehouses were blown into the bay,
merchandise and all. In southern
California icicles hung from apple
trees. The first snow within man’s
recollection fell in the Salt river val
ley in Arizona, and across the Ne
vada desert the wind attained the
proportions of a hurricane.
1,200 Ironworkers Strike.
Chicago. 111. — Twelve hundred
bridge and structural iron workers
struck when their demands for in
crease in wages wras refused by the
contractors’ association. The men
also demanded that they be given the
reinforced concrete work for which
laborers now receive 40 cents an
hour. Work on many municipal pro
jects will be held up besides the de
lay to private buildings now under
Half of Colon Burned.
Colon.—More than half the city of
Colon has been swept away by a dis
astrous fire.
Ten persons are known to be dead,
including two native policemen and
several hundred persons have been
injured while between 10,000 and
12,000 others, mostly negroes, have
been rendered homeless.
The loss is estimated at about
Dunkirk Shelled.
Paris. — German warships have
been seen off the Belgian coast, ac
cording to an official statement given
out in Paris. Large shells to the
number of nineteen have fallen on
Dunkirk. Twenty persons were kil'ed
and forty-five wounded. Some houses
were destroyed.
Crickets Destroy Much Wheat.
Wilson Creek. Wash.—A co’uran of
crickets four miles long and twelve
feet wide mowed down hundreds of
acres of wheat in Grant county. They
move in four columns.
Proof of Kolberg Sinking.
Lerwick, Scotland. — The finding
near the south end of this island
of a life buoy marked “Kolberg” is
believed here to confirm the report
made at the time that the cruiser
Kolberg was sunk In the battle in the
North sea on January 4.
Germans Celebrate; Arrested.
Vancouver, B. C.—Four prominent
German residents of Vancouver were
arrested, charged with taking part
with a number of other Germans, in
a celebration of the German victory.
Invents Unsinkable Submarine.
Benidji, Minn.—Clarence A. Blain
has invented a submarine which, he
insists, because of suitable air ducts,
is unsinkable. He says he will put
it into use on the placid Lake Benidji,
as a means of transportation be
tween this city and other resorts.
New Plan of Raising the F-4.
Washington.—An effort to raise the
sunken submarine F-4 by forcing air
into her tanks from the cruiser Mary
land, will be undertaken, according
I to a report.
Alliance is to have a Country c’.ub.
Work on the Farmers’ bank of
Craig has been started,
is not serious, but the tower is a
wreck and the bell damaged.
The cornerstone for the new city
hall at Geneva has been laid.
The new Crawford city hall, erected
at a cost of $12,000, has been opened.
J. D. Anderson has been elected
manager of the Syracuse baseball
Theodore Nelson of Nehawka was
seriously injured by being kicked by
a mule.
The business men of Pender have
ra'ised about $1,000 to support a base
ball team.
Otto Wrieth of Omaha has just
opened a new hardware store at
Work has begun on the excavation
for the $250,000 addition to Lincoln’s
postoffice building.
AVork has commenced on the new
$35,000 building for the state tuber
culosis hospital at Kearney.
The twenty-fifth annual meeting of
the Nebraska Academy of Sciences
wil be held at Lincoln May 31.
More automobiles licenses were is
sued by Secretary of State Pool last
week than any previous week since
autos were invented.
c-ioen -vioren. living near jonnson.
suffered a broken arm and internal
injuries when two teams and a wagon
load of oats ran over him.
The Rt. Rev. Richard Scannell,
bishop of Omaha, will administer the
rite of confirmation to a very large
class at West Point on May 10.
The new Methodist bell tower,
erected a month ago at Ord, fell
after having been struck by a run
away horse. Damage to the building
A $200 diamond brooch pin. lost by
Miss Effie Yager in front of her home
in Hastings, was crushed by an au
tomobile and its value as a pin de
The barn of E. N. Boyles, living
near the Wyoming line, northwest of
Harrison, was burned, together with
four horses, two mules, a cow, har
ness. hay and grain.
Attorney General Reed hae an
nounced the appointment of Ed. P.
Simth of Omaha to appear for the
state and the railway commission in
defense or order No. 19, the class
rate order.
The Alliance Commercial club has
shipped in 2,000 trees, paying the
freight and selling them for less than
cost. More trees will be planted
there this year than in any five pre
vious years.
While working about the railroad
yards at I'nadilla, Max Schreiner,
manager of the Farmers’ elevator,
stepped on a spike that ran nearly
through his foot, causing a very pain
ful wound.
William O'Brien of Pilger, has
received by exxpress a black bear
from Nyssa, Ore. The bear was cap
tured when a small cub, by Willard
Davison, formerly of Pilger. It is
now one year old and quite tame.
An iron staple, approximately an
inch an a quarter long and half an
inch across, which S. C. Hawthorne
of Lincoln swallowed over two years
ago. was removed from his left lung
during the first part of this month.
Adjutant Trimble at Lincoln has
received an invitation from the town
of Aurora asking for the -state en
campment of the Grand Army of the
Republic for 1916. The encampment
this year is at Minden, May 18, 19.
20 and 21.
One of the most shocking acci
dents in the history of Alliance occur
red when Vern Lyon, the nine-year
old boy of Mr. and Mrs. - Jim Scott,
had his leg literally torn off at the
knee as he was attempting to climb
onto the rear of a buggy. ■
A twelve acre plot in the west part
of Hastings has been leased by the
school board for experimental agricul
tural purposes upon the part of school
boys, wiio will be alloted one-eight
of an acre each. Eighteen boys en
gaged in the experimental work last
year. One lad sold $18 worth of his
own products.
Probing preliminary to a grand
jury investigation is being carried on
at Hastings. According to Deputy
Attorney General Barrett, the inves
tigation promises many sensational
While riding in a carryall with her
husband and family, Mrs. Phillip
Volmer, who resides ten miles from
Mema, fell from the back of the ve
hicle to the ground and broke hex
neck. She lived but half an hour
after the accident.
The state board of control has at*
ranged that between 1,500 and 1,600
loads of sand and cement, needed for
the permanent roadway which will b9
constructed on the Lincoln highway
near the Kearney Industrial school,
wil be baued by the bovs there. The
sand will be taken from the Platte.
Thousands of horses are being gath.
ered at Grand Island for the warring
nations of Europe.
Colonel A. B. Persinger, who re
sides near Chappell, had twenty head
of 2-year-old steers struck by light
ning and killed. The cattle were
worth over $1,000.
It is expected that 200 women from
various parts of the country will be
in Omaha May 8 to 13 in attendance
upon the biennial convention of tho
Woman’s Home and Foreign Mission
ary society of the general synod of
the Lutheran church.
Thomas McCrea caught a twenty
two pound catfish in the Blue river at
Petitions are being circulated in
Fairbury and the city council in an
and the city council in an attempt to
attempt to bring the Liberty boll
through there on its way to the
Panama-Pacific exposition.
A herd of cattle belonging to John
Haney, a prominent stock raiser liv
ing near Lindsey, got into an alfalfa
field and as a result some thirty head
died and several more are sick. The
loss will be about $3,000.
Mrs. Anna A. Dahl of Lincoln RestorM
When Hu6band Gives Her
Wonderful Remedy.
Death was close upon Mrs. Anna
A. Dahl of 1430 P street, Lincoln, Neb
She was desperately ill with serious
derangements of the digestive tract
In fact, at times she was so ill that
she knew nothing of what was going
on about the sick room.
She recovered most marvelously.
The treatment that she declared
saved her was given when she was so
sick she did not know until after she
recovered how she had been restored.
The stomach remedy, given to her
by her thoughtful husband, was Mavr'g
Wonderful Remedy. Mrs. Dahl, in a
good letter, tells of her experience:
"I feel so grateful to you 1 can t
express my feelings on paper. I will
make a great effort to see you per
sonally soon. My treatment came
while I was too sick to realize anv
thing but the terrible pain. My hug
band tells me I passed at least a thou
sand gall stones, of all shapes and
“This I know—I have onlv taken
two bottles and 1 feel better than for
Mayr's Wonderful Remedy gives per
manent results for stomach, liver and
intestinal ailments. Eat as much and
whatever you like. No more distress
after eating, pressure of gas in the
stomach and around the heart fietone
bottle of your druggist now and try .t
on an absolute guarantee—if not satis
factory money will be returned.-Adv.
Wasting Light.
Mrs. Bacon—This paper says dis
tinct traces of light have been delect
ed in the ocean at depths of more than
three thousand feet, by an English
oceanographical expedition.
Mr. Bacon—Perhaps some of those
mermaids forgot to turn off the gas
What Worried Him.
“What made you so nervous while
you were carving the turkey. John?
You never were that way before
"I just happened to think that the
material I was knifing up so recklessly
was worth anywhere from Z>) to 73
cents a pound.”
Making the Tour.
“Do you know your way around Eu
“Y'es; you can go by way of Spitz
bergen to the north, or through the
Mediterranean to the south. I don't
blame you for wanting to go around.”
—Kansas City Journal.
Forty Minutes Out.
“How far out do you live, old man?”
“Well, it’s twenty minutes from my
station to the city if the train is on
time, and twenty minutes from iny
house to the station if I'm on time.”
POSITIONS Without a supply at Allen’s Foot
Ease, the an iseptlc powder to be sha- en into the
Shoes, or dissolved in the foot-bath. The Standard
Remedy for the feet for 25 years, it gives instant
relief to tired, aching feet and prevents swollen,
hot feet. One lady writes- “I enjoyed every minute
of my stay at the Expositions, thanks to Allen's
Foot-Ease >r my shoes.' Get it TODAY Aiv
Keep an eye on the man who says
money will do anything. The chances
are that he will do anything for
Treatment for Cats.
Flatbush—Do you think cats should
be muzzled too?
Bensonhurst—No. throttled
Now Doss Her Own Work.
Lydia EL Pinkham’s Vegeta
ble Compound Helped Her.
Iron bon, Ohio. —“ I am enjoying bet
ter health now than I have for twelve
years. When I be
!l Ban to take Lydia E.
rinkham s Vegeta
ble Compound I
could not sit up. I
had female troubles
and was very ner
vous. I used the
remedies a year and
I can do my work
and for the last eight
months I have
women, too. I cannot praise Lydia E.
Pink ham’s Vegetable Compound enough
for 1 know I never would have been as
well if 1 had not taken it and I recom
mend it to suffering women.”
Daughter Helped Also.
“ I gave it to my daughter when sb*
was thirteen years old. She was in
school and was a nervous wreck, and
zould not steep nights. Now she looks
so healthy that even the doctor speaks
af it. You can publish this letter if you
like.”—Mrs. Rena Bowman, 1613.10th
Street, Ironton, Ohio.
Why will women continue to suffer
day in and day out and drag out a sickly,
half-hearted existence, missing three
fourths of the joy of living, when they
can find health in Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Compound ?
If yon have the slightest doubt
that Lydia E. Pinkliam’s Vegeta
ble Compound will help yon,write
to LydiaE.Pinkliam IVIedicineCo,
(confidential)L ynn,Massif o rad
pice. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman
and held in strict confidence.
Don’t Persecute
Your Bowels
Cut out cathartics and purgatives. They are
jrutal. harsh, unnecessary'- T
Purely vegetable. Act ,
gently on the liver, A
“liminate bile, and,
soothe the delicate^
membrane of th^^
bowel. Cuttj
Sick Head- „ _!
■ pills.
Genuine must bear Signature
W. N. U, OMAHA, NO. 18-1915.