The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, March 20, 1913, Image 5

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    Have a Business Home !
Call today and lot us start you on the f
road to prosperity. We not only accept, I
your deposits, keep your money safely |
and render you every possible accommo- |
dation that the best banks in the country \
. can render, but we will take care of your j
valuable papers and give you our assist, jj
tance in any business transaction free of
charge. We invite you to make our
bank your business home.
tU. f. >Iason, prest. H. B. Outhouse, VIce-Pres
L. Ransen, Cashier
Compounds your prescrip
tions at this drug store, we leave nothing to chanca
—your health is too important. All our drugs are
carefully tested before they are used and the stock is
frequently renewed.
Everything is under the care of a trained pharma
cist who has years of study and experience to guide
him. Ask your physician and bring your prescrip
tion here.
Swanson & Lofholm
Shoe Sale
As we have decid
ed to clean up all
odds and ends in
SHOES at quite a
} loss to us, but at a
bargain to those
who BUY.
These Shoes at regula
price was sold from $2
to $3. But will all be
put on one counter and
marked your choice
Si.45. A bargain to
those who need shoes.
Barrington Hall
Find out for yourself, take
A* Handful
of Chaff is
removed a
nome a can oi barringt n
hall—drink it—count the
the cups and if you find that
these letters don’t tell ths
truth, we will pay you back
for the can of coffee. It is simply this;
in prebaring
tin of*
Barrington Hall from the stand point of quality, makes
the best cup of coffee you ever drank.
Barrington Hall, from a stand point of cost per cup, is no
higher than anv 30c coffee. Barrington Hall coffee will
give enough cups of coffee to the pound more than any 30c
coffee, which proves that it does not cost any more. And
when you once have tried this coffee and find that it is so
much better than any other coffee that will surely be the
kind that you want.
Subscription to the North
western is $1.50 a year
Single €opy 5 cents
See J. L. Fort for windmill and
pump work. Phone White 59.
District court convenes here again
in June.
We pay cash for eggs delivered at
the creamery.
Ravenna Creamery Co.
April 7th, the last day of the big
A uto Contest.
Good work horses for sale. Phone
9203. A. E. Charlton. tf
Our big Auto Contest positively
closes the evening of April 7th. Get
Leave orders for theC.L. McDonald
dray at either lumber yard,or E. G.
at Taylor’s. n
Our big Auto Contest closes at 9
o’clock on the evening of April 7th,
without fail.
If you want a dray, phone A. L. En
derlee. Black 03, or leave your order
with either lumber yard or E. G.
Taylor. Best of service guaranteed.
W. D. Zimmerman went to Omaha
Monday morning on a short business
Dr Vallier, Osteopath, Grand Island
Charley Sickles’s nephew and wife
of Bridgewater, Iowa, who had been
visiting here a few days, returned to
their home Sunday morning last.
Good seed oats, two kinds, pure and
clean, home grown, also Stock Food
and Molasses Feed, for sale by
Robert Dinsdale. tf
Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Curry of Elm
township were St. Paul visitors Tues
Ladies spring suits and cloaks
just in. Loup City Mer. Co.
See Lee Bros, for friction drive
Embroideries and laces the finest
ever seen in Loup City. Loup City
Mer. Co., has them.
We are paying 33 cents cash for
cream delivered at the creamery. We
test and pay cash for cream.
Ravenna Creamery Co.
Miss Pearle Needham was called to
Jefferson, Iowa, last Saturday evening
by the death of an uncle there.
Furniture, almost as good as new
for sale at the Second Hand Store
for Soc on the dollar,
Charles Sickles, accompanied by
Mrs. Sickles, were called to Bridge
water, Iowa, Tuesday morning, by the
news of the death of his brother’s
wife. We have no particulars.
Eggs for hatching from pure-bred
Barred Plymouth Rocks, $1.00 per set
ting. R. L. Arthur.
Geo. Schultz and family left last
week for other parts, going first to
Mason City for a visit and from there
expect to make a trip down into New
Mexico, with prospect of making
their home there.
If you have a horse or a mule to
sell, call phone 20.
Mybl. A. Warrick.
William Steen was called to St.
Paul, Minnesota, Thursday morning
to be at the bedside of his mother
who is very low with pneumonia.
Buy your clocks, watches and every
thing kept in a first-class jewelery
store of Schwaner. He keeps best and
most up-to-date stock, and at prices
to suit your pocketbook.
Mrs. Minnie Ellginof Loup City has
bought the Joe Anthony restaurant.
She took possession last Saturday,and
expects to have everything in running
order by Monday—St. Paul Republi
Do you realize that Eisner, the
Jeweler, has spent over $400.00 for
correct time pieces, consisting of a
chronometer and regulator, so that
he can absolutely time your watch
correct when brought to him for re
pair? 4-3
Will Rowe, Jr., has rented the
Sickles farm, recently purchased from
Tony Gzehoviak, and last week moved
out on the place and will become a
tickler of the soil this year.
LBanks Hale and family left last
week for Manville, in the east part of
Wyoming, about on a direct line west
of Alliance, where he has acquired a
320-acre homestead, and will we trust
have good success. The Northwest
ern will keep him posted on the news
from his old home.
Eisner, the Jeweler, has a complete
watch repair cabinet, consisting of
genuine staffs and jewels and other
materials making up a watch, this
cabinet complete costing $500. This
gives the customer accurate work.
No misfits from this cabinet Go
in and ask to see it. 4-3
Merchants Gus Lorentz and Wm.
Larsen returned home last Saturday
evening from attendance on the State
Retailers’ Association at Omaha,
stopping off to visit friends at Aurora
to while away the time made im
possible for returning home on ac
count of the blizzard. They report
the next state flneet to be at Lincoln.
Our young friend, John B. Need
ham returned a few days since from
near Gurnsey, Wyo., where he has se
cured a 320-acre homestead in Goshen
county, that state, only some twelve
miles west of the Nebraska line from
Sioux county, and where he will move
in a few weeks to make his home.
John says his homestead is all a fine
level tract, every foot of which is
tillable. We congratulate him over
his acquisition of his fine tract and
wish for him unbounded success.
Charley Larson solicits a portion of
your dray patronage and will do your
work prom ptly and efficiently. Phone
Brown 76, or leave orders at any of
the coal or lumber yards.
Mrs. Walter Woznick and little
daughter left for Columbus, thisstate;
Tuesday morning for a few days’
visit with Mrs. Wosnick’s sister.
See Scliwaner, the Jeweler, for first
class repair work.
If you want Dry Goods that are up
to-date and have the wearing quality,
get them at Vic Swanson’s. Prices
are low.
Lee Bros, still wants chickens.
Listen! When you want Dry Goods
go to Vic Swanson’s first. He his the
finest line in Loup city and his prices
are way below others.
Oyster shells at Lee Bros.
Don’t forget A. N. Cook’s sale of
stock and household goods this week
Saturday afternoon at the Round
Front barn.
Schwaner, the Jeweler, guarantees
all repair work.
A. N. Cook will have a sale of his
horses, cattle, farm machinery and
household goods this week Saturday
afternoon at the Round Front barn.
Good chance for bargains.
You are always on the right road
when you follow the crowd to the
Loup City Mer. Co., as they have the
A. N. Cook’s sale of stock, farm
machinery and household goods at the
Round Front barn this week Satur
day afternoon.
We still have some flour at a cheap
price. . Lee Bros.
W. F. Mason went to Omaha yes
terday morning.
If you want good, prompt draying,
call on C. L. McDonald, successor to
C. C. Carlsen was (a passenger to
Central City yesterday morning.
If your watch or clock does not run
correctly, take them to Schwaner, the
Jeweler, and he will put them in
guaranteed shane.
Earl Pray left for Kearney Wednes- j
day morning, and may remain there j
for a season.
Let Gasteyr’s tell you liow to
get a graphaphoue absolutely
Herman Ohlsen and D. L. Adam
son went to Greeley yesterday morn
ing to work on the new court house. bears the Rexall label, it isj
bight, whether it be a Remedy or J
Toilet Preparation. Found only at j
The Rexall Drug Store.
Vaughn & Hinman.
Mrs. Mary Dinsdale returned home
to Palmer yesterday morning, after a
short visit here.
W. R. Mellor came up from Lincoln
I Tuesday evening and went with the
K. of P. boys to Comstock to the big
Buy your wall paper at the Loup
City paint store.
Mrs. James Johansen and Mrs.
Chris Johansen were out to Ed Olt
mann's sale Monday assisting Mrs.
Oltmann in feeding the big crowd at
the sale, which was big and most
Ben Klimper shipped a car of red
hogs to South Omaha Tuesday, 69 in
the bunch which weighed 17,490
pounds. Owing to the terrible roads
north, it took twelve loads to get
them to town, but fortunately only
one load got stuck, though hub deep
was common.
E. F. Jones painter and paper
hauger. Phone Blrfck 74.
Word comes from Louis Rein at the
hospital in Chicago that he is soon to
undergo an operation to remove a
large gallstone from the bladder. He
had expected to return home before,
returning for the operation later.
A. N. Cook will soon leave for
Goshen county, on the eastern line of
Wyoming, where he has a 320-acre
homestead adjoining that of John
Needham, and the two Nebraska boys
and their families will be near neigh
bors. May success attend all con
Lou Schwaner has rented the Fred
Odendahl cottage, to take possession
as soon as the new hotel is finished,
Fred taking a position there.
Do you feel listless, sluggish, and
lacking energy? Buy a bottle of Rex
all Celery and Iron Tonic, at The
Rexall Drug Store.
Yaughn & Hinman.
Last Thursday night, following
rain storm of nearly all day, this
section was visited by the biggest
blizzard this country has experienced
in many years, The storm began
sometime before midnight and con
tinued with increasing fury all day
Friday and Friday night. The B. &
M. train service on this branch was
blocked all day Friday and Saturday,
no trains getting through till Sunday,
when the passenger came down from
Sargent in the morning and returned
from Aurora in the evening. On the
Union Pacific, there was no train
service on Friday save the freight up
from the east, which arrived about 4
! o’clock in the afternoon with a bunch
of mail, while on Saturday there was
no train service except late that night^
when a train stalled near St. Paul
managed to get here some time in
the night, from which our people got
their mall Sunday morning. Sunday,
however, saw the end of the storm
and Old Sol began getting in his work
until at present we have very little
evidence of the blizzard left. From
over the west part of the state how
ever come reports of large losses in
stock, where the blizzard was even
more fierce, if passible, than in this
1200 Acres Near Ashton
I have for sale some 1200 acres of
land near Ashton, some of the best
farming land in this section. Also,
10,000 acres of Canadian land for sale,
See or write me for particulars.
J. J. Goc, Ashton, Neb.
See Arthur for seed potatoes.
Let Casteyer’s tell you how to
get a graphaphone absolutely free.
Let Gasteyer’s tell you how to get
a graphaphone absolutely free.
Do you feel all tired out? Huy a
bottle of Rexall Every Day Tonic, ai
The Rexall Drug Stoie.
A'aughn & Iiinman.
Found—A pair of kid gloves. At
this office.
A. M. Smith left with a car for
Pacific J unction, Iowa, Tuesday, Mrs
Smith leaving this morning to joii
him in their new home.
Mrs. Alva Lewis and Mrs. Lee
Lewis came up from Hamilton county
last Sunday for a visit to the Lewis
homes, and more particularly to see
how Papa Ed Lewis bore his distin
guished honors. Alva and Lee were
expected to follow a few days later.
Limited quantity of choice baled
hay for sale. L. N Smith.
Mrs. Margaret Ogle expects to move
from her farm near Austin into her
fine property purchased from C. W.
Conhiser, as soon as Banker \V. F.
Mason vacates and moves into the Mrs.
Viola Odendhal home, wnich will be
as soon as Mrs. Odendahl opens her
fine hotel, nearly ready for her, all of
which is expected to transpire within
the next thirty days.
Mr. R.H.R. Williams of Arcadia has
taken a position with John W. Long
in his real estate office, made vacant
by the acceptance of W. E. Henry of
pastorate work in the M. E. confer
ence. Mr. Williams and family will
occupy the Hawk cottage vacated by
Rev. Blom. The gentleman has been
principal of the Arcadia schools the
past year, and had come here for the
purpose of making application for the
superintendency of our schools, but
Mr. Long secured a prior interest in
his services. He has a splendid rec
ord as an educator and it is believed
would have secured the superintend
ency, had he remained a candidate.
Do you need a Spring Tonic? Buy
a bottle of Rexall Sarsaparilla Tonic,
at the Rexall Drug Store.
Vaughn & Hinman.
While on a visit to relatives in Sher
man county William Cox recently pur
chased a quarter-section well improved
farm four miles southwest of Loup
City, adjoining a place already oc
cupied by his son Charles. A younger
son, Loren, has agreed to work the
place this year and Mr. and Mrs. Cox
will move up there the latter part of
the month to keep house for him. Mr.
Cox is up there this week preparing
to take possession on the 15th. He
will retain his residence property in
Aurora and expects to move back here
after Loren gets married or makes
other satisfactory arrangements for a
housekeeper. He is pleased with his
bargain and expects to be well (.aid
for his temporary exile from Hamil
ton county—Aurora Republican.
Why has Vic Swanson's trade in
creased moie than double the past
year? Because he always tries to
treat his customers right; his prices
are right, and he carries the most up
to-date stock of dry goods in Sherman
county. _ _ _
For Sale at a Bargain
Four-room house, east front, two
lots, well and windmill, cement cave
and other outbuildings. Two blocks
to school. Price $1000, and $+00 will
handle same. Owner will consider
trade for stock. Inquire at this office.
Homestead Land
Sierra Nevada Foothills, good land,
water, wood, range, springs, streams,
big oaks, game and fish. Living is
cheap, winter a joke, no snow. Room
for hundreds. Your next. Copy gov
ernment township plat of the land
and all questions answered, $1.00. I
save you $99.00. No remittance, no
answer. Resident 27 years. A. Ke
noyer, (locator) Hanford, Calif. apr3
High School Notes
Members of the Normal Training
class have been out applying for
schools the past week.
E. G. Taylor and S. N. Sweetland
were visitors at the high school last
Elmer and Irene Wibhelsof Arcadia
have enrolled as juniors for the rest
of the school term.
On account of the blizzard school
was dismissed Friday. v
A large number of pupils in grades
six and seven are absent on account
of sickness
Mabel Depew of class ’13 has, been
absent from school the past week on
account of sickness.
Angels FromStorkland
Born, Thursday evening, March 13,
1913, to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Fiebig, a
bouncing baby boy, and now the fond
parents have a tine pair to draw to—a
girl and boy, and we offer congratula
Born, Friday noon, March 14,1913,
to Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Daddow,
near Austin, a darling baby girl. May
the little one be a joy and comfort al
ways to that household. v
German Evangelical church: Mar.
23, at Loup City: 10 a. m. Sunday
school; 10:30 a. m., service and Lord’s
Supper. March 22, Lesson in German
at 10 a. m.
P. Jueling, Pastor.
IE 1 HIDES and
OODS ail fii
For Style And Service
Look Better-Fit Better-Wear Longer.
You’ll appreciate “Tess and Ted” school shoes because four
pairs usually last as long as five pairs of ordinary shoes made for
The better class of people everywhere now recognize “Tess
and Ted” school shoes as the most satisfactory children’s shoes in
existence. The reason is that they Look Better, Fit Better and
Wear Longer—that it’s a “Star Brand” shoe, and
•star Brand Shoes Are Better
“Tess and Ted” school shoes are
made In all the different leathers—in high
cuts, regular heights and Oxfords. There’s
a style for every age and condition o£
childhood, from five to fifteen years.
They are honestly made of good,
solid leather. No paper, composition or
other substitutes for leather are ever used.
The “Star” on the heel insures you better
value than you have ever seen in chil
dren’s shoes.
Come and see the new styles.
Loup City M,Co.
Big Decline In Oil Meal
We have just received
^ Ife Feed For Spring ^
The Loup City Mill and Light Co
When in
Need of
or first-class
)f all dimensions,
w e also nave a car , oi uoxe.
We also have a good line of Fence posts, range
ing in price from ten to fifty cents.
Phone Red 29 and you will receive prompt attention
The First Baptist Church: Sunday,
March 23, Sunday school will meet at
10 a. m. The subject of the 11 o’clock
sermon will be “Jesus and the Resur
rection.” The topic for the evening
will be “TheTen Virgins.” A cordial
invitation is given the public to at
tendThese services.
Geo. Sutherland, Pastor.
Methodist church: Easter Sunday
will be observed by special services at
the Methodist church in the morning
and the Easter program of the Sun
day school at night All are welcome.
D. A. Leeper, pastor.
Presbyterian church: Special Easter
services Sunday. 10:30 a. m , The
Easter sermon. 7:30 p.m., A specia
musical service by the choir, also
special songs and recitations by the
children of the Sunday school.
J. C. Tourtellot, Pastor.
Austin people are cordially invited
to the Easter service at the Presby
terian church at 3 p. m. next Sunday.
S unday school at 2. This is a personal
invitation to you.
The ladies of the M. E. church will
serve supper Friday night (Good Fri
day), March 21, in basement of the
church. Price 25c. Come and get
something good to eat.
and Improper
' of dloeaoe
loot of Uae,
Conan If • reliable
Spocliliota dm who is
not afraid to uo* hla eon
and 0*0 baa e
dei'Te. n«> Nn BE DECEIVE
* j t><TVele»v doctor* tab* Ve
«< Tner* ia no <»a> ’
r>e lor Pile* or ' •
km dap cur* for CUronl; nr I
and Private Diseases. Piles and Rupture cured
without an operation. 606 tor Blood Poison.
For Insurance
or TREES of any
kind try
I have a nice line of
Norway Poplars, home
Loup City, Nebraska