The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, November 09, 1911, Image 1

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    Loup City Northwestern
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Th« Labor of Baking
hi amt U not reduced if you uu tiie
right kind A Flour, end if the ques
tion. ‘Wm, U the best Flour?" was
put to vote aiuung the Inkers end
Imnekeepen in this pert of the
country, the uneaiuious reply would
White Satin
You would rate for a if you were
und to a. Isn't it worth giving a
I-friftM Hill.
LOUp wily —HIS
Budding Materials
And Lumber of every sort. Shingles
Flooring. Planicing. Framing Timber
and Lath. We are now in a position
to make
to early buyers. If you are going to
do any building or repairing this is a
fine opportunity to get a “lot” for a
Keystone Lbr. Co.
Coal yards at Loup City,
Ashton, Rockville and Austin.
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A CHI With aTboutht la It
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scription to The Youth’s Companion
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Crop Statistics
Despite an unfavorable crop season
in some portions of tbe state. Ne
braska shows np a-good average vain
of cereal staples of this year, state
Labor Commissioner Louis X. Guy*
has prepared a tabulations of tbeagrl
cultural data gathered by bis office
and finds tiiat where there has been
a loss of crop value in one section or
on one kind of grain it is made up by
gains on other products or in more
favored districts.
Regarding the results of this year’s
investigation, Ur. Guye said:
“The 1911 report white being slight
ly below the general avenge yield,
seems to have gained through the .ad
vanced prices and our enormous gain
In fruit crops, hence the total value
of our 1911 crop will beslightly in ad
vance of the 1910.
“The rapid strides made in fruit
growing have necessitated the getting
out of a separate bulletin on this sub
ject and tbe total result of the fruit
crop for 1911 will not therefore be
known until this bulletin is com
The estimates on valuation for corn
wheat, oats, rye and barley for 1911
and 1910 was based upon the current
market value of crops at date of com
pilation, which wae:
1910 1911
Corn.• .50 t .«
Wheat. 90 L0I
Oats. .25 M
Bye.. .00 .*
Barter. -46 A
Oe After Train Craw at Hazard
With Knives and tens.
A Burlington train crew made up
of Engineer George Hicks, Brakemen
Polenzand Hu tchison, and Conductor
Lawson were attacked by a gang of
Italian track laborers at Hazard, one
evening last week, in which guns and
knives played a very conspicuous part.
The train in switching at that point
accidenUly struck the string of board
ing and bunk cars occupied by the
Italians, Jolting them up quite a bit.
This infuriated the dagoes and they
swarmed out of the cars fifty or sixty
in number and took after the train
crew armed with knives, revolvers and
clubs. One of the Italians made a
vicious jab at Brakeman Hutchison
with a knife, catching him in the
sleeve of the coat, but inflicting no
wound. Others pulled a gun on En
gineer Hicks and forbade him moving
his engine, but he pulled out just the
same and with the train crew got
away from the infuriated mob with
out any great damage being done.
The Burlington sent officers to Hazard
the last of the week, but we have
beard of no arrests being made.—Ra
venna News.
Have you read toe Trap Law?
Talk about class legislation, dis
crimination, etc., have you aver read
the state law relating to tramps? If
a tramp refuses to do some work for
you after he has asked you for food
clothing or lodging, and you have
asked him to do the work, he can be
fined or imprisioned for failure to
perform his part of the contract. If
a tramp—and this applies only to
roving vagabonds—grows angered
over a refusad to give him a handout
and assaults you or your property, or
by threats or force secures food or
clothing, he is guilty of a peniten
tiary offense. And no officer need
have a warrant to arrest a tramp for
any offense. Furthermore, this law
does not apply to women, to blind
persons or boys under sixteen. Don't
beieive it? Well, here’s the law:
“Any person going about from place
to place and asking or subsisting
upon charity shall bs taken and
deemed to be a tramp.
“Any tramp wbowhail ask and re
ceive from any person of any precinct
town or village or city within this
state any food, clothing or lodging or
other assistance, may be requested by
such person, in bis or her discretion
to form a reasonable amount of labor
therefore and any such tramp who
shall refuse to perform any such labor
when so requested shall be demed
guilty of a misdemeanor and upon
oonviction thereof shall be fined not
less than three dollars or more than
twenty dollars and cost of prosecution
and shall stand committed untlll the
same is paid, but not exceeding one
day for each dollar of fine; or may be
imprisioned hi the county Jail at hard
labor, not less than three days nor
more than twenty days in the dis
cretion of the court: but no such tramp
shall be required to perform any such
labor before six o'clock in the morn
ing nor after six o'clock in the even
“Any tramp who shall wilfully and
maliciously do any injury to any per
son, or to the property real or personal
of any person of any person, or who
shall procure food, clothing or other
property from any person by threats
or by force shall be deemed guilty of
a felony, and on conviction thereof,
shall be punished by confinement at
hard labor, in the state prison for a
term not exceeding three years and
not less than one year.
“This act shall not appu to any
minor under the age of sixteen years
nor to any femal or Mind person..
“Whenever, any tramp in this state
shall have committed any offense de
scribed in this act, any sheriff, debuty
sheriff, constable, city marshall, or
poUoeman of the county, precinct,
town or city in which such offense is
committed may without warrant, and
it is hereby made their duty to ap
prehend such person and retain him
in coitodjat the expense of the county
city, town or Tillage in any place
within the oonnty, and to prepare
and file with the proper magistrate
or court Me complaint against such
offender and it shall be the duty of
the officer making the arrest, to forth
with jUe with the proper magistrate,
or court hie complaint against such
offender, and to prosecute the same.”
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Successor to C. W. Conhiser.
._sits ’
’Rah for Rebraska
Secretary W. R. Mellor of the state
board of agriculture, in a speech as
presiding officer at the Omaha land
show during the Nebraska day excer
cises last Friday handed out a bunch
of facts about the fanning and live
stock industries of this common wealth
and its per capita possessions which
made the alluring advertisements of
other states look cheap by comparison.
Mr. Mellor took the ground that Ne
braska’s resources afford the best
promise of returns for honest indust
try that can be found in the union.
“We do not see any reason why a
citizen of Nebraska should be attract
ed to some other state to seek a home
or make investments,’’ he said. “Why
do you know that the average corn
production of Nebraska during the
past ten years has been 175,000,000
bushels per annum; that wheat has
averaged 45,5000,000 bushels and oats
Detailing further the wealth of Ne
braska, Mr. Mellor gave the following
data; “We have in Nebraska 3,000,000
cattle, 3,000.000 hogs, 500,000 sheep.
1,000,000 horses, 1,000,000 mules, and
23,000 automobiles. Nor is this all of
the wonderful showing of Nebraska.
The last bank statement shows that
we have more than 6200,000,000 in
bank deposits. Nebraska has a mil
lion two hundred thousand inhabit
ants: therefore, the per capita wealth
of each man, woman and child for
products named shows for each in
“145 bushels of corn, 38 bushels of
wheat, 50 bushels oats 1 horse, mule
or automobile, Seattle 3 hogs, ^ sheep
“And in addition 6166,00 in cash de
posited in the banks. The amount
of cash for all the people of the United
States is given out at about 636 per
caoita while that in Nebraska is 6166.
In the face of these conditions actualy
existing, why should our citizens
search elsewhere for a home of in
To Oor Row Trade
Our old wheat flour is now all sold
but we hare flour that is fully up in
quality to any flour on the market
and is sold by all merchants in town.
Loup City Mu. aku Light Co.
Having sold my store, 1 wish tc
notify all parties knowing themselves
Indebted to me to please call and
settle at once. ' C. W. Conhiser
J . '
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were just boys. Some of their com
panions took no interest in “a bank
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tically nothing. Young men, if you
expect to become successful busi
ness men, save part of your earnings
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lent start for a bright future. Come
in and get acquainted with us.
Loup City State Bank.
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