The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, November 24, 1910, Image 2

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    Uif City Kartkwestera
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«» »•'■- •• 4.'/ •« tsK
t> *•» ss —
I' ft Bjl to* s» #R MMa #ast saws
‘ft-'ft tsaC ttosftsft.sto
tor >1** tor >i« ••- * •*« ' fis'#t
tor j •—am.Si--a*
T *-■*» soues'. a* ft t -ft--«s it vr
torr-r—c «r to <** *rv&**rto */ *Vft«
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lift to *ftT - f '-to -ft »
7l«* Mr st<s •»■*•* v, ast*g0a t
>»**nr Is irau* r ur# v«ss u
s'* a* s ass
"Is ft * *ft *es 1 ** r a ss <-*s* ir>t
••**» V. 1* It . x,f v“ « ' I -me* tts
setstoass */•
U"r fr*to<r *• r*"-!* "»4r •** •»
•*ssr*s ?"*sas »*as* f» ftft*. * as to*v
toato s* * tnra. * «,ito
* ' * »»*» *4 a/ftlftf S • -ftS xft.'fcal *n4
•to <« toot asrs.."jH4 as r ftft tor ..ft
l*r **a*Sl#.fctC 'ftftft'ft f ft «Sa*r- *
tat! ftaft- ft -. * «• * to »f,!, *t*t
It < r • «.-*• tot to "r **- tost U'4
tft«» st ft** sssscar -s eft to*
trtla** e 'a5//a ft. to* 4 l*#/-*'*'! ' : ft
toft at •* «ft (ar** 7 to* ft to (-*-5
toss toft tot SbaftS •‘MBOaCa* ("aa/,. ft
•a»ft <4 )tft ftft ../'/•! **'*'•
to Is *♦* - .14 s <.><<*•« fas »r* •
«*»• Hr *>.. iftta % Us* Wt '1ft
A '/ft***ft *!»'*»• to to *s * *-»-] L
t*»<* ’/ sasasS* '/ Crt. to! it tf
!**4 'ft 'taw sfryf.S -■»»• '-* 'a*
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f* saa-e.ft *aa>w to to ft' ’a^*ft !s
• • * * a/. »*f< aft* atftS a •* » _
Is tto •«*#* a4 to.* tsaC Irfts to ••{
•to C*«
► -•*•/ lasr » «•'■» s» ft/ft Art?* if
ftfts< 'a*»»it tto 'll* stftx ftt'/lrf
t<*< ft.'f a r as*>c« » - to*« to to
■ uiaAmt
Cray <!**t a*-< •** a*" *111
«* a t:Vcr«l I n;v»* If {**.>1* f»
too •** g—4aM wt <4 »*...!.* .t
a* i^r—
lia/Kf »». >f» l/ r t .i !#< rf !l
>—» f"»tM la a br.'va.. g*:.-»
tawt 'fcaff to law lo4-*ar*Ow tka4 tfc*
•aa/ito ofiJ la* to/avf*-4 K<a>U .
{tola '</• •« 1
* >««totiaaf'> #» tor • ;«.* aay* tka*
*«.<«.• • Uf> «•*. I#*.**4.!* <a» -a
«a .♦/ a'aa *• a a a- a- ••> f < •**
<—4>rakCj ft*— *ka *kbrM**a4 kw (
■l I«a a —lilt f- 14
# r» '« b'/l taut* *ai l* « :a <4 •**
la**«t »«tf ftAtot • »JOf *T *.'afca <4 «s . 1
•• *■•**■ ><i| *>-»•- ; f • --f I- .
aua***f, Imh<i »v.4 i '. »- a i* r;
ta"* -*.l f IHka A »/
t*a*'.a*a 4** fat* M .t if y ■ * 4— *r**
al/aaf a Ar» tot' a. ** ajf r ja t a‘f
♦ raa.4.1* tl*_f :.=x *»- aal l.'.A >«*
*■*»•! «< ai,t >.i» ati.'t la tm
ttol <4 *kt«4Da ’a* la- 4-al.a .* laws,*
A a IrVf* a «tif .a «af < i,ya/» g-:j*a
•to* ' i»| kkakfck i*f at < * at-1, at
•ny—'t ft la- U l*f* a* «tg fa,
**»• I aa a—f <4 tkat ai ink»r **•
•*-*»*• a*4 taw* « *a« toa* *M | »•
tk* |i. 'a
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!*•>(<• 4 — air. LiJ, 1* <* |a t.'a -a*- 4
Jgoaa tail «* 1 aJ to gl»* fcts, *
Ml to »*tf**1 tA* kwi'iit |war.*-* I
la Ik*-**- toll 4afa to-aa4 »*f a— |if>/{
»*ae *4 rsa tfa* rill *4 tall f .;*-•»*Saw
aOoutog »ton 4 •«{ *4 *k» aa>
' <ia |*i*a> t*i*Tf at atok'1! *»;«•
14* *4 rail toe •ma-’tokg t* 14** i*.
Wtoal radVaaa I V racw • ruy tfc »
l«ar la gtyatlto *to*la*i *f. t
■—a r*to4 tMtoa-f Mat a» *»r«-*a *4
|r«|*«M| to IV jaoj* M**a4 aa
lliiaa to *V* ***• tocyto <4 aa< **»,
r—re— at 4 rlaklttolitoi fauiitv ai
4M artoA* *a all! tuik- r'wfcs on* <4
tk* ataDUto ranairto <4 tta all* ta
'V • *>r to
A IaaaWk to***-'** kaa > „< -**4*4 b
a-gtottor lauXanrfi l*a.|« l-f aa *tor
irto «arr*M Iraai a*t--*4 aitfcojf atr.-i
fetor a r" a'*r arkA>-r*to*»r .a tk* a**
to HmilrHy aMhwi air** wlJ I# b
Hart tk* catmM to aork a «a» lfe-J
k a HI |*rf«ra tk* gtogV taa.k a»t l<«
I aa4 C*a aaafc-T* *l*w aa4 alll la
(>** (ito Vat«rf*f*a» * to i/Vt <ur
r*s4a If ttoftmo * hm>M k* |T»
»*at*4. atorVaa l*V-*tai4.f «a>4 U
aaark awar* aa*f al ifcaa M la t<4i(
ft ooto4 la* a (<nt M-* If (k* r*
(liana* to *rt*a» * »>.i4 «»a»a*»f
i|a»* 4lM*iiwa ar**» sbatcaa a lit
tk* 4>*bwtltw log*** B-» » Tlaa on*
algfci totoraiw Ik* i-'V-r to tk*
Tk* Hcant till- y«4 be tmkt V**a
laaork»4 to krttof A* l* a alitfc to
a ailt toe. loar (lam k<ogr-r laa tka
V n— a* to Mg lUffi <4 aM klal.
fkto H la 4AnN to rriLtr fk* ole
toe its- MH k*Ut in* rkat N b IV
tttb tbtato abut nwi
kactekf to IV* Maattoo
tk* r a aa!4 tab* g*fr-fc*t». o* sraaa
fcgirf rrr to ouw-r tot*r«ai» atoktoi
k* tk* ten* V«V ttiarg ag tkc IItk*
kig%t-fnfrUif afe*a 4to
b* -x. «*vtoUT aflrr **
ka—Tfg « aaaa.1 •**■» to to a4d»
*bb a -«l to tof ?*« X»*try a*
koto* er to £«li> k aa4 an (to
l*v» at 1 J**
ia kMM7«U«
Twrt » cejy «# *•; ta rea«»« im
IMA. m a.3T. r<*a -Jfc* CMM—'!»
fiteri. S* ukmt loe^r r*a«(7
KMwy Pflte TWy
tw *-j
kj£r»y CM
Mn M C Mwrt*.
* u< rvd&e an. a;»
"•<» c*;. «* >«
"fw ;»►:*» y•-*-'» I
r-.~*r*A fr«K 1/1*7
t?W» My btck
kM *o to*«aM}jr I
5.5 Mr • * or • j //5 t rn
Tu </m; aer«etltoa were ».ppr*a*ed
>54 tfe* t add*- ward atd palted
VT-rte. ati *»ea'ed st wthb
W inr*' Tb»t I b**at
trail Kdirf K • atd war r*.:*t»S
*rr~ the Err1 'tflr *d .i» cvred
re "
In "l» ue<— V* • *
For **,* tf a . C»t rr* 'dr 'Kt*» a
v.i ic* »- y cs --• •>-' v T
N' tart.
Ira'e Fa't*'- to re's' I aaa JOB
« **. gt '«*- ?'-.• rj t>^5»'
T««tf Idas. I ads .*. ’ tat I a—
*. ■• * -..tx u. £- i* ttra ta'k
to i*
[jtafnni* Be CurttJ
** 44.4 *‘ 4441 M tt*J 4J4.JJJ M s aa no
•4* J44- .4- - *-4 -4' 4 *“• * * - 4 • 4fc
4 4 444. 4«t 4. 4 4 Vf V a- 4.-4—J. *4- .4*
:44» -44 ■ '4 *4 , 4 1 '4 -44C - X4C -4*. vf ■ *44
4 4- 4 4 ' 44 ■ .45*. 1*4 v 54* V J
4 4. * _£* 4* 4 4. 4*« » ra". 1J * 1 14 V
J4--.4- . 44 ^ *54 ft * *.0-* f '.*44. ZriZ
4144 4 - 4.4' 4 4* • 4 4-4 .. * 14*55* X O
4 4'** ' B |
44 4 4- *-• -4*- 4* 4«- *T4- **--!**
1 l -1 U • ' "4 • - •*
*4 • _ J 4 *4* #» v -»-5 tv 441 V4 45 J *544 '*
>4*4- —44 4 JW. tf '-as -a - ia '4* '
a* >-*- • taan ' *» *--* 44- a-* *-*•
» .-4,; 4; f a >»4.T--*«-<a
*. .4 *,* J —-44***
-**- —4 iluui f * *0 w«W"a»r-a
'• '.♦* I-v" fc4154.5 6-5 e
odj '-/ f tt- r-.>4 4.” -u ■>
• -t ' •» »ij- t. to i* to .tt !tr a
4.4^^** .4 atd Lu* »M-b ’t*-'* la a
f ► tt* »'jffa'. * l-a» ’« t'. xt .p
f>. ft» fow*r atd rtt* 'he te *l'b
4 t - -rr ty.trrt/d; troi ‘i* ta'v
- of *t» t/ln da/, atd »b*t Hank
I .r5|a 'ortorlt a-**t»»d Ere. ip* 4xja
••at e tad to t.rr; Cowo to HllU
»*ra a*'yr* for to to>rry a Lass*:
Mi. a*r tad )»a* tla tatls*t •» 1a>
-*.i l-.-r ?r*« who km four roll** O'lt
:t *t* .t.**r. atd tr *be rJrs* the
had r*d 'ter* atd tii'*d :t tte tars lor *fce hattia r
atd ro* took To *t»- «c*.b* house. *t»
U£.'J *Uor».t4 tad dot*- ’»Hr »or»*
atd 1 t 1 - - :. war a mart of
at o d* r.t* rv r* — J .'r* » IJprary
Tt* wwtaat iii* of Concurs Soap,
aeala'rd py r.tKra OtoUawst, lor
♦osJet tofh atd toraery p.ryyae-j sot
or y pt* a»r»*-*. p^riffle*. atd teaotJSea
*t» a.a, *o»!p. hair atd hatda. atd
pr»»*s*a itEa.-ar-at-os. lrrVa'.ot atd
' '4cc-tc o' *te pores, the 'ciasts'-a
'an* of p xpie* L.S'ateadt r*4b*ti
atd t*. _**.•»- 4 >■ y, n.o*hy atd
'i*ter .t»to • orr.* *oitd ‘.'jt* of ‘he
r* - • • 1 os aod »* t A11 who d*- !ytl
It a •.*»r akin. soft wt!»e tatda. a
-»»t »t- ‘-4yji,* *'aip at.d .’i*.* |'ij- ij
hair. ».il Cod * i'lo-ra Soap meat rtio
oeaaful It r**J-tlt* *»*-ry eip-r'atioa.
f***y-.ra H'jap arid */!a*Kiet' are ad
«..*>. y ad»p'*-4 <o jjr*»*n* the
■ «-t of *ti *0 0 id i'll', of in
fatrtt atd oh: dr*t. ar.d «o p.-e*,ent
roiaor ! . t: i»t.*m or !' t<-rli*-d akin tti
cnra le'** *troitic. arid c»a> to
-od roni *te t'j r 'if tint f!.’|4-v;ra
i-d e* are »*i!s lkr»i,rt'i 'he
I. /< -: . - -id I-- od to p'.***-r liroir 4
* t- r- '>>fp mi* I-r'jpr.' ’'u ». Ho*ton.
for f f.-<- ' .ra t'ri*. 2 pair *
.' * * adv:-' ',n >a'* atd V*-*t
«*U of the akin acaip atd hair.
Ah II htt 4 40 iu n.;/.
f'rUU .a; !.<- alat-ys |>/|
t:» brut wr.t.j.g on an empty atoui
' a»l>
Iteadey—Ifta' Jt read a wort Ilka
an empty t. ad
A., trrlUiivc. HUME MADE
Eaa«ty prepared Mea>cinc Which la
hard to Hegwlate tie Ktducys
and End Backache.
To make up enough of the • liandc
ibm Mixture ah eh U rial toed to be
I • pk«»mpt 'lire lor lta< kar he anj Kid
bf *1*4 l-add*-r tin .liU fit freui any
good Pr.aeriptKja Pharmacist one ball
o«n<e 3uld eitract IXaud'kin. one
«im»re K argon Col;.; ,n4 and three
•uurea t obi pound Syrup of Samapa
nila M ake veil la a buttle and take
l» tr aefajoeful door * after each m. al
ar>d again at brdMmr.
Those who have tried it xay If acts
gently but thoroughly on the Kidneys
••d entire urinary system. ref ter mg
the Haul severe llackacbe al once
A writ known uiedlcal authority rec
ommends the I rearrtpMon to be tak> n
t!>e nrr.e-ut you suapert any Kidney,
I-ladder or I'nnary disorder or feel a
constant dull llarkarbe, or If the urine
is thick, cloudy, offensive or full of
, sediment. Irregular of paarage or at
tend'd by a aeaiding sensation: or for
too frequent urination during lha
This it a real harmless vegetable
mixture «fetch could not cause injury
lo anyone and the relief which ts said
to immediately follow Its use Is a rev
elation to meg and women who suffer
from Hnrhacbe. Kidney trouble or any
form cf I'nnary disorder
This Is »urely worth trying, as H Is
easily mixed at home or any dmerui
I will do It for yon, and doesn’t eg*.
Fielding Yost.
tear*. Yott of is very
If he 'ar. t make Lis foot
La S »ar.« -j get t^e.-e ia one *ay be
'.e« iwur Yott began Lis career
at a tttor is tie art of ma.iting *ith
»-* kUling back in IfciT at Ohio Wev
■f yaa »*. Yott etc* coar zed the
Meotodis* 'tiefiti at I re La mare, and
h ’ at same year Yott beat -te ilich
kar. eie»en he to* trains—-that
* he te-a" an e.« representing the
V. Ciserites
7L:s U to* it »i' Vos* had Sa
it ted hi* tft-tt a’ *oe t'njrereliy of
V.e*t Virginia it lb>C He »ett to
le .a*are Yost Lad a fair eleven ao
he lo.» them up to Ann Arbor
Tost was young then and nr known
und more scrappy than at present.
He conceived a hriiiiact idea Ke
traded places witn his brother and
played tackle for Wet-ley an Player
Tost ran up and dcwn the side line;,
onl ed kit ka.r. beat the air with his
hits and in ether ways imitated a
oot ball leader in action Ohio Wes
i leyan won by one touchdown.
Possibly that is what made Michi
gan take an interest in the freckled
i one After his year at Wesleyan Yost
i tutored the football teams at Nebras
1 ka. Kansas and Inland Stanford He
j Joined forces with Michigan in 1S01
i and has been with the Wolverines
ever Since
Dr. Da' e' Luby, Ex Pennsylvania
P ayer. On '9 Spic'd d Work
Witt! Missouri Team.
Tbe Missouri rooters are elllsr.g to
g .e -redit to tte trainer Dr Daniel
r Doty. the ex Pennsylvania player
• no »aa brought from tbe Kast ibis
»<ar to keep the players in good
I: ysical cord.'lcn. for the splendid
* row.Lg made by tl.e *»-am this sea
s', r in the game* played thus far on
Ko. .0* f.eld the effect of the tew !
r . e». ,n lessening the number of bs hat. not been t'j’:<eable Play
> ld-<; stopped *pd time taken out
’• r r inj -rie; Just as frequently
.c season as It previous years, says
*• Kansas City H’ar But the rooters
I. ■ *■ totl»ed that nearly alaays It'
v a r her of tin- opposing team—
a 'lc v It »>-. heavier and stronger
team, -who ria.ied for time out. Some
ago i.** tor I.uuv first appeared
r r. the held and a.ii'e tha' time the
7:gens have rn«-t lo»a, Ames and
Oklahoma fua'b one of these <011
t'-ts *as a g .elllng struggle for the
team, yet there Isn't a team In the
Missouri \ alley, perhaps, that !s In
tetter physical rondrIon at a whole.
Dr. Daniel luby.
There have been many Injuries, but
under eijert treatment from Doctor
I-ut.y they have not resulted seriously
and the tirllma are bark |n the yame
In a short time The arbedule thla
year la th< hardest (bat Missouri
ever had and It was on the advice of
t'oarh William Hollenback that a man
waa brought to look after the meu s
Ttie football followers and the play
era like it * way thla man Luhy worl:a
Ills energy and spirit on the field la
*«ond only to that of Coach llollen
bar k htn self An hour after ha ar
rn'£ *u »'«'• Hollenback or, the
ti- d. r eSr „„ and off ready fur
work. And E'nce then he has had
plenty of wrork to do No matter bow
small the Injury, the player receives
the personal attention of the trainer,
f.very afternoon. before and after
pra* lice. he '■overhauls" the men per
sonally, looks aft*r each one who may
be a -little oT until he is back in
shape again. It is said that he can
spot" a stale man as far as he can
see him.
5 Zm .r. > -
The gridiron is about the hottest
place these froEty days.
The small universities are comir.g
to the front, at least under the new
football rules.
Michigan disposed of l?g most for
midable rival in Notre Liame without
a single Injury.
l.’nder the new rules it has become
an Important factor to have the end3
big, powerful men.
Qualification for entrance to some of
the big universities seems to be a di- ,
plorna from a prairie football coach.
How about an official announcer "for I
football gamcH? We need it to tell
us about all substitutions and penal •
Coach Stagg of the Maroons foot
ball squad is optimistic. It is said.
When the Maroons win Stagg is a pes
If a college football player escapes
the fierce scrimmage of team prac
tise with the freshmen without Injury |
he bi lucky It Is the ambition of I
every freshman to butt the regulars '
clear off the field
Gilchrist, who played with Missouri
against Kansas last year Is playing an
end on the navy team at Annapolis.
Gilchrist has started in each game to
date and Is considered one of the
hardest players in the academy.
The new football rules are to re
main Intact, according to the reports
from I i os ton. because she list of killed
and Injured has been reduced astonish
Ingly That's a good thing. Now, If
the game could be made a little more
The left end position seems to be
the hoodoo on the Yale team. Wil
liam Coates Is the latest candidate for
that position to lie put out of commis
sion. wrenching his knee. Walter
Camp. Jr . was disabled at the same
position and the other day Kilpatrick
was hurt.
Hard on Middle Ages.
Nicholas Murray Duller, president
of Columbia ('Diversity, says rootbul!
Is worthy of the Middle Ages Isn't
this bearing down rather hard on the
Middle AgesT—Chicago Record-Her
Teat** With Strong P\myt
*r,d Men to Use Them Score Vie
t®r,e*—Yett See* Error.
Fwfcait teams tha: have developed
a strong offense loom up as the con
tenders for championship honor?
throughout the country. Those which
have striven to perfect a defense,
without paying extraordinary attention
to the offense demanded by the tew
rn.-es. are making only a poor shewing
and the coaches are beginning 'o rewi
.xe that an e-eve® without a great
"ember of plays and men back of the
*-at with an.Iity *o work them are m
so shape to claim titles. In the words
cf ar. old Too'bail player ”A strong de
fensire team may tie a great many
games, but it takes an eleven with a
strong offerer- to win”
hi. tigan .s one cf the most promi
nent schools in which too much atten
■;on been paid to the defense to
me nrgiert cf tie offense Coach Yost
has be»n working all year with three
games In view, says a writer In the
Chicago Da.ij News. His schedule has
b*en par ic lariy hard—Notre Dame.
Pennsylvania and Minnesota, the three
strongest teams on the list, following
each o'her on successive Saturdays
His early games have been practice
affairs and aeaicst schools which in
previous years had always been beat
en by his eleven fcy ever* helming
In coacbirg h - team Yost has beer
particular to build up a defense cap
able of taking care cf his three stror e
est oppon°n- - while 1*-- :rg his efferse
go until just before his b g games |u
•his way h*- has prevented his oppo
nents from gaining much ground
against his "earn, a* is shewn ic the
games in which the Wolverine eleven
has participated TL* Arc Arbor g-uii
line has never been in danger of a
touchdown and no team *tus far has
t*e*-n able to gain consistently against
Mkaigac The sum total cf the gains
-n the three games played so far this
-eajson would be cons.neratiy less than
.0 yards.
In spite o? this. Michigan '..a:- won
only one of its three games, defeating
the Mich.ran Aggie* by 'tc narrow
margin of 6 to 3, wh !e both Case and
Ohio State have secured 3-to-3 tie
scores. While thia shows the oppos
:r g teams could not gain against Mich
igan and were unable :o score by run
ning 'be ball, it is eq_al proof thai
the Wolverine offense was even weak
er than that of its opponents, for the
Michigan backs were net obliged tc
work against so strong a defense anc
yet were unable to score.
Yost, according to critics, has taker
a slow way to develop his team, but
that lately great improvement may be
seen. He will he forced to teach hii
men a number of offensive plays tc
cope with the Syracuse eleven Satur
day ar.d there is no doubt expressed
'hat h«- will have a greatly Improved
offensive eleven on the field when he
rakes on the easterners.
Minnesota is an example of a team
that has taken up the work of
Etrengthening the offense to the neg
lect of the defense From the s’art ol
the season Coach Williams’ men be
gan to reel off intrka’e plays based
upon the new rules and the men sere
taught Bome'hing n'r* each week. The
Gophers have relied up overwhelming
M-err-s sgainst their opponents and it
fs on the=e g-x>re3 that the followers ol
The conference elevens base their
hopes of a victory for Minnesota over
Michigan Nov IS. Playing against
•earns not in Its class, the Gorhers’
defense was found strong enough tc
prevent any score being made against
it, although considerably more ground
has been gained against the confer
ence eleven than against Michigan, ir
spite of the difference in the scores.
In developing a s’rong offense the
line is the first considera’ion for the
coaches. In spite of the talk at the
start of the season about fast back!
and trick plays it has been found b)
nearly all instructors that the strength
of a team lies in the strength of its
forwards Thus the linemen have come
in for more than their share of coach
ing on the offensive side of the gam<
and more stress is being laid upon this
as the season progresses.
It has been proved that the greater
back field in the world cannot score
when the forward lire is weak. The
University of Chicago team has a back
field second to few In the West anc
yet on account of the weakness cf tn«
Maroons' forwards the Midwayk*-?«
have been beaten twile by teams thi
back fields of which were no bettei
than theirs and they were lucky to ge'
away with the Northwestern game, al
though the Purple backs were weaker
Chicago is not an isolated instance o
this. The same state of affairs is tc
be found throughout the country.
Much of the ground gaining ability
of teams this year depends on trick
plays and on the forward pass. In
both instances a strong line is needed
in order to give the back-field men
time to work out the intricate forma
tlons. The forwards must hold the de
tensive team back long enough for the
men carrying the ball to complete
iheir plays and this must be for a con
slderably longer time than was tbf
case under the old rules. Trick plays
although they seem fast and snappy
to the spectators, take a much longer
time to execute than simple ones, and
the forwards must be taught and must
have the ability to hold just so much
Stolen Bates Are Fatal.
It was a stolen base by Dougherty
111 1906 that upeet the Cubs, proving
Kllng could be outguessed. It was a
stolen base by Collins that sent the
Cub machine Into the air and crum
bled the Cub defense in the second
£amt Unjustly Accused
; Peking Gazette Tells Hew Nagdiang
Blobzang Has Right to Transfer
Bout to Successor.
The following curious decree Ccon
densed) appears In the Peking Gasette
of June 21 "The resident In Thibet
reports that In ibe year IMS the now
degraded Dalai lama addressed a
complaint to the then resident, com
plaining that the Tima Salat Nagdoaag
Jilubzang bad barn Urlbln* th# Kamba
I a mu of ('hanlul to caua# th# death
of tba Dalai l atua by maanu of evil
Inraniatloua lu conarxjurnc# of
which, at the reatdent'a requeat. tb#
aald aalnt waa eaahlrrad. baaldee b#lng
deprlted of hta aplrltual till#
“Th# Lama of tb# I*u lal pen* Mon
aatery, together with th# law* of th#
Ttmu Monaatary and oth#ra. now peti
tion* the resident that Nagdoang
Btobzang «U quite falsely accused,
and really never did any such wrong;
they crave the emperor's favor In con
sequence on bis behalf. Under these
circumstances Nagdoaug Blobzang
must have bis spiritual title restored
to him. and be given back In addition
all the wealth, valuable objects and
glebes appertaining thereto, and also
the right to transfer his soul to a suc
cessor In due course.’*
A man la seldom quite aa good as
bis wife thlnka him or quite as good
aa his wife’s kin thinks ha must be.
foung Turk Party Seeking Ca*t>
in Tha Country.
Or’y ty an Appeal te A—» Ag»
Greece Can Party Mi m-" nmM.
and It Need* U-e Mcnry te
krtMcsr.* War.
New York.—Sr Erre*t €aa*el ar
rived ia New Ycrk iwtdj ca a aua
r.or. of *u<h g-av* importance tba;
Its issue T-.a t* fi rud act a*r»ij
* r.h interest but » it anxiety, -a **»
rry capital of tie Gid World It ta i
mission to tie g-eat money nr* «
New York, on tie ovitcotce of wtuct
iepecds tie <jue**.c-a of tie peat* O’ .
Europe. i'pcn tieur shoulders wil
rest tie principal fcurde* cf re*pens'
i ..ty u. tie matter
Turkey is bent cp<« war vf*I
Greece Tie tew r*g.m« at Constant;
copie is being forced to embark uper
tbis straggle, ia crcer to protect .tse.
frea. evert brow by rerolatics. Til
war vi Greece ,s vital to ita ex.rt For it is only by an appeal i
arm* against a foe. tbat ti*
Young Turk par~y, wiicb Las been -t
f.rrtrul c-f affairs on te snore* of tt*
Botpborn ever titre -t* f*pos.".ci
of Suitan Abdul Hnm.d. car ur *e tm
c«-r cue fig a.* tne ur.eri disccrcxr
elements cl ti Ottcxas tnprt eacl
ere cf wbicb :* e.'ier .n full itt-rec
non against ti Sublime Forte, or els*
cr. tie verg- c; rebellion
But tie Turks '■arret embark upc:
a war aga.rv. Greece witneut money
Tie latter "bey do act possess Fci
G toman finances are in a more par
it j state today tiac during tie re gr
tf Saltan Abdul Hamid. In fact, lie
treasury at Stamboul is emp'j. and
nowadays military operations are im
possible without menty.
Turkey ia* no war treasure. It ta*
Inhered away tie f.nd* which it man
aged to recover from tie ex-Saitaa.
having nothing "o slew ia return tut
a couple cf second-band armored
cruisers »b;cb Germany sold las*
liiruaer to tne Feme for casi down
Moreover, tie vast majority cf tie
people of tie Groman empire seem to
tave become imbued with ti* coo tic
lion that tie downfall of Abdal
Hamid, tie revival of the centt.tu
tion and tie inauguration of forms rf
The Irrperial Bank.
government ye:°-*. popular. relieved
tier: of all fur'her ob'.lgEticn to pay
t xes and they refuse to pay ary as
Here'ofore. whenever Turkey tas
E?ocd fn reed cf money it has usually
been able to obtain it through tbe Im
perial Ottoman Hank at Constanti
nople from *te French money market.
But tbe Young Turk tarty found the
Itrfettal G'tcman Bank blocking tbe.r
way in every direction, and it was in
order to escape frc-m tbe domination
of the concern in question tba: ttey
induced Sir Ernest Cassei to found the
National Bank of Turkey at Constanti
nople .
Now Sir Ernes:, unsuccessful in bor
rowing in Europe tbe 150,000.900 tie
Young Turk party warts as a war
fund, is trying to get it in this coun
Trusted to Negro by President JefTee
son Davis sr.d Will Never
Ee Known.
Richmond. Ya.—During tbe closing
days of the civil war. when the pro
spective collapse cf the confederate
government became a certainty. Jef
ferson Eavis, president cf tbe south
ern states, summoned bis bodyguard
and personal servitor. Jam;s H. Jones,
a negro, at the southern capitol in
Richmond, and said:
•'James. 1 hereby band you. sol
emnly and sacredly, tbe sea! of the
Confederate States of America. The
Foutbern government is about to rail.
Tbis sea!, which we mast and do hold
Faercd and undefilable. must be se
creted where no man in future shall
profane it by public gn-e and exami
nation. I entrust this mission to you.
I hereby charge yon with this sea"s
disappearance. Hide it. and let no
jnan know wbere It is. Tell not ev.a
me. And let the secret die with you."
Jones, an intelligent and faithful
negro, accepted the task And to this
day lie has fulfilled It with sacred
fidelity The seal, an enormous si'ver
affair, which bad been made in Eng
land and Imported through the federal
blockade of the south, he secreted.
Today, as an employee of the stat ou
ery room of the United States senate,
and seventy-five years old. be tells
the story, with this detail. But to no
farther point of narrative can he b*
induced to go. The secret will die
with him.
Victims of Elemental Farces.
Tokyo. Japan.—Japan is peculiarly
the victim of elementary forces. The
country contains 51 active volcanoes
and has an average of about 590 earth
quake shocks yearly. As for fires, it
used to be estimated that a city like
Osaka was rebuilt once in ten years
owing to this cause alone. It was no
uncommon thing for three or four
acres of the lath and piaster houses
to be wiped out in an hour or two
after tbe overturning of a kerosene
lamp. A sturdier style of building and
a more efficient fire brigade has made
insurance In Japan possible, but floods
and earthquakes still take a heavy toll
cf life and property.
Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Compound
> n—-I
ft. .U£ _.,*Sfcg„,S>.-— »•%. l» C«C
Mrzsu— - l at - it
grl wmlsm 1
Lki U cy%'. .1.
I karw I ec-s^e or*
isaad si* kv*_ 4/
iaac. » I *w* u>
y?s •?»■£ sc i|*
boat Ef ktftltk
sad jcs ts!d rj»
'••tit -0 do A.*>f
ttkiif Lfii K.
r -i -u~i V«eA
ft/‘* Ccspcrae l-j^
Pcr.tcr I u
IwsiTaw.. v«Bsa -an. wuuti
Lasis% ** W. iiit En. Ckicar- LL
lyitt E. Pinihnm'f Vefetah;* Ccuv
reuLd, xunde from BXtfo* rxt* and
nerbs. contain* no narrctiea or larm
fil dru^a and to-day be-da the rooc -d
for the arrest u inner o? actual core*
:f female mstas*-* .f any um-iar m»ici
rine in tie country, ana tbo*»ax*ti of
•oSontarr testiiu:: ia .s are on i.e ia
tie Pink jam laboratory at Lyra.
Hass-, from wezoea »r» bar* town
rured from erery form «f
fesaie complaints, fcfinnat -_ tb
re rittoa. displace menus. fibre. 1 tort
irregular.tiea jeriotLc paisa ba.: ear re,
r direst: :n ani aerrous proatrau-n.
Lrery such suffer.- 7 woman ewes it to
bers-r-f to jure Lyiia E. Pmlnams
Vegetable Compound a trial.
If you would like special adTic*
about tout case write a «m£ den
tal letter to Sirs. PLakh am. at
Lynn, Mass. Her sdTicc is tree*
and always helpful.
The Fanner's Son's
Great Opportunity
Kb««% Cats cm barter
u »» . m cart-* n*a| a-r
a ttracy ar*%rw >
p~ca. Ge**^a-Tr »**-** *ir*
.a*: b* tcaber of wferra
l-» Ve»tcrv € xraj f»»
rlt* C. & wa* 6<’ prr wt
»rt»r te 1**X# Oju ike
Ixrf farwer* tsar* J% i
**r tfcV‘r fcaad *-t of a»
rrorrrc* i*f «•« ma,
Frr* E*.ae*:c*a of l#©
»m aaf r re*o Mk*« of
1CC O'- at tS.w u arr*
Fia* rL*atte. good r-fww'v
exreiWi ▼all*ay farilliiat,
ow frri(bt rat**c »wc ra
t*r ate hstafta-r rat y o6
1 rxrf'- et %!ar Wa*
gasctca sa-r* *»» ft' :*.!m tocatar a
ar4 ic* •*' >*»' -»▼*. arc * l*
':i' *tf lac rv- a. cow.
Caa^ or ap Cm u
s. i sra—
rH'niAtst kt
rt» *
A'early Every One Gets It
The bowels skew first sign
cf things going wrong. A
Czscvret taken every night
o O
as needed keeps the bowels
working naturally without
grip, gripe and that upset
sick feeling.
T~ ceet be*, vreek’i fesf—*ri
ACir^st-rvs. B crest %eZf~ ra
“22S2.-.2 Ta.mtsun'i Eyi »«t.r
Nebraska Directory
Marseilles Com Shelters
Arc tie be-t far jam to ber jtaie ir a.. ^ r*.
A>k your i.vs. or
Oysters, Celery, Poultry.
Cream Wanted.
f* at-. . »s etrt r- -rs. yv.d for f->» r tAAoak
if; yj. 15*7 Citjlis $t„ OMAHA. NEB.
tv'ttv Kt-iifc.e CSsctmrrat hdvet rtir—
Is ti e school thAt ges resalts. Se;i foe
t'-ta-c^-ae. witc-h coctiists full isforaatkw
sS>ct the c.v ete. aad sotae of the ent
bean :ful pean-Aneb p ever pch.isied.
I: is tree. Address
Mosher A Lampmsn,Omaha. Keb.
1 ~ “
AULIiIo Retails for $10.00
Worts betterUkantheE*
i fc»re>»«c*e»rt
fe‘SL *en *3j *»=*ec J BwetM. >a *
£*>. Projn* want tfc-m, why *aot nre ati or
fvun of vo ;t time. It s a taonor maker. Wr*:o
fct vu*oo. TV-mory will be taken quickly. A*A
trJgaiaayajysa^.~t|, , ~
c..« iLCOIOidO
i" I
«*f eoniinaeas sareen. Printed »snrr —«
in •'loin envelope upon reqaeat. AU ear
yspoa.!«o» smetiy coafldenuai.
3or -TOir RIU and Caaa Sk. OMAHA. NSS