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    A. P. CULLEY, Presideut. IRA E. WILLIAMS, Cashier.
OF Loup eiTY
Real Estate and all classes of loans
made promptly at lowest rates,
with optional payments.
A Few Market Quotations.
Corn, per bu .,0 (a .45
Wheat, per bu..80 <& .>4
Oats, per bu.:;s i.t .40
Rye. per bu .00 (§ .05
Rutter, per lb. .18
Eggs, per doz. .19
Hens, per lb.07 h.
Spring chickens, per lb. .09’y
Hot Meals and Lun> lies at all Hours
Dray and Ice Delivery Office. Leave
orders with the cashier. augUorl'
Billy Oltmann is enthusiastic for
For farm loans call on A. L.
You can get Cash for your poultry
at the Little Boston.
Rhone A. T. Conger, 3 on t;2. when
in need of a drayman.
Don’t forget Lee Bros, is the place
to get choicest of meats.
Before buying a new cloak, see the
Loup City Mercantile Co.
I will guarantee 25c for butter fat
1 test and pav cash.—A. E. Chase.
If yon want In buy or sell Real
Estate, eall on John IV. Long.
Paul Heizner was up from Hazard
township on business last Thursday.
The Ravenna Creamery Co. will
pay 25 cents for butter fat till further
Jones, Stork and Rechthold are re
painting the residence of R. J. Night
Take your butter and eggs to Con
hiser's. where you can get anything
you want.
E. Holcombe arrived homo last
week Wednesday evening from Olathe.
Farm loans made on short notice
and at reasonable rates by .V. L.
J. W. Long went to Arkansas last
Friday on a business trip, returning
last evening.
Flies are coming. Get your screen
doors and windows of the Leininger
Lumber Co.
Mrs. W. T. Gibson was seriously ill
several days last week, but is now
Buy your cloaks of the Loup City
Mercantile Co. You know what you
get is O. K.
A marriage license was issued y es
terday to Peter Roschynialski and
Mary Stobbe. both of Ashton.
I)o not be encouraged to try some
other flour but use Loup City flour
and patronize a home industry.
I. Depew was at Hastings last
'.eete in the interest of Ids disc
sharpeners, returning Saturday.
Huy a pair of Star Rrand shoes for
y uir child of school age and secure
the premium book slate free with
every pair.
Loup City Mercantile Co.
Hallow een comes next, and we'll
wager there is not a child of school
:.g.- here or elsewhere but can tell
•. whether it conies on Friday or Satur
day of tins week.
patterns in re
Hrtaclsomesjt liable plated
are—knives, forks and spoons at
Jeffords'. A variety of styles for
your choosing and prices right.
Wright Reynolds of Webster town
ship had a one-round bout with a
glass door in ids home one day last
we ■ •.!•:. coming out second best, receiv
ing a bad cut on his forehead.
•lust the tiling for every school boy
and girl, a nice little book slate free
with every pair of Star Brand shoes
purchased 01 the Loup City Mercan
tile Co. Call and see the red book
R- v. D. W. James. Walter Moon.
Mrs. Edith Sweetland and others will
attend a Sunday school institute at
<4 rand Island beginning Oct. 20 and
closing Nov. 4. Rev. James will re
tnrn for the Sunday services.
The Loup City Mill & Light Co.
are better prepared than ever to ex
change flour for wheat. We still
have a large amount of old wheat
hour which we exchange for new
wheat. We also have all kinds of
feed. We want your business.
Loup City Mill & Light Co.
Why not own a reliable watch?
A timepiece winch cannot be depend
ed upon to show accurate time, which
iias to ire pulled back or jogged ahead
every day in order to have the
correct time, isn't wortli tying to a
, fish line for a sinker. Every move
ment and case we sell liasour personal
as well as the manufacturer's guar
antee. Our low prices bring them in
easy reach of the weakest pocketbook.
Aj trouble to show you.
J. F. Jeffords & Sons.
$400 to $600
is to lie made this fall by shelling the
big crop of corn. We will fit you out
with shelters. Call and we will talk
this matter over w irh von.
T. M. Reed.
Clocks! Clocks! Clocks:
Jeffords lias some new ones that
arc beauties and the price is way
down. See them.
Tlios. Inks was here from Kearney
! last Friday.
J on 02. Ashley Conger, the dray
| man. Get him.
Loans on real estate, call mi
John W Long.
Did you see those Cake Plates at
; t he Little Boston.
Cloaks always on sale at the Loup
I City Mercantile Co.'s store.
Do you want a new corn shelter?
T. M. Reed will sell you one right.
if you want a dray in a hurry and
get quick work, see Stewart Conger.
Your wife wants one of those
Granite Kettles at the Little Boston.
T. M. Reed can tit you out with a
dandy corn shelter. Call and see
Rev. Joseph James will go toCotes
tield Saturday to preach for the Bap
tist church there on Sunday.
The Loup City Mercantile Co. is
i certainly doing a cloak business this
Oakdale and Aztec coals are both
good burners. For sale bv E. G.
Ta, lor.
Dr. Allen’s good mother left Tues
day morning to spend the winter
with relatives at Council Bluffs.
Onyx Ware stands the test. For
sale at half price at J. M. Czaplewski's
Call and see those latest corn
| shelters sold by T. M. Reed. Just
what you want.
i A daughter was born yesterday to
Mr. and Mrs. John Raster in Oak
Creek township.
You make no mistake in calling on
] the Stewart Conger drays when you
want quick service.
Mr. Lou Rein, who has been ill for
a number of days, was able to be out
again last Friday.
Have you tried that tine bologna
at Lee Bros’, meat market? It is
mighty good eating.
Miss Lizzie Leininger left Monday
morning for Omaha to continue her
] studies in voice culture.
Lessons given in Yocal and Instru
mental mu-dc.
Beatrice Nightingale.
Mrs. A. Erazim arid sister. Mrs.
Kozel anti husband of Ravenna visit
ed relatives here over last Sunday.
A carload of new buggies just re
ceived by T. M. Reed. He will sell
you one of them right.
Say! Do you know that J. M.
C/aplewski has a snap on enameled
: ware this week only. Call at once.
Miss Lizzie Dinsdale of Palmer ai
med here last Saturday evening for a
visit at tlie home of James Johansen.
.lohii \\. Lousr is prepared to
make all Real Estate Loans on
short notice at lowest rates.
Well! Well!! Well!!! What do you
think, one tine enameled wash basin
for II cents at .1. M. Czaplewski's
Hardware store this week only.
State Senator Aldrich speaks to re
publicans nere at Society hall this
week Friday night, so we see by bills
I posted around town.
Mrs. G. 11 Scott yesterday renewed
, for the. Northwestern lor herself and
, a copv to her son. Joel Scott. Perry,
< Mclahoma, for another year. Thanks.
The Stewart Conger drays are on
| the rush from morning to night, but
you will get the quickest kind of
service on a hum call. Try them.
The pastor will preach at the Pres
; byterian church next Sunday morn,
ing and evening. There will be special
| music ond attractive services to which
all are cordially invited.
Don't fail to see the Lewis Stock
; Company's big show at Pilger’s opera ;
house three nights. Oct. 2i). 30 and 31.
Twelve people. You will miss a rare
treat ii you miss this show.
See the new’ line of China at
Jeffords'. Very pretty patterns in ;
j Haviland. You must pet the price•
| too in order to appreciate them.
Mr. and Mrs. A. I.. Zimmerman re
turned from their visit in Lincoln)
last week Wednesday, but Miss iieth
Zimmerman continued her visit til! |
Friday, returning home that evening.
Every child of school age will get a
nice red book slate and pencil free at
I the Loup City Mercantile Co.'s store
Ion purchase of a pair of Star Brand
I slaves. It is a most useful present.
Only four Sherman county people
! won out in the Tripp county land
1 vttery.—Henry Wammerer of Ashton j
! ii- F. Prieti, Jr., of Loup City. Clyde
, Mawhinnev of Ravenna and Frank
Papernick of near Rockville, so far as
| learned from the published list.
Tin* steel ceiling in the Baptist
church is completed and the effect is
very satisfactory both as to appear
ance and usefulness. It has been;
difficult to keep the house warm on
account of the heat escaping through |
the open places in the ceiling. This
t - iuble has now been remedied. Paint
and paper for the inside have been
i selected and will soon lie put on. j
We have the business, because we
sell for Small Profits and give the
best quality for the money.
A nice broken Japanese Rice,
5 lbs. for.
No. 1 Mexican Head Rice,
3 lbs. for. *OC
A good bulk Coffee, per lb... . 15c
New California Dried Apri- 1 z
cots, per pound. 1
New California Pried Peaches ] X,,
Nice Norway 3kkk Herring. ilZL,.
3 lbs. for. ~OL‘
Nice White Fish. 3 pounds for
Dr. Pierce’s Breakfast Food. «)Xfl
3 packages for. wi
Maze-All Breakfast Food. 3 k)X
packages for. wt
best coffee for the money. We buy
this coffee direct from the growers,
whereby we save the middle-man's
profit. Our Leaders, 20c and 25c.
When you once try this coffee, you
will use no other.
Loup Citv
Merca itile Co.
, The Loup City Mercantile Co. will
undersell anyone in cloaks.
C. Cooper and Miss Marie Cooper
returned Tuesday evening from a
visit to his mother in northern Iowa.
You are cordially invited to attend
the Baptist church on Sunday. Bap
tismal service in tliepvening. Special
Mr. Ben Larsen of Aurora transact
ed business here last Friday, and also
visited hi> brother, ffm. Larsen, and
liss Delia Duntermanof Princeton.
..arrive M evening on a
visit, to l:er uncle. IT. G. Hosier and
I <• L. Adamson and men have re
steeple of the Catholic
church that was damaged by lightning
some time since.
M. II Youngquest and wife of
Logan township went to Aurora Mon
day morning for a few days’ visit.
Mrs. John Youngquest also returned
home after an extended visit here.
The ladies of the Industrial Society
of the Presbyterian church will give
a supper in the church parlors next
week Wednesday evening, beginning
at Ado o’clock. You are cordially in
vited to come.
E. S. Hay hurst accompanied his
father-in-law to Rome. N. Y.. last
week to consult a specialist over a
supposed cancer on his right hand.
Mr. Hayliurst will also visit his old
home in Pennsylvania.
George McFadden and son, Ray
McFadden. last week purchased a
half section of unimproved land in
Webster township of Cfiris Oltjen
bruns. the considerahion being $5,600.
Ray will improve and live upon said
The services at the Baptist church
have been make more attractive by
the singing of Miss Beatrice Nightin
gale, the accomplished daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. R: J. Nightingale. The
home coming c,f Miss Beatrice is a
pleasure to others beside her parents.
The Lewis Stock Company will be
at Pilger’s opera house for three
nights only commencing Thursdae.
Oct. 29th. Thursday night will be
thrilling comedy-drama, "A Gambler’s
Wife." Specialties between acts.
Change of program every night.
A telegram was received last Friday
by Mrs. I»r. Main. Mrs. Ed Angier
and Miss Ettie Moon announcing the
deatli that morning from consumption
of their aunt. Mrs. M. E. Knight, at
Strawberry Point. Iowa. Mrs. Knight
will b^ remembered as visiting here
at various times. Mrs. Angier left
Saturday to attend the funeral.
The 25th anniversary of the M. E.
church in this city was celebrated j
'most pleasantly and profitably last
Sunday by the friends of that faith,
the program as published being
carried out in its entirety and in a
most satisfactory manner. We con- j
gratulate the church on its success
and longevity.
Our young friend, A. J. Shipley,}
living a few miles north - f Litchfield,
last Thursday brought in to our
elevators something over 2<m> bushels
of oats, for which he received Dc per
bushel. These are republican prices. 1
See? Friend Shiplev took occasion to
deposit enough of the republican oats
money to insuae another year of
Northwestern. Tiianks.
The game of foot-ball last Sat urday
afternoon at the hall park in this city
between the home team and Mason
City, was a hotly contested game and
very interesting, though rather dis
appointing in tne home boys being
defeated. However, the third time
i the charm, and we surely expect
m t' phithe laurels of victory
in the next wrestling match with the
ubiquitous sphere.
"Cyclone" Davis, an importation
from Texas, spoke for the democrats
at the opera house to a big crowd last
evening, the fact of his heavy adver
tising and title bringing out hundreds
of the curious. He was a very enter
taining talker, a good actor and
pleased the funny bone of each hearer
but said nothing but what all had
heard such calamity howlers belch!
forth each succeeding campaign.
Mr. and Mrs. James Johansen gave
a dinner last Sundav to Mr. and Mrs. i
J- S. I'edler. Dr. S. A. Allen and
W. I). Zimmerman. They had in
tended giving the dinner to a number
of our most eligible bachelors, but
Cupid has been so industriously at;
work on the game of hearts of late j
that only two were to be summoned
for the occasion, so the marriage !
license judge was called in to till up
the gap and perchance have sufficient
influence in his official capacity to;
cure the above named incorrigibles
of their failings.
We had the pleasure yesterday of j
•again meetingGrandmaColiins, widow
of the Rev. A. Collins, fine of the
early Methodist ministers at Loup
City way back 25 or 30 years ago.
Grandma Collins was here to attend
the 25th anniversary of the formation
of the Methodise society and is visit
ing her many friends. Mrs. Collins
and her deceased husband were friends
of the editor's father and mother
in early Iowa times when all were
young folks, and the friendship thus
formed lasted between the two grand
old men till the Master called them,
and. still exists between the grand
motners in Israel, whose silvered hair
betokens only a few more days till
they, too. shall hear the Master's
voice and lie called to join the loved
ones gone before.
Dry Goods, Cloaks
You can get anything you want by asking. If we have not got it. we
will get it for you. We are here for business, and business we must have In
price, we are the lowest, and in quality the best. We challenge any one.
Good Outing Flannel, 5c to 10c per yard, in lights or darks.
Table Damasks we have at all prices. We have
A big line of Madras Cloth, regular price loc; now - 10c
All our regular 12 l-2c Flannels now ... |0c
Boys’ and Children’s Clothing
Best that can be bought for the money. We handle the Wear Better
Cloths for Boys. 2 pairs of Pants one Knickerbocker and one plain
double knee Suit. $6.50. In MEN'S CLOTHING, we handle the very
latest styles in cashmere or worsted, and if you fvant a Made-to-Order Suit,
we are here to take your measure at any time, and we will guarantee a tit,
as that is in our line. But for a man to go to a grocery store to have a
measure taken for a suit of clothes, what can he expect?
Wedding Bells.
A quiet little wedding took place
Tuesday evening, Oct. 27, 1908, at the
residence of the bride's parents in
this city, when our young friend.
Lou M. Williams, the energetic carrier
on II. F. I). No. J. was united in
wedlock to Miss Ella X. Foster,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. F.
Foster, the ceremony taking place at
s o'clock, Rev. J. O. Hawk officiating,
only the immediate families being
present. The young people rather
stole the inarch on their host of
friends here, who while expecting
cupid's work to culminate in the
uniting of their lives at an early date,
yet were unprepared for the surprise
on the evening mentioned. Howbeit,
all will unite with the Northwestern
in wishing for them all of the joys of
a happy married life and prosperity
Married, last (Wednesday) evening,
at the home of W. C. Wharton in this
city, County Judge I’edler officiating,
W. H. Simpson and Miss Soplironia
Wharton, both of Loup City. Cupid
seems bent on giving surprises, this
being the second marriage this week
of estimable young people of this city
in w hich stolen marches were made
on their friends. But then, the little
winged god does not always have to
give advance advertising of the time
when lie welds in bonds of wedlock
hearts cemented long tie fore. The
Northwestern wishes much happiness
and prosperity in all ways to both
Mr. Simpson and his charming bride.
Tiie Loup City Mercantile Co. gives
a nice book slate to every school child
purchasing a pair of Star Brand shoes.
The numerous friends-of Miss Lucy
A. Grow will be pleased to learn that
in addition to being Associate Ciiief
J ustice of the marriage department
of the county court, is now a full
fledged (notorious republican) notary
public, and ready to swear all comers.
The Ladies' Aid of the Baptist
church will Hold a Kensington. Friday
afternoon. Nov. 6. at the home of
Mrs. Dr. Main, the proceeds of which
will be used in repairing the church.
A cordial invitation is extended to
the iadies to come and help us in the
good work. Committee.
Hazard Happenings.
The weather is quite changeable at
present writing.
Quite a number of people in this
vicinity are suffering from bad colds.
Mrs. Joseph Miller who lias lieen
quite sick is reported better.
Mr. and Mrs. Sedarn of near Pleas
anton were callers in Hazard Tuesday
Mrs. Trumble’s brother who lias
been visiting here has returned home
Friday evening Dr. Paul was called
to attend the infant daughter of J A
Brewer, the little one having taken
cold suddenly.
John Phil pot is having a large
cistern made on his farm. Messrs.
Thompson and Parker doing the work.
Mrs. Virgil Cunningham of Hazard
went to Lincoln as a delegate to the
Daughters of Rebecca convention,
she being a member of the Litchlielu
John Plulpot s daughter and broth
er of Lincoln arrived Thursday even
ing to accompany Mr. Philpot to
Gandy, Neb., where he owns a large !
stock ranch. The trio left Hazard
Friday morning.
Robert Mathew of Loup City and,
Mr. Morning of Lincoln were Hazard
visitors Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Donahoe enter
tained Mr. Mathew and Mr. Morning'
at dinner and supper Friday last.
Mrs. Mamie Cadwalader and sons, j
Walter. Virgil and Orville went to!
Litchfield Saturday evening return- 1
ing Sunday morning.
Grandpa Hand of Oklahoma, who is i
here visiting his son John, is quite j
sick at present writing.
Mrs. Martha Pry is spending a few
days with Mrs. Clias. Cranston.
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Heater went
to Ravenna Friday.
Mrs. H. H. Thompson has been
clerking in Donahoe's store the past
Mrs. Ackerman of David City
delivered a temperance lecture Sun
day evening at the church.
Mrs. Emil Reiter returned home
Friday evening from her visit in the
Mr. Morning, the democratic orator
of Lincoln, enjoyed the hospitality of
Mr. and Mrs. If. H. Thompson Friday
Lon Sadler of Litchfield is in Hazard
with his well machine. He has made
a well for L. II. Hennis and one on
the Ilogue property recently pur
chased by Mr. Shipley.
T. A. Donahoe is able to be at his
place of business after his illness.
The Ladies Aid society will furnish
dinner and supper in the Hochreiter
building election day for the benefit
of the church. Everybody is invited.
Y. M. A. A. Notes
Boys K. O. K. A. meeting held
every Monday evening at the gym
nasium. Any boy from ten to twelve
years may join. Come to the meet>
ing next Monday night at 7:30.
If you have one of the following
books belonging to the library, please
return at once—Crittenden Half Back
and Connecticut Yankee in King
Arthur’s Court.
During the month of November the
gymnasium may be rented for either
day or evening. We have a good floor
space and can heat the room at any
time. See Max Jeffords about it.
Price List
Celebrated Barrington Hall
Coffee, per pound, - 35c
Corn Flakes, 3 pkgs for 25c
Ur. Price’s Food, 3 for 25c
Egg-0 See, 3 for - - 25c
Grape IV uts, 2 for - - 25c
NewPrunes.lOc lb 3 for 25c
Apricots new, 15c lb, 2 for 25c
Flour and Feed Combined:
Kearney High Patent, $1.40
Boelus Big B Flour - 1.40
Auror Cream Patent - 1.40
Loup City White Satin, 1.40
Try Our New Store.
McNulty &
For County Attorney
To the Republican Read
ers of the Loup City
. The County Attorney's office is an
important one for the reason that at
any time he may be called upon to
avenge a great public wrong or to
defend the public treasury. In select
ing an attorney for your county,
should you not use the same discretion
as you would in selecting an attorney
for your own private business? If
you were hiring a lawyer you would
not turn down a competent and trust
worthy man because he was not of
your political faith.
Many of you have honored me by
entrusting your private law business
to me. If. then, I am competent to
look after your own la* business, why
would it not be advisable to give me
your vote, even though I am not a
republican and thus re-elect me as
attorney for this county?
Hoping you will givethis your care
ful consideration. Yours Truly,
It. II. Mathew.
Mrs. B. K. Schaffer of Curtis, Neb.,
arrived last week Wednesday ♦ a
visit to her parents, Mr. arid Mrs.
T. A. Taylor.
Elder A. O. Hall was up from
Hastings last Friday and Saturday
holding meetings for our Adventist
friends. He was assisted by Elder
•Iones ol' the same faith. Elder llall
expects to lie iiere at stated intervals
to look after the church’s interests.
He is one of nature's noblemen.
An interesting debate was held at
the opera house last Friday evening
by six pupils of the high school on Lite
question. Resolved, that compulsorv
guarantee of bank deposits is desir
able. Those participating were Emma
Rowe, Clifford Rein, Walter Callaliam.
Christian Sorensen. Earl Pray and
Clark Whitaker. This was one of the
three trial debates the results of
which will determine the relative
strength of the debaters and those
who will compose the team for this
school year.
Card of Thanks
We wish to thank our many friends
and neighbors for their kind help and
sympathy in this our recent bereave
ment. the death of our husband and
Mbs. Pheobk Fboss,
Mb. and Mbs. O. S. Fboss,
Mb. and Mbs. W. R McCullough,
Mb. and Mbs G. W. Lyons,
W. F. Ghoemley.
I Have Some for Sale.
I have some tine young Poland
China Boars for sale. ’ I don't want
to “butt in" but if you can't find one
that you like in any other herd. I
would sell you one rather than have
you do without.
*4 mile north of Jenner’s Park.
For Sale.
Three miles south of Loup City,
17 fall and spring Poland China boars,
rood bone and lenghth.
B. W. Parkhubst.
vinu-r-rviniNir --
___lIN pen
Sells /Jtvwtfjo Excels
For Sale by J. F. JEFFORDS.
School Land Auction.
The foUowing described hinds in Sherman
■minty wiU be offered for lease at public
mction at the county treasurer s office, Satur
iay. November 21, 1908. at 9:0!) a. m.
Terms of leasing and appraised value may be
lad on aDplication to the county treasurer or
■o the Commissioner of Public Lands and
buildings at Lincoln.
SE 36-13-13.
NE 36-15-16.
W-2 16-16-16.
H. M. Eaton,
Commissioner PubUc Lands and Buildings.
China Free
Come and get a large
or a nice
2-lb. of Coffee at 25 cts. a Pound
These are the nicest we ever had and
they will not last long. You get yoi.r
choice as long as they last.
Our Guarantee Velvet Rug
9x12 Beautiful Parlor Rug - $30.00
Our Highest Grade Axminister
Rugs, Flowered Design - 27.50
Reversible Cashmere Rugs, 9x12, 15.00
9x12 Art Squares from $4.50 to
$11.00, according to quality
All sizes of Oil Cloth and Stove Rugs. A
large line of Floor Rugs to select from.
Come in and let us show you that we
can save you money on Floor Coverings.
Christensen & Ferdinand!
_Furniture Company.
Christensen & Ferdinandt,
Undertakers and Embahners
1 1. DEPEW
s a
I Blacksmith g- Wagon Maker I
° B
My abon la the largest aa(l lieBi equipped north ot the Platte Uiver ■
I have a four horse engine and a complete line ot the latest Improved ma ■
chluery. also a force ot experienced men who know b<-w to operate it and B
turnout a Job with neatness and dispatch.
11 a 1111 a aam i a ruaakiaaafsaiBssKsseE&Sk&LiBKn^
By sliding this ring back, the largest hog may
pass under and have the run of two lots. Or raise
your gate to drive hogs in or out. Your larger
stock cannot get out while you are busy. The
IOWA CATE works fine this way. When you have
time drop around and iook over the gate hung up at
Loup City, Ashton, Rockville, Schaupps, and Arcadia, Neb.
E. Gr. Taylor, J. S. Pedler, C. C. Carlson.
President. Vice President. Cashier
W: R. Mellor, J. W. Long, S. N.^Sweetland
Capital Stock, - - $25,000.00
Individual Liability, $250,000. OO