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    The flies are coming. Keep them out of the house by purchasing
screen doors and screen windows of |
THURSDAY, MAY 25, 1905.
lioaal Daws.
A Few Market Quotations.
Cattle, per 100 lbs.$2.00@$5.00
Hogs, per 100 lbs. 4.60@4,70
Corn, ber bu. .31 @ .35
Wheat, per bu. 60.@ .77
Oats, per bu.2\%(& .23%
live, per bu.50@ .52
Eggs, per doz. 12
Butter, per lb. 15
A Personal Request
to our patrons who have been running
open accounts under D. C. Grow’s
management We are*opening anew
set of books and if vou will kitkdly call
and settle all accounts now outstand
ing, it will confer a great favor on us
and will be greatly appreciated at this
time Respectfully,
Northern Milling Co
Frank Dennis, Mgr.
Lawn mowers at P. O. Reed's.
Poultry netting at P. O. Reed’s.
See Dr. Allen’s new dental card in
this issue.
Balduff’s ice cream, pint or quart, at
Odendahl Bros.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Roberts
on May 22, a daughter.
If you want a rose bush, go to F. E.
Brewer at once.
Judge Wall returued from court at
Broken Bow Monday.
All kinds of fresh lobsters at Gas
teyer’s (canned).
Born to Mr. aud Mrs. John Kominski,
on the 21st inst., a daughter.
Bsdduff’s ice cream, pint or quart,
at Odendahl Bros.
Brnk has been hauled for the foun
dation of the Charleton cottages.
Phone A.T. Conger. W 20, when in
need of a drayman.
Biemond & Co. shipped two cars of
stock to South Omaha last Friday.
Car with Buggies and Spring wagons
just arrived at T. M. Reed’s.
Mayor Depew has just finished a pa
trol and “hurry’’ wagon for Marshal
Call and see my new stock of buggies
and spring wagons. T. M. Reed.
Mrs. Wharton and Miss Sophronia
went to Old Tuesday morning for a
few days’ visit.
Aztec lump, Nigger Head lump, also
nut coal always on hand at the Taylor
The Coffee Club gave a suprise party
on Mrs. J B. O’Bryan on Tuesday
afternoon of this week.
Mrs. Chris Hauck offers her 8-room
residence proterty for sale. See her for
Prank Foster. Joe Thompson and
Banks Hale Sundayed in Grand Island
returning home the same day.
Dr. Sumner Davis,Grand Island, Neb.
specialist in disease of eye and ear.
Examination for glasses.
A Mr. Iyanschajik arrived from
Holland last Saturday and will work
lor Lawrence Smith this summer.
Get ahead of the flies by ordering
your screen doors and window screens
of LEiNtnoER Lumber Co.
Truelsen & Mellor have oto exhibition
a neat little model of a windmill which
should be seen to be appreciated.
Union Pacific low rates. Annual
meeting Imperial Council Nobles of the
Mystic Shrine, Niagara Falls, N. Y.
Dates of sale June 17,18.19. One fare
plus $2 for round trip.
The village board last Thursday even
ing elected O. Benschoter as marshal,
street commissioner, night watchman
and poundmaster for the ensuing year,
and re-elected Harry Jenner as water
Swanson & Smith having moved their
shoe store to the first door east of
Conhiser’s store, wish to thank the
public for their patronage in the past
and invite all to visit them in their
new location. 25
O. S. Hile, who came here a few weeks
since from Cairo, and is working for
Ohlsen Bros., was joined by bis family
about a week ago and is living in north
west Loup City. Me commences life
here right by becoming a reader of The
Our Catholic friends met last Sunday
as we understand, and completed their
arrangements for building their hand
some new church and residence for
their priest, the whole to cost $11,000,
work to commence on the buildings on
Monday, the 5th of June. We have
heard no further particulars.
We received a pleasant call last
Saturday from Wm. Jeffries of Ashton.
Mr. Jeffries will visit a couple of weeks
in Custer county and later take a trip
down in Texas and Oklahoma, and still
later will take a month's trip to Port
land and various points on the Pacific
Coast. He expects however, to finally
settle down ia Sherman county to stay.
Tom Daddow Meets With Seri
ous Accident.
This morning while moving a load of
household goods into his new dwelling,
the te in of Thos. Daddow became
frightened at some loose clothing, and
in preventing them from running away
Mr. Daddow was thrown to the ground
resulting in the breaking of botli bones
ot his left arm at the wrist. He will be
laid up for some time.
Diesterhauf Back to Pen
This morning Judge Wall took Carl
Diesterhauf back to the penitentiary,
the judge being unable to do anything
with him. Diesterhauf was the man
sent to the pen eome tw o years ago for
wife murder. A few months since,
Jui'ge Wad recured his parole and gave
him work, but his sullen disposition
and otherwise ill behavior caused the
judge to put him back in the pen
Balduff’s ice cream, pint or quart, at
Odendahl Bros.
Cement walk* are being placed all
around the W. G. Odendahld residence
Miss Libbie Adamson has apprenticed
hetself to the photographic wTork under
Artist Boone
Mr. and Mrs. John Lofholni visited
Sunday at the home of Andrew' Pearson
in Washington township
G. A. Curry and son drove over to
Albion last Friday on bnsiness. They
were to be absent some ten days.
For Sale—One thoroughbred Jersey
bull and heifer. John Lofholm,
Loup City, Nebr.
Mrs. II. P. Starr and son Howard re
turued last Thursday evening from
their visit to Odeboldt, Iowa, and Lin
coin and Aurora, this state.
Billy Oltman has tendered his resig
natien as a regular attendant at church
because, as he affirms, the girls insist
on using him for a cloak rack.
John Solms is reflooring ancf putting
a new foundation under his building
formerly occupied by Hover’s furniture
store preparatory to moving therein.
W. F. Mason was down to Grand
Island Tuesday to attend a banker*’
convention, group No. 6. The bankers
were given a fine banquet that evening
Married, at the county clerk’s office
in the court house, Tuesday of this
week, by the Rev. II S Wold, Mr. John
H. Bryan and Miss Eva A. Correy.both
of Custer county.
r rank urow returned home from
Crand Island Saturday,having resigned
his position in the shops there and is
engaged m painting, Frank is well
satisfied to be home again to stay
We received pleasant calls from Christ
Hansen of Rockville township and Wm.
Aufrecht of Washington township.
Both are good substantial farmers of
Sherman county.
The editor's wrfe returns thanks to
Miss Libbie Adamson for a choice
bouquet of beautiful pansies yesterday.
Miss Adamson says they have had
pansies in bloom since the first of April.
The case of Scott Haddix. charged
with the murder of Melvin Butler, over
on Clear Creek, hrs been continued till
the September term of court, and Judge
Hostetler remanded him to jail till that
time, without bonds.
Sam Daddow is putting a new cement
in front of his residence on Cedar street
We understand cement pavements will
be put down from Louie Bechthold’s
corner of West and Cedar streets to the
east end of the lstter street.
Our public school children held two
picnics last Friday, one from the rooms
presided over by J.F. Nicoson and Miss
Hickman at the Creary woods south ol
town and the other, the high school
pupils, up the river near the Mussei
ranch. A splendid time was reported
Rev. Cowell went to Gothenburg, Iasi
Saturday, where he was to deliver the
baccalaureate address Sunday evening
and also preach for his old parishioners
at the M. E. church Sunday morning.
In his absence, Rev Ilenrv Frencli
preached here in the morning and Rev
Ed Brown conducted the services in
the evening.
Mrs. Judge Angier went down tc
Aurora a couple of weeks since and las!
Saturday Judge Angier and Miss Edith
also went to Aurora, where Sunday the
judge and his good wife celebrated thf
their 42nd wedding anniversary at the
home of their daughter, Mrs. Mercer
returning home Tuesday, while Miss
Edith remained to visit a few weeks
^r. A. S. Allen, our popular dentist
who has been attending school m
Chicago for the past several months
and graduated with high honors, re
turned to Loup City last Friday whert
he will resume the practice of his
profession, and will have an office up
stairs in the new bank building. Dr.
Allen made a splendid reputation as a
dentist when here before and of course
now is much better equipped than eyer
to do work in his line
The program of the coramencemenl
exercises of the Lincoln high school has
been received by numerous friends ol
Miss Vera B. Schaupp, a former Loup
City girl, who is one of the 164 members
of the graduating class and who has the
honor of being the valedictorian of the
class. Considering the great number of
graduates, the honor to Miss Schaupp
Is a matter of warm congratulation
from the host of friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Schaupp and their talented daughter.
Three Days’ Carnival
Loup City will hold a three days’
Carnival some time this fall. This was
decided upon at a meeting held on Mon
day evening of this week. For some
time, the local papers have been
advocating the holding of another
Carnival this fall and the response has
been most flattering from all with
whom the editors talked. On Monday,
Bro Brown and The Northwestern
quill pusher canvassed the business
portion of town and called a meeting
for that evening in the old Times build
ing. At the appointed time the build
ing and street adjacent was packed
with an enthusiastic throng of pro
Carnival enthusiasts, and no dissenting
advocates. The meeting was organized
by selecting Judge Wall as chairman
and Bert Chase as secretary. A motion
to hoid a three days’ Carnival met with
unanimous approval and Messrs. II M.
Mathew, K. P. Starr and M. C. Mulick
were chosen as an executive committee,
with full power to select sub-commit
tees, arrange for and attend to all
matters pertaining to the Carnival,
selecting the dates, and in fact being the
“Head Push” and de facto organizers
and commanding officers of the Carnival
that is to outdo all preceding events of
the kind ever held in Sherman or ad
joining counties. As it will be necessary
for the county fair association to hold
a fair this fnil satisfactory arrange
ments will be entered into with the
fair folks to join hands with the
Carnival association to make every
thing harmonious and the biggest
time in Sherman county history Now
let everybody lend a helping hand and
aid in every way the executive commit
tee in the untiring efforts they will put
Steel ranges at 1\ O. Reed’s.
Balduff’s ice cream, pint or quart, at
Odendahl Bros.
Here is a tough one on Bro. Brown.
We got it prettv straight. It seems
that he received a fowl, which he
supposed had been sent by an appreci
ative friend, and he had it dressed and
cooked. After having dined off the
bird, lie went to the postoffice and re
ceived a letter stating that the writer
had sent him a chicken to settle a dis
pute, and asked him if he could tell
what disease it had died of. In the
future none but live poultry will be
accepted at th at office on subscription.
Balduff’s ice cream, pint or quart, at
Odendahl Bros.
On Friday. May 19th. Miss Suzie
Terry closed a nine months’ term of
school at Hazard. A large number of
the patrons assembled at the school
house just before noon, bringing with
them all kindsiof go.*d things to eat,
and after all bad partaken of the
splendid dinner, the pupils rendered an
excellent program which was enjoyed
by all. At the close of tbe program,
Rev. H. S. Wold of Loup City gave a
short but interesting talk which was
well received. Supt. Hendrickson was
present and gave a short talk to the
patrons and graduating class and also
presenting diplomas to LuellaS. Terry,
Thora Jacobson and Fred Anderson,
who finished the work of the 8th grade.
Balduft’s ice cream, pint or quart, at
Odendahl Bros.
On Friday evening, May 19th, Mies
Sarah Lofholm closed a successful
eight months’ term of school in district
No. 57. Three pupils, Miss Minnie
Knight, Earl Pray and Nelson Fisher
finished the 8th grade work at the close
of this term, and this being tne first
class to graduate in this district, the
teacher and pupils made an extra effort
to do good wrork and make the closing
exercises a success That they succeed
ed is beyond question. Tbe splendid
record made by the class and excellent
manner in which the program was
rendered, speaking for themselves.
Rev. II. S. Wold gave a short talk to
the school and Supt. Hendrickson also
gave a short talk to tne patrons and
graduates. This district always con
ducts a successful term of school, be
cause every person in the district tikes
i an active interest in the school work.
The patrons were all present at this
entertainment and at the close on the
motion of the School-Board, bv a rising
i vote, extended thanks to Miss Lofholm
for her splendid work in the school
room, thjs showing their appreciation
of her earnest and honest work.
Balduff’s Ice cream, pint or quart, at
Odendahl Bros,
Road Notice.
(Floyd Road.)
To whom it may concern:
Tbe Commissioner appointed to view and
report upon the vacation of that part of Road
No. 68 commencing where it intersects with
Road No. 241, about 40 rods west of tbe south
east eorner of Section nineteen (19), Township
fifteen (15)', Range thirteen (13), and running
thence in a meandering direction across
Section nineteen (19), Township fifteen (15).
Range thirteen (13) and Sections twenty four
(24), twenty-five (25) and about sixty (00) rods
on Section twenty-six, in Township fifteen (15),
Range fourteen (14) and comprising all that part
of meandering Road No. 68, laying west, north
west and southwest of where said Road No. 68,
interseots the point above mentioned of Road
No. 241, be vacated, has reported in favor
thereof and all claims for damage or objections
thereto must be filed in the offloe of the Coun
ty Clerk of Sherman County, Nebraska, on or
before tbe 19th day of July, 1906, or said road
wiU be vacated without reference thereto.
Dated this 16th day of May, 1906.
Gsobqe H. Gibson,
County Clerk.
(Last pub. June 8.)
Continuation of Series of In
teresting Letters.
Neiiama, Ore.,—I mu*t continue my
oFten Interrupted story of our delight
ful visit to the mountains.
I must hasten over the story of our
second fishing excursion, and will only
say that while the guide and the Baby
Schoolmaara were catching fourty-four
speckled beauties, the Nebraska Girl
succeeded In landing two small trout.
And I must not omit telling you about
the salmon which we saw in the deep
pool, renting after their long journey
from the ocean.
We watched them for a long time,
but even the ferti'e brain of the guide
could not devise any plan by which one
of them could be induced to come
But the crowning event of our moun
tain trip came when on Wednesday
the Baby and the guide, both experi
enced campers, packed up for a three
days outing and we started for House
Mt. Rock.
We had a pack horse and two saddle
horses, which the ladies took turns in
riding. We had to ford the river, the
guide riding ahead on the pack hor-e
and then taking a horse back for the
Little Moth-r.
Our trail followed the river a little
wav, up across Canon creek, then away
from the woods and up a very long
steep hill covered with tall ferns.
The heat was intense and there was
no shade except an occasional tree and
no water.
When wTe finally reached the timber
agtin, we knew howto appreciate its
cool shade, after our two hours or more
of hard climbing in the sun.
The guide went in search of water,
and finding none, returned with some
delicious ealmon berries and after eat
ing them we no longer felt the need of
h drink.
Our trail led us up over a rocky ledge
where the ascent was steep and the
summit not more than three feet wide
sloping down into canons on either side.
From the highest point the view was
extensive and beautiful, the descent
being very abrupt, and at the base we
found a tiny spring, though the water
was not very cold it was very grateful
to our thirsty palates.
Only a few more hills and we' dis
covered a little creek where we stopped
for lunch
After luncheon we pulled leaves and
mosses for pilolws and lay down for a
half hour’s rest.
But time was flying and we were still
a long way from the Rock, so we re
sumed our journey, travelling all the
way through a dense forest of the
grandest trees, up hill and down, with
the trail growing dimmer and still more
1 h) underbrush obstructed our path
and the long slender, graceful branches
F- E. Brewer
Sells School Supplies, Trees, Plants
and Shruds, and Writes Insurance
of all kinds. Insure your crops in
the St. Paul Fire and Marme Insur
ance Co. of St. Paul, Minn.
the vine maple drooped across our
path, without a thought to onr con
There were holes at regular intervals
in the trail, made by a little animal
called the mountain boomer; and used
as our horses were to watching for
them, they would sometimes stumble
into one
At last we caught a glimpse of the
Rock quite close at hand.
I can not describe to you the feeling
of wondering, admiring awe with which
[ beheld this stupendous mouument to
the Creator’s power and glory.
“The firraanent declares the glorv of
God, and the earth showeth his handi
Soon we came out upon the shore of
beautiful Mirror Lake, and dismounted
in the loveliest place for a camp.
For a time we could do nothing but
stand spell bound and gaze upon the
maesive masonry of House Rock and
the beauty of the lake, in whose clear
depths the Rock and surrounding trees
were reflected.
But soon the guide led the way to a
spring of ice-cold water and the Happy
Four proceeded to quench their thirst,
and carry som? back with them to uee
in preparing supper.
The guide built a fire and prepared
to pitch our tent, while the Baby being
the only one of the ladies who under
stood the mysteries of “sog,” was soon
engaged in getting supper.
x\fter tea we pulled ferns for beds
and then sat down to enjoy a quiet talk
by the camp fire, until weariness began
to assert its sway over us and kneeling
we thanked God for all we were enjoy
ing and retired.
The Little Mother had the morning
meal all ready when the Baby and the
Nebraska girl got up the next morning
and had to wait while they went to the
s;ring and made their toilet, but as
the guide helped her while away the
time, their effusive welcome did seem
rather overdone to be sure.
That forenoon we w'ent away off
through the woods to look for elk moss
and came back with an armful of it,
also large bouquets of rhododendrons
and other flowers.
We left them in camp and went to
explore the lower storv of the rocky
Ihere was an ascent of about six or
seven hundred feet, which was m tde
rather hard climbing by being so cover
ed with loose shifting stones
Then from that point the solid rocky
w all rose perpendicular to the top of
the mountain
The guide and the Baby spent two
or more hours in exploring all the
attractions of the ledge, and finallv re
turned to the Nebraska Girl and the
Little Mother, bringing with them a
great block of snow.
We ate all we wanted and played
snowball with the rest on the last day
of June.
We returned to camp, ate our lunch
and prepared to ascend the mountain.
The Nebraska Girl.
(Continued next week.)
Good Goods at Right Prices
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You can get the best suit for
That can't be beat
Si Bull Bill Sill
none better made. We carry the
Papapia Rat ip 3 Grades
——w——■ iw——iii—i ■ —ii i ■ i I—..■■i n I—— w■—ri iii ii .—I miwi • i ir. m
Buggies, Wagons,
Loup City, - Nebraska.
Bradley and Metcalf’s Shoes.
/ *» <
The Bradley shoes for all classes are fine results of
highly skilled workmanship and first-class materials. The
foot-fitting lasts and patterns, without being extreme, are
strictly up-to-date. Throughout, they show that careful
attention to details which distinguishes well made shoes
from the medium grade.
flulipe Shoes.
They hold their shape, look well and wear well. Made
with solid leather heel counters, sole leather boxing in the
toes and fast color eyelets. - - Pl'ic©, 8B2.75
Slack Eagle Shoes.
These shoes will wear. We know it, because
they are made with durable double soles and firm, plump
upper leather, which will stand hard usage. They are
good shoes for you. - - - - PRICE# $2-50
The Zenith Shoes: For the boys and girls who romp
run and play. They are bound to wear out shoes.
For them we have the Zenith School Shoes, durable
and strong, the kind that will wear. Comfortable, too, be«
because they are made on lasts and patterns adapted for
growing feet. - - PRICES, $1.40 TO $1-75
Jupo Shoes.
These are an inexpensive shoe for ladies; but they are
made with a good, substantial sole, and a nice quality of
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Cofopet. \
Full evening dress shoe, dull kid uppers, with patent t
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