The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, May 09, 1902, Image 4

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    Lioaal Daws.
Frank Dennis (or tlour aud feed.
S. S. Reynolds was in town
Herman Jung is painting bis
bakery building.
Misa. Kill a Long is quite sick at
the 3t. filmo hotel.
W. R. Mellor is placing a gravel
walk around his residence property.
W. 8. Owens ha9 just recieved a
fine line of summer lap dusters; pret
ty designs.
Tbe post office building has re
ceived some substantial improve
ments this week. Wm. Roe done
tbe job.
Judge Wall is enjoying a visit
from bis aunt Mrs. Hcllen Hill of
J- Q. Helm former pastor of tbe
M. K. Church at Loup City was in
town Friday.
Did you bear about it? Joe
O'Bryao at the boiling alley? He
tried to make a ramps.
A bouncing baby boy i9 reported
to have made its appearance at tbe
borne of J. Q. Fray ibis week.
If you have never tried the brand
of flour sold by Frank Dennis, at the
north side feed store you should
do so. It is tbe best.
When you want a good carriage
or wagon grease, go to W. S. Owen’s
harness store and get it. Kvery box
guaranteed as represented.
Thos Dillon was in the city Tuea
day. He has purchased a new lis
ter and is going to put in a nice lot
of corn this season.
Odendabl Bros have had thechim
ney to theii drug store rebuilt. It
was demolished during the high
winds a few weeks ago.
J. S. Pedler, went to Grand Island
Tuesday to attend the meeting of the
Grand Chapter of the Eastern Star,
which convened there on that date.
Mrs. C. J. Odendabl and daugh
ter Ernie, also Mrs. Thomas Inks
and others attended the meeting of
the Grand Chapttr, Eastern Star at
Grand Island Tuesday.
Eev. G. C. Porter announces that
thare will be services Sunday, May
lltb. as follows: At Austin, 11 a. m.
at Rockville, 2:30 p. m. and at Loup
City in the German Evangelical
charcb, at 8:00 p. m.
I will sell what I have left in the
line of farm maahinery consisting of
one bay rake, used one season, one
two row Kiriin corn cultivator, in
use one season, also a spring wagon.
If you need anything in this line
call on L. G. Fisher at the North
wistzrn office.
Mrs. W. U. Conger, received the
sad intelligence of the death of Mr.
George Bickford which oocurred at
his home, New Durham N. H. April,
24th. 1902 after a abort illness, of
pneamonia. We remember Mr.
Bickford when but a few years ago
hs was classed among the best citi
zens of Sherman county, and we
deeply regret to hear of his death.
C. E. Ebrman, the forman of the
Nebraska Telephone company has
been very busy with his men put
ting np the polls and making con
nections for the loeal phones. He
informs us that they will be nearly
through with the outside work this
week, but that it will take another
week to put in the phone boxes.
There will be about 35 phones placed
in town at present.
At the villege board meeting last
Tuesday A. M. Bennett was appoint
ed in place of T. S. Nightingale re
signed. E. S. Hayhurst was re elect
ed chairman, W. J. Fisher, clerk.
Jas. Burnett street commissioner,
Harry Jenner water commissioner
and W. G. Odei dabl, treasurer.
Licenses for a saloon were issued to
Henry Eisner and to. C- Mulick.
if the fellow who threw a dead
cat in the back yard of the Norra
wistkrn otlice will call on us and
let himself be known, we will dis
cuss, the "Real Issue" with him.
And now since we come to think of
if, wo hereby give notice that, the
aforesaid back yard is no garbage
dump, and by the jumping jim
joyhansom, if we catch anyone roll
ing a tin can down the alley with a
curve that lands it on our premises
ws will advertise the brute and make
the offender pay ' the costs of ad
Trunks, viHues, shawl strsps,
satchel handles, kept at W. 8. Owen's
harness store
We sell all kinds of ground feed
at Dennis.
Dr Seymour the eye specialtlst In
Grand Island dune 5th.
Beat flour on the market at
Mrs. E E. Ditto is having her
residence painted.
Willis Waite was doing business
in the city Friday.
H. M. Mathew and Louis Rein
drove over to Litchfield Friday.
J. Cole of Ashton purchased a
load of seed corn of A. L. Baillie
this week.
Two good yooog calves for sale a
week old cow. Call at this office if
you want them.
Mr. Bowman brought a stock of
alfalfa to this office that measured
23 incbei. in height.
Mr. and Mrs. Thad Scott and
three children from Aurora have
been visiting with his parents hare
this week.
No. 52 passinger train, B. and M.
going east now leaves Loup City at
7:45 A. M. instead of 8:05.
Henry Dolling is closing out his
entire stock of shoes at ten per.
cent discount. Now is jour time
to buy foot ware.
Simpson Criss and wife are here
from Spaulding, Greely County, vis
iting relatives. Mr. Criss came in
to see us Wednesday.
This country received a glorious
rain Monday, there being just one
inch of water fell, and in conse
quence the ground is thoroughly
soaked again.
E, A. Smith is building an addi
tion to his bouse. It will be 12 by
20 in size and when completed will
make him a pretty dwelliug.
Mother, ve# one package makes two
quarts of baby medicine. See directions
There Is nothing Jnst as good for babies
and children as Rocky Mountain Tea.
>5cts.-odendahl Bros
Mrs. B. F. Bunnell, of Burwell,
Neb. and cousin of Geo. E. and 0.
Benschoter is visiting in the city,
haviog arrived on last evenings
Bev. Mathews and wife of West
erville made this office a very pleas
ant oall last Thursday while in the
city visiting friends. We are pleased
to see them looking so well.
We learn that the 80 acre field of
alfalfa of Carsten Truelsen was com
pletely eat down by the so called
army worms, aad as it was just
newly sown this spring it is doubtful
if it ever comes on again.
Rev. G. C. Porter, the Presbyter
ian minister who was on this
charge last fall, but who has been
attehding college at Chicago during
the past winter months, was in the
city Monday. We uuderstadd that
he will take up his residence here
shortly and continue his work.
For seed Cane, Millet and
Sweet corn call on T. M. Heed.
E. A. Draper is plastering the new
addition for ti. II. Gibson this week.
He has just completed a job plast
ering the large two story house of
Chan True, in Lee Park, and also
the new farm house of II. D. Hend
rickson. Ed. seems to be spreading
mud pretty lively now days.
Miss. Saidee Whitman will close
her achool in Lone Kim school dis
trict, No 11, in Sherman county,
with commencement exercises in
which four of her pupils will grad
uate and receive diplomas. The
lJ rad nates are: Mae Lloyd, Victor
Lowrey, Maurice Lowrey, and Roy
Headrick. This office printed a
pretty set of commencement cards
for the occasion.
The bolliDg alley has commenced
operation aDd the game is receiving
considerable attention. Some com
plaint is made about the noise it
creates but it may be that they will
get used to it iu time. The score
card of the commencement exercises
at this place of resort appears in
another column:
There is mu»ic la the alley
When the balls are onward rolling.
As they go to make a tally,
Aod the people ere all boiling.
If by chance a great big fellow.
Strains hit nerve* and rents hie pants,
A« he tries the ball to mellow.
Hits the pias and makes a ramps.
Then it is that he's uneasy.
Of the rent, h* has a fear,
As he feels It cool and breezy
In the region of the rear.
Mr. Andrew J. Keller was burn on
tha 18rh day of April, in Mansfield,
Ohm and died 14 mi e« eolith east «.f
Loup City. N»'t>. April »4tb, 1!M>2 aged
82 yesr* »nd li day*. When Mr Kellar
whs four years old he iimved fioui Ohio
to the stale of Indiana. « here lie made
bis home with Ills Uoele until In* read •
ed the age of 13 years At Ibis early
age hr* began manfully to battle with
the problems rf life for himself
Young as he was he decided that < very
tnan ought to learn a trade and having
a natural liking for tools he learned
the carpenters trade Later in lit tie
b‘came au engineer. When be was 20
yeara of age he went west and began
active life on the raw prairies of Ka s
as. At Kansas City he helped to make
the flrat ballot box ever used there.
Mr. Keller was not a man who estimat
ed lightly the thoughts of a religious
nature, and there on those wide western
prairies he helped to organize a Sunday
School and gave 810 00 to put the or
ganization on a safe foundation. The
pastor of the little organization, as a
token of his love and esteem, gave him a
small bible which he carried all his life
and read till it fell to pieces with
age and use.
He was a member of the F’resbyter
ian church Ou the 18th. day of Au
gust 1881, he eniiated in the army as a
volunteer to serve three years Here
he proved himself a good soldier, ser v
ing his country nobly for threp years
three months and nine days. Ho was
In forty-three engnagements, among
which were the tierce battles of Shilo,
Gettysburg and Lookout Mountain.
At Shilo he was badly wounded in the
right leg. He was honorably discharg
ed by expiration of time September
24th. 1854.
He wu married at Logan s Host,
Indian*, June 5th, 1873. .Soon after
he was married he moved to Illinois
Inquoi*, Co., where he lived until 1*82
He moved to, Butler Co. Nebraska in
188>, here he lived only one year and
then moved to Howard Co. In 1000 he
moved to Sherman County, where he
has ever since resided. He leaves a
wife and three children to mourn his
loss. Mrs. It. M. Hanes, Mr. W. H.
Keller, and Arthur E Keller. In the
death of our brother the wife, has lost
a good husband, the children a good
father and the country a good citizeD.
We desire to express our sincere
thanks to the many kind friends who
sympathized with and assisted us
in the sickness ar.d death of our
beloved husband and father. Especi
ally do we wish to thank those
who contributed the lovely flowers.
Mrs. A. Keller.
Mrs. R. M. Hanks.
W. H. Keller.
Arthur E Keller.
A fire in the east end of town at
the reside nee of A. Eriziu, caused
no little excitement last Friday ami
the sound of the fite bell brought
out the fire department in double
quick time. A pile of rubish was
fired the evening before, but which
was supposed to be all out, sprang
up anew and threatened distraction
to the barn near by. It was extin
guished without damage.
There will be a joint discussion
between all the fraternal lodges of
this city, at Pilger's opera house, on
the evening of May 21st., the ob
ject being to have two speakers from
each organization to represent the
merits «f the order. All the best
speakers of the different organiza
tions have already beeo selected for
the occasion and the committee is
busy arranging a progiamme that
will interest you. All are cordially
invited. Come out and eDjoy a
grand good time.
•"I hare U9ed DeWltt,» Little Early Kis
era for constipation and torpid liver and
they are all right. I am glad to endorse
them tor I think when we And a good
thing we ought to let others know It,”
writes Alfred Helnze. qulncy, III., They
never gripe or distress. Sure safe pills.
Odtndabl Bros.
Those who wish to meet l)r. Seymour
at the Koehler hotel in grand Island.
Tuesday June 5th. may by writing him
at once at Lincoln Nebr. secure a spe
cial appointment card which will give
them the privilege of meeting him
without charge for consultation.
One fare for the round trip to Harris
burg, I’a , May 14 to 11).
Return limit June 30th.
Tickets good via Chicago or St L mis.
A g eat opportunity to visit the East.
H«lf rates from Harrisburg to points
In Pennsylvania, Maryland and I)is
trlctof Columbia, May 21 to 24’h.
Ask tlie Burlington agen'.
“I ive years ago a disease tlie doctors
called dispepsla took sucn hold of me that I
could scarcely go.’- writes George 8. Mars]],
well known attorney of Nocona. Tex.
"I took quantities of pepsin and other
medicines but nothing helped me. Asa
drowning man grabs at a straw I grabbed
at. Kadol. tfelian improvement at once
and after a few bottles am sound and well."
Kodol Is I he only preparation wluchexactly
reproduces the natural digestive Juices and
consequently is the only one which digests
any good food and cuics any form ol stom
ach trouble, OdeudahI Bros,
A Bellows
when you get home
and blow the dirt and flies and
foreign substances out of it. Then
open a package of
Lion Coffee
See how clean and fresh it looks
and note its rich aroma.
Th» Mated package insure* uniform quality.
Dr. \V. I. Sevrnour the w» 11 known
optician will be In Grand Island Thurs
dav. .Tune flth at the Knohler Hotel.
The doctors, will positively be there
in person, and extends a special invi*
taiion to those wishing to see him re
garding their eyes or ears, to meet him
there at that time. Remember one
day 01 ly.
One half rate* to Omaha and return
May 21, 22 and 22 via Burlington
Route. State Encampment G .A. B
A.-k the nearest agent. Burlington
Now that the storm season is here
and there will he much danger from
Listening, you should think about
Lightening Rods. If you have none,
or vonr old oner arp out of repair, b't
ter write to “Nebraska'- resident deal
ct" W. E. Drake, Grand Island Nebr ,
who does an honest business and is fast
reclaiming the fallen reputation of this
line of work, which has suffen d much
by the abuse of unprn :iplcd traveling
“fakirs.” who have greatly abused the
grand discovery of Franklin. Read his
advertisruenc elsewhere in this paper
Art* you Interestod in the Big Horn
Basin of Wyoming? It’s a rich bu
undeveloped portion of Northwestern
Wyoming. It coutatns marvellous open
ings for tmall ranches along good
streams in the valley s, w ith one mil
lion acres of government land open for
settlement under the United States land
The Burlington Route has just pub
lished a folder descriptive of the Big
Horn Basin. It i( illustrated and con
tains an accurate map. It tells about
the lav of the land, ch iracter of the
soil, products, yield, irrigation and
If you're interested, better write for
a copy. It is free
J. Francis.
General Passenger Agent,
Omaha, Nebraska.
Drs W. I. Seymour & Williams the
eye and ear specialists will be in Grand
Island, June utb.
Go to Frank Dennis when
you want the very best grade
of flour.
Mrs. Laura. S. Webb,
VlfP-l’rMlilHil Wonian'. Demo*
rrstio Club. of Xortli**rn Oiifo.
“I dreaded the change of life which
was fast approaching. I noticed Wine
of Cardui, and decided to try a bot
tlk. I experienced some relief the
first month, so I kept on taking it for
three months and now I menstruate
with no pain and I shall take it off and
on now until I have passed the climax.”
Female weakness, disordered
menses, falling of the womb and
ovarian troubles do not wear off.
They follow a woman to the change
of life. Do not wait but take Wine
of Cardui now and avoid thetrou
Lle. Wine of Cardui never fails
to benefit a suffering woman of
any age. Wine of Cardui relieved
Mrs. Webb when she was in dan
ger. When you come to the change
of life Mrs. Webb’s letter will
mean more to you than it does
now. But you may now avoid the
suffering she endured. Druggists
sell $1 bottles of Wine of Cardui.
Baking Powder
Makes the bread
more healthful.
Safeguards the food
against alum*
Alum baking powders are the greatest
men ace rs to health of the present day.
U Peats & 69/s
These famous patterns are handsomer
and better made than those of any
pother manufacturer. They consist of all
'grades from the most inexpensive Kitchen
and Bed Room papers to the choicest Halls,
Dining Rooms and Parlors, representing a
stock of over 3,000,000 rolls.
Don't buy old shop worn goods when
on any one of our (500 patterns manufactur
ed expressly for the spring of 1902.
MRS. A. J. KEARNS, Agt. ||
will stand at my farm, one and one-half miles north of
Loup City during the season of HK)2 He sure and see
me before you breed. I have just# what you are looking
for, a good, heavy thoroughbred and my prices are reasona
Will stand at the Round Front livery
barn, Loup City, Neb., during the season
of 1902.
This is ai Imported Reiistereiorse.
Farmers see this Horse before breeding.
0. Gnnnersoa and A. L. Zimmerman, Owners.
“The Overland Limited”—Electric Lighted—
contains a novel feature, absolutely new to
railroad travel.
Telephone connections are provided at terminal sta
tions and are available for use of paesiogcra three-quar
ters of an hour prior to departure.
This famous train reaches Salt Lake City 12
hours and San Francisco 1(3 hours a head of
all competitors.
If >ou contemplate a trip to any western point, the
Uuion Pacific offers you the highest, degree of comfort
and luxury with no additional cost and tt great saving
of time and expense.
Fall information cheerfully furnished on application to
J. 11. Clifton, Agent.
Take l.nxatlvn Itroino Quinine Taplcts.
All druggists refund the money if It falls to
cure. M W. Grove’s signature Ison each
box. 25c
DRESS MAKING. I will do dress
making and sewing at my residence and
w‘ll guarantee good work at reasonable
prices. I (you wish any work done in
this line call at residence in east part
of town Mits. T. M Reed
If you want a good
food foryourchild
ren, try Wheatose.
It is easily and
quickly prepared,
and very healthful.
Follow cooking
directions to get
the full benefit.
Ail reliable grocers
have it.
California Breakfast Food
Notloe is hereby Riven that C. J. Odendahl
and W. G. Odendahl, partners and doing
business under the firm name and style of
Odendahl lirothcrs, did on the 9th day of
May, 1902, file their petition and applica
tion for a permit to sell liquor for medical,
mechanical and chemical purposes in the
villcge of Loup City, Neb for the ensuing year,
to wit: From the First Tuesday in May, 19 it
to the First Tuesday iu May, 19 ill iu 12 M. All
persons objecting thereto will file same on or
before the inth.du.v of May. 1902. Dated this
9th. day of May. 1902.
.1 Oprndaiil, i .
W. G.Ouknbaiii. i Applicants.
Attest: W. J. Fi.shkk, Clerk.
Best Dray Line,
Quickest Time.
My iee will bo delivered to any part
of the city free. The ice bongo will l>e
opened but once a day, and that will
be from 4 to 8 o'clock, a m.
All kinds of hauling will be given prompt
attention anil will make a specialty of
moving household good. We solicit your