The Loup City northwestern. (Loup City, Neb.) 189?-1917, July 20, 1900, Image 8

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China is dn absolute monarchy, but
the emperor spends his life inside the
sealed walls of the Forbidden City, and
not one Chinaman in a hundred thou
sand ever looks upon the imperial face.
Again, in spite of the absolute char
acter of the monarchy, there is, ac
cording to the Chinese law', a body
called the Tu-ch-a-yuen, or board of
•public censors, which is independent
of the supreme government and, theo
retically at least, higher in authority.
Theoretically, again, the supreme di
rection of the affairs of the empire is
vested In the Chun Chi Ch’u, other
wise known as the privy or grand
council. The practical administra
tion of the laws is under the charge
of the Nel-ko, or cabinet, a body which
consists of four members, two China
men and two Tartars, with the assist
ance of two members of the Great Col
lege of Confucius, whose duty It is to
see that nothing Is done by the cab
inet which is not in strict accordance
with the sacred books. Under the
cabinet, again, are seven boards of
administrators, each of which Is pre
sided over by a Chinaman and a Tartar
Jointly. These boards have the work
of government divided among them as
follows: 1. The board of civil ap
pointments, which lias charge of all
the civil officers in the empire. 2. The
board of revenues, which has charge of
all financial matters. 3. The board of
Tites and ceremonies, which has charge
of enforcing the laws and customs of
the empire. 4. The military board. 5.
The board of public works. 6. The
board of criminal jurisdiction. 7. The
admiralty board, which makes its head
quarters at Tien Tsln. Equal in au
thority with these Is the board of for
eign affairs, or Tsung-li-Yamen, which
treasurer, the subeommlssloner, and
the literary chancellor. Each province
U divided Into departments, ruled by
prefects, and each department into dis
tricts, with a district ruler over each.
Each town and village has also Its
separate government, with a complete
get of officials, so that the officeholding
class In Chlua is large and extremely
The gradations of rank among
Chinese officials are clearly defined,
and each man Is directly responsible
only to his Immediate superior. Thus
the village governor reports to the dis
trict ruler, and he In turn to the gov
ernor of the department. The de
partmental governor reports to the
governor general of the province, who
may remove him at will or even cut
of his head. The whole administra
tion. therefore, hinges on the eighteen
provincial governor generals, or vice
roys, and those positions are In the
greatest demand. A village official
who wishes to keep his place finds It a
good plan to make large gifts to the
district ruler, and therefore levies large
taxes on the people. The district rul
er finds it good policy to hand over
most of whnt he gets in this way to the
departmental chief, and the latter pass
es it on to the governor general of the
province. To be appointed governor
general of a Chinese province is there
fore equivalent to a gift of a large
fortune, the amount depending only on
the avarice of the viceroy In power. A
wise Chinaman greatly prefers to serve
his country as a provincial governor
general or viceroy than as member of
the grand or privy council, the 'per
quisites'' of which positions are small.
This form of administration makes It
clear why the body of Chinese officials
. >—■ - I ri
with the conviction that we are right,
and that those who oppose us aro
wrong? When Washington stepped
forth at Yorktown to receive-’’
But no matter. The hall was empty
when he wiped his brow and sat down,
two hours and twenty minues later.
‘Prince Chin
Prince Thing, leader of the counter
revolution in North China, and poli
tical rival of the monstrous Prince Tu
nn, is now looked upon as the hope of
the foreigners in Peking, or of such of
them as have survived the atrocities of
tho Boxers. He is a great and pow
Y . '
erful prince, and seems to be a friend
of the whites. He is now in Peking at
the head of the Mauchu garrison in
that city. These forces number about
10,000, and numerous Chinese are flock
ing to the standard of the new leader.
Ching is the uncle of the late em
peror, Tsal-Tien, who was the poisoned
the other day by the order of Tuan.
He Is the greatuncle of the heir ap
parent, who was chosen last winter by
the empress dowager. He was presi
dent of the tsung-ll-yamen before the
government was sundered by the revolt
of Tuan and his followers.
A Trust Solution.
The manufacture of binding twine
by the inmates of the Kansas peni
tentiary, it is said, has been a success.
In Kansas, as in other states, the
trades unions were opposed to the em
ployment of the convicts in labor that
would come into competition with that
outside of the prison walls. Yet it
has as members all the members of the
grand or privy council.
As for the mysterious emperor, he
spends his life la the Forbidden City,
Into the central portion of which no
man may enter. There he lives, sur
rounded by the members of his harem
and by the enormous number of from
8,000 to 10,000 slaves. Massive wails
and the even more formidable barriers _
of Oriental etiquette shut him off en- ’
tlrely from the rest of the world. When
on rare occasions ho goes out to wor
ship at one of tlio temples or to visit
■one of the palaces In the vicinity the
streets along which lie and his retinue
will pass are cleared and freshly paved,
while the houses and other buildings
along the line are barricaded and the
fronts covered with huge mats, so that
no vulgar eye may look upon the great
lord of the sun as ho is carried along
In a magnificent solan chair. Only 1
once In a number of years, when the
emperor goes out Into the country,
where It is practically Impossible to
barricade all the roads, docs the aver
age Chluaiuan have an opportunity to
get even a glimpse of bis Imperial
There Is no law of hereditary sue
cession to the t'hlnexe throne. It being
left to each emperor to appoint hi* own
successor ftom among the younger
generation of the imperial family. A*
the emperor commonly ha* a number o'
wlvea anti children the prarit . open*
opportunity tor an endle»* amount of
intrigue and chicanery The manner
in which the present emperor.
Tsalt ten came to the throne I* au e»
ample la point
The whole fhlneee empire I* divided
into eighteen province* each ruled by
a governor general wtm t# rea^rnaUde
directly l*> th“ emperor far the enure
nd ml u lair at ion political Judicial, mill'
UP' and flnaa. tat llatfb governor
general in aaaieted by n <oun> It and by
n number of minor odi.iaU, ao*h aa the
Is the most corrupt anti unscrupulous
In the world.
The Spellbinder.
"Fellow cltteens," be said, "I don’t
intend to keep you long (Cheers. |
I have only a lew words to add to
1 hose that have already hoen sold
(Cries of "Hurrah“‘l I know you du
not care to listen to say futther
spec, {making alter the el<N)it* nr<t that
y**u have htard h« re this svetting.
I Tremendous applause ) You are tired
I (Cheers and crlts t f 'Ctemd**' tM"‘|
It Is unnecessary for me to go bark
over the glorious history of our party
I Knthoslaatlr outburst las tug eleven
minutes ) I will n«>t weery you with
a repetition of the argoiuetiis that you
have heard before (Hits leaved ta
the air. hand kerchief« guttered ant
wild yelta frttnt all parts of th* hail |
Hot. my fellow rlttten* the priyclplve
fur shltk we are Aghttag today are
those for which >«sr fathers » ».ghi he
fu»e them Wh** atm mg we see calmly
analyte this mallet without arising
was realized that the life of Idleness
led by the unemployed prisoners was of
advantage neither to the state nor to
the men themselves, and In fart work
ed serious harm to both. The Idea
was hit upon of employing them In the
manufacture of b ding twine, that In
dustry Iwing In the grasp of a trust
that charged the farmers of Kansas es
orhitant price* fur the nr essary arti
At the beginning the twine was put
on the market at three cents a pound
below the trust price, and lh*n both
sides cut their prices until the K him*
fa.met« •*«r i Ht« cents a pound
MMu*i Im Sue
luuil Mtarr Jordan due* not think
that a college training unRts a w unau
fur Ih* severer discipline nad bumbler
diii ic* of matrlm my and k* mu Iks I
tke half » lu au»4 woman It m
more Ranger* and is more susceptible
lo I bo ’'higher fouitshaee* ibaa la bet
,'-.r b* I * n ed till Ml • bl till*
l lo».
fd-H-;. ■X~:-VV‘H-4“K~X* -Wf
The Alabama miners have decided
not to strike.
France is going to send two more
cruisers to China.
The Oregon cannot be repaired at
Port Arthur. The dock is too small.
An electric car at Webster. Mass. A
steep grade. Three men fatally hurt.
The social democrats of Connecticut
named their state officers at New Ha^
Hamilton Smith, a well known Now
York mine operator, died at Durham,
N. H.
The Christian Endeavorers were
late in getting started from New
General Jamont has passed up his
Job as inspector general of the French
Charles Higgins, assistant general
passenger agent of the Santa Fe road,
is dead.
The Coal Exchange store at Scran
ton, Pa., went up in smoke. Loss,
The Arlon* of Brooklyn won the
Kaiser Wilhelm prize in the Brooklyn
The British are running tip against
heavy roads in the march to the relief
of Kuniassi.
The Burlington is going to extend
Its road west from Guernsey Into the
Mormon state.
A Cincinnati electric car whirled
around a bend and jumped the track.
One man was killed.
Ignatius Comlskey, brother of Char
ley Comiskey, the famous baseball
man, died in Chicago.
A couple of frleght trains mixed up
at Medicine Bow, Wyo., anil consid
erable damage was done.
Fire destroyed the rag mill of the
Plover Paper company at Stevens'
Point, Wis.. Loss, $75,000.
Rear Admiral Barker has been
elected to fill the Job left vacant by
the demise of Rear Admiral Philip.
Kid Broad was given his fight with
Dave Sullivan of Ireland, at the Sea
side Athletic club, Sullivan fouled.
The Pennsylvania railroad has pur
chased the Allegheny Valley and the
Western New York & Pennsylvania
The branch factory of the Stand
ard Wheel company was nearly totally
destroyed by fire at Sandusky, O. Loss
lioo, doo.
At Anniston, Ala., Hon. John L.
Ppnnington, ex-governor of Dakota,
editor of the Alabama Home, died at
the age of 75.
The lone robber is becoming popu
lar. The passengers on the Burling
ton near Billings were relieved of
considerable coin by oner
Puddlers to the number of 200, em
ployed at Moorhead’s plate mill
Sharpsburg, Pa„ struck against a re
duction of 20 per cent in wages.
At Calico, Ark., an entire family of
nine persons, named Fink, have died
from eating toadstools, under the im.
pression that they were mushrooms.
New Orleans has gone exposition
mad. They are planning an Inter
oceanic exposition to be held on the
completion of the Nicarauguan canal.
George Schoenig and William Grab
were killed and Fred Frige probably
fatally injured by a Baltimore & Ohio
train which struck their buggy at Co
lumbia, 111.
Harry C. McGowan of Louisville,
Kv., a noted trainer of trotting horses,
was run over and killed by a street
car while returning from the races at
Terre Haute.
At San Francisco, Henry D. Cog*
well died aged 80 years. He was the
founder of the Polytechnic College in
that city, and was an ardent prohi
bitionist and philanthropist.
Three more bodies were recovered
Monday from the wreck of the steamer
Saale. This makes 148 corpses thus
far recovered of victims of the North
German Lloyd pier fire at Hoboken.
The Chicago Democrat, formerly the
Dispatch, an afternoon paper, found
ed in 1892, has suspended the publi
cation of its daily edition, and will
be continued as a weekly. Lack of
patronage causes the discontinuance
of the daily.
cnruies ito-ttnisn, ice Famous corse
breeder, is dead.
The secretary of the Interior has
appointed J. B. Mclntire. of Kalispell.
Mont.; James H McNeeley, of Kvnns
ville. Ind., and 0. H. Hoyt, of Beat
rice, Neb., commissioners to deal with
the Crow, Flathead and other iudiuns
under the act of June »!, 19ou.
The Washington statue bad been
unveiled In Paris.
James H. Hoffman, president of the
Hebrew Technical Institute, trustee
of the Baron Be Ulrich fund, and for
more than thirty five years prominent
In Hebrew iharltlcs in the I nited
States, is dead, at New York, aged 67.
(ieneral Wood has sent tn a Jong
list of deaths from yellow fever.
At Joliet, 111., the converter and bil
let mills of the Illinois Steel company
resumed and nearly a thousand men
were put to work The Amalgamated
*• ale has not been signed, but the in
dilations are that a speedy settle
ment will lie effected.
Nathan Baker killed his daughter,
Bessie by cutting her throat and then
shot himself dead at Itlchmotut, Bid
I nited Stall* Commissioner (ieneral
Pi ck gave the la *t of hi* functions at
I'nrl*. a dinner to the jurors. Over
100 people sat down to the banquet lu
the I titled States national pavilion
Sir Thou a* Parrel, the famous
*• i» Ip tor, died at iHibitn.
In the KtigiUh house of lords ths
fosernuirut was defeated. (J to W, on
t iioonoi of YtM’iunt Templeton (eon
tervatlval to appoint a royal rotunda
ilon t.» consider the claims of Irish
land'iiids for mnipen-ution for iniurte*
suffered by legislation aim* [wl,
The Amerhsn Sugar HeAuIng com
i»anv has advanced all grates iif iv
Abrd sugars ten points
F H Cossltt. found.-r of l.s lira age
III, aae af ths best known men In
that •* lion isnniitei suicide by
shooting lie was art years old, and
laspon tent from i *ag tineas.
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