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    Hoy arc the children this spring? Com- I
k plaining a good deal of headache, can’t I
study as yell as usual, easily fall asleep, I
and are tired all the time? And I
>how is it with yourself ? Is your I
strength slipping away? Do you I
tremble easily, are your nerves all Q
rf unstrung, do you feel dull and sleepy,
and have you lost all ambition?
^ Spring Poisoning
Nearly ever)- cne needs a good spring medicine; a medi
cine th.t v. ill remove impurities from the system, strengthen
the digestion,- md bring back the old force and vigor to the
nerves. 9 A perfect Sarsaparilla is just such a medicine; a
Sarsaparilla that contains the choicest and most valuable in
gredients; a Sarsaparilla accurately and carefully made, and
one that experience has shown is perfect in every wav.
Thai’s AYERS
^Thc on;\ Sarsaparilla made under the personal supervision of three graduates: a
graduate in pharmacy, a graduate in chemistry, and a graduate in medicine.”
Jl-CO £ Lottie. AD drvggisLs.
that A*•«**'* Sarsaparilla ®nd Till* have *av.d irrv life hv taV.r.p *.hern e-ve^v fall ai d H
I rpu . I live kr pi titca. ii. tlit t.bu« lor ike tarei.ty vcAii."— l-\ a Is. Hart, buffalo. Is. Y„ March ^9, iqoo.
- . ** * v..i: *• £ta- fc For «tar Ling fine linen U£e Magnetic
tr? it bob iuu mill itwa mm bo other. Ftarch.
—““ SoDt people *eeni to have a genias
i - **•..■* T^_ r_. r ,r ^inf !*bt tiling in the wrong
. «>H> _ T r t t I tyt W2t«r. may.
I -rr. *ure T\*o *Cfcre ter (VnvuirptioB mv«I
Dcycmy^^ > ^ r T* ■ _r»* .ir* kjto Mrv 1 Hot* K bhi>*
I wR31 UR3 DOUBLE QUICK x*p‘*Slr*rt x Y Fct> “•m
• m* w*et O f «MOi. iwm* A(Mt f1 r. t ft rget it* dose doors behind
•*. *♦» *»fl t.rtiyc Vt **myjlys U- C- ’-Oil
Examine the Package! j
e ’ : ■ ' '.:-.c.!.cr2 c! •• Baker's J
c h»H.oklr ' |
" er _r- ' «• err.rt: to aecetve
—' - -er ;. * *_ purchase
- ‘ ■ ■ ' - *• * ’ - * _ t .. ; v :th
*” ♦ : .. - . a. I
-La Belie Choeolatiere” :
• _ L«v.n.
' “• re: ' *• i" .e r.rase let
e - ' r .• ycu :n —e way cf 1
.. 1
*" ' ;a;«r 1
\AAlTLk f'<AkFk St CO. Limited. Dorchester. Mass. |
The4 New York
“of?3Ston Limited”
( Lifer ti«e April 190U )
I-' ST. Lons.00 A.M.
L% . PE< 'K1A .7: A. M.
Ar. CUU MBCS. O .8: 10 P. M.
Ar. CLF VEI.AXD, O.9 ^ p. M.
At. \ idKK.2 : 55 P. If.
At. POr*TO\.4 : p. m
still Raves St. Louie at Noon.
Ask Urn Tickets via
Big Four Route.
C. L- nULEACV. S** - *•* r fw Aft. m AMtCN 4. LVNCtl. GrnT ISu» Agi..
IK Uau*. Cincinnati.
of Northern Illinois. Wisconsin, Min
nesota and Michigan, there are hun
dreds of the most charming Summer
Resorts awaiting the arrival of thou
sands of tourists from the South and
Among the list of near by places
are Fox Lake. I)elavan. Lauderdale.
Waukesha. Ocor.omowoc. Palmyra.
The Dells at Xilbourn. Elkhart and
Madison, while a httle further off are
Minocqua. Star I.ake, Fronteuac,
White Bear, Minnetonka and Mar
quette on Lake Superior.
For pamphlet of “Summer Homes
for 1900.” or for copy of our hand
somely illustrated Summer book, en
titled “In The Lake Country.” apply
to nearest ticket agent or address i
with four cents in postage. Geo. H.
Heafford. General Passenger Agent.
Old Colony Building. Chicago. 111.
Where the heart sinks the hand can
not succeed.
Hinder Twine at How Price*.
If to want a special ius*ct*k price on hinder
Tw‘rie either Sinai. Standard or Manila, cut j
i»i- notice out and mail to seaks. Roebuck j
& < o. (Binder Twine Department). Chicago,
-tatitig about how n. . ■ twine you will require
..r i. iimi .1.01 ten w ! /want it. and thev will
.a\e you money by quoting you a price that
w il either -mire your order or compel the
party who you to -ell to you at a lower
price than he otherwise would
Three dangerous courses—the course
of time, the course of true love and the j
race course.
Try Graln-ot Try Grain-*:
Ask your grocer today to show you A
package of GRAIN-0, the new food
drink that takes the piace of coffee.
The children may drink it without in
jury as well as the adult. All who try
it, like it. GRAIN-0 has that rich seal
brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made
from pure grains, and the most delicate
stomach receives it without distress.
One-fourth the price of coffee. 16c.
and 25c per package. Sold by an
Dignity always begins where boast
ing ends.
A Danger in Schoolroom! and How to
I‘re vent it.
Owing to the gathering of so many
different classes of persons therein,
the interior walls of churches, school
houses. hospitals, etc., are apt to be
come repositories of disease germs un
less preventive measures are taken.
These walls should always be coated
with a clean and pure cement, such
as Alabastine. which is disinfectant in
its nature and more convenient to re
new and retint than any other wall
coating. The first cost is no greater
than for inferior work, w'hile re
newals are more easily and cheaply
nit you take up your
home- in Western Can
aria the land of plenty
Illustrated pamphlets,
giving enpenences of
farmers wno have be
come wealthy in grow
ing wheat, reports of
delegates. etc., and full
mrormano'. a- t < reduced railway rale* can be
had on application to the /Superintendent of
In.migration. Department of ln orior. Ottawa,
f nnada or to M V. Bennett, (Mil N*w York
Idle ISidg. Omaha, Neb.
W. N. Li.—OMAHA. No. 21 — iqoo
4b l~ mutual Number of the Article*
Lost wnd Sought.
Twice in the last week Chicago has
oeen startled by advertisements for
lost garters. This breaks all known
records for one week. Now and then
a vagrant “lost” ad. setting forth that
a garter which was once the secret
pride and boast of some fair one has
slipped its moorings and fallen into
profane hands and that a suitable re
ward will be given for its return. But
two in one week seems to be excessive.
There must be something the matter.
It is not a question of locality, for the
first garter thrust upon the public no
tice traveled south side streets and
boulevards in its proper station in life
and it was on the south side that it
burst all bounds and started forth into
the world alone, without its mate.
The latest claimant for public atten
tion in that line formerly resided on
Tower place, away over on the north
side. The latter one had something
of a bulge on its predecessor, inas
much as it boasted a gold buckle that
the lady owner is particularly anxious
to recover. For the garter per se she
cares not one whit. But gold buckles
do not grow on every bush, not even
on Tower place, and therefore the lady
is anxious that the honest person w ho
picked up the gold buckle should waive
all sentimental considerations and re
turn it. Why are garters dropping
right and left at this season of the
year? Is it superinduced by a falling
off in embonpoint on the part of the
fair wrearers of the ornaments or is a
trust manufacturing the elastic and
making it of such an inferior material
that the very necessary articles are
easily lost? These questions positively
shriek for a solution. At the same time
it might be remarked, honi soit qui mal
y pense. This remark, in fact, should
have been made at the outset, but it
is never too late to say it. Why should
garters ha\e gold buckles? And why
should this be open season for garters^
Once more, honi soit qui mal y pense.—
Chicago Chronicle.
Temper May Itt-gin by "Staixliug l p tor
An exchange has lately published a«
article on "The Girl with a Temrrr.”
whic h contains some excellent ad rice
and will bear repetition. "When a
daughter not only begins to show de
cided signs of temper, but is inclined
to boast that ‘1 am not one of your
nambly-pambly girls, who < annot stand
up for her rights.* it is time to convince
her of her folly, or she will reap last
ing discomfort later. If the woman
with an unrestrained temper is young
and beautiful, much may be forgiven
her. In her amiable moments she is
so charming that the words uttered in
her unreasonable anger are almost for
gotten. and the chances are that she
will plunge some man into life ong mis.
ery, because the habit of tempestotis
fits, if not firmly checked in time, will
strengthen with the years. If the wo
man with a temper be plain in person
she will render life very dreadful for
herself, but not necessarily so for
many other people. Her relations and
friends will learn in time to shut her
out from their intimate counsels—to
form a life for themselves toward
whose outer circle she will recede by
degrees, and in the end will stand
alone. The woman with a temper is
seldom well educated. She has not the
concentration and calm of mind which
lead to the acquisition of knowledge.
She may possess a share of aecompusn
ments. may be a little musical, a little
. . i
artistic, may pass muster among the
superficial, but the chances are against
her possessing the restful knowledge
that comes of thoroughness. Then be
ware of the girl who boasts of her
‘spirit* if you would later avoid the
companionship of that very undesir
able personage—‘the ‘woman with a
temper.’ ”
The Importance of What He Achieved
in That Country.
The splendor of Wellington's serv
ices in European warfare has to a con
siderable extent obscured the import
ance of what he achieved in India, in
the field and in council; yet this gave
proof of his best qualities, and was
characteristic in the highest degree,
says the Fortnightly Review. He be
came the most prominent and distin
guished soldier in our army in India
ai a grave crisis, when our empire was
endangered in no doubtful sense; his ,
conduct mainly contributed to the suc
cess of our arms. His first essays in
the field were not fortunate; he made
a night attack in the campaign against
Tippoo without reconnoitering. which
naturally failed; he was rather under 3
cloud at the siege of Seringapatam.
But his administrative power and his :
faculty of command were seen in his
direction of the Nizam's army; and he
was rightly appointed to the head of
affairs at Mysore after the conquest
of that kingdom and the death of Tip
poo, though his brother conferred the
appointment upon him. His military
genius, however, was most conspicu
ous and exhibited itself with peculiar
clearness in his great and decisive vic
tory of Assaye.
Ellen Terry'* Colored Walter.
Miss Ellen Terry, writing to one of
the London papers on her Christmas
experience, relates the following: "W’e
played The Merchant of Venice one
Christmas day in America, and 1 gave
‘a pass’ to a nice, kind, old colored
waiter, who attended me at my hotel.
After the play 1 asked him what had
struck him most and would live long
est' in his memory—the pound of
flesh? 'No.’ The running away of
Jessica? No.’ The Jew? No.' What
then? Oh! it certainly pleased me
mightily to see all those lovely ladies
and gentlemen a-bowin’ emselves
down before the colored gentleman!’
He was the Prince of Morocco."—Bos
ton Transcript-.
Barren Field for Stories.
Senator Depew says that the senate j
of the United States is the last place
in the world to get new stories. He
went to Washington with the belief
that an hour or two in the cloak
rooms would supply him with a fund
of fresh and pithy anecdotes, but tba
senate has proven c barren field.
Two of Them Helped br Mrs. Pinkbus
—Read their Letters.
“Dear Mrs. Ptneham:—I am sixteen
years old and am troubled with my
monthly sickness. It is very irregular, !
occurring only once in two or three
months, and also very painful. I also
suffer with cramps aDd once in a while
pain strikes me in the heart and I have
drowsy headaches. If there is anything
you can do for me. I will gladly follow t
your advice.
— Aliss AIary '
Gomes. Aptos,
Cal.. July 31,
“ Dear Alns.
Pinkham: —
After receiv
ing your letter
I began the -
t*se of your reme
dies. taking both
Gyaia E. Pink
ham s \ egetable Com- Xr^L^
pound and Blood Purifier. 1 am now
regular every month and suffer no pain.
Your medicine is the best that any suf
fering girl can take."—Miss Mary
Guilts. Aptos. Cal., July 6. 1899.
Nervous and Dizzy
“Dear Mrs. Pinkuam I wish to
express my thanks to you for the great
benefit I have received from the use of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound. I suffered constantly from ter
rible sideacbe. had chills, was nervous
and dizzy. 1 had tried different kinds
of medicine but they all failed entirely.
After taking three bottles of Vegetable
Compound and three of Blood Purifier I
amall right. 1 cannot thank you enough
for what your remedies have done for
me."—Miss Jensen. Bur 18,
Ogdensburg, Wis., June 10, 1899.
Wholly Home-Muiie.
A man went intc a store in Fair
field. Me., the other day and remark
ed that every thing, excepting bouts,
that he had on. viz., stockings, shirts,
underclothes, outside clothes, and cap |
were spun, woven and made by ms
Don't spend your salary on fine :
Are Ton Cuing Allen’* Foot-E»*e?
It is the only cure for Swollen.
Smarting. Burning. Sweating Feet,
Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's
Foot-Ease, a powder to tie shaken into {
the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoe
Stores. 25c. Sample sent FREE Ad
dress Allen S. Olmsted. LeRoy, N. Y.
England's annual dewtall is equal to
five inches of rain.
A Hook of Choice Recipe*
Pent free by Wa ter Baker A Co. Rvd., i>or< bet-et.
M*m Mention tins r*i>er.
Seventeen per cent of the watchmak
=rs of this country are women. In 1850
all were men.
Try Magnetic Stan h—it will last
ionger than any other.
At Whakarewarewa. New Zealand,
there are geysers, hot springs, boiling
pools, mud volcanoes and waterfalls, i
Magnetic Starch is the very best
laundry starch in the world.
Walking in one s sleep is a peculiar
Mrs. Winning'* Soothing By-up.
For children teething. wifieD* the gums, -**du rer trr
hsuimsiiok ai*ry* (tain.cure* wiinicouc- lie a bottio
In a card game a good deal depends
on good playing—and good plrving de
pends on a good deal.
toagents selliugour household goods. Sell on
Sight. Write C. H. Marshall & Co.. Chicago.
Man soon wearies of the worship of
T*r.srn's H»if. Balsam 1* the favorite for dre*»!ca
the hair and reuc» tut- it* i'te and co.<»r.
lil.SDEKi obns. the best cure tor com*. Hurt*.
Pome men believe in drowning care
in the flowing bowl.
Hair* Catarrh Cure
Is a constitutional cure. Price. 75c
One cup of butter weighs cne-half
Obtain* Injunction in C'a*e Involving
Simulation of labeb.
Brent Good, president of tbe Carter Med
icine Company, yesterday received a tele
gram from his lawyers in Chicago. Messrs
Lowdeu. Estabrook & Davis, informing him
that a final injunction, with costs. Lad been
grauted against tbe Chicago l-alei and Bex
Company. This company makes a specialty
of manufacturing labels, boxes, etc., for
druggists. The Carter Company has be?n
following them through the courts for two
years on the complaint lhat the label com
pany was making simulations of the labels
of Carter's Littie Liver Dills. They have
n >w obtained a final injunction w ith costs,
auel toe costs are very large, as the case has
b en submitted Vo a Master in Chancery for
s final accounting.
The Carter Med.cine Comp any bn* l>een
the first anil only one to prosecute pirmteis
or enslavers who have prepared such lnliels
n».d wrappers. It marks a new departure
in infringement cases, and their victory is
one of gteat imj ortance to the whole ‘'pro
prietary trade,' and also of interest to retail
druggists.—New York Dke*-s. Ma\ U, 11*00.
Two cups cf granulated tugar weigh
one pound.
The Denver & Kiu Grande railroad
has just published a second edition of
RADO.” which gives a concise descrip
tion of the vast area of agricultural,
horticultural and grazing lands located
on its line in the state of Colorado
and the Territory of New Mexico, and
full information as to tne stock inter
ests. the sugar beet industry and farm
ing by irrigation. It is a truthful
representation of the numerous and
wonderful products of the soil in
that portion of the country and is
of especial interest to all who are in
terested in agriculture or kindred pur
Copies of this book will be sent free
on application to S. K. Hooper. G.P.A.,
D. & R. G. R. R , Denver, Colo.,
or any official of the Denver & Rio
Grande railroad.
Your clothes will not .-rack if you
use Magnetic Starch.
Two tablespoonfuls of fluid equal
an ounce.
| 6onie other . 1 , t \ . r.' j If
B trouble is cat:.r h <• ... ^ I
A ■
^.yr01 re.» r>,
1 a*e*. Book of trsOtnonla t- at in luK-|F|I|I ...
IIU. Ilk. II. K. kBUBti M'M. B«, L, >,;aau. ba.
aai.U up loualr <ku:. - Ike . - ("a
l*.re 1 bax«- aora perferf.x i Hard!
Aheirbtuy (O. Ik , -ru a»f»rj!e
ijul'kiy. f.lHMlN-sri vy HI
M Mi. CO., (.ll.atn ia, 1*;..
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
AVegctaUleFrcparalioruorAS- # **
similating the Food andRcgula /
ling the Stomachs and Bowels of BGcLFS til 6 ! I
t* —— Signature /Xu
I PromotesDigeslionrheerlut- / -/ lip
ness and ResfContain? neither _r W Jf * j
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral. OX #S\
Not Narcotic. ^I\|lr
/WU Sead' . 1 Jf |
Mx Sennc * I (A _
RaArlU SaUt- i JO , I
sb£**. I (\ iaV in
/jp T Uqp
Aperfed Remedy forCenslipa I Q* Uww
hon, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea I 1 Ap
Worms.Convulsions .Feverish- 1 lp P. H flirnr
ness and Loss OF SLEEP. I 0 I U V B I
Facsimile Signature cF
at***5r Thirty Years
Causes bilious head-achc, back-ache
and all kinds of body aches. Spring
is here and you want to get this bile
poison out of your system, easily,
naturally and gently. CASCARETS
are just what you want; they never
grip or gripe, but will work gently
while you sleep. Some people think
the more violent the griping the better
the cure. Be careful—take care of
your bowels—salts and pill poisons
leave them weak, and even less able to
keep up regular movements than be
fore. The only safe, gentle inside
Spring cleaner for the bowels are
sweet, fragrant CASCARETS. They
don't force out the foecal matter with
violence, but act as a tonic on the whole 30 feet of bowel wall, strengtnen
the muscles and restore healthy, natural action—buy them and try them.
You will find in an entirely natural way your bowels will be promptly
and permanently put in good order for the Spring and Summer work.
10c. all
25c. 50c. DRUGGISTS
To any needy mortal suffering from bowel troubles and too poor to buy CA SC A RETS we will send a box iitc Address
Sterling Remedy Company, Chicago or New York, mentioning advertisement p>ipcr_ ^