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    Harrison Press -Journal.
APitIL 21. 1904. N O. -43,
Jake Maefcin was in t!w city Saturday.
Frank O't nnor in working for Fred
John Biegle was la from Inn ranch on
business Monday,
Lcv Bros. had their implement build
i.ig aided this week.
'Vterson wis u from I111 ranch '
i . i Monday, i
i ' ". ' '" "am- j
lephew of Mr. J. I.
this city fore part of
Muck, of itudnrv. visited with 1
friends; 111 Hamsun a lew
tif the week.
day lore part
A light "now vis, ted tins section of the
country last rriiuy which mois,eneu up;0)1 .uroun, l( Ml.kne-s h could not come
things a little.
i-l ra Thomas nnd wife were in the city
Ttiesdiv transacting business with Harri
son iiierchnnts.
Editor Mives, of the Lusl; Herald, was
a passenger on the west Isiuud train 1
M01 (1. 1 y morning.
Mike Jordan, w ho has tieee at B'M'iie.
low a, sini-e lnt fall, returned to llarri
aou last Saturday.
Henry Win nek w ns in the city Mon
day. Mr. Wnini'ke ititeiids to j;o to
Colorado In a few clus.
SVr'fT Tiwtv Ins been cnn(ir.i'd to his
rouir the most of this week, the compli
Calicn lieing ervsielas.
A J. B -gart is making some improve,
tiieiiis iiiioiit the pni(rty he recently
invhsed of Frank Wright.
-li rn'on-ement of ih fenc qtittiori
IS working hanUhip on our l;m. hllien in
the Mm tli prt of the county.
'Vn learn that A. J. B igiirt has ji'ir
i'hiisl the Marsteller rjuiirier sHioii of
land which located uu mile north of
II in 1 son.
r M s with an outlil of teams went
up to A. U. K -nnedv's Sioux county
raii'-h .Htt-inUv to put 111 crop. Craw,
fori) it .1 1 It int.
Corwin Lwis riturnil from Iowa
Monday morning. He reports hi sister,
v hose ill heallh called h. 111 there, us be
ing much lietler.
The iiuxt Stat- Sunday School Assoc.
inlionwill he held ut (Jiam) Island on
June 11, 1J ami 1ft. Lvt every county in
tli slut be represented.
Caieuters bav. Us-n busy this week
repairing the south room on the lower
fl lor of th. Andrew s block which Rich
ards & Jones expect to occupy w ith their
stock of drugs.
Mrv ' 'Im's.
have ii' 011 v 1
H bU.lii and bahy, who
l.ng Willi Irieuds and rein-
lives ' m 1 lA
evks, r.-l l.e,.el t
Tiles,!:., Iltoriolit'
lor the past t wo
. Mini: in this city
The si.letvt l'.M'i 1
day w as .4! ,.IU-i.
' l,,',t Th urs.
well it nnghl
Iiave !- eri for i.lu' .is one of the finest
daise have had this spring. Every
thing sold hrougiilu goml price.
Pete Watson, the genial stockmen and
rylf hunter tf Sioox cooiily wai In the
metropolis yesli-iday. Mr. Watson ex
pects to return to Alliance soon, bring
ing a thoroughbred horse which will in
terest bleeders. Alliance lleiald.
On Friday of last week I) W, llaiiw
knri.nd Harrv Hiighson killed twenty
gray wolves seven milii soiuheast of
Glen. Thert,' were two dens, one contain,
ing eight pups and one containing eleven
and a grown wolf. There is a local boun
ty of 1 10 each on pups ami $30 on grown
wolves. Craw ford Bulletin.
One of the most serious accidents that
has happened to the American navy since
the Mowing up of the Maine, oceured
Inst Thursday on the hut tie-ship Missouri
during target prat ice a short distance
from (he naval station Pensncoln, when
turret twelve inch g in exploded, kill,
iug llvn oltlcers aud twenty -nine seamen.
jiinies Wilson has sold his ranch to M.
J. O'Connetl. Consideration U00. It
W,,rM , n,t of the Knott ranch
near Gilcrist. Mr. Wilson is one of the
,srlv settlers of this i rinnlv a..d w. dis.
l.ke'to ,ee bin. di-,K,r.of hi, land for thai I
n wearehkelvtolose go.si cl -
t-n, but we hoe he may eoncliuU to stay
The C for J den' ist is Dr.T. H. Kpindlo
Harry Itmiglartj was io tli city je-
j tenia)'.
' tiwirge Gurretson was in Hie city on
: business a few hour Monday.
John I , Hi ke has a t-pted a position a '
the Beigle ranch on Indian creek.
Mr. ai d Mrs J. A Thayer were among
those wl j visited Harrimn Monday.
Russell Smith was up from the Hewitt
ran ha few davs latter tint of last week
Mr, H iskel, a representative of
Lincoln suar, wan 111 tin? cilv in the
terests of that p:i.er last Friday.
t'. I! (ire well came up from the ranch
11 -ar Hewitt lust Thursday but owing to
the storm that day he did not return.
The young people of Harrison enjoyed
j a social dance in the sout h room in the
Andrews block last Saturday evening.
Presiding Elder Clarke, of Chndron,
was to have liecu here last Sunday hut
' Oeortre Davis wan in town lust Sattir-d-ij.
We learn that Mr 1 'avis has pur-
chased the Bart lett ranch south of town
Mrs. finne Wohllieter and children vis
ited with friendsand relatives in Harri
viii a few day latter part of Inst week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred fleuel, of Pleasant
Ridge, was in Harrison Monday. Mrs.
lli-uel was a pleas nit caller lit thisoflice
(ieorge Turner v as in from his ranch
Wednesday, and firimdmii llnvin went
out, to hu ranch for a visit with Mrs.
I'ol. (. F. ( 'oll'ee returned from the
Hat ( 'reek ranch S it unlay night.. Also
Duncan McMillan, who I. ml been up there
surveying. ' 'hadron Journal.
Two or thre companies of soldiers, of
Fort Koliinson, pissed throiiL'h here
i.!wut noon Sunday. They were out. for
a march to Onii Junction anil return.
Ned Ussher, who for tin) past two
years ha been in Arizona, arrive.! here
Inst Thursday unci intends .to put in thn
summer ou the Siuitli ranch at Hewitt.
N. P. Nelson and family, of Glen, left
Wrtlne-.ilav for fil.i'k loo' , Idaho, near
which place they coii'empl ite making
their future home. Crawford Bu lletin.
Mrs, Cocver und h-r in-ice, Nidlv
Ballon, who havti been in Iowiifo.r the
past four inortiis, relumed lufllarrison
ye, tcrday niorcmg.
J. H. Bieser and wife rpttirneil from
Cbailron eslerdny where Mr Bieser has
Isen taking osteopathy treatment for'
rheumatism and wj are glad to say that
he is very much better.
Dr. Hi'luirds, of Crawford, nnd Dr.
Davis of Harrison, p.-rlor i.ed a success
lul surgical operalioii 011 Mis. Cal l Iyir
sen esli rilny rciuovinga tumor which
bus troubled her lor 5 eirs.
T. L. Thoniison and his daughter.
Berlha. came down from Wyoming
Tuesday. Mr. Thompson relurmil home
the following day but Miss Bertha will
spend a w etk .y isitmg friends in this vici
M' 1 .
j H ad the Uoundiips from Glen by our
j((4W C.1M ,VSI)oiiilent Catharine. We wel
come her to our corps of co e pond-niK it
well n.s thanking her lor the interest tak
en in the I'ltKsM JiifliSAL and the
comuiuuity of Glen.
J. ii. Hensiow wn up from his ranch
near Glen yesterday. Mr. Deuslow looks'
hale and hearty with the except ion of a
limp he has Irom an accident, that hap-!
peueil to him not long ngo. He was a j Rt v i,t mor lumber is r.peded to push
pleasant caller at this ollice and left un tnn work forward. W are very fortnn
order for some stationery. I nip to return such nn efficient merchant
j and postmaster as Chris Madsen.
Kinkaid gets his bill through the house 1
pioviding HllotmentMii;MO acres. This We are B lad to welcome to our neigh
tnkes thirty eight counties except such j borhood the family of J Jensen, who
laud as may he reasonable praclicanle to! occupy their old home, formerly the
irrigate, hut owing to the short space of 1 pnstoflice The Improvements which
tune between now mid adjournment it is I thev hn ve mads sdd much to the Bp-
not likely the mear.ure will receive Dun I !
action until next winter, Sioux county
has H6J2")- acres simdy and rough limlier
We learn that Herman Konrath of
Mon'.rose was buried yesler.lny in the
Montrose cemetry. From what is inn
learn Mr. Konratli has not been in good
health for some nine, and went east to
consult a physican, hut it, seems that he
I . . . l:l ..i.l . . A f..l ...
onww.H died in his own door yard h,for.
"'""' Kt out of h,s buggy. Mr.
Konrath was an honored cttiaen of the
"' f f
l.ves n,,n.v friend, to mourn his los,.
I ne rni-smiia h.sau 'enssj lopnoucs
I to his hei-uaved family and relative.
, I)r R luirdl, BIJ(j f Crawford.
was in this city jester-fay.
)lra 'hi4 L'Wt and i-tiildren have
Ikwb visitiijfj in Harrison tins wek.
Miss Ella Larseri came down from
lloiigl.is fore iiart of the week to visit
her parent.
I'r. L C. iMvisgnea lecl ure. on the
anatomy of the eye, to the Higa School !
wholars last Friday afternoon He will I
K'v another next Friday afternoon and
; ' proKinly five several 11 uie scieuars
are interested and wish to learn of ther
even. The eye is a very mpor'ant organ
of the UJy and Dr. U.V;S will help the
scholars wonderfully if they will only le
interest etl nnJ folliiwliinfxplunatioi.it. He
hat a liiiuiun skull andean show then;
just how the eye is located therein.
The many friends of Mrs. Emma I..
Rice w ill he pleased to know that the
Ludies Missionary Board of this slate
have railed her to take up the work of
that organization throughout tbist.tate.
We hojie she will nccefit the oiler for we
know of no one that is more interested
and capable than she is. We have known
her for a numls-r of years and can vouch
for her faithfulness in the christian work
and will look forward with pleasure to
her coming hack to the opl that she
has once served, to lake up the Master's
work again.
'i 11.... 1 .....1 VI 1 I). ...1,.. if, T,,.l ..
f 1 in ..Ml tiii'i -fioii' ,,m in . a 1 , . .
evening for "iihlorni.i, where, if pleased
with the country they expect to leniaiii.
For over two years Howard has been
general manager on the PtlKsw Jut'ltNAI.
and duniigth.it time be lias miiile a host
of friends. His reason lor resigning this
position was on account, of his eyes,
which, for the ,ast. few mouths have
been failing. A large crowd of their
friends gathered at the depot to bid them
good h'eHiid wish them success III thp
future. The boys will Iw greatly missed
here, as they were pleasant and sociable
to nil and it is nil friends and no enemies
that tinn leave 111 Sioux county.
Snow s'orm Friday.
Bert Rodgers is werking for Ezra
T.ventv wnHx ha v .been killed in
1 vicinii v rpcenllv.
Pan7.v. rhur .nd
stnrled 10 wchiol nt dist
Mit'Iw .tpntpn
Tin 2 Mondriv.
Mrs. Tjirkin nnd dniu'btr, T,ni-n'i, vis
ited nt Mr Kreenian's Sunday ilternoon,
itr, James .Tens-on, who tins h"pn vrrv
sick, wis nM" to visit his father at
Pouela f, W n,
Mr M J Welier ha b"en nllending
tlip Prf-shvteriiin Conference lit AllmncB
ll.e past wek.
The Fnnrfh Rnfriment passed through
nor country last Saturday, pnroute to
Orin Junction.
WMr. nnd Mrs Millnn Green nnd Orvill
spirit n petoi-lible Sunday nflernoon nt
th bom of Mr and M-s. Denlow.
Tr. Frtsl Websier has ninvpil his fam
ily from Crawford nnd will wnr': fri'- Mr
Wvkrrf on wtton HI this 'i'miier,
Tuesday of 1ns week while goinir
after I'lmbe- for our new store, J. H.
npnslow had Hie misfortune to receive a
severlv sprained anklo.
Mr, nnd Mrs Tucker are not well nt
this writing. Mr Tuckr has Keen ill
the grenlrr part, of the winter nnd re
cently Mrs Tucker hud a rib broken hv a
Our new toro is looming tin in fine
penrnnce of the place.
A verv sociable affair or the wer-k
was the oyster supper and dance which
occurtd Friday evening at the pleasant,
home of Mr. and Mrs Hennesv. Al
though the weather prevented a large
crowd, those w ho attended report a very
pleasant time.
Mr. P. N. Nelson nnd family departed
for their new home nt Bhickfoot, Idaho,
on Wednesday of Inst week, Mr. W,
Corder having purchased the ranch. We
are sorry to lose such old nnd respected
resident hut wish them abundant suc
cess in their new home.
Carey items.
John Aroer attended Presbytery at
Alliance lust S.4turtiay.
Professor Walpole says this moon will
be a wet mm. Hurrah for the Frof!
Clms. Stewart and Joe Booth both have
new buggies. Welt-el awful soi ry for
the bruiichs.
Mr. Zimmerman came over last Mon
day to assess Cottonwood precinct. V
are all awful poor.
Kev. Ewr has leeii holding a series of
meetings at the Wnloudale s. h.s.1 house
The K-wrrend is a gissl speaker and his
meetings tiave creatwl (juite Mil interest.
Mrs. Ij, on, w ho bus been siamg wild
I the l.nni'y ot Alls-il Rinds during the
I w inter, came home Monday and will pre
pare to go to Colorado 80011 to 11 ve with
I Mrs. Hue.
1. 1st Saturday morning the communi
ty was saddened by the news that Jesse
j Arners baby was dead. Mrs. Arner had
i cared for and fed the littie one at ten
o'cl'ick, wnen it was in apparent good
health. On waking in the morning it
was found t lie dead. The shock to the
parents must have been terrible. That
they hive the sympathy of the entire
comuiuuity was shown by lire large con
course of people gathered at thechuroh
Sunday afternoon when the hist tid rites
were performed and the little one laid to
rest. Kev. Ewr preached the funeral
Jim Iliown is pulling a picket fence
around Vl.iggie Jordan's house 011 the di
vide. Mr. John B.ownshot and killed a
black eagle ias.1 week. Distance
(ieorge Fitzgerald and Walter Hines
are hauling lumber (or their house on
the divide.
Jolmy Surres and Annio Holfman took
in the dance last Thursday night and n
port a line time.
M. J, O' ,'oimell got, stock in the mud
w hile crossing VV u k--i si 1:1 ins ranch with
an empty wngon. Who siiys this is 11
dry country.
Martin Doylo and Tom Hines are going
to W oiniiig 011 a violf liiiitt in a few
davs. We think that will finish the
wolves in Wyoming for some time.
John Walters delivered a temperance
hclure last Sunday in sch'.o! ilist net No.
5 is-fore a large audience. Every one
present, si emed Well pleased with the
f-W Mike Rotling and Johrf Wilson ran a
horse race last week. Mike his pinto
horse ngui nst, Wilson's razor buck blue.
When last seen they were going over the
Five Points with Mike in the lead.
War Bonnet Topics.
John Bnrko visite! at the S E Sun
day. Unlit. Keel hauled a load of potatoes to
town Thursday.
Ben Scot t visited with Will and Geo.
Grimm Sunday.
Sunday School as
Come one and nil.
mil at 2 p. ni.
Frank slr-ntt is hur clormins ditches nt
thpP Eflt prespn'.
M. "!! Pn hns fl B
added to her music class.
nrtw scholars
Mnrv Scott. Glar1v nnd Winnie Finlev
visited nt. Noerwh's Sunday.
M s Etiiti'i Vnerisch sucop,d in rid
ine the goat and is now a Itoval Neigh
bor, Geo, G'imm hns fine colt nt tlio S-E
that is quite a novelty as it, has five
Andrew nnd Sum knori moved their
cattle to RunninpwriWr last week for the
Everyone rejoicine over the snow. Tt
looked prettv rough hut I guess it. did
lots of good.
Gen, Grimm nt'inded the Iicv n)e nnd
honeht Tour nice yearling heifers to add
to his hunch.
.lack Finlev nnd Mrs. Belle Dunn nnd
children visited wiih their sister, Mrs.
Scott nnd family Sunday.
Ben Finlev took his departure Snndnv
for nodaro where lie will work a Couple
of months for his cousin. Al Hill.
Mrs. Scott visited t Roht, Keel's and
must sny Mrs Keel has as line a hunoh
of young chickens as I ever saw. 80 in
number all just alike. Anyone wishing
fine Plvnolhrock chicken. should pnr
ehf eggs tfre.
liuildinj? material of all kinds; Flour, Feed, Grain,
Wind-mills, Pumps, Tank, Wagons, Buggies, Farm
Implements, Hani ware, Harnesi. Saddle & etc.
e-.'4-4-4.4.44-4.4M.l.J.i.XJ.lXJ.4.J.XJ.XXli.l.XJ.iuLi.xJ.J.J.J.j j 1 ......
Vou Are
14. mnq
Tliat'is what it's here for:
To let you know that we handle a fine line' of Con
fectionary, Tobacco, Canned Goods, and Every
thing to be found in a firet class Grocery Store.
Give us a trial. Yours for Business,'
The new residence just, north of our
place is progressing rupidlv and from al
appearance we will soon have some new
nt iglibors.
U No inquired how many eggs von eat
Etster. Better say how many have you
eat since. I guess Warbonnet can boast
of Hie champion egg eaters. One eat 34
and kej.t them down half an hour and
one !t'J and kept t hem down 1") minutes
Can any beat that? If so let us know.
Read every line.
Dr. T. H. Spinillo the Crawford dentist.
FOR SALE-B.ird Piyinnuth Rock
eggs. Price, Vi for $1. It L. KEltU iu2
FOR S L3 or will tnde my Shire Stal
lion for other stock at a bii-gain.
EXTR V good cattle or sheep ranch i"
s.niihen. pail of this county for sal-i. A
suiipil taken ut once. Inquire at tin
ollice. a-28
Brown, the photographer, will lie at
the Court House in Harrison, Saturday,
April 'i'-i One day only.
If you want i suit of clothes, or a good
h.it or shoes or boots dou'l waste y'"rj
money buung anyw here else but go to 1
GF.hLACII'S store and gel tint Ust I
goods for the lea-sl iiioney.
WANTED Agents, Hustlers, Salesman
Clerks ami everybody who wants to en,
joy u noo.l hearty Uug to send 50c for
"Tips to Agents." Worth fiO to any
person who soils goods lor a living, if
not . satisfactory your money back. Cir
cular lor sump. The Dr. While Elec
iric OomU Co., Decatur, ill.
All parties indebeted to Chits. Newman !
hv note, or otherwise will lind all bills, I
mid notes at lue Commercial HauK tori
collection. Please call and settle all
open accounts by note bankable or cash
in hand and save costs.
Russia.-Japesn Atlas, Ten , Cento- . '
T he North-western Line-
A Russo-Japanese Atlas has been issued
by the Chicago & North-Western R'v.
Three line colored maps, each Hz20,
bound in toiivtmeut form for reference.
The Eastern situation shown in detail,
with tables showing relative military
and naval strength and financial resour
ces of Russia and Japan.
Copy mailed to any address on receipt.
of ten (10) cents 111 postage by J. A,
Kuhn, Ass't Gen. Frt. & Pass. Agt., C.
& N. W. R'y, Omaha, Neb.
Vara Low Excursion Kates to
Frnclsco esivd Los Angles.
Via the North-West eru Line will be in
effect I10111 all station April 23 to May
1, inclusive, on account of National Re
tail Grocers' Convention and the M . E
General Conference. Two solid fast
trains through to Californiadaily . "The
Overland Limtied" (ebctrio lighted
throughout) less than three days enroute.
Another fast train is "The California
Express" with drawing moms and aleep-
ine cars. Apply to A(rn tlncego f
Norsli-Western B.
Reading t
r lllv.I
Physician Surgeon.
OFFICE: Andrkws Block.
Board lly Day or Week.
iims e .
Railroad betweort Missouri Htver and.
Direct line to St. Paul Minneapolis
Direct Line to Black Kiiis.
Apply to nearest -8nt for rates, mapa
ind time c.rds
West Bound.
No. 13, Due 9:11
East. Bound.
No. 14, L)ue7:.
No. 88, lo. frt. 9:35 No. H loc. frt. :
Both trains carry passengers.
Manhood Restored
Thlsjreat vegetnble vitaltser, the pre-r
crtptton of h iniiiou French phynlelsn, will ,
quickly cure von of all or nervous dlse.see
of the generative orraus such us Inst Mn-,
hooit, Insomnia, psln In the Muck, seminal ,
Kinlsslons, Nervous Heliillty, Pimples, Vn
atnes to marry, Ktliaustluic Itrshis, Varlco .
rela snit.('onst'pstlon. It atopi nil losses by,
rtsy or nlaiit. rreinatdrity, which If not
chocked, lead to speruiatorrhnensnd all the ,
horrors of Inipotnnc?. CUIMDKNK cleanse,
the llverand k rtnsTs. CfPIOKNK strengtk
ens suet restores The reason sufferers er .
uot enrod by doctors is because ninety per.
pent are troubled with Proststlte, ft! PI
DJCSI Is the onlyl known remedy, to . ctirg ,
without nn operation. " s.nM tlstlmonlals.
A written guarsntiss given anrt money re-.,
turned If six boxes do not effeet a perm- ,
nent cure. QgloOBboX; six for Ave by mail ,
fend for free circular and estlmonUU. Ad
dress DA VOL. MKDICHiK CO., SsnrraaelaM ,
California. For sal by ticAD AtJosM. ,
with un.