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    Harrison Press -j ournal
30. 1903. IS1 O. 44:
Dr. W.I. Seymour coming.
J. H, Cook u from Agate Tuesday.
Jo Sturdivant
this weak. 1
was up from Hewitt
J. H. Bartell returned
last Friday.
from Omaha
A fence gang is here building fence for
the R. R. Co.
L. L Wilson was down from Pleasant
Ridge Monday.
Chas. Umphenour was up from theOT
ranch this week.
John H. Harris and wife were up from
Marsland this week.
Frank O'Conner started to work for
T. O. Williams this week.
Jack Raffen was down from Patrick,
Wyo. the first of the week.
Dr. Seymour will be in Crawford Neb.
May 20th at Gate City Hotel.
A brand-new piano was presented to
the Harrison House this week.
Joe Reed and Emmet Burke left for
Belle Fourche, 8. D. Monday.
Rev. Horton went to Lusk Tuesday
morning, returning in the evening.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock; every
body invited. W. II. Davis; Supt.
J. A. Rice and family have been visit
ing with T. O. Williams' folks this week.
John Anderson shipped a car load of
thorough bred bulls west lust Saturday
Joe Htasney is down from Hamiehire,
Wyo. this week visiting willi his family
Mr. T. W,bb, foreman of C. F . Coffee's
ranch at Raw Hide, was in town this
Abe Umphenour was up from Chas.
Smith's ranch at Hewitt the lattpf fast
week. -; .17 .!;"
George Davis nnd family, from Pleas
ant Ridge, were visitiog'io town this
Neligd Pat. flour warranted, none
betterat frJ.OO per 100II.S. Call at Ger
liwii's store.
Mrs. Hagerman, Mr. Christensen, Mr.
Hunter, and Ed Marshal were up from
Andrews Monday.
John Hanson and family have been
visiting witli Charles Hanson and family
in town this week.
Miss Nellie Lindsey quit the Harrison
eel tool last week, and returned to her
home south of town.
From the number of bums that have
passed through town during the past
week, it juust be bum time.
There will be Quarterly Meeting at
' Pleasant Ridge next Sunday morning,
and at Harrison in the evening.
Tske IjuhIIvw Itro o ynliiliic ThIIM. All
druRKlaU refimrt lite money If It fall to
urn. K. W. Urove's signature is ou each
bos. u.
Rev. E. H. Say re has sent word Uiat
he can't be at Bodarc and Union Star
next Sunday as stated in last weeks
Chas. Webster and wife, who have
been up in South Dakota for the past
(wo or dime months, returned to Harri
son Monday.
We have a few $12 50 gents Ulster
over-coats that we are cosing out for
910.00. Now is your chance,
59-if Lewis Gerlach.
And still it mows. It started lo snow
here Monday evening and Is still at it. It
ems vory hard for spring to open up;
thought forawh.le that winter had
Med, but have changed our iniads. but
hop this is our last, storm.
Devnjer at CeMs m.m4 Grip.
Tim greatest danger from colds and
grip is their resulting in pneumonia. If
fg liable cure is used, however, and
Chamberlain' Cough Remedy taken, all
( danger wilt be avoided. Among the tens
of thousands wlu h ire ud this remedy
,' for these diseases we have yet to learn
mt m tiugle ciiae having resulted In pneu
' Mow!, which snows conclusively that ft
lag certain preventive of thai dangerous
, wresHpt, It will mre a cold or an attack
of the grip in les time thin go) olner
' MtlAMfit. It is pleasant aofl safe to
CJ for U tf all rMw.
We learn there was a dance at the
Harrison House Monday evening, prob
ably in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Webster
who returned from S. Dak. that day, and
the new piano.
ILirnson Nebr. ' April 7 1908.
Wanted Employment for a woman
and hoy on a Ranch, or for man. woman
and boy after the middle of May. For
particulars call at the Press-Journal of
Oscar Hanson and Cecil Johnson went
to Crawford last Saturday to take
glimpse at president Roosevelt. They
reiurrea wun smiles on their races, so
thev must have bten well pleased with
his looks.
The North Western will miike low
rates to the following points on dates
named. For.further information apply
to the Agent. St. Lo-lis, Mo., April 29
to May 2. New Orleans La., May 5 to 8.
Chas. Smith received a telegram last
week from Solomonsville, Arizona, stat
ing that his mother was very ill and was
not expected U live, and he left for
Arizona Thursday evening. We hope
he will see liia mother alive and that she
may recover.
We are in receipt of some recent photo
graphs of Dr. Seymour and family, which
were made especially for his patients,
also a booklet containing very strong
commendation. tie re quests that
his patients write at once, if they have
not received either, and he will be pleas
ed to forward same.
Egworth League.
At the M. E. church every Sunday
evening at 7:00 o'clock.
Everybody invited. Subject for May :
Subject for May 3. Confidence in God.
I Cr. iii. 21 23; I Tim. vi. 17; II Tim. i.
12. ScstK Tufper; Leader.
Grip Hemedlee In Great Demand
When colds nnd grip are prevalent the
quickest and surest remedies are in great
demand." Mr. Joseph"D." Williams of
Mcl Hiff, Va., mys that he was cured of a
very deep and lasting attack of la grippe
by using Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
after trying several other preparations
with no effect. For sale by all Druggistn
Inverting the Terms.
Johnnie, tsdng asked bv ttio ttacher to
write Uie llgure nine on the blackboard,
replied that he did not know how.
"Do you know how to make the figure
six?"' she asked.
"Yes," he replied.
"Well," she said, "write the figure six
upside dowu and you will have the figure
The next day his grandpa asked him.
"How old are you?"
"Six, but if yeu turn me upside down
I will he cine." The Little Chronicle.
Revenge la Sweet.
James. 4 years old, has been naughty
to the point ef evoking a whiping from
his loog-suffering mother, nnd all d;iy
long a desire for revenge rankled in his
little bosom.
At length bedtime came, and keeeling
before her, he implored a blessing for
each member of the family individually,
she alone being conspicuous by tier ab
sence. Ihen, rising from his devout
posture, the little suppliant fixed a keen
ly triumphant look upon her face, saying,
as he turned to climb into bed:
'I s'tKise you noticed you wasn't in
it" Harper's Magatine.
Tlie entertainment given at Andrews
last Friday evening was a decided success.
The weather whs very nice and there
was a Urge crowd in attendance. The
most of the young people of Harrison
were there, and so Harrison
was well represented. The exercises
were well reislered by the scholars, and
no doubt they hail to do c msidernble
practiceing. It was a piessure to hear
them, after the school exercises, a num
ber of selections were spoken by the
older ones.
After the exercises soma of the specta
tors returnwl to their homos, hut some
of them spent the night in the city of
Andrews and returned home the next
day, aad some did not return for four or
five day. dont know whether they got
lost, and wandered around on tin streets
or fell in love with her haauLiful scenery;
probably they spent their time in boat
riding on White river, which flow
through the city, well we don't begru.lge
their pleasure for we are glad we got
them and out again without calling for a
guide, but we are longing for the time
to come when we can have the pleasure
of listening lo the scholars of Andrew,
as they render another programme as
For Sale.
160 acres of land j mile from Harrison
with good house, well, and other im
provements. For further information
c '! at tins uftii e. -
Owing to the enclemency of the weath
er there was not a very large crowd at
the pie social Monday evening, but all
these who atUnded had all the pie they
could eat, and a jolly good time. Early
in the evening it began to rain, but about
the time the social wag to be held it had
censed, but did not look very favorable,
and the Leaguers were quite a while
decideing whether to hold it or not. but
finally decided to have it and set the pie
solicitors te gathering the pies, and it
wasn't very long until they were being
devoured. While the pies were passing
away the rain started to pour down
again, and the crowd tarried for quite a
while expecting to see it stop, but they
finally had to walk home through the
rain, and when morning cawie behold
the rain had turned to snow.
Carey Items.
Alva Saxton attended Presbytery
Bridgeport on the 17th Inst.
Since my last items John Meckems
have been made happy by the arrival of
a little daughter.
O. C. Tilly's baby wasduite sick last
week, but is better now.
There were thirty cine out at S. S. last
H. O. Bee be, agent for the Nebraska
State Inxurance Association, was doing
business with the people in this vicinity
last week
Anton Meckem marketed several dress
ed hogs last week, and received 9 cts. per
pound for them.
Sorry "Zekiel" has decided to become
a city dude. We hay seeds will miss his
items very much.
Mrs. Rice should come to Sioux Co.
if she wants to enjoy warm weather.
Sunday the thermometer registered HO in
the shade with a light shower in the
evening to cool off things; and again to
day (the 27th) stock was glad to seek
the shelter of shady places, and this eve
ning quite a heavy rain came up with
prospects of lastiug all night.
. .. Timothy.
B:eeze from Gln,
May Wetier was home last Saturday
and Sunday.
We had a good Sunday School last
Lord's day.
Mr. Lars Peterson has gone to Hot
Springs lor liis rheumatism.
Mr. Nyholms went to Crawford Mon
day, nnd camu home in the rain.
Dcjn't forget the "Box Social" at the
Uleo chuivh, Friday evening. May 1.
Mr. Parker caught a coyote in a trap
last Sunday. We are glad lo get rid of
a few of them.
We are having lots of snow here which
makes us think that winter lias Dot left
this part of the country yet.
We expect to go to Harrison Friday
morning, as the Supt. has set that day
for the 8th. grade examinations.
We are sorry to learn that tliere will
be no preaching here Monday evening
May 4th, as slated in last week's paper.
We took in the entertainment last Fri
day evening, at Andrews It was just
fine, and we enjoyed our trip very much.
Miss Lilian E. Harris came to (lien last
Saturday afternoon, anJ visited here
until Monday when she left for Andrews.
We expect that she is at her home in
Lincoln by this time.
Bodarc Gleanings.
Jimmy Wilson is on the sick list suffer
ing from a revere attack of rlieuiiiatism.
Nearly every one in the valley is busy
tearing up the soil und hastening to get
their crops in.
Eli Zimmerman and his sister, Mrs.
Dout, with her children, spent Sunday
with their parents.
Mrs. Millard fhajer has been quite
sick for the past week, but we learn site
is now much better.
Rev. B. II. Havre has notified Mr. Ant
rim that he can't hold services at Bodarc
next Sunday as was announced last week.
All the suffers from La Grippe sem lo
have recovered, which will account for
nn unusual good attendance at Sunday
Jimmy Wilson has been mnking war
on the israiriu dogs all spring, nnd now
Arthur Miller has core to his nsl with a
new 22 rifle. We presume the race of
prairie dogs will soon be exterminated by
the two sportsmen.
To Zekiel.
We read in the Press- Journul this evening
Ynu medltaUi moving to town,
And may with it's sunshine and blossoms
Wi II Hod you there settled down.
There are many who've moved to the city
Who sigh for the freedom they've lost,
Who long for the broad stretch of prairie
And wish, they Lad counted the cost.
Your regrets seem all for the bird's songs
And the flowers that bloom by tlie way
Have you none for the neighbors you're
Who have brightened the years of
your stay?
You think they are glad and won't miss
A mistaken idea we feel,
Let me call to your memory this maxim
It's a poor spoke not missed from the
The city may have it's attractions
To one who for pleasure would seek.
Where Leagues, Lodges, and Banquets
Fill up every night in the week.
Where each man's a Knight or Woodman
A Mason or some other dodge,
Where money, that mighty ruling power
Will admit you into each Lodge.
We wonder what spirit has moved you
Away from Wyoming to stray.
With it'g ermines, gold mines, and rye
And come to Sioux county to stay.
We shall miss all those wonderous story s
That so freely have flowed from your
And will And ourselves searching the
Vainly Japing to read them again.
The larks and the sweet pea tassels
Are beautiful in their place,.
But are trifles when, weighed in the
balance '
With the light of a neighborly face.
So keep a green spot in your memory
For the people that around you do
Some time you may wish to move back
For the future no mortal can tell.
M. A. C.
Cured by One Bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy.
' w hen I had an attack ol I lie grip
last winter (the second one) I actually
cured myself with one bottle of Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy," says Frank
W. ferry, Editor of tlie Enterprise, at
Shortsvillf), N. Y. "This is the hooest
truth. I at times kept from coughing
myself to pieces by takiag a teaspeonfu
of this remedy, und when the coughing
spell would come on at night I would
take a dose and it seemed that in the
briefest interval tlie cough would pass
off ami I would go to sleep (perfectly free
from couth and its accompaning pnins.
To say that the remedy acted as a most
agreeable surprise is putting is very
mildly, l Had no icea that It would or
could knock out the grip, simply because
had never tried it for Such a purpose
but it did, and it seemed with the second
attack of coughing the remedy caused it
to not only be of less duration, but the
pains were far less severe, and I had not
u-d the contents of one bott le before
Mr. Grip had bid me adieu." For sale bv
all De'iggista
Andrews Happenings,
Thomas Jones was on the sick
Mr. George Baldwin returned to And
rews Friday.
Pearla Jones was visiting with Eva
Proctor Monday.
Mr. J. R. Hunter returned Thursday
from South Dakota.
We hear Buds and Blossoms will be in
a bouquet next week.
Mrs. Downy and Eddie Neece left for
Crawford Saturduy evening.
Miss Lilian E. Harris left for Glen
Saturday on the afternoon freight
Mrs A. L. Hagerman and the Misses
Converse went to Harrison Monday.
Tom Jones and family took supper at
Mrs. Bnsxetts' lust Thursday evening,
Mrs. W. L. Baldwin, who has been
visiting with Joe Vurley, returned Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hughes were visit
ing with Mr. and Mrs. DeSomber Sunday.
Mr. Robt. Neece, Mr. Charlie Lewis,
ft rid Mr. rred Ketcheu were oil the liver
Miss Lilian E. Hsrris returned to And
rews Monday and packed her things lo
go to Lincoln.
Mr. Christensen' family, Ed Marshnll,
El Schwartz and Grandma took supper
with Mrs. Basset Saturday evening,
Ed Schwartz is flie draymn of And
rews; Anyone wishing to have any dray-
ing done call on Schwartz street, near
the wonderful White river.
Mrs. J. D. Proctor and daughter, Miss
Eva, were Harrison visitors Thursday.
Eva had Dr. Schwartz test lier eyes, and
he said the had to wear glasses. She
bought a pair nnd had to wear them lo
ll te entertainment.
The programme given here April 24th.
was a success, The house was crowded
and hardly enough room to acrommedate.
all present. The children rendered their
parts beautifully, and all present were
delighted, and thanked the teacher and
pupils manv times for the trat. We
hope Andrews will keep up the reputat
ion for good programmes always.
The school work is over, summer is
near; Oh, let us remember the lessons so
dear. Enjoy tins vacation all you can
and get refreshed so you can enter into
your school next year with renewed
strength and vigor. May God protect
and guide tliese pupils: Clara Christen
sen, Pearla Jones, Eva Proctor, Thomas
Jones, Mabel Christensen, Pearl Shepherd
Ralph Shepherd, Ray Hagerman, Hoy
Hagerman and Birdie Jones. I
Mrs. S. C. D. Basset visited our school
last Wednesday and reported the discip
line good and instruction the best. Wi
felt complimented for writing in the
register "iirsl class school." This was
her fifth visit to our school. She gave
us a very interesting and profitable talk.
Mrs. Basset said in part, site had seen an
item in a paper, of a colloquy between
distiller and a saloon keeper as follows
They were walking through a cemetery
uud reading the inscriptions on the grave
stones, they recognized there Drinking
Dan. here Tippling Tim, and Whistling
Whiskey Will and other drunkards. The
saloon keeper was agitated and exclaim
ed that if the customers died so rapidly
their business would soon be ruined. The
distiller pointed to the school yard near
by where rosy cheeked frolicking boy
und girls were playing and said. "As
long as we can get the boys to patronize
us we will keep up our business."
They must have the boys at any cost,
No matter about praying, broken heart
ed mother's and father's counsel. No
wonder they hold out the allurements o
music and dancing, and oppose temper
a ice teaching in the schools.
She emphasized the importance of
temperance instruction in the schools.
At the close Mrs. Basset made the point
that if all tlie boys and girls of our land
would sign tlie pledge und keep it, the
saloons would die for want of patronage
when the present generation of drunkards
were gone.
War Bonnet Topics.
Snow again I am afraid it will play
havoc with some of th fruit prospects.
Mrs. Johnson was on the sick list, but
is better at present.
Robert Keel is a spry man but when
the grip gets a grip on him he has to go
down, and it had him Sunday so he was
unable t'o attend church, but he is better
at present.
Will and Joe Grimm, and Beu Finely
visited with Ed and Ben Scott Sunday.
Miss. Maggie, John and Joe Schaefer
Visited at the S E Sunday.
Mr. John Marking has left tlie S- E to
resume his woik on Running wator.
Miss Dor man visited at Mr. Plunketls
one day last week.
Mrs. Jack Finley visited ut Scotts last
Arthur Dunn run his horse a J mile lo
have the pleasure of opening a gate for
Emma Norish, Arthur is pretty young to
think of mntnmonv, hut then I would
advirte Mrs. Norish to look out or she wi
loose all of her girls.
Mrs. John Fitzgerald nnd son Willie
and Mrs. Martin Carroll of Harrison
visited at F. S. Scotts last Thursday.
Robert Keel has a Mr. Thompson work
ing for him at present.
Ben Finley spent a few days on the
devide last wee!: with his relation.
John Anderson had 32hed of very fine
white face bulls drove from theS E
last Friday he had sold them for $50 per
head and shipped them west.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed O'Conner and Mrs.
Pontius visited witli Mrs. Bell Dunn and
brother Jack Sunday.
Miss Nellie Scott came home Friday
accompanied by Miss Mabel Hunter and
stayed till Sunday.
Jack Finley has commenced to move
his saw mill; he lias the saws as far
as the Duun ranch, I don't know whether
he intends setting the mill there or not.
Mary Scott visited with Saddle Grimm
last Wednesday.
Mi. and Mrs. Joe Dunn took 'heir
departure with their drove of cuttle
(which thny have been feeding on Andrew
Knoris place) last Wednesday to their
ranch on Squaw creek. They lived in
the valley only a few weeks, but Ihev
gained many friends who will be sorry
to see them go, Peggy for one.
Mrs. Paul Zerlwt and Mrs. John
Plunkkntt were kind and thoughtful
enough to go Saturday and renovate the
school house preparatory to the coming
of the minister Sunday. They made it
look yery nice with clean paper and
evergreens, and I know all the neiKhbors
will join with me in thanking thesi
through these columns.
I am sorry to hear that Zekiel is going
to move as I nhii)l miss his items espe
cially to the pnetiy, but Dvrlwps I shall
Professional Cards.
Prompt attention given u, all leg
matters in Justice, County and District
Courts, and before the United Stato
Land Office.
Fire Insurance written in rehabl
ty Legal papers carefully drawnv
Harbison. - Nebraska
Harness, saddles, range
goods, lumber, all kinds of
.building material.
Farm machinery and hard
ware. Flour, grain and feed-
When in need of anything in my- liner
give me a call: We will treat you righU-
North western.
R.alIroad between Missouri RJver aneV
Direct line to Ct. Paul Minneapolis.
Direct Line to Black Hilt.
Apply to nearest exgeat for rates, map.
Bind time c&rds.
New Schedule of Trains.
Taking effect Sunday Nov. 28..
West Bound. Eis Bounds
Morning. Eve r.iiig.
No. 59 Fi t.4:15p.m. No. 60, Fit. ...2:8
No. 5, Psgr. 10:55 No, 4.Pstr. arrive
:5, departs 7 HXh
Both trains carry passenger.
have the pleasure of making m quaint
ances which perhaps is far better, l ot I
think any one is foolish to exchai ge the
free air of the county for the city, butv
everyone has their own opinion.
Rev. Hnrton wsr kind enouch to iome
out and deliver to us a very nice sermon
Sunday, we all appreciated it so much-
The school house was filled, we wer
glad to welcome the visitors who crime-
ame ulso. There were Mrs. Horton
Mr. nnd Mrs. Burke nnd four little ones..
Mr. and Mrs. Williams and family or
Harrifon. Mist Maggie, John, and Joe-
Si hafer of Bodarc, we hope they will u'.l!
;ome again, our S. 8 will beat 2 o'clock?
M. every Sunday and church every
two weeks nt 8 o'clock P. M. every one
invited. The next preaching then will
be; remember nil, on May 10th don't faiH
to come and hear a guod sermon, it w illt
do you good.
Mr. John Plunkett and sons Tom and
John and Marcus Vnldez were branding-
horses and cattle Sunday, and prevented
them from attending church. Now there-
s some more of your industrious woikers-
this fashion of working on Sunday is av.
very foolish habit and a very useless one
I know if you would stop to think voir
could have done what you lay off lor
Sunday just as well through the week.
These are only a few of the many who
huve thU fault, and there are other faults
ust us bad, but none so easy reminded F
on't believe, and 1 donl believe niy one
ver gained anything by Sunday work-
I speak for experience which some t lines
is a very dear lesson. Let no one he
ffended nt ttvs, but profit by it as t bal
ls the way it is intended for you-
Slight Mltundgrotgndlnp:
"If," sgld the druggist. "ou wint
give this new tonic a trial I'm surv
you will never us any other."
"Excuse me," rejoined the cus
tomer, "but I pr?fvr something g. lit
Ug lg faUL."