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Harrison Press -J ournal.
JLFKIL 2. 1903. NO.
Dr. W.I. Seymour coming.
Jens C,
Meog was in Harrison last
George Davis was in
from the Ridge
Frank Lewis was
a Harrison visitor
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Jordan were in to wn
John Eberspecher was up from
j Hat creek Monday.
Millard Thaverand wife were up from
Hat-creek Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Miller were Harri
son visitors Tuesday.
Albert Hill and wife
visitors last Monday.
were Harrison
John Deuel was in from the Ridge last
Monday and Tuesday,
Cha. Cammenzind made
call at our office Monday.
Irven Zimmerman and wife
from the valley Tuesday.
were up
Clarence and Cleve Zimmerman were
up from Bodaro Tuesday.
Grant Guthrie and family
from Washington yesterday.
Dr. Seymour will be in Crawford Neb.
May 20th at Gate City Holer,
J. H. Dunlap becomes a reader of the
Prbb-JoCRNaL with this issue.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock; every
body invited. W. II. Davis; Supt.
Nick Schaefer was up from his ranch
last Tuesday and reports everything all
O. K.
Chan, Smith, of Hewitt, becomes a
reader of the PliUss JochnaX with this
week's issue.,.
Mike Jordan, who shipped horses to
M'chigao some time ago, returned to
Sioux county yesterday.
Fcb Sale My stallion Wisdom Jr.,
aired by imported Clyde, dam seven-
eight Shire. R. L. Keel.
1 wil sell at public sale, my household
goods m Harrison, April 11 fit 1 o'clock
P. M. B B. U.NN.
Tnke I-smttlve Pro o Quinine Tablet. All
dru(fiflU rfunrt the. money If ft fall" t
cure. E. W. Grove's lmiture is on enrli
hat. aflo.
There w a lota of excitement in town
lat Saturday . Broncho riding, lighting
A etc. A etc., but no one was seriously
A. Baumann had quite a rush of
business Tuesday, and . be takes away
wilh him the likeness of some of our
young men and ladies.
We have a few (13.50 gents Ulster
over-coats that we are coning out for
$10.00. Now is your chance.
M-tf Lewis Gerlach.
April 17th. at Andrews Hall. Every
body invite. Spectators 25 cts. Good
Music R. C. Diss.
There will be preaching nt Pleasant
Ridge Sunday, April 5th. at 10K)0 o'clock
A. M. And at Harrison in the evening
L. W. HoRTON j Pastor. '
J. H. Newlin, of Kirtley, Wyo., was
an over night visitor in Harrison last
Monday nigbt. He made a pleasant call
at our sanctum. Coma again Mr.
Erwonh League.
At the M. E. church every 8unday
veiling at 70 o'clock.
Everybody invited. Subject for March:
The Yeun' Christian's Sun4ln- Ground
Hubject for April 5. The Danger of In
difference. Hag. I. 2; Heb. II. 1-8; Jude
I, 20. 81. J. B. Bl'WUt; Liader, ,
Danger of CoUa en4Crl.
'. The greatest danger from cold and
grip ia their, resulting in poeuroenia. If
reasonable core is used, however, and
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy taken, all
danger will he avoided Among the tens
of tlmusaiids who have iil this remedy
for tt'v dwevw we have Vet to loarn
of a singl ca having resulted in pneu
monia, Hliled u'kvos vnf lus'vely thai it
In c - 'erotH
disease. It will cure a cold or an attack
nf the grip In les time than any other
treatment.' It it pleasant and safe to
. lake. For sals bj U flrufgiH
TT f T WrW W y tTTtttttttTTtt
John Burke has bean confined to his
bed with LaGrippe since last Saturday
but is now some better, and Emmet is
having a seige of the measels, but is get
ting alang very welt.
Mr. A. McGinley we are glad to say is
improving very fast, and was able last
Tuesday to walk out to the baru and it is
only a question of a few days until big
familiar face will be seen on our streets
J. H. Wilhermsdorfer went for ducks
yesterday but as it was the first day of
April thev played it on Mr. W. Mr.
Horton was in on the deal too, but nary
a duck, and knowing both gentlemen well
we know there is no hard feeling toward
Mr. duck.
Mr. J. C. Parsons, while working with
his wind mill on last Wednesday morning
got his wrist caught in the gearing, asd
severed the large artery, and it looked
for a while as if Mr. Parsons would bleed
to death. Dr. Phinney was away at the
time, and Dr. Richards of Crawford was
telegraphed for, and arrived about three
o'clock in the evening, and dressed it, It
will be some time before Mr. Parsons will
be able to use his hand, and wrist.
Crip Remedlee In Great Demand-
Wlien colds and grip are prevalent the
quickest and surest remedies are in great
demand. Mr. Joseph D. Williams, of
McDulT, Va., says that he was cured of a
very deep and lasting attack of la grippe
by using Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
after trying several other preparations
with no elf act. For s-ile by all Druggists
The petit jury as drawn by the sheriff
and clerk of the district court are viz:
W. H. Wright, W. H. Phill.ps, J. L.
Anderson, J. A. Bogart, Sam Thomas,
John Herni al, John Henry, M. W. Jdd
ings, W, R, Harris, John II. Howard,
Jacob Forster, Jens 0. Meng, M. J. Bolter,
Louis LteBock, W. U Hoy t, -John fiber
specher, Leonard Dout, Anton Meckem,
J. B. Burke, Adam Baumgard. Charles
Umphenour, Clem Leeling, N. L. Tipton,
and Peter Hanson.
The riding contest that was to take
place last Saturday., between Gtorge
Hill andMike Carroll Jr., failed to come
off. but we had some riding anyhow.
George and Clyde Rugen had a riding con
test, George taking the money. George
also rodu another horse for a purse of
2.50. Peter Schaefer showed us that he
was in that business by ruoning his
thumbs up his horse's neck. The horse
bucked for a while and then ran for the
lawyer' oflice. and finding him away
from home, broke a panel out of the
door, and that ended the circus.
Bellevue (College again sends greeting
to the schools of Sioux county and offers
a scholarship of $100 to the young man
or yonng woman in the eighth grade
classes who shall stand first in scholar
ship at the eighth grade examinations.
The value of the scholarship shall be
$25.00 per college year for each of four
years, to lie applied upon the expense of
the student in any department of Belle
vue College. The scholarship is not
This should be an encouragement to
the eighth grade classes. Some one will
win the scholarship and why not try and
be the winner yourself.
Bellevue College is one of the leading
Colleges of Nebraska, and this is a line
opportunity for some one in the eighth
grade. Conrad Parsons,
Co. Supt.
Bodarc Gleanings.
Everything indicates that spring is at
last here. Larks and Robins make (he
air sing, and the wild geese are returning
to their northern home.
Clio and Mrs. Ra-e have our sympathy
in their siege of mud. We hare all we
ooed in Sioux, Co. this year, and some to
spare, but there is the cheering reflection
that about tlie last of June tha dust aud i
sand will be flying sky high and we
would then gladly welcome some of the
mud and wet we are now groaning over,
Clarence Raum was around the valley
Sunday and Monday calling on friends
and acquaintance in this vicinity. 1
Mr. and Mrs. Farbar who have been
here in the employ of C. F, Coffee for the
past aix mouths, have grown tired of
dreary old Sioiis Co. W in. Miller took '
thorn to Harrison Tuesday whorn tlicy
took Ue vast boui.d train the same oven-;
ing for their destination in Iowa.
Mtss Annie Milfnr, and Mrs Farher
eriovod i.!.-ir,t visit with Mrs. ?. I
Sunday School next Sunday at 10
o'clock as usual,
If. A. C.
The undersigned will sell at public
auction the following described property
at his place 1 mile and a half sou h-west
ef the Five Points, on Tuesday April 14
1903, at 10 o'clock A. M:
2 young horses
I bull
7 3 yr. old steers
6 2 yr. old steers
5 yearling steers
86 cows
II yearling heifers
Farming implements, household good:
and other articles too numerous to ment
ion. TEEMS of sale All sums under fS!J
cash, all suras over $35 six months time
on approved note, bearing 8 per cant
Beyond All Comparisons.
One of the many factors contributing
to the remarkably rapid and solid growth
of St. Louis is the marvelous develop
ment of the Southwest and other tarri
tory tributary to that city in all lines of
trade. In 1901 there wilt be held the
greatest World's Fair in the world. The
presidential campaign will also take
place. To keep informed with the whole
world you should subscribe at once for
that peer of newspapers. The Twice-a-
week 8t. Louis Republic. It is indispen
sable to the farmer, merchant or profess
ional man. Its telegraphic and cable
service excels that of any other paper.
It prints the news fully; not imaginative
occurrences, but domestic and worldwide
facts. It is Democratic in politics, but
distinctly a national newspaper and
family journal. The subscription price
of f 1.00 gives you two papers each week
101 papers in a year.
Cured by One Bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. ,
'When I had an attack of the grip
last winter (the second one) I actually
cured myself with one bottle of ('bans
berlain's Cough Remedy." says Frank
W. Perry, Editor of the Enterprise, at
Shortsville, N . Y. "This is the honest
truth. I at times kept from roughing
myself to pieces by takiag a teaspeoifuj
of this rumedy, and w lien the coujihtOK'
spell would come on at night I would
take a dose and It seemed that in the
briefest interval the cough would pass
off and I would go to sleep rfectly free
from coiifjh and its accompaning pains
To say that the remedy acted as a most
agreeable surprise is putting is very
mildly. I bad no idea that it would or
could knock out the grip, simply because
I had never tried it for such a purpose,
but it did, and it seemed with the second
attack of coughing the remedy caused it
to not onlv be of less duration, but the
pains were far less severe, and I bad not
used the contents of one bottle before
Mr. Grip had bid me adieu." For sale by
all Druggists.
The Junior Normal bill is now a law,
and we are to have Junior Normals at
Alliance, McCok,and Valentine and two
other places to be chosen later. The
question is now up to the different
County Supts. and teachers, whether this
venture will prove a success or not We
consider this the grandest chance that
has ever been offered to the teachers of
the Northwest, and to these that are
thinking of preparing to teach, There is
no doubt but what the Superintendents
will find shirkers from this, the same as
County Institute work, but if every Co.
Supt. will lie firm, the children of this
North-west will have better teachers and
the tax payers will feel more like raising
the wages than to lower them as the case
has been heretofore. County Supts. and
teachers take hold of this matter with a
vim that will mean nothing less than
success, and success will be your reward
War Bonnet Topics.
Mr, Roht. Brewster left last week
bis home in the east.
Bill Harveys sale went off fairly well.
Some things sold good, some cheap; He
had Clyde Ragan for clerk Jess Craw ford
the best auctioneer, and a keg of Craw-
for,i'H it besr. Bill has rented his
place, so no show for matrimony.
Jack Finley wss down last Friday and
got a loud of potatoes some he bought
at the sale.
The danoe at Mr. Joe Dunns, who live
at present on Andrew Knori's place, was
well attended, and enjoyed by all who
were there. A delicious supper was
furnished nt 1? nVlork. fencing wss
indulged in until 5-oVlork in the morning.
t.a and Frd Hcba.ifer ,tr hnuhmx
C(,rn from Bill Hnrvev's pl this week.
Mr, and Mrs. Scott spmit Rnivisy on
the divide wlih Mrs. Belle Dunn and
Mss O'u'vcUe Duoo and her cousin
Nellie S.iott came put Saturday and stay
ed over bunday at tlie home of the
There was quite a crowd at Gustave
Noreiscb's Sunday School; 39 in number.
That is pretty good I think, a little ahead
of ours. I suppose it was in honor of
theirdaughler Euima who just arri ved
liome from Douglas where she has been
working for the past six months.
John Anderson is able to be around
again; He was at the 8 E the fore part
of the week.
George Orimm and John Marking are
feeding 200 bead of cattle on the Biehle
place at present.
Sam Knori bad the misfortune to break
his buggy as he was going from the dance
bad roads the cause, still some folk
want more roads when they don't work
what they have so they can be traveled
Mont Bnrke and Archie Davis were
visiting with Arthur Dunn Sunday.
Mr. Dunlap, who is now living on the
Dr. Phinney place on Spring creek, ha
rented Bill Harvey's place and will move
on it in the near future.
There will be a dance at Frank Hub
bard's on the Lindeman place nextFridav
night, April 3rd. Music furnished by
Frank Scott. All are invited to come
and have a good time.
We were very sorry to hear that Mr,
Burle was sick and prevented him from
coming out to our S. S. as he intended
Hope he is better.
8. S. at Gustave Noreisch's as usual
next Sunday at 1 o'clock. Come one
and all.
S. 8. nt our school house as usual at
2:30 P. M. All are invited.
lama little afraid I vrill have to
throw up mv job as some get mad if I
report they work on 8unday, some if
insinuate their wife builds the fires and
some even when I fail to put Mr. when I
mention their names through these
columns, so now what shall I do? What
say Ye?
We are aorrv Peggy, that some don'
appreciate your kind effort, but remem
Issr the lowly Najarene went. about heal
ing the sick and the blind, rvhd doing
good every wav, and -the world, .was not
satisfied until it had kicked Him out and
part of the kickers are here yeJL so don't
be discouraged but send us the news.
In Wyoming.
Well, well, March went out on a run
or at least as we write these items all the
draws and ditches were running full o(
On last Sunday the thermometer got a
hump on itself, anil reached the 88 mark.
Goodness how we did transpire.
Mrs, J. D. Williams was quite sir
last week. Dr. Phinnev was sent for but
being out of town, the Lusk doctor was
called, by wire, who came out. We
ha vent heard how she is getting along but
hope for the better.
The meadow larks arrived here the
night of the 24th and the next morning a
few weie to lm seen, but were looking as
f thev were sorry for it.
Three blackbirds visited the Ridge a few
days ago, but did nottarrv long. Robins
we don't have as they are seldom seen
above 4000 feet.
Harry Daugherty was doing business
across the line in Nebr. on last Saturday
A bnunoing boy came to gladden the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Williams one
day last week.
Stuart Sides lost SO head of cattle dur
ing the last storm. .
J. A. Rice has moved into the canon
and is busv sawing when the weather
While in Harrison on lust Monday night
we attended the literary there, and must
say that the programme was very good,
Buds and Bloss ms showed us how
"Ruby Played" which was the best thing
we had heard in years, we laughed until
our sides ached.
Yes. Buds and Blossoms tht's all right.
Your town is well represented, hut
your seasons are all Fall. Here we have
eight months winter and four months late
in fall.
Now here comes meek, little Peggy
with an ailogy. Don't worry Peggy,
we don't take offense at anything our
sisters of the Press may say, we know it
is givt and take in fun. Why, did you
notice whftt our old friend ''Uncalled us.
Just plain "Zek." Ys Buns and Blos
soms giivn us a nice poem Don't tell
bsr so, but we congrattila'o tbe PraM
Journal in having so lively a correspond
ent from A ndrows.
Mr, Editor- Pleas "Xcuw"
Idti 1(1 tiny i R.4 it IN oti! a
ns for send-
years ago, but aa w ii.v biu anltnl for ,
It again will tend it In with a little change
to rail the time.
Ode (Owed) To March.
Old March, we're glad to see you go.
With your zeroes, and storms blizzards
and snow.
You tarried too long for any good.
You used all our feed, and burned all
our wood.
Our cattle you starved, and some you
And out on the prairie you turned up
their toes.
Their bones the coyotes soon will bare.
A gbasty reminder of "March on a tear.
Our chickens too, have lost their toes.
By your zeroes and storms, and bliz
zards and snows.
And now must roost upon the ground,
For the want of toe, the toles to clasp
And some are dead, they didn't die
The roof of the hen house their bodies
There they will stay till rain, and sun
Will cause us to swear at the havoc
you've done. .
Well March you've gone, we're glad to
That April will melt the four feet of
Thats lain on the ground since December
And uncover the bones, grim reminders
of you.
Last Wedqesday was so warm and
springlike, but it turned colder during
the nightnd in the morning it was rain
ing and timed to sleet so everything had
a crystal covering which looked very
Drettv. The sun shone briirhtlv Fridav
. - rj J J
so sparkles tike diamonds glistened from
every bush and tree. The roads are get
ting quite passable but this new addition
of moisture hasgiven them a "back set
The students have baen conducting two
good litsrary societies this year and are
known as the Athenian and Spartan's.
They gave a contest Friday night which
was a graud treat. Contrary to expect-
ions the Spartans gained by seven poiuts.
They treated us to recitations, origioal
.-.tones, essays, orations aad a debute.
The judges came from St. Paul, Clarkes
and Marquette, so no farors would be
shown. The literary has been a grand
success, and has brought forth before un
known lalent. People that have had to
move this spring are glad they moved
the second of March wben the roads were
good. I only counted 35 loads of house
hold goods pass here on the 2nd. That
ras been the banner day fwr moving. A
elter from Mrs. Phebe J. Taylor (ne
Olinger) last week informs us their barn
was destroyed by fire recently with
irness and h".y. Fortunately the horses
were out of the barn or they would have
been burned too. Mrs. Taylor seems to
enjoy the calm of Colo, as well as Mrs.
Rice does. J. guess the blessings are
pretty evenly scattered if we but count
them. Did you ever hear of a shower of
birds? Such a wooder struck our city
one evening last winter. It was very
cold and the hi nls seemed to be unable
to fly above the tree tops and wires, so
fluttered to the ground, quivering and
died. In the morning they laid on the
ground as thick as the W-. that was
rovided for the children of Isreal; one
man gathered almost a bushel in his yard
They were a strange bird, neither a snow
bird nor an english sparrow. Where did
they come Irom, where were they going
and why did they die, no one can tell
We did not know when we sent our last
terns of the appointment of Mr. Conrad
f arsons to Mil Mr. Burke s vacancy, so
xtend congratulations now and wish
him success. Once in a while we do not
get our paper till Monday, last week it
came Friday, but usually on Saturday
so we can think about our friends and
talk them over Saturday night. If any
of your "ears get to burning" too badly
we will desist. We hope Mr. Burke's
new field of labor will give him an oppor
tunity to do a good work among the
ttle hoys as he meets them. What can
he done, whal must be done, to check
the awful habit of cigarette smoking
among boys. It Is nothing short of a
crime seems to me to sell cigaretts to a
boy. It is awful to see a bright boy.
some mothers darling, lead to destruct
ion through the awful habit. How can
fathers tolerate such an evil. If it can
be suppressed by the ballot why is it not
one. If men will permit in indulging
vice and intemporale habit we can't
help it but by all means let us save the ;
boys if we possibly can. We are glad '
Burke dos not hsndls vice with
lives on, we wisn uuu "ijod npeod in
s chosen work.
Ma reh 30 Clio.
Ilunjan'i Work n "Pllnrliu'i rrnjjr.M
Uunyan took the oLuorwIho nnera-
'.-I 'f trs yftirs to flilsh
trn almost entlrelf In Bedford JaiL
the "Holr War" required, hut one rear.
Professional Car;
PbylscUn and Hargeen.
ail calls given prompt iUmi
Office in Drug store.
Prompt attention given to u!i
matters in Justice, County and Di.
Courts, and before the United 1 ;
Land Office.
Fire Insurance written in i-e!
ty Legal paperlcarefully drawn.
Harrison, - Nebr aw
V. R. R. j,
to and from the
F. E. M.
Harness, saddles, range
goods, lumber, all kinds oi
building material. (
Farm machinery and Is;;: :7
ware. Flour, grain and feed
When in need of anything in my ,
give me a call; We will treat you vvbt.
F. E. & M. V. R. R. Time Tabl
New Schedule of Trains.
Taking effect Sunday Nor. 28.
West Bound. East Bound.
Morning, Evening. '
No. 68 Frt.4:15p.in. I No. 60, Fit. ...2;SS'
No. 5, Psgr. 10:55 No. 4,Psirr. srnve
j 6:35, departs 7
Both trains carry passengers.
Breezes from Glen.
March is going out quite pk
around here.
Clara Mortenson visited Zora, an.:
A :3 a
Puddy last Saturday, and Sunday.
Elizabeth Harris visited her Aih.ti i&
Andrews last Saturday.
We expect Rev. Sloan to be with us tt
hold meetings rrom the 8th to the ijinf
frf April at the Qleu Church. We i-.
like for all to come, aud enjoy tii.se.
meetings with us that can.
We had a good Sunday School ist
Lords day.
Mr. and Mrs. Mortenson visited Mr. . d
Mrs. Adamnons last Sunday,
The "Glen Sunlets" seem to think that
the "Breezes from Glen"' are pitt'.y
strong. We know that they m. ot
very large but Oh my I how they ti-a in.
The "Bug" has just waked up once u,m
since the deep snow has gone, auu ii
green grass has begun to grow, i.u
enjoying these tine days very much.
May Weber was home last Frida;, i m.d
until Sunday afternoon.
There has been a good deal of lev. p i , l
spring calves around bete.
Roy Wubur is getting to be quite
hunter. He killed one coyote aoden; pl
ed another.
The Hsh car came up last Saturday u ci
restocked the stream from Ft. RolmiM.r.
to Andrews.
School in Dist. No. 2 began last X.'oo
day nioroiug, the 80 th of March. Tliuir
former teacher, Mr. A. Johnson, is wi(li
them once more.
The roads are getting good once more,
perhaps that it why we have riom oem
Una week. But tbis is all.
"Bra "
Aeaertsml OMee Mite
William MUUkan, Sr., edK of th
Fayette eousty, Ohio, Herald, Is us
oldeat newspaper editor In the Unit V
State. He waa twice a member of tu'
lndtaaa WcUlatnra and was siso a
member of tk Ohio legltlaturo ttt'd
prmt4 aM pushed tbrotifh th
praaaat law nculatlnc tba rati for
Ugal paMItloii In newspaper.
, Clot F'rr,lo-
Honry Trulan. who was defcater;
In the race for mayor r Pulruft. at.l
demand a recount, the innjority oi m
opponent, Mayor Hugo, helm
six votes. Two years hgo Mr. Ii'.ii;
bent lit rri hy rfi v .
mayoralty raw. '; :
ao4 waa 4atata4 bj 'Jufff awiit.