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Dr. Hey mour at Crawford Oct. 8th.
Fred I loan was down from Wyoming
thi week;
Edwin Guthrie lft last Monday night
for Kearney Nehr , where he will attend
chool thm intr.
Oee Turner snipped two tar loads of
Cattle last Monday.
Read tin man who watched the fly
trap in another column.
Entertainment Given by District 30
i September I9lh.
An entertainment will be given by the
Andrews' school at the behool-hou- Fri
day evening;, Sept. 19:h. F.vtrybody
come and bring so.tiehody else. Teach
ers, of other Mux;) especially invited to
bring their u i is. hut everybody invit-
The undersigned desires to announce
tnat he has dipiwed of his business at
Harrison, to Mr. t'harles Newman, and
to express Ins Ihankfiil nppreeiat inn of j ed and inaue welcome.
patronng" Hint, has enabled him ti create l-mxjUAMME
rrorn a small Is-ginning one of the best
business enterprises in Northwest Nebr.
Mr Newman will continue the business
at the old stand and bis policy will lie the
same as that which has made it success-
Clarence Hnllingsworth came down
from hi ranch Tuesday evening.
Rev Youngman went to Cbadron Tues
day evening to at tend Conference.
fiuniUy whool nt 10 o'clock: every
body in vitd. W. H. Davis; Supt.
fill in the past, and I request for biiti the
sani" liWal patronage that has been ae- I
corded to myself.
G. W. Hester.
Jutt received: A new consignment of
rue and boys clot lung at OKKLAt IIS
Iudpe Kiriraid Hie Republican candid
ate for Congressman was in town yester
day. , Maicils V.ildnz and Henry Mnravek re
t urtied lo Old Women creek, Wyo. la-t
J. J and H. H. Was-erburger each
shipi I a car of hor.-es to Wisi oiimii lust
Tuisd V.
Mure and hotter crttrflt for the same
niottey t Gerlncli's store than any other
place, try them. 10-tf
J. H. Wtlherthsdiirfer ilei-oi ated bin
h artie-n shop (Ins week, by putting it
new floor in and ceiling it,.
A Smithvill. man according to the
Liberty Advance visited a phisiorun m
company with his wife. The doctor in
serted the thermometer in her mntith.
Afler it had been there two or three
minutes, the man, who was not accus
tomed to such prolonge ' hnrstsof silence
on I he part of his wife-, pulled nut low-allot
and inquired: 'or. what will
you take for that I Inn;; ' T,x halite.
'J. E Marsteller came in on the
train last Saturday niirlit. and Alex
I,ow rv nod I). M. Sut.'ou came in Monday
evening from their trip lo the, Iist Cabin
mine. Mr. Marsteller says there is gold
I here, but as it is so far from a rail-road
ihev will have to (.wait futber develop
ments to see whet her il will pa v or not
We was in hopes thev would bring
brick a wagon box full of Hugger us
.souvenirs i.ut periups Ae win jjei Uiem
later on.
For a bvl teste in the mouth take
Clumber ain's Stomiu ti end L vr Tab
leti. For sale by all IVviggisis.
fvl f'oH nifsHin th m vd h'sfminU in
town last week, o his f' tl 'ren will ge '
the benefit ".f s-'ho.il this winter.
Ml-s E ir.lheth Harris o:tin in on the
-l Isiund train from Lincoln Wedter
day. She exjwets hi leach school 111 lis-tni-l
No. J3.
A Communication.
Mk KtMToR Allow dim to nak few
words in favor of ( hamlierlain's ' '(ni'h
Iteniedy. I nll-re'! for ibree yeitrt with
the tiiiMichilw and coufl not steep at
nights. 1 trisl several doctors unit vuri
oils palelit. 111 die-lie, hill i-i'llld j.-et
not 11(5 to j-ive mp khv reii'-f man my
wife pH a hot tie of this va'uable nied
cine, wtiirli Irw roiiiob'telv relieved me
W S. Hly-KM. nn-n-ll. Mo. Tm
retried v i for sale bv J. K. Phinnev.
. OreHlinu S )iil B H -bonl
Wolds of welc'ime Lilia-i lln ris
Soiij,' "Jack and Joe" " Sc.lmol
Recitation "Tlie Lnvei s Sacr.lice"
liy l'earla Jones.
Soiit;, St locted
By Clara Chritensen
I'ialoiiue "The Morning I 'all"
By Mis 8. E. Jones and Lilia-s: E Harris
ftei iUiti.in Bv Thomas Jones
Hand Drill
Bv Clara Christens-1!! an I PeirlaJoues
l)ntlo.f. "Tic? Sick i)U"
By Kv.i Pis-etor, i'liouias Jones,
and Mabel I ill i.stirtiseii
Motion Son By School
H.;cita! ion "K:ss H.;r and tell Her so"
By Sirs. S. E. Jones
Dialogue "The Wax Figure Sbo--v
By i a rl Mailseti, Jul a M idseti, Thomas
Jones. E.a Proctor, M.tliel i hnsteiiscii,
mid i hri.stfiia Ji -nsen.
Song "The Moonliglil Kail Jt.v School
Dialogue l'carla Jones's Dream"
By Pear I a, Jmies. Birdie Join s, Mabel
i tiristcnsen, Jo'ia Mad-n, Aliset Madsn
and Thomas Jones
Recitation Selected
H' citation "Wider Bodil"
Hy Mrs S E. Jon. s
Dialogue "The Rehcursil
Bv ( Mara . 'tii i-tensljc. 'A ib-l !bnstenei',
nrl Mud-1 n, Eva l'rocior, Julia M.uUen.
and Thomas Joiivs
U.-citatio.i By Pansv Jone
R'citation "M uoa's 'it' le Boy
By Lilian K. Harris
Remarks "Tne Puleic E'llert'i'nnK't
il'i Adv tillages" - By Supt. J B Bori.e
Songs. Selected By School'
Miss Oral While, who taught the East
chiol I it spring, is now teaching an
eiiibt monlb term of school near Inez,
lhl count v.
The fir.t threshing of the season was
done last week, when Mr Kn'tse thresh
ed for Bert Hamlin's and Mr. Church.
Hamlin's oats averaged thirty thn-e
bushels pr acre. "'
At this writing there are yet a few
fields of linn Incut. One piece tn par
ticular will no! be ripe for t wo weeks vet .
and if we don't liavea snow or hard freeze
will ni ike a good yield.
"a viole'ifTl
Jami s W. C'bris'ian, a few days ago,
killed a huge limk of the Swuinsoi.
sjs'cie ttilh a stone. The uird was fly
ing when lie :hr;W and Ilia stone struck
it on one w ing hieakiiig :t and bringing
the bird to Ih ground.
Andrew ' 'bristian's cat 1 1 were on the
market Wednesday morning of last week,
he had -11 s'eers which topped the market.
Tliuiyiveraged l .'OO B.s and sold at 5.40
or 64 t'O per head. An Iowa feeder
hoegbt ' hem ari.l i hey vv,t() shipped to
Tama county the fame day.
It must have been n grott pleasure to
the two teachers that lis'ened to Mr.
Zori'eermau's worr's on last Sunday, to
think that they had something to do with
he mapping out of his life, ard t h posit
ion that he now is filling; that, is the
;, Trying of thi.' Gospel message of peace.
No! no! M A.1', don't mention potatoes:
Tle-v are too cheap to talk about, one of
vour riei-hbor i resnnnb'e in a way,
for their downfall. Wl have rv.ta'oes
to throw lo th rows, (hat is if we are
a' rng enough to throw ilium, if not.
we'll roll 'em or dragem out with m
hore .
1 am bow prepared to weeve carpels.
1 rt. for bit end miss and l'Ji for
atripped. Warp furnihsd at cost.
Ubs J. A. TflATEB. 8fS tf
If yen went a nn in Ijidieaiid child
reel ibnes jo to GVRL.CH'S nhere you
ca buv them cheaper than in any
eae'ern city. They now have a larce
aeoi taunt.
Geo A rhi ps editnr of the Cl adron
ianai.d formerly editor of Ihis paper was
married last Wededay to Miss Bes E.
Burleij-'h of Ainsworth N'br. The Press
Journal extends het wishea.
Ecb;ir-e -The e, if.; of n West' Vir;in a
Hiiiilster I as b en married II rec times.
H'r maiden nanie v .s Partnge, her lirst
t.iislw nd " a- R-1 'oris, laT seco-ai sparrow,
and the present one (jbimles There are
n ew two vntii Rubin, one Sparrow ai.il
three H! I- Quay les in the f.invlv. Onr
granlfatber was Swan and another tvaK a
.ls , hut. he's dead ard is now a bird ol
itriibse. They live on Hawk avenue.
E -glev.lle, I 'ariarv Island", and the fel
low who wro1" tins isa re bird, au in
terested relative of the family.
Water 'fur. fo:: Chkonic Consi'ipatiox.
Take t wo cups of hot water half an
hour before each rueal and just t-efore
going t o bnd , also a ("rink of wafer, hot
or cold, a'KVit I wo hours after each meal.
Take lots of outdoor exercise walk,
ndr, drive. Make a regular habit of this
and in many ctiss chroni.; constipation
nay Secured without the use of liny
medicine. When n purgative i required
take something nnld and i.-entle hke
'"banil-erlain's Stomach and Liver Tab
lets. For aale by aU Druggists.
Hjlilikiss Colorado,
fv'pt 2
V.T- tvisi to cnnirratiil iU nor ofd timf
f:end Cc"ie W'ohMeter. on his succ"-s in
o is.'ng i h j exii nopal ion in lelejjraphv.
He b-.is roll1-" trn"'l good position and
is worthv of on'- offl.-o th" ''"I'l'my mny
five him. Ib re i our ff Cene. so
I,1.., grape vine us vhen you get a
p 'Sitloll.
Tf.v E'nerv Z itmermin of B"'1"'"
and Mr. and Mrs Ru'-kw. "f 'be Fress-
Journ-il. came on' to the R'ds'e on' last
'' n r -ie,l slr,vn ov-- ni"bt with
M-s. A. ' liristinn nnd f-imilv. Mr. 7.ina-
win iin ld lime pupil of Mrs.
f'brisliun, having won" to school to her
when ebn taught th Pi-darc school
several vears ago. Tie a'so was n pupil
four Isuter threa.four'hs, when she
taught there fon-'-en years ago. On
Sunday he preached to a large and atten
tive andien
Now and then some fly, with'
effort of his ' niuw les and of Ins will,
would actually tear binipelf from the
flypaer and tsoap;.
Others could not get away, but made
a heroic struggle. They walked across
the paper, dragging their heavy legs
and sticky wingn, climbing up on the
i bod.es of the other flies in search of nome
means of escape.
The man watched the flies, theirdiffer-
ent kind, of efforts, (heir d liferent ways
of dying, the long struggles of some, th
quick submission ()f others. It was a
grewsoni'i but interesting spectacle.
What interested him most was the
stupidity of the Hies, and the fact that
not one of I hem seemed lo learn any thing
from l be fate of scores of others stretch
ed dead on the sticky surface.
"It is evident," said the man, "that
these flies have absolutely no capacity
for thinking or for estimating conse
quences. 'Eicli flv ns'he approaches the paper
must see that there are scores of flies ly
ing (b ud on it. Each of these flies, as he
goes back and forth near this deathtrap
must see the other flies struggling, see
i heir useless elforts. hear their terrified
buzzing -yet each fly in hi turn runs
the risk, and tempted by the sweet,
si u ky substance, goes to death in his.
T suppose that each foolish fly thinks
that ho will esrvpe. (he fate of the others.
Each one imagines that be can alight on
the paper and get off again. Perhaps
each has noticed rhe occasional fly that
gets on the flypaper and does escape
"What, fools these flies are. What a
fool each one of them is not, to say to
h'mself fha' what, has ruined so many
flies will surely ruin him. Why do they
not get out "f ihis room, if they can. or
at least keep as faraway from the fly
paper as possible?"
Read the Press Journal.
Professional Cards.
M. J. 0 Cooiiell,
Co. Itttrwi
Mill Practice In All Court.
Special Attention iilren to Laa4 Gf
flee Business.
Collection! and all baslnesa eatratU.
ed to me will rewire prompt alteatioa,
Hakiuson - NkBRAsKA.
Pliyiscian anil Hargeoa.
411 culm given prompt ntteiitioa
Ortlce in Drug Store.
Prompt attention given to all taifa
matters in Justice, County and District
Courts, and before the United State
Land Office.
tire Insurance written ia reliable
tSTLegal papers carefully drawn.
Hauiuson. - Nkbuama.
F. E. If. V. II. R. i
to and from the
in the hall.
The Pr ess Journal E' ilor has J,ini'lv
skrd me to si. nd an occasional word
from this tar-a way cnun'rv. It vei-ms
to me 'hat now 'he journey is over th"rs
can not lie much to wrde about, bur.
" hen I remember how eagerly I look for
tr.e Hodtni, ( arev. nrel entral i it jw too. had the p'easure of a nre t reat
items, I cannot r-l i,s to send rvv mite ,, Vednd.tv of last. week, in theshane
a',0- ; or Sioux count v aptiles, while nt the
The weather here certainly le-au'iful , ,nn ,n. n(,.,r f hH ninii'hof lb- Sipiaw
f .r out of doors life; not m. hot as when ! rrr, ,.Jnyon. Tom Dunn took us into
e first came. f,,r 'he l ist three week- i L,,r,i,Hn wl,,,re there were a fw nntile
Countv Mpf.
The Peits-,lot."llNAl. has printed a lim
ited numlier of maps on Manilla card
beard which can tie secured for 10c each.
They will also We given as a premiuai to
aw aubscnliers.
The injection of I)r. Rea'a Blackleg
Vaccine (in pill form) meanslhe pre-erva- j SepttMiilier. 11MI'.', at 2 o'clock p. ni,, for
tioa of health, mettle, and renders them Hie purpose of nominating a candidate
lenipt from the ravaging effects of that
u read and mfei tnnis ihs.ase. Ha.id hi'
the thermometer has b.i n from Wl to V4
most of the da v at e bout 2 I'. M. In
the nion'h it lias rained -n. ugh to reullv
make t flings wet. about twire various
ol ler h" I-.pi ink les but hardlv enough
to drive us in the house. Every one i
busy now ga!h"ring I expect to begm
lo i-crrriw lo ack fr uit a' M
oneniiVlrom home and Mr. T?-ce will
also do sorr;e'hieg nl it if be I eeps well.
Roy has been workuig there for abouf
ll ree weeks making fruit Ikixi-s nt ct.
a piece; he could average about fl a dav
when there was work. He began school
in Hetcbkiss yesterday, he will have
The Ieniocralice!e. lorsof tber-oiinlies ; n's'iil 3 miles fo go, hut a good whool
comprising the Fifty third representative
district of Nehr.i-kn are requested to
send delegates lo a convention to ! held
in Alliance, Nebraska, on the 07th day of
advertisement in this paper.
Mr. and Mr-. C. H. Orewell took the
aat bound train for (lie south east part
of Iowa, for visit with fiiends, and
will also visit Oklolioma liefore coming
Uck, no doubt Charlie will gel lonesome
ranching it alone but the good looking
Kirla are not all K""' yet Charlie.
w hen I e gets there,
Mr. Duke's orchard the nearest big one
is a w underfill sitrht to me. Ho packed
last year 5flb0 boxes of EUs-rl.t peaches
from ll'iO trees. It is wonderful bow full
the trees are hai ging anil how large and
for reireen'ative for said district. """ I"'" "' are; ol tne surplus one
Thevariousronnl.es comprising the i f,)" 11,1 VB bun1iiiice for ei.iing. dry-dis-rict
nre entitled to representation "'' j'"4' for carry mg t l.em
trees, one of which was loaded with the
choicest of fruit Thev were quire large
and vei v beautiful, being light colored
m one side and deep red on the other.
Wi'h a garden rake Tom knocked a few
off and. Eve I ke, tempted us to eat
hereof. Well, we ate and ale, then fill-
Dnke s ,,,,( pockets, as we had ne baskets, and
took them home to the young Z's. This
was tne third I in e only that we have
eaten Sioux county apple. The Dunns'
have a beautiful home there; besides
apples t hey have Concord grapes, rasp
berries, currants, and blacU-berries; Also
a nice ltd of holly bocks which were still
in bloom. Vi.u see, Mr. Editor, that we
toil Were treated lo iippleson the same
day that JJr. P.irkttr re mem la-red you.
A Certain Cure far Dyeentery end
'Home jears ago 1 was one of a party
that intended making a long bicycle trip.''
aaya F. L. Taylor, of New Allstny, Brad
ford count y, Pa. "I was taken euddi nly
with diarrhoea, and was lsnit lo give
up the trip, wh. n editor Ward, of the
Box Butte
5 Sheridan
ft Sioux
S. M. Smysku; Chairman
Soul h Omaha, Nebr ,
September 9. 11)02.
j ftwiiv, I h.iVe piiims, chei-rres, apricot n,
(j block riisple rrie, ar., and (H iu hes
j ' cinned and expeel to put up mauv more
pet ches of the latest variel.es which are
liner than the earlier.
We have the matrral partly I anled
for a house uml tlia round. it iori mostly
rady, but shall pos'pour house building
fie-a time to work is the peach harvest.
Twodaysof Ihm week bring la i g 1 Everyone sa y s M will de a long t mm yet
reieips of Isith cttte and sheip. Oil tie Imfore cold wen'bir.
have l-en fairly stei.dr on all desirable 1 Perhap. in ano' lr monl li I can t.ll
ktni'st and as iiktial the moil stuir has j vou more about fru.t picking.
been hard to dlspoee of. TheHlroti de-
lliiiiid for fee le.'s and killers colli ill., es.
O.rnlcd Is-el 6.00 to H.00, tsisl stockers
and killers 5 Oil to 5 5'), choice leeders 4.
fill to fi 01). fair -1 OiJ to 4 .50, common
l4tvville Meseii'er, suggexled that I j slerrs ll.'i'l lo 4 AO. choice cows and heil
take a dose or Chamberlain' Colic, Choi- ers 4 00 to 4 40, butcher ktulf it 00 to 4 00,
ra and Diarrhiea Remedy. 1 purchased cuiiuis,nd (.inters 1 50 to 2 50, veal 4 50
a tadlle and look two doek, one Iwlore J U) 5 50, ijood slm k hellers 3.00 lo J U't
atari mg ,-ind one on the route. I made Monday brought largest receipts tf nelghhoi hood, is now win king in Omaha
lb trip kUccWullv ""d neer felt ""' i alieep iii bisinrv o( Vui'ds, ';l,.'i00. I'n-es ! , ,
... - . i . ... , i ,. i. , .' ,. . a... Andrew ( hns'.laii is expected home
ill effect. Again last kUMimer was itl- ultf declined 10 toiaefs. enriuig 8 'ill, 1 , . ' ,
I rum ins itrwift t mi I, miurriifiiii uii r n.
j-In Wyoming,
Lioatrd I hnstiiiii returned home lioin
Onislia on last l-'riiiay,
L.iwis Sutton, a former resident (if our
moel completely rundown wiihan attack j ,,)Br, 8,00 lo 8 00, oes 2.25 lo 8 50
rityeeuterv. 1 Uoight lottle of 'his Hu,bs 4 00 lo 5.00, The lower ran of Hrd Shallo and Mr. Port, r are
aame Mnieily and Ihm tune on doe tur- fof f,(,. K0nJ ir (brihbu.g maih-
Held I ) J. jS. Pa-mej. MB A ltrrAKAK Co.
The Mn Who Wtched Fly-Trp.
Tins is a true story J not an accumula
tion of pseiido facts.
A man bad spread out. a sheet of fly
caper, lie noticed that from day to day
1 he number of f mall black sp,.( ks incteas
ed, eiicn speck tvl hi. g the story of the
ft "s ' rag le end.
One ilas , out of idle curiosity, he fell
to Miidying the flies as their doom over
took them.
One It , camo to the edge of the paper,
lastej the treacherous, sticky preparat
ion, then went away for the lime Ixring.
Another fly did the Kitlie thing, but
waded boldly in and was soon C-ugJit
Another fly, flying- down straight from
ulsive, landed it, the middle of the fly
par. His pleasant bo.z ol lint icipnl ion
soon changt'd lo a loud singing noise that
fold ol helpless rage and lear.
As I lie flies In lob d on the paer each
acted in a (h Heienl way.
Some heat their w ings f ratitK ally for
a h. cotid or l wo, only to lull ovtr on
Ihrir sales vi rj mhui tind sin a iimb to the
mu ky poison.
Others khowid more intelligence, nnd
when they realized the danger, stood on
lh"irtity bs. nd a voi ii g to Un.w
tbtiiiklvs up mill lis kVtey,
Having thus mused philosophically
the man net on his hat and went out,
bnving the flies arid their foolishness to
take care of themselves.
The man turned to the right, then
tnrned lo the left, then went, through a
doorway, and then he was on the fly-
p'ier that catches human beings
He was in a drinking saloon and be
had a glnss of whiskey in front of him.
At this point we will study Ibis man
in 'he saloi n s be studied the flies on
the flypaper in his bedroom. What hap-
p r-s to the man in the saloon?
Exactly that which happened to the
flips on (be f vpn per.
One man goes near the edge of the
whiskey habit, takes a little and poes
a way hke the fly first mentioned, who
approached ihe edge of thu flypaper.
This human fly who takes a lit! la and
goes iiw;iy is almost i-ure to come back
again in time.
Other nien who approach the whiskey
flvpaper taken little and promptly wade
right in to their doo.i.
The human victims that slight on the
w! iskey flypaper hiire ns many ways of
struggling, as many ways of dying, es
many ways of suffering nnd as few
chances of escsping as the ignorant flies
that alight on the sticky flypaper in the
hot kitchen.
Of hnmsti liies on the whiskey fly
paper, some M rujfgle feebly for a while
against the habit that has caught them
and soon succumb.
Others last for a long while. Only the
ends of their feet touch the flypaper.
They keep their bodies erect, and for the
time U-irie; feel quite proud of themselves
and call themselves "moderatedrilikers."
But their feet nre on the flvpaper, and
with nine out of ten of them il is only
question of time when the body and
mmd will sink lo the level of the feet
and that will be the end of Ihe struggle
An occasional human being; escapes
from Ihe whiskey fl paper and, gxies
away to tell others that "whiskey never
hurl him."
This human fly does the most barm.
He sends others to whiskey, and sooner
or l.ner he is pretty sure to (jo lj"'-'a
time himself.
V. K. il. V B. A. lime table.
UolnrTtH. Going Eaat
1. 5, mixed 10:M No. mlxed-.
Dealer in;
Harness, Saddles,
Lumber, Grain,
Harvesting Machines.
The PEER of all
grade cigars.
5 ct. Cigars.
All lovers of a good cigai
are invited to try,
OR '
P. li. Bigelow; Sole Agent,
DAN SULLY cigars.
Fok Sale: 100 acres of land joining the ,
village of Harrison; for further purtic
ulurs iii,uir at this office. 40
When you go into a restau-ant or any
other place where flypaper is spread out, A little girl had been lonkinjf at eom
take a look at the struggling, sullering ; pictures of arigeis and she turned to hr
insects dy lug slowly and horribly in the!
sticky mass that falsely attracted them.
You w ill wonder at the stupidity of
each fly as it alight regardless of the
late of others.
Don't duplicate that fly1 tupijity in
tour on n life.
Keineihlier that what has ruined others
may ruin you. K-ep away from the
so ha li mid from the whiskey bottle.
Take a walk through Ihe Poller's Field
some day any ii. an at the morgue can
lell jou how to get llieri and you will
11 nd the fruits of the whiskey bottle,
i ii at and enceflil al least in I heir llnal
rest on Ihe Mirfnce of the flvpaper that
( ai'fcl.l Iht ni,-N w Yoik Jounml and
Aaierican, I hi hi ( 'uiiininnor,
mamma and asked "Mamma, why arw
there no men in heaven?'' '-But there ar
men in heaven," replied the mother.
"Then why is it," nuked the child, "that
we nver see any picture of angel elth ,
whiskers or must ache?" "True but there
are men in heaven," wa the reply," oojjr
l hey gel In by a close hv." Ruabvillev.
General P. H. Harry fusion candidal
for (digress from the 6th Listrii I M m,
llanison Inst Friday locking ; up l.U
poln icul leiicnn which we nre glad to mv
are tnveiy (. i d,flii. in fc uk (Mllty
Mr. Barrev is a very pleimsnt fentlaman
nd is surely den i vim ol all the tH4Hi
ti al lu puople uiighl bealiow tqprt Mm
. . , -. r . r
'y '