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Harrison Press - J ournal.
tnft Phiuney was down from Lance
creek this week.
Go lo Patterson's for Singer Machine
and supplies. 50tf.
Jake Mills from Tint Creek Wyoming
was in town Tuesday.
George I a vis und family were in from
Iiince creek this week.
Will Murman ctiiiie down from the .SO
lust Saturday evening.
James Nolim and John Tidd were in
from Indian creek lust Tuesday.
There were 22 cars of cattle shipi
from Sioux County last, Saturday.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock; every
body inviled. W. II. Uavis; Supt.
Master Frank Coffee came dp from
Cliadron Tuesday und went to Bix'urc.
Mowers A rukes at coKt..
J. W. 1 faster
Just received: A new consignment of
men and boys clothing at GERLACHN.
Kid-ert Poi ler who is working for A Mo-
Uinlny iiji in Wjo. was m town tins
Grandma iinvis
Turner's to spend
went, out to (J. H.
week with Mrs.
John Herman and Ed llollingsworth re
ceived good prues lor the cattle they
uliipisn last week.
W. H. Marstelier went to Omaha hint
Saturday with a shipment of cattle and
to take in the nights.
More u rid belUr guml fur the same
money at GeilacliV store ttutu any other
place, try them. 10-lf
Mrs. V'alilez has been quite sick the
pavt le d.ivs with lung lever, but is
hutteruswegu U Press.
Jeff Hewitt, our lormer toivnttni'in
came in on the train from Wheatland
Wyo. lust Monday evening,
M. A. Barman, says he has taken an
O'her homestead, ami wttr.ts to know
wliat his friends ure goii g to do ubout it.
We learn that Millard Thayer, and Miss
Carrie Leeling were married Wednesday.
The Press Jourual wishes them a lung
and happy life.
Royce Teblwt arrived from Denver
Colorado on the west bound tr.in Wed
nesday. He will visit with friends at
this place for a while.
I am now prewired to weave carpets,
10 cU. for hit and miss and 12 for
stripped. Warp furnished at cost.
Mtw. J. A. Thavkr. 88 tf
U. 8. Hail boxes are quite conspicouus
on the Mail Route from ILurison to
Montrose and the people along this route
are enjoying the privileges of a free de
livery. If you want a snap in Ladiesand child
ren shoes go to GERLAC'H'.S where you
can buy them cheaper than in any
eastern city. They now have a large
Epworth League Sunday evening at 7
o'chxk; Subject; The call to separation.
Everybody invited.
Delay are dangerous. Send at once
to I. Chan. L. Rea. 2i0 End 32 street,
New York City for Ins treatise on Black
leg. ll ii free Jjb'J contains valuable
Information about this raving disease.
Rev. J. A. Sclianiuhorn, Presiding Elder
preached to a large and appreciative
congregation last Sunday morning at 11
a. m. Rev. and Mrs. Youngman Mr. and
Mr. J. C. Parsons and Mr. and Mrs.
J. I. Burke presented their infants for
baptism. The sucruHient of the Lord's
nopper wan partaken of by a large nunc
Iter of communicants. The evening
service was largely attended and Rev.
rkhuHishorn preached a very spiritual,
ii i d interesting sermon. Rev. S hania
lx.ro never diwisiiits his hearers.
Mrs. Andrew Christian and Miss Nellie
.'.be Journal family a pleasant visit
last Sunday.
Card of Thank.
VVedesireti thank our kind neighliors
and friends who were so kind to us dur
nig the sickness and death of our kind
husband and father.
Mrs. L. iJE'fK K and ( nit.iii:n.s.
Notice to Tax Payers.
A II ieisoiia! tux that is due must lie
paid at once or I shall proceed to collect
the same 1 y law.
John I. Iliivis,
Co, Treasurer.
The new Bell came for the church last
Monday, and was put into its place in the
belfrv on Tuesday, we will free a lit I le
more metropolitan from Urn lime forth,
hot still feel thankful to I lie school bo. nil
for the ufe of tile school bell these p;it
The matrimonial market has been good
(tie past week and our county Judge was
so unfortunate as to run out the land of
papers it takes to make one out of two,
hut don't get discouraged hoys for there
is a new supply ordered which will lie
here as pooii as Uncle Sum's mall call
get them here.
Dr. I'hinney was culled to Montrose
last Sunday to look alter some small-pox
patients, ll was III the families of John
I lehuno mid Joseph Hofluiati, and from
all reports lias been going ihe rounds in
thai immediate vicinity since the l'ress
Jourual uieul loueil ubout it some two
mouths ago. While it is in a very mild
form we can't tell just when it will
break out in a more aggravated hi. (I
serious form. We understand the hoard
ol health have i inai inliued the lamihes
that have it, lino every cH'orl should he
put forth to si. nop il out befoiii cold
weather sets in.
There will 1 u Lecture givtn by Rev.
Dr. t-'ivdru k Hatch of Omaha on Monday
night August Ihe -Hit at the cluircli.
Hissiioject will be Pilgrims of trail or
the sur makers. Dr. Hatch comes very
highly recommend" d as a lecturer and as
I could not pay linn from l be Institute
lund he ugreel Income and give a lec
ture lo the Public cl urgii g 25 cts. ad
mission and will give one or two Lectures
to teachers during institute hours. 1
hope that every one will turn out Mon
day nigh- to hear the lecture and show
our aps;ciatiou of ability when it cnunes
to our town. Will pay some boy or girl
to sell tickets for Ihe utiove lecture, and
the hoy or girl that will do this come to
me at once.
J. B. liuike.
Joseph Ieopuld DeBockdiedof Bright's
disease on the 2:lid day of July lllfU at 10
HO A. M. he was born on the 2l)!h day of
August 1H-I5 at liussels IJelglllin, Hli'i
came to America in lHol. He was mar
ried to Antouia Connese at lX'lner Wis
consin on 22 dav of February He
was the father of 10 children: ti bovs arid
4 girls of which 9 of them are living and
were present at the time of his death.
Mr. DeBo-'k came from Utah to Sioux
county in 1W5. And bus resided in this
county ever since, He was a kind uud
loving father, and proved himself to be
one of our most honored und rsected
citizens, while there will be a vacant
chair at his home the ones that be has
left behind can look forwnrd to the day
of meeting where there will be no pain
or sorrow.
The Press Journal extends its sympath
ies to the widow und children of the
Hy virtue of an order of sl IkmoiI by tse
cler of the cllstrlot ceurt of ;.Hkmix county
Kehi'Hukn, upon a decree rendered In siil'l
court In fnvor of Mom County, pliilnltrT,
mid wrnhuit Murthii M. Iluvcy, John W.
lloviy, Nelson Horry, Alonstu A. Ilovey,
Chester Ilovey, Nouli It. Horry, Kliiiu Car
penter, Frank Phillips, I.lxle KoKcrs.CUrtce
A. llnirerniHii, Wllllsin A. Ilovey, Flora K.
Ilovey, Kiln M. slack, Klrlmrd Ilovey, heirs
of Jkiiioh F. Ilovey, deri'sccd, Sliowsller
Morl.(iirn ompany, h rorioru tlon, Shiiiiii'I
T. Ainea, an rtfeiulniitii, I will on I lie IS III day
ol AiiKiint, 1902, t nan o'cliM k lutheefler
noon of mild ilny at the cast front door of
the court bouse of wild county st Hiirrhton,
Nebrimkn, sell lit public suction to the IiIrIi
est bidder for cash In hnuil, thn tollowlufr
di'sertliofl ri'sl estnle situated In iiiil,i oiiiiiy
to wit: The north hnlf of the nortlmiMt
mmrti r, the norlhesbt ipinrter of the north
writ ipiiirtcr of ctlon rlxtit, hik! the north
west ipinrter of the northwest (pinrter of
section nine, In township thirty two north,
of.ruiiRe Ally four went of the Sixth priurt
pnl inerldliiii, to tlnty nsld order ol nle In
thn sum of one huintrml forty onndolliirs nd
fifty 1 ve nenU (I4I.Vi) interest, coat and nc
cruliiR nm..
First piibllentlon, July 17, low.
sheriff of said ( oiiuty.
In Wyoming.
C. L Christian was fe-ling (juite poor
ly on last Thursday.
- Mrs; Joe Dunrr visited Willi Mrs'. 'ETE.
Christian one day last week.
1 Mrs J. J. Zumbruiinen is expected
home Iroui her Wisconsin visit in a short
Mrs. E. E. Christian and daughter at
tended quarterly meeting in tiarnson on
last Sunday.
Mr. O. I). I)enimon of Lusk made
bin mess trip to the Ridge al ter a load of !
oats, on last Saturday,
BOKN-To Mr. and Mrs. John Daivs on
Monday July 14, a bouncing boy. John
says its name shall lie "Teddy."
John Lolir purchased a hinder in Lusk
a lew days iigo. Lo VViNori bought a
new Champion binder of K Rihwer a
I .... . i
lew nays ago.
M ss Kiske, a teacher from Fall River
county, S. D., accompanied bv her "best.
fellow", made a pleasure trip lo the
Ridge on Tuesday of last week.
L ist Tlui.'sdav was by far the hottest
day we have bad this year. As we were
in Lusk und could not find a "Fahren
heit"' we have no idea bow hot it was.
Well! Well! Clio did wake up at last
and favor us with a communication; still
we were glad lo hear from ' The Mice."
Squeak again Mice while t lie cat isaway !
Mrs. J. E. Hollingsworth accompanied
by the three boys and "(Jrandpa" Holl
ingsworth, visited overnight with Mr.
and Mrs. Andrew Christian ihe last of
last week.
Miss Oral White closed a two months
school in the East school house on Tues
day the huh. She went lo Aliiuville on
last Saluiilny to visit with friends there
for a while.
.Amoiig those w ho have dipped their
cuttle we inght mention. L. L. Wi.son
I '. L. Crane, J J 7,u inliriiiinen. T. B.
Talman, VV. Shenll. Fred and Hurr
1 k-tiel, and J M. New tin.
For three or four days last week there
was not enough wind to run the noils
and cattle sulTered for water. Souw
pumped by hand while others look their
stock lo tile creek for water.
Andrew Christian branded his calves
and run his entire herd of cattle through
the dipping vat last week. It. inn y be
fun for the spectators, but it sure gives
the cattle a scare us well as an arouiut ic
Crops on the Ridge look well and pro
mise an abundant yield It will soon be
time to hear the first of M. A. C's. potato
stories. Rye is out of the question this
season; Oh Yes! we hud our new potatoes
two weeks ago.
This is the the third time we have
written up a batch of news in the last
three weeks but failed to gel them mail
ed. We do hope that if these are fortun
ate enouirh to reach the print shop that
they will not be consigned to the waste
On last Fri-'ay evening John
en a
found one of his 2 yr. old heifers
had fallen over the bluff and bn
leg. It, had to lie butchered, and he
worked until one o'clock at night dress
ing it, during a very heavy rain and
thunder storm.
We hear that Miss Amy Christian w ho
went to Omaha some time ago for treat
ment in the hospital at that place, is
greatly improved with great prosjiects
of an ultimate recovery
friends hope to see bur in
Her many
the best of
health when she returns.
Quite a heavy thunder storm passed
over here on last Thursday night, also
again on Friday night. Lightningstruck
Mr. Murphy's wind mill and in passing
into the well, slivered the platform so
that the pump had to lw pulled to let
the slivers out over the check valve.
The dune at the Woodmen's hall on
last Friday night was well attended and
all report a good time. The music was
furnished by Nate I)euel on the violin,
accompanied by Mrs. Fred Deuel on the
organ. The Ikivs say that Oscar Hatchet
was out from Lusk cutting around with
his best girl. Yum! Yum!
Miss Add Cams closed her school in the
Weft school on Wednesday the lflth.
She started the next day for an extended
visit with friends in eastern Nebraska,
from there she will goon to Ohio where
she will visit with relatives until fall,
when she will come back in time to teach
the school in Douglas, which she has
engaged for the winter'.', term.
On Tuesday of last week the Dunn
boys, from across lira line, S. Hollerlletd,
J, Deuel, Murphy, and (i. Imvis ran
tlieir cattle through Andrew C'hristian't
dipping vat. There were over five hun
dred dips?d in less than seven hours;
among them was a number of long horn
ed Texans. That waa sure quick work
for unexperienced men; but then we
never do tilings by slows out here.
f U Injector, $1.00
V I I to 1.00
Ho diseoiit.
Write for 31-page treatise
oa lilackleg. It is free.
For Sale: lOt) acres of land joining the j
village of Harrison; for further partic- i
ultirs inquire at this ollice.
Almont, Colo., July 22, 19U3.
Dear Friends of Sioux County:
My last was ihaiied at Baily's, the
pla'ie wliere we struck the north fork of
the South I'lutte which we followed for
ubout 1H miles. This is the much adver
tised Fla'.le canon und is lined with
hotels, summer cottages, tents, and am
bitious lisheruieu. We drove out a
I UprReasj
short distance I rum Bailey "s vnd made water and lake a snap of the camp and
our camp in a pretty, shaded, lovely sK)l j t he lull near, it was so pretty there under
beside a mountain brook, whose waters j the trees We blarted to follow Chalk
were cold all day long. We hung on ! creek up to St. Elmo with some ruis
haniiuocks and made ourselves very givuins us lo the road, but it was not
comfortable to stopover Sabbath. T.vo j had, up all Ihe way and somewhat stony
squirrels, shared our camp with us and ; Uut no frightful places v i all. We went
made themselves very much at home ; slow ly and found many beautiful iots
eating up the crumbs almost as soon as along the way, e.-picialiv a lascaile
they dropped. Mondaj morning we still I where the watc-r took a long tumble
lingered iu mis lovely sKt. Mr. Rice J ovtr the rocks. We had rain the liist
and Roy went llshing ai d I washed a day out Iroui Denver but no more for a
little and baked out meal cookies. Wei week until v eUiiLsday und Thursday
did not have llsh for dinner, but ufierj Uighls who we h-ul brisk showers alter
dinner jiacked tip and went on our way, we were settled lor the night, bo they
past mole hotels and pleasure seekers
as we we'll lo Webster, We have heard
much of the Kenosha hill which we were
to climb to take us into South Park and
supposed we should need at least a dav
for ll, but v:hen we reached Webster and
found it was only i miles to the top we
went on and made our camp aliout hull
way up about 10. M feet high. After
supper the horses were no where to he
seen. Mr. Rice and Roy hunted them
until dark uud Bertha and Roy took a
trip back to Webster by moonlight, hut
we had to go to Ud without litem, hav-
ilig however Ihe cheerful assurance of
the man at Webster, that all tourists
lost their horses lip there and they were
probablv in some of the canons. If we
didn't Und them in the morning he would
help us. We did ((nil lliein however, as
he prophesied and were traveling again
hy nine o'clock. Hunting horses at 10X1
feel above sea level niusl begood lor Mr.
Rice lor he has not hud a tired spell since.
Crossing into South Park we hud a com -
piiratively level road for a couple of days
along the west side of the Park. On our
right the Park Range had peaks 12 and
13 thousand feet high and occasional
glimpses of higher ones Ivyond. some of
lliein with patches ol snow on them. On
our left a comparatively level country
with mountains in the distun.e, irrigated
meudows wherever the creeks gave the
necessary water. Otherwise ihe country
wus pretty bare of feed. It is said to fie
unusually dry Ibis year as there was less
snow than usual in the mountains last
winter and the cattle looked pretty poor.
We passed through Jefferson, Coins, and
Fairplay then a day's drive with no town
of any size. We passed the salt works
ttnl allowed time to see what was there,
J im found that thev bad not been operat
ed for thirty years. They were only
nrolltable when there was no rail-road
and salt could lie sold for 25 cts. per Di.
We had to drive farther than we had
meant to in order to find any feed at all.
Most of the country was absolutely bare
of anything but stones. Finally we
camped near a spring where there was
a little grass although it had been eaten
almost into the ground. Two rail-rouds
crossed the hill at this point; it was the
divide between South Park and the Ar
kansas valley, Il required three engines
and a vast amount of pulling to get a
short train up the hill at a very slow
rute. Thursday's drive was short in the
number of miles covered, but long in its
windings. We followed a little stream
and the narrow guage rail-road through
the hills into Uuena Vista, crossing them
both numberless times and marveling
that there was room for us all in the nar
row winding gorge. Just before reach
ing the town we came out into the
broader Arkansas valley and just at the
foot of the Colligiete Range Hawurd,
Yale. Princeton, all over 14000 feet high.
We learned moie about the road and
bought some supplies including a couple
of bales of hay and drove out to the fort
of Ml. Princeton, about S miles, here we
found a piece of road that made us
tremble for the future, Needlessly how
ever, for we have not bud so uncomfort
able a place since. It wound down the
sandy side ol a canon, the road Issing
made in 'he side, barely wide enough for
absolutely guaranteed to protect your
cattle from Itlurklefr. Each pill of
Vnt'i'lnc is an exact dose ; p.nd vac
ciuation with them in safe, sure and
My injector puts the pill under the
skin eusily arid quickly. By ordering
direct of me, you get fresh vaeciiie
immediately by return mail. Sent
fully prepaid on receipt of price.
SPECIAL OFFER: For a short
v'me on'y ma'l one ' my dollar
nickel mated injectors free with evp.rv
order for 10 doses or more of Blackleg
Vaccine. Not sold by druggists or dealers.
No ag ;nU. Prepared and sold only by
the track, and looKiug as il a lew mciies
out ol the road would send us to the
bottom of tile canon, lar loo many feet
Iwlow to look down on comfortably. It
was traveled a good deal and I suppose
was sale, but we all breathed easier
when we had reached Chalk creek at the
bottom. Here was a rail-road station
and hotel and a line new seuatorium not
yet occupied. We pitched our tent
under some Uaulil'ul cotton-woods near
the stream and also ne'tr some hot springs.
We wanted next morning to wash some
handkerchiefs and tuwls in the warm
did not ti'oulie us particularly. Friday
however we hud about live separate
showers with suiisli.ue between, and the
last one was a hard one uud we had lo
camp while it was going on, close by
St. Eoho. Some sleet lei I an when Ihe
sun came out a lew minutes at selling
the mout.luiiis all around were covered
with snow. The nexi morning Ihe tent
und Ihe wagon sheet were irozen solid
and we began to lealiz; that we were up
in the cold. The sun came up wurui
however and thawed us out before we
started on. At Bueiia V'isui we fell it)
with a party of three gentlemen uud
arranged to cross the pass togellwr. so
this morning we set out for the final
climb seven miles to the top and seven
miles to Tin v up a mining town on the
j other side. There were no lad places
! only some pretty sleep pulls. The oilier
! people had a load and we doubled up and
I helped over Ihe two worst lulls but we
did not need any help ourselves; Ned.
1 Suncho, and Bess made it without any
I difficulty. These lasl few miles there
I was more vegetation than farther down,
to my surprise, and there was no defined
timber hue tlio' we went 12!J00 It. Inrh.
Berlha, Roy, and I walked up the sl'.eper
pitches and could not see that it was
harder than at home. The seven miles
down Was pretty sleep and stony, alid we
were lad to rest over Sunday. Again
we had trees and a brook lo make our
camp pleasant, and when the sun shone
it was lovely, but Saturday night there
was ice half un inch thick over the water
in the tent, and all ihe extras did not
quite keep uh all warm; thanks to the
lurcoat and the hot water bug, we in the
wagon kept warm, Monday we drove
down over some of the rockiest road we
had ever seen for 25 miles or more. The
descent on this side is steeper and the
roads stonier than on the other. Having
found a patch of good grass, "the only
feed in all the country", said the man
who directed us to It. we were glnd to
rest and write letters while Roy improv
ed the opportunity to go fishing. We
hope to make Gunnison this afternoon
and then have about 00 miles to our
journey's end,
Emma L. Rice.
Ed O'Connor has a barber chair in his
store now.
1 1
Read the Press Journal.
Professional Cards.
.11. J. 0 ( uuncH. - - Co. Altcniey.
Will Pruclice in All Courts.
SH( inl .Ittciition (.'hen to Land Of
Hit Business.
I ol leel Ions mid all business entrust,
ed lo me w ill receive prompt iitteiitioii.
Hakuison - Nkbkaska.
I'lijisciiin and Surireoh.
All calls given prompt attention
Ottico in Drug Store.
Prompt attention given to all legm.
matters in Justice, County and District:
Courts, and before the United State
Land Office.
Fire Insurance written in reliabli,
sompanies. E3TLegal papers carefully d rawn.
Harrison, . Nebuaska.
I North-Western
f. E. M. V. U. R. js the
to and from the
V. K.i M. V It. a. lime table.
Uoiiif " it. Uouig Kits'
Iu. ft, mixed 10:50 No. rt. mixed ..
Dealer in;
Harness, Saddles,
Lumber, Grain, '
Harvesting Machines.
The same Old Story.
J. A. Kelly relates nu experience simi
lar lo Hint which has happened in nluiost
every neighborhood in the United Slntm
and has been told and re told by thous
ands of others. He says: "List nun
mer 1 hud un iillack or dysentery :uid
purchased a bottle of OlLimb-rlHin's
Colic, Cholera and Hiarrhoen R. medv,
which 1 used according to directions and
with entirely satisfactory results. The
trouble was controlled much quicker
than former attacks when I used other
remedies." Mr. Kellv is a well known
eitizpn of Henderson, N. C. For sale bv
J. E. Phinnev.
South Omaha, Nehr,, July 28, 1002.
Speciiil market letter from Hyh & BU
Grass cattle comprise the big bulk of
the receipts, very few cornfeds nrriving.
Market has advanced lor the week owing
largely to the fact that lietter fatted
cattle ate arriving. We quote best corn
feds 7.50 to 8.25. short corefeds selling
pooily and below Is-st grass heel ; choice
fat hayfedn 5.75 to 0.15; rungs beef 4 75
to 5.40; common to fair grades going lo
both killers and feeders at 4.00 to 4.00;
choice, fat. dry rows 4 00 to 4 35; butcher
stuff a. 00 to 8.50; dinners 1.75 to 2 50
Hogs have recovered some of the de
lire, owing to light, receipts, but fair t
large receipts would bring heavy decline.
Range of prices 7. 115 to 7.70.
Moderate receipts of sheep brought ll
steady advance of 22 to 80 cts. last week.
This week starts with a weaker lone, and
heavy receipts would no doubt brin a
sharp decline. We quote grnss sheep
follows: )etirlinirs4.00 to 4.75, wet bus
3 00 to 4 50, ewes 3.55 to 4 10 and Inmlm
5.25 to 0.25, Tha lower range of prictx
covers wh,t would ordinarily be f eiders,
hut pnekers hnve been taking ttvm
There is a growing iuquiry for fMriera.
Yniim, .
x v
- JS