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Harrison . Press - Journal.
We had a very
Uat Saturday.
iigiit shower -hew
vFrank Bannan Kan been on the , sick
Mat for the past week.
Vmery Zimmerman
front Omaha, Thursday.
returned home
Leonard Daut attended the Stock
aecietlea at Crawford this week.
George Turner and Peter Peterson
were in from Story Wednesday,
lfr. Deuel and Mr. Church were
from Pleasant Ridge last -Monday.
Just received: A new consignment of
Ins and boys clothing at UERLACHS.
The singing class will meet Saturday
evening at 8 O'clock; let every one
Banker Clarke attended the !8tock
Grower association at Crawford this
J W. 8. Nicholson from Whistle creek
was doing business at the county seat
George Bannaa
(lied on a quarter
Sam's domain last
action of Uncle
C. F. Coffee had some cattle moved
from his Hat creek ranch tu Raw Hide
tut week.
Fred Sternmer sold his place to Albert
Band last Saturday. The consideration
aa $1,800.
Our town barber was plowing the fore
part of the week for Jack Bogurt and so
bis shop was closed.
V James Cook and, family, of Agate
was visiting , with banker Clarke and
family last Saturday.
More and better goods for the same
loney at Qrrlach's store than any other
place, try Iheoi. )0-tf
Ask Martleller Bros, for the "Star
Blue Ribbon coffee," 30 cts. value for 20
eta. One uauU always used.
Marttelier Bros, are going to give
away IS in cash, on their big sale of 3
Bur Blue Ribbon coffee 80 cts.
Fob 8ALC: lflO acres of land joining the
Village of Harrison; for further purtio
ulirs inquire at this office. 40
Mrs. Sarah Rose came in on the West
bound train Tuesday, she lias been visit
ing in Crawford for the past week.
Asseeeors take notice to the clipping
from the World-Herald in another column
of this paper, relating to assessors.
County Clerk Raum attended the
Stock G rowers meeting that was held in
Crawford last Monday and Tuesday,
Crareoca Hollings worth cam down
from Warren. Wyoming Mooday to
visit with Ma family for a few days.
Lew Oerlack waa improving his store
the fore part of this week by replacing
the old step on the east with a new o
Epwortb League Sunday evening at
o'clock ; Subject Practical Consecration
BtMU Tumi; Leader.'
J Mrs. Palmar of Guernsey came down
a the East botiod train Monday evening
as visit bar parents. Mr. and Mrs. G. W
C. r. Coffee shipped in 8 head
thorough-bred mala cattle last Saturday
no they were driven to bis ranch
Mai creek valley.
'Mien Lillle Zimmerman and Gertie
Soumi who hava been attaadiog school
at Cbadroa the past wiaUr, returned
botae laat hntorday .
"Ttroest aad Id Lyons Carl Estler snd
Oeotga Dieckmann bar bean building
kouaa lor Mrs. Jordan, oa the lot North
f OfMt Guthrie's ofllce. ,
LOST A watch ring, between this
aad the depot, any ooe finding mm
4U ba liberally rewarded by
tllioj t
t3f afloa imf dlposiiu; t it,
I am now prepared to weave carpet.
10 cts. for hit and mitts and 12$ for
stripped. Warp rurnistied at cut.
Mm. J. A. Thatkb. 36 tf
Anton Meckem wan a Harrison visitor
Wednesday and added his Jiutme to our
list of readers. Anton nays that every
thing looks bright over in the Cotton
wood country.
Charles B. Cook and Clyde R.igen went
to Crawford to see the sights Monday
night, returning Wednesjay noon. Well
we guess the bnys seen the sights if there
were any to be seen.
Mr. J. E. G, Hunter from near Adelia
was doing business at HarrUon last
Monday, and made a pleasant call at our
office and handed us a cart wheel for
the Press- Jourm al for a year.
f w. 8. Hall and wife left for Hurmosa
South Dakota Tuesday evening where
they will visit for a few days with Mr.
Hall's parents and will then go to his
home at Posyville Indiana.
Remember tnat Saturday May, 24 is
the only day that Dr. Seymour will be
in Crawford and you must prepare to be
at the Hotel if you wish to see him, as
his time will be fully occupied.
ylfr. Avery and family were down from
Onn Junction this week visitihg with
friends in Harrison and Bodarc. Mr.
Avery was former Station Agent ut this
(dace, and now of Onn Junction.
f Perry White from Gering, formerly
of this county, dime in on the train
Tuesday. Perry still has some interests
in Sioux County that c ills him hertooce
n awhile. He is remembered as one
of our old time settlers.
I, The showers this week are making
tlie grass grow rapidly and we - hope
the rains may continue, for the reports
are coming in that Die grasshoppers are
getting pretty thick and it will take lots
of grass for both stock and grasshoopers.
We see frem the Wyoming Derrick,
that there is a hot time in the election
of Mayor and other city officers in the
city of Casper. The citizens ticket says
Prostitution must go, and we extend our
hand to Bro. Hays for tlte stand he has
taken in this matter.
Mrs. W. O. Patterson would announce
to those needing supplies for, or a new
genuine Singer Sewing Machine, that
naving secure! me agency or trie same
at this place, will keep at the house
what you need in that line. Call and
examine our machines before purchasing
and get the best.
Fort De France. Island of Martinique
as a result of the out break of the Mount
Peelee Volcano at St. Pierre on Thursday
last 80, 000 persons lost their lives. It
is sad to think of this number of human
beings being roasted and smothering to
death from the sulphurous flames that
issued from the volcano. Not a house
was left intact
r We learn that F. W. Knott has sold
tiie ranch in Sioux County, so that means
that we are not going to have Mr. Knott
for a resident of Sioux County any
mora. We have always hoped that ha
and bit estimable family might reside
with us again, bat' we will aspect
visit at some future day if they wont be
come residents again.
He criticised her pudding and her cake
he wished shed mtke.tho biscuits bis
mother used to maker aha dido'tjwash the
dishes and she didn't make the stow, and
she didn't mend the stockinge aa his
mother used to do. Oh , wel I , she wash
perfect but she tried to do her best; until
at length she thought the time had come
for her to have a rest; aowheo ooe day
he growled and whined the whole day
through, she turned him up and fanned
his panto as his mother used to do.
Forsyth (Montana) News.
The Jamison Crandsll meetings at
the M B. church, closed Sunday evening.
A very good interest waa manifested
through the meetings, vary good results
were obtained. Mr. Jamison
the great truths of the gospel In such
manner as to start people thinking about
them selves and their relation to than
Mr. Crandal I understands his work aa
gospel singer, organiser, aad conductor
of chorousea, Wo wish for thorn success
in the work of Christ where they may
go wilh Um meesegaaf salvation.
Mrs. Margaret C. Hunter, wife of John
W. Hunter, died at tier home at Bodarc
last Friday morning at 3 a. m. Mrs.
Hunterwas born May 17, 1854 in Cum
berland county, Nova Scotia, and was
married to John W. Hunter October 19.
1874. She was the mother of eleven
children of whom eight survives her Jand
were present during her late illness and
death. She was baptized in the Presby
terian church when young and died con
fessing the fuith of the living Christ,
She was a devoted wife and mother and
none other can ever (ill her place. She
was loved and esteemed by all that knew
ter and especially those that knew best.
The services were conducted by the
Rev. Chas, E. Rice on the Saturday fol
lowing and lier body was laid away to
mtttjm a ueat Basket and from Uie many
taunt shed by the sorrowing relativesand
fricuds went to show the love and esteem
she was held in by her family and neigh
bora. The PkBSB-JoukSAL extend'.! sym
pathies to the bereaved husband and
Csrd of Thanks.
To tlurne friends and neighbors who
so kindly assisted during the illnsss and
death of our beloved wife and mother,
we extend ourjheartfelt thanks.
J. W. Hcntbr and Childhes
Teaehers take Notice-
I have a copy of a hand book of indns
trial drawing for teachers in common
schools, and when in Harrison if you
will call at ray offlea I will be pleased to
how you the work. I have had a great
many inquiries about a book of this kind
so now 1 am prepared to help any one
out along this line that wants it.
J. B. Bi-RKB. Co Supt
Prefect Our Birds.
We hear men boasting of killing birds
for pastime. Well all we have to say
for such men, (if you can call them men)
is that if tney have nothing more to do
than that, the Lord had better take
them away from this world, for they are
of no use to mankind, and a destroyer of
the most cheering creatures that was
ever put upon the earth. Take away
out of this world the song birds and ft
would be a cheerless place to live in, and
not only their song, but they were put
here for ot her puriKses. So God help
the poor man that him nothing more to
do than shoot down poor little innocent
birds for pastime and .amusement. The
school teachers of Nebraska have been
called upon at different times to touch
the children to love and protect the birds
of our state and country, and here we
find men that can boast of killing the in
nocent little birds. We are sure that if
such men have nothing else to do than
kill Innocent birds they had better go
quietly anions tliem and study their ways
and habits, and if they then can't learn u
lesson of industry as tliey have never
known before they neither liave hearts
nor understanding.
dubbin Offers
While you are thinking of subscribing
or your yearly reaaingruatter, remem
ber that the Pkkhk-Jouhnal will take
subscriptions to any paper ou earth and
save postage and time for you.
Allege Horse Thief.
Sheriff Birdsall returned Thursday
night from Casper, Wyoming, where he
placed under arrest a young mao by the
name of Earl Archerd on complaint swore
out by Wm. Fritcher of Dawes county
for alleged horse stealing. The prelim
inary was held before Justice Babcock
Friday and the prisoner bound over to
the district court.
The bail was set at fSOO.OO which up
to data hasn't beta given. Toung Arch
era is a former resident of Sioux county
from where he was sent to serve a term
in the reform school. He was released
on good behavior last winter. Since
that time he has bean spending his time
at different places along the Casper line,
Since coming to Chadron ha baa talked
auito freely and told Deputy Sheriff
Mote that he had entered into an agree
ment with a man at Casper who agreed
to give bim Ave dollars per head for all
the horses that he would deliver him re
gardless of ownership. Ha will probably
ba tried at the June term of court
Important Rettee.
The rail roe ds in Nebraska hava grant-
ad a one and-ooe-third rata on the certlfl
cat plan to paraoos attending the Ne.r
aeka State Normal Bummer School at
Peru. May M to July 4, 1903. Students
should take receipts for fares paid from
toe agent from whom the tickets are
purchased. If tickets cannot ba purchat
ad through from the starting point to
Para, take a receipt for each fare paid
Theee receipts will entitle the holders
return homo at the cloaa of the School
at one-third fare. Take a reovipt in
veryt-aar, W, A. Clark. Principtl.
E. G. Robinson and E. M. Seaale. state
examiners, checked up thei Treasurer's
books, for the past year and found t-vcry
thing all O K.
The hoard of trustees, of the M. E.
church of this place have decided that it
will take $500 00 to repair the church
building properly to let everyone con
tribute fraely, that our town mav have
a place of worship that will be comfort
able. The doors of this church have
always been open to all denominations
and people to use whenever wanted and
will continue to be so and we think the
board will have no trouble in raisinir
k amount
Services at the M. E. church, Sundav
May 18th.
Sunday school at 10:00 a,
Junior League " 8 " p.
. m.
Bpworth " 7 ' ".
Preaching Service at 8:00 p. m.
Evening Subject: Small things that
Jesus may use. Everybody invited to
attend all I tie services.
, The third quarterly meeting will be
held May 25 21. The Sunday morning
services, May 25 will be held at Pleasant
Ridge, Wvoming. The evening service
at Harrison at 8:00 p. m. Rev. W. R.
Warren of Rushville Nebraska, willfcon
duct the services for the Presiding Elder.
Monday and Tuesday of this week the
BUt-kmn s 5S (invention was held at
Crawford. A number of eminent speak
ers were there and quest inns of import
ance to stockmen were discussed pro and
con. Tuesday was the principal day,
A number of graded bulls were auction
ed off and, considering I tie quality, they
brought good prices.
In the ufternoon of Tuesday a game of
hull was played between Crawford and
Alliance, Crawfonljbeing tnt- t lm cnpiotiH
with a score of five to three. The game
was one of the bent ever played in Craw
ford, there being n discussions us to the
umpire's decisions and very few errors
were mode.
There were to be some horsa races in
the al teat-eon but Justus the horses were
brought on tne track it begun to rain and
the races had to be postponed.
Crawford is an enterprising little town
and its citizens know how to entertain
visitors. People from all over the state
were there und everyone enjoyed them
selves. The band from Ft. Robinson
whs one of the attractions und their mu
sic is iirst class.
We will give a more detailed account
of the meeting next week.
Program of the tenth annual convent.
ion of the Sioux County Sunday School
association to be held in the Union Star
Ihurch at Carey, Nebrasku, May 28 and
29, 1902.
Wedneso'sk.y. May 28.
10.30 a. ro lJevotional Service
11 :00 a. m., "The Power of tlm Bible
In the World"
Emery E. Zimmermai'.
1:30 p. m. Paper, "The Teachers
Power to Transform the Scholar"
.' ....Mrs. Huttie Grove
Address... Rev. John Andress
2:30 p. m. Paper, "What the Sunday
School Does for the Worker"...
Mrs. M. A. Miller
Address Rev.C. N.Ruy
8:80 p. m. Paper, "Power of the
Sunday School in the Commun
ity" ...Mrs. Anna Golden
Address Rev. J. F. Youngman
7:80 p. ro. Song Service
8:00 p. m. Lecture with Steriopticau
Rev. J. B. Current
Thursday, May 29
0:00 a. m. Devotionai;8ervice
9:30 a. ra. Paper, "The Good of the
Sunday School Convention' ....
J. H. Bartell
Address M.J. Weber
10:80 a. m. Election of Officers and
Reports of Schools
1:80 p.m. Song 8ervi-e -
. Prof. E. E. Crandall
2:00 p. m. She Ideal Sunday School
Rav. R W. Jamison
Each topic followed by discussion,
Entertainment provided for all.
; J. B. BcrKB. President
Mrs. E. E. Rick, Secy.
(Bodarc Gleanings.
Miss Mabel Thayer has been staying
with Mm. Zimmerman during tlie absence
of the man folks.
Mr, John Thayer who baa been sick
with the heart trouble, wo are glad to
learn b) some bettor.
Miss Lillia Zimmerman who baa bean
attending Um C hadron Academy the past
year returned home Saturday.
y&U.il. Zimmerman and ( Ueve removed
their cattle to their ranch on Old Woman
creelfon Monday of last week.
Tne Knott rnoh has passed into the
hands --of-M. J. -O'Conuell,-it is quite
evident that the Knott fami'y do not
it, tend to return to Sioux County as
wh had hop I they would.
Hon. C. F. Coffee and son Frank came
from Chadron last Saturday to visit
their home ranch and Frank returned
home on Sunday while Mr. Coffee went
to look after his interests in Wvominr.
Dr. Jamison accompanied by Rev.
Youngman and Mr. Crandall came to
Bodarc on Monday. Rev. ami Mrs. Rice
also came from Cottonwood. Revival
meetings will be held during tlie week.
We hope they will be encouraged by a
full attendance.
Mrs. J. W. Hunter passed away Fri
day, May 0 having been ill through the
entire winter aud a great sufferer for
the past month. The remains were in
terred at Bodarc on Paturday Jie bert-aved
family have the heartfelt sVtopatoy of
the community in their sorrow. '
M. A. C.
iCarey Items.
Alva Sax ton purched a stallion of Joe
Sides recently.
( orn planting and gardening is the
erder of the day.
Timothy has been somewhat tartly
about sending in nuws of late.
Kev. and Mrs. Kice are at Bodarc at
tending revival services this week.
Clarence Spease came home from the
Chadron Academy last Saturday
Tlie Ludie's Aid met at Mr. Rice's last
week. There w as a irood attendance.
J. t,. Arner will take his cattle to
Webster, Wyoming, this week. Roy
Pape will help him
Mr. and Mrs. A. Proennie started lust
Tuesday to peddle a supply of merchant
die. They expect to I gone about two
R Z. Stewart has employed O C. Tal
ly to carry the mail for the remaining
two mouths of his term. Mr. Stewart is
in Wyoming shearing sheep.
jMr. and Mrs. Hartley Saxton hav
gone to Webster, Wyoming, to visit
Amos Jacoby's, also lo find work. They
were accompanied by Franklin Jacoby,
Mr. Rice has received a new traveling
outfit from Omaha consisting of a wag
on win) novvs ana cover, Harness, camp
stove and tent. Tliev expect to start
for Colorado about the first of June.
Yes what has Uecome of M. A. C? We
know, she is busv with the chickens and
garden, house cleaning etc.
The Missionary society nre going to
bring their dinners and sew carpet rags
for Clio Wednesday, that new carpet
must be down before May 30.
In severing our connection with Sioi x
County, it does not mean we shall loose j
interest in our friends there, hut it means
we can not lie in two places at once, and
until the children nie through school it
seems best to concentrate our forces
here. If land increases in value here as ;
it has farther East we may make a '
fortune here yet, but the prospects are
not very flattering for such a raise in
land as Iowa has taken.
We hope Rev. and Mrs. Rice will have
a pleasant trip this summer to Colorado
and that the change of chmnte will be a
benefit and a help to them in every way.
but oh! how they will be missed by their
many friends at B nlarc and (Cottonwood,
and we hope Mr. Rice's successor may
have the help and encouragement of the
people as e iery such young person shnu d
nave, ano mat ne may ne note to an a
good work among his former associates.
Committees and committee meetings
enough to make ones head swim, and 1
cao'l even keep track of F. W.'s appoint
ments. The city is finding out it. is a
big thing to prepare for a State S. 8.
Co vention, especially when theTeacheis
Association convenes at the name time
ith a hundred teachers in attendance.
It is a mistake to have two such import
ant events our at the same time and
place, but it will be warm weather aad
there is plenty of out doors room, so no
one need stay away.
The breeses from C. C. will get to be
full pledged winds if the present spring
weather continues, On April 22 we had
a sand storm that out done anything of
the kind we ever saw. There were a
very few flakes of saow to ba aeen at one
time, but the wind was so cold ami sand
so sharp, and the garden stuff that was
up looked ,1 ike it hud been burned. It
froze quite hard that night to our lilacs
did not bloom, but the rotes art coming
on all right and the peat have forgotten
all about the storm. Had a delightful
rain last Sunday and Monday and rya
and wheat are looking (Int. Tlie wind
uncovered somt of the oato and burriad
ethers too deep, to soma had to replant,
waa daniagod.
Professional Cards.
M. i. OConarll. - - Ca. Attorney.
. '-a-
Will Practice in AH Courts.
Special Attention til re ta baud 4K
lire Business.
Collections and all basinets eat rat t
ed to me will receive prompt attrntliMit
Hahrison - Nebraska.
Phyisclan tad Surgeon.
All ealls Kiveu prompt atleutloa
Office In Drug- Store.
-HAHR180M if KB it ASK A.
Prompt attention given to all lagan
matters in Justice, County and District
Courts, and before the United Stata "
Land Office.
Fire Insurance written in raliaMt
rjTLegai papers aarefutly drawn.
Black Diamond.
and Sir Archard..
Registered Stallions will bt,
at my horse barn in Harrison.
this season and one of th
above stallions will stand at;
Hill Shatto's place atKirtly
oh Mondays, Tuesdays aidt
Wednesdays, also one of'
them will stand at Bodarc
Thursdays and Fridays.
Stockmen wishing the use
of a Registered Shire or Per
cheron Horse should consult ;
their best interests by seeing
these Stallions before brood ,
ing elsewhere.
Terms:--To insure ma e with
foal, $10.00
Owned by, J H. BARTCLL,
County Nana.
The Phbsa-Jovknal has printed a i..
ited numlsir of maps on Manilla erd
hoard which can he secured for 10c mm-.
They will also be given aa a premium to,
new subscribers. j
V. B. R. is Mm
to and from tha
P. E. M.
an. i. utamJmm ,'
i t
w 5.
. j
V Sit
"A J '