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N O.
Leonard Duut was a Harrison visitor
Mr. ami Mrs. '.. F Antrim were Hum
twin visitors Wednesday.
Mrs. S. C. D. Hissed was in Harrison
on business last Friday.
William Bourret proved up on hi",
bomeslead last Saturday.
Postmaster Bogart. is moving 1 1 in fam
ily out to Ins ranch tins w eek.
Ik. Seymour it Williams, at GiteCity
hotel, Cawford, Saturday May 2f.
Oscar Story, from Antelope precinct
was a visitor at our lrg last Monday.
Just received: A new consignment of
men and lsivs clothing at GEULACllS.
Mr. mid Mrs. Clem Leeling were doing
business Willi our mei chants Tuesday.
Charley Smith was injfrom the soulh
part of the county, the liit jiiirt of the
John Currau tt ru I J. T. Watson were
witnesses in the llnal proof of Mr. Ash
brook last Saturday.
More and better goods for the KUlll. j
li.ouev at Gerlacli's store than aov other
place, try them. lU-tl
John T. Fitzgerald is moving part
Ins goods out to his ranch this w?ek.
w ill move his family out soon.
,, j
he ,
W. I Ashbrook, from the south part
if the county, proved up on a r,u. i ter
section of Sioux County laud last Satur
., I ,i , . , ( ....
Sir. ( 'banning w ho has Iwen visiting
Ht the Ussher ranch lor the 'ast two
mouths, left for ll.ty Springs Monday
Henry Covey and A. L. Liuthoof were
delivering sitat.;s in Harrim I his week
Lucky is the man that has potatoes to
cell tins spring.
We learn that Mr. and Mrs. Ussher
have returned to their Inline in the soiilh
part of the annuity al lei' suding the
winter in California.
Mrs. E A. Bigelow received word last
Friday ol I he death of h-T father which
occurred at i eutreville, South Dakota
.April 2nd, ol Farulvsis.
We have had some nice weather this
week, but news, O m ! it has been hard
to get , not even a dog light has come
oil in our niel little town.
Mr. und Mrs. J. R, Hunter from West
Point, this state w ere Harrison v isitors
Monday und went from here to Andrews
where they have a stock ranch. ,
Ton SaLK:- MO acres of land joining the
village of Harrison; for further partic
ulars Inquire ut this ofllce. -10
1 am now prepared to weave carpet.
10 cts. for hit and miss and l.'l lor
M ripped. Warp furnished at cost.
Mlts. J. A. TllAYLIt. I tf
Byron Gray "f Lincoln came in mi the
West bound train Wednesday. Sir Gray
is a brother of Mrs. B. I Hmiick, and he
will probably stay with us during the
Mummer ut least.
W. H. ll'iuth, from Pierce, Nebraska,
.is mi for a visit to relative und friends
In this part of the country; we are al
ways glad to grasp the hand of our old
time friends.
Tilled)! Schwab & Co. presented tlie
llairihon school, througliCo, Hupt Burke
.It large map of the United Slates. We
feel that the map will lie highly appre
riated by bulh teachers and pupils.
Mis Lilian E. Harris left Harrison.
Saturday to enmmsne a school in school
district No. 33. Miss Harris gave excel
lent satisfaction in school district No. 15
where she taught last, and we predict
Hie lame for her in district No, !M.
Urn. Hoijrret mid daughter! from
Rmmingwaler attended the funeral of
Mr. and Mrs. Hieser's In tie child Monday,
We are always pleased to meet Mr Hour-
ret's folks for they are among ournarl -
.ewl ROjuainlnncei Ih Mimu Coutuy,
Robert Geiser and William Bretey
ere in Harrison last Saturday assisting
Frank Millar to get some more of Uncle
.Sam's domain.
Olm-les Hihbelu, our village smithy,
seems to lie a very busy man and lire l s
the monotonous hours by giving us elo
cution from liis ever ready hammer and
I We have lieen sending out a few nam
I pie copies of llIK ritK!-JL'RNAL and if
i . . . . .
on receive a copy it is an invitation to
subscribe if you ure not alreudv j sub-
sen tier.
John Hurke received the most loving
letter the other dav from some sweet
girl but he in puzzled to know why she
forgot to sign her name. Look out John
the girls will puzzle you a good many
tunes if you live to be as old as we are.
County Sunt, Burke has received a
number of copies of school buildings and
grounds in Nebraska. They are for free
distribution and any school district con
templating building it school house soon
would do well to solid for a copy of this
Mr, John Brown made our heart glad
Wednesday by adding bis name to our
list and leaving with us $1 to pty for
! the same for one vear. Mr. Brown seems
v w- pleased with the country and
"", l,L""' We '"'I l,u ""'J' """
linue to he p leased.
When yu lack energy, do not relish
our food, leel null and stupid, after
I eating, all you need is it dose of t'hani
J ts-rlain's Stomach &. Liver Tablets. They
w ill make vou feel like a new man and
& ve an "l'l-"te
like u bear. For
ib tiv j. C. nunney
We must stop long enough to thank
our.corresMindeiiis for the able and effic
ient manner in which they have given
us the news from over the county, und
while we are receiving n great many
copgramiatory wonls from our suliscrib-
eis we wish uii to share this with us.
Over in the souihern part of this state
the other dav a light ensued over the
range between tbesiieepaud cattle men
Result: two sheep men killed and 1,'JOO
head of sheep clubbed and shot to death
When mil this foolish lli:ht over govern
iiient range ceane in this state? Lu
Frank J. Miller from Ardmore, South
linkula, was a Harrison visitor Saturday
and while here be proved up on a iplart
er sec'. ion ot land. Mr. Miller did not
forget the JoCtfNAl. man while here but
made our heart rejoice by leaving a cart
wheel to pav for TlIK JOURNAL another
year. Thanks Mr, Miller.
Sam Swinhank, from Adelia, was
Harrison visitor last Saturday and lie
has just recently returned from the Al
U'rta country and we learn he was very
much pleased with the country and may
ut some future date move there. He
went past w here our Sioux county eo-
ple are located but did not see any of
Li Hie Vs- her, who has ts-en attending
the Harrison school the past winter, left
for her home in the south part of t!:e
county. List Tuesday. Lillie will be
missed bv her school associates and more
than likely some of the boys will feel
bit lonesome too lor we lire uuitn sure
such a miHlest young lady as Lillie prv
ed herself to lie must have captivated
the heart ol some or the boyg him we
can't blame them either.
Miss. Maggie Jordan cloned a success
ful term of school, in school district no
9 lnt week, nnd or Saturday night she
took the east Imund train for Olmdron
where she exeCts to take ft course in
the Children academy, that she may be
Is-tter prepared to meet the ninny difll
cult questions Hint confront her in the
school room, Misa Jordan ban proved
herself an earnest worker, and we only
wish more would pattern after her in
this line.
Harrison. Nnhr, March 31, 1903
The county commissioners of Sioux
I Vmniy, Nebraska are hereby called to
meet at the Courthouse in Harrison on
the 17th day of April 103 at 1 o'clock
p. in. for the purpose of selecting names
to draw a petit jury to nerve ut the May
term l)il rii:t Court, . I). 1902. anil to
t-ansncl such other business us may
projs-rl V coi before them,
j , , W. J. A. RaI'M
Uwnl (JUrk,
K. P. Maine proved up on Ins tree
claim last Saturday,
Louis Del Kick was a Harrison visitor
last Monday, and while here lie witnessed
the wedding of Mr. iJoyle. We were
wondering if Louis didn't have some such
aspirations himself from the sad looking
expression on his face, well that is al
right 1Jula-we.have beeflSiirougLi the
mill and know how it goes to have AO
miles between it fellow and Ins liest gii I
and then all the other fellows so near her
but there is a bright.-r day coming, and
we know Louis will remember us when
it conies.
We received a letter from Mrs. R. M.
Wallace this week; she is Well pleased
with her new home. She suvs!; Rev.
Kendail has built a neat church iiMiic
Kay and they have a good Sunday school
also. Mrs, Wallace will alwaVs be re
meniliered by t'hristian workers of Sioux
county " one very much interested in
Sabbath school work. She writes that
Mrs. Kendall's health has been very poor
the past winter. Mrs. Kendall has many
friends in Harrison who will, no uoubt.
be .sorry to hear of this. John and
Frank Stratum she says are busy at
work every day and Viola is going to
school and has a good teac'ier and is
learning fust.
Thomas Doyle and Mary Staudenmaier
were married at high noon last Monday
by Father Rabach at Andrews hall.
A good many of our townsmen and
friends of Mr. Doyle, and bride witnessed
the ceremony which .was very impress
ive. Mr. Doyle is one of our oldest cit
i.ens and is noted for his industrious
dualities ami uie urine, airs, .-jiuuen-
maier, has many friends in Harrison and
other parts of the county.. M.J. O'Cou
nel acted in liest man and Mrs. O'Connel
assisted Mrs. Studenniaier so everything
moved along without any friction and
we hope their lives as husband ami wife.
may have ar little friction in years to
come as there was in the ceremony that
made them one.
They were congratulated by their
many friends and if the best wishes have
anything to (lo.wilh their future happi
ness their j uirney will lie a pleasant one
THK PltE.ss-Joi.'HNAL extends best wishes
to Mr. and Mrs. Doyle and may they
ever look back to the day Willi pleasure
that they were made one. Alter th
ceremony was over Father Rib-i'-h gave
a ver3 interesting talk to those present
which was very much enjoyed bv all.
Father Ribach will hold services here
again May 10.
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs
J. 11 Hieser theii iasl Saturday anil isas
buried the Monday following. Little
Marie was six mouths of age and has a
ways been a very delicate little chili
and while the father and mother did not
want to give it up though it had never
seen a well day, the Creator of all
things says, I will give vou rest in my
kingdom aliove and hither she has gone
In the absence of the minister the serv
ices were coml tided by J. B. Burke
behalf of the Sunday school of which lit
tie Marie wan a member of the Cradle
Ih behalf of the Sunday school Bessie
Mar.teller and Lucy Gerlach repeated
some very appto.ii it- and Iwauti'ul veres
in memory of little Marie. Bessie Mar
steller stcped to the side of the casket
and after oll'ering a white lily repeated
the following verses:
There'll something In Heaven
Kit rldldreii to do
None Idle, hi that blessed land;
There'll lie love lor the lieurt,
.td rot-li for tile inlllll,
And employment fur each lltle hand
There'll he something to do,
HonirlliliiK for little children to do;
There'll be lessons of love,
To Die ilrar ones that linger below
And It limy la; tlie father
Til" children will
To lie AnKclx ot mercy hi woe.
There'll is- something to do.
There'll Lie MHiiettalng for children to do.
Then Lucy Gerlach with lloral oiler
ing, repeated:
A lovely bud, so young, so tnir,
Culled hence by early' doom.
Just rome to show how
Hweet n flower In.puru.lise would bloom
The little while casket was then open
ed and the body of the little one was
viewed by a large number ofjfriends who
had assembled that they might share the
sorrows of the bereaved parents. The
J body was then taken to the cemetery
! with four little bovs as pull bearers
w here the last sad riles were performed.
TlIK PKRH J'K ItNAI. extends sympathy
to the bereaved parents und friends and
the Sunday school will long remember
the djy that it could do something for
one of the Master's little ones.
A Cr4 of Thanks.
To tlie friends that assisted m the bur-
ialofour infait daughter, we extend
our sincere und lieurlfelt thanks,
Mr. Hud mnk Bikhkh.
nd. Nebraska, Man Describes Miss
ing Lincoln Minister.
Special dispatch U) the World-Herald.
'Lincoln, Nebraska. April ii. Informa
tion has b.en received in this city which
leads to the belief that the long missing
Rev. G. L. Smith of University Place
has lieen seen within the last week.
i Smith sold a car of horses in Grinnell.
Iowa, previous to March 14, and alter he
hud sent several letters to his family, to
gether with fOOO all trace of him was
April 4 a letter was received in this
city from a Drununond agent of the Fre
mont, Elkhurn & Missouri Valley Kail
road company at Inland, Neb , which
stated that on the alternoo- of that day
a man had applied to him for something
to eat. He said the man was evidently
insane. He also said Hie man claimed to
be heavenly inspired and that he was
the agent of heaven and the son of earth
and that he had fiviiuciit revelations
from God. The mans description tallied
precisely with that printed in the World-
Humid which Mr. Drummoud had in the
ollice and he believed that his visitant
nd Rev. Smith were one and the Kline
ierson. Friends of Smith Jure on their
way to Inland to investigate the story.
World Herald.
Ardmore Items
The meadow larks lire certainly doing
their liest to convince us that .spring has
The Misses Johnson and Roseiiburg
came up to attend the dance luusday
evening, April 1st.
All who attended the dance given in
the Billard Hall T.iesdy eve. April 1st.
port an excellent time.
Frank Miller, Robt, Ge.iser and Billy
Bretey took a trip to Harrison last Satur
day to prove up on Mr. Miller's claim,
the two latter acting as witnesses.
Bodarc Gleanings.
Mrs. Len Daut and little Irva were
visiting with grandpa Zimmerman last
Miss Mary Leling visited with her
sister Carrie, and other aco uaintauces in
the valley last week.
Mr. II. Zimmerman was around the
fore part of the Week, busy getting 111
his work as assessor,
Jesse Hill who has lieen suffering from
Pneumonia, we are glad to learn is much
letter, and able to sit up.
Mik.s Maggie Jordan left on Saturday
for Chadron to enter the academy as
student for the present term.
Mrs. J. W. Hunter went to Harrison
last Friday and will visit with her daugh
ter Mrs. Fit.jerld for a few weeks.
li ven and Clarence Zimmerman came
over from War Bonnet and spent last
Sunday at home with their parents.
Montgomery who has lieen teeling very
poorly most of the winter is lietter und
uhle to visit around a little tins .veek.
Rev, Rice tilled his appointment here
on Sunday last, the most beautiful day
of the season, a'id manv who have not
lieen regular in attendance took advaul
age of the weather to Is) present. There
will be services again April dtlth.
Schwol closed in district No. 9 on Tues
day last, it has beii a seven months
term and the children celebrated by hav
ing a dinner al the school huuse, cake
in abundance was sent in and all had a
good tune, the crow ning feature of the
dny was real iioine-made candy boiled
on thi si hool house stove.
Montrose Items
Johnnie Cotfee, ef Chadron; is staying
on his ranch now,
There will be church al Montrose Sun
day al I0::i() o'clock.
Henry Wasser'urger were Ardmore
visitors last, Tuesday,
Hei man Koiimth was visiting at Mr.
Markings Sunday iitiernoon.
August Bauingard of Indian creek was
hauling hay to Ardmore last Friday.
Jake Henry vaccinated his cattle Mon
day. Henry Henry and Henry Wasser
burger ussisted hull.
Johnnie lienr returned from Illinois,
Wednesday. We are glad to see him
back after his long absence.
T.ie "hop" ut Mike Hulling' lust
Thursday night was very well attended,
A number from the valley went up and
a very pleasant lime is reported.
Charley Henry wo visiting his new
nephew Sunday, Charlie is always
weuring a smile now and we attribute it
to the fact that he will soon bu culled
Willie Wnsserbiirger from Long
Branch w ns visiting in the valley last
. and Monday, While here he
made a very pleasant cull at tho Squaw
creek school house,
The Squaw creek school will close next
Friday after a term of four montTis.
Miss Davis who has lieen employed as
teacher will leave for her home in
Crawford Saturday.
Florence, David, Augusta, August
and Adam Baiimganl, Charlie and Willie
Wnsserhurger and Willie Konrath spent
Sunday nt Mr. Marking's. The evening
"Wn's'spent in garTiewTCft ef which-ivf resnT
menls were served and the guests went
home, feeling that they had had a Very
good time.
I Iri Wyoming. 2
John Sutton was laid up with the Grij
a few days ago.
Oscar Hatchet of Lusk was a caller on
the Ridge last Sunday.
Harry Deuel n nd family visited with
Zekii I and family on last, Saturday.
Francis and Alliert Deuel started over
land for Casper the lirst of the week.
F. B. Hamlin has lieen suffering with
Tonsilitis and Grip for the last two weeks
Supt. Burke preached to a crowded
house in the West school house on last
Quite a number of our citizens turned
out, and gave Les Crane a days plowing
on last Tuesday.
Win M'-r'lung thinks of trying Arkan
sas this season. We hope he will find it
congenial to his health.
Roy Ziimhrunnen and Walter Boy les
called at our sanctum the first of the
week. Come again bovs.
Miss Ada Knight, who taught the West
school in our distaict last winter, has
engaged a school in No. 4.
A Sunday school was organized at, the
West school house on last Sunday. Miss
Florence Christian was elected Supt;J
J Ztimbrunnen assistant Supt. and Jen
nie Hamlin Secv.
Candidates for list. C'lU. are thick as.fune
bugs in May. The present incumbent
hopes they will all be i lected as there is
plenty of honor to go round coupled with
the kicking that is thrown in makes it
too much for one alone.
Miss Florence Christian has decided to
teach in Dist. No. 7. six mile north-east
from Lusk. lier school will begin in, a
short time. We are sorry that she did
not teach our school as she is a good
teacher and gave general satisfaction in
our school Inst winter.
Our neighborhood was greatly excited
over the disappearance of one of it's cit
izens the last part of last, week. The fol
lowing notice was posted in conspicuous
"Lost: A small boy about the size of
a man: barefooted with his dad's boots
on. When last seen was going east:
answers to almost any name you give
him. No reward will be given for his re
turn." Not hearing from him in due course of
time a search party was organized and
he was traced across the line into Ne
braska, where rte had driven around aim
lessly, tramping down about a secth-n of
good grazing bind belonging to Les
Crane. A man seeing him driving
around in a circle wentout to him, when
he inquired for a man by the name of a
color applied to a horse. He did not
know whether it was buy, brown, buck
skin or cream. He was directed to
Dunn's where he found the object of hi:,
search, a fair haired damsel who consent
ed to go riding with him. It was then
thought that a sure enough elopement
had been planned hut upon going to the
home of (he fair lady it was found that
they had just returned. The lady blush
ingiy told the searchers that they bad
just returned from a visit to friends in
the valley No wonder the relatives are
uneasy about this young man as he is
absent minded for last winter ho hitched
up to take his tiest girl riding, drove on"
and forgot to take her along. After
driving three miles he thought of her but
it was too late then to make amends. '
The sulfl advertised in former issues of
th's paper to sell the property of Frank
Fleming is postponed until Sal unlay,
April 12, 1902. J. C. Shipley',
(hiai (1 i tin.
County Maps.
The Phess-.IoI'HNAI. has printed a lim
ited number of maps on Manilla card
Ixinrd which can l secured for 10c each.
They will also lie given a a premium to
new subscribers,
Clubbing Offers
While you are thinking of Kiibwribinff
or your yearly reading matter, remeni
tier that the Pwwh-JoTHHAI. will take
subsi riplion to tiny paper on earth and
save posliigu ''" fr )'ou'
Professional Cards.
M. . I. O Council, - - ,. Atti'rm-j
Will Pi acl Ice in All Court.
Special Attention tiiren t i.uud o(
flee Business.
CoHeetlim and all business -nl rust
ed tonic will receive prompt rtllentlon,
JlAltltlSoN - NkHHAsKA.
J. E. I'HJNNEY. M. I).
Pltyisciau and Surgeon.
All culls given prompt attention.
Ollice in Drug Store.
Prompt attention given to all legar
matters in Justice, County and District
Courts, and
before tlie United State
Land Office.
Fire losurance
written in reliabU
EST'Legal papers carefully drawn.
Hakwson, - Nkbiiaska.
Sheriirs Sale,
liy virtue of itii order of sale Issued by the
clerk of the district court of Sioux county,
Nebraska, und to nie directed uki a decree
reiidei eil by snid court in fiivor ot sioiix
county, .ehnislca, lis plaintiff and utf.iunt
unknown heirs of small IXMitzenhriser ile-ei-nsed,
Siiruli A. Ixiiit.eulieisor, tli .t I will
on the astii day of Api il l!02 at one o'clock
In the al term. on ol said day at the east
1 rout, door nf the court house of suid comity
in Ihc vlllueof Harrison in said county seil
nl public auutiin to the highest bidder for
cash in hand the following described real
estute in said Sioux county, Mehruska, to
w i t :
The north-west quarter CO of section
thirty-two (:c) townsnip thirty-three (it'll
north of l'liiiKn tlfty four (.ri4i west ot the
ixth principal ineiediiin to satisfy said orit
er of sale hi the sum of .SKiK.ifi cost and lie
ci utntf cost.
Kirst publication March 27, IWW
Sheriff ot said Co
Jake Doos was doiug business in Harri--son
Muss Anna Moravek returned bonis'
Wednesday night, from Lusk where she
has been visiting the past week.
Mr. F. W. Clarke is attending the'
South Dakota stock grower association,
which meets at Rapid City this week.
The Bridges Bros gave 20 per cent of '
the proceeds from ,tn'
entertainment Wednesday night to tiur-
O. K. Eastman, cashier of the Com--uiercial
State Bank of Crawford was a
Harrison visitor between trains last.
We hear a great many complimerilory
remarks about the interest the niemlieiH,
of the class have taken in trying to ad
vance and improve our singing in Har
rison, so .remember our next meeting
next Tuesday night and let everyone lsl
present and anyone that wishes to join,
theci jss are specially invited.
Mr. V. H Grewell, Post Mister at
Hewitt was a Hamfeun visitor last.
Wednesday, and while here he taken in
the entertainment which was held at the
church last night. Mr. Grewell is a
great lover of good music, and beseemed
to enjoy the concert. He renewed hi
subscription to the Press JoUKNAL audi
that makes us happy, so come and see
us again Mr. Grewell.
The entertainment given by the Bridge.
Brothers Concert Company
nttheM.Fj ch inch WidneKiny evtn.ng:
was enjoyed by a large and appreciative
audience. The pieces of Elocution givein
by Mrs. Bridges were fine, and the ong
and music given b' both Mr. and Mrs,
Bridges were loudly and heartily applaud!
ed ly all. This company organized a
class of 57 nieniliers in vocal and instru
mental music last Friday night and they
claimed they could learn any one to rw.uli
n ites in ten lessons, and we believe they
demonst rated the fact to the mot skept
ical that they don e just w hat they claim
ed they could d o. This class has formed!
a permanent organization and will con
tinue t.i progress from the foundation
laid by the Bridges Bros. Mr. Giitluie'
was chosen lea der of the clans and Mr.
Wilheriiisd offer was chosen a organist..
The most w onderf ul feature In the drill!
of the class wns the wonderful controli
Prof. Bridge had over his class. He s.it
two editors side bv side in the class, one,;
.. republican, and the other a democrat
and while they sat with th eir buck ti'
each other its soon as attention ins lull
ed by Prof. Bridges they righted about
und you would not have known tint what,
they were brother but thi port of th-
program so dumfounded the audlem-'
that they forgot to applaud the chine uw
. til the closing piece wu un
.v .v