The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, November 10, 1898, Image 7

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How it this?
Perhtpt tleeplett nijhrt
ctuted It, or grief, or sick
nest, or perhipi it wit cart.
No matter what the caute.
jrou cannot with to look old
at thirty.
Gray ba!r Is starved hair.
The hair bulbs have been
deprived of proper food or
proper nerve force.
Increases the circulation In
the scalp, givet more power
to the nerves, supplies miss
ing elements to the bsir
Used according to direc
tions, gray hair begins to
show color in a few days.
Soon It has all the softness
and richness of youth snd
the color of early life returns.
Would you like our book
on the Hair? We will gladly
send it to you.
Write itf
If you do not obtain til the
benefits you expected from
the Vigor, write the doctor
about it. He may be sble to
suggest something of value
to you. Address, Dr. J. C.
AycrCo., Lowell, Mass.
la Olhor Word, to Hibernate.
Mm. Wallace It is the umb.tion of
four life, I enppote, to do without work.
Perry Pate. tic Not to do, mum; to
Tim bfliatl Vt mf ,
"Stand by your gun !" the rasta'n fairi.
"Stand till tht?lat brave man falla dead 1
for well the captain knew, that day,
lhat Hpain owed eight or nine month's
To each of tlr ! ranged, billing men,
and never 1 m ' i-m inln I
ilie Uvt 1 mi.
No autumn or winter Is so good but;
may be bad for Rbeuinatimu. I he wort
time for It Is the best time 10 buy $ iu
uxe St. J a col Oil to cure It, bee sum 11
cures promptly.
A Cmfortln Text.
The late Mayor Howland, of Toron-
to, called one day on a poor, tirk worn-.
an au J a usual read a portion of narlf j
ture and offered prayer. Oa leaving
he named a pa-wage of scripture wbicb
be thought would give comfort The
husband of the sick woman was In
censed that Mr. liowland should have
left no more substantial evidence of
sympathy and gave expr&tgloa to bis
snt-er In v'.oroup language. After
little tbe Bible was opened again, and
a $10 bill waa found. The angry man
went at once to Mr. Howland and of
fered bis humble apologies, and at the
funeral of bit benefactor there was
not a more sincere raonrner than tbt
one who bad failed to understand that
there Is more than one way of bestow
ing charity.
Dr. Tbomaf Popham,
Yonr Popbam's Asthma Specific has
nearly cured me. I have been afflicted
with attthma since Infancy, 20 yean).
For two jeara previous to the use of your
medicine the disease bad heroine periodi
cal, coiniug on every morning in severe
paroxysms. I used every asthma medi
cine I heard of, without success. I had
become very weak and disheartened; bad
almost despaired of receiving any benefit
from medicine; saw your medicine adver
tised in th paper and sent for some imme
diately; uued it twice a day for one year,
and hare had but one paroxysm for the
past six months. Your truly,
Sheridan, Iowa.
There Is a bold ridga of gray volcanic
mountains In the Cape Verde Islands,
the cretit of which Is said to form an
exact likeness of George Washington.
flow t Tills.
We offer One Hundred Dollars rewarO
for Biiy case of catarrh that can not b
cured ov ii all's Catarrh Cure.
' r. J. Ult.M-Y A CO.. Toledo, O.
We, the unler;gned have known K J.
Cheney (r tlio laxi 15 years, arid believe
him pcrlect.y honorable in all busineas
transaction and financially utile to carry
out anvoblijtaiions made by their firm.
W E8T fc Tkitax, Wholesale druggist.
Toledo, O., Wai.diko, Kimnax & MaKvin,
Wholesale drugKixt. Toledo. 0.
Hall's ''iiwrrh Cure i- taken internally,
aotini' directly upon the bio :1 and mucous
surtaces ol the sj stcin. Teirtiniotiiuls sent
free. Price 7.'c. per bottle, bold by ad
Th Tattler. ,
Elizibeth Brewer, whodiednear king
"fon, Out., not very long ago, was said to
be the ol .lest Quakeress in the country.
The Prohibiiionista of Llnlio have
nominated lor governor of that state
Mrs. L P. Johnson, business woman
of Idaho Fail'.
Mrs Kdward Harr s. whn re-ides near
Richmond, Mo., gave birth to twin boys
a few weeks aire. She has given birth
to twini teen tinv , and all are living.
Mr-. If-rri is 53 rM.
at ww . v
Cultivating an Orchard.
Toting fruit trees greatly need to
have tbe soil about them cultivated.
In working about trees, however, the
whlffletree Is almost sure to bruise the
bark, sometimes quite spoiling the tree,
.unions the greatest care Is exercised.
The cut shows a neat little device for
avoiding this difficulty. K bit of old
times mo.-oib wneu It Is buM to nod
well-ripened corn for swd, and it may
Interest some to know that uuripe corn
Can be used for seed In sucn cases.
HarncHKFi to Fit Horses.
Whenever a horse Is sold the hnrns
In which It has been used to working
ouirht always to go with the bargain.
No two hnruesen were ever made to
fit alike, and especially where the pres
sure comes ou the shoulder or neck In
drawing. The fckin under the old har
ness has been gradually toughened by
pressure on one spot. 15ut with the new
harness the pressure is shifted. It may
be only an inch or two, but it cornea
where the skin is tender and will quick
ly break when exposed to the collar.
If the whole harness cannot go, be at
least sure to secure the collar with any
Dew horse purchased, so that the ani
mal can work without being tortured.
The collar once URed for one horse
never ought to be used for another.
trace is tied to the whiffletree and car
rier nbout Its end, as shown. It Is then
tied to the trace, when It will prevent
the whiilletree iron or wood from bruis
ing the bark of any tree it happens to
strike. The Importance of preventing
Injury to young trees Is recognized by
but few. If badly hurt, the tree never
fully recovers.
slmilatlngtheToodandReguIa- 1
lirglteStaiiuifiB and Bowels of I
Promotes D:geslion,Chterful
ness and JfestContains neither
Opium .Morphine nor Mineral.
ISmrim Smi-
Arscrfcct Remedy for Constipa
tion. Sour Slomach.Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .f everish
ncss and Loss of SLEEP.
Tat Simile Signature at
r. ft
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
u - It
U' For Over
Thirty Years
Form 1'nultry Hon-et.
It Is much better where larpe num
bers of fowls are to be kept to build
several houses for them, and to make
them light enough so that they can be
drawn on a stone sled front place to
place, thus avoiding contamination of
soil and the disease whii-h will almost
certainly follow if the same hind Is used
for a hen run. From twenty to thirty
hens are enough for a single house. If
more are kept they will be in ench oth
er's way. nnd It will be strange If egg
eating or other bad habits do not be
come contagious among them. The most
Important thing about the location of
the poultry houses Is that nil the land
around them shall be umlerdralned.
This will enable the plow or cultivator
to be used almost any time when the
ground Is unfrozen. Drained land to
much dryer for poultry than the hill
side ot knoll which Is often recommend
ed for tbnt puritose.
Hnnm! for Winter.
The rut shows a method of securing
great warmth In a house that can be
used cither for poultry or for the stor
age of fruit In winter. An excavation
"v r
I'nrleanly Milking
The souring of milk Is canned by bac
teria which are In the dirt on the cow's
udder, milker's bands, pajls, strainer
and cans and in the dust in the air.
Under favorable conditions these bac
teria double every twenty minutes, and
a single germ In a pail of warm milk
Increases to eight germs in an hour,
sixty-four In two hours, 4,0!Mi In four
hours, and at the end of twelve hours,
If the growth was unchecked. It would
require eleven figures to write the
number of bacteria springing from a
single germ. With careless milking
600,000 germs have been found In a
cubic Inch of fresh milk. United
States. Bulletin.
TL Each
Relieved of Periodic Pain and Backache. A
Trio ol Fervent Letters.
Before using Lrdia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, my health was gradually being undermine.
I suffered untold agony from painful menstruation
backache, pain on top of my bead and ovariak
trouble. I concluded to try Mrs. Pinkbaml
Compound, and found that it was all any
man needs who suffers with painful months?
periods. It entirely cured me. Mra. GOfUl
Wass, 923 Bank St., Cincinnati. O.
more than
little book
house, and
some of Lydia
Liver Pills. I
a new woman;
past. I shall
for what it has
303 Lisbon St.
For years I had suffered with painful ma
truatiou every month. At the beginning i
tion it was impossible for me to stand up fa
five minutes, I felt so miserable. One da
of Mrs. PiuUham's was thrown into
I sat right down and read it. I then
K. Pinkham s vegetable Compound: an
can heartily say that to-day 1 feel liS
my monthly suffering is a thing of tq
always praise the Vegetable Compoui
done for me. Mrs. Mahgabet AkdeksoI
Lcwiston, Me.
To Propagate Gooseberries.
Gooseberries are propagated to some
extent by cutting, but generally by
layers. The earth is heaped in a mound
around the bushes and the young
sprouts will strike roots. They should
be planted In rows 4 by 4 on a rich
heivy soil, well cultivated and heavily
pruned. The fruit grows on the buds
formed on a 2-ywir-oId wood, and on
spurs and buds of older growth. Prun
ing should be directed to cutting Iwek
the new growth and occasionally cut
ting out exlra shoots. Some cultivate
in low tree form, but the shrub form is
the more natural way of growing.
Denver Field and l-'arrn.
A C.otethnt Will Not S"K.
Most farm gates begin to s:ig at the
outer end after a little use, thus cans-
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has cured me of painful menstn
tion and backache. The pain in my back was dreadful, and the agony I siaV
fered during menstruation nearly drove me wild
Now this Is all over, thanks to Mrs. Pinkham's medicine and advice. Mza,
Carkie V. Williams, South Mills, N. C.
Tbe great volume of testimony proves conclusively that Lydia E. rinkhaaali
Vegetable Compound is a safe, sure and almost infallible remedy in cases m
irregularity, suppressed, excessive or painful monthly periods.
" The present Mrs. Pinkham's experience in treating female ills is unpar
leled, for years she worked side by side with Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham, and w
sometime past has had sole charge of the correspondence department of At
great business, treating by letter as many as a hundred thousand ailing womak
during a single year."
Mr lngerioll's ExplMnpttn.i.
A good story is told of the wife of
Col. Eo ert Ingrsoll. She was recent
ly Fp ndingan evening with a friend.
About eight o'oiock, after ineffectually
at'emptiug to smother several yawns,
Mrs. Incersoll apologized as follows:
''ou really mu-:t excuse me, but you
know, dear, that I have accompanied
the colonel on a recent lecture tour and
have in consequence cot into the habit
of falling aelcep at about eight o'clock
evcrv evening."
Uncle Sam's War Month.
April is a mouth mads notable I
great events in American) history.
first en at Etriiegla for American
erties broke into hos ilitie at LezilfL
ton and Concord about the middle
April, 1865; tbe war between the coaV
federate states snd the United Stat!
began In April, If 61; in April, If
Farragut captured New Orlean?. and
April, 1805, came the surrender of tB
army of Northern Virginia at AppomaV
tiT Onnr' hnnatt .
0t TMK PtnMM
tin :. o-fiiuu r.mAat,WikiMU.
11 t
.Ullo (HMIHt All tut
0..I.I hf 'Iri'rKU
X Vf fi
In i iib " '.-- -.
IfcrnHMt osmku Qa
Vf UK 'rJ
M l tirlUlloH lrn'
. m m M.nibr.uM
ratow, i ml Mlrlav
gnl at pniuimvm.
r will i ' w'"TIl
Lf nprtm, rMl'l.
J' "Vl S.lfl.'
r - v.
hotM pl die fating ! othert
'urlut In Weighta.
The hhelleiw linii't P'lUs l,tH4 tlmel
lis own wight "hen in the air, and
-i ,i.,iiI.1i. when measured In the
water. Klesspull l. tiiM litne their own
dead welfht The M.'d.tenean cockle.
Venus reiru(u.i. u exert n ptilllnx e:i.:nl lo 2.07! 'I"" w.'fglit
nf i0inv . Ui'i.i. Sou':'":.! '. P"We;'
p(Hib.ed hy the " "l"'u
It a fon-e eqtiHl to t..J !'..." tini'-s the
wright of Pa shellem lHly is re.jtilreil.
If the human be-in pn-se-l ulrength
S great In fipoportloti ns Hint of these
uliell IIhIi the average null) would be
tide to hft the euormous weight of 2,
BTtHM'O pounds, pulling In the same do
Kiee as th- limpet. And If a man pulled
l ti,e Kaine proKrtIonate degree tt the
,-t.ekle he would sumtaln a weight of no
less than .10.500 pond"-
The luinliand (eat to talk shop when
In wile boyi' to talk shopping.
Is made In a side-hill, as shfjvn In the
first picture. A slone foup Ration wall
Is then laid and the house nown In the
second Illustration erected Not a great
amount of excavating L reiuired, as
tbe earth that Is thrown tit helps build
up the bnnk that Is to p'wtect thn house
n all sides. A drain laid below the
ftp "
foundation, nnd wrought around to the
Houth entrtinee, take cure of the
water that coun (low n from the higher
Tigs farrowi r during Septem!er will
git a gofxl Rla'l before winter. Late
pigs nre liable be ehitcked by severe
cold. The motrt prolitahlo pigs, how
ever, nre these furrowed In the spring
and sin ughter,tl late In the fall, ns
they need nvt be kept over winter.
Tanners do nut now give much atten
tion to raising pigs farrowed In the fall
unless they ar,i patrons of a creamery
and have an nl iindunce of nialerlal for
feeding, wlilct ouly the plga will con
sume. i:nrl' t"rn ' n Fecit.
It is a inlstal e to suppose that only
after itni has gji.ed It Is lit to le saved
for seed. It wl I grow equully quickly
If In tho milk;' stage, provided due
care Is taken to dry It out before It Is
frown. This tit. ripe corn loses a great
deal while dryl.ig. and makes a very
thrunkeu appearance. But the germ
Is In it, nnd It v III sprout more quick
ly lliiin giuiu I'jst has a larger amount
of starch. Bit the germ Is not so
dtrong 8t thav from well-ripened corn
that has been well rared for, and the
latte It therefore always lo be prefer
tt la saving seed. There are some-
lng oftentimes much Inconvenience. If
tbe upright at the hinges can he kept
rigidly In place there Is no reason why
a gate should sag if It Is properly con
structed. A proper construction Is shown
In tbe accompanying Illustration, two
braces being used, both of which hold
the outer end of the gate rigidly In
place. Farm gates are often made of
material too light to be strongly pinned
at the ends of the bars. This Is a mis
take, as secure pinning is necessary In
order to give the braces a chance to do
their work.
Orchard unit Garden.
look out for the black knot on the
plum trees.
'.'berry culture Is the simplest of all
fruit culture.
Wood ashes Is ? yai -table fertilizer for
the raspberry.
Worm fruit In the orchard Is the best
disposed of by shct-p.
Cutting of roses may lie made as the
wood acquires firmness.
Cut out every cane affected with rust
among the blackberries.
Cutting out Is about the only ture
icniedy for the peach borer.
Old liones burled near tree or grape
vines will have a good effect.
Luck In planting is the result of good
common sense and judgment.
In budding, the scions should always
1k of the current season's growth.
Cut off and burn all branches found
affected with the tent caterpillar.
Clear the raspberries and blackberries
out well, treating nil uncle sprouts as
Every farm should have one orchard
for home purposes, proportioned to the
ni-eibs of the family.
A mound of earth built up hard and
sharp "round the stem of young trees
will help to protect them from mice.
The orchard may be made to serve
two purposes, one tho production of
fruit and the other as a range for poul
try. If the trees need priming, It Is easier
to prune as sooa ns the necessity shows
itself that) after several seasons of neg
It Is rather poor economy to produce
line fruit, and, then, by bad packing
nnd careless marketing, lose the proper
Where the old berry ennes are re
moved In the full always burn them,
to destroy any din ase or Insect MKts
that mny Is- on tln ni.
Plants that appear healthy and yet
make no growth nre very often starved,
(live them n good mulching of manure
after stirring the ground.
One objection to Into cultivating both
In the orchard nnd nmoiig small fruits
Is lhat It. tends lo induce n late growth
lhat does not have time to ripen.
A good shaped tree has much to do
with the appearance of the orchard
nnd the earlier they are looked after
the easier will be the work of propi'ly
caring for them.
41 No use for a duster there 's no dust on '
a At in Air. (
aiySSSS It sells too fast" I
Every dealer who has handled Battle
Ax knows this to be a fact. There
is no old stock of Battle Ax any
where : nothing but fresh goods, as
Battle Ax sells five times more than
any other brand in the world.
All who chew it never change.
ieriiember the name
p, 1 x when you buy again.
Oin't r f.n!-;1 with a mar klntnh
or rthvr inif. If you want n coat
tint Ml kv r you dry in the hrd
m itm t iv th Hih Brand
SHvKr. It nut for In your
town, r(f f"r fttrp,iie to
A. J. T W"; Bomh, Mm,
I he 8t. Joseph and Grand Iilui
Kansas City and Omaha Bailwtft
.a Tan
to am, roiirra
Union Fuifla SntA
AM la mnnM
Uoa with ine
( T ?TnlTt LIRU
ToCnttfornl.. ')ri'ion B(I all w.tra fu
For Information rrr anting nlM,
or 01rt ii('rct nnntiof , t
W. P. KotlNMlN. J..
(in'l Minwttr, HU Inwpb, Mo.
N. ft U NO 616 -48 YORK NS3