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"VOL. 3C
The Sioux County Journal.
Subscription Priee, f 1.00
. I). Canon,
Kili (or.
F.ntereil Kt. the Harrison pot cilice in
tccouil rjniu mttttcr.
,1 .
r try
1 . r
The Jurax.u. tiamh fo!rl;
ami :, a ,xl' on the ('Idea no
. I . i r .. . I .. i ... I . . i 7 , i.i .
jr.iu.hint, i'-at not i.'ii'iit'
(it p:ij.o,-t an -I o'YX'V for ('il'
!t.(tiir.i of candidates for the
rni b uv; ofjiecs to Li rote I fur
thU fdl no matter, vhclkcr
ilicj are lhtnocral JopaliHl
-" free iulrcr liClubtiCUl if
flldor-itd lJ all the reform JKtr-;
Va conditional. llOH'C-nV, that
thru advocate U-mclallim the j
income ia.V lil'V, Opposition tO
national lanLl Of ?'??. f,.f;;rr.q,re-rt!ativesof the United States
ili r. , U
'ed in the of the
posea to Lie imtun: oj nation -
al bond in time of 2cace.
ij.i !
It look: as if the nn nev r'
gut in tlwir v. oik in f:or ...te.-s.
i l.hd j
f!ov, Hob'oinh will r.t.t be a eaiiiudat
for the re-election this fail.
' ' """ ""-j First -that !.n people r.f tlw island of
greenback ami ircaHuri; ra.ic, !ci,a re, end of right ought t be free
faVOr iJOVil'ilineni Control (if in"1' independeiitnn.J that (he government
"railroad, tdcaraph and tele- j ,f t,HJ r,,",,od l"r,!,,-v lU
- , ... . ; the repnolic of Cuba as the true and
phone lines ami (us ( Hablnili- j f ul Sr, r that ihtnl.
JllCntof 2tO"(al .7 vil!OS bank- Senond That it is the duty of the
hj HfJHtem, (Hid aho arC OA states to , lenemd, and the gov-
. . - , . I ernment of (he United Slates does here-
Tie I'opulist National committee "will.... , ... , ,, . . ..... . ,, ,
' Lnited States toe iiuhlia of the several
meet in Omaha, some linns in June.
Trie senate revolution was coneurri: J in
except the first paragraph acknowledging
the independence of Cub i.
It is evident that the president has
carried bis paint in having coni'' s-S pas
tiuch resolutions as suits his fancy.
The concurrent resolution passed boto ;
liousen of congress U I 'M o'clock lues- j
day morning which means that the L
Tspani.,!. will have to gel off the island of
Cubasooner or lab:r.
S,nator Hale', rouiarki in the Senate I
tm (he Kith inst. rshows the vindictivenessj
of the man and his spirit which he holds'
agains( political opponents, when their ,
service are needed. .
Under tho state administration of the
reform forces in Nebraska, (he state debt
has been reduced over a half million dol
lars and (he disbursement to the public
schools increased to f'.'4 T.2"i2..jl.
Hon, Theodore Boosvolt, assistant
secretary of tho navy may possibly re
(sign his position, in event of war with
Spain he will tender Ids services to the
government to hulp reduce tho Spanish
forces in Cuba.
Tho Joints a.', believes president Mc
Kinley Uad it alxmt right when he said
it was a executive act to acknowledge a
foreign republic But it is also the
opinion of tho Joints Al. that ho ought to
have acknowledged the Cuban republic
soon an he took his seat or at least six
months ogo.
Senator Foraker dealt the president
a severe blow in the senate by engineer
ing his resolutions through tliat body,
but the president with tho holpof Hanna
and Elkins larrujied it to Mr. Foraker in
the end by tho adoption of the house
resolution in both branchee of con
gress on Ilia Kith inst.
following is how tho Washington news
bureau sizes up the Populist representa
tive In congress:
The Nebraska delegation ill His lower
House of Congress are all Populists but
two, and are anion; the very ablest men
in that body. Judge Maxwell heads the
list in ago, ho has had a life's exjierience
n the Judicial Bench, is in every way it
Very conservative, able man,
Jude Ktark is also an ex-judge of
(irst-t-lass ability. J lis work in Congress
shows him lo he oni; of the ablest as
well as induslri ous men in the House.
Always cool anil collected, in a running
delate he has but few equals. Jud'o
fstarli is almost always riht in every
question and by bis equitable character
Iiuh gained frit mis and' influence which
has enalilrd him to accomplish good re
sults for his p. oplo
Hon. U. I). Sutherland has distin
guished hiniseif as the orator of the del
exation lie.-ados lie is an able influential
Lion W. f.. (ireen is a rouh-end
ready lighter, an able orator, active and
itidu -trious.
Tii j Nebraska I'opub'sts are a credit to
! any slate, and are the equal of any dele
gation in Congress,
Ah ImHt-ft'.fvI liv ihc daily I'rcss,
'Senate Pa-sos vis Koatltitioil
with the Tiii';.i--Finih-r
A !iu. :i I iiu iit .
J;,!,. l,.,t Saturday evening the U. S.
ft'iiate passed the following resolution
' ''''W". Re-pnblic of Cuba and !
ern hl,m,,,, ,,y a l,l f o: tf, ;1.
Resolved. T'.y 1hi senate and bouse
of America, in congress assembled ;
lei.iand ll.nt the government, of Spain
at once re!inqiiih its nulhority and
government in the island of Cuba and
withdraw its land and naval forces from
Culm, and Cub-oi waters.
Thirl That (lis president, of the Unit
ed States' be s, ( lie hereby is directed
and empowered to :.- tlm land
and naval force of tho l'ni ed f-.'.it'S.
and to eill irlo Hcfiifil f..erv'r t thrai
slates to Kiieh ; nn extent r.s may he ncc-j
essary to carry these rcitolutions into j
Fourth That the United States here
by disclaim any disposition or intention
to exercise sovereignty, jurisdiet ion or
control over said island, except for the
paciilcation thereof, and nsu rt its do
termination when that in accomplished
to leave (l. government and control of
,.)0 Mwt U) jtH )K
r,ili0hltimm W(;M roncilrrot,
,jv ihlg Vm t flf
. n,.;lwwl,!gr;d
tj ()f (.'ulw a,, wa8 hisnud by
11,8 l"',il'''rlt Wed.,,:sday.
Tho congressional Cuban resolutions
in on,ieo(iou will, president Mdvinleys
lul"",n"" asm,-vy co... u' u. .......... vv,
day and the ultimatum gives (hat gov
ernment 1M hours to comply with (he
demands of the United Slates. Tomor
row night at fl o'clock (he time limit
will bo up, and unless a satisfactorly
reply is at band by that time, instruo
tions will be given to the U. H. naval
forces to blockade the harbors of Cuba,
when hostilities will commence. About
Sunday or Monday of next week the
the American guns will he playing on!
the city of Havana, We believe Spain;
will back down. I
Somcthlnir In This Column That Will
Inh-rcsl Ever Body.
Sometlilnff to Remember.
Sing Sweet IJIrdlc Sing,
(Air-"Eillie Dale.')
If ever I see,
On the bush or tree,
Young birds in a pretty nest;
I must not in my play,
Steal the birds away,
To grieve their molhor'a breast.
My mother, I know
Would sorrow so,
Should I be stolen away;
So I'll speak to the birds,
In my softost words,
Nor hurt them iu my play.
mm mm
Iloiliiro irajijx'jiins.
Ilave Rartiott was visiting with his
friend Henry wertz Sunday and took back
borne with him a lot of young Cotton
wood trees.
The n-.-sssors are now abroad trying to
f.nd , rich wo are.
The i'l.tiigers are bny putting in thier
gardens and small grain now-a -days.
?.lr. Wonder is going to his homestead
on pleasant ndge to do some farming
this week. Oikervkh.
"Wttrbniimt Warhlingf.
Earnest Iyou is assisting II. Shatto
build fence for E. Brown.
Elsia Merriam and llrs. V.'allaeo ra
turned to the city Thurstlay.
E. A. Bigelow and family took easter
dinner withO. A. (Jartou's.
John Anderson made a trip to Craw
ford (ho (irst of the week.
O. A. Carton and Charlie Leeling
made a (rip to Antelope Tuesday.
J. W. Bic.'dorf'H moved to I,. Ken
nedy place the ir.,t of the week,
Mrs. Wallace and daughter Viola j
made a pleasant vMt at O. A. Carton's
the fore part of the week,
Mrs. Sam Lcehug was a pleasant visi
ter ut (.). A. Cartons Wednesday.
Hill Wialto of Vleasant 1,'iugu was a
valt'y visitor Wednesday.
Friday fire got a way from John Kays
but the neighbors turned out anil helped
put it out before it did much damage.
II. T. Jlerrium id rather under (he
went her at present.
Ci in the shade, how is (hat for April
weather. Lcao.
MontroMr ('lipping-.
Spring has conio at last and f tinners
progressing nicely with their spring
Julm Wasserhurger came through
our burg Sunday loooking for horses but.
il f.eenis as if he did not iind any, as
we never saw him come back again.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Henry Sr. took a
(rip to ('raw ford to consult a physician
about Mm. Henrys health as sic) has
been feeling blight !y indis-po.-icd of
Jake Wasserhurger left for Cedar
county last Meiday morning v. hero he
wascalbdto liaj death-bed of Herbert J. Jllller.' 1'eter iiiersack, John Ash
Kimmeramu his hraliier-in-law. t"'i,.K"d JolJ" Tw'.''biis jitliegister'
We are glad to r.tato that Mrs. 51. J. J- '
l iayhart has bo fr recovered from her
recent ilb. ess, as to he up and around
Born ( Mr. and Mrs. Jake Wasserbur
ger April l':!lh a daughter. i
Walter Henry was in the valley Sao-;'
day visiting tmioiig friends. f
i: u ,, ,,.,.. ,i j t
windmill, he thought pumping water by
hand Was too much like working.
W. M. Cayhart is busy building an
addition to his house.
Mr. nml Mrs. If. Wasserhurger were
visiting with their daughter Mrs. DaniJ
Jordoii Sunday.
F. W. Knott lost a valuable cow in the
creek last Week tiACB,
Crawford Neh., Apr. 19 1808.
Ed. JuCbSAb:
Everything; hero indicates
war and the independence of Cuba The
tents and equipments of tho (Hh U. S.
calvery were loaded at Ft. Hobinson last
night as we came down, and 1 talked
with Corporal Jeiikensand Sargent flood
enow of (i. troop, who said they were lo
move tommorrow morning.
Yours truly,
B. F. Thomas.
Harrison, Neb,
Apr. V.), 1S'j8.
Ep. Journal,
In taking a trip to Cering last week
mostly for pleasure we were struck fav
orably wilb the lay of (he com.' re. No
doubt the Flal.te Valley, both net and
west of (hiring will make as lino a farm
ing country as can he found iu the west.
E-pecially, when till (he irrigaUou diddl
es now under construction arc complete.
Herring itself is nicely located; it has 27
windmills and the man who has no wind
mills has no standing in socie(y. We
found (he citizens of (ieiing very cor
dial, also highly moral, they must be
very kind hearted or there would not
bo as many cripples as there are in town,
altogether a bright f udiro without doubt
is in store for the people of (lerring.
I do not think there is quite as much
gold there us somo thought there was. '
L, Ceiilacii,
; AUV, Y
i A in V
rest er r!f!l ? II i
( :iiU tor t(k.n,i..
: Uf
I V' . fll.iri.j t'...
I '..'M-l.-r l uui
f HIT . - ( 4
i TlAt.lllI.Ky. i v
Irer iluil, Stronj;, t'uruhle. Jt-niC'l4)
U.P.& John liu no Co., AAA U
1 54 PubyPt.. r. 'M
Bncfcforil, Illiin.U. Wx::);i!i
WAN Y LADY can got a valuable secret
,'n" " n rubW .lil.M for 80 imita.
Mus. V. M. APP. CO.
rtMr:iTKi:yT. nr. r.orin, mo.
Notice fur Sealed Bids
on Cotiuty
To whoiiie it inny cotireni :
Notice a Jierebv Riven t!mt eile.i bids for
t'.ie ocintrnetioii f a Urhizn ucruss it itry
ffiikh on Wihie Itirer, where public, roi i!
erosseH tlie iniiie tiie o! I lindi?e hiie UMir
Jtr. Htl.iisoir:, p! ; ii iil ! received by tlie
umler-iai'ij untij 12 o'el.x k noon uf June
set n, is.
I'luiH nntl si-cqi,.i;!!S can be had by
culling lit the office of the county clerk.
All PUN niiil lie lici oaipunieil with li berel
for at lcust one t'loii-jiKi Uolliirs.
lly order of the beard uf county conoids-i-loners.
;M n ."t. J. bi.EWETT, County Clerk,
Tin: .leei'VAi, will iniblish your bruin!, ike
tin- loii.cvinir, for -j:ixi, per year. Kuch ad-
' ii n. . ' ,v 1 ..I ill' f or
raiu-hiiM'ii in si,,. it nail ad jihiiliijr cimniie-i
giioiiiii mlvi'i'l i'.e (heir !. rim U in Tiik .lin'it-
.in. in il (Mice ! ti nil oicr llie htste. It
mav be ti:e nicunn of avihir niraii v inv v,i.,
On left, side of rattle and ou left
shot Ider of heroes.
!htei;e on Aeh lojie creek
. i"T -i
V. (., i.nilchri it, Siiiii.i Co., Neh.
chaiu.ks niKin.i:.
On left Klde or hip of cut. I le, (
rj;T'"J llll lei t shoulder of luilse. (
X 'ifev'niurw on the heud el arboniifit
i ,
Address Puri'iHoa, Simix Co. Nei).
rt s. v . (
r of eat lie and
f"-,-.V Y.'fe'1 '11 left NllUUi'jl
111 mire on biltie ( otlouwood.
l' 1. ., t rnu lord .Sebr.
Final rniof Notices.
All personi having llnnl proof Tioticpq in
thi'i nuper M'iil receive ft iiinrUed copy of the
pii ier end ii t e requested to I'Mmiitiie theer
notice mid if niiy fi t o s exist report the
one to tills of lice uf once.
NO t K Kl Olt PUl'.blCATION.
bund (illice ft
Ml in nee, Neb. t
i hvS, (
Notice i hereby f.:!v n thnt tiie folhiM-in
. nmied settler h.m nleil iMniceoi hi In ten.
Mou to iiinke lltnil prnol' in support oi his
claiiii, Hud tleit said proof ili be made he
.lore M.J. Itlewett, leilt Diilrict Court lit
Harrison, Neb., on Muy s, i v.:", vi. -. 'j her.via
Meier of Ardmore, S. lb, wiio ninde U.K.
Mo. !". for the .VK;.i V bit, see. Si, Vs'S-WH'
illilj N-WJi, H-bf, See. 'Si, ') ovv linliiji li.'i, Itiuiye
...i W.
He mimes the rollowlin; -witnesses to
;vrove his eoiitinuoii!, re.-iideaei; unofi unil
. ...-... ..
'' XllJU
1 8 rages a Week
-15(! Papers a Year
For One Dollar.
Published every Alternate Day ewil Sunday
The Thrice-a-Week-World Edition of
The N'f.sV Yoiik Would is tirst among
all the "weekly" papers in si.e, fre
quency of publication and the freshness,
accuracy and variety of its contents. It
hasall the meri'it sofa grert $f dollar dai
ly, the price of a dollar weekly. Us po
litical news is prompt, complete, accur
ate mid impartial as all its readers will
testily. It is against tho monopolies
and for the people.
It prints the news of all tho world,
having special correspondance from all
important news points on tho globe. Ii
has brilliant illustrations, stories by
grea taut hers, a capital humor page, com
plete markets, departments for the house
hold and women's work and other special
departments of unusual interest.
Wo oiler this uneqiialed newspaper
and Tmk Sioux CorNTV Journal togeth
er one year for ? 1.70
The regular suescription price of the
two pnpers i$3.(H)
Slic-rifT s Sale.
lly virtue of an order of sale issued by the
Cier'K of the IUstrict Court of the county of
Siouv, mid state o SYbrnokii, upon a decree
rendered by mud Court in lawir ol June K.
Woodiii.'f ibilnli'l', and John Meinlnirl,
Josephine V.ehihart, Pen Is UnflihiK, Mrs,
Lewis llnftiini:, wife, of I.enij Hulliin!; whine
true christian inline i unknown, nnd W.J,
Howi'en, ileleiidanl-i, I will oil the I4tild.iv
ot May, A. I. lsi'S, nt. tho hour of 2 o'clock
p. in. of (mid day, lit the i-amt front dor of
Urn Court home, In Hurt ison, iu srhl coun
ty, offer nnd si'il the following inscribed
real club) to it: Tile S lv, of Sci Inm M,
Township 8.1, I.'niiie .'.1, In Hunt county. Nc
brnskii, lit public miction to the bihet
bidder lor cuih, to tll'y s.'nd order of Mle,
In the Mini of is .MU:!, Willi lntere.-t theieoii
lit the rate of ten per cent per iinuiiin, from
the dtli diiy of lieceiebi r, lu:", nnd cnt uud
aceruliiK costs. Tii'iM,
Sheriff of until ( 'oiuity.
, Slicriir.s Sulo.
P.y virtue of nn order of snle Issni'd by the
Clerk of the IMstriet Court of the eouniyol
Sioux, unit slute of hehruskn, tqion u decree
rendered by sntd Cinii t'lii favor of Horace
C. stiintoii tihiintllt, Loreno lb HHniion,
A. L. Oruishy, trustee, Krniik UiiIIk.v,, lsitun
A. I'rnll. anil Francis K. 1'rntt deleniiiinls, I
will on tint H dny ot Mny, A. I). IMis, nt the
hour of a o'clock p. in. of suid rliiy st lin
ens t front door of the I 'ouri. house In IImitI
son, Iu mild county, offer unit ndl tlm follow
hi di'Heiibe.t real estate to wit: The s v 'i
of seetlnn fi, Township X', KitiiRe til, In sum-;
county, Nt brinl.a, ul public auction In the
hiKhest hlilr.ler for ciish, to siilisfy Hiild or
der of Hale In the sum of ti ll, HI, with Inter,
est thereon t the rule, of ten percent, per
itniiuin Irniu the Glh ilnyor December, ls!)7,
ami cost unil aecrnliiR costs.
miZi Siicrlir of said County.
AFBIL 21, 1898.
si Ke
If you don't believe what he says go
take a look at those 500 pairs of Boots
& Shoes just arrived last Tuesday, and
you will see he is warring1 with every
store in the north-west. You can buv
foot-wear of him cheaper than at any
other store in Harrison.
1 1 tim
Head-quarters for IIAKD-WARE, TIN-WAEE, URY'-GOOHS and
UICjU, (iUOCERHM, FLOUR and FEED and everything needful & useful.
B. E. Bits-.ySTT.Tt,
D. H. ORI3WOLD, Cashier.
Transacts a General
AirrarcAs ExcniNOn National Bank, New York,
Omaha National Bank, Omaha,
First National Bank, Chadron.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits,
Flour and F
at my harness shop.
Third Building West of J. II. Kartell's Grocery Store.
EGGERT R0IIWER, Proprietor.
1 j
The best of Wines, Brandies, Whiskey
and Beer kept constantly on hand.
handle the Omaha Beer.
NewTimc."Lct me lake those load, fromyoufbacks" Cteffl
Z a for six cenlii. fj
- mm UL-
Banking Business.
680 oi a
Fi WiiP, Ilia
'.'A,- rUniitrwiL
-j,'JL fi?
editors tt B. 0. Tlou':r
Hlntralcrl. nota dull fine hi -y
l j2 H. It in fiKlitin your fielit;-