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3iTO. 32,
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Ths Sioux County JoiirnaLi
Subscription Price, fl.OC
jfo. D. Canon,
Kntnrvd fit Hurr'..fon pot office a?
ecoacl cliua
A Dnily I)!;-cst cf Siiuiusri News
C'otimicncliiif Monday, IVb. M!i.
Tim lattle-hliip limine blown up hv
RiMiiiUli merHmiK Throa ureU'bes
br.t:-.i acnU to destroy the I'niU-fl Stat
es i.atUo hli! Slaughter of Ameri
cans (lelilx-iMtly j .liirin,-. Leckers cine.
Secretary of the navy appeal to ron
jrress for ;in auxiliary fleet nwl morn
Marine. Gravity of the situation em
phasized' liy nniisal exertion m:u!o to pet
nil V 'im U in (I ''I i tint' trim.
j Relief general! v enlcrtiiinoil thai. Spain
xtaihls fairly will never consent to pavin any
iml-mnity to Unitel States for tliernuitio
rtiKMtKtt ka;asta
Says Spain admits no alien intrusions or
interventions in her own alfair, "We
will tolerate nothing that may mean
intervention, however indirect."
Tuesday March 1st.
i uoii.uoii, ior a better navy, that is i
what. UeMvwfituive Bromwtll nrotx-wKK !
1 1 ,
The Jones at.
and xquartlij on the Chio igo
platform, but will wot hcnitale
to Hu'j.port and work for thv
election of candidate for the
various ojftces to be voted for
thh fall no matter, whether
they arc Democrat, Populist
or free diver JiepuUicans, if
endorsed hi all the reform par
ties, conditional, hoirercv, that
they ad locate hi-mctallim the
income tax law, opposition to
national ianls of usue, are
opposed to the retirement of the
(recnlacks and treasury not ex,
favor government control of
railroads, telcrraph and tele-1 taken to Key v
phone anas and the establish
merit of po dal xaviny bank
ing tyttem, and aUo arc oj
'posed to the isyieiny of nation
al bond in time of jieace.
One of Two WaYs.
TI:- bladder was created for one mr
pose, namely, a receptacle for the urine,
and as such it is not liable to any form
of disease e.vq,t by one of two ways.
The first way is from imperfect a'-tiou of
the kidneys. The se'-ond way is from
careless local treatment of of her diseases.
( im;r causj:.
I'lihealthy urinj from unhealthy kid
neys is the chief cau-e of bladder troub
les. So the womb, like the bladder, was
created for one pnrpos, and if not doctor
ed too much is not liable to weakness or
disease, except in rare cases. It is situa
ted back of and very close to the bladdej
therefore any pain, disease or inconveni
ence manifested in the kidneys, back,
bladder or urinary passage is often, by
mistake, attributed to female weakness
or womb trouble of some sort. The error
in theliouse today. I is easily nuido and may be as easily avoid
Appropriation is to buy new ships and j t('- T" "M' ol11- correctly, set your urine
to arm and equip then; properly. Ob-
The Republican Hold standard adminis
tration, favor trusts at home and money
lords abroad.
The eight-hour law in Utah, was de
clared constitutional by the United
SUtes supreme court on the 2sth inst.
Mrs. Lilian M. N. Steicris of Portland,
Maine, has liecii choen to wear thecloak
if the dead, yet ever living heroine Frari
cis K. Willing.
Acting pribicent iiautia, liai; nstirped
a Hs;ht In-lonpc to coniwt that there
will, or will not l o war w ith Spain that
in a prerogative of conLcresn.
The vultures devounn;; our brave sail
ors bones! a si;ht to make the God's
v.eep!- Iloes it .-em as if the true snirit
of patriotistn burned in the breasts of all
The womans temple is to b a .monu
nient to the deul leader, and to I named
Willard Temple, K n as the W. C. T. U.
liquidates a certain amount of the pres
ent encumberenco, already flHO.OOd have
been secured.
ject is to iruin footing "for immediate
hostilities with any foreign power."
Will the Maine board return?
Navy department knows not whether
moivi sessions ho held at Havanna. Issu
ance of death certiticates lo the heirs
of the dead sailors b.-in conducted.
I! idles hi'i'e, recovered will hi
t, where they will be
fjivcii temporary interriwent.
Wednesday, M irch '.'nd.
Tics Americati battle ships at Key
West and dry Tortillas, are ordered to be
ready at the tap of thedrum for immedi
ate action. Secretary of war, Lone;, in
structs Ic'ar Admiral Sicard to prepare
bis iniu'lity squadron for a piiek trip to
Spaniards fin tint hosts of sinking the
battlcship'Maine. Wa.-.Iiitiirtnn author
ities iinjiress.-d with the idea of an
uprMne; in Havana by the Spaniards,
against the Americans, residents there.
Spaniards row bolder in Havana and
an outbreak is expected when battle
ship Vizcay arrives at that Port, Kvery
thine; at this time looks very serious and
will no doubt result in war sooner or lat
er. Thursday March Drd.
Spain will not bo implicated. The
board of inquiry is expected lo return
virdict without fixing the guilt, Span
iards will nevertheless be held to account
for the blowing up of the Maine, llelay
c ountries to be the nolicv of the admin-
j islration with siiipression of the facts.
in 1119 cppinion of the JoLHNAl. there
will no no war with Spain. Watch the
future, it will liear us out, whether
riyht or wrong.
aside for twenty four hours: a hedirnent
or settling indicates kidney or bladder
trouble. The mild and t he extraordinary
direct of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Hoot, the
great kidney, ami bladder remedy is soon
realized. If you need a medicine, you
should have the best. At druirirists fi ft v
"r bri.nd, ike
Her I. ...-I, ...i
' ' 4 - '' "r:"'" '-'leems. t-.very nirmer or
"'' ';"'" '" H"'1 adjoiniiiB i-ountiM
altm their I. ran, Is l Tiir.JoiK
..:. it -ireuIi,leH :iu m.-r tlic t.ite. n
..u lie tl:e mimn s.n iiitf money for you.
, ; . I r ii.i u 1 ill).
Jj itJ left side of cattle m,d oil left
i-i? sbi.uidi r of borseu.
tiiiJ! !:-1"eo Atitclopo creek
J'. l., (luietirint, Sioux Co., Neb.
ciiAi:t.i:s isiKiir.H.
ln left side or lilp of ch! tie, (
lei L Hhuill'ler ol y
tlie lieiiil 01 Wurboniiet
Address Uurrison, Sioux Co. Net).
Wi-PJ-'C4')n 'eft slioulder of tattio and
ti.(ili!A)iltMi?eoii I.ittlc Cottomvood.
l 'l. ., l uwlurd tdjr.
just mmu
I'iiiiil Proof Notices.
All persons liiivtn'; final proof notices tn
01 -. pnT will reeelve n marked copy of the
mier and Hie li.'iui'Htcd to examine thej.
notice mid 11 any crroi s exiMl report the
eiiuie lo iniMoiiu;e at once.
('. S. Lund (ifllee Alllnnce, Neb.
Fidiriiary ll, ls'.H.
Noltce i lierelir "iven tluit Mm following-
nnineii neiiier 1111H 1 en noliceol i s nten
tiun t i innke lliiiil iroof 111 suppnrt ofhis
elililn, nud Hint suid proof K ill lie, iimde be
fore M..I. tlli'wett, Clerk District Court lit
cents and on dollar. You may have a p '"7 : '"'U r''.'' .,v!'
No. Ii.'il. f.,r till) S-Wi, h-VA. Hi: .S-W U.Sep.
tiiiii 4 and s K', S-Kij, section 5, Township '29
lie e m' inj .
lie imnii's the following witnesses to prove
h's eonliniions re.iilenee upon and eultivn
tion of said hind, viz : V. H. Karnest, Wit
liaiii liou1th iiinl Uiiliain liouret t, of liar
rison, Neb., and l.ei.ry llrnndiKe, of Ijien,
'""1U. . j, wkiiv ,je,
sample bottle and pamphlet, both sent
free by mail. Mention Tltu Slot x Corx
TV JufRXAl, and send yonr address to I r.
Kilmer & Co., Iiinghaii..ton, N. Y.
The propietors of this paper guarantee
the genuineness of this olfer.
Corliett, who was appointed U. S. sen
ator from Oregon by the governor a, year
8go to succeed JKilehel, the retiring
Miiator on account of the Jegislature
fatling to elect, has been refused his
eat in that august liody by a voto of
50 to 10.
The administration, of course, will
want to subnjit for arbitration the
assassination of the 253 bailors and the
blowing up of our battleship Maine in
the ICavara harbor, like it did the money
.question Boon after it came into power,
to foreign powers probably witb aboutas
much consideration for the rights of the
American people. The crewned heads
of Europe stand together, the stealing
jof Chines teritory is proof of it.
Russell Sage one of the Wall Street
millionaires is the only capitalist who
hag had American patriotism enough to
, rise up and declare that this government
iihould not hesitate to cliastiso Spain
severely for the blowing up of tlio battle
ship Maine. He is one of the iroM men
who believed last fall that the houor and
integrity of this country ought to be
maintained by adhereing to the gold
standard. He, evidently has the cour
age of his convictions at heart, and, w ill
tand by the government should it en
gag in war with Spain.
The boadsmen of ex-state treasurer
Hartley have been released from having
lo make fcood Hartley's shortages during
hi. term of office, as a result of a long
fought Ieg4l battle just concluded Jast
wook. Tia liondsmen, it would seem to
U (dwiuM have been released long ngo,
whan tliu supreme court will turn a
criminal laose for embezzlement of
tweotyor UrLA thousand dollars, be-
auwtjiey can, un they claim, llnd no
law to punish liim, Hartley should, by
all means be liberated am' he certainly
has been "tmjustl" itcttverate,!. Kr,
in H,o opinion ,f the J'itmNAL Mr. J;,ir.
tley, is entitled to lif,), IMwrt.y and the
pursuit of happiness as Eurrmie Moore,
;ind it would seem as if ho wan a murtvr
nude so oy bin friend '
M'arbonnct Warblings.
J. f i. Merriam is busy these days
t ng cord wood for J. A. Anderson.
Wm. Slattery was a caller at O. A.
CJarton's Tuesday.
O. A. (iarton made n t rip to the north
ern part of the county the fore part of
the week.
Mrs. Valdez visited at (Justave Nor-
oisch's Monday.
Ernest Lyon m:tde a call at J. W.
Ricedorfs Friday.
O. A. Oarton made a call at Mr. SUt
terys Friday. Koio.
Free to Our Jlt-udcrs.
Our readers will be pleased to learn
that the eminent physician and scientist,
Dr. Kilmer, after years of research and
study, has disco ved and given to the
world a most remarkable remedy, known
as Swamp-Hoot, for the euro of kiduey
and bladder troubles; tho generous offer
to send a bottle free that all may test
us wonueriui merits without exjienso, is
111 itself sullicient to give the public con
fidence and a desire In i.l.liln it
Swamp-Hoot has an established reputa
tion us me most, successiui remedy, and
is receiving the hearty endorsment of all
up-to-date physicians, hospital and
homes. If Our llinn uni wswiien hdn.L..
are 1U neeil of a medicine of this kind no
time should be lost in sending their name
and address to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Uing
Jiamton, N. Y. and receive a sample liot
tie and pamphlet, both sent absolutely
free by mail. The regular sizes piay tie
obtained at the drugstores. When writ
ing please say you read this liberal offer
in theHiorx Cotnty Journal.
Siiorifl's Sale.
Notice In hereby given that by virtue of
an order of mile to inudireeled Issued by the
clerk of the District ( ourt of Sioux county,
Ncbnisku, In an action punMing In suid court
whendn (h-orne H. 'Iiirnorls phiiiititr and
Ceorjie W. Cohi,, .Mrs. Ceorge v. Cobb whose,
true chriMiiin ihuiiu Is unknown, Karnilnnd
.security company Asat.t.lluvis, und .Mrs. Asa
C. liiivls Ihm christian name is link noun, lire
defendant,., 1 will on the SCth day of March,
1"'.'S, lit 3 o'clock p. in. of said day at the
cust door ol' the Court House, In llarrUon,
Nebraska, offer for sale nl public, vendue"
the I'oliowinK described real estate, to-wlt
The South tin I r of the North hiist ipmrtcr
HiidNorlh tniif ol (lie South K'it ipmrtor,
Section U, Township 31 N of liauei-,',7 v. of
the-idh prlncliml meridhui in Sioux county,
Nvl.r111.k11, to satisfy a decree of foreclose
enterod in suld cause by our raid Court, at
the rcyuhir NovcmlHjr A. i). IsIlT term of suid
court, to it : on the cth day ot lleeemlifr
IS'JT, wlierein our said court found due to tl.f
suld phimtifl, (,('i,rpi II. lurner tlie sum
fs.tDwtth ten per cent interest thereon
from said date and touts, together
with an amount taiml to 10 orr cent of t.
amount so found due, and adjudged
to tie a nrt lien on Bald premses, with
costs and accruing costs
Said prcnilwH will be sold for the purposo
01 Hatisivinif said sums.
Thomas Hoi.i.r,
NOTK'K H)l ri'itl.lCATKlN.
I'. H. J.und Ol'lce Alliance , Neb. (
Febu.irv il, 1-Jd. i
N'o1;ee is hereby pfven that the followin
nnnied settler lias tiled tn.tice of bis intei
tion 10 niiiiie ltnal proof in support of Ills
claim, and tbut suld proof will be made bc
lore M. J. lllcwett, Clerk District, Cmm at
11,11 1 isi, 11,,., on ,pru, 'jnu, js, viz:
Henry I.ludeunin, of llnrrlson, Net,., wiio
made II. K. yt.'.t.j lor the K'i S-WLj, and
WC2 S KI,,, Section 4, 'J'onnslilp No. s N
Kriiijc eli W,
He niimi's the tollowlnr; witnesses to
prove bin continuous residence upon nnd
cuuivaLion 01 H.ti'l lunu, viz: l.'.ris (,er.
liicli. chnrles liiehic, Julin l'liinket and
Oiarh K. Slillt, all of Iliirrison, Nebraska.
J. W. Wkiin Ju, Kegistur.
MOA M3N a8eoo y NNfiN
moi a u imfi mna i 'itiiiiniii im..
'mum mwm
iiftocij 'oo v iiunn itSniijin tutu hiii.uti ,1
'filiMitirt jltiun.Mi joj i.iuoxv l..,.(i in,
..,H,l ll'l nut UIIVH lU'll'll'l.
' ' 1 " V" - , 1 I -I ,'"! I,..f..l
-V.IIIIII1IIIII1,.) DUU.lli:.( i.ic,ij. U' ,H"iiil
li J.,in,inu ami ....
- . ........... m,tJ nn ai.fiHl
luiu uii)i1juhi, pu "Jim. Diiu.). auuiuy
.Notice To Xeii liesiiU'iit beOndnnts.
In the District Court of Sioux County, Ne
liriiska. The KarmiTs Trust Company a corpora
tion, plaintiff,
vs. '
David Anderson and Dora Andersoi,
To David Anderson and Dora Anderson
non resident defendants:
Ton are hereby notified tlmt on the sth
day of febuary, ls'js, The Farmers Trust
Company, it corporation piaintiir herein,
filed lis petition in the abov,. entitled cause,
In the District Court of Sioux count-, Ne
brssku, ngiUnst tlie said defenants, the ob
ject and prayer of which Is to foreclose a
real est,Ue mortgage executed on the 1st
day of June, lsill, by said defendants upou
tlie property inscribed as follows: ThnH-E
of Section Min Township 5 N Itungo w
west in Sioux county, Nebraska, to secure
the payment of a promlsory note for the
sum of due und payable Jim,, lm, isin,
that there Is now duo and Payable 011 suld
note unit mortgage the sum of WU7.:H, with
Interest at the rate of 111 per cent, per al
lium from tho 7th day of Kehunrv. isas fnr
whlcli sum, with Intercut plalntill ,rays for
ii nit, iiriuniiiuiu pay the iiuno,
ami that In default of such nuvmenl .1.1.1
premises may be sold to satisly tha amount
101111U dun.
You are required to answer said petition
on or before the 4th dav of April, ls!.
Tint Faumess Turner Co., I'hilntltr. '
liy W. W. Yoon, A ttorney for plaintiff.
-;i'K Hand Offlce Alliance, Nob. I
t . Fuuuary z, isw.
Notice Is hereby glvon that Herbert 8.
Woodruff, ot Livonia, S. Y., Ims Hied notice
of Intention to make finul proof lu for M. J.
Rlnwett, Clerk District Court, at his office
In Harrison, Neb.,'on the 2nd dav of April,
ls'JS, on timber culture application No, 159-1,'
for the S-K'i of Section No. 1, in Township
No. 33 N Itimge No. M V.
He nanes as witnesses :
John W. Hixsoiv, John W. Tldd, .Wllllath .
Hl.vson and Henry C. Hunter, all of Adelia,
Nebraska. J. V. Wkiiw J 1,
Shcrirs Sale.
Hy vlrtHo of an order of sale itsued bj tho
Clerk of the District Court of the comity of
Hloux, and state of Nebraikii, upon 11 decree
rendered by satd court In favor of William
II. Male, llenjuinln (Iruluun, William Halls
Jr, and Harris H. Ilaydcn and against A. K.
(.aU.'S, administrator of the estate of Albert
H. I'luneo deceasd Uosetta I'liineo, Hoy
I'lnueo and the unkuowii helm of Albert II.
I'inneo deceased, I will 011 tlie 3;th day 01
March, A. D. IWIs, at the hour of 11 o'clock
a. 111, of said day at tins east front door of
me court house, In Harrison, In said coun
ty, offer and sell the following described
real osUto to-wlt: The. South half f the
South east quarter of Section IK, The North
half of the North cast oiiHrtet of Section 27,
Township., Kai,Ke.-slwrst, In Hloux comi
ty, Ncdniskii, ut public auction to the high
est bidder, lor cash, to natlsfy KM order
of sale In the sum of eiiii.wi, with Interest
thereon ut the rate of t pr crnU pp R.
niuit Iroiu the ISth duvof i,.rii ,w.,s
tooU and accruing costs.
V. i. Land Olllcc, Alliance, Neb. J
Febuary isw. i
Notice is hereby given that Maggie Wun
der of Adelia, Neb., has filed notice of Jnten.
tion to make lliiiil proof Is'foro M. J. lllcw
ett, Clerk District Court,, at his olllce in
Harrison, Net),, 011 the 2nd. day of April 1SSIN,
on Umber culture application No. l.Wi. for
tlie N H''4 (if .Section No. 2, la Township No.
:a N Kaiige No. M W.
She names as witnesses: John Kerrcs,
I'nirl Herres, John F. .Meyer and Anton Mo-
Kein, all of .Montrose, Nebraska.
Also, that Andreas Wander, of Adelia.
Neb., has tiled notice of Intention to make
final proof at (he same time and plaoc. on
timber culture application No. lni.'i. for th
s tij or Section No. 3, in Township No. 8 N
Hange No. .4 V .
He names as witnesses: John Scrros. pi,i
Serres, John F. Meyer and Anton McKom,
allot Montrose, Nebraska.
Also, Andrew Wonder, of Adelln. Nch
who made H. K. No. 3317, tor tho S-KI. 9 Wt
ami S.K! N W14 of Section II, Townihlp S3
N Kangc 4 W.
He names the follow ing witnesses to nrnvn
his continuoiiH resldenco upon and cnlttva-
tlon of said hind, viz: John Scrres, 1'aiil
Serres, John V. Meyer and Anton McKein,
all of .Montrose, Nebraska.
J. W. Wkiin Jr, kegister.
A car-load of Wheatland Flour at
prices that will defy competition any
vhere in the state.
Tlii; RANCH SUPPLY HOUSE is Head-quarters for
Our iMo is, "LIVE and 1st LIVE"
We need money, and tlie people need our goods, so corns
in and nee how cheap we can sell you goods for cash.
Harrison, Nebraska.
C. F.
D. H. ORISWOLD, Cashier.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
.Amkrican Exchange National Rank. New York,
Omaha National Bank, Omaha,
First National Bank, Chadroa.
Interest Paid on Time Deposita
Hhorlirs Sale.
.Notice In hereby given tliat by viitue. of
nn order ol mile lo mo directed issued by
tho cleric of the lilstrict Court of Sioux
county, NcliraKka, in nn action pending In
said court wherein (Jeorge 11. Turner la
plulntitl and (iuorgn W. Cobb, Mrs. tieorge w.
1,0111.1 nose true cliristian nnnic is unknown,
and Dakota Mortgago Loan Company arc
delcndants, I will on the 2iitli day ot March,
ISW, at 3 o'clock p. in. of Raid dav ut ih
cat door of the Court llonsn, in Hurrtaon,
NeliraskH, offer lor sale ut public vendue,
the follow lug described real estate, to wit:
lAiti one (1) and two (2) und the east half
of the, north west ouurter of Sectli.n m
Township :m, N ItangeM W. of tho (it h princl
clpul lncrldliia In hionx county, Nebraska,
lo sutlsfy u decree of foreclosure entered In
una causfl ny our said Court ut the regular
November A. I). Isj.7 term of said court.
to wit: on the (It ti dav ol' Ix-i-i inbnr lk(.T
wlierein our suld court fuond due to the
said plaintiff, Ccorgn II. Turner 11m
tl'.UiS witli tai per rent Interest thereon
from Suid date ami costj. together unh
mi nuiomit eiiiinl to 10 ner cent, of i,,.
miionntso round due, and adjudged thunnnin
1. 1 nn a nrst lieu on null! iu-buiImcm. win, and accruing costs.
(Mild prcuilHcn will be Hold for the mu m...
01 Minifying said sum.
Flour and Feed of all kinds
at my harness shop.
Third Building West of J. II. Bartell's Grocery Store.
EGGERT R0IIWER, Proprietor.
The best of Wines, Brandies, Whiskey
and Beer kept constantly on hand.
I handle the Omaha Deer.
,-.e!i A
,, .v...'.'w.y;
Vc pay tho f rc-Iii
? 7'T O AFT
Y 19,
v. f
ii!I;ciirR::''l''!it Western Iowa.
you pay ron IT
(Imvii anil 3.1.0 J law uinulh.
I'nlly Guaranteed for S cur.
r v,',;:c rn,' rr!.i,1otl ftt))1 CaUlo-uo. W.-, will loll yen nil
U c l:o ii our frlotid aboat thl Bow Zl yours.
' , , ' '-.-it c" .' i':' A
,"rt. 1
f "
5? L''-
HV3A Ofl
Thohab Uoi.i.t,
t-hcTlil of uid eouuty.
lllOMAS iroi.i,--,
f-hcnir. ,
i "